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The Islamic Invasion by Dr.

Robert Morey

Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Islam is a religion that not only are most dominant in North Africa, but also the world's second largest religion
after Christianity in Western Europe
With respect to the existence of free immigration policy, millions of Muslims now emigrated to the West in order
to seek a better life.
So in Western Christian countries, Islam has become the second-largest religion. For example, in France and
Germany the number of Muslims has millions.
Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom it was shocking. There are more Muslims
than the entire number of Methodists even Muslims in the United Kingdom more than Evangelical Christians.
Funded by the money the source of Arab oil flowing, Muslims buy Anglican Churches are dormant and modify
it into a mosque-the mosque in such a way so that theMuslims there declared that the United Kingdom will be
the first Islamic State in Europe.
With respect to the number of Muslims in such a large, United Kingdom Parliament sees the need to
implement the legislation that the Muslims don't have to follow the legal regulations that apply to native United
Kingdom when they decided the matter like a divorce; they can follow the Islamic law instead.
Australia the number of Muslims who in 1955only 800 people had grown to 200,000 people before 1990. Wave
influx of emigrants increased rapidly in the field trips that we performed autumn 1989, we see that in all the
major cities in Australia are huge mosques, even in the state of Victoria, more Muslims than Christians Baptist
North America
In North America there are more than 4 million Muslims. Some researchers claim that the number of Muslims
in North America more than the Jewish people so that where Islam is the second largest religion in the United
States and Canada.
More than 500 Islamic study centers have been built in the United States, two thirds comes from American
Muslims of Arab descent, while the third consists of a black Muslim sects. Nowadays is officially the number of
Muslims in the United States more than the Episcopal church members.
Claims Excessive
A number of Muslims in the United States stated that there are 10-25 million Muslims. In a radio conversation
with a representative of the Islamic Information Center on February 22, 1991, I obtained information that the
number of Muslims in the world there are more than 2 billion and 10 million of them were in the United States.

When I asked an official written document regarding the number of Muslims, he could not show it. When I
mentioned that all Encyclopedia, Almanac, Daily / Magazines like Time, Newsweek, and others estimate the
number of Muslims in the United States only about 3-4 million and not 10 million as he claimed, he stated that
all daily, encyclopedia, almanac, magazines , and others it is wrong. We stick to the standard reference
material until Muslims can show other documents to the contrary.
For example, Almanac 1989 states that only There are 2.6 million Muslims in North America and only 860
million Muslims worldwide. Even if we add 1 million as the amount present in 1991, the number is still far below
the stated number of Muslims.
A leader in Detroit said in a radio program that there are more than 600 thousand Muslims in New York City
alone. The odd-sounding statement cause more trouble than good. But without looked at how many of the
Muslims who have emigrated to the West in search of a better life, receiving countries must try to understand
and Assimilate new entrants into their country.
Freedom of Religion
But we also have experience shows that many Muslims are highly offensive, especially when they get criticized
religious beliefs. Difficult for them to understand that what is meant by freedom of religion in the West are free
to post criticism of religion any kind including Islam. Difficult for the Muslim Arabs that was once commonplace
in Islamic countries to understand the notions of freedom of religion in Western countries.
For them, the people who give criticism to Muhammad or the Quran should be put to death. Islamic law says
that Islam should not be criticized by anyone. In other words there is no freedom of religion in Islamic countries
as referred to in the free State.
(Instead, they don't feel guilty or rikuh, while criticizing even condemn the religion of others. The non-Muslims
including Christian has been referred to as Pagan, idolatrous and misguided, and animals animals QS 8: 55. In
Islamic countries banned Christian missionaries preaching to Muslims. Some countries forbid all Christian
activities such as Libya, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and others. Someone has to BE a Muslim to obtain
citizenship of Saudi Arabia; a Muslim who is not difficultget a job or educational let alone into government
employees. Instead, Muslims quickly take full advantage of religious freedom that embraced the West. It is
practiced by Muslims established Islamic activity centers in the major cities of Europe and America. In 1974 the
French only have a mosque, 20 years later had reached more than 1500 pieces).
Demands for mutual understanding When Western scholars applyscientific standards for testing the truth of
Islam, they are not meant it as an attack on the destination and the characters Islam. Search for truth is not
something that hurts anyone. Indeed only a frank and open discussion that can eliminate suspicion and a sense
of indifference. Any religion, how strong are believed or practiced nothing to fear and avoid yourself from a
living truth and investigation scientific.
Gulf War
When Western forces in the Middle East, Arab dictators like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein called for jihad, or
holy war (which includes the name and defense of God's truth) against the soldiers.
A jihad is done solely because soldiers are largely Christian is regarded as infidels by Islam. In other words,
these dictators ordered the Muslims to The army killed more because of her Christianity. This event is truly
regrettable, but the event actually occurred.
Religious Tolerance
In the modern mindset, religious differences should not lead to destruction-the destruction of the joints of the life

or property of anyone else. Communities should be given the freedom to adopt a religion or no religion,
according to what is perceived by the individual conscience (Including free to rebellion against the religion he
This is what needs to be understood by the Muslims why Western people sometimes do not feel prosperous
Arab Muslim migration witnessed a large scale in Europe or North America.
A Case of You Need a Concern
On the first two pages of USA Today Daily, dated February 6, 1991, contained a surprising result of a survey on
the attitudes of Arab Muslims living in the United States the war between U.S. forces and its allies against
Saddam Hussein. When they asked, 'Are you going u going to send young men and women you to fight in the
war to defend America? "Apparently 82% of the Muslim Arab Americans say' no 'and only 18% said' yes'. When
asked if they approve of the way President Bush is handling the situation. The answer is 62% disagreed. The
survey results again indicate that more than half Muslim Arab Americans say they will not help America in the
war against any Arab nation.
Here's why Formed Attitude?
In general, this survey shows that Muslims have not assimilated Arab American "melting pot" of American
culture. This survey shows that they are more oriented than the American Arab.
Arab Muslim American engagement with the Arab culture, the Arabs, and Arab politics, even though they've
settledin America for many years often cause nuisance to many Westerners peace. Western people have a
right to ask, 'Which Actually orientation loyalty to Arab American Muslims was addressed? Is the Western
nations who have given their the opportunity to earn a better new life, or still remained loyal to the Arab
Nations? '
Our goal Is to provide the first information we have to state that our goal is not to write a book to offend Muslims
Dharma. We also do not want to hurt their feelings or make them embarrassed in any way. We have personal
experience shows that many Muslims are good natured, likes to work hard, and be able to cope with things
that seem impossible in order to build a House and the residence of its own in Western countries.
But we also wanted to show that Muslims have never hesitated to condemn or vehemently opposed the
doctrines of other religions such as Christianity. After visiting various Islamic Information Center and mosquethe mosque, I can collect an awful lot of Muslim literature openly attacking the Bibleand reject the Trinity and
God's Christ, Jesus as the son, Jesus ' death on the cross, Jesus ' resurrection from the dead, and the
intermediary Message Jesus sitting at the right hand of heavenly father.
Because it is evident that Muslims were free to criticize other religions openly, otherwise why would they really
mind if others criticized Islam even if the criticism is well-founded and feasible? The law regarding the rights of
citizensstate (Bill of Rights) ensures that Muslims are free to criticize other religions, and conversely others are
also free to criticize Islam. Freedom of religion is always a double-edged sword.
Load To Prove
The burden of proving a call for Muhammad as a prophet and the inspiration of the Qur'an is located entirely
on Muslims themselves. So we will look at the arguments given Muslims to see if the last argument passed
screening scientifically rigorous.
[The Muslims often misunderstand the Qur'an as primarily due to the latter, then he was the one book that autocorrect (no need proven) and a gauge for previous books. This is precisely upside down!

The Word of God alone is the truth that comes from the very beginning. As soon as he comes, he is the
WORD can not be emptied. (Truth is never empty or vacated by the Word of God is always there). This means
that every "revelation" that comes later, must be tested by the first revelation that is correct, not vice versa.
His examination by asking: "On the authority if the revelations of the Prophet recently accepted as truth?"
Which signs and miracles and prophecies of God accompanies His revelations? Which of the prophecies of the
prophets before Prophet devoted to lately? Which are witnessing God's voice? Angel / Other prophets who
justifies his prophetic?
That burden in shoulders of the Muslim Quran to prove the truth, if want to put the revelations that came later it
was the truth!].

Chapter 1 the NATURE of ISLAM

Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Modern parable one day when you're taking a break for lunch at work you in Washington D.C., pending the
arrival of a friend, suddenly you approached a pair of men and women dressed in weird and they ask you if they
can talk briefly with you. The men wear a wig on her head covered and wearing silk shirt, vest, pants, knee
socks as silk, a pair of black shoes with hook strap from silver on each shoe. The woman wearing a wig and
gown decorated to almost touch the ground. They look like a couple that had just come out of a movie theater
that recently completed the film showcases the American Revolutionary War.
The couple begin to explain to you that they are the followers of the religion in which George Washington was
a prophetBaalnya is a very powerful. Whatever is taught, which is trusted, it says, and is practiced by george
Washington should be accepted as the inspiration of Baal, that is the only true God.
Remarks and letters that are considered society comes from Washington written in United Kingdom United
Kingdom language that is the language because it is heaven. Although there is a translation of a portion of text
in another language, the writing is indeed unintelligible, exceptwhen read in the original text is in English.
What was said Washington is already written in Heaven on stone tablets. George Washington actually did not
write a single page of his words, he just received from the angel Gabriel that the book contains the word to be
uttered at the time commanded Baal.

The odd couple were dressed further explained that George Washington was a prophet of Baal, which is the
only God who true, and we had to run the same life as life lived by Washington. For example all men should
wear clothes according to that imposed by Washington, and all women should wear clothes according to that
worn by the mistress of Washington. We even got to eat the food eaten Washington. For example, George
Washington did not like nuts, then none of us should eat nuts.
Political views of George Washington should be treated as the only form of government political views most
valid. And, because he had slaves, slavery should be viewed as a most valid political structure also for today.
At that time all of a sudden the watch alarm bell of rang him and he took out of his pocket compass. After
directing her in a certain direction, the male partner and the woman knelt down and prayed.

Once they finished praying, they rose. Your amazement, wondering what they were doing.
They explained that they must pray five times a day facing the city of Washington DC where lies memorial for
George Washington.
In fact, all true followers of George Washington who should perform the pilgrimage to Washington DC at least
once in his life. When they arrived in Washington DC, they have to run George Washington monument
surrounded by 7 (seven) times. After that they have to run again towards the end of a Mall which is located
close to the monument and threw some stones were addressed to Satan.
The man and the woman also explained that the George Washington monument was actually built by Adam.
Although the memorial was never destroyed, Abraham built it and all religious leaders in the Bible ever live at
the memorial.
George Washington memorial is a sacred place and has always been a part of worship to God. Until this
section they ask your opinion, then you give the following opinion:
"They will not be serious about the Washington School of religion; background thinking of bowing to pray
facing towards a memorial to Washington is something that can not be digestible sense; Washington Memorial
was not built by Adam, while Abraham never rebuild it from destruction; the elders of the religion in the Bible
never lived in Washington d. c., but lives in Israel. All the things that made no sense and laughable ".
They replied that they were very serious and that they truly believe that George Washington was the prophets
of Baal and that his writings is God's Word. You respond by saying, it looks like you both have created a
religion based on the colonial culture of 18th-century America. If you both really expects at the end of the 20th
century this community to live and eat according to the habits and tastes of the communityliving in the 18th
century in the United States?
' What if the people of Russia to create a religion that also obliges all of us pray facing Moscow every day 5
times? ' Why does Japan not likely also created a religion that requires everyone to pray facing towards the
Tokyo? ' ' Why do people Mexico cannot say that you have to perform the journey of worship to the city of
Mexico, once in your life, or if that is not done you do notwill be saved? '
Religion as a whole seems absurd and aims to eliminate other races. Why do you expect that every culture
and race have to live like the people who lived in 18th century colonial America. It is certainly not unreasonable,
is it? "
When the conversation up here, the man opened his jacket and stuck a long-barreled firearm over his shoulder.
He said that his religion does not permit anyone laugh or blaspheme the holy faith.
But at the same time, your watches bell rang, indicating that the lunch hour is over.
With a sigh you explain that you have to go back to work. But if they want further talks, they can meet you at the
end of this road sometime. As he uttered the words that you immediately turn around, half running without
waiting for their answer.
Chapter 2 key to Understanding Islam
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
The parable presented in Chapter 1 it looks like the contrived to make sense, but in reality it is a parable that
confirms the core model of the Islamic religion.

Westerners have difficulty understand Islam because they do not understand that Islam is a form of cultural
imperialism in which religion and culture of the 7th-century Arab elevated its status to the divine law.
Spiritual (Sacret) vs Temporal (Secular) Difficulty in understanding Islam is rooted in the concept of traditional
Western philosophy regarding the dichotomy sacred vs. secular spiritual (secular vs sacret).
In the West, religious organizations are not treated as a ruler who governs all joints the joints of earthly life.
Instead, there are many facets in terms of secular life in which religion has no authority at all. So there is a
form of separation between Church and State. For Example;religious organizations in the West cannot set the
law legal that is politic. On the other hand, Islam cannot be treated as a religious belief that is private or
individual. Islam is not just something that you believe in and afterward you believe and then you live like what
you like. In the country the country of Islam, secular discourse does not exist.
The 7th Islamic Arabic Abab truly is the "deification" of arab culture7th century. In a profound sense, Islam is
actually more nuanced than religious culture. That is why all the text books and encyclopedias on Islam always
begins with the historical context and significance of the prophet Muhammad 7th century Arab culture.
Islam is an Arabic Culture
Several years ago I was invited to the home of a good friend of mine who is black and a Muslim living in the
New York city's famous. When I get into apartment I noticed that although
Harlem area of

members of his family born in the United States, they still use Arabic fashion, listening to
music - Arabic music, and eating Arabic food. They even say grace over the food in Arabic,
although none of the family members understand Arabic.
They have left the American culture and adopt Arab culture. This is the meaning of Islam for them. I'm not
saying that the Arab culture is bad only alone - the eyes of Arabs, on the contrary I am also not saying that
American culture is merely good - because the American currency. All cultures have a good side and a bad
In fact, it is a wrong thing for the people - the West the past when they need to assume that culture presented
to the nation - the nation around the world. If so, then the western cultural imperialism would be equally
offensive to the Arab cultural imperialism.
Experts and scholars of the field of Middle Eastern studies difficult to accept why Arab Muslims have gone too
far in penyodoran century Arab religious - 7 in all cultures the world!
Dr.. Arthur Arberry
In our opinion, the translation of the Quran in English the most reliable, was done by Dr. Arthur J. Arberry, Chair
of Middle Eastern studies at the University of Cambridge, who also is a professor in the field of the study of
Arabic and Persian famous. In two volumes a very famous book, entitled Religion in the Middle East, Prof.
Arberry said that Islam is a "religion of the Arabs with shades of weirdness", because Islam as a religion and
culture at the same time fundamentallymentally united.
Even an expert and Islamic scholar like Dr. Ali Dashti, former Foreign Minister of Iran, in his book entitled "23
Years: A study of the Prophetic Carier of Mohammad", take careful note of how Islam must be understood in
the nuances of existence that are closely integrated with the seventh-century Arab culture.
Religion in the West

This relationship makes people difficult to understand, because the West in the Western world religion is
viewed as something that is very personal and individual not be culture. For example, Christianity does not
demand that the public today to dress in accordance with the rules of dressing up in the first century. They do
not need to type the type of dish that is eaten. So Christianity is "supra culture" that allows people to live,
dress, and packed in accordance with the culture that they encounter from time to time.
However not the case with Islam. When Islam became the dominant religion in a country, then the entire
indigenous cultures of the country will be amended and replaced by the Arabic culture of the 7th century.
This is what causes so difficult for Muslims to change itself into other faiths. All aspects of his life have been
terdikte by Islam. Muslims should follow what has been dictated by Islam regardlesswhere he lives or what
he's thinking.
There is no room For Secular Muslims there is no space "secular" who gave him free rein outside ties to Islam.
For devout Muslims, Islam is his life as stated by Kerry lovering:
Islam is a way of life is not just a religion. In Islam there is no separation of mosque and State as well as the
separation between Church and State in the West. InIslam, religion and politics are one.
An Egyptian-born named Victor Khalil stated: Islam regulates every aspect of life in such a way that the culture,
religion and politics in Muslim countries become inseparable.
Muhammad adopted the Arab culture are known in the vicinity, and their habits - habits sacred and mundane,
and make the religion of Islam.
Arab Racism
Often neglected, but Islam is inspired by a form of racial veiled from -7 century Arab culture, where political
expression, family affairs, constitutional law boganya, clothing, religious rituals, language, and others - others
must be applied on top of all the other cultures that exist in the world.
Myth Ismael
One example of Arab racism is a myth that people - the Arabs are the descendants of Abraham through his
son named Ishmael. This statement is expressed in response to the - the Jews who boast Abraham as the
father of the nation.
McClintock and Strong in their well-known encyclopedia on religion gave the following comments:
Public opinion says that the Arabs, whether from the south or the north, was a descendant of Ishmael; verse in
Genesis 16:12 ... is often interpreted as a prophecy for the Ishmael became the Arabs with all the advantages
against other nations. But this estimate (as far as concerns the true meaning of the text above) was based on a
wrong understanding of the origin of the formation of the Hebrew original.
This prophecy was fulfilled with the fact that it can be watched in a separate secure the descendants of
Ishmael settled more to the east than the pockets of settlement with the descendants of Abraham, Sarah and
Keturah (Abraham's wife the latter).
Thus the view that the descendants of Ishmael are the Arabs who live in the southern part is completely
unfounded, and the outlook seems to come from a tradition that deliberately created by the Arab pride which
assume that they, like the Jews, is derived from the seed of Abraham. Empty pride that this is defaming Islam

and falsifying the whole history of Abraham and his son Ishmael, in which stage the eventhe events really
happened in Palestine has ditrasfer to Mecca ....
Most reference books are authoritative Islam rejects the claim that the Arabs are the descendants of Abraham.
Encyclopedia of Islam which is very prestigious identified that clumps Arabs actually comes from people who
are not descendants of Abraham.
Dictionary of Islam even questioned the notion that Arabs are descendants of Ishmael.
[How can Ishmael became the father of the Arabs? Abraham was not an Arab. Hagar - Ishmael-mother nor the
Arabs, but the slave ofEgypt. Hagar fact finding Egyptian woman for Ishmael as his wife. So Ishmael was not
the Arabs who can reduce the Arabs. Moreover, the from the Hadith (translation HSB 1475) turns out to be
Ishmael rather learn Arabic from the Arabs who have it exist as a nation before Ishmael]
A Radio Debate in a radio talk in 1991 I was commenting that the Arabs are not sons of Abraham. A black
American Muslim, responding and States do not agree with my views.
He stated unequivocally that the Arabs really descendants of Ishmael. When I asked for proof of her, he just
said that he was told so by friends. Of course I was not impressed with the evidence. I ask more her: "if all the
Arab people in the Middle East are the descendants of Abraham, what about other peoples like the Akadian,
Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Egypt and the Hittites, and others who have been there and lived before,
during and after Abraham? What about the millions ofthe Nations are the true heirs of Abraham? Where they
gone? " The question he cannot provide the answer.
A reason for religious Reasons which urge Muslims to declare themselves as descendants of abraham is
something that is religious. The Koran change the historical setting of the Biblical ancestors of ancestorPalestine to Mecca. The Holy Quran even mentions that Abraham rebuilt the temple. So, whenever it is proved
that theAbraham never lived in Mecca and thus not the descendants of the Arabs, the Qur'an itself will be
eliminated. Archaeological evidence shows clearly that Abraham was never lived in Mecca. He comes from the
city of Ur, found in Iraq. From the city of Ur, he then headed west toward the Palestinians. The following
examples will demonstrate without any doubt how Islam was cultural in nature.
Arab Islamic law
First, Muhammad adopted the laws of political governing Arab tribes 7th century and make it as the laws of God
According to the law of a Sheik or leader has absolute power over his subordinates. There are no concepts of
civil rights or personal rights in the Arab world 7th century. Tribal leaders need to decide whether you should
live or die. That's why Muslim countries can not be spared and always ruled by dictators or "strong man" who
ruled by tyranny. There are 21 Arab countries and none of them are democratic.
Why No Democracy?
Democracy is never well developed in Arab countries because Islam stumbling. The more secular Arab state,
the "demokratislah" the nation. Egyptian state which is high enough kesekulerannya is one example of the
above situation. But from time to time the Islamic fundamentalist back to being dominant in a country. When it
The nation will be dragged back to the days of "darkness" the Arab world to the 7th century.
Iran is a current example of where religious leaders to take over the government. Government that has
unlimited power of the Ottoman empire and the contemporary dictators from countries such as Lybia, Jordan,
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and others are examples of 7th century Arab tyranny transplanted in the
modern age now.
Rights of Citizens (Civil)

Because does not recognize the concept of individual liberty or rights - the rights of citizens in the life of the
Arab tribes 7th century, Islamic law also does not recognize freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of
assembly, or freedom of the press. That's why non-Muslims, like Christians or Muslims umay Bahais (a
religious school founded by Baha'u'llah in Iran Ali Husayn pad atahun 1963) routinely dispensed their rights
and even their human rights are the most fundamental even.
To prove how the treatment of Muslims against Jews and Christians for 1400 years, see and read the detailed
documentation written by Bat Ye'or's in his book The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam (Fairleigh
Dickinson University Press, 1985.)
In Western countries, people are free to protest whatever was done by the government. That's why thousands
of people are allowed to protest against the Iraq war allies. They are freespeech and assembly for the protest.
But what happens when they live in Islamic countries themselves, and want to protest the Gulf War? For
example, those in Saudi Arabia? There is no freedom to protest!

And this is reported in the Associate Press on 2 February 1991:

Prince Nasef has given warning that anyone who humbles Sekurit Kingdoms will be sentenced to death or
dipotog of his legs or hands. Instead, they did the protests in Western countries regarding the war won't even
get tickets fines, let alone penalties cut their hands and feet.
Pray Facing Mecca is obligatory for the Muslim Prayer five times a day. This is certainly not interfere because
prayer is a good thing to do. However, a Muslim is also instructed to pray facing Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, five
times a day. Thus he is reminded of that every day he has to submit in his obedience in Arabia as much as five
How about if there is a religion of Russia oblige us worship overlooking Moscow five times a day? What about
the flow of religionWashington stating we have to worship five times a day facing the direction of Washington D.
C., or religion that Japan will require us to bow down and worship the umpteen times facing the direction of
Tokyo? Then what would happen to this world?
[Sembahyangnya Muhammad and his followers originally used to Jerusalem. But at the command of God,
Muhammad suddenly turned it toward the House, the Mecca of the divine authority on the grounds that all
directions are right Allah alone].Act of worship in prayer five times a day facing the direction of Mecca, Arabia
was a sign of the cultural form of coercion, which is also the presence of cultural imperialism that animates
Mecca to perform Hajj
Although very heavy and costly, a Muslim is required to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, at
least once during their lives.
[Even if the finances can not afford to exclude themselves from the This demands; yet every Muslim would feel
socially pressured myself psychologically to try to fulfill this pillar of Islam pillar].
Imagine no religion Russia who commanded his followers around the world to perform worship in Red Square,
Moscow, at least once during their lives, or the religious Americans who ordered his followers to perform the
pilgrimage to the Washington Memorial, United States.
Historical evidence clearly shows that Muhammad adopted the pagan religious ceremony that has existed in
pre-Islamic Mecca performed at the temple in order to meet the demands of the merchants of Mecca who
would benefit and large sums of money from the proceeds religious ceremonies. So for financial reasons and
budayalah Islamic Hajj ritual practices adopted from the pagan idols in pre-Islamic Mecca Temple.
Command pilgrimage it is something that is cruel and unnecessary and a burden for the poor Muslims in the
third world who have scrimped and saved all his life to fulfill the "law" of Islam. The command is equally absurd
to suppose there is a command to perform a religious service to Washington DC or to Moscow.
Rule - Rule of Law Regarding Food
What foods are acceptable, and what is not acceptable from the time of 7th century Arabia, Islam is now
mandated for all mankind.
What-what to eat and which dipantangkan by Muhammad now mandated a heavenly law for all people.

Veil Women
How pullback age, that what is worn by women wandering nomadic (nomad) in desert Arabia in the 7th century
as now mandated by Islamic law rules of dress for Muslim women in any country they live.
Indeed reasonable and understandable if you live in the desert, you need to wear clothes that cover your body
from head to toe in order to protect yourself from the sun (and blowing dust) in the desert. Saudi women are
already dressed so long before Muhammad was born. However, imposing such a fashion desert to women
wherever they may be, merely a form of cultural imperialism.
Rights - Women's Rights
The nature of Islamic oppression of women is seen clearly from the rejection of Islam on women's human
rights a fundamental even though.
Ali Dashti, an expert on Islam who is very well known, States: in the Arab society prior to Islam, the women
have no status as independent people, they are considered to belong to men. All kinds of inhumane treatment
of the women days have become a regular sight and it is allowed.
The Quran States in 4: 34: "the man is head of woman .... And the women who you worry about lawlessness
they exhort them, then pisahkanlah (yourselves) out of their beds and they ... "
[Kedurhakaam are here defined as obligatory duties, leaving the House of her husband's permission tnpa.
Instead of "lawlessness" husband against his wife is not what-do].
The Arabic of his own using a harder word meaningrather than the word "strike". The word used actually means
"cambuklah". Mohammad Pickthal translates it appropriately, in the translation of the Koran which he wrote.
Defense of Twigs in a radio program that can be reached by phone at his audience via Los Angeles, a Muslim
defends that the Arabic word translated "strike them" it's actually simply means "a very mild sabetan in branch"
to the wrist.But I suggest that the same Arabic word that has been used to express how the camels and beaten
criminals! Who is so stupid to believe that snatch wrist with a branch in a very slowly be able to control feral
camels or simply to punish the criminals.
Women and Islam
Dashti commented: "The statement that man is the leader of the women in the Letters 4: 34 proves inequality
civil rights for men and women. The sentence followed by an explanation of the advantages of two men over a
In Islamic law, male heirs are getting more parts than female heirs. Also the weight of the testimony given by
men (as witnesses) more reliable than the testimony of a woman. For exact inheritance to men is two times
more than the inheritance to women.
And the testimony of men in the trial were weighted twice as testimony than women. Divorce rights for
husbands, wives have no right at all ".
From time to time we will refer to the statements of the experts / Muslim scholars like Ali Dashti, that Western
scholars are not considered to make a statement less than honest for hidden vilify Islam. Their findings are
supported by experts in the field of study of Middle East is very famous among both Muslims and non-Muslims.
Denial of civil rights that Muslim women is clearly stated in the Qur'an itself is actually a reflection of the 7th

century Arab culture, as well as an attitude that demeans women.

Even until kinipun, Muslim women can be treated as prisoners in their own homes. Their rights to get out
rumahpun be eliminated or revoked if their husbands require.
In Islamic Islamic countries like Kuwait women have no right to vote in elections. In Islamic countries like Iran,
women must bring written permission from their husbands to leave the house. In Saudi Arabia women do not
even have the right to drive the car himself.
A Case That Got Spotlight
On March 10, 1991, the New York Times Magazine (p. 24-46) reported the news about women's rights in
Saudi Arabia as follows: Crisis bay in the fall of last year unleashed a wave of public demonstrations by women.
They ordered the driver out of the car and then they drove themselves to form a convoy against the driving ban
for women. The incident was quickly invited strong reactions from religious fanaticism. With government
approval challenges immediately launched a campaign against the actions of the woman.
The fundamental issue ofthese tensions is the hope of the amount of power that can be owned by a religious
institution, especially the religious police, "mutawwa". They patrolled in the streets and shopping malls, warning
women to cover their faces and youth to
worship. There are only 47 women who insist on driving his car alone. And to this intellectual menyeletuk Saudi
Arabia: "Let's see what happens with them. They are cast in a wolf-wolf. " The Government is punishing them
sekejam perhaps as a warning to other dissidents.
Inevitably, some of the dissident women who had a profession as a lecturer at one of the universities directly
fired on the orders of the King. They, along with several members of their families, are prohibited from leaving
the Kingdom.
They were instructed not to meet with the Western reporter or discuss their situation with outsiders, and they
warned that they will be given the next sentence of retaliation if they try to drive the car again or hold
However, the Government's treatment of the women is still far better than the treatment institutionsreligious
against them. ... See, from the top of the podium of the most influential political the pulpits of mosques, the
fundamentalist Sheik denounces vigorously the women. In sermons Friday after the demonstrations, the
women involved are branded as "members of the Communist" red, "unclean" American secularists, "whore and
a bitch", "Lady Lady low/these men", and "advocate of immorality".
Name, occupation, address, and phone number of theiropen distributed around the mosque or in other public
places in the form of leaflets / pamphlets.
One of the leaflets accusing them as apostates from Islam, a religious harassment which merit the death
penalty in Saudi Arabia.
Majority rather than the women still will not repent, because he believed that the question of their status will be
tried. "The question is not driving a car," said one of them.
"The problem is that in Saudi Arabia, my life as a human being from the navel to the knee ", (live only to serve
sex, get pregnant and give birth to children only).
Which Unusual Punishment And Cruel

Imprisonment without the proper process; torture of political killings; cutting hands, legs; ears, tongue and head;
gouged eyes. All of this is still part of Islamic law until the present because they are part of the culture of 7th
century Arabia.
Western world view such things as barbaric and should not get a place in the modern world.
Islam is definitely a religion based on Arab culture 7th century. If this is not well understood, it is impossible to
understand Islam correctly.
If the underlying subject matter is not understood, people will be hard to understand why Muslims think and act
like that.
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Arabia Days Islam Islam as blasphemy in the teachings of the Qur'an and Muhammad allegedly sourced on
the customs, culture, and beliefs of the Islamic era. That is why Muslims never do in depth research to find out
what is meant by Arabia days.
Western experts alone reveal the history of the past to find the sources of culture and kesusateraan are utilized
in constructing his religion of Muhammad and the Qur'an itself. That is why any reference from the West about
Islam always begins with an introduction that tells the Arab Islamic era and its effects on teaching and religious
rites embraced Muhammad.
Background history of Islam cannot be ignored. If the source and origin of Islam can be traced and found
inbeliefs, customs, and culture of the Arab Islamic days, meaning the doctrines that claim that belief in
Muhammad and the Qur'an descended directly (from heaven and do not come from the world and human
hands) is a doctrine that is problematic.
The reason the swirling (Circular Reasoning) Muslims often argument using the way of thinking in circles. They
argued that Islam and the Qur'an descended directly from heaven, so thatthere can be no sources or natural
materials that can be used to construct. They always assume so.
But Western scholars can not be done blindly accept assumptions only. Because as we have seen, the faith of
Islam and the Koran itself can be seen as a complete and perfectly within the scope of beliefs, customs, and
culture of Arabs in pre-Islamic times.
Special attention will be given at the beginning of the work written by Julius Wellhausen, Theodor Noldeke,
Joseph Halevy, Edward Glaser, William F. Albright, Frank P. Albright, Richard Bell, J. Arberry, Wendell Phillips,
W. Montgomery Watt, Alfred Guillaume, and Arthur Jeffrey, linguistic and archaeological research conducted
since the mid-19th century to two has revealed more evidence that religion and the Koran Muhammad
constructed by taking the materials derived from the Arabic culture.
Meaning of Islam
As an early example, the word "islam" not revealed from heaven or created by Muhammad. The word is
originally an Arabic word that refers to the nature of masculinity and describe someone brave and manly in
battle. Dr.. M. Bravmann, a scholar and expert on the Middle East, documenting his work is very impressive,

yantg in his book titled "The Spiritual Background of Early Islam".

Islam originally a secular concept that shows a nobility in view of the primitive Arabs; braved death, heroism;
ready to die in battle.
The word "Islam" is actually the original, does not mean "submission" or "surrender" as they assume. Instead,
it means strength that characterize the desert warriors who will fight to the death for his tribe if they face
obstacles that may not be broken even. The word islam then slowly changing the meaning that is to be
compliance, subject, as demonstrated by Dr. Jane Smith at Harvard University.
Tribal life Age Pre - Islam
Aspects of tribal society in the days of pre-Islamic Arabs to be a reference of the many things that can be found
in modern Islam. For example, is in accordance with the moral Arab tribes at the time confirmed that the attack
to the other tribes in order to gain wealth, wives, and slaves, so resulted tribes there are constantly at war
among themselves.
Desert tribes live by adheres to the rule of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". Vengeance is always initiated
when there is action that hurts one member of a tribe.
A cruel legal system is followed by the nomadic Arab tribes. For those cut off his right hand, foot or head is
reasonable-reasonable, no problem. The tongue can be trimmed, ears cut off, even after eye as a punishment
for various crimes.
Action membokong someone and slit and mengirisnya from one ear to the other ear is viewed as the correct
actions in certain situations. And the executioner who did it was viewed as a hero!
Force people into slavery or kidnapping women and bring them into the harem (consort), as well as raping them
they considered worth-worth it. The circumstances and conditions of Arab tribal society that creates hard hard
anyway in which violence becomes strictly. And violence is still an attribute table in Islamic society.
An example in nature, this imposition of a death fatwa horribly for Salman Participatingis an example of Arab
acts of violence carried out in nature.
Sentenced to death for writing a book that reveals things that do not benefit the Muhammad, is something that
cannot be understood or tolerated Western society. But for Arab Muslims, it was very reasonable.
Doctor Montgomery Watt from the University of Edinburgh States: needs to be emphasized that the Arabs did
not think that killing someone is somethingintrinsically wrong. The new act called one if the individual is a
member of a large family or group of fellowship, because in Islam it means the murder of fellow believers.
Fear of retaliation will also make people not to kill one member of a powerful clan. But in other cases there is no
reason to prohibit the killing.
In the United States, the movement of black Muslim community noted a history violence is not commendable.
The violence including killing their own leaders!
It's interesting to note that the English word "assassin", actually drawn from Arabic. English took it from the
Latin word "Assassinus". Latin took it from the Arabic "Hashshashin". In Arabic the word hashashashin literally
means "people who smoke pot" and is used to describe Muslim people who smoke marijuana that stimulates

them to "religious drunk" before they commit murder on their enemies.

The word entered into the realm of vocabulary through a European Muslim sect who called themselves "
Assassins group" is a group that believes that God is calling them to kill people as a sacred duty.
"A group of Assassins" terrorizing the Middle East from the 11th century until the 13th century after AD and
even make Marcopolo, a Western explorers, to feel fear for his life.
[At the beginning of the 20th century about one million Christian Armenians had been slaughtered by Muslim
Qur'an And Violence
Let no one be surprised to find not only mewajar-Islam wajarkan violence but also in certain circumstances
Islam commands violence. In the Quran, Sura 9: 5 Muslims were ordered as follows:
Fight musyirik people wherever you find it, and seize them, and besiege theiege them dudukilah every lookout.
And what to do against those Muslims who reject Islam? Letter 5: 33 states: Retaliation against those who
wage war against Allah and His Messenger is .... They killed, or crucified, or their hands and feet cut with criss
cross, or banished from the earth.
For Western societies, things like cutting the hand and foot just because someone does not want to accept the
religion of Islam is something that can not be understood at all.
Should be clarified that there is under the control of Mecca Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was born.
Mecca also be the most dominant center for the heathen in the whole Arab region.
Chamber's Encyclopedia states: Communities where Muhammad grew up a pagan environment. Different at
each location there are gods they are different also. The gods It is often represented with stones. In many
places there is a sacred worship in a pilgrimage undertaken safely. In Mecca there are the most important
shrines of the Temple in which there is a black stone, which has long been an object of worship.
Archeologists have found many examples of works of art of pre-Islamic statues, idols and symbols used in the
ceremonies of worship.
Encyclopedia Britannica stated that the Centre resources finance the quraish tribe located on the Caravan and
a special trade route passed by the worshippers to Mecca to perform their worship of idols in the temple.
The Temple of the Quraish to see that in the temple (containing 360 idols) there is an Idol for every religion.
The word in Arabic means Temple of the cube and refers to the Stone Shrine-shaped square in Mecca where
baal (idols)worship. The shrine contains a table of offerings to the gods, contains a variety of offerings so that
each of the gods got something.
At least there are 360 gods in the temple, and if a stranger came to town and wanted to do the worship to gods
other than the 360 gods in the temple, then he can add the special deity at the temple.
A profitable trade route and the caravan of wealthy have formed relationshipsculture between Africa, the
Middle East, Eastern District, and Western State. That is why it is not surprising if the stories in the Qur'an can
be traced back the origin of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, India, and even from Greece.

And Jin fetish

Religious life in pre-Islamic times, the main orientation of the people is all that is superstition. The Arabs
believe in the "evil eye" (magical power possessed by a person that he could see cause another person harm
or bad luck), curse spells, charms, stone chambers, fatalism (paced nature inevitable), supernatural powers,
and amazing stories about the jinn, or fairies.
Most of the childhood they had never read the stories fantastic fables like "The Abraham Nights", the story of
Aladdin with the lamp will, a story about flying carpets, and so on.
That is why it is not surprising that the Qur'an also found references were similar to the "evil eye", a curse,
fatalism, magic and genies who mentakhjubkan (Letters 55: 72: 113: 114).
[In Hadith Bukhari Shahi I vol / vol 740 and 5/199, it is said that Muhammad was a "strong man" who control the
genies that live in the rocks, water and trees.
113 The letter expressed concern but Muhammad against the dark night and sorcerers].
In many Islamic countries, Muslims are still wearing amulets in around his neck where the majority of the
Quranic verses written with the intent to resist or reverse the "evil eye".
Animist beliefs
Basic orientation of the Arab population is animism. Jin men and women, or that there are spirits in the trees,
on rocks, in rivers, and in the mountains are worshiped them and make them afraid.
The stones are sacred magical believed they could protect his people. Quraysh tribe has adopted a black
stone as a stone magical for his tribe, and had Placing it in the Temple.
Black magic stone which is kissed when people come on pilgrimage to the Kaaba. No doubt that the black
stone is just one asteroid that fell from outer space, but it is believed a crowd as "sky stuff".
The Sabian
The dominant religion has grown very strong before the time of Muhammad are beliefs held by the Sabians.
This community of belief to things space (the stars), which became their god.
Moon is seen as a male god and the sun as a female deity. They both gave birth to other gods like the stars.
They use the calendar month in regulating religious rites / beliefs. For example, the month of fasting is set by
the lunar period.
Sabian pagan rite of fasting starts at the time of the emergence of the crescent moon and continues until the
next crescent moonreappeared.
This was later adopted by Islam as one of the five pillars of Islam.
Pagan Rites

Rite of idolatry also contributed on the religious environment of it Was Muhammad. Religion
of pagan at the time Arab pre-Islamic teaches that everyone should bow down and pray facing

Mecca on the moments that have been specified in a day. Everyone should also make pilgrimage
to Mecca to worship at the temple at least once in a lifetime.
Arriving at Mecca, the pagan temple of the run around 7 times, kissing the black stone, and run away as far as
a mile towards the Wadi Mina for stoning Satan with stones.
[Prior to Islam, the Arabs worshipped the idols in and around the temple. They surround the Temple in the
nude and applauded. Now the Muslims surrounded the Temple with white cloth Ihrom that dress should not be
stitched and wrapped around the body and should not bewear pants].
They also believe in carrying the obligation to give alms and condemns usury. They even specify the particular
month in which they must fast according to the lunar calendar. (Can be read in standard references such as
the Encyclopedia Britannica, and other standards of good Encyclopedia and Dictionaries on Islam).
All conceded that worship ceremony became part of Muhammad taught to trust byfamily.
So, it is not surprising when Nazar-Ali, an Islamic scholar and Arabic nations noted in his book as follows: "
Islam retained many aspects of pagan religions" (Islam: A Christian Perspective, p.21) Alfred Guillaume, a
professor of Arab studies at University of London and later taught at Princeton University, who is also
Chairman of the School of Middle Eastern Studies and the Near East commented:
Habits idolatry / infidelity has left indelible scars in Islam, for example in the Hajj ceremonies encashment.
Professor Augustus H. Strong states that Islam is "disbelief in the monotheistic form".
Foreign religious
Finally the influence of foreign religions also swept the Arab world in the pre-Islamic period.
Jews in large numbers moved to Arabiah and has developed into a prosperous group not only because of
trade, but also business buying and selling gold and silver that they do.
The stories of the Old Testament, from the Mishnah, the Talmud, and from Jewish apocryphal works such as
the Abrahamic Covenant everything is well-known in the Arab pre-Islamic era.
The Zoroastrian
There is also the influence of religion / Zoroastrian teachings. Persian merchants of Mecca often crossed while
telling tales of their famous fable. Because the major trade routes across Mecca, people from eastern countries
like India and China are also spreading their views and stories of their faith with the Arab population.
It is not surprising that in the Quran there are former religious stories which when traced edges of Hinduism,
Buddhism, Mythraisme teachings, beliefs Greek mysteries, and religion of the Egyptians.
Christianity was introduced in the southern part of Arabia has grown rapidly and there at the time Muhammad
was born.
But Christianity was introduced in Arabic at that time was still in the form of a chaotic and less true, and worse
still heresies.

Most of the Gnostic teaching that there is less true in pre-Islamic Arabia. The Gnostic Gospels appeared in the
latter half of the 3rd century and its influence peaked during the 4th century until the 7th century AD. This
teaching presence in pre-Islamic Arabia known to be quite extensive. Important Questions
The views and religious rites are found in Islam and the Koran, can be traced back to the influence of religious
life, customs, and culture of pre-Islamic era.
Western scientists came to this conclusion when they ask questions such as, "Why does the Qur'an never
explains the views or original rites of Islam?
Why did the Quran never elaborated on the meaning of words like ' God ', ' Islam ', ' Mecca ', ' Genie ', ' the
pilgrimage ', ' the temple ', and others? ".
[For example, the Quran does not explain why the referers name changes the Lord of hosts that since
thousands of years previously always called YAHWEH in the Bible, the Koran, but by the person is first
referred to as "Lord", which was later renamed to God? When and how his name suddenly found? How he
introduced his new name? What is the real MEANING of the name according to God Almighty himself? Where
the verses in the Qur'an?]
The only rational conclusion that can be drawn: the Holy Quran does not explain those terms above because
Muhammad did indeed assume that anyone who read the Koran must have been acquainted with the culture,
customs, and religious life of the pre-Islamic era. That is why the Koran never did explain the identity of the
figuresin various saga found in the Quran. Readers are assumed to know well the stories were sourced from
the pre-Islamic era.
A serious threat we are aware that the questions above as well as the results obtained by the researchers of
the history of Islam is a serious threat to the Islamic religion in his doctrine States that the Qur'an literally
descended from heaven and so does not involve human beings andsources of the world.
We understand the struggle for Muslims to overcome this problem. They are in a tight squeeze. To save the
Qur'an, they must admit that Muhammad had been the author and not God.
And they also have to admit that the Koran was written in the world and not in heaven as stated earlier. The
foregoing will lead to an explanation that has existed since pre-Islamic times. [However Qur'an using finite
world languages. Arabic was' made in Arabia ", the language may not be paradise, as well as Hebrew or Greek
equally in the" Bible Master "is also not the language the sky. Arabic text of the Quran is not the beginning,
because of limitations finally (after the departure of Muhammad) bring confusion in the writing and reading so it
had to be dressed up again?].
But the effort to save the Koran will only damage the image of the Qur'an itself. Finally, Muslims believe that the
Qur'an should reject absolute sourced from heaven. If confidence in the nature of the Qur'an kesurgaan
removable Islam means untenable existence. (Except as Islamic tradition only).
Chapter 4 the cult of the Moon God
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Up to this point need not be diherankan that the word "God" is not a word invented by Muhammad or the Koran
was first revealed.
The famous scientists of the Middle East, namely h. Gibb showed the reason why Muhammad was never

explained in the Koran about God, who is that that is simply because his audience has heard of Allah far
before Muhammad was born.
Doctor Arthur Jeffrey, one of the West's famous Islamic scientist in modern times, who is also a professor in
the field of Islamic and Middle Eastern studies at Columbia University, said:
The name of God, as expressed in the Qur'an, it is already well known in Arabia in pre-Islamic times. Indeed,
both the name of God and Allat, (form feminimnya) often found among the names of God written in the
inscription in North Africa.
The Word "God"a duplicate of the Arabic al-ilah. "Al" is the word clothing such as "the", and "God" is the Arabic
word meaning God (God in the United Kingdom). The word is not the word foreign is not even also the Syriac.
The original Arabic words.
The word of God is also not a Hebrew word or Greece in the sense of "God" as referred to in the Bible. The
word of God is pure/original Arabic words that used to be used for a God.Hastings' Encyclopedia of Religion
and Ethics states: "God" is the name, which is applied only to state god of the Arabs in particular.
According to the Encyclopedia of Religion: "God" is the name of the pre-Islamic era synonymous with the
name "Bel" (the god of the earth) of Babylonia.
For those who find it difficult to believe that Allah is the name of the pagan god of the pagan Arabs in preIslamic times, quotes from authoritative sources following may be helpful:
. "God" is found in Arabic inscriptions prior to Islam (Encyclopedia Britannica).
. The Arabs, before the time of Mohammed, accepted and worshiped in certain ways to the Supreme Lord
called gods (Encyclopedia of Islam, ed. Houtsma).
. God is known by the Arabs of pre-Islamic era; she is one of the gods the people of Mecca (Encyclopedia of
Islam, ed. Gibb).
. Ilah ... appears in pre-Islamic poetry .... Because often used, al-ilah the god abbreviated, often expressed in
the poems of pre-Islamic times (Encyclopedia of Islam, ice. Lewis).
. Name of Allah already existed before the time of Muhammad (Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend).
. The word "Allah" is derived from the pre-Islamic era. God is not a common word meaning "God" (or gods), and
the Muslim must use the name / other terms or other form if they want to declare another god that is not their
god (Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics).
In addition to the testimony of the standard reference works mentioned above, we quoted the statement as a
scientist Henry Preserved Smith of Harvard University who said:
God has known the name of his person by the Arabs.
Doctoral Kenneth Cragg, former editor of the highly prestigious scientific journal is the Muslim World as well as
a modern Western Islamic scholar who is very famous, whose work is generally published by Oxford University,
God's name can also be clearly found in archaeologicaeological and literary heritage of pre-Islamic Arabs.

Doctoral W. Montgomery Watt, who is a professor of Islamic studies and Arabic at the University of Edinburgh
and is also a visiting professor of Islamic studies in the field of College de France, Georgetown University and
the University of Toronto, has done extensive work on the work of the concept of "god" in the pre-Islamic era.
He stated:
In recent years I am increasingly convinced that to understand the career of Muhammad to taste and
understand the origins of Islam is necessary to include the existence of Mecca who hold that God
"God most high". In some sense this is a form of idolatry. But in contrast to idolatry as generally understood
people so this inequality needs to be treated separately.
After holding a discussion on the meaning of God in pre-Islamic times, Caesar Farah in her book: Islam:
Beliefs and Observations that concludes: so, no reason at all to accept the view that States that the name "
Allah" was the sign-on Christians and Jews to the Muslims. According to Middle Eastern scientists E.M.
Wherry, (which is his translation of the Koran, which to this day still remains in use), in the period of pre-Islamic
worship of God and the worship of baal was a religious ceremony of the astral (associated with heavenly bodies
in the sense that they involved the Sun, moon, and stars as their patron.
[Note: names Komarudin, Syamsudin and Najamudinto this day is still used as a personal name Muslims.
Generally they do not realize the meaning of these words are now with idolatry:
Religions Worship the Moon called Komarudin
Komarun = Month; Dinun = Religion
Sun-worshipping Religion called Syamsudin
Syamsun = Sun; Dinun = Religion
Religions Worship the stars called Najamudin
Najmun = Stars; Dinun = Religion]
Astral religion in Arabia is seen as the God of the Sun-God and the God of womenmoon as the male god. As
has been stated by many scientists such as Alfred Guilluame, the moon god was called by various names, one
of which is God.
God's name is used as the personal name of the moon god, in addition to other names linked to the moon god.
Allah, the moon god married to the sun god. They both have three daughters who are called "Daughters of
Allah". The third daughter is Al-Lata, Al-Uzza, and Manat. Daughters of God with Allah and the sun goddess is
seen as the supreme deity. In the sense that they are regarded as the god of the Arabs worshiped the most
noble than the other gods.
However, in addition to God, they also worship a large number of deities are inferior and they also worshiped
the three daughters of God.
Crescent Symbol
Symbol of the worship of the moon god in Arabian culture and in other places throughout the Middle East,
namely crescent moon.

[A symbol that actually rejected by Moses and the prophets of God before, read Deuteronomy 4: 19, Jeremiah
8: 2: 19: 13, 2 Kings 21: 3, 5; Zephaniah 1: 15 and others. ]
Archaeologists have unearthed many sculptures and inscriptions bearing the letters of ancient Egypt where the
crescent is placed on the head of the god to symbolize the worship of the moon god.
While the month is usually worshiped as the goddess (female deity) in the Near East in ancient times, Arabs
instead watched the moon as a god (of men).
The god of the Quraish tribe
The Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was born, is a particularly special servant-servant to Allah, the moon
god, and especially the third daughter of God who is seen as an intermediary between man and God.
The worship of the three goddesses, Al-Lata, Al-Uzza, and Manat plays an important role in the worship at
Kaaba, Mecca.
Daughter of God the first and the second has a name which is a feminine word (gender shape woman) of God's
word (ie the word Lata and Uzza).
The name of his father Muhammad Abd-Allah is literal. Obied-uncle name is God. The names are self declared
that the family is the family of Muhammad pagans who worshiped Allah, the moon god.
Prayer Facing Mecca
There is one Idol of God is placed in the temple along with all other pagan gods. The idol worshippers pray
facing Mecca and the Temple because that's where their gods burial.
In a seeming naivete, then grounded for them to advance in the direction in which the gods they are, and then a
new prayer.
Because Allah the Moon God they were in Mecca, they pray facing Mecca. The worship of the Moon God
evolved far beyond the boundaries of the worship of God in Arabia. The area where the Crescent became the
coat of arms are involved in the worship of the moon.
This is a bit much to explain about the success of Islam in the early days among Arab groups that traditionally
have worshipped the Moon God.
The use of the Crescent Moon symbol of Islam which is placed on the flags of Islamic Nations and over the
domes of mosques and minarets azanthe ancestral traits in the past when God is worshipped as the God of
the Moon in Mecca.
Many of the Christians still think that God is another name of YAHWEH, God is in the Bible, whereas the
assumption of course is a big mistake. Instead the Muslims who are educated are better know that God is not
a God or DEITY from the Bible.
A Muslim Taxi Driver during a trip to WashingtonDC, I was deep in conversation with a Muslim taxi driver from
Chapter 5 LORD of the RELIGION of ISLAM
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The God of Islam and the God of the Bible of Islam claims that God in Islam equals God Elohim as revealed in
the Bible. This understanding logically contain positive meaning that the concept of God the Holy Quran will
be identical in all respects with the concept of God-the Bible. But the understanding of the above may also
contain a negative meaning if it turns out that the Bible and the Qur'an different views about God, then the risk
is the claim that Islam is not correct.
These issues can only be decided by way of doing a comparative study of two documents relating to document
both the Koran and the Bible-related documents. The issue could not be decided on the basis of biased or
distorted pemihakan-religious, but should be by way of studying textbooks from both sides in a fair manner.
The attributes of God, Samuel Zwemer, an expert in Eastin his book The Islamic Doctrines of God: An Essay
on the Character of God, According to the newspaper, in 1905 noted as follows:
There is one important thing that is ignored by most of the authors who have written about the religion that was
broadcast by the Prophet of God. So easy they lost by name or by etymology.
Almost all the authors consider that the God in the Koran has the properties and existence as "YAHWEH"
expressed by the New Testament. Is such a view correct?
Most of the people think that the God of the Bible and the God of the Koran are the same and one, different in
name only. But as asked by Zwemer, is it true?
When we compare the attributes of God-the Bible with the Koran God of nature, appear clearly, that they are
not of the same God!
Since the advent of Islam, Christian scientists and Muslims have disagreed about who the true God.
God according to the Bible can not be changed to suit the Islamic view of God, so God can not be converted to
Islam God Bible.
Historical background on the origins and meaning of the Arabic word "Allah" suggests that God is not a God
who became god of the Jews and the Christians. Allah is a pagan moon god of the Arabs were modified and
enhanced meaning.
Doctor Samuel Schlorff expressed in his writings on the fundamental difference between the God of the Koran
and the God of the Bible as follows:
I believe that the key problem is the question of the nature of God and how God relates to His creation; Islam
and Christianity, although it has a formal similarity, indeed very much different in the matter.
Let us examine some historical differences as has been stated between the God of the God in the Bible and the
Koran. Conflict on this matter noted in scholarly works for over 1000 years.
Such conflicts are recorded in standard reference books that discuss about it. So we will only briefly discuss
the related issues only.
Can vs. Can not Be Known Unknown
According to the Bible, God can be known. Jesus Christ came into this world so that we might know God (John

But in Islam, God can not be known. God is so high and noble, so that no one who ever knew him personally.
God according to the Qur'an is in a very remote and very abstract, so that no one has ever personally know him
Meanwhile, according to the Bible, people can come and relate personally with God.
A Personal vs. Not A Personal
God according to the Bible is known as a person who has the intelligence, emotions, and will. This is contrary to
the God of Islam is not known as a person, because this would put God on a low level that is equivalent to the
ordinary man.
The spirit vs. spirit of the Non-Muslims, the view that God is a personal or a spirit is blasphemy because this
kind of view is meant to "limit" and degrading the God most high of the noble.
But the concept that "God is a spirit" is one of the cornerstone of the nature of God according to the Bible as
taught by Jesus Christ himself in John 4: 24.
[In short, Islam will reject any specific description of Allah SWT. God is not a person, not the spirit, not the '
Father ", not this and not that. Because, according to Islam, what can be described about God is NOT the God
Believe In The Doctrine OfTrinity vs God according to the Bible doctrine of Unitas was the God of the Trinity,
the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. The understanding of the Trinity not three Gods but one God is the one
who reveals himself in the shape of three persons. The Holy Quran rejects firmly rejected the Trinity, the father,
rejecting Jesus as the son (the Son of God, in the sense of the spiritual, not physical-biological), and deny the
Holy Spirit.
[But the Koran mengkelirukan Jesus as the biological children of the father, the QS 6: 101].
Limited vs NotLimited
God according to the Bible that is limited by its very nature can not be changed and changed. So God can not
do anything contrary to his own nature.
In Titus 1:2, we are told, "God can not lie". We are also told about it in Hebrews 6:18.
In 2 Timothy 2:13 states that God can not act contrary to nature as God.
But if we listen to what The Qur'an says, we will know that God is not limited by anything. He did not even
limited by its very nature.
God can do anything, whenever he wants, anywhere Anywhere, He is with no limits. [Allah SWT example
could cheat and to deceive authorities. He even dubbed himself as the greatest deceiver of power (see Sura
3:54). He cited fraud and the number of enemies in his dreams Muhammad (Sura 8:43). As well as opening
the door for perjury which can be removed with the material (Sura 5:89)! In other words, Allah SWT authority in
all matters, including the authority to arbitrarily! Letters 2:253 and others].
Reliable (consistent, unchanged) vs. Not Trusted
Because God according to the Bible is limited by the nature of truth itself, and because there are things that he
can not do, He is fully trustworthy and perfectly consistent.
However, when we studied the actions of God in the Qur'an, we find that God could not be held and

trustworthy. He is not bound by His attributes and His words.

[The words of Allah are not eternal, but can be replaced by time and circumstances. It gave birth to the
abrogating verses (which replaces) the mansukh verses (which was replaced). Letter of the revelation that was
revealed chronologically secretly converted (for no reason and without revelation) into non-chronological /
random, which is a patterned sequence length Letters]
There is a blurring of God's Love vs. God's Love
God's love is the ultimate nature of God according to the Bible as it is written in John 3:16. God has a sense of
love for His creation, especially humans. However, if we learned in the Koran, we find God's love as the main
trait, but kemahabesaranNya. God "does not have feelings" as the creator of humans (creation).
The concept of God's love is a strange thing in Islam. God who "had a feeling" to put God's creation will only
be equivalent to a human pygmy. Although this statement true love (and need), but again Muslims consider
this statement as blasphemy against God.
[Although Muslims often claim that God merciful and compassionate, but these properties were never
disubstansikan by God himself. Relations with the Muslim experience of the reality of God's mercy is very
They never know God Elohim who was sacrificed for his people. Allah is supposed to have Most of the uterus
by the Muslims for giving rain, moisture, light, air and others for free, which the Christian is regarded as the
responsibility of God Elohim, not love of the sacrifice!].
Active vs. Passive in the history in the history of God (in the Quran) personally never entered in the life history
of a man, he's just acting as agents of history. He is always in touch with the world through his words, his
angels and prophets. He did not personally go down to Earth to deal with humans per man.
This is really different from a biblical view of divine incarnation-where God himself went in the history of human
life and to act immediately to save mankind.
Grace vs. self-Effort, the Bible talks a lot about the grace of God in providing safety for freeman through the
savior who act as intermediaries between man and God (1 Timothy 2: 5).
Meanwhile in the Koran there is no concept of God's grace. According to the Koran there is no Savior, no
intermediaries. (that is only its own efforts to achieve salvation).
In conclusion, after studying the nature of God as revealed in the Bible and the attributes of God as revealed in
the Qur'an can be inferred that GodThe Bible is not the same as the Qur'an Allah.
God the Same?
Many people still believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God because they worship only one
God. They fail to understand that monotheism itself does not shed any light on the identity of the one God to be
worshiped. In other words, it is not enough to say that there is only one God, but it turns out it was the wrong
Someone may say that Ra, Isis, or Osiris is the only true God, but this does not mean that Christ and the
Egyptian gods are one and the same.
Ancient people may have been taught that Baal or Moloch is the only true God. Or also, the Greeks might

argue whether Zeus or Jupiter is a true living God.

However, just a case debating the One God does not automatically mean that God is One who you choose to
be a god is the true God.
In this case the Bible God has revealed Himself in such a nature name and details, so it is not likely to be
confused with the nature and name of the pagan gods around him. In terms of identity blur god, people are
always easy to replace his name with a little pendadanan like the moon god called al-Illah has been
transformed by Muhammad became Allah Almighty in monotheistic faith!. But because Muhammad begin of a
pagan god, so it is not surprising that he ended it with a god idol. As expressed by a German scientist named
Johannes HAURI:
Monotheismenya Muhammad set of togetherness between monotheism to polytheism .... view Muhammad
view of God is purely deistic.
Is 'Allah' There In The Bible
In a conversation with the ambassador of an Muslim country, I say that the name comes from the Arabic word
Allah is associated with the worship of the moon god in the days of pre-Islamic Arabia. The word is not found in
the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament in the Bible New Testament Greek.
[So who is the name of the creation? What does that mean? And what about the story?]
The Ambassador used two arguments that are expected to prove that the Bible is actually the word of God.
First, he stated that the name of God is found in the word "Allelujah" in the Bible. The first part of the word is "
Alle" is actually the word "God", according to him. I showed him that the Hebrew word "Allelujah" is not a
compound word. That is, the word "Allelujah" is not a combination of two words, but it is a synchronization
word which means "praise Yahweh".
Also, the name of God revealed in the last part of the word is "jah" in reference to the word of Yahweh. So the
name of God is not to be found in the Bible.
The Ambassador then ask delineates the second as follows: When Jesus was on the cross, he shouts "Eli, Eli",
surely he meant is "Allah, Allah".
But it is also not true. The Bible New Testament Greece language to translate the word "Eli" is a part of Psalm
22: 1, which is indeed not of Arabic.
More words of Jesus, "my Lord, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" So far from something to do between
the word "Eli, Eli" with "Allah, Allah". It's not likely to happen.
The Time Proved Wrong as a historical record, it is not possible for the authors of the Bible speaks of Allah as
God. Why is it so?
Yes! Until the 7th century the name of Allah is a pagan deity. New next the deity of God transformed by
Muhammad became the name of the only God.
When the Bible was completed far-distant daybefore Muhammad was born, so how could the Bible speaks
about God of Muhammad.
In fact, the name Allahpun was never out of the lips of the writers of the Bible.

Until the time of Muhammad, Allah is the name of one of the gods of idolatry, God's name is known specifically
as the name of the Moon God who became a patron of the Arabs at the time.
The writers of the Bible will not be possible to distinguish false God (foreign for him) with YAHWEH (the
knownclose) as they will not confuse Baal to Yahweh.
[The God worshiped by Muslims, not the God that is written in the Torah and the Gospel, but that comes from
the teachings of the pre-Islamic Arabs of Ignorance that has been modified or altered sense concept. Then it
became obvious mistake that considers GOD worshiped by Muslims is the same as that worshiped by the
Bible Speak Arabic
In a radio program in Irvine, California, an Arab response to the review of the caller by asking, "But is not Arabic
Bible uses the name of God as a God? So, "God" is a name in the Bible to "God". The answer depends on the
time of writing. Is the Bible was translated into Arabic in his time of Muhammad? No. Formal translation of the
Bible in Arabic emerging around the 9th century.
Prior to the 9th century, Islam is the most political power dominant in the Arab countries and the people who
translated the Bible into Arabic face a difficult political situation. If they do not use the name "Allah" as the
name of God, they may be suffering torture at the hands of the fanatical Muslim community who believe in the
Qur'an that Allah is the same God of the Bible.
Because "God" of that era is a commonly known name for the name of the Lord, as a result of the dominance of
Islam, translator subject to the pressures of religion and politics by writing the word "Allah" in the Arabic
translation of the Bible.
There is not anything to do In Logical
New translation of the Bible in Arabic appeared 900 years after the original Bible was written, so it had nothing
to do at all with the problem of "Allah" as the original name of the Lord.
In the end, the plainhe plain fact is that the Arabic translation of the Bible appeared in the 9th century, it is not
grounds argument which concludes that the biblical writers who do the work of writing centuries before the
using the Arabic term "Allah" for God's name (Elohim). Believe
Hebrew and Greek languages

it is something that is not possible.

Many people assume that God is another name for God. This is due to their ignorance of the difference
between the Qur'an and Allah-God-the Bible, as well as due to the propaganda of the Muslim missionaries who
take advantage of the view that God is another name of God in order to open up opportunities for them to
Islamize the West. The Bible and the Koran are two different documents give an explanation of the concept of
This fact can not be ignored merely because it is not compatible with the popularity of religious relativism in the

Chapter 6 the PROPHET of ISLAM

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The life of the Prophet Muhammad's Life, with all the ins and outs and lekak art is getting its Groove, known
from materials found in the Qur'an, Hadith, and Muslim traditions. There are also many biographiesbiographies, both written by Muslims and Westerners, which talk about Muhammad.
Thankful that basic facts about the life of Muhammad is well known and is not an issue of controversy.
The birth and life of his childhood Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570 after Centuries of married couples
Abdullah (Abd-Allah) and Aminah. He was born in the neighborhood of the quraish tribe, that ruled the city of
Mecca and act as custodian of the temple and religious worship Center in the vicinity.
Although actually he included distant relatives of the Royal family of Arab Hashim, however he was born of a
twigfamily environment is poor.
Muhammad's father died before Muhammad was born, and his mother died when Muhammad was very young.
Muhammad was raised by his grandfather and grandmother are rich. Then they handed over Muhammad to the
uncle of Muhammad are pretty rich, but soon, then Muhammad turned over again to another uncle who lives
poor, with period should try raising Muhammad.
Interesting to note that many of their family memberswho never acknowledge Muhammad claims that he is a
For example, since his grandfather was alive until his death remain a pagan and never converted to Islam.
According to the biographer of Muhammad and according to Muslim tradition earlier, Muhammad never achieve
anything when he was young. He's just young Arab who was perfectly normal that enjoyed chatting with the
caravan. He's happy to watch, especially the desert caves.
The only thing remarkable about the life of his youth is that he has started having visitation (penjamahan)
Early-Sight vision
According to early Muslim tradition, pagan young age named Muhammad experienced miraculous.
There is a story commonly believed that Muhammad claimed the existence of a creature of heaven which
divides the stomach, stirring the contents of his stomach, and then stitch it back.
Muhammad himself will refer to this story in the Mail 94: 1, which literally translates as the Arabic language:
"Have We not opened your breast for you?"
Virtually all previous Muslim writers, including the family of Muhammad, placing this event at the time of
Muhammad in their teens. But defenders of Muslims in subsequent periods shamelessly, has tried to shift his
time forward, into the period after Muhammad was sent as a prophet. But the historical evidence is fully tidah
justify the time change.
What is actually meant by "stomach split open and his bowels stirred", was never given an explanation.
However, this story has been well documented so it can not be denied its existence.
Middle East Many scientists argue that the religious stories may emerge due to some sort of mental problems

or medical problems associated with epilepsy.

His mother Muhammad
Muhammad has a mother who named Aminah. Aminah is a mother who often feels overwhelming and often
told me that he was visited by the spirits or jinn. He also stated that he had had a vision of a magical and
religious experience. Mother of Muhammad was also involved in what is now known as ' the art of

invisibility ". And according to some scientists, the basic orientation of the art of invisibility
that has dropped to his son.
Possible Epilepsy Several other scientists suspect that might be a magical vision of Muhammad first appeared
as the result of a combination between epilepsy and imagination that extravagance.
Former Muslim tradition (first) took note of the fact that when Muhammad receive revelation from God, he often
falls on the ground, her body started menghentak-hentak, his eyes mendelik back, and keringatnya dripping
profusely. They are often covered him with a blanket during such events occur.
When he is in such a State that she felt possessed received divine visits. After such circumstances cease, he
rose up and proclaimed something that he thought had been revealed to him. From derkripsi aboutthe beatbeat of the body that often accompanies the possessed, when many scientists concluded that the symptoms
are such attacks of epilepsy.
For example, "The Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam" published by Cornell University showed that the Hadith itself
declared "a State of abnormal setengan outside of self-awareness that makes her helpless" (p. 274).
Things to keep in mind is that in Arabic culture in the time of Muhammad, epileptic seizures definedas a
religious sign which indicates that a person possessed by evil spirits or receiving a divine visit.
Muhammad himself at first thought that they experienced it likely is due to an unclean spirit, but perhaps also
due to receive a divine visit.
Initially he was worried that the first possibility happens that means she possessed evil spirits. This anxiety
prompted him to attempt suicide. But his wife is very faithful managed to prevent suicidal ideation Muhammad
by Muhammad as saying that people might not possessed by evil spirits.
This case will be discussed further in another chapter.
We realize that even though Muhammad is indeed likely to epileptic seizures, but the Muslims still feel hurt by
the statement that his prophet is considered blasphemous.
However, if we do not reveal the truth about Muhammad, we would be considered negligent in presenting the
facts to the readers. How can we hide the fact that openly been revealed by scientists Middle East itself.
Western scientists do not deny that Muhammad might have that kind of religious experience. However, they
also believe that such experiences have a variety of interpretations and within the scope of the existing facts,
everyone is entitled to interpret anything about such experiences.
Just as Muslims are free interpret such things as a divine visitation, the non-Muslims are also free to interpret
things such as epileptic seizures, unclean spirit, imagination exaggeration, deception, religious hysteria, or
whatever they are told to explain enough about what Muhammad is being experienced.
Pembacalah who must decide for themselves ... Our job is to expose all rational possibilities that exist.

In "McClintock and Strong's Encyclopedia" Written: Muhammad blessed with a sensitive nerve and vivid
imagination. It is natural for him to think of himself as a person who receives God's call to spread the new faith
(the new religion) in the community. Muhammad - according to the narration of the oldest most reliable - are
people with epilepsy, and in such circumstances thought to be possessed by evil spirits.
Initially, he believed it, but she gradually until in conclusion, with the support of his friends, that the evil spirits
had no power over the pious and holy such as himself, and he believes that he is not under the control of evil
spirits, but instead he felt was visited by an angel -angel, the influence of hallucinations. Here, vision and
hearing in a state of body and mind that makes it unusual as seeing dreams. Or even continued in the waking
state,he saw it too.
What he thinks is good and right after the seizures, shall he considered as a revelation (at least in the early
stages of epilepsy). Firmly and boldly captured what he believes in tafakurnya, shame on the face of suffering
and disability.

Modern Kebungkaman we fully understand that modern society is shutting the mouth against
the possibility of a religious source of inspiration because of epileptic seizures experienced by
We understand that this passage if disclosed would offend some Muslims are sensitive to her feelings. But we
ought not meant to insult but to explicate the facts according to the description of the physical characteristics
that are manifested to Muhammad when in such a State of trance, as noted in the Muslim tradition in the early
days of the advent of Islam. We should not automatically rule out the possibility that Muhammad was stricken
with epilepsy.
That epileptic seizures were seen as a divine or visitasi the entry of evil spirits is part of superstition and
religious life of the Arabs in pre-Islamic times.
This reality, corresponding to whatconsidered by Muhammad himself as the reason of such a State of
possession (ayan), herding people to conclude that he had severe epilepsy or such.
We can't eliminate the fact of history or rewriting of history solely in order not to hurt the feelings of people who
don't want to hear the truth. A fact is a fact no matter how one's feelings towards that fact.
Scientists of Islam from various generations havenoted in the report that states that we should consider the
possibility that Muhammad suffered from epilepsy. This manifested itself through a vision that Muhammad
received his stomach cut open and then followed by various manifestations of "trance-prophetic".
Religious Background
As we have seen, the Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was brought up is environmentally diligent
followers who worship the god In the name of Allah. Muhammad grew up in the area near the temple., Where
idols and a black stone that has the magical power which is considered a good
there were 360

luck stone for the tribe of Quraish. That moment where he watched the pilgrims always come to
Mecca every year. He noticed they were worshiping at the temple by way of running 7 times
around the Kaaba, kissing the black stone, and then ran down to close Wadi to throw stones at
So it is not surprising that found many elements of religious worship Muhammad, who transferred into the

religion of Islam, and it could not possibly come from a new revelation from God sebagaiman claimed by Islam.
The first wife of Muhammad
No significant events in the life of Muhammad youth. At the age of 25 he was taking care of a caravan owned
by a widow who he was 15 years older than Muhammad. The woman eventually fell in love and married to
Muhammad. They both have 2 boys who all had died at a young age, and 4 girls.
One daughter married to Uthman, who later became caliph (successor to Muhammad Islamic religious leaders)
that will standardize the Qur'anic text. After Muhammad married the wealthy widow, he became affluent and
duties are limited to the affairs family trade.
Calls Prophet Muhammad Being
At age 40, Muhammad once again experiencing a "divine visits". As a result of his religious experiences,
Muhammad finally proclaimed that God had called him to be a prophet and apostle.
Should be clarified that in the religious traditions of the Arabs at that time, there is no term and the case that
one becomes a prophet and apostle.
The term "prophet" Muhammad used in the hope that the people Jews will accept it as the next prophet, while
the term "apostle" is used in the hope that Christians will recognize Muhammad as an apostle next.
Muhammad is not only the appeal addressed to the pagans who had joined him in worship at Kaaba, Mecca,
but also addressed to Jews and Christians.
Conflicts About Four Kinds Version Revelator
In the Quran, we are told that God called Muhammad became a prophet and apostle. However, as observed
by William Montgomery turned out: there are several versions that do not fit with regards to these events.
The Koran gives 4 version conflict concerning the first call Muhammad a prophet and apostle. One of the
versions can be true (and more) or fourth version of that is all.
Definitely not possible to his right, 4-all.
[Please see the Koran in its original language, and not obscured or confused by the term mixed/inserts from
the perterjemah menyama-align/replaces "ruhuqudus", "Gabriel", and "Angel"].
First, we are told in letters 53: 2-18 that the figure of the Lord personally appeared to Muhammad in the shape
of a human being and that Muhammad saw and heard it. This first version was later abandoned, and then we
are told differently.[Beware, there is no completely as Gabriel in the original language. In paragraph 10 in the
translation of the intentionally cultivated of the word "God" 9disamping ' he ' as ' Gabriel ' so impressed there
are 2 persons). It is engineered to cover the problem. Not necessarily called ' God ', but the same person she
was, from the beginning].
The second version, in Letter 16: 102 and 26: 193 194 that calls Muhammad declared by "Ruhulqudus".
Because Muhammad did not really explain who or whatwhat is meant by "the Holy Spirit" is, even this second
version later abandoned.
[Ruhulqudus / Ruhul Amin, and not Gabriel is recorded in the Qur'an. And by God, Muhammad was not given
the clarity of the Spirit, "qulir-ruuhu min amri robbii", ie "Let's say that the Spirit of my Lord affairs" (QS.17: 85

and HSB 89)].

Version related to three calls in a letter written Muhammad 15:8 where we are told again that "the angels-lah"
(original plural) are down Muhammad met and called him a prophet. Even this version will also be revised.
In its fourth version 2:97, where Gabriel tells the satunyalah which calls the Qur'an to Muhammad, and handed
to him.
[The name "Gabriel" not known by Muhammad himself when he was still in Mecca. Difficult to understand that
Gabriel is so close to Muhammad, but the new name emerged after a dozen years Gabriel introduced related to
Muhammad. Could God so reckless?].
It seems the latest version is very influenced by the new consciousness of Muhammad that Jibril (Gabriel)
which states that the birth of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist (Yahya).
Some scientists agree that Muhammad assume that the arrival of the next great prophet - that he alone - is
appropriate when it comes to the call through the same pathway, namely Gabriel. Gabriel in the final version of
the name is often heard Muslims and non-Muslims.
Islamic revelation
We must explain, in this case, that the concept of revelation in Islamic thought is not the same as the biblical
concept of revelation in Christian thought. The word "revelation" in Arabic literally means "down". That means
that the arrival of the Koran is not through or from anyone, including Muhammad. The Qur'an was revealed only
to humans, in this case, Muhammad. So there is no human being who became the author of the Qur'an. God
speaking through Gabriel Gabriel to the human, and human beings are not the recipient of the Koran.
This is in contrast to the biblical writers were even identify themselves as the people who wrote certain books
that become part of the Bible.
Christians do not find it difficult to say that the prophet Isaiah wrote Isaiah or Matthew wrote the Gospel of
Matthew. They do not find it degrading or limiting the inspiration of the Bible. [All the writers of the Bible use the
background, language, and writing style of their own under their control to write. But God led them by divine
But something like this might not apply to the Qur'an. Quran material derived directly from Heaven via Gabriel
deny all of the sources of the human and the world!
[Allah SWT but still have to use the language-world (Arab), space-world (Mecca and Medina), and time-world
(as long as 23 years, not all at once) all of which are elements that limit?].
Indecision And Suicide
After the first religious experience in which Muhammad felt that he had been called as a prophet and
Messenger, Muhammad began to feel a very deep doubts about the sanity of his mind. Especially once she felt
very scared in case he had the evil spirits.
For Muhammad's body caused by State religious experience some kind of demonic possession is sesuainya
with other people who are also experienced a similar thing by the surrounding society will be regarded as
possessed/entry of the devil.
She felt so depressed inward until he decided to commit suicide. But on the way to the place where he is going

to commit suicide, he once again suffered epileptic seizures, she gets a vision (vision) which is another
reminder that he should not commit suicide because he is the one who is called by God.
But even after a religious experience, he still feels depressed inner andfilled with a sense of doubt.
He started preaching When Muhammad finally revealed what had happened to his wife publicly, his wife then
back it up in the sense that his wife felt that God was actually calling Muhammad a prophet and apostle. His
wife gave a boost to Muhammad told the good news to the family and friends of his. Muhammad first told the
family and friends in secret.Indeed, the first people who converted to Islam were members of his own family.
The opposition began to arise
But when the news was delivered by Muhammad was already popular in the community, she started to
become a laughing stock and a mockery of the society at large and even from some members of his own
At a time when Muhammad had such a hatred of peaking, the Meccans surrounded the area where
Muhammad lived. He then face of very difficult circumstances.
The Satanic Verses
To appease the pagan family members and also the members of the tribe of Quraysh, he decided that the best
thing he can do is to recognize that it is inappropriate-wonder if the people pray and worship the three
daughters of Allah: Al-Lata, Al-Uzza , and Manat.
This has led to the emergence of "Satanic verses" are very well known in the Quran. Muhammad when it is in
weak and allegedly controlled by the inspiration of Satan (according to Islamic scholars at the beginning of the
century of Islam) succumb to the demands and wishes of the pagans of Mecca (Sura 53:19). Literature on the "
satanic verses" was so much so that when it is written, it could be a thick book just on this one issue alone!
Every general and Islamic reference books, both written the West and the Muslim people, always include
writing the "satanic verses" as well as biographies of Muhammad.
Stories about Muhammad received while the demands and wishes of the pagan way they worshiped many
gods permit may not be denied the truth and can not be ignored. It has been a historical fact that is supported
by all scientists study the Middle East, both Western and Muslim scientists.
We realize there while modern Muslim apologists who reject the story of "Satanic verses" them. But we have to
explain that they do so not based on written evidence or historical fact.
Their refusal is soal is solely based on the assumption that Muhammad was innocent so he would not have
done such a thing.
Spicy Muhammad Receives Reprimand
When his disciples heard who was in Medina that Muhammad fell into the (permit) the worship of many gods
(polytheism), they immediately came to admonish and advise him. This led to Muhammad himself later stated
that Gabriel fell from Heaven and scolded him because he had allowed Satan worship inspired him to agree to
the 3 daughters of God by the people of Mecca.
Muhammad then repent again and again worship the only God. He now claimed that God be able to nasakhkan, the "repeal", the verse itself, or in other words he gives invalidate previous revelations. Later, after the
death of Muhammad, "the verses Satan" is not noted in the text of the Qur'an. The verses were cancelled. This

of course made the laughingstock that is endless.

The worshippers in the city of Makkah mocked that his God Muhammad is God who cannot afford gave his
opinion, but always changing his mind! On the one hand, the Koran States that God (the only God) does not
allow them to worship the three daughters of Allah (Moon God).
Then on the other side of his God the Koran States that they may worship the three daughters of Allah (Moon
God). And now once again, they were told that they should not worship the three daughters of Allah (Moon
God). Can't God Muhammad took the decision surely?
Forced to Flee because of the boos-boos and mounting sense of resentment among the people of Mecca to
Muhammad, Muhammad leave Mecca to the Ta-if. Because it is not a success or no oneTa-if converts into
Islam, Muhammad decided to return to Makkah.
On the way back to Mecca, according to the Quran in Sura 46: 29-35; 72: 1-28, Muhammad preached before
the jin and they later repented and converted to Islam.
According to the Qur'an, the jin were then preaching about Islam to mankind. So, the spirits of the men and
women who inhabit trees, rocks, and in rivers and ponds in Arabia now converted to Islamand under the
authority of Muhammad.
This is the classic form of shamanism that is now on-claim by Muhammad as ruler of the spirits that exist on
earth. (Shamanism is a religious ideology that believes the spirits of magic that can only be controlled by
sorcerers or witches).
Arriving Muhammad in Mecca, he saw that the hatred of the messages it conveys even more heightened than
ever. Especially the merchants who were very concerned about the loss of income that fiercely opposed
Muhammad and destroy the idols, who was stationed at the temple.
Escape to Medinah
Muhammad left Mecca once again and this time headed to Medina where the teaching is accepted. When he
was in Medina, Muhammad realized that his family and his tribe will not cease from worshiping idols unless
they are forced by violence to stop.
First battle Muhammad began to test his strength in the war with the first way to send six of his men to attack a
caravan accompaniment. There the attackers was killed sati and treat other people who are still alive to be
slaves, and robbed of their goods. This event is known as the Nakhla Raid.
All of these events actually occurred during the month of peace and ceasefire months according to Arab
tradition. Muhammad then received criticism that there is no unrelenting accompaniment of his actions robbed a
caravan and damaged the image of peace as ditradisikan month by the entire community.
Second Battle
Once the students feel the pleasure of robbing and killing, now Muhammad himself led the second war. He and
his followers once again won the battle of Badr. This great success encourages more of his followers who are
interested to join in the fighting, killing, and rob.
Muhammad Turning Of The Jews
At that time Muhammad realized that the Jews would not repent and convert to Islam. Muslim scholar Ali

Dashti comments:
After Nakhla attack, subsequent attacks on the caravans of Quraysh and other tribes also succeeded brilliantly,
and this has improved the financial position of the Muslims, the followers of Muhammad.
This attack paved the way for Muhammad and his allies to gain power and control the entire Arabia later.
However, urgent steps to do at this time in securing finance as well as enhance the reputation of the Muslims
is to seize property of the Jews in Yathreb.
First Muhammad had tried to persuade Jews to accept his prophetic sermon about God through the One, to
pursue the Jewish Sabbath, pray facing Jerusalem, generate a sympathetic response to Abraham and the old
men in the Bible, the adoption of some of the legal prohibition of food occurred in the Jewish community, praise
(justification) of the Hebrew Scriptures.
But when she realised clearly that Jewish traders will not be his disciple, Muhammad then decided to leave the
Jewish religious upacarawi. He also changed the Qibla of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca, negating the
Sabbat day Jews (Saturday) and instead adopt the idolater's sabbatnya Friday. He again adopted the pagan
religious rites that have been embraced by his family.
[no reason given by God to change the Qibla but confusing, see Letter 2: 142. Experts see that it's more an
excuse "goes without referencing only" rather than the command to change the Qibla (the direction is the same
as all belonging to the God). But the fact is that riilnyaMuhammad was upset when diperolok-olok cheating
Jews and ceremonies still doesn't support him, though the direction already taken to Jerusalem in order to take
care of them. Apparently kegusaran this is what makes the direction needs to be changed].
Muhammad also committed murder against the Jews, first individually and then new attacks on Jewish
settlements. Muhammad attacked the Jews because of financial reasons and religious reasons.Most of the
area is indeed a Jewish settlement centers of trading in gold and silver, by conquering such places, great
wealth can be obtained in a short time.
Encyclopedia Britannica explains: When Muhammad learned that Jewish groups are not qualified in the war,
he was tempted to take their property. Attacks against the Jewish settlement of Khaibar's wealthy appear to
have been designed to satisfy the supporters who are not satisfied with just an additional of booty.
First to defeat Muhammad
People finally realized that the Mecca Muhammad is a serious threat. With a large number of soldiers to the
army stormed their Uhud Muhammad. Muhammad defeated in this battle although he had predicted would win.
(Read the history of the Battle of Uhud). Mouth exposed blade of the sword, he lost a few teeth, and almost
died in the fighting. Defeat This is a heavy blow to Muhammad and his followers.
Some of his followers fled after the incident. They feel cheated because they were invited to join the war and
lured many possessions victory and the spoils, but the result was disappointing that they were defeated and
forced to retreat even those leaders who said the prophet was critically injured.
It is not known what is the reason that people do not pursue and destroy Mecca Muhammad and troops. But
apparently after the victims they hurt quite a lot, in order to mitigate a sense of cruel, they (the people of Mecca)
and then back to the city he let Muhammad go.
Jewish settlements
Muhammad then turned its attention once again to the Jews, who are easier targets than the conquest of the

Meccans. He started doing the murders of Jews and rob their settlement.
After one Jewish town surrendered, as much as 700 to 1000 Jews were beheaded in one day while all the
women and children sold as slaves and all the possessions they seized in the city.
The cruel reality and tty and the facts supported by Islamic scholars and historians themselves Western
Last Victory Over Mecca
Muhammad then turned his attention once again to Mecca. His forces have been increased so that now
Muhammad has a great strength in the field.
A peace agreement between the rulers of Mecca and Muhammad agreed, valid for 10 years. Under the peace
treaty of Muhammad and his followers were allowed to perform religious ceremonies at the temple and Mecca,
and Muhammad was given the freedom to invite people to Islam is through moral appeal, teaching or
preaching, but not melaluui violence.
But in less than a year, Muhammad Covenant with thousands of followers and they forced the ruler of Mecca
to surrender to kepimpinannya. Muhammad became a political leader of Mecca and at once became Chairman
of religion which no doubt.
He then cleaned the Temple from all sorts of his idol. He was banned by force the idolater for his religious
activities. Some people who have at least is people who become his personal enemies. For example, there was
a female poet who mocked Mohammed and alleged that some of the material that is in the Koran is indeed a
work of poetry the stolen from the woman's father. To silence the woman, Muhammad killed him.
Muhammad then has acquired a very astounding success. Because Muhammad has become a leader of the
struggle and the ruler of Mecca complete with its religious center, then peopleArabs from different tribes and
different parts began to join Muhammad.
Private life of Muhammad in his personal life, Muhammad had two weaknesses.
The first is greed. The seized property from the Caravan and from Jewish settlers, he has hoarded the wealth
overwhelming for him, his family and his tribe.
The second weakness of Muhammad was a woman. Although the Qur'an he limit his followers can only marry a
maximum of 4wife, he himself had more than 4 wives and concubines.
Questions about how the number of women who had sex with Muhammad well as wives, mistresses, and fansfans who gave him, a matter of dispute among Jews in the time of Muhammad.
Ali Dashti comments: All commentators agree that the description of Letters 4: 57 was taken down after the
Jews criticized Mohammad lust over women, they stated that Muhammad had no other duties except to get
Polygamy was also carried out by religious leaders as written in the Old Testament as Abraham, then the fact
that Muhammad had more than one wife is not enough to negate his prophetic calling. Nevertheless, it has
negate the fact that Muhammad was not a human being.

[The fundamental difference "polygamy" prophets of Israel with polygamy ala Muhammad is that the God of
Israel was never legalize polygamy, while the law-making Allah Allah through Muhammad]
It also presents a logical reasoning problem for Muslims. Because the Qur'an in Surat 4:3 prohibits marrying
more than 4 people. So if Muhammad is now taking more than 4 wives, he sinned.
A defender of Islam who chatted with me quibble:
Muhammad was sinless. The Qur'an states that take more than 4 wives is a sin. So Muhammad is not possible
to have more than 4 wives. Why? Because Muhammad did not pray.
I expressed to him that the question about the number of wives did Muhammad or anyone else, should be
answered based on historical evidence and literal and not based on blind faith.
Muslim scientist and statesman named Ali Dashti report list of the women in Muhammad's life as follows:
1. Khadijah 1
2. Hend
2. Sauda
13. Asthma (bt Saba)
3. Ayesha
14. Zaenab (bt Khuzaimah)
4. Umm Salama 15. Habla
5. Hafsah
16. Asthma (bt Noman)
6. Zainab (bt Jahsh) 17. Mary (Christian)
7. Juwayriya 18. Rayhana
8. Umm Habila 19. Umm Sharik
9. Safiah 20. Maimunah
10.Maimunah (bt Harith) 21. Zainab (number three)
11. Fatimah 22. Khaula
Some observations from the above list that needs to be addressed here:
a. The number 1 female s./d. 16 was Muhammad's wives.
b. Women number 17 and 18 are slaves or concubines.

c. the ladies number 19, 20, 21,22 was not his wife nor slaves, they are Muslim women Dharma who submit
themselves to satisfy Muhammad's sexual appetite.
d. Women number 6, Zainab, originally was the wife of Muhammad's adopted son. The fact that Muhammad
made this woman as his wife is a problem for many people including Muslims themselves.
[His wife Zainab Muhammad Process it merisihkan. This is the only woman who was betrothed to Muhammad
and membukukannya God in the Quran. Though he was once was the wife of Zayd Ibn Haritha is the adopted
son of Muhammad himself. The desire and the fire of love to the rays emanated from the eyes of Zainab
Muhammad when the two met at the House of Zainab (still) as Mrs. Zaid. Muhammad was hesitant, restless
and ditahan-tahan. God knows thatand deliberately lowering the Letter 33: 37 the passing whims of Zainab, so
done with Zaid cerainya Affairs. (see pp. 102 and 103). A difficult question is answered: why did Muhammad
covet the wife of his adopted son's wife, even himself, and really mengawininya?! But the law is still and
always applies is: "do not covet his wife" (your neighbor) (exodus 20: 17)].
e. women's number 3, Aisha, was only 8 years old when Muhammad took him to the top of the Muhammad
Because Muhammad was never clear outline of what is to be done after his death, Muslims then immediately
broke into sects such conflicting Shias and the Sunnis.
Strength and genius of Muhammad that makes him capable of astonishing change procedures worship the
moon god named Allah that became a religion Islam, the second largest religion in the world!

Chapter 7 Muhammad and Jesus Christ

Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Because Islam States that Muhammad and Jesus of Nazareth, both of which are Muslims and they both are
prophets sent by God, then the two great prophets should be berselaras in everything and never contradicted
each other. If the two prophets were sent by God, in the same/single, logically it can be assumed that the
service and the messages they convey no principled basis may contradict each other. If it is not the case, then
God must have been at odds with itself.
The statement that Muhammad and Jesus of Nazareth are Muslims is accepted as a principle of faith by
orthodox Muslims and unquestioned. But a free society cannot accept that kind of automatic faith without first
comparing the suitability of service and messages conveyed two prophetsThese.
How to do it But how it can be done? People agree that the life and teachings of Muhammad can be
reconstructed from the Holy Quran. What about the Jesus of Nazareth?
Muslims seeking to prevent any attempt to compare the biblical Jesus with Muhammad Qurainah. Prevention
is done by charging that the Bible is corrupt and wrong. So Jesus in the New Testament is Jesus.
However the statementthat would bring them on another, deeper issue. Because the Qur'an uses and justifies
the Gospel in the New Testament as a source of information about Jesus (like his birth from the virgin Mary),
then if it is one means Qur'an also wrong.

Modern Muslims have tried to limit the information that we have about Jesus with the information stated by the
Qur'an about Jesus and it is once again reflects the mindset of those who do not vicious / spinning.
In the debate friendship with a Muslim student, the following conversation occurs:
Muslims: The Qur'an is always right about everything
Non-Muslims: But the Koran contradicts the Bible in matters of Jesus
Muslim: If so surely the Bible is wrong
Non-Muslims: But how do you know that the Bible is wrong? Do you have evidence terdokumen?
Muslim: I do not need written evidence because I know that the Bible is wrong
Non Muslim: But how do you know?
Muslims: The Qur'an is always right about everything.
Talks as described above would not be endless as it swirls continue like that.
Perhaps the best way to deal with such cases is to get rid of all the a priori assumption that assumes that the
Bible and the Qur'an was derived from revelation.
But it's simple we compare the two as two written documents.
We will not Muslims use the legend narrated in the later periods are desperately prepared to raise the image of
Muhammad is much more than fairness and by adding various elements also miracles.
Coming Prophecy
First, according to the New Testament, the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus clearly foretold in the Old
Here are some examples delivered enough.
Amazingly, in the book of Micah 5:2 contained exactly the name of the city where the Messiah was to be born.
And at least 33 in the Old Testament prophecies about the death of Jesus Christ, and all is fulfilled. And the
coming of Jesus Christ, according to the Old Testament prophesied in Isaiah 40 and Malachi 4, was preceded
by a correct teaching of John the Baptist in the spirit and power of Elijah.
This is in contrast with Muhammad, who had never been foretold by soothsayers of pagan, nor prophesied by
the prophets in the Old Testament and the Apostles in the New Testament. That forecasting and prophecy is
considered important, visible from the great effort of Muslims to try rooting or reverse engineer the evidence as
if the arrival of Muhammad there was prophesied by the Bible.
Some of the statements they make really weird/not unreasonable as such statements only deserves to be
ignored. For example, a black American Muslim trying to convince me that the word "Amen" in the Bible
actually means "Ahmend" i.e. Muhammad.
There is also a statement of Muslims that Jesus predicts the coming of a performer as written in John chapters
14, 15, and 16. There, they claim that Jesus actually refers to Muhammad.

The statement is truly a businesspointless and groundless at all if they read John 14: 15 where it states that
the entertainer takes the form of the Holy Spirit to be sent by the heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ.
Though Muhammad never claimed himself as the Holy Spirit, nor do they come in the name of Jesus Christ.
It is clear that the coming of Jesus Christ was preceded by a series of prophecies, and the coming of
Muhammad was never foreseen by a juapun!
[ArrivalJesus is a miraculous event as conceived by the Holy Spirit through the virgin Mary. Witnessed by the
angels and shepherds]
Circumstances Sinner
According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ lived in perfect and without sin (2 Corinthians 5: 21, 1 John 3:5).
When it comes to his enemies accused Jesus before Pilate and Herod, they had to find and create the
accusations because no one could find fault.
But if we look Muhammad's life, we will find that he is an ordinary man who is also sinful as it is with us all. He
lied; him deceive; she met lust; she reneged on a promise; him killed, and others. He was not perfect and he is
[Jesus boldly challenged if there was one who could prove himself to sin (John 8: 46). What about Muhammad?
See pp. 195, "Claims About Muhammad Not Sinful"].
Muhammad A Sinner?
After giving a lecture on Islam at the University of Texas (Austin) in 1991, I was challenged by some Muslim
students to prove that Muhammad was a sinner.
My first answer is stated that the burden of proving it should not of me, but instead of them. I asked them:
"Where is the verse in the Quran that Muhammad was sinless?"
They can not show on I suggested a single verse and was taught that states that Muhammad was sinless. They
demanded me to show the verses in the Quran that Muhammad was a sinner.
I answered their challenge by saying some verses in the Qur'an which clearly shows the honest reader that
Muhammad was a sinner.
In Letter 18: 110, Muhammad ordered by Allah to say:
"Say, I'm the man like you ".
There is no single verse in the Quran that Muhammad was innocent. Instead God revealed to Muhammad that
he is not different from other human beings.
Muslims who claim that Muhammad was sinless man apparently had failed to understand the Letters 40: 55
where Allah asked Muhammad to repent of his sins.
Muhammad Pickthal translates Letters 40: 55 as follows:

"Ask forgiveness for your sins". The only objection to negate the above statement is if we say that God was
wrong when he asked Muhammad to ask for forgiveness for his sin which no!
Pickthal translation of Letter 48: 1.2 is as follows: Behold, We have given you (O Muhammad) victory sign, that
God will forgive you the sins, the sins that you do in the future lampaumu, your sins will come, and will
enhance pleasure of you, and will lead you on the right path.
Muhammad not only commanded to repent of his sins and ask for forgiveness, but he also reminded on the
sins of the lampaunya who have forgiven God and for his sins will come to that later must be requested mercy.
So Muhammad is not a person without sin according to the Quran. He was a man that needs forgiveness and
Miracles during his life, He conducted various works miracles. He healed the sick, raise the dead, cast out
demons, even ordered the wind and waves.
But according to the Quran in verse as well as a dozen Letters 5: 91-95, Muhammad never showed any works
The only sign that may indicate the existence of Muhammad's revelation that he received, the letters of the
Koran (Sura 29: 46-51).
Alfred Guillaume stated: the Christian Controversy about who is "superior"between Jesus and Muhammad are
the origins of the rise of engineering miracles of Muhammad. Because it is so contrary to the description of
Muhammad himself and also the followers directly from Muhammad stating again and again that Muhammad
indeed sent there with the power to create miracles. (See QS 10: 20, 13: 7, 5: 90-91, 29: 50. even God himself
gives the reason why the power of miracles is not given to Muhammad, read QS 17: 59)
Notknown and not our aim to determine the intent of the kemujizatan engineering; whether to raise the prestige
of the Prophet Muhammad that can be compared to Jesus, or whether to satisfy the demands of the human
heart is indeed missed a manifestation of God's power can be seen, and is attached by-cult devotee to the idol
of his.
There is strong reason to believe that miracles impersonation deliberately done to fulfill one of the objectives in
above, and also because-I-Hadith ashabu not stop transferring a working example of Jesus, to Muhammad.
Jesus' words and the words of His disciples freely expressed as the words that come out of the mouth of
Muhammad himself.
Muhammad did not perform any kemujizatan. He never healed the sick, raised the dead never, never cast out
evil spirits, never commanded the wind and the waves. He did not have divine power that exceeds any normal
Ali Dashti comments: Muslims, and others, have ignored the historical facts. They have been constantly trying
and dreaming to make Muhammad as a super human being, a sort of God in human clothes, and have
generally negate the evidence that so many shows that he is human bisasa. They have been ready ... to
express these fantasies as miracles divine. Many Iranians are hungry for myth and they are ready to believe
that a "emamzada", of any offspring, may at any time show miracles. But when they read the Koran, they
would be surprised that none of the reported miracles of Muhammad in it. In fact, they found as many as 20
chapters in the Quran or more where the prophet Muhammad asked / challenged those who doubt his
prophethood to make a miracle.

Muhammad turned silent or simply said that he did not do it because she is only human like them too, no other
function except to communicate, be good tidings and a warner.
God's Love
According to the New Testament, Jesus preached about God's love and the greatest example of love is
revealed in John 3:16, which reads:
Because God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should
not perish, but have everlasting life.
Instead, the exact opposite, we did not find any record of the Koran shows that Mohammed had preached
about God's love.
In fact, how the love of God to man or how man's love to God does not play an important role in the sermons of
Muhammad, the Qur'an, or the Muslim religion. Manifestation of God's love is not evident in Islam.
While Christianity thus shows that the coming of Christ into the world is a proof and of the most remarkable
examples of the manifestation of God's love to humanity.
[As a result, Islamic scholars can only postulate mendalil-air, sunlight, rain and dew and others as evidence of
God's merciful God to man, but all of this is the proof of God's responsibility not the evidence-the love of God.
Merciful God is proven if he gives the great sacrifice of himself for the sentient creation].
The nature of Divinity And the humanity according to the New Testament, Jesus Christ had unique properties
that He owns the nature of God and human nature. That is why Jesus is called God "GOD" as written in John 1:
1.18; 20: 28; Acts 20: 28; Romans 9: 5; Titus 2: 13; Hebrews 1: 8.10; 2 Peter 1: 1; and others.
Instead of Muhammad just as a normal human.
The beauty of Speech When you learn the speech-speech of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels, such as the
sermon on the mount, you will know that Jesus truly is the most wonderful speaker that ever lived.
Even his enemies have to admit that no one has ever said like Jesus. But when you pay attention to speech-a
chaotic and confusing speech of Muhammad as it is written in the Koran, you will not find anyquite remarkable.
No one is equal to the beauty, depth of substance, or style language like that of Jesus in the Gospel ujarkan for
him to live in the world.
[Qur'an with poetic style which had been "memukaukan" the early Muslims, especially those that do not
compare with the Gospel, but the criticism of the Koran-format is now unavoidable. Is it true that God Almighty
himself perfect design garbled letters in the chronology and sequence. Why after Gabriel revealed the verses
in chronological order, then compromised again by "Gabriel" so the order of the Quran so based on the letters
in length, which has nothing to do with chronology.
Is it true that God himself revealed Surah 6: 84-86 that shows just how alien and he messed up on the order of
arrival of the prophets of God, but people biasapun have known this for hundreds of years before Muhammad.
People also wonder: Which Speech Quran could be considered Speech is so superior to Jesus about love?
(Matthew 22: 37-40?)].
The High Moral Examples
Jesus lived a way of life and the way he gave himself to die for sinners truly have given a very high moral

example to be followed by his followers.

But if you pay attention to the example shown by Muhammad, you will not find a higher moral example;
Muhammad you find yourself involved in a variety of actions which deserves to be called immoral and unjust
Killing And Robbed
Jesus never killed or robbed anyone. If Jesus was doing these things, surely he would be accused before the
court so long as he was tried.
If we look at Muhammad's way of life, we can see clearly that Muhammad did the killing and robbery of the
people in the name of God, as stated in the Koran.
Use Violence
Jesus never used physical violence to force people to believe His message, He never forced anyone to accept
Him as the Messiah.
At one point, when Peter took his sword, Jesus told Peter that sheathed his sword, because it forces people to
violence is not a valid way in His Kingdom (Matthew 26: 51-54).
The contrary is shown by the example of Muhammad shows that Muhammad often use physical violence to
punish his opponents, forcing people to give up their idols and accept Islam.
[For example, Muhammad tribute to a murderer, was the first blood shed in Medina. The victim was a woman
who dared to openly oppose Islam and Muhammad is known as the killer of the people. His name is Asma,
daughter of Merwan.
Muslims feel abused by a woman. And 'Umair, a blind man who still tribal with Asthma, vowed to kill her.
In the evening darkness, he crawled into the House where Asthma sleep with her children. Secretly she
separates her suckle and stuck his sword into the chest of the woman and the menjepitkannya to the crib. The
next morning when praying in the mosque, ' umair told Muhammad (who had learned of the incident) about
what he had done. Muhammad turned to the people who stood up and said. "Look at a man who has helped
God and his Prophet, do not call him blind, but call him the ' umair who viewed". (J. Murdoch, "Arabia and Its
Prophet", Madras, india, 1992, p. 20)].
Directs the disciples to kill Jesus never commanded his followers, for example to kill for the sake of his name,
or to Rob for the sake of his name, or to conquer the enemy for the sake of his name.
But Muhammad ordered so. He taught and modeled to his disciples to kill and Rob in the nameGod, and
forced the people to Islam.
The problem of God Sword [according to Islam, believers are those who believe in God as God, and
Muhammad as his Messenger/messengers. Beyond that people called kafir.
Legal treatment of Islam against the infidels are never as fellow God's creation a dignified, but positioned as
beings that should be removed, by force, terror, even murder.
At the time Islam was weak,they voiced verses Allah tenderness.

"There is no compulsion in the religion of Islam,"

"To you your religion and to me my religion (Surah 2: 256 and 109: 6).
They even embrace the Christians to praise God verse:
"And verily, you will dapati the closest friendship to those who believe that the people who say, 'We are
Christians" (Qur'an 5: 82).
As if Islam is a religion of love dear and very tolerant and peace loving toward adherents of non-Islamic faiths.
But sooner or later, so the number of Muslims began to develop the voice boomed ... Soon they too will seem
much longer they could not hide the violence and the sword directed to people who are considered infidels.
Sura 47: 4 spots revealed:
"When you meet the unbelievers, then strike off their neck. So if you have tawanlah they beat them then and
after that you should set them free or ransom until the war stops receiving. Thus, if God wills Allah will destroy
them, but God wanted to test some of you with others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, Allah will
not waste their deeds. "
Against the Christians, now they turn around (contradicting himself, according to the contradiction of Allah) with
their blatant infidel: "Behold, disbelievers are those who said:" Verily, Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary ',
whereas the Messiah (himself) said: "O children of Israel, worship Allah my Lord and your Lord" (Surah . 5: 72.
73, etc ... where this verse is verse-ayatan clear, because wherever Jesus never mentions "his God" as "God",
but always FATHER (where the term by the Jews, he Yahweh is considered blasphemous, and therefore want
to be killed).
Pengkafiran and hatred is never subsided. There is currently no one gerejapun in Saudi Arabia, 'but in the time
of Muhammad when he was hostile to the tribe of Quraysh, she sought the support of the Jews and the Cnd the
Christians. But time has a lot of followers, they did not hesitate to kill Jews and Christians.
The seriousness of the revelation of God pushing the killing of infidels / pagans can be seen in hundreds of
revelation. And to neutralize the massive killings anxiety, God took responsibility for the killings in his own
hands: "... then slay the idolaters safe course you find them, and seize them. Besiege them and intailah on the
lookout. If they repent, and establish regular prayer and practice regular charity, then give them the freedom to
run ... "(Surah 9: 5).
"Someday I will instill fear (terror) into the hearts of the peopledisbelieve, then cut their heads and strike off
every fingertip them ... it is not you who killed them, but Allah who killed them (Surah 8: 12, 17). Tens matching
sword verses can be found in The Quran, including: QS 8: 60; 9: 14; 5: 33; 9: 73; 9: 29; 48: 29; 4: 74; 2: 154; 2:
190-191; 9: 41; 4: 76 and others.]
Racism also does not give a chance to other religions occupied an Office of the world. It is inevitable that Islam
revealed elements of racism:
"O believers, do not take Jews and Christians as leaders (mu): some of them are the leaders for part of the
other. Whoever amongst you takes them into leaders, including the man they ... " (QUR'AN 5: 51).
Islam clearly blowing hostile against believers infidels.
"Wherever you meet with people not believe/infidels, slay them, because whoever killed them, him will be
given a reward on the day of the Apocalypse/then." (HSB. IX/4)

This harmonious with the Koran quoted above QS 9: 5.

"I have been instructed by Godto fight the people until they are willing to bear witness that there is no God but
God and that Muhammad is his Messenger, and their obligatory prayer and pay the zakat. If they do, their life
and property will be safe. " (HSB I/13).
Racism persists because in the eyes of Islam, the unbelievers are branded as the most evil animals, see QS.
8: 55 am: "animals animals in Allah is a Pagan people".That is why the dogma that "there is no compulsion in
the religion of Islam" must be removed in order to face an apostate of Islam. He will be forced to choose Islam
or lost their lives! Muhammad said: "If a Muslim to leave Islam and convert to another, kill them." (HSB IX/57).]
Msulim also differentiated blood with the blood of infidels. While the blood of a Muslim who kills a non-Muslim
is permitted, but a Muslim would not be sentenced to death when they kill non-Muslims. (HSB IX/50, with
matching verses HSB IV/196, I/25, and 35).
Islamist violence has indeed characterized by Muhammad when he said:
"Know that paradise is under the shadow of swords." (HSB IV/73).
All this makes the air-Islamic culture in the sense of the word terror adnya!
Did you know that in the Quran, there are 3 types of term remedy of violence directed against infidels, ie qital,
hiraba, and FI SABI GOD?
Qital is a resistance to the "sword in hand", to kill or be killed himself. This term with various variations, referred
to in the Quran as much as 33 X.
While hiraba (or harb) interpreted as an attack against Allah and Muhammad, or declare war against infidels /
offenders. This is contained in the Quran as much as 6 X.
And FI Sabil sebayak GOD called 45 X in various mixtures with the above terms.
It could be seen that there is not one scripture in the world that God reveals more of the verses of the Quran
rather loud. This is all not to mention quoting Hadith and Sira Prophet legislation which only reinforces violence
and murder.
While Allah SWT so thick air-relation with swords, Lord BIBLE - EVEN IN his wrath - are still able to say: "For
in my anger I have to beat you, but I have the pleasure to love you (Isa 60:10).
Strange, but tragic! Quran claims the truth of the Torah and the Gospel. But hundreds of verses ments that
exist in the Bible has been eliminated just by the Quran, solely because "Allah the Most Gracious and Merciful"
failed to love those who dimurkaiNya! If God is only capable of loving a good man, the love of the conditioned
so it must have been very limited, if do not want to be called FAKE!
Wife Taking Other People's Problems
Jesus never take another man's wife to be of his wife. But Muhammad did so. This is one aspect of the life of
Muhammad are black.
[Diperhitam by status "another man's wife" the memorandum-bene is his adopted son's wife].

Muhammad's adopted son Zaid had been married to a beautiful woman he loves. Then one day my wife saw
Muhammad Zaid without wearing her veil. Very enchanting beauty and awaken hidden desires while
Muhammad at first.
[That Muhammad had the wrong behavior, and uttered winged words: Blessed be the Lord that transforms the
human heart "].
Muhammad eventually agreed with Zayd to divorce his wife and handed it to Muhammad.
[Read original Muslim tradition as narrated by Muhammad Ibn Yahya Ibn Hayyan, and article about the wives of
Muhammad in al-Tabaqat al-Kubra by Ibn Saad. Or from Al Jad'an bin Zaid bin like narrated Sufyan Ibn '
Uyayna. There are many other versions else].
Muhammad claimed that he received revelation from God who ordered Zayd to hand over not only his wife but
also to Muhammad stating that is not a bad thing if a father-in-law to marry older women-law, from the hands of
his adoptive son!
Zaid and his wife were told that they should have a choice in these matters. They have to give up on God's
And it is not proper for a devout Muslim men andnot (also) for women who are believers in Allah and his
Apostle have set something statutes, there will be options for them (the others) about their affair. And
whosoever disobeys Allah and his Apostle then surely he has lost, the real. And (remember) when we said to
the people that God has bestow favors on him and you (also) have to give favors to him, "continued to Hold
your wife and the fear of God", are you hidingin your heart what God would declare and you're scared. So when
Zaid had ended the purposes of his wife (divorced), We marries you and him (meaning after it 'iddahnya) so
that there is no objection for believers to (marry) the wives of their adopted sons, when the children The lift has
completed its needs from his wife. And the ordinance of God, that is definitely the case. No one keberatanpun
the prophet about what Allah has ordained for him (God has set such) as the Prophets Sunnah that have
passed before. And the ordinance of God, that is a word that certainly applies. (Surah 33: 36-38).
Not surprisingly, that chapter of the Qur'an which has led many Muslims to reject Islam.
The Bride Still Kids
Jesus never commit indecent acts against children, were never involved sexual intercourse or sexual abuse
with children. Quite the opposite occurs above terms, when the marriage of Muhammad with an 8-year-old girl,
who according to tradition was still happy to play with her dolls.
[See "Private Life of Muhammad", his marriage to Aisha. And why should God allow this kind of marriage?
Clarify who is and who his prophet of Allah].
Unclean foods
Jesus freed His followers from all legal regulations regarding eating outwardly Jewish, and thus all the food to
be halal. (Mark 7: 14-23).
Muhammad, on the contrary, maintains food regulations as in effect at that time, and thus all of his followers are
forbidden to eat pork.
Concerning Dead For Others

When Jesus Christ died, He died to atone for man's sins so that man be free from the wrath of God (1
Corinthians 15: 3,4). But when Muhammad died, he died for his own sins. He did not die for anyone else.
[In sakramatul death questioned Muhammad himself who poisoned. He exclaimed: "O God, forgive me!" (HSB
1573, 1574)].
Jesus did not die on. He conquered sin, hell and the grave, and rose again bodily from the dead on the third
day. As written in Scripture He died to atone for our sins, so He rose for our justification (Romans 4: 25). But
when Muhammad died, he remains dead. He did not rise from the dead-rise. Muhammad died while Jesus
Christ lives on.
Ascension to Heaven
Jesus ascended to heaven in a new human body equivalent. The event was witnessed by murisNya disciples
(Acts 1: 9-11). But Muhammad did not ascend into Heaven. The Qur'an never stated that he ascended to
heaven. [Express God raised Jesus Christ directly to Heaven (Letters 4: 158)].
The heavenly intercession of Jesus now enthroned in heaven as the mediator and the Savior, the only link
between God and man. (1 Timothy 2: 5).
But Muhammad is not a mediator or Savior. Thus the Qur'an stated that none of the mediator or Savior (letter 6:
51,70; 10: 3).
In Islam, You have to save yourself.
[However, Muhammad took Cover, reflected in the seconds leading up to her death she-second call asking for
forgiveness to God and ask to be connected to the "friend of the most-high". Who's your most high mediator of
Muhammad? The Angel is not the most high. God is not a friend. Be aware of HSB 1573, 1574].
Worship in the New Testament, Jesus is worshipped as the Savior's life (John 20: 28, Matt. 28: 9). But the
Quran never talked about worshiping Muhammad. This case, it would be a blasphemy. Muslims willadmit that
Muhammad should not be worshipped by anyone because he is mortal.
Personal relationships, according to the New Testament, humans can talk and connect in person with Jesus
Christ through his spirit who dwells in the hearts of men. That is why Christians speak of their love to Jesus
Instead, what might be revealed by Muhammad to Muslims about their love? Muhammad is dead.Back to the
Jesus will return to raise the dead and judge all people. Even orthodox Muslims also acknowledge that it is
their right. [HSB no. 1090, vol Muslim Hadith, hlm.76]. But at the same time to say that the Qur'an does not
ever claim that Muhammad would someday come back or he will raise the dead or he will judge people.
Looking Muhammad Appropriate History
Scientists West is very aware of the fact that the subsequent conflict between Muslims and Christians in the
early development of Islam, has raised Muslims who try to improve the image of Muhammad's life to a level
close to the image of the life of Jesus Christ.

According to Ali Dashti, these stories are "an example of the creation myth and falsification of Islamic history."
Legends latter states that there are prophecies about the coming of Muhammad, no supernatural elements in
the birth of Muhammad, and Muhammad also declared work miracles. Legend also claims that Muhammad was
a man without sin, but perfect, and he has ascended to Heaven.
However, all of these statements can not be found in the Qur'an or in early Muslim tradition (ancient).
As indicated by the standard reference books, such legends are mere facts forgery, and this is done by Muslim
men who feel embarrassed to face the fact that Muhammad was lower than Jesus Christ.
This causes them to reconstruct the life of Muhammad to be the equivalent of Jesus' life and kemujizatan.
As observed by Professor Guillaume as follows:
Muslim Scholars ... borrow the cases of the life of Jesus, and then referenced as if these stories are stories
about the life of their prophet.
Defenders Muhammad could not let the prophets / apostles they face daily circumstances are less favorable
compared to the life of Jesus Christ is filled with power .... The fact that quite interesting and curious is that
&quthat "historical overview" Muhammad, after the above mentioned engineering increased almost emulate
Jesus in the Gospels.
[In other words, far different historical Muhammad is believed to Muhammad!].
One similarity with Hinduism In response to the Christian teaching that Jesus died on the cross to atone for our
sins, the followers of Krishna in India has stated publicly: "Krishna must also died on the cross to atone for our
Matching of styles are adapted to adjust this did not last long due to all sources of literature and writing about
Krishna is never mentioned on the death or crucifixion that way, until after the followers of Krishna engaged
inarguments with Christians.
In the same way, Muslim legendary material about Muhammad kemujizatan only appear after a fierce debate
between Christians and Muslims.
Myths and legends are created as a clear answer to the challenge that Jesus Christ is superior to Muhammad.
Every rational person investigating the differences between Jesus and Muhammad in the Bible and in the
Qur'an came to the conclusion that Jesus and Muhammad did not represent the same God. They are not the
same and very different in life and in school. In all the key issues they perched on opposite poles.


Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Order of the Holy Quran When someone who is familiar with the Bible, then pick up the Quran and began to
read it, he soon realized that he was dealing with an entirely different from literature are found in the Bible.

While the Bible contains many historical narratives, the Koran is very poor history. While the Bible gives an
explanation of the terms or territories-territories obscurity, the Qur'an does not give an explanation for these
[While the Gospel of showing fulfilment of the prophecies and eye-witnesses, the Qur'an does not deliver the
prophecy, evidence and witnesses!].
Structural differences in fact, how the Bible was compiled as a collection of 66 books of the Bible suggests that
the fruit is set according to the chronology, subject, and title.
But when you turn to the Koran, you will find a confusing arrangement, andhodgepodge of each letter.
Some Western scientists declare that the structure of the Glorious Qur'an so mix the baurnya, so it requires
hard work for someone to dig it.
[The difference in format, structure and narrative between the two book, suffice it to trust that they do not come
from the same source].
The comments of the Scottish Scientist, Expert Thomas Caryle someday says:
It's a very tiring reading when I read it. Adull, jumbled, the narrative leaps, disheveled confusing. There is no
choice but to work hard to do the Europeans that want to understand the Koran.
German scholar Salomon Reinach states:
From the literary point of view, the Koran only slight benefits. Recitation, repetition, and lack logisan raw, looseloose, not fused, will complicate any plain reader to read it. It's humbling dignity of the human intellect to think
that for a book of literary quality that is not how it has been the subject of many comments and that millions of
people have to waste time in vain to assimilate.
The historian Edward Gibbon has been describing the Koran as "a compliment fable, a doctrine, and
declamation that does not blend that is sometimes lost in the rising clouds.
McClintock and Strong's Encyclopedia concludes: Which is problems of the Qur'an is that the book is not very
coherent, using the language of flowers, and do not have a logical flow of thought in whole or in part by part.
Even the Muslim scientists, Ali Dashti complained about the low quality of literature Qur'an as follows: It is
unfortunate that the editing of the Qur'an is very ugly and very irregular arrangement of their contents. All
students in the subjects of the Qur'an Qur'an regretted why the editors did not using logical methods used in
preparing the order is received by the time of revelation. Why not follow chronological order as well as the text
of the Qur'an which belongs to Ali ibn Abi lost Thaleb.
Standard Reference books Islam, The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, says "The characteristics of irregular
and not united joints" of Qur'anic text.
To find writings which is parallel to the Qur'an, one must investigate the literature Pre-Islamic Arab where we
can find many examples of this kind of ecstatic and poetic materials are confusing.
[EH Parker, Professor of the University of Cambridge, Arabic linguist who translated the Qur'an into English in
1876, stating that the language of the Koran was "rough and irregular". But experts Muslim response to EH
Parker's statement by saying that he could not understand the beauty of the language of the Koran].

Mecca And Medina

Muhammad religious services as stated in the Koran spread in the two periods. The first period took place in
Mecca at least not before the year 612 AD and went for about 10 years. The second period was centered in
Medina and once again lasts for approximately 10 years until Muhammad's death in 632 CE. The second part
of the service has been recognized by scientists in general.
The Death Not Foretold
As we already mentioned, Muhammad could not foresee his own death, even though he says he is a prophet
of God. Therefore Muhammad was not prepared to collect and collate all the files from the revelation that he
received in a single document.
[He also could not leave a will, to whom the leadership Islam must be submitted and forwarded].
No Original Manuscript
From historical records that there was no doubt in their accuracy can be trusted, we know that when
Muhammad had circumstances like a man possessed (trans) and then talk to others about what he saw during
that period, he did not write his own story was in a manuscript.
In contrast to statements without foundation expressed by somemodern defenders of Islam, Muhammad
himself did not write or prepare a final manuscript Koran.
Unexpected death either by his followers as well as by himself. He did not even have a chance to collect the
records of a number of scattered Mail.
Bone-Bone, Leaves-Leaves, and Stones
Everything depends on the followers of Muhammad to try and record what Muhammad ever say. These notes
were written as far as possible in the improvised materials available at a time when Muhammad had a state of
trance (trans) while unexpected revelation.

The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam commented:

The Qur'an was collected from what is written on the outer layer or any objects that can be found, from pieces
of papyrus, flat stones, palm leaves, shoulder blades or ribs of animals, pieces of leather, wood planks, and
rote ... from people who know.
Even Muslim scientists internationally known Mandudi, admitted that the Qur'an originally recorded in the
leaves of palm trees, tree skins, bones and others.
At a time when there are no objects around which to write, they are trying to memorize the revelations that
Muhammad obtained close to the original as possible. According Mandudi task faced by the followers of
Muhammad after his death that was unexpected was to collect all the sermons of Muhammad scattered, some
even written on the objects that can fade, others are not written but only by rote.
This of course caused great difficulties. Some trees were destroyed or damaged skin and some stones missing.
Worse yet, as it is written Ali Dashti, the animals at the time eating leaves or sheets of woven palm leaves on
which is written the Epistles Koran.

Some people who know certain Epistles dead in battle before they could copy what they hear / know.
Collecting materials Koran last several years. Many problems arise because of the memory and rotememorization someone is not exactly the same as everyone else. This is one of human weakness that can not
be ignored. (When more than one person who was present and heard the same sermon was asked to recount
what they heard frequently arise disagreement about what exactly is spoken by the preacher!)
As we will see later, these differences matter addressed / resolved by using physical violence and force people
to use only one version of just about anything I've said Muhammad. Not given the opportunity to accommodate
other versions of the record of what Muhammad said that.
Sort-Order of the Qur'an Letters If you open the Koran, you will find bahqa 114 letters, or revelation, given to
Muhammad was not arranged in chronological order according to when the revelation was revealed. If finalized
according to the chronological order of the first Letter is certainly a revelation received by the Prophet first
anyway and the last Letter is definitely also a revelation.
[The first revelation from God who accepted Muhammad from the sky, now in the world became the order of the
96 (Al'Alaq). Chronological order down the revelation abolished, and replaced with a random order, so even
changing based on successive verses and inserts long Letter!
Surat al-fatiha First present it is unknown when lowered. Not an expert on Islam-knows where its position when
it was revealed: before or after Letters do? Uthman menempatkannay as the first Letter, but its presence as
the Letter w is rejected by Ibn Mas'ood, companion of Muhammadmost texts in the Meccan Sura].
The Qur'an also prepared using historical narrative runtun pattern in which we can follow the lives, acts, and
teaching-teaching done by Muhammad started from beginning to end.
Instead we are faced on the set of letters that combine a does not describe the diffuse pattern arrangement is
reasonably appropriate context.
How the Qur'an is bundled by the successor of Muhammad after himdied solely based on its size (length /
volume of his). So the Qur'an compiled from the most lengthy letter to the letter of the most short, by not
considering the chronological order of revelation.
[And it is claimed in the name of "Determination of the Prophet" by proclamation Gabriel. Though the order of
verses and the letter was never established by Muhammad by default.
See behind the tradition, when Muhammad was held where the verse recitation Letters Quran from time to
time. Is there a reading / study it to make sure the raw sorting method? Ibn Mas'ud in one particular event had
demonstrated the Koran to more than 70 letter (in which Muhammad himself was present and no blame
teachings, (Sahih Muslim, vol 4, p 1312), but this study clearly did not follow LETTER SEQUENCE OF RAW ,
proved himself refused Ibn Mas'ud Al-Fatihah and Surat 113 and 114 as the revelation of God (see the chapter
Al-Itqan dalal Collection of the Qur'an). Chronology of the actual sequence is absolutely necessary because
Allah himself repeatedly lowered new verses "abrogated" to replace the old verses "mansukh" His yangt
So by definition, the basic concept of "abrogating-mansukh" is chronological. Is it possible that once Allah
revealed the verses chronologically, then deliberately mengacakkan verses, while part-in-abrogated and
canceled it, then everything is placed in Letters later sorted again based on length? It sounds very insulting His
Power Reserved]

Letters dating Qur'an

In spiritual service, every religious leader tends to speak more in accordance with the longer duration of his
service. So most scientists believe that the Qur'an Letters Short is part of the Letters of Muhammad's early. As
time goes by and the number of messages to be delivered, a Koran Letters getting longer.
[It's called a good staging. But even the revelation of the Quran recoran recognizes gradual phase-thrifty
(Qur'an, 76: 23, etc.), but instead Uthman reversibility arrange them in 180 degrees of good and logical
phasing it].
But occasionally there is also a mixture of the revelations revealed in Mecca (called Makkan Letters) by the
revelations revealed in Medina (called Letters Madaniyah) in the same letter. So that even if the order of the
Qur'an refers to the size (length) Letters, but it remains an open defect in the order granting the Letters of the
Koran are supposed to be good and perfect.
First Person Pronouns
Muslims claim that the Qur'an is always written in the first person (ie I, me, or us), because God alone as I talk
to humans. Such statements, however, are not in accordance with the Quranic text. Many parts are
clearlyshows that it is not God who speaks, but Muhammad.

"subsection" 5, 6, 7: "only you we worship and you alone we ask only to help, show us the
straight path"?].
Repetition of the Never-ending other problems relating to the Glorious Qur'an that Allah intended for it instead
of by people who are illiterate and uneducated, so that the Holy Quran emphasizes repetition-repetition of the
same on an ongoing basis.
As a result people often find the same stories are repeated in the Holy Quran. For the people illiterate, the
repetition of which many were indeed very helpful they know the Koran, however for those educated people it
is very boring.
"Think" is right (the right "feel") last Observation regarding the Quran gives the impression and a sense that the
Koran did not constitute a complete piece of work.
If you open your Bible, you will see that the Bible begins with the sentence in the beginning God created the
heavens and the Earth (Gen. 1:1)
As you continue to read the Bible, you would know of a chronological order starting from the creation, the fall of
man into sin, the flood, the Tower of Babel, the call of Abraham, the elders of the Bible, the call of Moses, the
discharge of the nation Israel from the land of bondage, the formation of the nation Israel, Israel became the
prisoner again, the people Israel in exile, they came back under command of Cyrus, the rebuilding of Israel,
prophecy will be the arrival of the Messiah, the coming Messiahand His life, His death, His resurrection, and
the onset of the church age ... Then you will come to the last book in the Bible, and you will read about the
natural expiration of the universe.
The Bible gives a sense and feel whole, complete, because it begins with the statement in the beginning and
continue until the end of human history.
No Beginning, No End

But if you pay attention to the Qur'an, because the condition is not uniform, you will not be taken to feeling
complete. You feel there is something off the float, after you read the letter by letter, because there is no
connection between the letter kelogisan one with another letter.
For instance, a letter discussing about trivial things, that God wants wives Muhammad stopped arguing and
bickering in front of him, while next Letters jumped on the attack on the Arab idols. So you feel something is
not intact, also felt tida satisfied because you can not know the story is, let alone a whole.
[Qur'an has a letter that claimed that Al-Fatihah prologue, but without the epilogue. COVER LETTER supposed
to be there for the closing verses summarize strategic, and well sealed or conclusions mandate, message and
the promises of God to be "good bye" to uamtNya berwahyu. Letters 114 (An-Naas, human) LAST ASSIGNED,
but it's just borrowed the place alone. He is not a letter to the typical closing revelations of God. He does not
have a unique and distinctive among other letters Letter to Muslims. 114 Moreover, the contents of this letter
are narrowed repetition of Letter 113, which is a form of God for protection from evil creatures, jinn and
humans. Add ironically, Surat An Naas along with Surat Al-Falaq (Surat al-Muauwadsatain) actually
problematic, because Ibn Mas'ud refused al-Muauwadsatain and Al-Fatihah as not part of the Al-Quran. (Read
Al-Itqan chapter on collecting the Qur'an).
Another Surat Al-Fatihah, which shows that the original letter is not included in the Koran, but developmental
tradition of worshiping the one who makes it acceptable as reading Quran (Imam Malik in the Muwatta, Book III
No. 09/03/39). Due to the growing tradition for its shape, the manuscript of Al-Fatihah according to Shia
version, found different text than the text Uthman (see Tadhkirat al-A'imma, Muhammad Baqir Majlisi, Tehran
edition 1331, p.18).
Abu Bakr al-Asamm, imam of the mosque at Wasit and teacher Abu Bakr an-Naqqash, stating that the Surah Al
Fatihah was originally not included in the part of the Koran, aka non-revelation (Tabaqat Ibn al-Jazari, no.3943,
Vol II, p .404)].
Traditions that intertwine Into Revelation
Tradition and implementation prayers / prayer and others, in the early development of Islam is not like what we
know today. Qur'anmemcatat loose a lot of verses, verses that have gradually bowing (Surah 2: 43, 3: 43,
22:77, 77: 48, etc.), there is a phased prostrate (Surah 15:98, 17: 107 , 25:64, 84:21, etc.), there is a telling
stand QS 25: 64, the prayer in congregation, even a casual prayer when standing, sitting, and lying down, QS
3: 191. Everything is still searching for a form. The Quran generally mention two time praying, not 5 (i.e. "day
and night", or "morning and evening", or "before and after sunrise", see QS 5: 78, 8: 130, 24: 36, 50: 39 76: 25
and others).
There is indeed a prayer verses just for the night, or in the middle of the day without any special time. But
wherever there is never any command 5 prayer times are exactly determined by the Koran.
In the process, the pattern and the tradition of the Prophets first prayer based on the stages of revelation soon "
defeated" in the weave of the ritual tradition (non revelation) that the formak that occurred exactly 5 time rules
for bershalat! And it was adopted as a REVELATION!
Frenzied prayer changes not only a matter of time, but also concerns the cancellation of procedures of fire:
The Qibla of prayer that had been facing Jerusalem converted into facingThe House. The night prayer was
required half the time each night, suddenly lightened God be worshipped and read the Koran according to what
is considered easy/convenient.
Mandatory prayer verses long tahajud eventually repealed. This replacement occurs casually over one letter
short of Meccan Sura Sura 73.

Al-Faatihah not recorded their validity as Revelation (when, where, how to fall and introduced), but
indevelopment agreed upon revelation just as sublime, named Surat Al-Fatihah (not the name of revelation),
and hence the order is placed as the first letter.
[No wonder Ibn Mas'ud rejected it as a revelation, and the Prophet himself was briefly overlap establish
whether the must-read Al-Fatihah in prayer or not. On the one hand, he said in a tradition (outside revelation)
that "no (legal) person who does not recite the prayer of Al-Fatihah". But on the other hand reported Al-Bukhari
and Muslim that the Prophet SAW said to someone who has good reading his prayer: "When you are praying,
then bertakbirlah, then read verses of the Koran which is easy for you" (do not have to read Al-Fatihah). And
this is even enforced by the public revelation of God himself (Sura 73:20): "then read what is easy (for you) of
the Qur'an." (Not Al-Fatihah).
Dominance prayer tradition also appears when Abu Ubaida, menyusuli Ibn Mas'ud Al-Fatihah rejected as part
of the Qur'an. People actually dismissed Abu Ubaida refusal on the grounds that "Surat Al-Fatihah" it has
become so popular that there are no issues that need to be questioned (The True Guiedance, IV.p.58)]
Compare the complexity of "divine coordination" that linking and intact for 66 books of the Bible were written
over a period of several thousand years by at least 40 authors and different to each other. Then contrasted
with the Qur'an Runtun not even unloaded only by one hand (Muhammad) during one period of his life, then
you definitely will not work to compare the two. Too superior to one another!
Unilateral claim that the Qur'an is a continuation of the Old Testament and the New Testament actually only
damage the image of Islam itself, because in the final analysis, it is known that the substance, structure and
literary style of the Qur'an at all that could not match the found in the Old Testament and the New Testament.
[History of the Scriptures never found the existence of Israel as Quran].
Most of the scientists concluded that when we depart from the Bible and the Koran to continue with the same
meaning set of high-quality leads to low quality, from the large to the dwarf, from the real to the virtual. Chapter 9 Claims Against Muslim Koran
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Muslims about the authenticity of the statement, the value of history, composition, and purity of the Qur'anic text
is so shocking that the Koran demands need to be examined in greater detail.
Arabic Perfect
Muslims claim that the Qur'an text was written with the Arabic alphabet is perfect in every way because God
himself had written in Heaven.
The Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam States: "for Muslims, the absolute perfection of language used in the Qur'an
is a dogma that unbeatable"!
Whatever is done to God's perfect existence, then the writing of the Koran must also use Arabic. The
statement can be found in 41: 41, 44; 12: 2; 1: 37 pm; 85: 21,22; 10: 37 am.
Muslims believe that God wrote the Holy Quran in Heaven above the slab of stone the size of a table before

the Glorious Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad.

There is no Spelling varied Claims next that is the statement that the Holy Quran is so perfect, so there is no
text in it that vary in spelling, none of the texts are missing, and there are no manuscripts of Qur'anic texts
which contradict each other. In this case the defender of Muslims shows that Alkitablah containing many texts
conflicting readings, while the Qur'an is perfect sono text readings are varied.
The original manuscripts were found many Muslims tell us with full confidence that the "original text" the Koran
gathered and compiled by Muhammad is still there, and that all the content of the Qur'an is derived from the
original script only.
[But when asked exactly where the original script, and of how they are uncertain and in dispute the opinion].
There Is No Translation BecauseThe Qur'an is written in the language of God, Muslims claim that nonexistent
mortal man is able to translate it into another language.
[And indeed that may be referred to as the Qur'an is that it is written in Arabic. In addition it is the interpretation
of the Koran or more].
Can not be Compared to Whatever
According to Muslims, no one can write a masterpiece like that can be found in the Qur'an (Surah 10: 37, 38).
Is the statement and claims are true? Is it all in accordance with the facts? We have to say without the slightest
hesitation, that these statements are wrong! Let's look carefully.
[A challenge Muhammad that if anyone could write "such as the Quran", then dipalsulah Qur'an Allah. And it
turns out this challenge got a lot of rave reviews; sanbutan unfortunately this is not welcomed and "in process"
more consistently by race Islam].
Arabic is not Perfect
First of all, the Qur'an is not a perfect Arabic. The Qur'an contains many grammatical errors as in Letter 2: 177,
192, 3: 59, 4: 163, 5: 69; 7:160; 13: 28, 64: 10 and others.
Ali Dashti commented that the Koran contains:
The sentences are not complete
And is not fully understood without the help of comments and interpretations;
It contains a lot of words of foreign (non-Arabs), or the Arabic word yana not uncommon.
And the words that are used in a different sense than the normal meaning;
adjectives, and verbs are changed arbitrarily without obeying the principle gemder and number;
Words tidal change is applied logically and not grammatically sometimes without reference;
And it contains a predicate that regardless of the subject, especially in passages that

If calculated, recorded more than a hundred deviation from the rules and the Qur'an structures that standard
Foreign Words
In addition, there are more parts of the Koran that is not even in Arabic! In his book, The Foreign Vocabulary of
the Qur'an, Arthur Jeffery documenting the facts that the Qur'an contains more than 100 foreign words (not
There are words and phrases in the Qur'an which is the language of Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Siriak,
Akkadian, Ethiopia, and Persian languages. Scientists in the study of the Middle East, Canon Sell observes as
Number of foreign words (in the Quran) there very much. The words are borrowed from other languages


r example, 'Firdaus' is a Sanskrit word, not Arabic).

In "Mutawakkil" written by Jalalu's-Din Syuti us there are 107 words are registered and
commented upon. The precious book has been translated by W.Y. Bell of yale University.
Arabic-language text is also attached. It is by chance has shown how many dipeinjam ideas from other
languages. (in other words, the Quran has latest soccer news directly in foreign languages!)
Many texts a reading that the spelling Varies Muslims denounce the Bible sometimes contain words that are
different in different manuscript. But actually like it was his own Koran texts. In the Quran there are many texts
conflicting readings as shown distinctively by Arthur Jeffery in his book Material for the History of the Text of
the Quran.
At one point, Jeffery shows 90 pages of reading texts that the spelling is different! For example, in lettersThere
are over 140 reading texts of the Holy Quran to the contrary and it comes in.
All Western and Muslim scientists acknowledge the existence of texts a reading that comes in the Qur'an.
Guillaume pointed out that the Quran contains many original "variants, which not always can be underestimated

It's interesting to note that the scientific journals of Muslim scholars began to recognize, albeit reluctantly, the
fact that many texts from the Koran readings in thecontradictory and bervarian.
Muslim businesses Covering Work For Western scientists like Arthur Jeffery and others have been hampered
by not allowing Muslims by western scientists to see the old manuscripts of the Qur'an are based on texts
before Uthman, Jeffery connect with an event:
An interesting example of this occurred in modern times when the late Professor Berstrasser visit the last time
to cairo. She is busy archives and do a photo shoot she was photographed several Kufic Codex (a collection of
ancient Qur'anic manuscripts which uses Arabic letters that apply ancient times) in the Egyptian library when I
show something in the library that Azhar has characteristics that invite curiosity know.
He asked permission to photograph the object as well, but his application was rejected and even a collection of
manuscripts Codex Kufic withdrawn, on the grounds orthodoxy that Western scientists are not allowed to know
the kind of ancient texts.
Jeffery commented: Efforts to preserve what the Qur'anic texts that have come under pressure bervarian

orthodox definitively.
Some Lost Verses
According to Professor Guillaume in his book Islam (p. 191 ff); few original verses the Qur'an has been lost.
For example, one letter which originally consisted of 200 verses in his time Aisha. But shortly before Uthman
standardize the text of the Qur'an, the verse number 73 verse live!
Some 127 verses have been lost, and never found again.
Shiite Muslim sect claimed that Uthman eliminates 25% of the original verses of the Koran for political reasons.
The existence of the omitted verses from the Koran Uthman's version has been universally recognized. In a
book written by John Burton, entitled The Collection of the Quran, published by the University of Cambridge,
documented how loss of these verses. Burton response to the statement that Muslims the Qur'an is perfect is
as follows:
Reports from the Muslim texts on the history of the Qur'an is confusing unresolved, contradictory, and
Changes in the Quran
One point of interest in connection with the disappearance of some Quranic verses that the original look of how
a follower of Muhammad who named Abdollah Sarh suggested to Muhammad for memfrasakan back (say by
using other words), add to, or subtract words contained in the Letters of the Koran. Muhammad was often doing
what is suggested by Abdollah Sarh.
Ali Dashti explained what happened as follows:
Abdollah renounced Islam due to the existence of the revelation of Muhammad. If the revelation came from
God, surely can not be changed merely because the advice of writer before him. After its apostasy, Abdollah
Sarh went to Mecca and join the tribe of quraish.
So it was no surprise when Muhammad conquered Mecca, the first person slain was Abdollah, because
Abdollah knowing too much and too often opens his mouth.
Some verses were replaced About the cancellation process as mentioned in the previous chapter, verses that
contradict the faith and customs of Muslims has been omitted from the text of the Koran, such as the "Satanic
Verses" in which Muhammad had approved the worship of the goddess are three daughters of God.
Arabic scientists individually decorated named e. Wherry commented as follows:
With respect to the existence of several articles in the Koran which conflictone another, the defender of the
Muhgammad against all these objections to the doctrine of substitution (abrogated), because according to
them God in the Koran are indeed ordered a few things to be withdrawn and replaced for the good of all
Next also documented many instances Wherry verses issued/revoked from the Holy Quran.
[Abdallah Abd al-Fadi commented thus: Abrogating the words God himself was against the Omniscience of
Godagainst all the secrets and hidden motivations in the future. Abrogated only fitting for a man of words short
sighted, interesting words for problem solving manipulatis. This may not be lined up with the "Great Plan" of

God Mahasempurna].
Canon Sell in his book Historical Development of the Quran also commented on the habit of getting rid of the
verses of the Qur'an when the verses are considered to pose difficulties / problems.
Comments as follows:
It's very surprising how likely a compromise as it may happen that a procedure can be put in a system of
revelation by the companions (or not a friend).
Some Verses Added
Not only the Koran passages omitted, but otherwise there are verses and new chapters are added. For
example, Ubai had a letter in the Qur'an manuscripts removed by Uthman dibakukannya of text. (Eg Surat alKhafadh and al-Khal). So there are other Qur'anic texts that circulated before the raw text Uthman. In the
Qur'anic manuscripts there are additional revelations of Muhammad that are not included in raw text Uthman,
either because of lost or because it is not approved by Uthman.
Not The Original Manuscript
So if the original Qur'an manuscripts still exist? And we have proven that none of the original Qur'an
manuscripts that still outstanding.
As stated by Jeffery as follows: It is certain that after the Prophet Muhammad died, there is no revelation
manuscripts collected, arranged, or bundled in a single unit. The oldest tradition is to be found in times of
Muhammad assured us that none of the full text Qur'an being passed on to the followers of the Prophet.
Prophet has expressed his revelation message orally.
It is not known which of these messages which have been recorded and are not. It was purely a matter of
coincidence, but it is known to the messages recorded in the recent past of his ministry.
What about the report stating Muslims that Muhammad was collecting manuscripts Koran more before he
Jeffery replied as follows: There is nothing to say other than stating that these reports are fictitious.
Caesar Farah in his book on Islam states: When Muhammad died, none of the original manuscript text of the
The Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam commented: Only one thing is certain and acknowledged openly in the
Tradition / Hadith, namely that there is not any collection of the revelations that have been shaped entirely,
because during Muhammad's life, there's always the revelations were added the earlier revelations.
It became clear that the bones, stones, palm leaves, tree bark, and others said some of the material which
Muhammad after he experienced such a State possessed, recently collected after the death of Muhammad!.
The first version of the texts of the Koran contradict each other. There is a script that excess content of his letter
(more than 110 Letters), and the contents of his letter is less (less than 114 letter). The use of words is also
different between the versions collection. It is a fact that none of the ingredients are still there now. They have
long been lost or damaged.
We never challenge a defender of Muslims to mention where the original manuscript is kept the Holy Quran,

which he said saved well. It turns out he was only able to say that he does not know his place, but he sure is
sure that the text does exist because there has to be. That kind of argumentationworse than no argument at all.
Uthman texts [in his attempts to ' unify ' the content and form of the Quran became a standard, Uthman Mushaf
regrettable actions the destruction decreed Uthman Khalif all set (or even part) of the others who have been
there before the manuscripts of the Quran is the most primary: "Uthman sent to each province is one of the
book which had their copy, and ruled that allQur'anic texts to another, whether in the form of a divided, or
complete, should be burned ". (HSB, VI/479)].
Regarding the standardization effort undertaken by the Qur'an Khalif Uthman, the following historical questions
worth asking:
1. Why Uthman should standardize a different text if ever there was already a standard text?
2. If there were no manuscripts conflicting, why Uthman tried to destroy all the other texts that have been there?
[On the authority of Uthman who destroy the Quran manuscripts collection of Muhammad's companions of
other, previously it has never been questioned by Muhammad? The "error text" also never alleged by Uthman
3. Why Uthman should use the death penalty to force people to accept the Qur'anic text which he had
previously standardize if anyone has had the same text?
4. Why do many people still refuse to use text he standardize and maintain texts that they had before?
[Furthermore can be asked: who is among the experts who can prove that the manuscript collection of the
Prophet's companions (such as Ibn Mas'ud, Ubai and others) are wrong or inferior quality / authenticity rather
than selected Uthman? Did not Muhammad himself who championed 4 people only (and Ubai Ibn Mas'ud,
Salim and Ibn Jabal) as a place to learn Koran? Read Hadith V/96, 97].
Four questions gave rise to a confusing and contradictory situation regarding Qur'anic texts during Uthman.
The fact that he ordered the destruction of all existing copies of the Koran that suggests that he was afraid that
these copies will dibakukannya demonstrates that the text it contains imperfections either because there are
additions or deletions of what was actually spoken by Muhammad.
Indeed grateful, that some of the texts that are older can still be saved and rediscovered by scientists such as
Arthur Jeffery.
Western scientists have demonstrated with certainty that Uthman standardized the text does not contain all of
the content Muhammad received the Koran! Also does not contain words that are entirely in accordance with
the Koran that Mohammad received.
[NB. The Muslims believe that just a random arrangement like what is now this is the Quran came directly from
God. After the revelations by chronology down by the time of Muhammad (the name Gabriel) Quran then set to
"randomly arranged". The reason they are based on Muhammad's words: "Write this verse in a letter that
included a verse and verse anu anu" (Reported by Abu Dawud and Ahmad). But why is Gabriel deliberate
change in the composition of the chronology of a random verse by verse? And the randomness of these verses
diacakkan again inLetters are patterned after the sequence length of each letter? Is randomization Quran by
Uthman did not get a warning of God? Difficult to answer! But history records many
Fierce resistance from believers against Uthman's treatment. They reject the authority of Uthman were set
arbitrarily Koran edition book. God allows death occurs Tragically, when several hundred members of the
tribes of Iraq and Egypt stormed into his house and killed him (history of Islam, Balazuri, Ansab). Al-Tabari
wrote in his book The History of nations and Kings, about the strange death of Uthman, such that his own

unsuccessful mengebumikan his body for 2 days later. And since most enemies banned his buried in the
Muslim cemetery of Muslims, then the bodies had to be buried in a Jewish cemetery! The death of such a
shutdown of caliber Uthman presumably no accident].
Many translations of Sebagimana claimed by Muslims that the Qur'an cannot be translated. But it's surprising
when a Muslim United Kingdom, Mohammed Pickhtal could say, "the Qur'an cannot be translated", while the
words he wrote on the mukkadimah translation of the Glorious Qur'an which has been doing very well. The
statement thatThe Qur'an cannot be translated is definitely a denial of the existence of many English
translations of the Glorious Qur'an in circulation at this time.
[Actual translation is not the problem, but rather a matter of worship, where the reading of the Quran in a nonArabic languages is not included as a worship that bring reward!].
Letters such as the Koran [Koran purported revelation of God. However, this claim was not disukung by
external witnesses the supernatural (two or three witnesses)as required by law (such as former prophets
prophecy, miracles of Muhammad's power hand, witnessing God / angels who witnessed an outsider). Quran
never noted that Muhammad had a conversation with God as with Moses and Jesus (Surah 4:164; 3:55; 5:11).
And every time he was asked to show a sign of God's power that accompanies a prophet ("Why is not a sign
sent down to Muhammad from God" Sura 13:7 and etc.), he always answered blurred. Realizing the weakness
and lack of signs of Muhammad's prophethood is then forced to issue substantiation for Quran stance by
challenging in case the unbelievers (jinns and devils may be helpers and gentlemen) who can fabricate such
["If you're (still) in doubt about the Quran which we have revealed to Our servant (Muhammad), make one
letter (only) such as the Quran and encourage helper-helpers besides Allah, if ye are indeed "(Sura 2:23, also
Challenge to create a bleak letters contained in the Koran has greeted the people many times.
Scientists study the Middle East, Canon Sell commented: People can write letters such as these even are able
to use language that is more evocative of the feelings and well-organized.
A man named Nadir ibn Haritha brave enough to accept the challenge, and he drew up some stories menganai
Persian kings in several chapters and Mail, then chant.
McClintock and Strong commented: Hamzah bin-Ahed wrote a book counter Koran in a language that is at
least as beautiful as the Qur'an, and Maslema write another book which is even more beautiful than the Koran,
and the writings led many Muslims to leave their faith.
[This challenge is not really a challenge but merely supernatural mere earthly and human challenge, which is a
kind of correspondence WRITING CONTEST, which can be equaled or even surpassed those caused by the
death of the validity of the Quran as the Book of Allah.
Many Muslims do not know that the Quran collection Ubai bin Ka'b (Mushaf Ubai) already contains two letters "
Such Quran" (the Quran of Uthman), namely 115 and 116 Letter (Surat al-khafah comprises 6 verses, and
Surat al- Khal 'comprises 3 verses) that is now missing from the Quran standard (which is read by Muslims
today). By displaying the two letters that had eliminated by Uthman of mushafnya, people actually have a
legitimate reason to make it "Koran Such Letter" decent contested the version of Uthman Qur'an challenges.
Dr.. W. Cambell Muhammad also had the challenge of this one. He thrusts Letters Psalm 103: 1-22 and Letters
Isaiah 40:1-31 and Jesus' Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 6:16-24 and 7:1-5 Letters; This qualifies as the
Biblebeen considered corrupt because mere man? Even on the internet there is one post that welcomes
challenges learned from the Law of Love Letters, Matthew 22:37-40. All of this passage is too qualified to be

contested by any letter Koran!

So what are the consequences in order to prove Muhammad in the Bible keontetikan? Every challenge must
bear the consequences!
Going on what's hot in newspapers and on the internet recently, about the emergence of "The True Furqan" is
in the 65 letters. This truly is not a fake as the Quran shocked but in the QURAN SURAT poetic Arabic and
quranic United Kingdom, style, classic and beautiful feel supremely qualified to welcome the challenge of
We petikkan here comments on the internet, as well as compare it with other types of CHALLENGES are for
the existence of Jesus:
"After penyodoran these wonderful letters, is then Islam experts willing to serve him? It's not! No Committee of
Islam may appear to memfollow up penjuriannya * what kriteria-kriterianya? (the beauty of language and
redaksionilnya? Or the substance of religinya?
The main usefulness Apling? The most widespread application? Its Relevance? Or what?)* Who will be
deemed to be the jury of this contest? International Court Of Justice? The UN Team?Fact-finding Team? The
most pious clergy? * are these legitimate human judging results? (a very subjective issue) will not be emailed
by other authorities with various reasons? * And most importantly, does this man tying contest results
legitimate in the eyes of God? "
Look how inconclusive and futility of life off the fate of the Quran God on this one! The revelation that
penjuriannya can't be actionkan by the Muslims themselves, or Prophet. He jammed with no
solution!(Compare the challenge of Jesus is supernatural. Completed without judging and refereeing, See John
8:46 and 2:18-22].
Fingerprint footsteps of Muhammad
Muslims that the Koran states that "derived" from heaven and that Muhammad could not be regarded as a
constituent people. But according to the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, the Arabic word used in the Qur'an is
a dialect and vocabulary of a member of the tribe of Quraish who live in the city of Mecca. So Muhammad prints
scattered throughout the Qur'an.
If the Koran is written in Arabic heavenly perfect, why until it was revealed by a landslide that it is better at
speaking the language of the Quraysh tribe who live in the city of Mecca? (Aka Arabic Quraish)
Muslims argument stating that the Koran is written in Arabic heavens are entirely unfounded.
Dialect, vocabulary, and content of the Qur'an reflect the style of the writer, Muhammad and not figure God out
of heaven.
Factual history of the collection and provision of the correct text of the Qur'an shows that the Muslim claim
above (that the Qur'an is 100% celestial element) is fictional and does not correspond to the reality.
Muhammad's fingerprints scattered hand can be seen on every page of the Qur'an as a witness that the
Qur'an is not a pure origin from God.

[Allah SWT Quran had stated that it was mere words of the apostle: "innahuu qaulu rasuulin-Kareem (Letters
69: 40, and 81:19, Qur'an Translation by the Islamic Community Development Foundation "Al-Hikmah" Jakarta)
Compare with terjemaham salinnya Koran, which translate / interpret in a row as a "revelation of God which
was revealed to the Apostle noble" and "the word of God brought by Gabriel". Indeed there are other verses in
the Qur'an which is not in line with these letters, such as Letters 6:155, 10:37, 11:17, etc., but that's which
shows the internal contradictions in the Koran is believed safe dictated by maha perfect it could not bear such
"Are they not studied the Koran that if only (the Qur'an) is not from Allah, surely they found many contradictions
in it." (Letters 4:82)].

The scientific study of Chapter 10 Of the Holy Quran

Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Very surprising that many modern Muslims feel they have the right and freedom to criticize the Bible by saying
that the Bible is corrupt (dicatut and littered) and its contents are contradictory, but when someone dared to
criticize the Koran as they criticize the Bible, they would call it as barbaric, offensive and rassialis!
Bucaille's Book
One example of the above is a book written by Maurice Bucaille, The Bible, The Quran and Science.
Bucaille has launched an attack on a total inspiration and biblical texts. And against the Koran he assured
readers that the Koran has a "keontetikan uncontested".
He did not address the multitude of problems that can be found in the Koran, but only spent time to attack the
Bible alone.
Onin fact, people even had questioned the Koran since the beginning and they still continue to
mempersoalkannya until now.
Some Of The Problems
There are some issues related to the methodology expressed by Bucaille.
First, neither the Qur'an nor Hadith confirms the Bible as the word of God who has been by his hand upon
humans and often mengacunya as a source of power on the basis of which Muhammad taught and acted. So
once disdained the Bible, Koran andHadith will participate humbled.
Second, Bucaille breaking one of the most fundamental laws of logic. He instead thinks that if he can "deny the
truth of the Bible," then the Koran can be enforced. But you however, can not prove the truth of your position to
blame the other person's position. Logically, the Bible, the Koran and the Hadith may be wrong everything. The
Qur'an is not inspired Scripture just because others are not inspired. Each book will remain upright or fall
depending on the quality and superiority alone.
Reason Play-Play (Circular Reasoning)

Most Muslim again using thinking swirling vicious when dealing with the Koran.
They have absolutizing truth when it should still require verification.
Muslim: Muhammad is the Prophet of God
Non-Muslims: Is that true?
Muslim: Qur'an stating so.
Non-Muslims: What Koran correct?
Muslim: right, Muhammad was a prophet of God.
II. Muslim: Qur'an without any
Non-Muslims: Why is it true?
Muslim: Because the Qur'an says so.
Non-Muslims: But why the Qur'an correctly?
Muslim: Qur'an without any
We do not need to drive around in a circle without end of the base, but we have to give up the Koran that can
be tested scientifically and critically. If the Qur'an correctly, it will last in every test. But if the Qur'an wrong, it's
better to know now rather than continue blindly believing it.
The Gospel of Barnabas
No attempt was recently made by some Muslims to take advantage of a book that contains the incorrect
teaching of a mystical Christian sect called the Gospel of Barnabas. This book as if written by one of the
disciples of Jesus, and is considered to be a long-lost gospel. Gospel-evangelization is to the extent deemed
higher authority than the New Testament. Western scientists have been repeatedly publishing and that what is
referred to as the Gospel of Barnabas was a masterpiece of deception in all aspects.
For example, He may not write a book such as the vocabulary used in that book is not a common vocabulary
used in the first century.
More importantly, the Gospel of Barnabas contains statements that are contradictory to the teaching-teaching in
the Holy Quran, Hadith, and the Bible. The Gospel of Barnabas is contrary to all three in three different
Like other Muslims may use the Gospel of Barnabas is against the Bible, as well as those Non-Muslims can
also use it to oppose the Qur'an and Hadith.
For example, the Gospel of Barnabas condemns the people have more than one wife while the Quran
permitted up to four wives. The Gospel of Barnabas also allows a person to eat pork while the Koran again
outlaw. Every Muslimthat spawned the revelation of the Gospel of Barnabas is the same meaning with piercing
his neck!

[Furthermore, the Gospel of Barnabas is emerging in 1709, was written in Italian by the common used paper
people between 14 and 16. The investigation found evidence that it was written by an Arab (Mustafa Arande
under the pseudonym Fra Marino) Muslim, a company based in Spain, and apparently did not understand the
history, geography, customs andIsraeli social. Among others, it is said that Jesus was born when Pilate was
governor of Judea (when new pilatus shook since 26 AD to 36 AD). Nazareth described as a port city, so there
is an article that says that Jesus sailed to Nazareth (Nazareth but not the coastal town, but the town in the hills
of Galilee). Total-total carrying not less than 30 error ridiculous].
Simple Truth
Simple truth is that The Qur'an contains many problems, some of which will be disclosed now. The Qur'an
states that he was from God, preserved from all error, and it was an evidence of revelation (Surah 85:21,22).
The consequences of this claim is the only fault that can be found in the Koran is enough to abort its existence
as a divine revelation!
[This is the formula-iron!]
The principle Makes Sense: Matching the old new
Muhammad principles used in the initial ministry is valid (valid legitimate). Namely that the earlier revelations to
measure against all the revelations that came later. (Read Letters 10:94)
Thus the Bible should be used as a reference standard of all the new revelations, including the Qur'an itself.
It is merely a matter of chronology. Muhammad came 600 years after Jesus Christ.
So the Qur'an revealed long after the New Testament.
Validity of New Testament based on the fact that the prophecies, symbols, and the typology of the Old
Testament is fulfilled. So in the same way, if the Qur'an will be accepted as the Word of God as well, then the
Koran must pass compliance testing to perfectly fulfill the Scriptures that existed before, the Bible.
The Qur'an itself states that it is a continuation of the Bible and therefore he would not contradict the Bible
(Sura 2:136). Logic Problems & Priorities
What is meant here is the basic logic, that if a conflict or contradiction between the Bible and the Koran, then
Alquranlah which must be ruled out, not the Bible.
In conclusion Qur'an will never contradict the Bible, because how could God be contradicting itself.
If God contradict himself, he is a God who is not perfect. If he is not perfect He would not be God. [Muslims lay
down suspect that the Qur'an was precisely the latter should be most true in case of contradiction between the
Bible and the Koran. They liken it to the scientific findings are correct that most end early. This equation is
clearly wrong because that can be corrected is the things that has not been the truth (even scientific). But the
Bible has ascertained the truth by all the prophets, including Muhammad. The Bible had been the gauge for all
revelation comes later. The truth is "there is truth, then there is falsehood". Falsehood cannot come before the
truth. There is no error when there is no truth. Falsehood cannot exist alone in the void of truth! So the old
truths must be the reference for any new school who want to be allowed. That's why keshahian each HADITH
is also referred to in his accounts of the isnaad system. In the amna rawi (chain of preachers of the Hadith)
attempted to hold back up to meet his source of truth the Hadith itself, most of the early career of Muhammad.
For example, At the third level of wari ba'al tabi'in, referred to the second level, the Tabi'in and the Sahaba
claims level source from Muhammad himself. So the beginning to verify later!

Likewise, the Old Testament is the reference for the authorities to verify truth fulfillment of prophecies by aThe
Messiah who came back, named Jesus in the New Testament].
If the Koran is incompatible with the text and the teaching of the Bible, it means that the Koran contradict the
Bible, which means further that the Koran should be surrendered to the Bible, simply because the Koran
should always refer to the Biblical truth in testing (see the command of God to Muhammad QS 10: 94). Oddly
enough the Muslims remain obstinately goes against the Bible (with theQS 10:94 infringe indirectly), even
without evidence.
For example, the Qur'an contradicts the Bible on the question of Jesus' crucifixion is denied the Koran.
Now, is there a script that proves that the Bible passages that speak of Jesus' crucifixion was not a native of the
Bible? Is there any evidence of any written stating that the original Alitab not teach about the crucifixion? There
is no evidence of any single and stated that the text of the Bible is wrong in terms of the crucifixion of Jesus
Bible from the beginning, has clearly taught that Jesus died on the cross. (Moreover, this crucifixion
ternubuatkan the previous scriptures, Psalm 22:2, 17-19; Zechariah 12:10 and others).
A logic Dilemma
Muslims caught in a dilemma. If they admit that the biblical texts in the first states did Jesus die on the cross, it
means the Qur'an directly contradicts with the Bible as the revelation of the oldest. But Muhammad promised
that it will not happen. Why?
The Qur'an should be in accordance with the oldest revelation (the Bible) because neither the Qur'an nor the
Bible, revealed by the same God.
Conversely, if Muslims reject the Bible, they should also reject the Qur'an because the Qur'an refers to the
Bible as the word of God.
In contrast again, even if they accept the Bible they still have to reject the Qur'an because Qur'an in fact
contrary to the Bible.
Whichever option remains the Qur'an to lose.
[To reduce the pressure of this dilemma, Muslims until forced to allege that all of the Bible that there are fake
(something that is not alleged Koran and not proven by anyone). Alleged that the original has been removed by
the dirty hands (although the Qur'an has to say the truth that God's words can not be changed man (Surah
6:34), let alone eliminate them! If could be eliminated, it would have been mortal, not the word of God].
Faith Without a basic
So, what do Muslims?
They believe in something that is unsubstantiated by placing themselves as if to say: "The Bible text in this
regard must be wrong. Original Bible does not teach that Jesus died on the cross. We do not need to prove it.
We know so, because if not, we will be trapped in a dilemma that requires us to acknowledged weaknesses
Qur'an because Qur'an however was referring to the Bible as the basis of his own authority ".
Muslim argument without basis as the unhealthy effects on patterns of scientific thinking.

If no set of evidence to suggest that a certain text in the Bible has been scripting is wrong, irrational really
express it as something that is wrong because the Bible simply does not fit with the Qur'an.
Muslimsresponded to this issue by stating that the Bible was corrupted - wrong, after the Koran was written
But don't we have texts from the old testament that was written 200 years b.c. and most of the New Testament
written in the first century? (Up to kinipun was noted as present). Then we know exactly that it still reflects the
situation as when Jesus and the Apostles lived at the time.
If we compare this with the net Bible writings that messed up from the Quran, including the names, events and
forms-forms disheveled in the Glorious Qur'an, behold the Glorious Qur'an was the fruit of an error.
Need to put forward that the Muslims defend themselves by claiming that the Qur'an is perfect, because surely
the Lord will surely keep fitrmanNya free from error.
However, if the Lord had failed to keep the truth of the Bible, as they claim, why does my Lord have to
successfully do so now for the Koran?
AScientific testing logically selected exceeds the Koran, the Bible, not just because the Bible first before the
Qur'an, but also because the Koran always applying the validity of the Bible, which has higher authority as a
reference point.
Regardless of the position, we now want to continue testing the Koran scientifically. But because the Qur'an
contain very many problems, we will limit ourselves only to discuss the 100th issueessentials only.
How many days of Creation Work Done?
The first problem in the Qur'an is regarding how many days the work of creation by God.
If you add up all the days mentioned in Letter 41: 9, 10,12 you will get the required amount of 8 days the Lord to
do the work of creation (4 days + 2 days + 2 days = 8 days)
But according to the Bible (Genesis 1:31) is only 6 days it takes God to create the universe. So the conclusion
is contrary to the Bible the Qur'an since the beginning of the first chapter of the Bible.
A Muslim friend objected to this by stating that the text of the Hebrew Bible there is no doubt wrong in this case
and that the right is 8 days.
I declare that there is no evidence in the texts of the Hebrew Bible of an error. In addition, there are other
verses in the Bible which states that God created the universe in 6 days (output 20:11).
Then I pointed out that in the Qur'an in Surat 7:51 and 10:3 the Bible recognizes calculations that God's
creative work is done in 6 days. 6 days if it's wrong, it means the Letter of 7 and 10 in the Koran is also wrong.
But if one of 8 days, 41 Letters also wrong.
By using classical Muslim reasoning, my friend finally answered that the Koran does not say 8 days.
I add up the days mentioned in Letter 41 that 4 +2 +2 = 8.
He then menjumlahnya by 4 +2 +2 = 6 "because it can be divided by 2 and 4 therefore 4 real 2 as well.

When I pointed out that in the Arabic language is mentioned 4, and not 2, it does not make a small heart. He
still maintains his opinion that 4 = 2, because if so she would not get caught that the Qur'an was the one who
was wrong. So he better make a statement that makes no sense, that 4 = 2, of the admitted fact that
Muhammad made the error in this case.
[Modern Muslims also defended the way memplintir figures are not intended by the Koran at all. They argue
that the 4 days mentioned it already includes one of the 2 days it was called, so accounting for 4 g for 4 + (2 = 0
+2 = 6 days]
Noah, the Flood, and the Son-Son nuh
According to the Bible, Noah's three sons all entered into the ark with Noah, and they were all rescued from
the flood (Genesis 7:1,7,13)
However, in the Qur'an 11:32-48 letter stating that one of Noah's sons refused to enter the ark and eventually
drowned in the flood.
[Letter 21:76,77 While Noah and all his family hinted seelamat all]
11:44 letter also states that the ark rested on Mount Judi as the Bible says on Mount Ararat. In this case it is
very clear the difference between the Bible and the Koran.
[the Apostle Peter, one of Jesus ' disciples who justified the Holy Quran (hawariyyun) also witnessed the truth
of salvation of the Lord of all life, read 8 2 Peter 5. so who's corrupt, Bible or Koran? Why the Bible should
mengkorupi this incident? The Quran also may not be mengkorupi anything for these kind of things, except the
Prophet heard from sources that make it wrong].
The errors related to Abraham the Koran makes lots of mistakes regarding Abraham.
1. the Qur'an States that Abraham's father's name is Azar (letter 6: 740, but the Bible says the name of Terah.
[Keep the hereditary name of Terah from the sons of Abraham: Jews and Jewish prophets. And after 2500
years all of a sudden there are others that non-Jews are given different names, not because it would
mengkorupi but because of revelation or not acquainted only].
2. He's not living and worshiping God inthe Valley of Mecca (Sura 2: 37 PM) but in Hebron according the Bible.
[Setting the Palestinians suddenly crammed into Arab settings].
3. According to the Bible, his son named Isaac to be sacrificed, not Ishmael as revealed by the Holy Quran are
considered (letter 37: 100-12). [no name Ishmael is referred to here, except "a child". Muslims must be very
surprised why the Koran feel free to mention something to be dikoreksikannya aloud? Experts very logical
suspectMuhammad afraid of being laughed at by the Jewish / Christian who knows exactly who the child].
4. Abraham had 8 children, not 2 as stated in the Qur'an (such as the
"Known" by Muhammad)
5. Abraham had 3 wives and not 2 as stated in the Koran.
6. He did not build the Temple, even as the Qur'an states (Surah 2:125-127) [Setting

Palestinians suddenly became the setting Arabian]

7. He was not thrown into the fire by Nimrod as stated by the Qur'an in Surat 21:68,69 and 9:69.
This last error (No. 7) is particularly striking because it raises serious problems in the Koran by naked eye.
Because Nimrod lived several centuries before Abraham!
How could Abraham Nimrod orchestrating throwing into the fire, since the time of Abraham Nimrod died a few
centuries earlier?
Linear time
Stories and legends Arab confuse the places, the people and events in the same appearance as if to them all at
the same time.
That is why in the Qur'an, the names like Nimrod and Abraham, Haman and Moses, Mary and Aaron, and
others, are all depicted as if they were living and working in the same time.
It was also the reason why the Qur'an can confound flood and Moses, the tower of Babel and Pharaoh, etc. as
if these things happened at the same time.
This constitute a serious threat to the integrity of the Koran because it is damaging the chronological history of
the Qur'an, the Bible and secular history history of everything.
Regarding error Yusuf
The Qur'an makes a mistake when it states that people who bought Joseph, son of Jacob, was named Aziz
(Sura 12:21 ff) when his name was Potiphar (Genesis 37:36)
[Name Potiphar hereditary legendary since the Torah of Moses. History which had introduced the name Aziz?
Which prophet ever The name, unless a prophet of the Arabs who came very late to "correct"?].
Biblical Characteristics
The Qur'an also made the same mistake when he named Goliath Goliath, Korah as Karun, saul as Talut, Enock
as Idris, as Dhu'l-khifl Ezekiel, John the Baptist as Yahya, [Jesus the Christ], and others.
Because Muhammad did not have access to the Bible (translation of the Bible in Arabic did not exist at the time
it), he often get the names, events, and chronology awry.
Encyclopedia Britannica states: Deviations from Biblical narration is very subtle, and in many cases can be
traced back in anecdotes from Haggada Jews (Jewish liturgical book) and the apocryphal gospel evangelization
widely touted as a source from which Muhammad refers This information. There is no evidence that
Muhammad could read, and dependency on oral communication may be able to give an explanation of why the
misconception happened upon him, such as the confusion between Haman (as Minister of Ahasuerus) and
Minister of Pharaoh (Sura 40: 35, 37) and between the sister of Moses. Miriam with Mary the mother of Jesus.
Basic understanding of error regarding the story of Muhammad and Biblical doctrines reflect that he only
learned of the stories were based on hearsay.
As stated by a scientist in the study of Arabic, canon Edward Sell about error names:

He (Muhammad) is definitely not gain knowledge about the names of the original source of the biblical Old
Testament. Confusion about the names that really dislike.
The error of Moses the Holy Quran contains many mistakes of Moses:
1. a person who adopted Moses is not a wifeThe Pharaohs as revealed by the Holy Quran in Sura 28: 8, 9.
People who adopt is the daughter of Pharaoh (Exodus 2: 5).
[Who is the wrong note here? Moses or Muhammad? The greatest Jewish Prophet Moses, as
speakers/writers were themselves, will take note of, and was followed by all the other prophets and the people
of Israel?
2. Noah's flood didn't last in the time of Moses as the Quran says (Sura 7: 136, 137, 138 compare 7: 59ff).This
error can not be easily removed.
3. The Qur'an states that Haman lived in Egypt in the time of Moses, and he worked for the pharaoh built the
Tower of Babel (Letters 27:4-6; 28:39; 40:23, 24,36,37). But real life Haman in Persia and serve the king
For a more detailed look at the Book of Esther 8. [It seems that Muhammad thought this Ahasuerus one
Pharaoh in Egypt].
This is such a serious mistake because not only contradicts the Bible but also conflict with secular history.
4. Crucifixion is not used in Egypt in the Pharaonic era, although the Qur'an says so dakam Letters 7:124.
Regarding error Maria
The Qur'an contains many errors concerning Mary, mother of Jesus:
1. Mary's father is not Imran (Surah 66:12)
2. Mary did not give birth to Jesus under a palm tree alone (Letters 19: 22-25), but in a cage diteman by
Joseph (Luke 2: 1-20).
3. Muhammad experienced confusion distinguishing the mother of Jesus, Mary the sister of Moses and Aaron,
Miriam (Surah 19:28). This is a serious mistake because it shows that Muhammad did not have an
understanding of the differences in the figures for the period are written in the Bible.
4. Muhammad clearly making up stories and fake miracles that happened to Maria (Letters 19: 23-26).
5. Zechariah could not speak on until his son was born (Luke 1:20), not just for three nights as stated by the
Qur'an (Surah 19:10).
[NB. Muhammad made a fatal mistake on the revelation that tells the story of Zechariah:
1). Zechariah Bisunya for 3 nights?!
Suddenly mute for 3 nights is "trivial", in the sense that it's not earth-shattering news for a sign that God wants
punishment reserved for Zechariah who refuse to believe God for a miracle pregnancy. Instead the Bible
mentions entions two specific signs directly related to pregnancy AND miraculous birth. Ie mute throughout the

9 months of pregnancy, AND suddenly gone mute when the birth of Yahya happen! Then the magical signs to
be excitement and fear and fruit for the entire population of his village said when suddenly Zechariah could
speak again. The Bible story is not likely a fake because the witnesses on
This incident is the whole village and its surroundings. Also included Mary who had visited this family (Luke
2) Zechariah maintain virgin Mary?! Sura 3:37: "... and God made Zechariah keepers (Maryam). Enter upon
any Zechariah (Maryam) in the Mihrab, he dapati food at his side, Zechariah says, "Hi Marya, from where

you get it? ' Mary answered, ' it is from Allah. ' Verily, Allh gives sustenance to whom he
wants with no uncountable. "
Muhammad caught up in ignorance of tradition and rituals of Jewish ethnicity. Zechariah did not live in the
Temple in Jerusalem, so perhaps she took care of Her there. She, as a priest, elected by the people to serve
(in turns with lots) in the Temple in Jerusalem is only for a while! (Luke 1: 5-40). No one in any circumstance
could stay in space Holy of Holies; only the high priest was allowed to enter it once a year on the day of
Atonement, carrying the victim for penance (1 Kings 8: 6, 8, 9; Leviticus 16: 2, 32.33; Hebrews 9: 7). Zechariah
did not keep her, because Zechariah is derived from the tribe of Levi (Heb. 7: 14) and Maria of the tribe of
Moreover, Zechariah lived in Judea andMary lives in Nazareth by approximately a full day trip!
So it was all a revelation Muhammad really doesn't pass the cultural facts!]
The term and the story of Muhammad mengarang-ngarang's imaginary fantasy of Biblical characters by using
words such as "Muslim" and "Islam" are terms that are not known and it does not appear from the mouths of
the prophets wherever in his time.
It is quite ridiculous that someone relates that Muhammad said,"I love Kentucky Fried Chicken".
It's clear the term "Kentucky fried chicken" does not exist in the time of Muhammad.
[The term "Islam" or "Muslim" in the texts of the "Bible" as in-claims Muhammad, clearly an attempt
penboncengan and fusion of Islamic figures in the Bible for the merged body win the Jews / Christians to Islam].

All the stories in the Qur'an about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Moses, Mary, Jesus, and others containing
words and phrases that clearly demonstrates the sheer artificiality (Surat 2:60, 126-128, 132-133, 260; 3:49-52,
67; 6:74-82; 7:59-63, 120 -126; 10:71,72; 18:60-70; 19:16-33; etc.).
Water Tests
[Back narration Muhammad changed the settings in plain]:
Testing how the soldiers drank water from a river is not going on when David beat Goliath or Saul in his day
(Thalud), but it takes place at a much earlier period, ie on Gideon future. (Compare Letters 2: 249, 250 with
Judges 7:1-8).
[Notice how Muhammad did not know the real story, and keep trying to pinch this story to be the "revelation" in
the Koran. You will ask, what is God doing water testing Saul was in the army? What is the use of the story as
the Word of God to man? And you will not find the answer! It's different with biblical motifs that actually
describes the purpose and usefulness of the test for the people of Israel].

Secular History Mistakes

The Qur'an contains historical errors that meets the eye:
1. One example is written in letter 105 where Muhammad claimed that troops of elephants Abrah defeated by
rock attacks dropped by the birds of the air. According to historical records, Abrah cancel assault troops to
Mecca after chickenpox outbreak among the troops.
2. Temple not built by Adam, and also not rebuilt by Abraham. The temple was built by the pagans to worship
the black stone (meteorite) that fell from the sky. Abraham never lived / live in Mecca.
[The proof? None of literature or story tradition that can be found before Muhammad Ibrahim mendongengkan
history / Ishmael in Mecca. Also never found traces of archaeological Ibrahim there]
3. In Surat 20:87, 95 we are told that the Jews made a child golden calf in the desert on the advice of "
Samaritans". This is clearly a historical mistake because the state and the Samaritans do not exist / are formed
at the event.
Samaria existence emerged hundreds of years later after the first captivity of Israel by the Assyrians, and next
by the Babylonians.
(See for yourself how Translator Koran, etc. Yusus Ali, translator trying to keep it with obscure errors in
translation, but in Arabic, it is still unclear).

4. one of the biggest mistakes in the Quran concerning Alexander the great, which he called
Zulqanaen. The Qur'an States that Alexander the great was a Muslim who worships God and
living her days sanpai (Sura 18: 89-98).
This error is difficult once repaired because the historical evidence about Alexander points out that he is not a
Muslim and she did not live to old age.
Encyclopedia Britannica States: report of the Prophet Alexander, who was introduced as "the two-horned"
(Sura 18: 82), taken from the novel by Alexander, a highly circulated among Christians were Nestorians 7th
century Syriak version.
With respect to the existence of this historical error, some modern Muslims have made a disclaimer stating that
the Holy Quran is not talking about Alexander.
But based on the Orthodox Muslim interpretations about it, even Yusuf Ali also acknowledges the following:
Inot doubt in the least that the Zul-qarnain is Alexander the great was, historically, and not Alexander
Alexander delusion/legendaries.
The Concise Dictionary of Islam justifies the view that Alexander the great is a subject that is in the context.
Even the Koran still "challenging science" by stating that Alexander the great is a direct way the sinking Sun
and finally came to a muddy black water source(Surah 18:85,86)!.
Contradict each other

Pertanyataan-Quran statements contradict each other in many ways.

39:23,28 letter claiming that the Qur'an is free from any contradiction. So if there is only one contradiction in it,
then it's enough to show that the Koran is not the Word of God.
1. As we've shown, the Koran offers us a report on how the Koran that Mohammad was receiving conflicting
with each other. [Translation Qur'an tried plunging many unscrupulous real revelator it be as if only one course.
But the Arabic original shows many persons are different from each other, with different designations].
a. First we were told that the figure of God came in human form to Muhammad and that Muhammad saw Allah
(Surah 53:2-18; 81:19-24).
b. Then we were told that Rohulqudus was the one who came to Muhammad (Sura 16:102;
c. Furthermore Qur'an states that angels (plural) who came to Muhammad
(Surah 15:8).
d. Final version and is the most popular version is that the angel Gabriel who gave the Qur'an to Muhammad
(Sura 2:97).
[The specific name "Gabriel" appears only three times in the whole Qur'an is Surat 2:97,98 and 66:4. The other
is called Gabriel and interpreted by the translator. Muhammad did not even know this name when he was still
in Mecca. Is not it very strange that after a dozen years berwahyu, Gabriel introduces his name to
Muhammad? Experts me-right-this nonsense, and claimed that Muhammad knew the name of the last of the
Jews and Christians].
2. The Qur'an reveals two different things regarding the length of 1 day in the eyes of God, the first that 1 day
is 1000 years old in the eyes of God, and the second that the first day is 50,000 years (compared with 32:5
Surat Surat 70:4).
3. First of all, Muhammad told his followers to face Jerusalem in their prayers. Then he said that they should
overlook any time they pray because God is everywhere (Letters 2:115).
Then he changed his mind again and requires his followers facing toward Mecca when they pray (Letters
Many scientists believe that prayer changes direction depending on who to be pleased by Muhammad at a
time. Is it to please the Jews (the Qibla to Jerusalem, or to the pagan Quraysh (the Qibla to Mecca).
4. first Muhammad said that his followers were allowed to defend themselves if attacked (22: 39). Then he
ordered them to fight for him (letter 2: 216-218). It aims to get the property with plundering the caravans.
But with the increasing rise in the strength of his forces, increase thirst for treasures booty (5: 33). Then he
announced the war to conquer the followers of other religions, menganiayanya, as well as to acquire booty
(Sura 9: 5,29). God seems to fluctuate in accordance with Muhammad's success in killing and plundering.
5. who is first of all a believer? Mohammed or Moses? (compare the Letter 6: 14 with 7: 143) You may not
have two "first" in two times.

6. the fact that Judaism and Christianity split into several streams used in the Qur'an to be evidence that both
Judaism and Christianity is notof God (Sura 30: 30-32; Sura 42: 13,14)
But that Islam itself also split into various sects/cults that warring parties must have Glorious deniers
The revelations Set the Koran contain revelations that adapted to the pleasure and personal wishes of
1. when Muhammad wanted the wife of his adopted son, he suddenly get a new revelation from God who
permits a person to covet someone else's wife, and thentook as a wife after expiration iddahnya. (Surah 33:3638).
2. When Muhammad wanted more wives or wives want to stop fighting, he soon gained a new revelation to
resolve the issue (Letters 33:28-34).
3. When many people annoy Muhammad in his home, he soon received a revelation that establishes
appropriate rules regarding when they should visit and when should not bother him (Surah 33:53-58; 29:62-63;
[1). Muhammad's wives are divided into two camps, the camp of Umm Salamah and Aisha camp. Umm
Salamah stronghold Muhammad protested that those who intend to give gifts to Muhammad should not only be
done at home Aisha (Muhammad's favorite wife) but in which the wife home alone when he berada.Maksudnya
that Muhammad and others do no favoritism in between the wives. But what Muhammad answer? Take
advantage of God's revelation to the Prophet Umm Salamah dampen criticism. He said: "Do not hurt me
regarding Aisha.
Only real revelation came to me when I was in the blanket of a woman in the house Aisha "(Bukhari).
2). Ayesha Muhammad himself was also once quipped: "Allah quickly satisfy your lusts" (As-Suyuti in al asbab
Nuzul about the verse)].
Legendary ingredients
Muhammad uses a lot of fantasy and legendary materials as sources of inspiration Qur'an. As stated by
Professor Jomier, a scientist of the French nation in the field of Middle Eastern studies as follows: Muslims
accept the material and the story above as the Word of God, without asking in advance about what the
historical background of the material.
Surely there we find poetic legends are popular, variations of known religious themes derived from other
From the Koran Arab Sources
Repeat Qur'an Arabic fable-fantasy fable y fable as if it were true.
. Arabic legends about the fabulous jinns fill the pages of the Koran.
. Stories about camels jumping out of a stone, and then became a prophet. This fairy tale has been known long
before Muhammad (Letter 7:73-77,85; 91:14; 54:29).
. The story of the entire village turned into apes because they broke the Sabbath (ie work fishing on the

Sabbath). This story has been very popular in the time of Muhammad (Sura 2:64; 7:163-166).
. Stories about menyemburnya 12 springs that are written in the Letter 2:60 actually comes from the legends of
the pre-Islamic.
. Story called "Rip Van Winkle", where 7 men and their animals had been sleeping in a cave for 309 years and
then get up again in good health (Surah 18:9-26). Fairytale These can be found in the Fables-Fables and fairy
tales and Christian Arab Greece delivered hereditary.
. Fables about the pieces of 4 dead birds which can then live again and flew to the call of Ibrahim. It is a famous
story in the time of Muhammad (Sura 2: 260) (see how various interpretations and translations of the Holy
Quran which is very different from one another. Anyone translates it as "benign" and not "cut" for the pigeons
to 4)
The conclusion is obvious that Muhammad used the literature of pre-Islamic era such as "Saba Moallaqat
Imra'ul Cays" in crafting the story as written in the letter, 21: 95; 29: 31,46; 37: 59; 50: 1 and 100: 1.
The Holy Quran from the Jewish sources many of the stories in the Qur'an dating from the Jewish Talmud,
Midrash, and apocryphal works.
It was conceived by Abraham Geiger, in 1833, and later documented byother Jewish scientists is Dr. Abraham
Katsh from New York University in 1954.
1. the source of the Letter 3: 35-37 is being drawn from the book of fantasy story called "The Protevangelion's
James the Lesser".
2. the source of 87: 19 is the Covenant of Abraham.
3. the source of 27: 17-44 is the Targum to Esther to 2 (the Targum translation of the books of the old
testament in Aramaic).
4. fantastic Stories about God makes people "dead for hundreds of years" withoutcause adverse effects on
food, drink, or donkey is a Jewish fable (Sura 2: 259 ff).
5. Opinion stating that Moses was resurrected from the dead and other materials, drawn from the Jewish
Talmud (Letters 2: 55, 56, 67).
6. Stories in Letters 5: 30, 31 can also be found in pre-Islamic works written by Pirke Rabbi Eleazar, Targum of
Jonathan ben Uzziah and the Targum of Jerusalem.
7. A tale of Abraham separated from the flames Nimrod comes from the Midrash Rabbah (see Letters 21: 51-71
29: 16, 17: 37: 97.98).
Keep in mind that Nimrod and Abraham did not live at the same time. Muhammad was always mixing people
figure in the Qur'an, but the figures do not live at the same time.
8. Details for that are not on the Biblical Queen of Sheba visits (Saba) in letter 27: 20-44 derived from the 2nd
Targum of the Book of Esther.
9. Source of Letters 2: 102 no doubt comes from the Midrash Yalkut, chapter 44.
10. 7:171 in its story about the Lord raised Mount Sinai and threatened to put him at the head of the Jewish

people is derived from the Jewish book entitled Abodah Sarah.

11. Stories about the making of the golden calf statue in the wilderness where the molten image is so out of the
fire has been in perfect shape and can be trumpeted (Letters 7: 148; 20:88), derived from Pirke Rabbi Eleazar.
12. There are 7 heaven and hell as described in the Koran comes from the Zohar (the work of the Jewish
interpretation of the Bible based on the method of writing mystical) and Hagigah.
13. Muhammad used the Abrahamic Covenant to teach that a scale or scales will be used on the day of the
last judgment to weigh good deeds and bad deeds in order to determine whether a person will go to Heaven or
to Hell (Letters 42: 17: 101: 6-9).
Qur'an The Sources of Christian Doctrine Heresy
One of the facts ruin and the most documented of the Quran is that Muhammad used the gospels of the
doctrine of "Christian" and their misguided fable-fabelnya as an ingredient in the Koran.
Encyclopedia Britannica commented: Muhammad Gospel known mainly derived from apocryphal gospels and
heretical sources.
For example, in chapter 3: 49 and 100:110, baby Jesus speaking from the manger! Then, the Qur'an claimed
Jesus made birds out of clay to life.
In fact the Bible tells us that Jesus performed miracles that are the first of the wedding at Cana (John 2: 11).
The Sources of the Qur'an Sabian
Muhammad incorporated elements from the Sabian religions into Islam.
He adopted the rituals idolatrous, such as:
1. worship at the temple
2. Prayer five times a day used to Mecca (Muhammad chose sembahyan five times a day the same as done
by community Sabian)
3. Fasting month-day half-life.
The Holy Quran from Eastern Religious sources Muhammad gained his ideas from Eastern religions like
Zoroastrianism (a Persian religion) and Hinduism. These are indeed there are far-away days before
Muhammad was born.
The Quran records the following things as coming from Muhammad, but actually the story has long been known
as a folk tale, which is now linked specifically to Muhammad for the first time.
. The story of a journey of kites across 7 heaven.
. Pretty virgins in heaven.
. A satyrs so demons and other spirits from hell bergentayangan.
."Light" Muhammad

. The Bridge Sirat

. Heaven with wine, women, and the songs (the fairy tale of the Persians about the pleasures of Paradise)
. The King of death
. Story of a Peacock.
Errors Regarding Jesus, the Quran contradicts the Bible teaching concerning the person and work of Jesus
Christ. Contrary to prophecies of the prophets before, let alone the Gospel, it is said in the letter 4: 157; 5: 19,
75; 9: 30 that:
1. Jesus was not the Son of God (even though less than half of the previous year,Isaiah prophesied of God's
Son, the Messiah, see Isaiah 9:5-6)
2. He did not die for our sins (Isaiah 53:12 Back Messiah foretold death to bear the sins of many people).
3. He was not crucified (Jesus himself foretold many times to His disciples, that the dead Himself to be
crucified, and resurrected (Matthew 20:19). Could it necessary and a deceptive weighing Jesus said to His
disciples? Would it not be excited and caught also suppose Jesus lie?!)
4. He is not a human being in God, but only a mere man (Go read Isaiah 9:5 that He was also called "Mighty
5. He is not the Savior (If he does not come to be the Savior, sodium absorption ratio of Muslims have an
answer to the question: "What is the mission and accomplishments of Jesus was sent into the world?" Is not the
last Pengutusnya disgraced himself because Jesus came with a myriad of miracles and divine Gospel, but
rather zero and excel in vain, termed THREE MISSING, because
a. Lost original Gospel itself is not traceable (so that believed Islam), and
b. He achieved his own lost God, when about to cross (?), And the most severe
c. Whole-pengikutiNya followers lost all eventually replaced by a follower of Paul who taught that Christianity is
actually worshiping himself astray. Could it be that God and Jesus defeated Paul?
Biblical view of Jesus completely contrary to the view of the Koran is not easy to remove. It's definitely not
because of the problem of corruption but contentious issues. This is one of the main problems that are not
bridged forever memisahan Christianity and Islam.
Errors Regarding the Trinity
The Qur'an contains many errors as to what is believed and done by Christians. One of the major mistakes in
understanding the Qur'an is one doctrine of the Trinity race Christian.
Muhammad mistakenly assume that people risten worship three gods: the Father, the Mother (Mary) and child
(Jesus), (Letters 5: 73-75, 116).
As stated by Richard Bell as follows:
Muhammad nevmmad never understood the doctrine of the Trinity.

Encyclopedia Britannica states: There is a misconception about the Trinity in the Qur'an.
Yusuf Ali translation of the Qur'an was doing in trying to avoid such errors. He intentionally makes a false
translation of the Letter 5: 73.
Text in Arabic condemning those who say: "God is one of the three", the meaning is that "God is only one of the
three gods."
Either Arberry and Pickthall translates the text correctly.
But Ali is deliberately translating Letters 5: 73 incorrectly being read:
They blaspheme he who says that God is one of three in a Trinity. (God is one of three in a Trinity).
The words "in a Trinity" never existed in Arabic.
Ali put those words in his translation as an attempt to avoid the errors of the Qur'an refers to the Christians
believe in three Gods as. In fact the Christians only believe in one God the Tri Tunggal: father, son and holy
spirit. The Christians did not believe 3 Lord, and Mary was not one of the persons in the Trinity.
The Concise Dictionary of Islam even admits: in some cases, the "material" formthe substance of the Qur'anic
narrative, (such as the recognition of the Christian faith and Judaism), does not reflect what is understood by
Christians or the Jews themselves!

(In other words, sinyalemen Quran against material Christianity/Judaism is not exactly as it should be!)
The Quran clearly wrong in this case to the extent that a Muslim like Yusuf Ali, to deliberately make a false
translation of the Qur'an, in order to avoid errors of the Qur'an itself.Regarding error 'Son' of God
Examples of the Koran made the mistake of stating that Christians believe that Jesus is the "Son" of God. The
term "child" here is understood in the sense that the Qur'an God "Father" has a male body and had sex with
Mary. That's why in the mind of Muhammad, saying "God has a Son" is blasphemous, because it means that
God had sex with a woman (Letters 2: 116, 6: 100, 101; 10:68; 16:57; 19: 35; 23:91; 37:149, 157; 43:16-19).
In fact, Christians believe that Mary was a virgin when Jesus dikandungkan in his body by the Holy Spirit (Luke
1:35). So Jesus is the "Son" of God, but not in the sense of sexual or physical and biological as Muhammad
understood. God "Father" is not human and therefore do not have a male body and not have sex with anyone.
If it is intended to Alqiran, in that it is precisely Qur'an wrong 100 percent!
Overlooking Jerusalem Prayer
Qur'an as revelation once again make the mistake of teaching with menyatakkan that Christians pray facing
Jerusalem (Letters 2: 144, 145)-class Christians obviously are not oriented in any particular direction when
they pray sunia. [The Lord is the Spirit, the true worship Him and not determined by the direction of any
residence (Jn 4:21-24). Space, time, and language may not be limiting MAHA's all Him!]
Jewish Beliefs Regarding error
Make the mistake of teaching the Koran states that Jews believe that Uzair is the son of God, just as Christians
claim that Jesus is the Son of God (Surah 9:30). It is so far from the truth, because the Jews never mentuhan
Uzair divinely-kan.

As stated in the Concise Dictionary of Islam as follows:

Many of the details regarding the Judaism is written in the Koran that deviates from what the original trust
[Although often repeated about Judaism, but basically Muhammad did not understand properly what the Torah,
especially the Psalms, the Gospel].
Arab Racism
According to the literal Arabic translation of Letters 3:106-107, on Judgment Day, only people with white faces
will be saved. People with black faces will be penalized. This is racism in its most ugly.
As Victor and Deborah Khalil expressed in their article about Islam as follows: The black Americans have been
persuaded by Islam at large, but through misinformation.
They hear, "Christianity is the white man's religion, Islam is the religion of all nations".
They were told that Allah and Muhammad is black.indeed in direct contradiction to the biblical concept of
Heaven is spiritual, transcendental and holy (Revelation 22: 12-17). Nothing is more obvious than the
opposition. [Quran with heavenly language (Arabic) tried to describe the real heaven. But mired describe
temporal (such as the Persian fairy tale). As opposed to the writers of the Bible were indeed realized that
somehow, the mind and the language of the world will not be able to describe heaven.].
Riba problem
In 7th century Arabia, the practices set interest on money lent to others condemned as usury. So it is not
surprising that Muhammad was also condemned usury in the Qur'an (Surah 2: 275 ff; 3: 130; 4:161; 30:39).
The reason we show this is that modern Muslims now openly deny the teachings of the Qur'an in relation to
this case. Muslims will now charge interest on money loaned, and they will pay interest on the money they
If the Muslims should apply the Qur'an curses against usury in their financial practices today, there will be no
such thing as Muslim banks.
Even Muslim governments also should not be charged interest or receive interest on the loan. That is why
some Muslim apologists try by all means to keep clear of the issue of usury. Because if not, they should define
usury as taking illegal interest.
But it is clear, not only from the Qur'an, but also of the historical context, that Muhammad forbade attract
interest at all for all the money lent, especially to fellow Muslims.
Discussion Riba The Attract
In a conversation with a Muslim, I mentioned Qur'anic prohibition on withdrawal of usury on money lent to
others. He ignores it because he believes that the Qur'an in this issue only reflect on the culture of 7th century
Arabia and therefore can be ignored ban on the era now.
But I say that if this principle (ignoring the Islamic prohibition) is applied to all elements of Islamic culture, such
as the obligation implementing the five pillars of Islam, civil laws, laws regarding food, dress law, and others,

then Islam itself will collapse like a house of cards-kartuan.

After pondering what I'm saying is, he then changed his mind. He said that the Qur'anic prohibition on usury law
does not "culture", but the law of God which ababdi.
I would have to say that the Koran bans on usury could a cultural prohibition and therefore be denied, or a ban
on the word of God is eternal and therefore the people must bow and no longer take interest on the money he
The words of my Muslim friends above did not respond.
Forcommon sense thinking, it's obvious that every time a Muslim receive interest from his bank account, the
money from the loan, or mortgage of goods, each time that he has demonstrated that the Holy Quran is truly a
product of Arab culture in the 7th century and not the word of God is immortal. .(If he thinks it's the word of God
is immortal he definitely should not accept such interest).
Conclusion while a devout Muslims believe with all my heart that the rituals and doctrines of Islam all came
from Heaven and therefore may not have the resources of the world, scientists study the Middle East instead
have shown without doubt that any Islamic belief in the ritual can be traced back to the Arab culture of preIslamic period.
In other words, Muhammad did not teach anything new. All he taught was believed and practiced in Arabia
long before Muhammad was born. That the idea of "only" has dipinjamnya of Jews and Christians. The fact
that can not be refuted this statement menyirnakan Muslim that Islam was revealed from heaven.
Becauserituals-rituals, beliefs, and even the Koran itself can be traced and explained from the Arabic culture of
the pre-Islamic era. This shows that Islam is not a religion of revelation heavenly.
Not surprisingly, that Western scientists have concluded that God not God Elohim (YAHWEH), Muhammad is
not a prophet and the Quran is not the Elohim, the word Elohim.

Chapter 11 SCRIPTURAL analysis of the book's most Valid

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Introduction although most people know that the Muslims holy book called the Koran, they are generally not
aware that Islam had another holy book is regarded by Muslims as the equivalent position and inspirations with
the Koran. Scriptures of the other Muslims called Hadith. The Hadith is a collection of traditions of Muslims
once in which are recorded the word and deeds done by Muhammad, according to what was told by the wife of
Muhammad, members of his family, close friends and the Muslims led by Muhammad, who generally are not
written in the Koran.
Muslim tradition by his hand upon the scientist, Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah, in his book entitled Introduction of
Islam, States that establishing and container from the teachings of Islam which is the originalThe book of
Qur'an and Hadith "(page 50). He added that "the Qur'an and Hadith" is the cornerstone of all Islamic law "(p.
163). According to Dr. Hamidullah reason Muslims glorify Hadith such as the Hadith of Qur'an was divine
inspiration because it is the same as the Qur'an.
The teachings of Islam is based primarily on the Qur'an and Hadith, and, as we can see that both books are
based on Divine inspiration (page 23).

That is why theMuslim writers like Hammudullah Abdalatati in his book Islam in Focus (The Muslim Converts'
Association of Singapore, Singapore, 1991), states that the Hadith is seen as a source of Islamic teachings
after the second Qur'an, because:
All the articles of faith ....... based on, or derived from the teachings of the Qur'an and the Traditions (Hadith)
the Prophet Muhammad (page 21).
So it is not surprising that the ingredients in the Hadith is considered by Muslims mat equivalent orthodox
position and inspirations with the Qur'an.
Translation will we use as the reference
We will refer to the translation of the Hadith which amounts to nine volumes done by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin
Khan, titled The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari (Kazi Publications, Lahore, Pakistan, 1979).
The book was recommended and approved by Muslim leaders, including the spiritual leader of Islam in Mecca
and Medina.
Dr.. Khan has translated the entire book of Hadith appropriately by a scientist who collected the most reliable
Hadith Al-Bukhari called.
In the introduction Dr. Khan stated: With unanimously agreed that Imam Bukhari's work is the written works of
the most authentic Hadith from all works of literature ever written the Hadith.
Due to such high authenticity of the work of Al-Bukhari is to the extent Islamic scholars say that "the most
authentic book after the Book of Allah (ie the Qur'an) is the" Hadith Sahih Bukhari "(p. xiv). He only chose
approximately 7275 hadith no doubt their authenticity. God revealed to him the great book of the Koran and the
Book of Divine Inspiration is the second book of Hadith (Tradition) that he wrote. You are obligated to try hard
to do good deeds in the tradition of Muhammad as clearly stated in the Hadith (p. xvii).
Dr.. Khan did not hesitate to declare that this tradition as "second inspiration", and stated that every Muslim is
subject to liability for believing it and obeying it.
Why do we feel the need to be involved so far prove that the highest Muslim leaders have assumed that the
Hadith it is the result of inspiration and has divine authority? Not because people Muslims will sometimes reject
the Hadith itself when they are faced with some of the teachings of Muhammad that clearly does not make
sense in the Hadith.
In a radio program, a Muslim argue as follows: Muhammad is the Prophet of God. So he could not have said it
is a very stupid as we advise drinking camel urine. So you are the liar Dr. Morey. The Hadith is unlikely to say
But after I showed in the Hadith that Muhammad did indeed recommend camel urine, he later excused himself:
We, Muslims, only know the Koran Holy Book as the book of God. We do not accept the Hadith as Divine
Of course, he must reject the Hadith as a result of the inspiration for her to avoid the obligation of defending

Mohammed in the Affairs of drinking urine.

We understand the dilemma facing modern Muslims. While they earnestly wanted to maintain thatMuhammad
is the Apostle of Allah, Hadith thus clearly states that Muhammad cannot be divinely because he taught many
things wrong not only decisive, but also ridiculous.
Additional burdens, heavy and Unbearable in the minds of Western society, the materials contained in the
Hadith is like a very heavy additional burden is unbearable. If Muhammad really a prophet and messengers,
Muslims must defend somethingsurely can not be maintained.
Pre-Islamic Age of Information
Hadith presents a lot of material about Arabia in pre-Islamic era which was not mentioned in the Koran. For
example in the hadith number 658, number 583 vol.3 and Hadith, vol.5, we were informed that there were 360

idols in the Kaaba when Muhammad conquered. Such information is not contained in the
Qur'an. However, such information is a vital clues about the religious kebiasaankebiasaan the
pre-Islamic era.
Hadith contains details which are very complicated as to how and in what manner the various religious
ceremonies and Islamic laws implemented.
Detailed analysis of the nine volumes of Hadith is very beneficial because it can provide additional
explanations of the concepts of the Qur'an as well as the works of Muhammad.
Ritual-Ritual Origins of Islam
With pleasure we present a summary of the Hadith to readers who want to know the origins of some of the
rituals and laws of Islam who are foreign to them. Many of the rituals "alien" is actually derived from the Hadith
and not of the Qur'an.
Driving Force
Hadith which is the breath of life is the question, "What must I do to be forgiven by God and put into Heaven?"
In the Hadith, Muhammad did not provide a snapshot overview of vague, but reveal to the reader is clear about
what to do, how to do it, and how the discipline of execution.
For example, Muhammad laid the foundation very specific rules about how, where, and in what way a person
should urinate. Obey the rules urination is crucial if you will go to Heaven or Hell fire.
Fundamental Assumptions
Assumptions that form the basis of the entire Hadith is that without forgiveness of God, there is no access to
Heaven. Hellfire awaiting those who do not earn God's favor.
But to gain God's favor and forgiveness is not easy. A person should strive to obtaito obtain God's forgiveness
assiduously by running a series of rituals and religion. One mistake can undo all the good deeds and obedience
that you have done.

There is no concept of salvation through the grace of God in the Hadith. Hadith launched a series of rules and
rituals of religion to do to earn salvation. Those Muslims who ignore the rules and rituals of the religion greatly
endanger the lives of those that are eternal.
Annex 1 Muhammad as the ordinary man
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Part I
Hadith of Muhammad as a Man shows a lot of things about Muhammad as a man all of which are not recorded
in the Koran. This is important because Muslims wants us to believe that Muhammad is the Apostle of God.
So the character of Muhammad as being very important. Whether Muhammad was the type of man we should
follow? Hadith serves a very important information about the personality of Muhammad's character and we
need so that we can take the decision carefully and appropriately.
A White one, about a race of Muhammad, Hadith States clearly that the Koran is the white race. It expressed
many times in many different ways so that it can be concluded that the author of the Hadith really grant
emphasis in his statement to mean that no onethink that Muhammad was a black person. The emphasis is that
Muhammad was white.
That statement really is a heavy blow for the "Black Muslims" who believed that "Islam is a religion of black
people", because according to them Muhammad are black. (see Hadith on the next page).
Kesimpulannnya, Muhamamad fair skinned, "Nation of Islam" (meaning that the Black Muslims) were "religious
peoplewhite ".
Muhammad, A White skinned Satan?
In debates with Muslims Black radio, they expressed surprise to learn that the Hadith clearly states that
Muhammad was a white man. However, although initially they only pretend to be acknowledged inspiration
Hadith, finally, they had to surrender to the truth of the Hadith.
Indeed, if "all white people are devils" as it says Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan, then surely Wallace
Fard Muhammad and the demons are white as well.
Jesus, Satan crusted A White
Hadith even dare to claim that Muhammad saw Jesus in a dream and that Jesus was a white man with straight
hair (Hadith, IX/242).
In this case the black Muslims are also not happy with the statement of the Hadith because it also means that
Jesus (Jesus Christ) is also white devil.
Proof According to the Hadith In I/63 Hadith, we read as follows: While we were sitting with the Prophet in the
mosque, a man came riding a camel. He told his camel kneel down in the mosque, tie the camel's leg and said,
"Who among you named Muhammad?" At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his followers),
leaning back with his hands behind his head. We replied, "That's white man who was leaning with his hands
behind head ". The person then greet Muhammad, "O son of Abdul Muttalib".
Hadith, II/122, refer to Muhammad as "white people". And in the Traditions II/141, we are told that when

Mohammed raised his hand, "white armpits are clearly visible."

If the text above is less clear, we were told by more clearly in the Hadith I/367 that Anas "saw white pubic
Black people-Head Raisins (Dried Grapes) Regarding Muhammad attitude towards black people, he stated
that they were "raisin heads" (Hadith I/662 and IX/256).
In the entire Hadith, black people are referred to as slaves. It really hurt black people, even worse, Muhammad
stated that if someone had a dream about a black woman, the woman is considered a bad omen about the
coming of endemic diseases (Hadith IX/162, 163)
Muhammad, an owner of slaves in the Hadith VI/435, when Umar Ibn Al-Khattab paid a visit to the home of
Muhammad, he saw that the Apostle of God, a slave who is black was sitting on the stairs first.
From this reference and other Hadith references, clearly revealed that Muhammad is the employer and the
owner of the slave. In fact, practically in all instances where black people mentioned in the Hadith, they are
slaves of Muhammad.
It contrasts with Jesus of Nazareth that does not have any of the slaves. Even Jesus came to free the people
from slavery.
Irritability second, related to the personality of Muhammad, he was the irritability, and easy to fly off the handle.
When Muhammad heard about someone who leads prayers in very long, Hadith recorded his anger:
I never saw the Prophet so angry (furious) in providing such advice in the event ofthat day (the Hadith I/90)
Another thing, because Muhammad proclaimed himself as a "prophet", someone then asked (to Muhammad)
where he can find the missing ontanya. The Hadith I/91 noted that:
The Prophet was very angry and his face reddened her cheeks or outages. (in the Koran, the Prophet
acknowledged that he did not know the things which are unseen, 6: 50, 7: 199).
Muhammad Did Not Like The Questions
Muhammad actually dislike someone asks him about his Prophethood and revelationit receives. Muhammad
even claimed that the person who asked,
God hates you .... because you are asking (Hadith II/555; Hadith III/591).
Further notes Hadith, the Prophet asked something he does not like and when the questioner pressed him, so
angry prophet (Hadith (/ 92).
When the questioner "saw the signs of anger on the face of the prophet, they always pull back the question
(Hadith I/92).
But it was also pleasing to Muhammad. Because people were complaining by stating that the prophet wants to
keep people just accept what he says without allowing anyone to ask anything. So: The Prophet repeated a
blessing (in anger) at will allow them to ask what they want (Hadith I/30). But people already know what the
prophet character and they do not ask anymore.
Sense of Hate and Revenge

Third, Muhammad is the haters and vindictive that have killed many people when these people bring up
ugliness. Muhammad commanded not to kill people while in Mecca, especially, do not kill people in the Temple.
But when Muhammad heard that Ibn Khatal seek refuge in the sanctuary, Muhammad commanded, "Kill Ibn
Khatal". Ibn Khatal then dragged out and chopped (Hadith III/72).
Terrible example of the desire to kill the diidap by Muhammad can be found in the Hadith III/687 as follows:
The Prophet of God said, "What will kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf because he had made a mistake against Allah and
his prophet? "Jabir (up) and said," I'll kill him "They (Muhammad bin Jabir and his friends) came to Ka'b bin AlAshraf and killed him as he had promised. Then they went to the Prophet and told him what happened.
Tribal Conflict and rumors Gross
Muhammad in order to command someone to kill for the sake of Muhammad is sometimes cause problems
between tribes.
On one occasion, Aisha who was just 15 years old, accused of adultery.
According to the story of Aisha as recorded in the Hadith III/829, Aisha accidentally left behind when his
necklace shitting. After looking for him, and returned to the caravan entourage, it turns out they had already left
without Aisha. They do not realize that Aisha was not with them.
Soon there was a Muslim named Safwan bib Mu'attal Adh-As-Sulami Dhakwani find Aisha and Aisha raised up
his camel caravans to be escorted to the group Aisha.
This sparked rumors stating that Aisha dirty affair with Safwan. The entire Muslim community in an uproar with
the rumors.
According to Aisha, who became the leader of those who accused him was Abdullah bin Ubai bin Salul. His
followers spread the accusation a lie about perjinahan Aisha.
Aisha returns to his parents while Muhammad found "Ali bin Abu Usama Ibn Zayd Tahib and ... to consult on
the plan of the divorced (Aisha).
They both suggested that Muhammad was not only because of the rumors of divorce Aisha, Muhammad asked
the maid but rather the women Aisha named Buraira if he had seen something suspicious about Aisha.
Buraira replied, "no, by God, who has sent you with the truth, I've never seen the deplorable deeds perpetrated
by Aisha.
I know only that Aisha is still unfinished childhood n Deputy behind, sometimes sleeping and left his cake
batter for food goats. "
A footnote in the Hadith showsthat Aisha was only 15 years old at the time. According to Hadith, Aisha was only
6 years old when Muhammad married her. New berseranjang with Aisha Mohammed when Aisha 8 years old.
Request to kill with Buraira that Aisha was not guilty then, God's Prophet then ascended to the pulpit preaching
and ask for someone to help him punish Abdullah bin Salul.
The Prophet of God said, "who will help me to punish the person who hashurt me with slandering the
reputation of my family? "Sa'd bin Mu'adh got up and said," O Prophet of God! By Allah, I will help you fix it. If
the person is from the tribe of anus, I would cut off his head and if he's from our brothers, the tribe of Khazraj,

tell us, and we will fulfill your request. "

Khazraj tribe leader, Sa'd bib 'Ubada, jump, to defend his tribe by saying, "You shall not kill". As a result, Sa'd
bin Mu'adh menimpalinya, "By Allah, we will kill him".
The state of being chaotic (uncontrolled) and Khazraj tribes and ethnic Anus already face to face ready to kill
each other due to the rumors. Muhammad takes some time to calm the situation.
The trick? Muhammad took a shortcut by stating that he received a special revelation from God stating that
Aisha was innocent. So chaos among Muslims can be overcome because God has spoken. People do not
believe that dare to question the prophet of God on this matter should fare such as other infidels.
Claims About Muhammad Not Innocent
Fourth, according to the Hadith, Muhammad was a sinner in need of forgiveness. He is not a man who claimed
to be innocent as Islam today.
When Muhammad was asked by Abu Hurain as follows: What do you say during the pause between Takbir
and recitation? Muhammad replied, I said: "O Allah, keep me from my sins as far as the East from the West
and cleanse me from my sins as a white garment is washed clean. O Allah! Wash away my sins with water,
snow, and hail. "(Hadith I/711)
In VIII/319 Hadith, Abu Huraira said: I heard Allah's Apostle said, "By Allah! I beg forgiveness from God and
repentance filed more than 70 times a day. "
Aisha, Muhammad's wife, noted that people Early Muslims did not regard Muhammad as innocent people.
They said, "O Prophet of God! We do not like you. Allah has forgiven the sins of the past and your future. "
(Hadith I/19)
Hadith clearly states that the disciples of Muhammad glorify him for his sins forgiven, and not because he did
not have a sin that needs to be forgiven. I/78 hadith further states: Prophet in the solemnities of worship to God
often exclaim, "O Allah! God us! Praise kupanjatkan kehadiratMu gratitude! O Allah! Forgive me. "
In Hadith number 375, the people of Quraish saying repeatedly: God forgives His prophet.
Obviously here, that people do not view Muhammad as the innocent people! (And Muhammad did not refute).
The same statement said by a group of 3 people who were declared as recorded in the Hadith VII /
1, as follows, "that God has forgiven Muhammad for his sins".
In Hadith V/724, Aisha said that he heard Muhammad prayed: O God! Please forgive me and limpahkan were
the kasihanMu on me.
According to the Hadith, Muhammad's journey at night across 7 of heaven, Jesus says about Muhammad as
Muhammad, the servant of God, the sins of his past and the advent of forgiven by God (the Hadith I/3)
In the Hadith of Muhammad VI/494, commanded by God to beg forgiveness for his sins.
Abu Musa heard Muhammad prayed like this: Yes, my Lord! Please forgive my guilt and sins. Please forgive

the sins of my past and future sins datangku I did openly or by stealth (Hadith VIII/407).
According to Muhammad, as recorded in the Hadith IV/506, the only man ever to exist in the world that is not "
touched" by the Devil (meaning that no sins) at the time of the birth of Jesus. So it can be concluded
thatMuhammad himself was "touched" by the devil.
The sins of Muhammad including torture the people by cutting off the hands and legs and gouging their eyes
with a hot iron (Hadith I/234); Let them die out of blood after the limbs were cut (Hadith VIII/794, 795); letting
people die of thirst (Hadith VIII/796)
The Fifth. Muhammad believes in idolatry. Muhammad believes the strength of the "evil eye" and told his
followers to recite versesKoran to fight the power (Hadith VII/636). Jesus taught people cast out demons in his
name, not in reading the verses (Mark 16:17).
Muhammad also believe in bad luck or good omen, such as the appearance of certain birds and other animals
appearance (Hadith IV/110, 111; VII/648, 649, 650).
Muhammad even afraid that there are evil spirits into the body by the time he urinate or defecate. So he say a
prayer to obtain a special protection (Hadith, I/144). Muhammad also afraid of strong winds.
Anas wrote: When the wind blows, anxiety in the face of the prophet (he feared that high winds are a sign of
God's wrath) (II/144 Hadith).
In the event of a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse, Muhammad experienced great fear will be the coming of the
Day of Judgment (the Day of Resurrection).
Eclipse of the sun appears and the Prophet got up, because fear that when the day of judgment has arrived.
Then he said, "These signs God sent not for the life or death of somebody, but the worshipers of Allah so
afraid that they always remember God at the time saw the signs and they had to plead and ask for forgiveness"
(Hadith II/167 ).
Muhammad on superstitious beliefs clearly visible when he worshiped the black stone at Kaaba contained,
Mecca. Hadith clearly II/667 mentions that Muhammad adore and kiss the black stone.
Muhammad also believe that if you put a green palm leaf over one's grave, the suffering and pain of people
who are in the graves will be reduced when the dry palm leaves (Hadith II/443).
Muhammad even believe in superstitious about even numbers. He always avoids these figures. Therefore he
was put in a Hadith about the need for rules using the stones with an odd number in order to clean yourself
after a bowel movement.
Anyone who cleanse the body parts are vital to the stones should do it with a stone in the number of odd
numbers (Hadith I/162).
According to Muhammad, men can turn into rats, monkeys and pigs. In particular, he said that the Jews turned
into the rats! (Hadith IV/524, 569, and Article 32).
In VII/660 Hadith, we can notes that:
Allah's Apostle had magical powers so he can think as if he held a sexual relationship with the wife when it was

To prove the depth of trust and fear of Muhammad on magical powers, one can read in the Hadith VII/656 up
to 664 numbers.
Muhammad shining red hair
Sixth. Muhammad dyeing his hair with red kejingga-jinggaan. Narrative of 'Ubaid Ibn Jurayj: And regardingshine
hair using henna leaves; no doubt I saw Allah prophet dyeing his hair with henna leaves and that is why I love
polish (my hair with henna leaves) Hadith I / 167.
After Muhammad died, some of his hair red are stored and displayed in others (Hadith IV/747, and VII/785)
But he Had head lice Hair While Muhammad keep his hair didn't turn white with the menyemirnya with the
color red, he failed to deliver his hair from the hair lice (Hadith IX/130).
Muhammad's Sexual Appetite Seventh. Muhammad's sexual activities it is legendary. In his harem there are
more than 20 women. The Hadith says that Muhammad was capable of sexual intercourse with the women in
his harem every day before prayer. He is expected to have the same sexual power with 30 adult male!
The statement was made to evoke a sense of AWE to the Arabs at that time believed that sexual activity is
persistent is heaven.
Narrated by Qatada: Anas bin Malik said, "the Prophet usually cycle through all his wife in a dayand last night,
and their number is 11. "I (Qatada) asked Anas," did the Prophet have the power for that? " Anas replied, "we
maintain that the Prophet was given the power equivalent to 30 adult men" (Hadith I/268)
Aisha said, "I give the perfume to the Prophet of God, and he then rotate (sexual intercourse) with all his wives"
(Hadith I/270 and 271).
See also the Hadith VII/5, 6, and 142 that States the same thing.
Abouthow many wives the prophet, we are told by Anas ibn Malik that the numbers there are 11 people (Hadith
But Muhammad often also choose a new woman (as a sexual partner) obtained from prisoners of war (see the
Hadith as an example I/367).
Anas bin Malik's statement that the number of wives of Muhammad there were 11 people that was contrary to
what is written in the Hadith VII/142, where it is stated that Muhammad had nine wives only. The woman
devotee Muhammad also offer themselves as harem Muhammad.
A woman facing a prophet of God, saying, "O Allah's Apostle! I surrender myself to you "(Hadith III/505 A).
Muhammad usually closely watching the women who volunteered to be a sexual partner Muhammad. When
they are quite beautiful, they are allowed entry into the harem. But if they do not suit the tastes of Muhammad,
they will be handed over to men other. Women are given to another man certainly has no other choice but to
agree. See also VII/24 Hadith wherein it is stated that there is a woman who offers herself to satisfy
In addition besides the wives and worshipers of Muhammad also have sex with women slaves, both acquired
as a gift or bought by Muhammad (Hadith VII/22, 23).
Appendix 2 Muhammad, the Prophet "Closing Prophecy"

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Perhaps the most fascinating chapters in the Hadith is the text where it is stated that Muhammad was a prophet
because of the neck, there is a sign, in the form of growing meat in between his shoulders.
Narrated As-Saib bin Yazid: I stand behind Muhammad and I saw that there is a seal of prophethood between
his shoulders and seal it as "Ziral-Hijla" (means the button of a small tent). But some people call it a kind of "
Telum partridge".
Hadith I/189; see also Hadith IV/741.
This Hadith is very interesting because it reveals Arab belief that the "seal of prophecy" characterized by
elements of flesh, that is the flesh grows between the two shoulders.
A Pagan Shaman
Muhammad was a Shaman, a master of the jinn, the spirits that live in the rocks, in the water, and in the trees
(Hadith I/740; V/199)
Physical Signs Regarding the presence of Divine Revelation
In the Hadislah we can find a description of the physical symptoms experienced in Muhammad when he
expected to receive divine revelation (when physical symptoms that are "strong, frequent, and regular" is not
recognized by the former prophets when hearing / experiencing revelation).
As we've expressed, such physical symptoms are characteristics of a person who suffers from epilepsy or other
brain disorders. Please the reader to judge whether a symptom Muhammad probably experienced it. See the
evidence in the Hadith as follows:
1. Muhammad felt a ringing in his ears as if he heard the bell ring (Hadith I / 1, and IV/438).
2. His heart beat rapidly (Hadith I / 3).
3. His face became red (Hadith II, chapter 16, p 16, p 354; V/618; VI/508).
4. Her breathing was very heavy (Hadith VI/508)
5. He suddenly fell or lay (Hadith II chapter 16, page 354; IV/461, "I fell into land "; V/170," He fell unconscious
on the ground with bulging eyes to the sky; VI/448, "I fell to the ground").
6. He will ask shrouded body (Hadith I / 3; II chapter 16, page 354; III/17; IV/461, "I fell to the ground .... and
said," I blanket! (With) a blanket, cover me! "Then God sent his revelation: "O you wrapped in a blanket!"
(Hadith V/170), "He fell unconscious on the ground with both eyes (open) facing the sky.When he came to, he
said, "my sarong! My sarong! "(Hadith IV/447, 448, 468, 481).
7. His lips trembled as he lay on the ground (Hadith I / 4).
8. He heard and saw something that others do not hear and do not see (Hadith I / 2.3; IV/458, 461; VI / 447).
9. He would sweat a lot (Hadith I / 2; II/544; III/829; IV/95; V/462).

10. He sometimes snores like a camel (Hadith II chapter 16 page 354; III/17).
11. He sometimes dreamed (Hadith I / 3; V/659; VI/478).
(In another Hadith, when the arrival of Revelation, Muhammad recorded as having stress with foaming mouth
and eyes closed, and the occasional grunt like a camel (Ahmad ibn Hanbal I/34, 464; VI/163). Abu Huraira said
that the Prophet got sick at the head. And Ibn Hisham in Al-Sirah al-Nabawiya said that the Prophet used to act
like people drunk when the revelation came to him and others.
"He never got magic, so he imagined working on, but he did not do it "(HSB. 1414). This Hadith also suspect
Muhammad is considered perhaps the revelation was not a true revelation. The true revelation of God and the
recipient should not be scary angel Gabriel always, and first of all, maintain and voiced "Do not be afraid!" In
every appearance that might surprise people (Luke 1:30, 2:10, etc.).
Appendix 3 miracles Muhammad Done
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There is no record of the miracles of the Qur'an by Muhammad. We have been referring to it from the Qur'an
that Muhammad denied that he had done miracles than accept Qur'anic revelation. But strange, that after his
death, the disciples of Muhammad began searching seeming miracles performed by Muhammad, because
they want to cover the shortage of the prophet Muhammad in a matter of miracles when compared with other
major prophets like Moses, Jesus and pagan witches.
[To Muhammad asked: "Why is 'not revealed' to Muhammad for a sign from his Lord?" (Qur'an 13:7). To this
question, Muhammad had difficulty answering in the Quran, because it can not be proved by him. He tried to
convince, but end up with distorted or contradictory answers.
There were answered that people usually do not realize / know the miracles that Allah revealed (Qs 6:37).
There are as gave answers together and told to wait for miracle (Qur'an 10:20). There are limitations to
express what Muhammad "Verily those miracle it up to God. And behold, I am only a Warner. " (Qs 29: 50). "
Isn't this just a human being I am the Messenger? (read Qs 5: 90-91).
In paragraph Qs: 17 very clearly explained why God does not give signs of miracles to Muhammad. From Sahih
Bukhari No. 1951, from Abu Huraira said: the Prophet quotes "every Prophet granted him wonders, causes
human beings believe (believe) but given to me is simply the revelation (Quran) revealed God to me, and I'm
hopeful to have more followers on the day of judgement".
THOUGH ALL these verses REJECT the POSSIBILITY of MUHAMMAD BERMUJIZAT, but after his death,
dozens of kinds of miracles of Muhammad that strange has been claims in many Hadith, and was held by
The funniest thing is precisely the look that most "kemujizatan engineering" actually is a part of kemujizatankemujizatanperformed by Moses, Jesus, and the witches but then transfer as if done by Muhammad. Thus at
the time of the Jews or the Christians showed some kemujizatan are recorded in the Bible, while at the same
time the Muslims can replied, "the Prophet Muhammad would also have done a kemujizatan like that" [Note
that the miracles of Jesus never comes across as sleight or for show, but always based onhumanity to the
audience, and the upbringing of faith for his followers. With a different theme showing Muhammad in
Here we present a summary of kemujizatan-kemujizatan that according to hadith by Muhammad. There are
still other miracles mentioned by the early Muslims such as wolves can talk, and palm trees are preaching
about Islam, but because they are not related kemujizatan directly to Muhammad, we will not discuss it in this

1. Month halved
When the people of Mecca asking Muhammad to perform kemujizatan in order to prove that Muhammad was a
prophet of God, then he raised his sword and split the moon into two with the swords. (Hadith IV/830, 831, 832.
Hadith V/208, 209, 210, 211. Hadith VI/387, 388, 389, 390)
Hadith no telling how and by whom the two pieces of the moon put back together. Reunification of the two
pieces in a kemujizatan definitely greater than the cuts in two months. This happens when his sword
Kemujizatan Muhammad so extraordinary magnitude, or month that cut it into very small size.
Historically, the Arabs of that time believed that the large size is the size of the sun and moon as seen by the
eye. So the moon is approximately magnitude as basketball. Muhammad clearly does not face any problem in
the slightest cut in the basketball. 'Kemujizatan' because it is extremely doubtful if the people of Mecca has
seen cuts in two months, would Muhammad do not need to conquer them by force, but they have no fear and
busy to enter into Islam.
2. Children crying Palm Tree
It is said that a palm tree cried like a baby, because Muhammad used the pulpit to preach, and instead of
standing under a palm tree that time preaching. Muhammad then left the pulpit and stroked the palm trees to
stop crying. II/41 Hadith, Hadith IV/783.
3. Water in the Wilderness
On one occasion when Muslims need water, Muhammad asked for a bowl. Then he made the water flow out of
her fingertips and hold it in a bowl of water until each person obtain the necessary water. Hadith I/170, 194,
Hadith IV/773, 774, 775, 776, 779.
How many people who drink the water? IV/774 Hadith stating the number 70. While another Hadith, IV/775 put
the number at 80 people. Even IV/772 Hadith mentions 300 people. Still no IV/776 Hadith and Hadith mentions
V/473 1500.
There are two things that can be drawn from the conflict between the numbers 70, 80, 300 and 1500 are.
First, the Hadith which often differwith another Hadith in expressing the same case. And second, miracle of
Muhammad is told many times in the Hadith, and each time it became bigger and better than the previous
4. Multiply the bread
Muhammad also expressed to feed multitudes with double the bread as did Jesus. They are grouped into tenten to receive bread miracle. Hadith IV/778, 781.
5. Food Can Shout
Told that the food screams out loud and to glorify God moment Muhammad was eat them. How do you
imagine someone who calmly eating the bread and the meat was talking? It is not credible. Hadith IV/779
6. Open Grave

When a Muslim apostate and then converted to Christianity, and then died and was buried, the Earth doesn't
want to accept her body but instead threw it out of the grave. It is considered a kemujizatan performed by
Muhammad. Hadith IV/814
7. Multiply the fruit of the date palm
Muhammad multiply some heap fruit dates of a Muslim with the intention that the Muslims can pay off allhis
debts. Hadith IV/780
8. Muhammad's Chest Torn open
Gabriel opening/splitting and launder the chest it with zam-zam water. Gabriel brings wisdom and faith and
poured it out into the chest and then close it again. The Hadith I/345
9. Travel at night
Muhammad's journey in the evening to Jerusalem and then forward it through 7 heaven/sky where he spoke
with Adam, Idris, Moses, Jesus, and Abraham is considered by somecircles as the greatest miracle ever
performed Muhammad that can only be surpassed by the Qur'an itself. Hadith I / 211, 345
[This trip is hard to digest even for the Muslims themselves! There is no good basis for understanding these
events, except to say that he is more of a dream than a private Muhammad grandiose grandiose miracles. On
the whole Quran, events such as Isra 'is mentioned only 1 x in 1 paragraph. Not given pressure / whatever
repetition for indicates that this is an important thing. Even for Ascension, which still must be sought verses
that could be matched to the biggest event for Muhammad's. As a result many Hadith which mendongengkan
story of Isra and Mi'raj mazy different one to the other. What's more interpretations!
Biblically, "journey" is not a miracle at all because there are no witnesses to whom every miracle (sign) it should
always be offered. The saksilah at the center interests held by MARK miracle performer / carrier as a
messenger of God's miracles are authentic, as well as to glorify the name of God.
Hadith narrated by Imam al-Bukhari relates Jibril came to the open house roof prophets, and the prophets chest
down splitting. His heart was removed and cleaned with zam-zam water, then inserted into the heart of faith
and wisdom, then returned to the bosom of the prophet, and so on. Is it true? Need? Is not working the Gabriel
became redundant, because whether or not a liver washed outwardly could not affect the faith and wisdom of
Ascension continues the story where God set a mandatory prayer 50 x (day-night) to the followers of
Muhammad. When Muhammad fell back with the command of Allah, the prophet Moses advised him to ask
God to change / lighten the amount of prayers. Down-up encounter God to bargain about the amount of prayers
ending with final obligation pray 5 times a day. Famous Islamic commentator, Al-Razi said: "This story shows
that God's law shall have been canceled and replaced even before being implemented. And this is an
impossibility! "
The experts also dispute whether this is a physical journey or a spiritual journey? When the spirit, the spirit of
Muhammad's why God should be transported with the help of a Buraq? And when the spirit of Muhammad who
were invited to sidratulmuntaha, why Gabriel even need-the need for showed himself physically there? (Qur'an
53:6). Is not that cross each other and do not match? Conversely, if it is a physical journey, how is it possible
penetration into the orbit?
And penetration into the realm of the spirit / nature conservation of the others. Aisha spoke: "The bodies of the
Prophet remained in place, but God took his spirit in the night" (Letter of the Apostle of Allah, Ibn Ishaq). Ibn
Ishaq also witnessed: "I heard the Messenger of Allah said:" My eyes just fell asleep while my heart "(Ibn Ishaq,

1955, p. 183)]
In the life of Muhammad's 570-632, yet no Mosque Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. History records that the new
mosque in 702. Then surely very strange people can go to a place that does not exist. Then what is the deal
with Muhammad to a vacuum?
10. a piece of Fabric that can improve memory of Muhammad was able to remind the memory of one of his
followers so that people can remember the Hadith, i.e. by way of asking for that person's release and that he
was wearing and then put a cloth on the ground. Then Muhammad doing like people picking things up and
then membenamkannya into the fabric of it. Then Muhammad sent earlier to put back the cloth and the next
person never forget anything. Hadith, Hadith I/119 IV/841.
11. the rain Maker
When drought scary crowd, their faces and ask him to pray to God to be loweredrain. After Mahomet praying,
rain was coming down. (Hadith II/55).
12. the maker of Drought
When the tribes of Mudar refused to accept Muhammad as a prophet of God, Muhammad cursed them in his
prayer to drought and pestilence destroyed them for 7 years. In a year that people become very poor and was
only able to eat the skin of animals, carcasses of dead animals and already decomposing. Hadith II/120, 121.
(unlike Jesus who did not curse anddestroy those who reject Him, but instead pray for forgiveness for them)
13. Will predict occurrence of Hurricane
Muhammad was able to predict that a hurricane is coming. He warned people to prepare for the hurricane.
There is a man who does not care about the warnings and consequently he was knocked down by the storm
up to a mountain called Taiy. Hadith II/559. (Whereas the Quran has repeatedly declared that the prophet do
not know the things that are unseen).
14. Regarding forecasts Dates
Muhammad can estimate how many dates are contained in a date-palm garden before it is harvested. Hadith II/
15. Eye Heals The Sick With Saliva Air
Muhammad heal one's eyes the way spit on the man's eyes. Since then the people have never again
experienced eye pain. Hadith IV/192. Hadith V/51. [This does not imitate Jesus' miracles when spat blind eye?
(Mark 8:23)]
According to the Hadith, all kinds of diseases can be cured by saliva Muhammad (Hadith VII / 641, 642). [But
this Hadith clearly contrary to the fact that Muhammad was not able to spit poison effect that he destroyed
himself by eating mutton. See HSB 1220 and 1570]
16. Air Water Saliva Muhammad Being
When Muhammad spat on a dry wells, the well was suddenly filled with enough water for 1,400 people and
their needs their camel-camel. Hadith IV/777. Hadith V/471, 472.

17. Water multiply

Muhammad double the water in two leather bags so as to meet the water needs of all people, and once they
are satisfied, the rest of the water in the bags even more than the original content. Hadith IV/771.
18. By rubbing the hands Kemujizatan
Muhammad heal a broken leg by rubbing it with his foot. Hadith V / 371.
19. Healing Through Pronunciation Quranic verses
Snake bites, scorpion stings, and all kinds of incurable diseases Muhammad by waving his hand over the
wound and reciting Quranic verses, then rubbing his saliva on the wound. Hadith VII/637, 638, 639, 640, 641,
20. Interpret dreams (Interpreting Dreams)
Muhammad is able to interpret the dreams of others as well as yourself. He said that the dream of a Muslim is "
one of one of the 46 prophets of the art forecasting ". Thus, Muhammad engaged in the art of magic related to
the meaning of dreams. II/468 Hadith, Hadith IX/111-171.
But on the other hand, Muhammad is considered bewitched so that he never imagined doing something, but
he did not do it (HSB 1414). This hadith also explains why Muhammad so dare speculate spoke on behalf of
revelation, of the mastery of the magical things that are actually not given to Muhammad (Qur'an 10: 20, 6: 50
am), and does not belong (Qs 11: 31, 7: 188 and others).
Conclusion Several kemujizatan listed above is definitely the kemujizatan copied from kemujizatan did Moses
(kemujizatan No. 3), Jesus (kemujizatan No. 4 and 15), the pagan Witch (kemujizatan No. 9). While the rest
reflect the practices of the occult science known people in the time of Muhammad (e.g. kemujizatan No. 19).
Appendix 4 About Jihad (holy war)
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
The Hadith reveals that Mohammed wants the Islamic religion is also disseminated by means of the sword (of
violence). The Hadith is filled with orders to fight non-Muslims with the aim of forcing them to embrace Islam.
Jihad is ofsuch importance so that the Koran States that jihad is the second most important tenets in Islam.
Allah's Apostle was asked, "what is the best deed?" He answered, "believe in God and his Apostle".
Questioner asked again, "do good deeds both". He replied, "to participate in jihad (struggle of religion) for the
sake of Allah". (Hadith I/25)
Anas bin Malik: Allah's Apostle noted that conquered them with violence and the heroes they were killed;
Kidsand the women they held captive. Safiya was taken dileh Dihya Al-Kalbi and later her (Safiya) belonged to
Allah's Apostle (Muhammad) who married her (Safiya this is number 9 women in the life of Muhammad).
(Hadith II/68).
Briefly summarize the teaching of jihad was taught by Muhammad must be notified of free.
Hadith translator, Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan writes an introduction to the book of Hadith whose contents
include a discourse on Jihad written by Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Hamid, the Holy Mosque of Mecca,
Saudi Arabia (Hadith Volume I, page xxii - xl).

This is a discussion of the most open / honest about jihad we've ever read. He does not deny or diminish the
content of Muhammad's command that Muslims must force Jews, Christians, and pagans that they converted
to Islam, or if not, should be subject to financial pressures or political Islam. Indeed, it is intended to encourage
and motivate Muslims to engage in jihad today.
According to Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Hamid, Muhammad ordered Muslims to fight against all the
pagans as well as against the Scripture (Jews and Christians) if they do not embrace Islam, or they must pay
the jizya (tax retribution to be paid by Jews and Christians who do not embrace Islam (p. xxiv).
So jihad applying several different ways:
1. There Jihad using the sword
In this type of jihad required people to repent and convert to Islam or be conquered by force by using military
force (Hadith Volume I, page xxii). Hadith Article 19 speaks of those who repent and convert to Islam as
follows: they were converted to Islam by force or because of fear of being killed (Hadith Volume I, page 27).
Muhammad said: I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that none has the right to be
worshiped except Allah and that Muhammad is the prophet of God, and they should pray and give alms, so if
they perform all that, they will save lives and their property (Hadith I/24).
That's why Muhammad warned the king of Byzantium, If you become a Muslim, you will be saved (Hadied
(Hadith I / 6)
If the king are not willing to repent (to Islam), he and his kingdom will be destroyed and enslaved.
[Khomeini, leader of Iran in the past said in his homily that the purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah.
(David Lamb, The Arabs, New York Random House, 1987, p. 287)].
Hadith in Mecca was conquered by noted how violence to Islam. (Hadith I/104).
In Hadith III/495, we read that: God made prophets rich Kingdom through conquest-conquest.
At the time a Muslim kills someone who becomes his rival for jihad, he could take the property of the clan.
The Prophet said, "whoever has killed an enemy and can prove it will have the spoil." (Hadith IV/370).
The command of the Prophet Muhammad that's what aspects influenced the occurrence of violence committed
by Muslims in Africa today. In countries such as Nigeria and Sudan, hundreds of thousands of Christians and
worshippers of idols dijagal (killed) or brutally enslaved in the name of jihad, because they do not want to
embrace Islam.
"Our Prophet, the Messenger of God, have ordered us to fight you until you are willing to worship only Allah we
or you must pay jizya(the tax levy to be paid by the non-Muslims who converted to Islam "(Hadith IV/386).
2. There is a jihad pemajakan
Those who refused to embrace Islam must pay a special tax, called Al-Jizya (Hadith vol. 4, chapter 21, pp. 251252). This financial burden is non-Muslim people presses and make the burden of their lives being very heavy.
3. Any financial reward for jihad

In Iraq there is a cost-free University offered to everyoneChristians or Jews who want to embrace Islam. In
addition there is a "prize windfall" of $ 1,000 is offered to every black South African man who wanted to leave
Christianity and convert to Islam.

The other black people (not from South Africa) will also be given $ 500 dollars cash if they want to convert to
Has become a common thing for the people of Europe and America if they still want to continue working in an
oil field in Saudi Arabia, they must be willing to convert to Islam. One church should not be built on the land of
Saudi Arabia, so that there are no Christian worship.
4. There is a jihad to create fear
The death penalty is enforced for anyone who leaves Islam and other religions such as Christianity. When this
book was printed, there are a few people were tortured at a prison in Egypt. Their only fault just because they
turned to Christianity.
5. There jihad slavery
The case of black people are treated as slave-purchases only happens in Islamic countries.
The London Economist (January 6, 1990) reported that the Sudanese Muslim capturing and selling the women
and children of black Dinka tribe who embraced Christianity at a price of 15 dollars per head.
Even the United Nations said in a report on slavery revealed that Muslims are still enslaving black people.
Newsweek special issue published May 4, 1992 in a report on slavery also revealed the same thing.
Women non-Muslim who went to Saudi Arabia to work as domestic servants are often treated as slaves by the
Muslims who become his mistress, even they are often beaten and raped to the wishes of the employer.
Government of Saudi Arabia does not allow them to leave the country but return them to their employers in
Saudi Arabia.
6. Jihad court
Those non-Muslims do not have access and equal protection before the law with Muslims as non-Muslims
testimony in court is considered invalid if the testimony was directed against Muslims (Hadith vol 3, chapter 31,
pages 525-526) . That rule also applies even if if the Muslims kill non-Muslims.
Muslims will not be sentenced to death because they kill infidels (non-Muslims). Hadith IV/283 and IX/50.
7. There jihad after death
A Muslim "had to fight (after Muhammad) both while he was alive and after his death" (Hadith vol I, chapter 43).

8. There jihad Firdaus

Any Muslims who were killed while Jihad will immediately gain enjoyment-sexual pleasure in Paradise (Hadith I/
35; Hadith IV/386).

[The number of verses in the Qur'an and Hadith are quite membelalakkan. Allah ALMIGHTY claimed to be "the
most Merciful and Compassionate"! Multiple term struggle, violence, the battle for God to command the killing
or being killed, cungkil eyes and others, are contained in the Quran!
There is the term JIHAD, the war against the infidels, including with the sword. This is found in the Quran and
as many as 28 times in various forms. One who gives wealth and favoritism with the Jihad of the soul, set forth
in the Qs 4: 95:
"Not the same among the believers who sit (not fought), which has no excuse to those who strive hard and
fight in the way of Allah with their wealth and its soul. God melebihkan those who strive hard and fight with
treasures and his soul uppeople who sit down one degree. To each of their God promises a good reward
(heaven) and God melebihkan those who strive hard and fight over the person sitting with a great reward. "
There is resistance to the term QITAL, sword in hand, to kill or get killed themselves. This term with various
variations, referred to as many as 33 times in the Quran. One of them is Qs 2: 191: and slay them wherever ye
find them, and expel them fromwhere they drove you (Mecca), and fitnah is greater danger of assassination,
and do not fight them in Masjidilaram, unless they fight against you in that place. If they fight you (in it), then kill
Such is the reward of disbelievers.
There is also hiraba (or harb) is interpreted as an attack against Allah and Muhammad, or declare war against
those who violate the law. It contained in the Quran as much as 6 times. One of them is the typical Qs 5:33:
"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only
that they be killed or crucified, or cut off their hands and feet on alternate sides, or removed from the country
(residence). That is (a) an insult to them in the world and in the hereafter they may be great torment. "
There is also the term FI Sabil GOD that called as many as 45 times in mixtures with the terms above. One is
Qs 2:190.
"And fight in the way of Allah those who fight you ..."
It seems that none of the Scriptures of God in this world that reveals more violent verses of the Quran than the
Appendix 5 Understanding the Qur'an and Hadith
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
According to the Hadith IX/643, the Koran was written in Heaven. So it is not possible contents of the Qur'an
are from sources worldly contained in pre-Islamic. But according to research there are a lot of materials taken
from pre-Islamic era. Thus it is not surprising that the Koran was written in the dialect of Quraish (Hadith VI/507)
This fact is often not realized by Muslims who are not Arabs.
Even when Muhammad had died too manuscript Koran still scattered everywhere (His letters hatters have not
organized), there is written on the leaves palm, in slabs of stone, in the bones, and others. (Hadith VI/509). So
therefore it is clear that the Hadith also bears witness to the fact that Muhammad himself did not prepare for
manuscript Qur'an before his death.
According to records, Hadith confirms that the Qur'an compiled into one by Caliph Uthman after Muhammad
died. It is often denied by those Muslims who do not understand about their own scriptures.

Uthman compiled the Qur'an and send a copy to places far away (Hadith I/63). Uthman ... write a script that
the Holy Quran in the form of a book (Hadith IV/709).
See also Hadith VI/507 and 510.
When Uthman completing the set of the Qur'an according to his version, hadith notes that he tried to get rid of
all the things that cause conflict contained in the Qur'an (Hadith VI/510).

This obviously proves that it is true there are versions of the Koran are contradictory.
The fact that some verses of the Glorious Qur'an was lost and some other texts issued/revoked from the Quran
is indeed recognized in the Hadith IV/56, 62, 69, 299; Hadith VI/510, 511)
The Hadith is even noted that when certain people (verses penghafal) died, then parts of the Qur'an which is
only known by them, also missing are buried with them (the Hadith VI/509).
Tradition records that Muhammad at certain moments drawn by "subtle influence", and then say and see
certain things under the influence of the Demonic fine/inspiration (Hadith IV/400, 490).
The recognition of these Hadith have been damaging the principles that are believed to be of Muslims that
Muhammad received inspiration from God perfectly.
Because the Hadith Muhammad admitted that indeed one when doing and saying some things under the
inspiration of Satan, then in principle itthe herding people to doubt any of what was said by Muhammad.
As does the Koran, Hadith also cites verses as if it says by the Prophet Noah, Moses, Jesus and others, when
in fact there may be those who say it! Why? Because the vocabulary used and divergent teaching being
delivered as well as historical reference has been made that much different with Muhammad that their personal
religious beliefs. It is clear that what the Hadith citedwhch is not true.
Hadith Vol I, chapter 1, page 16; Hadith I/74, 78, 124. [Eg vocabulary that refer to God as "Father" or "Yahweh"
was never recognized in the Qur'an and Hadith when its existence is so central in the Bible].
Recognizes that the Hadith Hadith texts there are variant and contradictory (Hadith I/42, 47, 74, 78, 80, 81, 86,
102, 107, 112, 159, 160, 161; Hadith III/159-161 ). Hadith translator even realize it, the recognition Where is it
written in the footnotes on following III/159 Hadith: Hadith number 159 is contrary to the Hadith Al-Hassan
Like the Qur'an, the Hadith also canceled some or abolished (Hadith I/179, 180)
Appendix 6 Regarding Apostasy
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Hadith repeatedly stated that no one would be apostate Muslims. He then asked, "Is there amongst those who
embrace his religion (Islam) was not happy and then leave it? 'I replied, "No" (Hadith I / 6 and 48).
The statement above hadith contrary to the statement another Hadith which says that the penalty for those
who leave Islam is punishable by death.
The Prophet said, "If a Muslim leaves Islam, kill him" (Hadith IV/260).

Hadith even recorded the murders committed against those who leave Islam and other religions into (Hadith V /
In Hadith Vol.9, all aimed to warn people to be apostates from Islam is that they will be killed (see Hadith, vol.9,
pages 10-11, 26, 45-50, 341, 342).
So, whenever you encounter them (meaning those Muslims who apostate), kill them, for whoever kills them
shall get a reward on the Day of Resurrection (Hadith IX / 64)
Appendix 7 Regarding Jews and Christians
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009 Muhammad taught that the Jews worshiped Ezra as the Son of
God just as Christians worship Jesus as the Son of God (Hadith vol.1, page xvii). And Muhammad also made a
double fault on a second statement above.
Muhammad said, Any Jew or Christian who never heard of me but do not believe me and do not believe in what
was revealed to me through the Holy Qur'an and the traditions (hadith), the person will end up in Hell-Fire.
Hadith I, volume 1, page li (li = 51).

According to Hadith II/414, Muhammad said, God cursed the Jews and the Christians for they
make the sepulchres of their prophets as places of worship/worship. (Nonsense! Jews and
Christians do idolize it grave his Prophet?)
Attachment Prophet 8 Women
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Muhammad taught that the majority of the inhabitants of Hell is a woman!
The Prophet said, "I looked into the fire of hell and it turns out the majority of its inhabitants are women"
(Hadith I/28, 301; Hadith II/161).
The reason why the majority of the inhabitants of Hell is clearly written in the Hadith II/541,
O women! I've never seen a man so lacking in intelligence and religion apart from jenismu.
Muhammad believes that the women are "less intelligent" and therefore according to Islamic law they are not
worthy of being given equal rights with men.
For example, Muhammad set in legislationthat woman's testimony in court is worth only half of a man's
testimony. So needed the testimony of two women to balance out the testimony of a man. Imagine how these
rules impact on the women who were raped.
The Prophet said, "Not the testimony of a woman is equal to half of the testimony of a man?" The women said "
Yes". The Prophet said, "it is because the ability to think women are less"(Hadith III/826).
Muhammad even made a rule that the child receives the right of inheritance for women only received half of
the boys (Hadith IV/10). So the women financially penalized solely because they are women.
And perhaps the lowest overview of Islamic women's dignity is reflected in the statement that the Paradise is
available beautiful women whose primary task is to satisfy men's sexual desires, and they moored at the

corners of a pavilion.
Allah's statement, tethered beautiful women in the pavilions. Allah's Apostle said, "The Paradise there is a
pavilion made up of a pearl tunnel hole 60 miles wide, in each corner there are wives apart and can not see
each other at an angle, and the believers will visit the women is to "enjoy" them. (Hadith VI/406).
[Whereas in the eyes of Allah, Islam appears to be a woman object of man-sex, HSB described in 1439, in
which Muhammad said: "If a man invites his wife to sleep, while women do not, and man was that night in
anger, the angels curse her until morning". Is not this kind of angel pelaknatan really problematic?
1) Punishment unilaterally without questioning the objections on the part of the wife?
Tired, ill, mentally or physically unstable, wrong time, wrong place, wrong shape, wrong ways to get sex from
the husband,-everything is lawful for the wife to refuse sex unilaterally. If not, of the husband-wife sex it would
turn into a "rape husband" or the wife is slave-sex sheer! God it fair?
2) Do angels need to work through the night for the wife cursed? Is God's judgment timed round the course a
few hours (from evening until morning), which will soon be the wife of terlunas anathema the next day? And is
it true the wife will really feel the intention laknatNya night, when he was asleep? True God almighty has
defended all the rage / hatred for lust on the part of men, without offering family reconciliation, unless the
woman's curse?]
Appendix 9 urination and defecation
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009

Muhammad suffered a psychological obsession with urination and defecation. In fact, he spent
a lot of time to teach about when, where and how a person can urinate and defecate. He's so
terobsesinya with the issue so that teach that if someone is urinating and about clothes or body,
he (the person) will suffer from the fires of hell after death.
One of the major sins which person does is that she didn't keep herself (clothing and his body) from his water
(IE clothes and her body exposed to air his own). One day the Prophet, while passing through a graveyard in
Medina or Mecca, heard the sound of two men who were tortured in their graves. Then the Prophet added, "
Yes" (they were tortured as a great sin they do).
Indeed, one of them never keeping himself fromwater art. (Hadith Vol I, Chapter 57, no. 215).
According to Hadith, II/443, Muhammad said that people were tortured in the fire of hell because they defiled
themselves with their own urine.
However, at the same time, Muhammad orders people to drink urine camel camel milk mixed with water, as a
Then the Prophet ordered them to go look up the camel-camel and drink milk and urine camel-camel (as
medicine) (HadithI/234)
Regulations regarding urination and defecation are as follows:
1. You should not be facing Mecca when you urinate or defecate (Hadith I/146, 147, 150, 151).

2. You may not use your right hand to hold the pubic and for wiping. Hadith I/155, 156.
3. You should clean the equipment with water after vitalmu to the restroom. (Hadith I/152, 153, 154, 157).
Appendix 10 Things Trust or Not to Trust Muhammad
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009
Muhammad taught a lot of things for today's modern readers are the things that might not make sense. Most of
the convictions so far are things that may not be accepted or retained by anyone today.
Nevertheless, we recognize that sincere Muslims must accept all of them or else they must relinquish their
claims that Muhammad The apostle of Allah.
We understand their difficulties. How they can maintain something that can not be maintained anymore? How
they can justify something that obviously does not make sense? It is this which is the subject matter. The
following is a partial list of weird taught by Muhammad to his disciples.
1. Adam is a very giant
In IV/543 Hadith, we read as follows:
The Prophet said, "Allah created Adam, according to shape. 60 cubits in length. "This is as high as 90 feet! Or
30 meters!
Is Adam heartily as high as a ten story building?
How tall Eve (his wife)? And how tall their children? And why we are not as high as they are? Is not science
about human anatomy tells us that Adam might not be as high as 90 feet? Are Muslims ready to defend
Muhammad's sayings about Adam is 90 feet high?
2. Fly in cup
If a fly goes into your cup, do not worry about it because such sayings of Muhammad that if the wing flies next
to carry the disease, then his other wing antidote to the disease brings. So drinking only water in it (Hadith IV/
3. Dogs prohibited
According to Hadith IV/546, the angels will not enter a House if there is a dog in the House. Thus Hadith IV/540
said, "Allah's Apostle ordered that the dogs should be killed".
People who liked dogs certainly not Muslims either. [What to do dog with Angels? Why they were created and
told to kill? What is the position of the pig better luck than a dog that is ordered to be killed? But on the other the
opportunity to ask his dogs-trained (mu'allam) who helped capture the animal hunting hunting? Hadith (Sahih
Bukhari Translation) No. 125]
4. Genetics of Islam
The Koran States that Gabriel told a secret to him why a child like his father or his mother. This answer is given
to prove that Muhammad is the Apostle of God.

He stated: "as for the resemblance of a child with his parents is as follows: If a mansexual intercourse with his
wife and she berorgasme first, then the children will like his father, and if the berorgasme female first, then the
child will resemble his mother ". (Hadith IV/546)
How do modern Muslims can attest that the physical characteristics of the child is determined by an orgasm
which of their parents who came out first time on vacation, and not determined by Genetics?!
5. stars as Missiles (bullets-bulletsposed)
According to Muhammad as recorded in the Hadith, volume 4, chapter 3, page 282, that the stars were created
by Allah as missiles were thrown to hit the demons.
Astronomers certainly interested in Muhammad's doctrine.
6. Do as I say, not what I'm doing!
Muhammad instructed each person to make a will while he himself failed to make a will.
I asked Abdullah bin Abu Aufa, "Did the Prophet make a will?" He replied, "No". I asked again, "Then why the
people were ordered to make a will?" (Hadith IV / 3,4).
7. What is eaten by the spirits?
According to Muhammad in the Hadith V/200, devils or spirits eat dung and bones! Concise information is truly
beyond human reasoning.
8. There is no guarantee
Muhammad did not have assurance of salvation. The Prophet said, "By Allah, though I is a prophet of God, but
I do not know what God will do to me and you ". (Hadith V/266 and Qs 46:9)
[That there is assurance that ensures that everyone will go to hell.
"And none of you but shall approach it. It's for your God is a necessity that has been established ". (Qur'an
That's why Muhammad ask for prayer that he also saved. All Muslims should pray for the prophet, 17 times a
day with the words: "O Allah, save our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad". This
prayer is known as prayer prayers prophet. In stark contrast to Jesus Christ prayed for His followers (John 17:126)]
[.... On the other hand, Muhammad antagonizing him to assure people go to heaven, that is enough if the
person is right in sexuality and his tongue:
"Who guarantees me what is between his legs (sex) and what between the two jaws (tongue), surely I
guarantee him Paradise. "(HSB no.1816). The question for us is whether heaven tolerate the sins of the rest
are not even tolerated by God, such as idolatry?]
After condone lying for the sake of it can kill an "evil", now Muhammad (contradiction with item 8 above),
ensure that "all his people who die, while he does not associate God with nothing, the man entered the heaven,
even though he committed adultery and steal "(HSB 647). Heaven fuck was that accommodate thieves,
fraudsters, murderers, adulterers?]

9. Murder and fraud

Muhammad agreed to the killing of a person by means of false and fraudulent. Hadith V/369. He obviously does
of truth or life.
not adhere to the values
10. Six hundred wings
According to Muhammad, as recorded in the Hadith VI/380, the Angel Gabriel had 600 wings.
11. Devil in your nose holes
Muhammad sucking water into his nose and then squirts back out for Devil's perch in the nostrils (the top) all
night (Hadith IV/516)
I need to find anyone among the Muslims that will retain the strange customs and doctrines of Muhammad.
12. Fever from hell
Muhammad believed that fever comes from the heat of the fires of hell. The Prophet said, "the fever comes
from the heat of the fire (of hell), then chill the fever with water" (Hadith IV/483-486).
Many kinds of questions raging in your mind if you really think about the doctrine of Muhammad.
13. Noah's Ark
Noah appears and floating in front of their eyes (the Hadith VI/391, art. 280). How and why this happens we
are not told.
14. dirty water containing magical powers
Thethe followers of Muhammad snatched away the dirty water to get the former laundry of Muhammad. They
are smearing their bodies with dirty water it with the intent to get the magical grace of it. The Hadith I/187, 188.
(The inevitable apotheosis of the figure of Muhammad)
15. the saliva
Even more disgust is the habit of spitting into the hands of his followers so that they can be smearing their
faces with saliva.
For the sake of God, whenever Allah's Apostle spit, saliva thatwill fall in the hands of one of them (meaning
friends of the Prophet), which will then be applied to the face and skin. III/891 Hadith.
That is why we can understand why Muhammad smearing bodies of the dead with his saliva. Hadith II/360,
16. Satan urinating in the ears
Satan urinated on the people who fall asleep while praying (Hadith II/245)
17. Issued a foul wind (farting)

According to Muhammad, if you sin "Hadath" (Issued fart / fart) when you pray, God will reject your prayers.
(Hadith I/628; IX/86)
18. Mouth odor
Bad breath does not mean that God will hear your prayers. You should not eat onions before praying because
God will not hear you smelling onions in your mouth. (Hadith I/812, 813, 814, 815; VII/362, 363).
19. It evaporates from Hell
Yawning is from the devil. That's according to Muhammad in the Hadith IV/509. It is clear from this Hadith, and
from 2 previous Hadith, Muhammad who was offended by things that do not diingininya like bad breath, yawn
and fart.
But that God who was offended by the natural processes of human body He created this, certainly defies
rational thought.
20. Green birds
According to Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Hamid of the Holy Mosque in Mecca: Allah's Apostle said:
The souls of the martyrs are in green birds body that living in paradise by his tribe (vol. I, p. XXVIII).
If this is true, we will not understand how "green birds" will be able to enjoy beautiful women are tied up to
various corners of paradise!
If Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah completely, then surely what he teaches comes from God and must
be true.
But what he said turned out so "foreign" and "absurd" so there is no opportunity to correct. So how do
Muhammad as a messenger of God? Logic is not running aunning anywhere. Hadith is the final blow that blew
up the claim that he is among the ranks of the apostles and prophets of God.
APPENDIX A Quran in English Translation
Posted by islambertobat on November 25, 2009

has led to
the non-Arab Muslims can only pray and read passages from the Koran in Arabic though did
not understand what he was saying. The statement is an insult to the whole generation of Arab
scientists it's not any trouble to translate the Koran.
Statement that Muslims Arabic Qur'an can not be translated into English or other languages

[The Muslims need beratanya: Why did the Torah and the Gospel does not require Arabic language for the
communication of God with His people? So another language was able to declare the Word of God to man and
vice versa, should not be in Arabic?]
Quran translation in English by Western scientists who first performed in 1734 by George Sale.
Then never again until the transactions are carried out in 1861 where the second person to do it again that

Rodwell, followed by Palmer in 1880, then Wherry on the idea in 1882, then in 1930 Pickthal, Arberry Then in
1955, after the Mercier in 1956, and Dawood in 1974.
The first Muslims to translate the Qur'an into English ie Adul Hakim Khan in 1905. Followed by Mirza Hairat in
1919. Translate Ahmadiya sect in 1915. Then followed by translationYusuf Ali in 1934 and later Rashad Khalifa
in 1981.
Because so many English-speaking Muslims in the West are referring to Yusuf Ali's translation, then we follow
the numbering system of the Quranic verses as he does. This imitation may be a little confusing, because the
the West.
original verses of the Koran are not dinomeri. Numbering verses such an idea of
The translators differ from one another in terms of paragraph numbering. It may be happens that Yusuf Ali
gave verse number 5, while giving Pickthal paragraph number 4. Even Arberry did not give the number of each
verse, he instead gave the number on the articles.
If you check the verse reference that we have given in this book and you do not use the Yusuf Ali translation,
you are welcome to check out before or after a paragraph of the text and you will find a verse that we have in
We have revealed earlier that the Muslim translators like Yusuf Ali did not hesitate (ie intentionally) misses
translates Arabic text by closing a variety of errors contained in the Koran. Yusuf Ali was a Muslim apologist,
then be translating the Koran. Nevertheless Ali actually has stuck with how to translate the Qur'an which had
not previously been imagined. Because with footnotes does it kostan which he trying to save the Qur'an from
various errors and contradictions contained in it, he actually sensitize the reader that there are a lot of errors
and contradictions in the text of the Qur'an.
Moreover, the argument is not rational and deliberate misses translate a variety of texts (eg the Trinity), has led
to the emergence of deep suspicion among the readers that Ali is trying to hide something. The Ali translation
of the Qur'an readers should be aware of the results of a hidden agenda that apologetics.
APPENDIX B Moon God and Archeology
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As we have learned, the Islamic religion centered on the worship of a deity named "God". The Muslims claim
that the pre-Islamic era was, God that the Bible is God, who is always worshiped continuously by religious
leaders, prophets, and the apostles who contained in the Bible.
Muslims recognize the importance of continuity in their efforts to bring Jews and Christians to Islam. If "God"
really is a continuity of divine revelation in the Bible,
<html><body><h1>TranslateApiException</h1><p>Method: Translate()</p><p>Message: AppId is over the
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the Middle East. Starting from the mountain in Turkey up to the edges of the shore of the Nile, the ancient
religion of the most widely spread is a religion that worshiped the moon-god.
Sumerian tribes, as perama community who know deaf culture writing, leaving thousands of clay tablets that
describe their religious beliefs.
As dihunjukkan by Sjoberg and Hall, the ancient Sumerian tribes worshiped the moon-god called by many other
names. Name The most popular are: Nanna, Suen, and Asimbabbar. Its symbol is a crescent moon.

With so many ancient artifacts found associated with the worship of gods and this month is that there is a
dominant religion in Sumerian. School-moon god worship is the most popular religion throughout Mesopotamia
kuni. The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Akkadian adopts the word Suen and transformed into the word SIN as a
favorite name for this deity.
Prof Potts expressed "Sin is a name derived from the Sumerian origins who have borrowed (used) by Semites."

In times of ancient Syria and Canna, moon god Sin-usually symbolized by a crescent moon. On when certain
symbol-full moon placed inside the crescent moon-emphasized for all future lunar. Sun goddess was the wife
of Sin and the stars were their daughters. For eg, ISTAR is one of the daughters of Sin.
Sacrifices to god-moon stated in the Ras Shamra texts. In the Ugaritic texts, the god-moon is sometimes called
Kusuh. In Persian or Egyptian moon god depicted on stone walls and on the heads of statues. God-this month
is the judge of men and other gods.
Indeed, everywhere in the ancient world, the symbol of the crescent moon-can be found on the for the former
labeling, ceramics, ornaments repellent reinforcements, clay tablets, cylinders, weights tool, necklaces, stone
walls to paint, and so on. In Tellel-Obeid, copper calf was found with a crescent mark on his head. There is
also a god-body human-headed bull and has a crescent moon on his forehead stamped with seashells.
In the land of Ur, Stela of Ur-Nammu has the crescent symbol placed vulan-above other gods because the
gods-in that head of the gods. Even the bread baked in the form of a crescent moon as a sign their devotion to
the god-month.
Oang the Chaldean city of Ur in the region (note of the translator: Ur is the name of an ancient Sumerian city;
Chaldean region is the region that includes the low-lying valley of the Tigris and Euphrates. Looking at the map
now located in Southern Iraq) is very faithful to worship the moon god so according to inscriptions found at that
time the city is sometimes called Nannar.
From excavations in the city of Ur by SirLeonard Woolley discovered a temple for the worship of the moon god.
She dug and found a lot of evidence of the worship of months now saved for display at the British Museum.
Harran likewise noted for loyalty beribadahnya the moon god. In the 1950s a place of worship in the main
deities found in the excavations at Hazor, Palestine (see map 1)
Two pagan moon god was also found. Each of which is a statue of a man sitting on a throne with a crescent
moon carved on his chest (see diagram 1). Accompanying inscriptions make it clear that the object is indeed a
god idols month (see diagram 2 and 3). Also found some statues smaller identified by inscriptions as the
daughters of the moon (see diagram 4).
How about Arabia? As revealed by Professor Coon, "Muslims are very allergic to maintain / preserve pagan
traditions of the past and hence they argued with pervert the pre-Islamic historical fact by placing the characters
or things that do not fit with the time and place of the occurrence of the event (anachronistic).
During the 19th century, Arnaud, Halevy and Glaser went to Arabia to the South, and explores the ribua
inscription Sabian, Minaean, Qatabanian, and translated them (see map 2).
In the 1940s, two archaeologists named g. Caton Thompson and Carleton s. Coon found inscriptions in Arabia.
During the 1950s, Wendell Phillips, d. e. Albright, Richard Bower, and others dig up some remnants of ancient
times at qataban, Timna, and Marib (the ancient capital of Sheba).

Thousands of inscriptions written on walls and rocks in Northern Arabia have also successfully collected.
Reliefs (pictures arise) and Bowl-Bowl offerings in the worship of "the daughters of God" have also been found.
The third PrincessGod is Al-Lata, Al-Uzza, and Manat are sometimes depicted together with Allah, the Moon
God, marked with a picture of the Crescent Moon on top of their images.
Archaeological evidence reveals that the most dominant religion in Arabia is the religion that performing
Ordinances worship worship the Moon God. Bible Old Testament thus constantly banning worship-worship of
the Moon God (see for example the Scriptures: Deuteronomy 4: 19; Deuteronomy17:3; Kings 21:3, 5; 2 Kings
23:5, Jeremiah 8:2, Jeremiah 19:13; Zephaniah 1:5).
At the time of Israel fell into idolatry merea usually do is ceremonial worship / worship of the moon god. In the
Old Testament times, Nabonidus (555-539 BC), the last king of Babylon, build Tayma, in Arabia, as a center
for the worship of the moon god.
Menyetakan Segall, "religious worshipers of heavenly bodies which adopted the South Arabia always
dominated by the worship of the moon god in various variations ".
Many scientists also observed that the name of the moon god, "Sin", is part of the Arabic word as "Sinai", "
wilderness of Sin", and so on.
When the moon popularity began to fade in other places, the Arabs but still maintain their belief that the moon
god was the god of the greatest of all gods.
When they worshiped 360 gods at the temple numbness there, Mecca, god moon is a god head. Indeed
Mecca was built as a shrine / temple to the moon god. That is why Mecca (and not other places) referred to as
the most sacred place in the Arab pagan worship.
In 1944, G. Caton Thompson revealed in his book, The Tombs and Moon Temple of Hureidha, that he had
found a place of worship of the moon god in southern Arabia (see Map 5). The symbols in sickle and not less
than 21 inscriptions with the name "Sin" is also found in places of worship (see diagram 5)
An idol that is most likely the moon itself has been found (see chart 6). This invention also later confirmed by
archaeological experts other famous.
The evidence reveals that the place of worship of the moon god remained active even in the Christian era is
rapidly growing. Evidence collected from both Arab Arab north and from the south revealed that the worship of
the moon god remained actively carried out by adherents even in the time of Muhammad, and it remains the
dominant religious ceremonies.
According to a large number of inscriptions, the name of the moon god was "Sin", while its title was al-ilah, "the
gods", which means god of the first and most high of all the gods. As revealed by Coon, "god Il or Ilah origin is
a phase of the moon god".

The moon called al-ilah, the gods, which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic era. Oang the pagan Arabs
even used Allah's name to name their children. For example, both Muhammad's father and uncle of using
God's name as part of their name. (Father, named Abdullah = man of God, his uncle, Obied God, never
converted to Islam).
That's the reality in the era of Muhammad which proves that God is a title of the moon god. Professir Coonsaid.
"Same as above, according to the teachings of Muhammad, a practical Iah not named, used Al-Ilah, God, or
Allah the Most High".

With the above facts terjawablah the question, "Why does the Qur'an never defines the notion of 'God' to
followers pengikutinya? And why Muhammad engasumsikan that the pagan Arabs already knew who Allah
was? [Where it came to a sudden change in the name of God Yahweh?].
Muhammad was raised in a religious environment that worshipped the Moon God named God, but he's a step
further than the people of the Arab idolaters. While they believe that God (the God of the Moon) is the most
important. most great compared to all the other gods and the gods the most inside the temple worship,
Muhammad decided that God not only is great but it is also the only God.
With imagination, Muhammad seemed to say, "see, you believe that God is a God of the Moon-God is the
greatest. So, what I want is that we agree that God is the only God. I do not negate God long ago you worship it
I will only exclude his wife (that question is the goddess of the Sun) and the daughters of God and I will also
exclude all other gods ".
This can be seen clearly from a slogan of Islamwhere there is mention of ALLAHU AKBAR, which is not to say
sebegaimana Word is translated "God is great" or "God is Greatest", but literally means "God is greater". He is
more the highest among all the gods. There is no other reason why Muhammad was declared "the greatest
God/bigger" but because of the context of the politheistik showing the existence of the belief in many gods who
moment by people before. The Arabic word isused to contrast "bigger" than the "smaller".
That it can justifiably be seen from the fact that the pagan Arabs never accused Muhammad taught about God
different figure with the figure of God which they had previously worshiped. "Allah" is the god of the moon as it
can be seen from the archaeological evidence that has been discovered.
So, Muhammad tried to right and left all the way. To the worshipers idols, he said that he still believed in the
Moon-god called Allah and the Jews and Christians, he said that Allah was their God too.
What a shame that the Jews and Christians know better, and they reject Allah his Lord Muhammad as a fake.
Al-Kindi, one of the early Christian defenders (former) state that the Islamic god called Allah and not from the
Bible but from pagan tribes Sabian. Sabian people do not worship Yahweh (biblical God) but they worshiped
the moon-god and his daughters are named Al-Lata, Al-Uzza, and Manat.
Dr.. Newman, of the results of her study of Christian-Muslim debate earlier concluded that: "Islam proved itself
as a separate and antagonistic religion which emerged from idolatry".
Scientists in Islamic studies named Caesar Farah concluded, "Therefore there is no reason to accept the idea /
notion that Muslims Allah is the same God as Christians and Jews are God ".
The Arabs worshiped the moon-god as a supreme deity. But it is not the same as that referred to in the Bible.
When the moon god (Allah) is expressed as the greatest god of all gods and goddesses are there, God is still
berkonsepan polytheistic gods other in the middle of the moon god.
Now we have found the idols of gods In the original, so no doubt that Allah is a pagan god (pagan) who has
been worshiped since pre-Islamic era.

it is not surprising if: Symbol of Islam is the crescent moon;

The crescent moon is located at the tops of mosques and minarets azan;
The crescent moon depicted on the flags of Islamic countries;

Muslims fasting month that begins and ends with the appearance of the crescent moon in the sky. [Wherever,
rites, ceremonies, names and symbols deity (moon-star) never emerged from the teachings of the Torah and
the Gospel. It is an abomination before the LORD; "..... Do not you redirect your eyes to the sky, so when you
look at the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, you are misled to worship and pray to all by it, which is
precisely given Yahweh, Elohim- you, to all peoples everywhere under the heavens as their part. "(Deut. 4:19)]
PeoplePagan Arabs worshiped the moon-god called Allah by praying facing Mecca several times a day, they do
serve a pilgrimage to Mecca; running around the place of worship of the moon god called Kaabah; kissing the
black stone; slaughtering animals for sacrificed to the God of the Moon; stoning of the Devil (evil spirits) and
stone; month-the month which begins and ends with the appearance of the Crescent Moon; giving alms to the
poor; and others.
Statement of Muslims that Allah is the Biblical God and that Islam is a continuation of the religion embraced by
the Biblical prophets and the Apostles is not true according to the archaeological evidence has been found.
Islam is not another revival of an Ordinance a religious worship for ancient times worshipped the Moon God.
Islam has even adopted the symbol of symbols, religious rites, religious ceremonies, and the name of his God
(meaning the name patron of Muslims) from pagan religions (infidels) kuni who worshipped the Moon God. Stuff
like that is the worship of idols, which is forbidden for people who follow the teachings of the Torah and the