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Sharon Tate

Leaves You



M3R SOME YEARS NOW a certain prodFwood

ucer of television commercials in Hollymust have been wondering what happened
to the teen-age blonde who arrived to audition
for a cigaret advertisement. They gave her a
e.igaret, she inhaled deeply with the proper
look of ecstasy on her fabulous featuresand
passed out cold on the floor.
Well, time has turned that young blonde into a ravishing 22-year-old. Her name is Sharon
Tate and she has been studying hard ever since
in as concentrated a campaign for film stardom as
any in the recent annals of the movie industry. Now,
after all the acting lessons, the dancing lessons, the
sinking lessons, the vocal lessons, the moment of truth
lias arrived.
She is starting at the top in her first film, "13",
in a cast headed by David Nivcn and Kim Novak.
And producer Marty Ransolioff may win what amounts
lo a $50,000 gamble that she Is star material.
She showed up for her first-ever interview ready
to tell all.
"Where do I begin?" she asked trying to pull down
skirt short even by the latest Paris standards.
She was advised to start at the beginning and this
biography emerged:
She is 5 feet 5-1/2 inches tall, a natural blonde
with hazel eyes which change color. She weighs 112
pounds. She was born in Dallas but has never lived
long in one place because her father, Maj. Paul Tate,
now of San Pedro, Cal., is a career soldier. They were
stationed in Verona, Italy, when a friend in television
suggested she ought to try Hollywood. And there she

went a f t e r an unsuccessful uttempt to study t*s *

beautician in Houston, Tex.
"You must remember," she said continuing this
breathless tale, "that I was shy and bashful when
I reached Hollywood. My parents. were very strict
with me. 1 didn't smoke or anything. I only had just
enough money to get by and I hitchhiked a ride on a
truck to the office of an agent whose name I had.
That very first day he sent me for the cigaret commercial job. A girl showed me how it should be done,
you know taking a deep, deep breath and look
Miss Tale demonstrated the deep, deep breath.
At this point the waiter, who was serving tea, apologized for rattling the cups but there may be no
connection between these two events.
"I tried to do as she said," Miss Tate explained,
'lint the first breath filled my lungs with smoke and
I lauded on the floor. That ended my career in
cigard commercials."
Miss Tate, who smokes quite expertly now, said
her agent later decided she needed some experience
to overcome her shyness and took her along for a
minor role in the "Petticoat Junction" TV series.
Knler fate in the form of Ransolioff, who is producer
of the series.
'fl/I"AKTY saw me there," Miss Tate recalled, "and
IT Jl he said 'Baby'you know how Marty talks'Baby,
we're going lo make you a star." He took me to his
legal department and he said 'Sign this girl'. I'd only
been back in the Stales for three weeks when all
Hi is happened. What do you think of that?
We agreed America is the land of opportunity ml
Miss Tale went on:
"Up lo then I had been living on a tight allowance
from my folks and what with my' sheltered life wnd

all I had never even driven a car. But when I signed

with Marty the contract provided for a car and that
was the first thing I got. That and a dog. These little
things count, you know. The very first night I got
the car I wrecked it.
"Later I was on a bus and a boy of about 16
said to me: 'There's been a terrible crash on Sunset
Boulevard'. I said 'I know, it was me.' He looked
at me. Suddenly he kissed me and jumped off the bus."
We agreed this was an encoiirusiiig display of
initiative by American youth.
TUST when she thought she could really act she played
* a test with Steve McQueen, the first time she
had ever appeared with an actor of his power. "I was
in shock for three days afterwards," she said. "But
he taught me a lot. He showed me how to really act."
Miss Tale's boy friend is a Hollywood hair stylist.
Her hobby is people.
"They'd have flipped in Hollywood if they knew
what I was doing for amusement," she said. "About
once a month I'd have an 'experience'. By 'that I
mean I'd go somewhere on my own and just look at
and listen to people. I went to a bar once at midnight
and a woman said to me: 'Why drink here when you
could have men buy you drinks for nothing at
other bars?'
"I used to do the same soil of thing in Italy by
taking different trains. Once I met six men from
Moscow, Russia. They were fascinating too."
"13" is the screen version of the novel "The Day
of the Arrow." Ransohoff is so sure of his protege he
has already cast her for a comedy.
(United Press International)

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