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Representing Our Community to

Keep Drunk Drivers off our Streets.


A Proposal
For Local Bars and Restaurants
Adam Mora| Concerned Citizen | July 9, 2016

DWIs in Albuquerque

According to dwiresourcecenter.org
there has been an increase in alcohol related
crashes in the last two years. Alcohol related
crashes that end in death are 100%
preventable. There should be no intoxicated
drivers on the road with the current laws in effect. These laws are enforced to protect our
community. As seen in the graph we are currently increasing. Our City of Albuquerque does
have programs in effect to keep individuals who are intoxicated off the road. One known as
Tavern Taxi that is supported solely on the City of Albuquerque. This does leave a limited
amount of drivers for the entire area. The culture has changed currently with ride sharing
applications that people can easily download on their smartphones. That being said people
are not using those applications because at the end of the night a lot of people are left with
dead phone and no cash.
The rate of the new bars and restaurants serving alcohol can contribute to a solution
in ending alcohol related crashes that end in death. They can make a drastic influence on
saving lives by contributing funds to SAFERIDEABQ.org. SAFERIDEABQ.org is a non-profit
that works with local bar and restaurants to get additional drivers, discounts for ride


sharing, and DOT physicals for drivers. The presents of intoxicated people on the road is in
part because that individual spent time in your bar or restaurant.

The Problem
People are hopefully out at your establishment and enjoying themselves. Plans
never stay the same when alcohol is involved so in order to keep from going to a dry county
or losing your liquor license we need to share this burden to save lives. The problem is the
currently designated driver ride programs result in long waits right now because there is
not enough drivers currently driving with safe ride programs like Tavern Taxi. The need for
drivers is costly in getting individuals to pay 80-150 upfront to get a Medical Examination
Card from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There is an influx of drivers
who drive for ride sharing applications at the ended of the night that may cost and excessive
amount. Some people are paying excessive amount to
go out on holidays that really just seems like a reach for
exploding people are trying to do the right thing. The
amount of people who use ridesharing application is
growing and the more divers available the lower the
cost. In some cases people make a plan to take a ride
sharing application and they upcharge so high at the
end of the night that it becomes problematic to get


The other problem is there are programs that are available at the University of New Mexico
like the Campus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, but they also rely on the use of
Tavern Taxi according to http://cosap.unm.edu/campus-resources/safe-ride.html. If we
keep utilizing Tavern Taxi we find ourselves short and out of a resource that we need to
prevent accidents. The harsh truth is we do have to come together as a community to
prevent these hugely preventable accidents. Creating SafeRideABQ.org to assist the City of
Albuquerque Tavern Taxi is essential for your bar or restaurants success.

The Plan
In order to create SAFERIDEABQ.org needs our local establishments along with Nob Hill
Association, New Mexico Restaurant Association, Old Town Merchants Association, and
Downtown Action Team Inc. to contribute a small amount every month to ensure our roads
are safe. Before we get the website up and I it becomes a collaboration to protect our
community as we take some of the responsibly. We would have to hire local cab companies
to be paid directly from SAFERIDEABQ.org. In order to do that we need to have a startup
amount of 2500 Dollars. This start up is to pay for additional drivers Medical Examination
Cards. The City of Albuquerque has agreed to allow the SAFERIDEABQ.org to be on their
server for no cost because we want a safe environment here in Albuquerque.
After startup we will evaluate our needs and amount of Brewerys alone we can take 25.00 a
week from an establishment, that is only 100.00 a month. That would guarantee services
from SAFERIDEABQ.org. The additional cost goes to paying the 10 initial drivers a rate of
10.00/Hr and gas costs. There are over 40 Bars and Restaurants that can contribute to the
cost. If all local establishments contribute the cost can be lowered. After dues are paid for
three months we will then be able to incorporate Uber cost to the SAFERIDEABQ.org. Of


course a representative from the local establishment would be requesting both the drivers
and ridesharing. This would be to limit access to the establishments who are listed as
partners with SAFERIDEABQ.org.

SAFERIDEABQ.org mission is to ensure all of Albuquerque roads are safe from
drunk drivers by ensuring everyone who attends a bar or restaurant has a ride home. In my
personal experience has lead me to the conclusion that there needs to be something done
differently to prevent alcohol related crashes. I have had multiple family members on both
sides of the wheel in the scenario of being the individual who was drinking and driving and
being the individual who suffered the ultimate price. I have also currently be a part of
Airmen Against Drunk Driving for over 11 years. It was started because of a car crash that
involved three Airmen stationed at Holloman AFB. It has been a successful program to date
and involves funds directly from other Airmen. I also have experience working with large
accounts and book keeping was selected as Maintenance Group Credit Card Coordinator for
industrial and individual purchases with a Government Credit account of 250,000 dollars. I
also have a Technology Management Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of
New Mexico.

Cost and Benefit

The cost is minimal as mentioned earlier the cost would be 100.00 a month from your
establishment. It only takes a startup cost of 2500 dollars to get the drivers what they need
and be able to pay them for the first couple of weekends. Two Taxi companies here in
Albuquerque will be supplying the vehicles for the drivers. The cost of gas will also be taken


out of the initial cost for the first couple of weekends. The costs are minimal in comparison
to saving a life.
The benefits that you receive is peace of mind that your establishment did not release and
intoxicated individual on to our streets to cause an alcohol related crash resulting in death.
It also benefits all of us as a community to have a service available for the portion of
individuals who really enjoy coming to your establishment, but just happen to have a plan
change. The SAFERIDEABQ.org website and program will successfully keep prices down for
ridesharing applications, so people are able to afford their services as well. In turn this will
keep your patrons coming back because there is a safe community looking out for each

In Closing
We all want to feel safe when we are on the road. This program ensures that for all of us and
is something that can prevent alcohol related crashes resulting in death. The problem with
having few drivers does affect all of us. It is all of our responsibility to keep our community
safe and this program does assist greatly with that. I am looking forward to hearing from
your establishment as soon as possible. So we can have safe streets and affordable rides
home. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.


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