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What are the fundamental units of a Stoke and what

property does it measure?

length2/time and kinematic viscosity

What invention was Rueben Baker famous for inventing

that was run at the bottom of a casing string?
Casing Shoe

What is the pore volume of a sample that has a grain

volume of 3 and a porsity of 0.3?
1.28571428571429 porosity = Vv/(Vv+Vg)

Name the individual who introduced the eccentric factor

to the Redlich-Kwan equation of state.

Name the 4 oxides that make up 95% of Portland Cement.

"Calcium oxide, Silicon dioxide, Aluminum oxide, Ferric

"With an estimated recoverable of 9 billion barrels of oil,

this field is one of the worlds deepest onshore supergiant
fields. It is located in Khazakhstan."

"Identify the well intervention method that provides the

ability to work safely under live well conditions with a
continuous string, and enables fluids to be pumped at any
time, regardless of the position or direction of travel"
Coiled Tubing

"According to the BP statistical review of world energy, at

the end of 2010 the Russian federation had the 6th largest
proven oil reserve base. What was the proven oil reserve
75 billion barrels

List the types of flow regimes that can be used in

underbalanced drilling.
"Dry air, mist, foam, airlift, aerated mud"

What problem plagues bits in some formations where too

much weight on bit is applied?
Bit balling

What is the name of the correlation used for estimating

fracture pressure and pore pressure?
Eaton correlation

Drilling line does not tend to wear uniformely over its

length. The most severe kind of wear occurs at which two
kinds of points?
Pickup points on shivs and lap points on drum of draw

The largest company in South America appointed its first

female CEO in 2012. Name the CEO of Petrobras.
Maria das Gracas Silver Foster

Which country continues to uphold the first European ban

on hydraulic fracturing as environmentally insensitive?

Dake defines compaction drive as the expulsion of

reservoir fluids due to the dynamic reduction of what?
Pore volume

Name the shale play that extends from the north United
States into Saskatchewan Canada.

Which chemical is almost always used to alter mud pH

level while drilling?

Name 5 broad sedimentary environments or associations.

"Continental: alluvial, aeolian, fluvial, lacustrine,
Transitional: deltaic, tidal, lagoonal, beach
Marine: shallow, deep, reef
Other: Evaporite, Glacial"

What was the United States daily average consumption of

petroleum products in 2011?
18.5 million bbl/day

Name 4 methods for preventing or removing hydrates.

"depressurization, heat, chemical inhibition, and


What was the global average daily production of oil in

87 million bbl/day

Name 4 components of a 1 stage refrigeration system.

"Evaporator, condensor, compressor, heat exchanger"

"This class of cement, according to API, is intended for

use at 10000 to 14000 feet at high temperatures and
Class J

A blend of lubricating grease that is applied to threads of a

pipe in order to make the joint leak proof and pressure
Pipe dope

Name the two ions involved in dolomitization.

Calcium and magnesium

"According to OPEC, what is the 2012 estimated daily

world oil demand?"
88 million bbl/day

"The eastern offshore portion of the Wilmington field in

Long Beach, CA consists of 4 man made islands. Which
companies were the original contractors of THUMS Long
Beach Company?"
"Texaco, Humble, Union, Mobil, Shell"

What North African country ranks 9th in world oil


Identify yhe classifications of produced hydrocaron

liquids and their associated API gravity rankings.
"Light: API>31.1
Medium: 22.3<API<31.1
Heavy: 10<API<22.3
Extra Heavy or Bitumen: API<10"

"Installed at a depth of 8200 feet, name this FPSO that is

the first of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico"
BW Pioneer

This university won the inaugural PetroBowl in 2002

Texas Tech

Identify two types of fixed cutter drilling bits.

"PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact)
Natural diamond"

This country is still the largest producer of natural gas in

South America according to US Energy Information

Give 2011 Saudia Arabian oil prduction and percent of

world production this represents.
10.4 million bbl/day and 12%

How many members does SPE have as of 2012?


This is defined as the pressure in the wetting phase minus

the pressure in the non-wetting phase.
Capillary Pressure

"According to 2012 BP Statistical Report, name the region

of the world that consumes the most coal and the leading
consumer country in that region."

Carbonate sedimentary rock composed of mostly calcite is

known as what?

"Name the second largest importer of LNG, behind

South Korea

Recent discoveries have made Brazil an important

Petroleum producing country. Name the President of
Dilma Rousseff

What is the standard length of drill pipe?

30 feet

"An important region for Gazprom because it produces

95% of Russia's natural gas, name this region that is often
associated with Tundra."

Name four flow patterns observed in multiphase flow.

"Bubbly, Slug, Plug, Churn, Stratified, Annular"

An uncontrolled discharge of formation fluid out of the


"The succesor of Umarau Yar'Adua and the leader of the

administration that has aimed to end fuel subsidies in the
country, name the current president of Nigeria who
assumed his role in 2010"
Goodluck Jonathan

Drilled in October 1947 the historic Ship Shoal Block 32

well off Southeastern Louisiana gives this company the
distinction of being the company that completed the first
commercial offshore well drilled by a mobile rig out of the
sight of land

This artificial system uses a helical screw rotar to formed a

travelling sealed cavity
Progressive Cavity Pump

"The islands of the caribbean basin are predomenantly net

energy importers with the exception of this island, the
largest supplier of LNG to the US and 5th largest exporter
in the world"
Trinidad and Tobago

"The discovery this field, later renamed is his honor,

caused President Luis Ignacio Lula DaSilva to proclaim it
a second independence for the country, discovered by BG
group in 2006. Name the original name of the field."

"How many lives were lost at Deepwater Horizon Rig on

April 20, 2010"

Name up to 4 offshore basins in Brazil

"Campos, Santos, Espirito-Santo, Camamu-Almada"

Who invented the first roller cutter bit in 1909 that

dramatically improved rotary drilling?
"Howard Hughes, Sr."

This is the act of pulling the drill string out of hole or

putting it in the hole.

Identify the type of well that is equipped with pressure

monitoring systems to determine the extent of
propogation of the pressure transient from the producing
wells into the reservoir
Observation Well

Which continent is currently the worlds largest petroleum


"Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound was struck on March

24, 1989 by what?"
Exxon Valdez

The US imports about 9 billion barrels of crude oil a year.

Which country is leading supplier to the US?

"In the US, what is the criterion for an oil or gas well to be
classified as a Stripper Well? State production period and
"12 months, less than 10 bbl/day oil or 60,000 scf/day"

"The 2nd and 3rd largest oil fields in the world, according
to Forbes, are in Iraq. Name them."
West Qurna and Majnoon

"Linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, the Suez
Canal is an important feature of global shipping lanes,
within half a million bpd, how much crude oil and refined
products go through the Suez?"
1.8 million bpd

This person is considered the father of the petroleum

industry and lived from 1819 to 1880
Colonel Edwin Drake

"In an impressively fast turnaround after 8 months of civil

war, this African nations oil production had recovered by
over 50% within months of the fall of Kadafi in Libya.
How much oil did Libya produce before the war?"
1.6 million bpd

How many days did it take to control the Macondo Well

through intercepting the wellbore with 1 of 2 relief wells?
83 days

What is welded to the first string of casing in the well and

attaches the bop stack to the well?
Casing Heading

Johanas Kuan was a Dutch scientist who discovered this

phenomenon related to condensate reservoirs.
Retrograde Condensation

Name one of the two rigs Shell transported to Alaska in

2012 for Arctic drilling.
Kulluk and Noble Discoverer

How many times per year is SPE magazine The Way

Ahead published?

Name the company that owns the worlds biggest refinery

with 1.24 million bpd.

Alliance Industries

Name the Prime Minister of Turkey

Recep Erdogan

"Which large US oil rich formation is described to look

like an oreo cookie, representing to layers of black shale
that leak oil into a central dolomite layer?"
Bakken Shale

Name the completion method which uses limited entry to

a formation in order to stay away from unwanted
reservoir fluids?
Partial Completion

The measure of heat energy to raise the temperature of 1

pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit is known as what?

Name four mechanisms that cause a reservoir to produce

in it's initial phase.
"Gas Cap Drive, Solution Gas Drive, Gravity Drive, Water
Drive "

Containing 4% of world oil reserves and name this country

covering 1/8 of the world inhabitable land area.

Name this country known for owning 6.7% of world oil

reserves and hosting the world's tallest building
UAE (United Arab Emirates)

"Based on the degree of reservoir pressure maintenance

provided by the aquifer, the natural water drive is often
qualitatively described using what 3 classification terms?"
"Active, Partial, or Limited Water Drive"

"The analysis of pressure changes over time, especially

those associated with small variations of volume of a fluid,
is called what as it's often related to well testing?"
Pressure Transient Testing

"Name four internation oil companies that have signed

contracts with Kurdistan, in defiance of Baghdad?"
"ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Total, Genel Energy"

What is the API gravity of the benchmark crude West

Texas Intermediate

What was the total depth of Chevron's Knotty Head #1

Discovery Well?
"34,000 feet"

"After a series of discoveries by Cairn Energy over the last

decade, this block in Northwest India produces 175,000
bpd. Name it."
Rajasthan Block

Which European country was second to impose a ban on

hydraulic fracturing?

"In a deep gas well, when high pressure gas over 7,000 psi
enters the wellbore through perforations in the casing, it
expands with lower pressure but temperature increases.
Name this phenomenon."
Joule-Thompson Effect

"Name the father of Standard Oil destroyer Ida Tarbell,

who's business was destroyed by Standard Oil."
Frank Tarbell

Which city will host ATCE in 2015?

"Houston, TX"

"With proven oil reserves of 175 billion bbl, this country is

known for it's production of heavy hydrocarbons."

EOR methods can be grouped under 5 categorizes based

on the set characteristics necessary for the EOR method to
be successful. Name them.
"Gas based, water based, thermal, combinations, and other"

In April 2012 the EPA raised the allowable limit in

gasoline of ethanol to what percentage?

The first casing shoe was invented in 1907. Who was the
Rueben Baker

"Presiding over a country with a steep decline in oil

production, name the President who assumed authority in
Mexico in 2006"
Felipe Calderon

The Australian oil company Santos is an acronym that

stands for what?
South Australian North Territory Oil Search

With untapped easy oil and proven oil reserves of 115

Billion bbl this country may become a top producer and
exporter alongside Saudi Arabia.

"In oilfield lingo, what are workers laying cable and

planting geophones known as?"

"If an operator signs to pay an exact cost to a contractor,

regardless of any possible new expenses, the transaction is
known as what?"
Turn Key

"According to the standard geologic time scale, what

epoch are we currently in?"

In April 2012 the president of the South American land of

Gauchos announced plans to seize control of energy
company YPF away from this international energy

Who is the current CEO of ExxonMobil?

Rex Tillerson

"Rank the following from lowest to highet distillation

temperature: Diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, naptha"
"Diesel, jet fuel, naptha, gasoline"

"Name the term that is used to describe the gas

accumulated on the surface of a material, such as the
grain of a reservoir rock, or more particularly the organic
particles in a shale reservoir."
Adsorbed gas

What are the units for the non-Darcy flow coefficient Beta
that is used in Forcheimer's equation?

"On the Udden-Wentworth classification of grain size,

what lies between pebble and boulder?"

What is the model used to estimate the pressure drop

through perforations for wells that have not been
Macwilliams model (?)

Using real time data a driller can calculate the amount of

energy required per unit volume of rock drilled in
kilopound force per square inch. Name this parameter.
Mechanical specific energy

The chloride concentration in drilling fluids can be

determined by titrating with what chemical solution?
Silver Nitrate Solution

Which aquifer model is based on the premise that the

water influx rate is directly proportional to the pressure
drop between the average aquifer pressure and the
pressure at the reservoir aquifer boundary?

"In 2009, SPE completed a merger that resulted in the

aqcuisition of 4,500 members worldwide. Name the group
that merged into SPE."
Petroleum Society of Canada

"When was Ecopetrol established, what does it stand for,

and what country is it based in?"
"1948, Empresa Colombiana de Petoleos, Columbia"

The TIW valve on a drilling rig stands for this company

founded in 1917.
Texas Iron Works

What is the name for a cut off in time that has the effect of
eliminating some kinds of noise from seismic data?
Tail mute

Name the man who in 1940 drilled the first directional

Robert Richardson

Name the special tool used by the rig crew to prevent the
drill bit from turning.
Bit breaker

Name the schools that have won petrobowl the past 4

"Colorado School of Mines, UT, OU"

Hydrates are icelike structures made of what?

Gas and water

What pressure and temperature change conditions lead to

the formation of Natural Gas Hydrates
Increase in pressure and decrease in temperature

"According to API, what class of cement is for use in

depths to 6000 feet under normal conditions?"
Class A

"Refining of crude oil was initially focused on forming this

substance, used primarily in lamps."

"Name the first long distance pipeline, built in 1879 with a

distance of 110 miles through Pennsylvania's Oil Regions"
Tidewater Pipeline

"Name the ""Colonel"" who was the first person to drill

and find oil in 1859."
Colonel Edwin L. Drake

Name the man who led the Pennsylvania Rock Oil

Company into the first production of crude oil.
George Bissell

This city was the site of the first successfully drilled oil
well in 1859
"Titusville, PA"

Name the book and author tat was instrumental in the

break up of Standard Oil into 33 different companies
The History of Standard Oil by Ida Tarbell

The enforcement of this act led to the break up of

Standard Oil into 33 different companies.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act

"The first oil tanker, the Zoroaster, sailed out of this city
on the Caspian Sea in 1878."
"Baku, Russia (Azerbaijan)"

Drilling on this salt dome in 1901 led to the first Texas oil

"This man, known as the ""Oil King of Baku"", challenged

Standard Oil in the European oil markets of the late 19th
Ludwig Nobel

Name the largest importer of LNG


Name the largest exporter of LNG


Name the second largest exporter of LNG


Name the third largest exporter of LNG


"During this process natural gas is condensed and cooled

while harmful components such as dust, acid gas, helium,
water, and heavy hydrocarbons are removed."

Liquified Natural Gas is stored close to atmospheric

pressure. At what temperature is LNG stored?
-162 Celsius (-260 Fahrenheit)

"Rank these three substances from greatest to least energy

density: LNG, CNG, Diesel"
"Diesel, LNG, CNG"

How much larger is the energy density of LNG compared

to CNG?
LNG is 2.4x more energy density than CNG

LNG's high energy density makes it cost effective to

transport in areas without pipelines. What type of vessel
must be used to transport LNG?
Cryogenic Sea Vessel (Tanker)

This phenomenon refers to the boiling off of LNG to

maintain it's temperature.

"This country has proven oil reserves of 173.1 billion

barrels, which is the 3rd largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 297.6 billion

barrels, which is the largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 265.4 billion

barrels, which is the 2nd largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"
Saudi Arabia

"This country has proven oil reserves of 154.6 billion

barrels, which is the 4th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 141.4 billion

barrels, which is the 5th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 101.5 billion

barrels, which is the 6th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 97.8 billion

barrels, which is the 7th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"
United Arab Emirates

"This country has proven oil reserves of 80.0 billion

barrels, which is the 8th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 48.0 billion

barrels, which is the 9th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 37.2 billion

barrels, which is the 10th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This country has proven oil reserves of 30.0 billion

barrels, which is the 11th largest according to US Energy
Information Association (2013)"

"This oil field, discovered in 1948, is thought to be the

largest in the world with about 80 billion barrels of
recoverable oil."

"Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia"

"In 1946 Kuwait Oil Company started production of this

oil field, the largest sandstone oil field in the world."
Burgan Field

The predecessor company to BP was formed in 1908 after

the discovery of a large oil field in Iran. What was the
origional name of this company?
Anglo-Persian Oil Company
Production from this mega oil field (11-13 billion bbl) in
Kazakhstan's section of the Caspian Sea is slated to begin
in late 2013.
Kashgan Oil Field

Name 2 of the 4 largest oil fields in Kazakhstan

"Kashgan, Tengiz, Kurmangazy, and Karachaganak"

A 2009 report by the USGS stated that the tar sands in

this basin contain 513 billion bbl of oil.
Orinoco River Basin (Venezuela)

"This mega oil field in Iraq, located near the Kuwaiti

border, is being redeveloped by BP and CNPC to increase
production to 2.85 million bpd, second only to Saudi
Arabia's Ghawar Field."

90% of Iran's oil production comes from this region in

western Iran.

"This oil field in Iran's Khuzestan region is thought to

produce over 300,000 bpd"

"A 2009 project built pipelines for the injection of 2

million bpd of seawater into this Saudi Arabian mega Oil
field, boosting production to 1.2 million bpd of oil"

"This pipeline was built from 1974 to 1977 to transport oil

from the Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, Alaska"
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS)

What is the length and diameter of the Trans-Alaska

Pipeline System?
800 miles and 24 inch diameter

What are worldwide proven oil reserves according to the

2013 US EIA?
1.638 trillion bbl

"What pipeline, with a maximum discharge of 1 million

bpd, connects Baku, Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea with
Ceyphan, Turkey"
B-T-C Pipeline

"In standard SI units, what is the specific heat capacity of

water at room temperature?"
4.1813 J/(g*K)

"The largest oil company headquartered in India, this

company produces 72% of India's crude oil and 48% of its
natural gas."
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Which European company was first to impose a ban on

hydraulic fracturing?

Name the current SPE President.

Egbert Imomoh

This four letter word could describe either a potato or a

petroleum term for the very beginning of drilling a well.

What school has the most PetroBowl Championships with

University of Oklahoma

This term was coined by Italian businessman Enrico

Mattei to describe the oil companies which dominated the
global petroleum industry from the 1940s-70s.
Seven Sisters

"This organization, founded at the Baghdad Conference of

1960, has the purpose of coordinating the petroleum
related policies of its member countries. "
OPEC - Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

This section of SPE organizes the PetroBowl competition.

GCS - Gulf Coast Section

"Also known as a hydraulic workover, this involves forcing

a string of pipe into the well against wellbore pressure to
perform a downhole task or intervention."

This device is suspended from a hook so that its rotary

mechanism is free to travel up and down the derrick.
Top Drive

Name the organization from which SPE began as a

AIME - American Institute of Mineral Engineers

Name the year and place of the founding of the institute

mentioned in question 9.
"1871 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania"

In May 2012 this U.S. state became the first in the U.S. to
ban hydraulic fracturing.

This fracturing technique was first used in 1997 in Texas'

Barnett Shale and uses friction reducing chemicals to
allow for more efficient gas extraction.
Slickwater Fracking

Which city will host ATCE in 2016?

"Dubai, UAE"

The secondary stage of recovery from a reservoir involves

injecting what possible substances into a reservoir in
order to push the hydrocarbons into the wellbore?
Water or gas injection

The tertiary stage of recovery from a reservior is also

known as this three letter term.
EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)

Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) has the purpose of changing

what property of the reservoir fluid?
Viscosity (reduce to improve flow)

"In drilling fluids, this term defines the true density of a

circulating fluid due to the weight of the fluid and
frictional losses."
Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)

This term is used to describe the pressure required to

induce cracks in a rock at a given depth.
Fracture Gradient

What is the normal hydrostatic pressure gradient of

freshwater in psi/ft?
0.433 psi/ft

"In drilling, this is the term used to describe the height of

a fluid column."
Hydrostatic Head

This device is used to measure the viscosity of a fluid


How many gallons of oil in 5 barrels of oil?

210 (42 gallons/bbl oil)

"In the United States, if oil is shipped in a drum it is

usually one with this many gallons"

How many cubic meters in 1 barrel of oil?


How many cubic feet in 1 barrel of oil?


"Between 1889 and 1910, John D. Rockefeller gave

multiple donations to fund the creation of this university."
University of Chicago

"For high velocity flow in porous media, inertial effects

can become significant. Name the inertial term that is
sometimes added to Darcy's equation in high velocity
reservoir flows."
Forchheimer term

"On the Udden-Wentworth classification of grain size,

what lies between silt and pebbles?"

"On the Udden-Wentworth classification of grain size,

what lies between clay and sand?"

"On the Udden-Wentworth classification of grain size,

rank the following size terms from smallest to largest:
sand, pebbles, clay, boulders, silt, cobbles."
"clay, silt, sand, pebbles, cobbles, boulders"

This procedure enhances production removing near well

formation damage and increasing the effective well radius

This type of machine is used to determine the yield point

and gel strength of a drilling fluid.
Rheometer or viscometer

"In drilling fluids, this device is used to separate

components of a used drilling fluid to estimate the
amount of fluid invasion from a reservoir."

Name the three components measured at any given point

in a wellbore in order to determine position in a
directionally drilled well.
"Depth, inclination, azimuth"

This type of system is used to steer the drill bit while the
pipe is rotating
Rotary Steerable System

"After the 1991 Gulf War the United Nations redrew the
border between Iraq and this country, placing 11 oil wells
on their land."

"This man who coined the term ""seven sisters"" to

describe the giant oil companies of the 1950s, was the first
president of ENI."
Enrico Mattei