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The article is a bit different from the usual interviews since here the point if

mainly for people to discover Mt Takao (very easy to reach from Tokyo city and s
till part of Tokyo district. If you want to spot an artist, especially catch him
/her on a date, forget TokyoTo & SkyTree, thats the spot!). Thought it was fairly
cute to imagine WMatsui going hiking so I hope youll enjoy it like I did~
Lets go outdoor all cute and cool.
Love Mt. Takao. SKE48 Matsui Rena&Jurina first ascension of Mt. Takao!
Enhanced charm and vitality with Mountain Girls outfits.
The peppy with boyish vibes Jurina-san and the composed high-class lady-like Renasan. Even though theyreSKE48s central figures and lead the group together as such, t
hey give off signs of two perfectly opposed personalities.
Mount Takao one of the first days of autumn, despite the early rising both appea
r with a smile brighter than the sun itself. Theyve trade their usual costumes to
outdoor clothes and transformed into mountain girls.
Jurina - The red hat and check jacket are todays clothing fashion point. Even for
climbing the american casual style is good, isnt it?
Rena - I tend to wear plain clothes but since we go outdoor I picked a printed l
ong sleeves t-shirt and leggings with dots. Everything is colorful, I took quite
some risks today (laugh).
Surrounded by the natural colors of the scenery around them, their vivid outfits
are like shining. Cute .
Q - Both of you are from Aichi-ken and your activities are based in Nagoya too.
Could it be your first time coming to Takao?
Rena - Its actually my 3rd time coming here. My mother likes power spots so I came
with her. But I never climbed the mountain. I always stopped to eat soba on the
way to the shrine and then waited, passing the time looking at jinzous. So toda
y will actually be a first.
Jurina - Eh-? Pity you never climbed! Myself, Ive got the feeling I came here a l
ong time ago but roughly its my first time here!!
Rena - Roughly?! (laugh)
Thrilling recollections of their climbing experiences in elementary school
Here we have Jurina-san who declares openly I love outdoor!and Rena-san who is kno
wn for being a complete indoor person.
Jurina - We often had excursions in the mountain with my school. Once we were al
l climbing a long path of steep stairs when suddenly the girl in front of me tri
pped and leant toward me. I had no space behind me because everyone was followin
g so close and I realized that if I felt too we would end up like dominos! So I
prevent the girl in front of me to fall on us by forcibly pushing her forward. I
t was a close call. Thats what marked me the most from those expeditions.
Rena - It was The tale of Jurinas alpine heroic deed!
Jurina - Whats your memory?

Rena - Me too it was when I was in elementary. We went on a field trip to observ
e the vegetation and it was a lot of fun~ It was a small mountain in our area bu
t I already loved high places at the time. Right now I want to try Mt. Fuji .
Jurina - Youre the indoor type and yet you want to climb Japan highest summit?
Rena - . Shame there is no cable like here.
Time for us to leave there this inexhaustibly fun chat and head to the complete
coverage of WMatsuis first ascension.
WMatsuis happy first ascension - Complete coverage.
Double dose of excitement and discovery
Track n1, easy route to the summit!
The departure point for this expedition was Takaos lift station at the base of th
e mountain, the longest one in all Japan with its 872 meters. As they gained alt
itude and the panorama unveiled itself around them, Jurina-san showed signs of t
ension while Rena-san keept a perfect composure.
Jurina - Waaa Thats scary~
Rena - It feels good~
After 12 minutes spent in the air they arrived mid-way to the top and so started
the ascension by foot. But as soon as they started walking, a statue of bronze
came to view!
Rena - Eh? It doesnt remind you of Sugiyama-san from Wagaya?

Jurina - (transforming her voice) Like Im letting you say that(famous line from Sugi
ama often heard in the comic trio WaGaYa) (tln : he was also there when that happe
ned *ahahah*)
They kept progressing while imitating and discussing about the famous comic trio
when suddenly, a sweet smell reached them Here they decided to make a stopover a
t the Soba house Kasumi.
Jurina - They sale dango! I want some!
Shopkeeper - Those are 3 fortunes dango. From the top they are for great fortune (da
ifuku), happiness (koufuku) and can you guess the 3rd one?
Jurina - I know! Must be satiety (manpuku)
Shopkeeper - (laugh) Too bad, its prosperity (yuufuku).
Pass the shop is Kasumidai viewpoint. After observing the city and its high build
ing in the horizon for a while, the two started walking again. After a short mo
ment, theJuuichichoume Chayacame to view, with souvenirs displayed outside.
Rena - What is that thing? Its so cute!
Her attention had been caught by the tengu shobon straps. Hearing their excited vo
ices, the lady holding the stand offered them both one strap .
Next they passed by the monkey garden, the octopus cedar, to finally reach Joshi
n gate. From here starts Mt. Takaos Yakuouin temple ground. Lowering their heads
and bowing, both passed through the gate.

Rena - It makes you feel somehow tense to pass through this gate and bowed to it
, no?
Coming to sight with a small shrine dedicated to protect walkers and climbers, t
hey prayed to achieve safely their ascension. Path n1 continues from here with st
eep stairs leading to the summit. Both started walking up the path with enthusia
Rena & Jurina - We prayed to the shrine, it will be alright.
Reaching the top, both seemed to be in wonder at the scenery offered by the pano
rama unveiling before their eyes. They washed away a bit of their tiredness by p
icking up anmitsu and ramune at Yamabiko Teahouse , regaining their peps back in t
he process. As regrettable as it was, time had come to go down again. They walke
d down the path they had previously used, but halfway, they boarded the cable ca
r. The way the cable goes down the steep slope gives the sensation of being in a
Rena - My heart throbs in excitement!
Jurina - Zzzzz (pretending to sleep?!)
Safely arrived at the foot of the mountain, they finally reach the goal of this
journey Mt. Takaos Takahashi restaurantto savor tororo soba.
Rena - Its hard to conceive such greenery and nature in Tokyo, I feel refreshed!
Jurina - I had fun, it was like going on a date with Rena
As both were holding hands all along, it seems that their bond deepened again th
rough this journey.