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Run Time: 75 Min.

Rating: R
OPEN: Gotham City. Rain. Pan over too Haley Circus, a sign in
In the Haley Circus we get a glimpse at Dick Grayson, bright eyed
and 12 years old. Flying through the air narrowly missing, his
parents catch him. They Land and Dick hugs his parents tight,
They reassure him that theyll always be there to catch him. John
Grayson gives Dick his Grappling hook, so if they cant catch
him, he can catch himself.
CUT TO: GOTHAM PENTHOUSE Vicki Vale, probably the most
beautiful woman on earth. A fiery red head, talking into an ear
peace. Drinking a Martini in a Robe.
She goes a rant of the weirdness of Superheroes and how the best
thing a hell hole like Gotham Could come up with is: BATMAN.
Nowhere near as hot as Superman. Counteracting that is Bruce
Wayne, who she calls the Mortal Superman. She gets a call from
Alfred Pennyworth, she questions about the status of her
appointment of interviewing Bruce Wayne, Alfred responds with
asking if she would care to go on a date with Bruce to which she
jumps at.
Batman Hunting in Gotham, Running, Laughing. Loving being Batman.
He drops down and Beats some thugs. He gets a call from Alfred
confirming the date with Vale.
Bruce and Vicki meet at the circus. Background of the Circus
scene, the Flying Graysons stretch to get ready. Hands trade
money back stage.
Vicki interviews Bruce. Bruce watches the Flying Graysons. They
do a gambit of questions while camera focuses on the Graysons
doing their acrobatics.
They do three acts. The three of them first, then just Dick, and
finally John and Mary.
The Interview continues, POV shows a Gunmen aiming, carefully he
shoots while John and Mary are on the same wire The Bullet hits
the cord and they DROP! Landing off screen, Dick looks in horror.
Bruce reacts badly to this, runs off, Vale attempts to go after
CUT TO: CROWD The Shoot, JOCKO-BOY VANZETTI. Trying to escape.
The Gates close. Jocko runs into an enclosed area. Batman
attacks Jocko, taking him down Police escort Grayson. Batman
activates his comms asking Alfred who is taking Grayson. Alfred
responds with two cops who are dirty. Bullock takes in Jocko.

BATMAN has to go after The boy, Batman has to modify his plans,
Alfred questions that and Bruce reveals his original plans for
Grayson to be his ward.
Vicki Vale attempts to stop the Cops she gets taken down, Alfred
goes too intervene the cop pulls a gun. Backing them both down.
The cops continue with the Boy Alfred is furious at Bruce,
Vicki drives the car trying to follow them without being obvious.
She follows them to Slaughter Swamp.
They drag the boy out, Vales eyes go wide as they pull out a
gun! She gets out, running too the Cops screaming at them A
screeching muffles her voice, they all hear it, Alfred tries to
pull Vale in the car she refuses a horde of BATS erupt around
the cops The BATMOBILE SLAMS through the police cars! Vale is
dragged in the car, the Police car slams into Bruces car forcing
it into a tree. Batman beats up the Cops Picking up Grayson
Youve been drafted into a WAR!
The cops call for back up, and ambulances. Alfred Kicks the Cop
down, Batman pulls the Car out with a grappling hook. Tells
Alfred to take her to the hospital. Batman hears cops in the
distance. He takes the boy and puts him in the batmobile, drives
Alfred drives Vale away cut to: Batmobile being chased by cops.
His scanners read the faces of the cops, all of them known to be
A full blown Chase scene.
Alfred brings Vale to the E.R. tells them what the scratches are.
Batman and Grayson are flying through the air Dick begins to
calm down and realization hits, Batman Orders him to Not cry! The
car drops into the ocean the Batmobile transforms into a boat
mode THEY ENTER the BATCAVE. Grayson passes out from the
Adrenaline. Alfred calls Batman, Dick is sleeping, Batman
instructs Alfred to call Eckhart and Call Clark Kent. Batman
tells Alfred the moron doesnt even know he can fly.
Cut to: BLACK CANARYS BAR. Black Canary is a beautiful blond
with the physique of a cage fighter. She is being harassed by a
number of men, with quick intercuts of: A Stick of dynamite and a
fuse. Each comment the Fuse gets shorter until WHAM! She kicks a
harasser in the face! A bar Brawl breaks out and Black Canary
kicks all kinds of ass.
Black Canarys Boss Liam, gets into an Argument with her, he
harasses her he Gets kicked out of a Window. She steps out Onto
a Motorcycle.
Cut to: Metropolis Yesterday. Clark Kent in his apartment.
Pooring a glass of milk, watching the News Advertising the
Recents events in GOTHAM: BATMAN KIDNAPS CHILD. He crushes the
Milk carton eyes red with rage. His cell Phone rings. He
answers it Modulated voice saying Hello Superman. He lets out

Quick Cut To: Superman running across water.

Cut to: BATMAN running across the Rooftops of Gotham. Taps an ear
piece. He looks into a visor, A COP CAR. In the backseat JOCKO.
Batman Glide Kicks the Cop Driving. He Pulls Jocko out.
Alfred watches the surgery of Vicki Vale. Leaves when Doctors
give him the gist of how shes doing.
Black Canarys Motorcycle starts riding through the DIXON DOCKS.
Group of thugs watch her from a distance. They talk to each
other, Basically: The boss is taking tonight off, Keep anyone in
a mask busy.
They step out and begin to harass her. They Call her Love
Chunks and she flips out, She begins attacking them, Getting the
upper hand, they pull out guns begin firing.
Cut to: Batman throwing Jocko in the trunk. The gunshots radiate.
Batman gives a Damn. No time for this. He races off
BLACK CANARY pinned down. Bullets erupt around her. A voice tells
her too stay down, his voice BATMAN, erupting from the shadows,
throwing Batarangs. Flipping mid-air to kick a goon. Batman
starts kicking ass. A thug comes at him with a rocket Launcher,
Batman wonders where he got that! Leaps out of the way (Camera
jokingly pans down to the crates around them, some of them
Military hardware)
He puts his back behind a crate. Looks over to Black Canary
chunks of the crate, Batman and Black Canary look inside Bleach
Bottles. Batman yells for Canary to toss the Bleach.
He grabs it, opens the flairs. Lets take you suckers too
school In Chemistry!
He launches the Bleach bomb the fire blows some back, Batman
kicks their asses. Helps Black Canary up.
CUT TO: RAIN, falls hard Thunder cracks.
WAYNE MANOR Alfred Hitting a Punching bag. Behind the Bag is a
portrait of Thomas and Martha. He talks to it while hitting the
CUT TO: BATCAVE. Dick Grayson wakes up, pajamas laid out for him.
A NOTE: Heres some Clothes Kid Batman.
Grayson puts the Pajamas on looking around, the Cave. Still very
much in progress. He searches around, pieces of rubble Collapse
under him. He grabs for the ledge, doesnt catch it, falls a few
feet down. He wonders around some more looking around. He finds
a Rack of Weapons. Grabs a bow and Arrow set. He thinks back
Watching movie with his dad ROBIN HOOD.
He searches the Cave Gets startled. Rats hiss at him, he is
uneased. They freak him out. The rats run at him, he runs from
them, He leaps over a rock, they look vicious and hungry He
puts the Arrows on the bow Shoots three Hits them. The Rats
scatter. He vomits (off screen).

The Loud Growling of the Batmobile rumbles. Batman shouts for

Grayson. Grayson looks up, he pulls out his dads Grappling Hook.
He throws it and climbs up with the bow and arrow.
BATMAN STANDS. Holding Jocko bound and gagged. Batman drops Jocko
onto a chair. Batman tells Grayson its time to choose: Crusader
or Avenger. Fighter or Killer. Tells Grayson this is the man who
killed his parents. Dick draws back the bow shoots it, the
Arrow rips the tape of Jockos mouth Batman is impressed. Dick
steps to him and Kicks him down makes him tell him why his
parents was shot. He says he was paid, Grayson orders him to
tell. He does THE JOKER. Batman is shocked.
Cut To: MOTEL GOTHAM. Joker Looks at a window, a massive and
neat dragon tattoo on his back. He talks to himself about the
Gotham City. A woman in his bed talks to him, He caresses her.
Talks about her, She gets up brushing her hair, jokes about him
slipping something in her drink. He begins telling her about him.
She reaches for something, turns it over its a date rape Drug
Joker: I love you in my own special way.
He Hits her. Teeth fly. This isnt for kids. He flips her over.
Ties her tie around her throat. Talking to her, easing her. Kills
He leaves the room Dressed. Tells a Thug BRUNO to get rid of
Cut to: BATCAVE. Batman drops Jocko into the trunk of the
batmobile. Alfred sets a plate of food down. Gives it to Grayon
a bacon cheeseburger and fries, He jumps at it. Batman freaks
out on Alfred. Questions Alfred Alfred tells Batman hes not
letting this kid suffer, Tells Batman hes not his slave. Batman
refuses to unhand Alfred, Alfred punches Batman! Batman leaves.
Batman orders Grayson to have a costume ready by the time he gets
Cut to: Batman driving the Batmobile. Hanging Up Jocko Boy at the
Green Lantern shines his Symbol. Batman lets out a DAMN. Cut to


Run Time: 75 Min.
Rating: R
Woman strolling down the street, angry each step is very
purposeful. She enters an old Warehouse. Rides an elevator. She
enters a basement room Joining her are: SUPERMAN, GREEN
LANTERN, and PLASTIC MAN. They have a discussion about Batman.
Plastic Man Love him. Green Lantern is willing to give him a
shot. Superman says he needs to stop. He threatens the Idea of
Batman knowing their secret identities as well. Green Lantern
Promises to take care of it.
Cut to: Batman. Where we left him. Damn. He confronts Green
Lantern, chiding him as the Milky Ways Top Cop. Green Lantern
wants to talk to him. Batman says fine, gives him a day and time.
Batman returns to the Cave. An Arrow Flys at him Batman catches
it. Grayson introduces himself as HOOD Batman pulls him down by
the hood. Tells him hes Robin.
CUT TO: GOTHAM running down the street BARBARA GORDON. She runs
with ecstatic energy happy as can be. Enters her apartment, hugs
her dad Commissioner Gordon on the Phone. Tells her dad shes
going to bed. She runs into her room. A cat meows at her, she
shushes it. Puts on a Handmade Batgirl costume. Tells her Cat
Hey always be good at B.S.Ing your dad especially when hes a
cop. Leaps out the window.
Cut To: Green Lantern lands in front of a Building. Enters A
YELLOW ROOM. Batman and Robin completely painted yellow. Batman
chides the ring about being vulnerable too yellow. They have
their discussion. GL Gets pissed punches the shit out of Batman.
Robin loses his shit on Green Lantern and beats him up, breaking
Green Lanterns face, Batman stops Robin. Batman apologizes for
his protg and removes his mask. Tells him if it makes The
Supermans Justice League happy they can have his identity. He
knows too much for them to actually spill the beans.
Cut To: Batgirl Fighting Crime. Kicking Butt of some muggers.
They run and she follows getting cut off by seeing Catwoman
leaping out window. Batgirl Follows her.
Cut to: JOKER. Entering a Den. Selina Kyles home. Asks her if
she wants to join in some mayhem. She is All Ears
Cut to: JOKER being escorted to Arkham Asylum.
Batman and Robin enter a cemetery. Batman tells him to find his
Parents, say goodbye. Robin steps to his parents grave. Drops to
his knees, cries. Batman breaks this gruff shell and hugs Robin.
Tells him its going to be ok.
MONTAGE: Batman and Robin training. Bringing Grayson to his
philosophy. Teaching him to be a trained fighter. Batman tells

Grayson what the original plan. Grayson asks him about the girl
he was with at the Circus, Bruce says its been taken care of.
CUT TO: A teenager Jimmy Olsen, running flowers to a Gotham
Hospital, with a Bag. He brings them to Vicki Vale. She looks at
the flowers, finds it cute, Jimmy sees the massive amount of
Flowers sent by Bruce Wayne. Jimmy hands her the clothes, she
changes gives Jimmy a kiss on the cheek and leaves.
Cut to: Gotham Docks. Gordon standing where Jocko was hanging.
Talking to Batman in the shadows. Tells him he as a note for him
Intercut with Catwoman crawling bloody out of the sewers gives
a note to a beat cop, disappears. Gordon hands Batman the note.
The Note Reads: He Knows!
Batman hands it back to Gordon, Gordon tells him where it was
Cut to: BATGIRL following the blood trail. She drops in the
sewers. She picks up Catwoman. Catwoman asks her who she is. She
hears something rumbling, Batgirl shouts for help. Catwoman
shushes her. Batman drops down. Batgirl asks if the man who went
to see her did this. Catwoman confirms. Batman Orders Batgirl to
go home. Batgirl tells him shes not going anywhere, Batman calls
her a brat.
Cut to: Catwoman on a gurney, Alfred doing light operating,
asking Batman if this is going to be a full time job for him now.
Batgirl and Robin are in attendance.
BATMAN Questions a Post-Operation Catwoman. Asks her what she was
doing hanging out with the Joker. Catwoman says he has plans for
Batman. He knows his identity.
Cut to: Arkham. Joker talks to Dr. Harley Quinzel. He talks about
how he loves her in his own special way. His straight jacket
falls off. He stands, grabbing her before she can scream. Let me
show you love. In my own special way!
Ext. Arkham Harley Screams.
C.U. Joker on the Phone: Do It.
MONTAGE: Thugs killing each other, branding each other with a
Superman Arrives at Wayne Manor. Hes invited to the Batcave.
Batman and Superman talks. Superman tries to talk Batman out of
his Crusade, tells Batman there has been too many Deaths.
Batman calls him a big Joke. Tells him he could right the world
with just a little effort. Tells him he should be smarter than he
is. Superman gets aggravated. Tells him that If he keeps this up
the Justice League will take care of him.
Superman Exits.
Batman investigates the Claim Superman makes about deaths.
Prisons, robberys numerous events. Batgirl asks him whats going
on. Her, Robin, and Batman talk.

Cut To: Vicki Vale investigating the incident of The Batman

Cut To: Justice League HQ The team meets. Superman tells them
he doesnt think Batman will stand down. They need to take
action, Wonder Woman reaffirms they need to take his head.
Superman orders her to get some common sense. Its their world
their rules. She tells him his rules allow Batman. Plastic Man
watches this closely.
Cut To: Plastic Man and Batman meet up. He gives Batman
information on the Justice League. Tells him he needs to round up
his recruits, tells him hell fight on his side. Batman thanks
Cut To: Hub City Batman talks to the Question. Question Joins
Cut To: Star City Batman recruits Oliver Queen, Calls him out
as Green Arrow.
Cut To: Black Canary joining Batman, kissing him and winking at
him. Batman smiles, Robin looks confused.
Cut To: Batman, the assembled Team. Batman gives them a rough
idea of his plan, singles out Robin and Batgirl. Theyre his look
out, hell armor them up.
Cut to: Arkham, Harley, Crazy, Helping Joker escape. They run
together. She asks him what his Plans are. Joker says its
simple: We kill the Batman!
Cut To: Bruno leading a group of thugs to robbery at Wayne
Enterprises. She kills the thugs, hitting them with the
batarangs. Batman and Robin interrupt it. They take her down,
leave her for the police.
Cut to: Superman calls out Batman for his methods. People are
dying, others are afraid. Batman Invites Superman and his
Superfriends to Wayne Manor. All the Masks will have a little
get together.
Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Question, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, all
save for Plastic Man are wearing some sort of Bat-Armor, they
Face off against Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. The
Justice League tries to talk Batman out of doing it. Wonder Woman
tells him to stop or shell kill Batman. Batman jokes about her
being the kinda person Superman needs.
The Justice League Tackles Batmans Soldiers. A big Massive
fight. Focusing on Superman and Batman. Superman tackles Batman
into the Batcave. Batman hits Superman hard, knocks him over.
Together Batmans group take Down Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman
over powers them. Begins kicking ass.
Superman approaches Batman, Alfred blasts him with a shotgun.
Superman turns to Alfred, melts the gun with heat vision, turns
to Batman A sonic BLAST shoots superman out of the Batcave,

through the ground, and He stops himself mid-air. He gives a

Huh? expression. Slams down into the Batcave again.
Batman hits a button. Tells Superman to stop, that if he touches
him itll set off a bomb on one of the armors. And an innocent
person would die. Superman tells Wonder Woman to stand down.
Batman tells him the gist, plays footage on the Batcomputer from
various news clips of people, victims, praising Batman and his
tactics for helping them and stopping the victimizers.
Superman questions what this is, clips show Jokers goons killing
each other. Batman tells Superman Gotham is his territory, he
plays by Gothams rules. Batman stays in his city, plays by the
rules of Gotham and if Superman and His Superfriends needs help
against something Batman promises to play nice. In return
Superman and the Justice League stay the hell out of his city.
Superman tells him the world probably wont let him keep this up
forever. And Batman tells him if it comes down to it, may the
best man win.
The entire gang get together. Superman compliments Batman and his
Cut to: JOKER. At a store, dead bodies all over, sitting in his
suit, watching Harley Dress in her classic Costume. Joker grabs
her gives her a kiss, and says Oh Yes. This is very Special
darling, the dynamic has shifted.
Cut to: Batman and team working in the Batcave cleaning up,
Batman taps a button on the Batcomputer - THE JOKERS FACE POPS
UP. Jokers Laugh Echoes.
Cut to: Black.


Run Time: 75 Minutes
Rating: R
Open: Batman, On a rage run. Going from area to area, beating up
thugs, beating up thugs. He wants to find out where the Joker is.
Cut to: Batman at Arkham. Looking around Jokers cell. Nothing.
He goes into the Missing Dr. Harleen Quinzels office. He finds
her Journal and Tapes.
Cut to: Batman, slumped in a chair in the batcave listening to
Quinzels Tapes. Robin asks him whats going on. Batman tells
Robin about the Joker.
Cut to: Vicki Vale visiting Blackgate Prison. She visits JockoBoy Vanzetti. She asks him what the deal was with killing the
Graysons. He tells her too go back to her gossip column. She gets
pissed, makes sure the guards arent looking and decks Jocko.
Tells him she has been pulled into a darker world. She wants to
know, he tells her Joker paid him too. Didnt say why them.
Jokes about them being better off than Donna Gugino.
Cut to: Catwoman at the Batsignal. Waiting for Batman. Gets
Batgirl who asks her what she wants. Catwoman tells her this is
no kids game. This is a war theyre dealing with. Catwoman says
shell find Batman Herself.
Cut to: Vicki Vale, travelling down to the Gotham Harbor. Donna
Gugino found dead, body floating in the river. Questions a Cop,
refuses to answer, she grabs Commissioner Gordon and he tells her
the GCPD will release a statement. She asks him if Joker killed
Donna Gugino, Gordon is unsure. Asks Vale why shed ask that
question. She tells him that Jocko Boy was paid by the Joker to
kill the Graysons. Gordon questions what that has to do with
anything. She tells Gordon Jocko had an affection for little
Boys, Gordon tells her its common knowledge, she tells him that
Donna Gugino was the prosecuting attorney that got Jocko on a
watch list. Camera Pans in on a Beat Cop eyeing Vale.
Cut to: Batman reading over the files, Gordon calls gives him the
pieces that Vale gave him. Batman tells him to keep the
information close to the chest for the time being. Joker has Cops
on the payroll.
Batman talk to Alfred, asks him how long hes kept the
information on other metahumans. Alfred says hes had access to
it for a couple of years.
Cut To: Plastic Mans Apartment Gotham. He wakes up, the place is
freezing. He steps out of his bedroom. Getting colder. Plastic
Man carefully checks the area, moving to the progressively colder
living room. In the Living Room the Joker stands, purple parka.
Joker rattles off Plastic Mans resume. Tells him how remarkable
his luck is. Joker talks about how Gotham is an ugly old whore
who can change the way people are.

Joker tells him that the citys soul is dirty and dying and the
Joker wants to speed up the process. That the only thing that is
in between him and the version of Gotham he loves is Batman.
WHAM! Harley Clocks Plastic Man in the head with a big Mallet.
Joker leans close to him. Tells him he knows he cant be killed
by traditional Means and hell just have to find other ways to
have fun.
Cut To: Batman running along the rooftops of Gotham. Looking for
Something, Robin joining him. He gets a call from Plastic Mans
phone, answers, Joker responds. Batman is alarmed and makes a Bline too Plastic Mans Home.
Cut To: Batman in Plastic Mans Home, Plastic Man in Agony
Hanging by himself tied in a Bow. A message written on the walls
Cut to: Selina Kyles apartment, shes hanging out, feeding her
cats. Relaxing. She hears a ring, answers it. Joker, asking if
she wants to join in a little Mayhem. Her eyes widen, a ROCKET
FIRES through her window.
Cut to: Joker and Harley standing on the adjacent roof, Joker
tosses Harley the Rocket launcher, tells her to fire a good one!
She fires and it takes out a massive Chunk of the Apartment
Cut to: Plastic Man, being untied. Batman hears the eruption.
Turns his head. Tells Robin to stay put. Leaps out of a window.
Cut to: Joker Driving off. He holds up a checklist reading: (x)
Blow up Catwoman, ()Get Batmans Friends, () Get Batmans
attention, () Kill Batman.
Joker leaps out of the car, tells Harley to go too Star City,
hands her a picture of Green Arrow. Tells her too bring him back.
As theyre driving away Batman leaps over onto the rubble of
Catwomans apartment. He screams.
Cut To: Catwoman, roughed up but not dead. In the alleys.
Dropping down into frame Batgirl. She helps Catwoman up.
Batgirl says they need to get too Batman, Catwoman says its best
to lay low and let Batman kill the Joker. Batgirl disagrees.
Catwoman tells her the Joker is a monster and needs to be killed.
Cut to: Vicki Vale, driving in rural Gotham. Her car is getting
smothered by another driver. Joker and Harley in the other car,
begin ramming into Vale. Harley asks Joker if thats the right
lady, Joker says if its not that makes the last 3 wrong. Harley
rams the car, Vale spins out, and she turns in, gets control of
the car back. Joker advances on her. Ramming her again. She hits
a ditch and flips. Harley and Joker stop. They get out, Vale is
unconscious in the drivers seat. Joker orders Harley to get her
Cut to: Batgirl escorting Catwoman into her bedroom via window. A
knock at the door sends them into Panic. Gordon speaks through

the door, telling Barbara hes gonna be late tonight at work and
to watch over her brother. Barbara says OK. Catwoman lays down.
Cut to: Batman and Robin arriving to the Batcave. Plastic Man is
brought to a medical bay. Batman is angry Goes into a private
room of the cave Punches the wall.
Cut To: Joker in a room, with Harley. Joker playing on a
controller Moving around, seeing the inside of the batcave.
Zooms in on Plastic Man being tended too by Alfred.
Cut To: Plastic Man looking up at the Massive Robotic T-REX.
Plastic Man asks why Bruce has it, Alfred tells him Bruce had
obtained it from the Joker after catching him using it as a
getaway car a year or so ago. Part of the Jokers sense of Humor,
poisoning Gothams water supply with Tar. Plastic Man stretches
up to it, very painfully. He opens the eye of it, a CAMERA lays
He brings it down, Batman Snatches it, crushes it. Alfred
questions why the hell the system never picked it up, it runs off
a Battery, something not connected to the T-REX just hid their.
Scans couldnt fully scan the thing for weeks, they accounted it
too a hiccup.
The T-REXs Mouth Hangs open, radio static begins too broadcast
Joker Laughing!
Batman climbs up to turn it off Looking inside the head, the
Cameras place wired to A BOMB Batman gives a look of What
the Hell! Drops down, Grabs Robin, Plastic Man Expands over
Alfred. Batman looks up Thats how he knew, he really does
know. Batman gets on the communications:
Cut To: Star City, Green Arrow Answering WHAM! Harley with a
Cut To: Black Canary in her Bar. Joker sitting at the bar, only
customer. Canary steps up too him, Joker sprays her in the face,
she begins to laugh hard.
Cut to: Gotham Vales car wreck. The Question stands, looking
down at the wreckage. He looks inside Vales car. Her cellphone
still there, her body gone. He pulls out a burner phone.
Cut To: Batcave. Batman answers, Question tells him the Joker has
his Source. Tells Batman Vicki Vale has been helping him look
into the Child sex rings operating out of GCPD, says one of the
leads pointed to the Joker for an accomplice and it spiraled into
the Graysons.
Cut To: Question opening the Trunk, a Dead body and a note
attached to it. Reading: Square off at the Square! Clown V Bat:
Dawn of Murder
Cut to: Gotham City, the Joker inside various Buildings setting
up numerous charges. Planting all kinds of Bombs.

Cut To: Batgirl tending to Catwomans cuts, nothing too bad.

Batgirl asks Catwoman if she really loves Batman. Catwoman asks
her what the hell she is talking about. Batgirl tells her its
easy to tell theyve got a thing for each other.
Cut to: Batcave. Question, Batman, Robin are the only ones in
fighting condition. Plastic Mans hurting, stretch marks all over
his body. Alfred has too watch over him. Batman hands Question a
Rifle. Says the Joker has too die tonight.
Alfred slaps the hell out of Batman. Tells him if he kills the
Joker that Superman and the Justice League are right, that Batman
is a mad dog that might need putting down. Batman tells him its
how Gotham plays. Alfred tells him Superheroes are supposed to be
better. Batman tells him Were criminals Alfred. Weve always
been criminals.
Cut to: BATMOBILE, Moving. Inside Batman, Robin, and The
Cut to: Batgirl, asking Catwoman what she is gonna do. Catwoman
plans to stay away long enough for the Joker too die. She wants
to let Batman kill the Joker. Batgirl tells her that its wrong.
That if he kills Joker in her name, and she comes back hed
probably never forgive her. Catwoman says its worth it. Batgirl
argues if she loves him that shed never hurt him that way.
Catwoman storms off.
Cut to: Question setting up in Sniper position.
Cut to: Batman and Robin standing in the City square of Gotham.
Cops surround half the Block. Batman orders them to do nothing.
Jokers voice over LOUD SPEAKERS: You just had to change the
Dynamic. You just needed a Partner! But you dont realize Batman,
this is our game. The only ways someone else joins is if I CHOOSE
IT! If I say Robin Dies, HE DIES! But you had to break my heart.
Choose a sidekick! Well two can Play at that Game!
Loud Clapping echoes a larger banner unrolls On it: GREEN
Joker: I changed the Dynamic. And now
Cut to: JOKER riding an elevator holding a microphone.
Joker: Harley, introduce me!
Cut to: The elevator reaching the bottom. Joker stepping out.
Harley: Weighing in at One Cute Tush Hailing from Gotham City
Cut to: Building door, Queens Another One Bites The Dust plays
on the speakers.
Harley: Ttttttttttttthhhhheeeeeeeee JOKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
Joker, dancing to the music, machine gun in hand, FIRING IT
sparadically in the air.

Batman and Question talk over Comms, Questions lining up the

Cut to: Catwoman arriving to the square. She looks around for any
sign Spots a relection in a Building Questions sniper.
Cut to: Joker, still grooving he claps A BUILDING EXPLODES!
Joker: Every now and then a couple will ask a questions to learn
more about each other. Since I know so much about you, how about
you tell me a little about ME! Every time you guess wrong, Ill
blow up a Building.
Batman asks Question if he has the shot Question gets a tap on
his shoulder. Gets punched. Catwoman grabs his ear piece. Tells
Batman not kill the Joker.
Joker: What is my real name!?
Batman: Frank Miller.
CLAP! BOOM! A Building crumbles.
Joker: Whats my Favorite Book?
Batman: Helter Skelter?
Robin tells Batman too start Joking. Jokers expecting real
Joker: What is my favorite Color?
Batman grins. Batman: Pink!
Joker: How the hell did he get that one right!
Joker looks at his attire
Joker: I hid it so well Oh what the Hell!
Joker: Well now that four questions out of the way, Let me
introduce my own little Robin. The Smokin Babe of Arkham, The
Dr. of Bad Comedy The Psychologist that puts the Psycho in
Cologist The Harlequin of Hate HARLEY QUINN!
With an amazing set of Ariel acrobatics, Harley Quinn reveals
herself, standing just next to the JOKER!
Joker rubs his hands together.
Batman: Hes just gonna keep blowing things up. We gotta take out
Harley and Joker. You go after Quinn. Selina you think you can
get a round off to take the Joker down?
Catwoman: Ill give it a shot.
Batman: Everyones a damn Comedian tonight.

A fight breaks out, BATMAN vs JOKER, ROBIN vs HARLEY QUINN.

Catwoman firing off shots, none of them hitting.
The Joker gets a clap in every little bit causing an explosion!
Batman grabs for his hand, Joker pulls away and punches Batman.
Joker: This is Love Batman, In my own special Way!
Joker lunges at Batman, pulling a knife, Batman throws Joker.
Joker lands stabs Batman in the leg, Uppercuts him. Joker Beats
Batman down. Claps another building collapses. Batman looks up at
the captives. Pulls out a Batarang, stabs the Jokers shin.
Robin Kicks Harley down Harley leaps up, knocking Robin down.
BANG! A bullet catches Harley in the Shoulder.
BANG! A bullet nails Joker in his other shin. He moves in for a
strong Clap Batman Punches him in the head. Kneels over Joker,
Punching him continuously, Blood flying, Batman gets into it.
Robin pulls him off. Harley, crying crawls over to a seriously
punched up Joker.
Batman Fires his Grapnel Hook, mid-air tosses Batarangs. Arrow
and Canary catch each other Batman catches Vale. They Land
safely on the ground.
Cops move in! Arresting Joker and Harley.
Cut to: Building Question gone. Catwoman watching over with the
Sniper rifle.
Cut to: Batman and Co. Leaving. Vale watching the Batmobile, gets
caught by cops who take her statement. She watches Batman drive
Cut to: Batmobile Moving, Batman driving, Robin watching out
the Window.
Batman: You did well, Robin.
Final Shot: Newspaper Headline: GOTHAM SAVED BY DARK KNIGHT AND