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May 27, 2010 NEW MONITOR

St. Joseph’s Oldest Parishioner Recounts Ties to Church
By: Joseph Cabadas Gladys Lepouttre (left) was born in
Detroit’s new automotive industry Detroit in 1911, nearly 99 years ago.
was booming – the Ford Model T and
General Motors were less than three devotional meetings each Tuesday
years old while the city’s population and members take Holy Communion
had grown to 465,000 people – when to the homebound and perform other
Gladys Lepouttre was born on July spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
11, 1911, in the neighborhood around Meeting the second Sunday of each
Eastern Market. month, the Holy Name Society is a
The only child of Albert Rose Catholic men’s organization whose
and his French-Canadian wife, Lena members devote their everyday duties
(Beaudoin) Rose of Windsor, the to God and their neighbor while
nearly 99-year-old Gladys recently aiming to lead lives of manly virtue
reconnected with St. Joseph Catholic and of good example, resounding to
Church, 1828 Jay Street. Near the the greater glory of God.
intersection of Gratiot Avenue and “I was married to Leo Weinert
Orleans Street, St. Joseph’s parish is for 45 years and he was the father
where her parents were married back of my children,” Gladys said. “He
in 1907 and where her first husband, came from a family of seven boys. I
St Joseph

Photo by Jude Beres

Leo Weinert, and oldest son, Larry met him at church when I was 15 or
Weinert, went to school. A traditional, 16 and he had just graduated from St.

historic German church featuring Joe’s. He wanted to go on for more
Victorian Gothic Revival architecture schooling after graduation, but didn’t
and extensive wood carvings on the have enough money.”
inside, it offers a traditional Latin Instead, Leo Weinert got a job at St. Joseph, foster father of our
mass at 10:30 a.m. and an English John Morrell & Co., a nationwide Lord Jesus Christ, and true spouse
mass at noon on Sundays. meat packing company, where he
of the Virgin Mary, pray for us.
“I lived on Leland Street and it worked out of an office on Gratiot,
was a nice neighborhood with a lot of not far from St. Joseph’s, starting God our Father,
German and Italian people,” she said. as an office boy and working his
“My mother worked in the factory Traditional weddings are the mainstay of St. Joseph’s parish, and have way up to sales person. “He was a Creator and Ruler of the universe, in
during World War I. My father was changed little since Glady’s mother was married here in 1907. wonderful man and a good Catholic every age you call man to develop
boy,” she said. “He died in 1977. I and use his gifts for the good of
a machinist and came home awfully
dirty.” Founded in 1855, for a century opportunities from first grade up later remarried to Maurice Lepouttre others. With St. Joseph as our
One of the original dancers for the and a half, St. Joseph’s has been through high school. Today the of Belgium. He died in 1999 and I’m example and guide, help us to do
Fox Theatre, Gladys was baptized at a Detroit cornerstone of faith and schools are gone, but the church a widow but I had good marriages. I the work you have asked and come
nearby St. Elizabeth’s parish – and center of worship. Construction on has two active ministries for lay have five children, 17 grandchildren to the rewards you have promised.
then as her parents moved around the present church structure began parishioners including the Maria and 12 great-grand babies. Can you We ask this through our Lord Jesus
during the early 1910s and 1920s, she in 1870 to replace a much smaller Liebesbund (Legion of Mary) and imagine that?” Christ, your Son, who lives and
attended several other churches, but wood frame building. The parish Holy Name Society of St. Joseph Now living at the Atria Shorehaven reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
her life has been linked to St. Joseph’s also offered extensive educational Church. The Legion of Mary holds retirement community in Sterling one God, for ever and ever.
in many ways. “My parents were Heights, Michigan, Gladys has
reconnected with St. Joseph’s, the Amen.
married here back in 1907 – my father
grew up in this parish,” she said. “My parish that her family has had many St. Joseph grips the heart
first husband (Leo Weinert) went to deep ties with, by going to mass
occasionally with her daughter and of people He wants here ...

Corpus Christi people come in, sometimes

school here and my children went to
school here so St. Joseph’s has been son-in-law.
“It is really a beautiful place here,” they cry; and they know it is a
a part of my family.” place for them to be.

she said.
Chris Gray,
SACRED Sunday, June 6, 2010 In ‘Your’ long time parishioner

MUSIC Mass at 10:30 a.m.

Latin Novus Ordo you are
For over a century and a half, St.
Joseph Parish has provided one of the Featuring May we pray for you?
most outstanding music programs in It is a Catholic tradition to offer
the region. The St. Joseph Capella Choir
a mass for the intention of someone,
The present church was dedicated with Full Orchestration by a loved one, living or deceased. We St. Joseph Church welcomes
in 1873 with Heiligmesse (the Holy THE SAINT JOSEPH ACADEMY OF MUSIC you to worship God with us
Mass) of Franz Joseph Haydn, the invite you to call us and make a Mass
Request for yourself, someone you love in our historic church.
first performance of that work in Missa O Quam Gloriosum - Tomas Luis de Victoria or a special purpose or cause. When
Michigan. St. Joseph’s music program
often performs classical works by Lauda Sion - Carl Gottileb Reissiger you call a date is set for your special Mass Schedule
composers that can seldom if ever Hoc Corpus - Johann Ernst Eberlin mass. The person receives prayer and Sunday: 10:30 am Latin
be heard anywhere else. Most are not their name appears in our bulletin that Noon English
available on recording, but some are St. Joseph Catholic Church day. Call to make your mass request:
available for listening at saint-joseph- Gratiot, across from the Eastern Market Wednesday: 12:10 pm
Mollie Murphy (734) 355-7195. Gregorian Chant is 1828 Jay St., Detroit, MI 48207 followed by a Novena to St. Joseph
sung at all Latin Masses. (313) 831-6659
The highly praised choir is St.
Joseph Capella and St. Joseph St. JosephChurch Come visit us, and experience
traditional worship in
Academy of Music musicians perform
four orchestral masses per year. The Newcomers Welcome! 1828 Jay St.
magnificent surroundings.
choir performs regularly and is now Gratiot across from Eastern Market
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