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Newly released eBook is a first for Portuguese Guitar and Amplifier enthusiasts José M. A.

José M. A. Fonseca - July 15, 2013

Newly released eBook is a first for Portuguese Guitar and Amplifier enthusiasts

Tube Amplifiers for Electric Guitars covers the history, the technical details and teaches how to build tube guitar amplifiers.

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BRASILIA, DF, July 15, 2013

BRASILIA, DF, July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The newly released eBook Amplificadores Valvulados para Guitarra Eletrica is an innovative work in the Portuguese language, offering an interesting view of tube amplifiers for guitar.

This pioneering book authored by Jose Fonseca of Brasilia, DF, covers the history of guitar amplifiers, from the beginning of the electronic age to present day developments in tube amplification for electric instruments. Though most of the theory presented in the book may also be applied to bass guitar, and other electric instruments, the text presents a strong emphasis on the electric guitar.

The text is organized in three main sections:

1. Electric Guitar Amplifier History

2. Tube Amplifier Theory

3. A Complete Do-it-yourself Amplifier Project

At 346 pages in length, the eBook covers most aspects of guitar amplification in great detail, without requiring mathematical or specific engineering know-how.

All Portuguese readers, from musicians to amplifier techs, will benefit from to-the-point explanations of technical concepts ranging from frequently asked questions about impedance and tube matching,

to specific details of the complicated inner workings of a tube guitar amplifier.

In the theory section, the reader will find a detailed view of all the components of a guitar amplifier, from the pre-amplifier to the output stage, including wiring, loudspeakers and a brief view of acoustics. Transformers, tube components including detailed photos of internal tube parts, types of tubes from triodes to pentodes are all covered in detail throughout the theory section.

The text also covers several aspects of general guitar amplification including subtleties about the power supply, tone shaping and musical perception, several methods of phase inversion, reverb tanks and strategies for obtaining optimal reverb and maximizing signal to noise on delicate high- gain circuits.

The last section encourages the reader to pursue a "do it yourself" amplifier project, covering every aspect of such an endeavor, from choosing the right parts to building and testing the entire project. Subjects covered include choices of chassis material and chassis construction techniques, circuit construction strategies and specific techniques(turret boards, rivet boards, printed circuit boards), wiring types and detailed techniques for obtaining low noise and sturdy builds, safety precautions and an entire chapter on electrical workbench security practices and much more.

The full text of the book is available for download at Valvulados.com.br via a PDF format ebook file. The author has chosen to allow downloads of full unabridged text previews, allowing the reader to fully evaluate the ebook before purchase.

A first in Portuguese literature for guitar, this eBook is sure to enhance your knowledge of tube

amplification for the most popular instrument in modern musical history.

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Livro-texto, em lingua portuguesa, sobre a história, teoria de funcionamento e técnicas de

construção de amplificadores valvulados para guitarra. Neste trabalho, o autor nos guia pela história

e teoria de funcionamento desses fantásticos instrumentos musicais que ajudaram a dar forma à música contemporânea.

Written by:Jose M. A. Fonseca Published by:Jose M. A. Fonseca Date published:05/03/2013 Edition: Primeira Edicao (First Edition) ISBN-13: 9788591488407 Available in PDF eBook Edition

Media Contact:Jose Fonseca, Amplificadores Valvulados.com.br, ++5561.8126.2076, jfonseca@valvulados.com.br

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