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Planning 10 Health

Lucia Sun

Please answer the following questions in point form.
1. Name the three families of STIs
Hint: Click on the STIs/STDs link at the top of the page

Viral Infections
Bacterial Infections
Parasitic/Fungal Infections

2. For each family how many types of STIs are there?

There are 3 types of STIs for each family.
3. Write down one STI for each family, fill in the following.
Hint: Click on the left hand side of the page
Name: Gonorrhea

Nickname: The Clap

Prevention: Condoms are able to help prevent the spread of Gonorrhea

Symptoms: There are four stages for Gonorrhea and the first two is the
most infectious. At the first stage, a single open sore at the point of
infection, typically on the genitals, anus or throat. This sore will
typically appear Between 10 to 90 days after infection (21 days on
average). This sore will heal spontaneously in 3-8 weeks, but this does
not mean that the syphilis infection is gone or that the person is no
longer infectious. At the second stage, usually three months after
treatment, they mimic flu symptoms and may include hair loss
(including eyebrows and eyelashes), muscle and joint pain, rashes
(particularly on the palms and soles of the feet), and fever and swollen
glands. People with secondary syphilis may also generally feel unwell
and you may lose weight.

Testing: A blood test, or a swabbing from an infected sore

Treatment: Cured with antibiotics
Name: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Nickname: HIV

Prevention: Using condoms, getting tested and/or treated

Symptoms: HIV cannot be identified by symptoms
Testing: HIV testing (there is a three-month window for the testing
which means you know your result of testing after 3 months)
Treatment: No treatment for now
Name: Trichomoniasis

Nickname: Trich

Prevention: Using condoms

mild discharge
irritation or redness at the top of the penis
burning during urination
Men may often become unknowing carriers of trich infections.
Treatment is required to ensure that a trich infection is
completely gone
Discharge from the vagina
Vaginal odour
Pain during intercourse or urination
Irritation or itchiness of the vagina

Testing: Physical examination or lab testing

Treatment: A single oral dose of an antibiotic called Metronidazole

4. Name 3 ways you can prevent yourself from getting an STI.

Using condoms
Getting tested/treated
Avoid sharing towels and clothing that have not been washed

5. Name 3 facts/things you found interesting from the website.

The dental dam is placed over a womans vulva before her
partner performs oral sex on her, and acts as a barrier between
her partners mouth and her genitals.
A major consequence of untreated STIs is infertility.
According to the chart below, based on a survey from the United
States, by the age of 16-17 over half of males and about a
quarter of females said they masturbated at least once in the
past month.