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In June 2004 Edwin was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq.

Before his deployment, his exwife Gloria Ehlers called his cell phone and told him that she and her friends were
going to get him in trouble for leaving her. When he returned in January 2005, he
was told that he was under investigation for child sexual assault that was reported
in to NCIS in June 2004.
In April 2005, he was told to by his CO to go to the NCIS building for an interview.
He complied and met with Special Agent Art Spafford and Special Agent Laura Merz.
Edwin told both agents he did not know what the alleged victim was talking about
and he did not really interact with her since he worked 2 jobs to support his ex-wife,
her mother, brother and her 2 kids. After he said they nothing ever happened
between him and the alleged victim, he left the NCIS building and returned to his
command at Camp Pendleton.
May 25, 2005, Edwin had a 2nd interview at NCIS. This time for a polygraph exam
with Special Agent Eric Muelenberg. He was held for over 12 hours and after
requesting an attorney Muelenberg continued to interrogate him (muelenberg
admitted this at court to violating Edwins Miranda rights and the judge refused to
allow it in court). The Marine Corps preferred charges for trial. According to the
UCMJ they only have 120 days to either get the accused into trial or they have to
dismiss all charges. This did not happen.
December 3, 2005 Edwin and I got married. In January 2006 our son was born. Life
went on as normal and we thought everything was going to go away since he was
never contacted again by NCIS or anything. January 2007, I was living back in MN
and our daughter was born. Edwin came to visit from California for 2 weeks after
she was born. By Valentines Day, he had an Article 32 hearing regarding these
allegations. They scheduled his trial in August 2007. This was over the 120 day
time limit since the 1st preferral of charges, so by law they would be required to
dismiss all charges. They didnt.
August 20, 2007 was the first day of trial. Edwin and I couldnt afford an attorney so
he went with the detail defense counsel Lt. Michael Melocowsky and Lt. Gonzales.
Lt. Melocowsky made it very clear that he did not want to take Edwins case since
he already had his orders to move to D.C. and work at the Pentagon. Edwin tried to
have him removed, but couldnt on such short notice. Lt. Melocowsky convinced
Edwin to go with a judge alone trial (the significance of this will be shown later).
The parents of the alleged victim, Paul and Stacey Skovranko took the stand. Each
told how their daughter told them that Edwin touched her, spanked her, etc. Paul,
reiterated to the court how he took his daughter to the hospital for treatment and
was turned away from the Beaufort Naval Hospital at Parris Island MCRD, same as
what he said in his sworn statement to NCIS agents in June 2004. Anyone who has
ever taken their kid to the Dr knows that would never happen because when there
is suspected abuse the hospital is a mandated reporter.
NCIS Agent Meuelenberg who conducted a polygraph on Edwin in May 2005 took
the stand. He told the court how he, not Edwin filled in the housing drawing that
was submitted into evidence against Edwin. He also told the court how Edwin

confessed to the alleged crime, yet he could not produce a written statement, video
or audio recording. When asked if the video and audio recording equipment was
available, he stated yes, but that he didnt need them because his word should be
good enough. Special Agent Muelenberg also admitted while on the stand that
when Edwin requested and attorney, Muelenberg continued to interrogate him for
another 4 hours. Once this fact was made known, the judge immediately redirected
Lt Melocowsky in his line of questioning and the trial continued.
Gloria and her 2 children were flown to California to testify against Edwin. Only
Gloria took the stand. Gloria told the court how she was very angry at Edwin when
they separated because she lost her full financial support. When asked if she ever
witnessed Edwin do anything to the alleged victim, Hannah Skovranko, she said no
and that if Hannah said that she did witness anything then Hannah was lying.
Gloria and both Hannahs parents told the court that when they all lived next to
each other at Camp Pendleton, the home was only a 1 story home, not a 2 story
home. Hannah told NCIS agents that where the assault took place was when they
lived next door to each other and it was in an upstairs bedroom and bathroom. This
is impossible.
Now when the alleged victim herself, Hannah Skovranko took the stand, she
contradicted her previous statements given to NCIS during her NCIS interview.
Previously she told the Agents that she was raped, threatened with physical harm,
sodomized and spanked. She also told the NCIS Agents (on video which I have in
my possession) that Ms. Gloria (Edwins ex wife) walked in on the alleged assault
and rape and that Gloria yelled at Edwin and told him to get out. On the stand,
Hannah told the court that she was never threatened, raped and also that Ms. Gloria
was not there. Gloria was never questioned about her involvement until the first
day of trial and was never brought up on charges either. NCIS knew about the
allegations against Gloria in June 2004 when Hannah did her forensic interview.
Once Hannah finished on the stand, the court session closed for the day.
While outside waiting for Edwins attorney. My mother in law, family friend, father in
law, Edwin and myself were waiting by my vehicle when Edwins attorney Lt.
Michael Melcowsky approached us. Right behind him was one of the prosecutors,
Capt John E. Y. Ellis. Capt. Ellis approached and congratulated Edwins attorney for
winning the case since, as he put it he had none to present and his key witness
was inconsistent in her statements. Immediately Lt. Melocowsky grabbed Capt
Ellis and dragged him down the parking lot and yelled at him to never say that in
front of his client again. Lt. Melocowsky dropped Capt Ellis by Maj. Clay A. Plummer,
the 2nd prosecutor. When Lt. Melocowsky returned, he handed Edwin a piece of
paper and told Edwin to pack like he was going to the brig tomorrow.
August 21st, 2007 we were told that the attorneys and judge would be having a
meeting in the morning and our attendance was not necessary. We believed him.
When the 2nd day of trial did start, Lt. Melocowsky was asked if he wanted to present
any evidence in defense of Edwin. He said no. The judge found Edwin guilty and
sentenced him to 25 years in prison. The length of the sentence mainly was
because he refused to take a plea deal because he committed no crime. Lt.

Melocowsky gave me his number to call him. I did once I returned to the hotel. I
questioned him as to why he did not put up a defense, he said that I didnt
understand the law and shouldnt question his tactics and hung up on me.
A few days after returning home, I went through the case file that was given to
Edwin by Lt. Melocowsky. I noticed some interesting things that were not brought
up at trial. So bear with me, Im going to fast forward a lot of years and research so
finish this up a bit.
1. Randi Hester (Glorias daughter) was present when Hannah told her mother
Stacey, that someone toughed her. Stacey and Randis version of events
differ. Stacey said that Hannah told her it was Edwin who did this to her,
however Randi told NCIS that no, Hannah first told Randi that someone
touched her but refused to supply the name. Once Randi made Hannah go to
her mother Stacey, it was Stacey who said that it was Edwin. Until that point
Hannah never produced a name. Randi was not allowed to testify at the trial
due to the fact she would cast the reasonable doubt which would have forced
the military to dismiss all the charges against Edwin. Gloria, after Edwins
conviction wrote him a letter stating she found out things about Paul and
Stacey after the trial and wanted to help him. Since then, she has refused
due to her own criminal activity within this case.

2. Paul skovranko lied about his visit to the Naval hospital in June 2004.
Hannahs medical records which were included in the case file given show no
visits at the hospital. Also NCIS reports of investigation show that she was
NEVER signed in or out of the naval hospital in June 2004 at all. Another
interesting fact that was conveniently overlooked by NCIS .
3. Once the record of trial was received, Muelenbergs statement regarding
Edwin electing to terminate the interrogation was removed from the
verbatim record of trial. As in, like it never existed. However, the military
judge who authenticated the record of trial (which according to the UCMJ in a
judge alone trial, the military judge IS NOT supposed to do) forgot to remove
his statement regarding the testimony given by Muleneberg. Its still there
for everyone to see. When I brought this up in a previous lawsuit, Edwin
received a letter stating that the court reporters tapes had been destroyed.
The lawsuit wasnt even a month old and the military destroyed evidence?
What are they trying to hide?
4. Major Clay Plummer and I spoke on the phone. I was preparing to file a
complaint against Capt. Ellis for his misconduct and had to go through his
command. When I spoke to his CO, (Plummer) I did not realize who I was
speaking with. Once I mentioned Edwins name he told me that he was there
as the 2nd prosecutor. We spoke at length that evening and I told him that I
had proof that the Family Advocacy Program at Parris Island never knew
about Hannahs allegations (which under DOD Directive 6400.1 and the US
Code is REQUIRED by law). I have the paperwork to prove it. We also spoke

about Paul Skovrankos statement to NCIS and the court and how there is no
possible way the events could have been explained any other way other than
Paul had lied. Major Plummer asked if I was still in CA. I said no and then he
hung up on me. I sent him a certified letter. Edwins new attorney Michael
Eisenberg also contacted Major Plummer after conformation of the letter I
sent was received. Major Plummer denied ever speaking to me. When I
started looking into Major Plummer and his ABA license situation I discovered
that although he appointed himself as the Acting prosecution in Edwins
case, he was not licensed to practice law (I have the emails and screen shots
proving he was suspended at the time he was prosecuting Edwins case).
When I brought this to JAGs attention, I was told they would not do anything
about it.
5. I could not locate Capt Ellis at this time and for many years afterwards. He is
now out of the Marine Corps and is a practicing attorney in the Alexandria, Va
area. I believe he just made partner at the firm Harris & Carmichael. When I
did locate him and included him in a 110,000,000 lawsuit filed earlier this
year, he never responded to the complaint against home.
6. Lt Michael Melocowsky briefly worked with the defense attorney I hired after
the conviction. Melocowsky sent several emails, the most interesting one
was the fact that he admitted the prosecution had no confession from Edwin.
When Mike Eisenberg started further questioning Melocowsky for his refusal
to put on a defense for Edwin. Melocowsky declined to further participate in
Edwins appeals. There was another Attorney, Maj Jackson who briefly
worked with us also. Once I made it clear that I knew the judge had
authenticated the record of trial and that I was going to pursue it upon
appeal, he too declined to further participate. He did not want to smear a
fellow Majors name in the Marine Corps.
This is just some of the things that have been discovered. I did not want to go into
further detail to complicate the information I am giving you regarding Edwins
wrongful conviction further. Everything in this brief telling of what happened plus
what I have detailed on my blog is fact and I have the documentation to prove it. I
still have all the letters sent, letters received and all the video recordings of
interviews. One thing I did forget to mention earlier. NCIS has been unable to
locate the 4 polygraph exams done in May 2005 by Special Agent Eric Muelenberg.
Edwin was snuck out of the brig for a dentist appointment my Lt. Col Colby Vokey
(Ret) and was given 4 new polygraphs which were video and audio recorded. Edwin
passed all the exams with flying colors.

As you can see, I can prove that not only were Edwins rights violated but that the
military destroyed evidence that would be beneficial to helping obtain his release.
Everyone involved in this has shown no remorse for taking away his freedom. The
military appeals court denied his release. Only one appeals judge commented that

he did not believe this case was tried well and cast a specter of a reasonable doubt.
Yethe did nothing to correct it. CAAF court refused to even look at his appeal. We
are currently appealing through the State of MN and have been waiting for almost a
year to hear back from them.
Edwin is hoping to have early release in 31 months, but I am doubtful that will
If you have any further questions or would like to view any of the information I have,
feel free to contact me on my cell at 507-321-1356 or lilyrose16@yahoo.com. I will
be happy to supply all the documents referenced in this and all are available on my
blog at www.militaryinjustices.blogspot.com.

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