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Tutorial 2 Quiz

1. What command allows you to create a rectangle knowing the width, height and that the
anchor position is at the upper left corner of the rectangle?

Rectangular shapes option

2. What does Assign tool number sequentially allow you to do?


Allows to overwrite the tool number from the library with next available tool number

3. What does clearance value set?


Clearance value sets the height at which the tool rapids to or from the part.

4. When would you use an open pocket toolpath?


Allow you to remove the material inside of a chain entities that dont have the same
start and end point.
Use open pocket cutting method to allow the tools to start from open edge

5. What does Depth cuts dialog box allow you to set?


Depth cuts are the Z axis cuts that the tool make in a pocket toolpath.

6. How does contour ramp type generate the toolpath?


Remove material along a path defined by a chain of curves

Allows to use a continuous ramp transition smoothly between depth cuts, instead of
individual plunge cuts

7. How should you set the depth value when machining a 2D chamfer contour?

Set depth value to 0.0 relative to the chained geometry and mastercam calculate the
tool depth from chamber dimensions.

Tutorial 7 Quiz

1. What command and what options were enabled to create the 3D wireframe?

Using Xform or translate

2. What does WCS stand for?


WCS stand for work coordinate system.

3. What entities can be defined a new plane, using the geometry option in the View

Tplane, Cplane or work coordinate system (WCS)

4. What is facing toolpath used for?


Used to quickly clean the stock from the top of a part and create an even surface for
future operations. It can base the toothpath on either chained geometry or on current
stock model.

5. What would require as toolpath geometry and how would you set the Final Depth value
when machining pockets with different depths in the same operations?

The value is set to 0 and incremental is measured from two geometry chain that had
been selected. This insures that both of them are going to be machinedto the
appropriate depth
Toolpaths and face
Pocket, geometry and chains

6. How does the system calculate the stock for remachining when compute remaining
stock from roughing tool diameter is enabled?

Based on the size of the roughing tool diameter that you enter

7. How is the tip length of the drill calculated in the drilling operation?

Tip length value is automatically calculated by the system based in the diameter and
angle of the tool. The value is added to the final depth

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