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Tricia Hawkins

August 5, 2016
BUS 1010/Introduction to Business
Term Research Paper: Assessing a Career in Business

Throughout my educational experience I have had many opportunities to pursue

different avenues and experiences to really gain the necessary information to choose a
career path that I know would best suit my personality and my needs. As a full time
student, and a full time employee at an insurance company, this task has been quite
daunting; even down to this assignment. In the past year I have come to the conclusion
that my passion lies in business and advertising. As I have done more research into what
it would really take to become successful in this business I have found that there isnt an
exact science to being the best, and that is why I am so drawn to this particular career.

Job Description
I was very surprised to see that even though I had a pretty good grasp on the duties of the
every day ad exec. I didnt realize everything (!) that went into being a successful
employee, or business owner. For example, the role of a marketing manager is to
estimate the demand for products and services that an organization and its competitors
offer and identify potential markets for each specific organizations products. They
develop strategies to help organize and maximize profitability and maintain the
satisfaction of their customers. ("Advertising and Promotions Manager Career Profile |

Job Description, Salary, and Growth | Truity", 2016) Most of the roles in marketing an
advertising firm have the ability to monitor any trends that might point to opportunities
for growth and success, much like any other employee.

General Career Path

Like most other profession, advancement can continue to advance with a willingness to
participate in management and training programs. Anything that has to do with
international business and marketing, sales, communication, market research and data
processing systems will make you a perfect candidate for advancement. ("Advertising
Majors Guide", n.d.) In my studies I learned that a lot of the beginnings of this
occupation starts with how willing I am to sell my talent and ability to help business
thrive. The most common entry-level job description would be an account coordinator or
assistant account executive; this consists of overseeing workers with a purpose of coming
up with ideas for clients ad campaigns. If the more creative side were desired, one would
consider becoming the art director or copywriter; they are usually in charge of
brainstorming sessions to invent an acceptable visual concept that communicates with
certain moods, or points of view. (Beyer, 2010)

General Education Experience

A degree in advertising will usually mean that a student will usually have the training and
experience in the creative and visual aspects of promoting and selling a product. Like
most other profession, advancement can continue to advance with a willingness to
participate in management and training programs. Anything that has to do with

international business and marketing, sales, communication, market research and data
processing systems will make you a perfect candidate for advancement. Advertising
degrees are relatively new, but are designed to provide you with the key skills required to
work as an advertising account manager. ("Advertising Majors Guide", n.d.) As I talked
with Todd he mentioned, several times, how much respect and appreciation he has for
anyone that is willing to pursue any kind of degree, Anything, and I mean ANYTHING
is better and will ensure that you have a more successful career in the future than
sitting on your @$$ and not getting a degreenothing says you have bomb qualities,
such as drive and ambition, than pursuing higher education. (Noall, 2016) A degree in
business administration, engineering or computer science with an emphasis in marketing
can easily make you more a more valuable prospect to an employer because of your

Average Salary
The average salary obviously depends on what you are qualified and willing to do. With
that in mind, it seems that the most entry-level position seems to start around $29,000 a
year, starting as a Photographer. Advertising and Sales Representatives have a median
salary of about $45,500 a year. And marketing managers could make upwards of
$110,000 a year.

Career Outlook
This is what made me start getting excited about this assignment. Eventually all teams
involved with advertising and marketing end up working with the sales and promotional

elements of a brands image. Marketing Coach Veronika Noize says, a typical advertising
or marketing job entails tight deadlines, shifting priorities due to new market
intelligence, testing, revising, and updating on the flyMarketing has a strong future
because the connection between marketing and revenue is finally being recognized, back
in the 80s, it was seen as a nice to have department or a cost center, but now it is
recognized as the revenue generator it is. (Smith, 2013) In my research I found that
many people consider this career to be enjoyable if you love the creative and the
analytical, but it is long hours and hard projects. But, as Todd mentioned in my interview
with, the advantage and disadvantage that he has noticed is that people just know they
can come to us and get a top-notch product. (Noall, 2016) An advantage because of the
amazing sense of pride he gains in his abilities to make something from nothing, and a
disadvantage because things have changed so quickly. Jonathan Goldhill, CEO of the
Goldhill group has said that, Great advertising and marketing will promise performance
or results. It compels each and every one of us as consumers to favor a brand, a
salesperson or influencers of the brand. It drives you to desire a companys product or

Bio of Someone in the Profession

I have had the pleasure of getting to know some amazing people, very successful people.
Two of which happen to be Todd and Angie Noall, the owners, CEO and COO of Fusion
360, a local ad agency. Fusion 360 is in its 14th year of business, and it continues to keep
growing more and more every year. I had the stellar chance to speak with Todd himself,
and as I talked back and forth with him I started to really understand what it means to

work hard, and follow through with your goals. He started working in marketing 20 years
ago, and has blown past many marketing executives twice his age. Todd added that it
hasnt always been easy, Stick with it. I am so clich in saying that, because when I
finished with my education I felt that was all anyone ever said to me. But now that I am
an old man, and I can see the sage wisdom for what it is, I realize that it is absolutely the
truth. Like I mentioned before, I loved getting our brand out there in the beginning, I miss
it. But let me tell you, I hated it at first. When you are a snot nosed kid, all you want is for
people hand you the moon for the low price of nothing. It took me a little while to realize
that I am the only person that is going to be responsible for what comes of my career, so I
better get off my highwhatever and start working. (Todd, 2016)

Pros and Cons

The right person - highly motivated, resistant to stress, flexible, and decisive - can expect
to receive a high salary, but will travel a lot and put in long hours. Youll also need tact,
good judgment, and the ability to establish and maintain effective personal relationships
both with a team and with several clients at a time. Mike Ramsey started his Internet
marketing company in 2009 in Burley, Idaho. He has said, Of course you need to make
money, but if that is the only thing you are looking for as a business owner then
eventually you will fail. You will make decisions that aren't for your clients, or for your
staff, or for the community; you will get short-term gains and create a long-term failure.
(Ramsey, 2013) It is intimidating to think that even though you get a college degree no
matter what level what really makes you successful does not come down to the diploma

you are handed at graduation but the talent that you have been cultivating. That is
something that I see as both a positive and negative in this career path.

Your fit With This Career

As I have researched in-depth the requirements of this profession, I have come to realize
that this is the correct choice for me. I can see that I will be able to use my creative side
that up until recently I didnt really know I had (or maybe just didnt know how to utilize)
I am patient, persistent, and goal-driven; qualities that were listed in almost every article,
and interview I read on the topic. In what little time I had to discuss this path with Todd,
he encouraged me to follow this goal. For that, I am especially excited to keep pursuing
this field.

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