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Counselling- do not give answer agad, ask for documentary evidence

be polite
client's appreciation of facts might be different from what is really the fact
try to speak in filipino to be understood
be effective communicators
let them state the facts to get the best pictur
anu po ba gusto natin mangyari
know what is relevant
what does the client want
cross questions/leading question
complaint must be verified
determine what
lead the dscussion by asking questions
always ask 4 copies of the document
always better to have the photocopies
donot give a categorical answer
inventory june july no hearing will fix the court dockets
manage the expectation of the client
do not mislead the client
complete evaluation of the case

prepare pre-trial brief
preliniadry conference(judicial affidavits should be available)
how to prepare documents for pre marking
have a clear back, with photocopy and original
faithful reproduction-para di na dalhin lagi original

exhibit a birth cert with control no.1234 describe document say no. of pages i
have here the original and photocopy i am present it for comparison that it is
the faithful reproduction of the original
wag maniwala(state for the record counsel nodded his head, confirm)
make sure you have evrerythin verbalize in the tsn-dyan sila nagrerely
write a letter request for your client-getting the copy
if not na talaga-establish the secondary evdience-must be included in the
list of exhibit
for marking-photocopy
provisional marking- will be presented later on
courts iba iba sa judaff rule
pretrial brief-ask format from atty toni
summary of admitted facts-includes refusal to deny put foot note
codigos allowed in court except if you are a witness
you have the right to refuse the stipulations
incase of doubt do not stipulate
prepare an spa (rule 18) notarized, copy of the id in the notarial
meet the client to refresh the memory
make sure that judaff is compliant

We donot object -motion for resetting

Motion on hearing
Notice of hearing-always
W/o it -proforma, stricken out
must know the motion day for civil or crim case

record of courts and branches with phone numbers, be friend the staff, call
the court the day before the hearing to confirm
if resched, go to court pa din
3 day notice to the other party,LBC not recognize
setting of hearing no later than days from the day of the filing of the motion
personal service, pakisulat name date, pag wala tender lang
accused always present
-bring school calendar
I am intern keme of sanbeda college alabang legal aid center appearing
udner the fdirect control and supervision of keme for the plaintiff/defendant,
we are ready your honor
pwede dn sabihin lahat ng interns
May we call on the witness"if any"
Go over
do you affirm and confirm your judicial affidavit
Crossbe prepared cross
if you donot know the answet of the witness do not ask
leading questions on cross-ok