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The new Cayena
the perfect operator in dry and stony conditions

The new modern Cayena tine seeder is matter whether for coarse, medium or fine
designed for rapid sowing, with or without seeds, for mulch sowing, for sowing in
prior soil tillage. Its strength shows through, ploughed ground or into stubbles, with its
especially on hard and stony soils, and in 6 metre working width, the Cayena proves
dry regions where normal coulters fail. No its enormous efficiency. With operational


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TineTeC coulters
Exact harrow and wedge ring tyre roller p. 4/5

Unobstructed view thanks to the compact design

Precision metering p. 6/7

Technical data p. 8


The advantages of the Cayena

in one view:
P Sowing and optimum reconsolidation in
one operational pass
speeds of up to 15 km/h and a 2,800 litre P High acreage output with precise metering
seed tank the Cayena offers huge potential
P Easy pulling due to the narrow TineTeC
for maximum daily outputs.
P Ideal trash passage even with a large
number of rows: 36 coulters on 6 metres
P Optimised coulter guidance for the precise
seed placement
P Reconsolidation in strips with a wedge
ring tyre roller following every sowing

TineTeC coulters
Specialised for operation in the most arduous of conditions

The new TineTeC coulters optimise the acreage output on hard soils

Narrow row spacing,

ideal trash passage

36 tine coulters, 16.6 cm row spacing – the coulters

of the Cayena, arranged in a three row stagger on the
main frame, allow for an excellent passage of crop resi-
dues and stones in spite of the narrow row spacing.

Overload and stone safety device

Special rubber spring elements ensure the perfect matching of the coulters to the
ground contours – even in heavy soils and, at the same time, act as an overload
safety device.

Narrow and hard

Thanks to their extremely narrow shape the hard metal armoured coulters of the
Cayena easily penetrate the soil and move only a little soil – minimising the loss
of soil moisture when sowing. The narrow coulter shape offers additional decisive
advantages: The pulling power requirement of the Cayena is low and the wear
of the coulters is reduced to a minimum and, in spite of its large working width
of 6 metres, the Cayena can be operated with tractors from just 100 kW/136 HP.

“On-grip” tines

The narrow TineTeC coulters of the Cayena are arranged “on grip” and pull them-
selves automatically into the soil. As the machine is supported via the tractor’s
lower links and the wedge ring tyre roller in the rear, the downward pull of the tines
is limited. In this way a permanent, even placement depth of the seed, irrespec-
tive of the fill level of the seed tank is ensured. The two half-side setting elements
allow a central, quick and safe adjustment of the sowing depth.

Machine concept

Exact harrow and wedge ring tyre roller

Optimum levelling, coverage and reconsolidation

Blockage free – even where large amounts of straw prevail

Following the seed placement the

exact harrow III-S covers the seed fur-
row with loose soil and levels the soil.
The covering intensity of the harrow
can be also adjusted centrally.

1. 2. 3.

1. Sowing – chisel opener 2. Covering – exact harrow 3. Firming – wedge ring tyres

Exact and targeted: The reconsolidation

The AMAZONE wedge ring tyre roller, consisting of 12, above the seed sown. In this way, even in dry condi-
800 mm diameter tyre elements, follows the exact tions, the optimum germination is ensured. At the
harrow. The large diameter wedge ring tyre roller same time loose stones are pressed into the soil, so
provides a very smooth ride and at the same time that a separate operational pass with a roller is no
serves as the integrated running gear. Thanks to the longer necessary. Scrapers on the roller prevent
special profile, the wedge ring tyre roller reconsoli- blockage and smearing in wet conditions.
dates the seedbed in strips, precisely and exactly
Unobstructed view thanks to the compact design

Compact and manoeuvrable

Thanks to the lower linkage mounting, the integrated

running gear and the hydraulically folding tool carriers
the Cayena is exceptionally compact but, at the same
time, a very manoeuvrable unit being only 6.85 m long
with a transport width of only 2.9 m. These compact
dimensions are of decisive advantage, especially in
difficult terrain and for transport.

Large and slender

The 2,800 litre seed tank of the Cayena is both large

and compact, allowing for an unobstructed view of the
TineTeC coulters during operation. Everything is perma-
nently monitored. The large opening of the tank ena-
bles the simple and quick filling.

As the seed tank is fitted at the front of the Cayena the

major part of the machine weight rests on the rear axle
of the tractor, excellently improving the traction.

Useful for you:

The rollover cover safely protects from dust and rain. The internal lighting of the seed tank is coupled with the
traffic lights of the tractor.

Machine concept

Precision metering

The proficient heart of the Cayena

The proven full electric metering ensures a precise

setting of the seed rate you can rely on. You just have
to adjust the seed rate at the operator station, calibrate
the machine and enter the determined weight in the ter-
minal. Seed rate and operational speed – determined
via the impulses of the radar – determine the drive
speed of the metering rollers. In this way, inaccurate
seed rates in changing soil conditions are avoided.

For course, medium or fine seeds, exchangeable metering cassettes are

available – allowing for the adaptation to different seed sizes and seed
rates and thus for an absolutely even metering and the gentle treatment
of the seed. The metering cassettes can be quickly exchanged without any
tools, irrespective of the fill level of the seed tank.

On the Cayena, the calibration kit, the residue emptying and the changing of the metering rollers are in easy
reach, comfortably arranged and well accessible on the left hand side of the machine.

AMALOG+ – operation made easy

The clear and easy to operate AMALOG+ is the comfortable in-cab

terminal allowing the driver the control and monitoring of the Cayena.
The AMALOG+ display shows all important settings: the worked part
and total area (hectare counter), the operational speed, the fan
speed, the track marker position, the tramline rhythm and the seed
level in the tank.

Ready for all cases

In order to ensure a sufficiently high oil pressure and

the necessary oil volume for the hydraulic fan of the
Cayena when operating with older tractors, AMAZONE
offers a special hydraulic pump as option. It can be
mounted quickly and simply on to the universal joint
stub shaft of the tractor.

Technical data

Technical data Cayena

Working width [m] 6

Transport width [m] 3

Row spacing [cm] 16.6

Number of seed rows 36

Seed tank capacity [l] 2800

Payload in the field [kg] 3000

Operational speed [km / h] 8 –15

Power requirement (from) [kW / HP] 100 / 136

Linkage category Cat. III

Transport running gear 4 running gear wheels integrated in the wedge ring tyre roller

Number of wedge ring tyres 12

Total length (in operational position) [mm] 6850

Total height (in operational position) [mm] 2630

Max. drawbar load with full seed tank

(in the field) [kg] 3000

Braking system (with connection to the tractor) Hydraulic (not allowed in some countries
or for restricted use)

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