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My research paper was about Abortion. I chose this topic because I am currently working in the
health care environment and I am an Inpatient coder. My current career entails to read records,
have thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology in order to code the diagnosis for an
inpatient stay. I encounter cases on daily bases with abortions, this is an issue that affects a lot of
women whether is willing or unwilling.

With that being said, I am also a woman who does not consider herself as a feminist, however I
do firmly believe in the rights of females and gender equality. I see the pro and cons connected
with the process of abortion, and how difficult the process of abortion is. I also chose this
subject as I do support it and is important to me. However, being in a very religious state some
people may feel very strongly against my views.

In my issue summary for Abortion, I started to do research in the databases of Salt Lake
Community College JSTOR, and the English database library resources provided by Professor
Miner. When I started my research on SLCC librarys database, I found few articles that relate to
my subject which made it difficult to address this issue, therefore I decided to research the
internet for another source.

My process of writing consisted in finding the documents with the adequate information for my
research and I printed those documents. The next step was to highlight the important areas that I
wanted to emphasis in my essay. During my process of outlining I usually write next to my
printout a key work that would mean the area of where I would write about in the essay. After

this is done I then proceed with writing a rough draft, and constructing my ideas. Once this
process is complete I proceed to enter the information into the computer as it helps me to see
how I would like my document to be viewed.

For my Blog Post on the subject of Abortion, I did the same writing process as my Issue
Summary, however in the assignment links Professor Miner provided a document that looked
like an article of a Magazine or Newspaper format, and I wanted to have my document styled
that way with a picture I thought was adequate for the information I wanted to write about.

The assignments given by Professor Miner were challenging, as I had not attended an English
class in a while. I learned to summarize and paraphrase texts, to properly cite sources and
identify the different positions involved in my issue. I have to say it was a bit challenging
understanding rhetorical analysis, I feel I still need to work on that.

Reading through the articles I researched, I found how different communities view abortion as
well as ethnic groups. It made me realize the different perspectives and viewpoints of the issue. It
made me to be a more understanding and patient individual, and consider other opinions besides
my perspective; Nevertheless, I wrote my issue summary based on the research I found and
explained the topic in a neutral form the best that I could.

I peer reviewed my classmates papers in a general manner without personalizing my comments

but rather in a more generic form. I wanted to give feedback about what was asked in the
assignment without being and I did not want to come across as a strict person. I also received

great feedback from my peers, I did disagree with one of my peers, however I did not take it
personal, as I understand that different cultures and people have different personalities as well as
different ways to communicate their ideas.

I am thankful for the feedback from my professor, and classmates. This will help me in the
future, whether is for a school assignment or for my personal life.

I think research helps you consider other ideas besides your own and to be unbiased. These
assignments were very helpful and made me learn new skills to apply to college and professional
papers. I still have much to learn and improve, however I learned the Aristotles modes of
persuasion (Ethos, Logos and Pathos), researching academic journals, summarizing and
paraphrasing, citing and quoting, etc. I will definitely apply these skills to my current and future