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Femoral Artery total rupture with the Action By Pass Femoro Popliteal

with saphenous vein graft

Case Report
Aswad Affandi1, Yopie Afriandi Habibie 2
Resident, Departement of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Syiah Kuala,
The Zainoel Abidin General Hospital, Banda Aceh
Thorax and Cardio Vascular Surgeon, Departement of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Syiah Kuala,
The Zainoel Abidin General Hospital, Banda Aceh

The most common of soft tissue sarcoma are liposarcoma, malignant fibrohisticystoma
(MFH), and leiomyosarcoma.(1) Liposarcoma arise in the deep muscle planes and, rarely, from
the subcutaneous tissue. Most connom in extremity .Wide excision is the treatment of
choiche, with radiation therapy reserved for metastatic disease(2). Vascular resection,however,
increases the width of the resection margin. Therefore, it was proposed that whenever it is
impossible to achieve a wide resection margin without vascular resection, vascular resection
is indicated. Arterial and venous blood flow were restored with respect to the resection site,
the extent of the vascular defect, and residual venous drainage. In type I and II situations,
arteries were reconstructed either by ring-enforced synthetic prostheses (expanded
polytetrafluoroethylene [ePTFE] or Dacron or by autologous vein (reversed greater
saphenous vein [GSV]). In type I and III settings, deep iliac and/or femoral veins were
reconstructed by ring-sustained ePTFE prostheses or autologous vein grafts (nonreversed
GSV). If the GSV had not been removed previously and was patent, venous replacement was
not routinely performed. Anatomic repair was the preferred reconstruction, and the
contralateral GSV was the preferred autologous graft.(3)
Case report
Male patients, age 50 years with a diagnosis of liposarcoma is being performed wide excision
consulted with active bleeding with a total rupture of the right femoral artery, deep femoral
artery and superficial femoral artery dextra. Do repair an artery with anastomosis end to side
with Femoro popliteal bypass with saphenous vein graft.
Leg fixation with a back slab. 24 hours post-surgery evaluation of the limb with the results
pulsation femoral artery dextra and sinistra same, pulsation popliteal dextra and sinistra same
arterial pulsation tibialis anterior and posterior right and left alike, arterial pulsation dorsalis
pedis dextra and sinistra same, akral warm and sensory and the same motor. Patients go home
the outpatient POD to 5 to keep taking the CPG for 3 months. Outpatients after 6 days
Total Femoral Arterial rupture is a very rare case. One risk factor is Iatrogenic. Although
patients go home without complications, but should the patient has been diagnosed before
complications occur that will reduce morbidity and mortality.
Keyword : Limb saving, total rupture of right the femoral artery, Femoro popliteal bypass

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