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By Filip Mihajlovic (filip@SpiritualOption.com)

1. What is the 10 Fingers (10F) technique and what can it do for you
10F technique is the technique of the QUICK GOALS goal achievement system
which is used for elimination of the inner conflicts you have in regard to your
It is a very effective and easy to use self-improvement technique with which you
can also eliminate any problematic emotion or belief (or any other undesirable
content of your mind).
In this text I will focus on the elimination of undesirable emotions or beliefs, but
it will be equally effective in elimination of any other undesirable state of mind.
The technique is very simple and easy to use, but so effective that you will be able
to see significant changes of your emotional state from its first applications (in
just 2-3 minutes).
So, give it a try. Pay off will be really amazing.
2. How does the 10F process produce results
The main idea on which the 10F process is based is that in order to free yourself
from some negative feeling you need to experience it completely without
Another idea on which the technique is based is that the reason for the persistence
of any undesirable condition is the underlying conflict which is not completely
In most situations we perceive just our negative emotion to be a problem.
In fact the whole problem is the conflict beneath, of which our negative emotion
is just one part. Lets look at the simple example which will make the whole idea
easier to understand.
Suppose that you are a student and you experience a negative feeling: I dont feel
like studying right now.
What is not so obvious immediately is that there is another feeling which is also
part of the problem. Second part of that conflict is some connected feeling which
says I must study (or some other "positive" feeling similar to that).
If you pay attention, I dont feel like studying wouldnt be a problem at all if
the second part didn't exist. So, whenever you have a problem with some of your
inner states, you usually have a problem with the two conflicting opposing parts.
Because of that, to resolve it, understand it and free yourself of it, you need to
experience (and understand) both polarities which are in conflict.
This is what happens during the 10F process.
3. The full 10F process (next page)

Practical 10F process (complete 10F process)

1. Decide which undesirable emotion or belief (or some other mental content) you want
to eliminate. Write it down.
2. How strong is that undesirable feeling? (Rate it from -10 to 0, where -10 is the
strongest negative feeling and 0 shows that it doesnt exist anymore.) Write it down.
3. What would you like to experience instead of that emotion or belief? Write it down.
4. Going through 10 fingers:
Put the thumb of your left hand at the table in front of you (or your leg, or any
other flat surface).
Experience (feel, become aware of) that undesirable emotion. While you
have that in your mind, inhale and exhale.
Put the thumb of the right hand at the table.
Feel that you would like to experience the desirable feeling (which you
identified in point 3) instead. While you have that in your mind, inhale
and exhale.
Repeat the same with all remaining fingers. (First the finger of the left hand
experiencing negative emotion, and then the finger of the right hand, feeling that you
would like to experience the positive emotion you identified in point 3.)
5. Is there something that you could conclude from this process, about that feeling,
yourself or the world in general?
6. What is the rating for the negative emotion now?
7. If the negative feeling didnt completely disappear repeat the process with remaining
part of the negative feeling.
Notice that although we usually consider that the remaining negative feeling is the same
as the one we started with, but with less intensity, it usually isnt so. In most cases some
parts of the initial feeling disappear and some specific parts are still there.
Because of that, repeating the 10F process will work better if you define precisely which
part of the negative feeling is still there, and do the process with that feeling (usually it
wont be exactly the same feeling that you started with).
All that being said, now its time to do the 10F process for some of your undesirable
emotions or beliefs.
Do the 10F process for one of your undesirable emotions or beliefs.

On the next page, you have the list of most common negative emotions/beliefs. Maybe
the best way to start using 10F is to choose those which are most problematic for you and
apply the 10F process on them. (Of course, even better would be to create your own list
and work with that.)
Here is the list:


1. I can't eliminate my shortcomings.
2. I am not confident enough.
3. I am not successful.
4. I can't earn enough money.
5. I can't get my perfect job.
6. I can't stay calm in all situations.
7. I can't express my emotions freely.
8. I can't concentrate well.
9. I can't persist on my goals.
10. I am not tolerant.
11. I am not patient with my children.
12. I can't attract the perfect emotional partner.
13. I am not comfortable leading/managing people.
14. I can't freely ask for a favor.
15. I can't freely express my opinions.
Obviously, these are just the simplest ideas about possible uses of 10F. Possibilities for
using the technique are limitless. You should consider doing 10F whenever you
experience some inner states you are not happy about.
In this material we talked about using 10F just for integration of undesirable emotions
and beliefs. You can use the technique for dealing with any other inner state you would
rather not experience.
For example, in the QUICK QOALS goal achievement system 10F is used to create a
confidence about achieving the goal you chose (of course, the process is modified to
allow identification of different emotional barriers connected to the chosen goal).

Final result of the process is total confidence about the goal (QUICK GOALS
practitioners finish the process in the state in which they are so confident that they feel
that its impossible to fail.)
So, start using it right away and you will witness amazing changes in your general
emotional state in the next few days.
Wishing you happiness and success,