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Success Through

Sex Transmutation


How to use your own sex energy to
tap into the genius within!


Positivelife Philosopher,
Author, Speaker and Motivator

www.rvm.co.in | succsex@rvm.co.in

About the Author

RVM was an innovative and dynamic retailer who revolutionized
traditional retailing in India through his mega-stores Kids Kemp and
Kemp Fort. Now, he is an equally innovative, vibrant and enthusiastic
philosopher, poet, singer, speaker, motivator and author. Having
realized that there is more to life than just making millions, RVM has
dedicated his life to humanitarian, spiritual and inspirational
RVM believes that profit must be used to serve. In order to help the
needy and the poor, he has set up a trust called the Humanitarian
Hands Trust. This trust has built a charitable home called the RVM
Humanitarian Transit Home for the under privileged sections of our
society. He has also built the RVM Humanitarian Hospital offering
free medical services to the poorest of the poor. The Humanitarian
Network was also set up to help those in need by networking with
like-minded people. He believes that one must make a difference in
the world before one's journey of life ends.
At the peak of his career, RVM decided to move away from his retail
business and dedicate his life to more meaningful priorities. His
objective now is to share all the knowledge he has acquired over the
years to help people live a more happy, meaningful and successful
life. Some of the books written by him are I Wanna Be Happy and
The A to Z of a Life Philosophy. Books that will be published soon

are PEP (Positive Energy Power) and RVMs 100 SOS (Secrets of
During the course of his extensive reading and travelling, RVM was
introduced to the phenomenon called sex transmutation and its
powerful outcomes. Through this book, he wishes to share the
knowledge he has acquired in simple terms to promote the practice of
sex transmutation. He wants people to realize that the strong sex
energy, which is abundant in every man can be converted into a force
that forms a creative genius and ensures success.
Although sex is not openly discussed in many societies, RVM
decided to share this secret, which as of date is known to many but is
being used by only one in a million. He aims to make people discover
the Succsex secret, practice it by tapping into their own sex energies
and convert them into success.

Website: www.rvm.co.in
Email: succsex@rvm.co.in

This book is dedicated to all the great men who have discovered the
importance of sex transmutation, have practiced it and have also
documented their experiences. Given the taboo in talking about sex
openly in most societies, their courage to do so is all the more
However, while trying to understand the importance and essence of
sex transmutation, I had to read up quite a few books before any of it
made sense. This book is my attempt to compile all the important
information in simple words required for a man to successfully
practice sex transmutation.
Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, which I read twentyfive years ago has a chapter on sex transmutation. It had very little
impact on me then, probably because I could not fully comprehend
what it meant at that point in my life. Others like Mahatma Gandhi
influenced me further. However, this book would be incomplete
without a special thanks to my Guruji Dada J. P. Vaswani, who
impressed upon me that Ojas (sex energy) is the supreme power that
every male possesses and it is wasted by most of them due to their
ignorance and poor self-control.
This insight into sex energy inspired me to delve deeper into the
subject. Over the last ten years, discussions with friends and in

private forums dedicated to this subject, gave me innumerable

insights and made it possible for me to amass all the possible
information on this topic. I have intentionally refrained from
disclosing the sources and names in order to honor my commitment
to their privacy.
Through this book, I have tried to simplify the concept of sex
transmutation; I have busted some myths, given detailed techniques
and have even explained in medical terms, the advantages of
practicing sex transmutation. I have done so in the hope that some
of you will follow this path and the world will have a new caliber of
geniuses who have also discovered Succsex.


and become

The creator of this Universe gives life. He has blessed man with an
energy that can create life. It is a well known fact that when man's
energy is directed in a certain way prescribed by the Creator, a life is
created; a child is born.
However, man has misused this life energy meant for procreation, by
using it mainly for his own sensual pleasures. The Creator has blessed
us with this life-giving energy, which if retained and converted, can
become an all-powerful tool for creativity and success. He has made
it possible for man to retain this energy and convert it into a power
that can create a genius.
Over the years, this has been a relatively well-kept secret of vitality
and creativity, but not anymore! This book reveals how sex energy
can be converted into power. Any man who wants a life full of zest
and creativity can, with the help of this book, learn simple steps that
will help retain this life energy, and then master the techniques to
convert himself into a genius.
Man has learnt to convert water into hydroelectricity and sunlight
into solar power. It is time for man to learn to convert his own latent
sex energy into power. Sex transmutation is a method, a process to
retain this all-important energy and achieve a state of superlative
creativity that leads to success.

This book has something to offer every reader. For those seeking
enhanced sexual pleasures, this book can teach them techniques to
have sex all night long without losing vitality.
For spiritual aspirants, 'SuccSex' will help them transform from lusty
physical beings to calm and spiritual people. For the common man,
this book will open up hidden doors of energy in his own body. It will
then offer him techniques to retain and convert this energy either for
sensual pleasure, spiritual bliss or creative genius.
Either ways, there is a lot to gain and nothing to lose for those reading
this book, since all readers will go through an experience that is
revealing and creatively enlightening, if not life altering!


the Succsex Secret

Transform your Life!

1. The

Succsex Secret

Meaning of Transmutation
The Birth of Life
The Power that Creates Genius
What a Waste!
Taming Ejaculation to Retain Semen
Conserving Sex Energy by Maintaining BSR
Advanced Techniques for Retention
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Converting Sex Energy
Sex: All Night Long!
Succeed Through Sex Transmutation
A Medical Perspective


14. Succsex Qs & As


15. Authors note

16. Succsex Recap


17. Acknowledgement





The Succsex Secret

If you were to compare the biographies of the most successful people

in the world like Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington, Napoleon
Bonaparte, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Ralph
Waldo Emerson, you would find that they had one thing in common.
They were highly sexed by nature.

Was the fact that they were highly sexed the secret of their success?
Yes and No!
The secret of their success as mentioned in their biographies, is the
channelizing of sex energy to create a superpower unknown to the
common man. These great people learnt how to transmute or convert
their own sex energy into success. This is what we call as 'sex
transmutation.' Many of them revealed that they developed a
dynamic source of power by retaining their sex energy and then
transmuting it. The energy created in them a power, which when
redirected to creative thinking , enhanced their sixth sense which
yielded winning hunches that made them successful.
The secret of these successful people has remained undisclosed,
largely because of the nature of the subject. Since sex is a taboo topic
in many cultures, it is not openly discussed. Hence, the truth about sex
transmutation has remained a secret. Only a few, possibly one in a
million, know and use the secret today. Only a rare few even know

The Success Secret

that they can control their sex energy, retain it and then channelize it
into a great source of power.
Like I have already mentioned, when I first came across the phrase
sex transmutation twenty-five years ago, I could not fully appreciate
or understand its impact. Many years later, I took it as a challenge to
understand how successful people used this secret. Today, after
studying the subject in great detail, I have decided to put the secret
down in simple words in this book, Succsex Success Through Sex
Transmutation. Through this book, I want everyone with a burning
desire to succeed, to have easy access to this secret formula. I want
more people to discover and develop this power within them. Even
the few who have known it have not developed the self-control and
willpower that is essential to retain this dynamic force and convert it
into success.
It is very important to first understand the meaning of transmutation
and then get into the details of transmuting sex energy. This book will
in due course, tell you all about this energy, how it is created, how it
can be retained and how it can be transmuted or converted.
I have not touched upon the woman's perspective in this matter.
Although I have made attempts to get some information on the
possibility of a woman transmuting her sex energy; I have come up
with little or nothing. In his book, Multi Orgasmic Woman, Mantak
Chia, who is considered an authority on the subject, says that while
women are naturally multi-orgasmic, they cannot retain and
transmute their sex energy and men, who are not naturally multiorgasmic, have to practice and perfect the art of retaining this energy
in order to enjoy multiple orgasms and enhanced sexual pleasure.
Since men can physically retain this energy, they can transmute it.

Many great men have transmuted their

personal energies into success.
Why dont you?

The Success Secret

Women, it seems, cannot transmute it because they cannot retain it.

This of course is still being studied and investigated.
If one of our goals in life is to attain the higher state of mind that only
geniuses achieved, then we need to stimulate the mind using one of
the most powerful human power: SEX! People in heightened states of
arousal are at the most acute state of awareness. Since they are
sensitive to the slightest stimuli, they can access those sources of
knowledge that are otherwise lost in the worry of trivial pursuits.
When driven by this emotion, men become gifted with a superpower
for action.
After reading this book and following the secret formula that many
successful people have used step by step, one can learn to harness sex
energy and transmute it into a genius creative power and be assured of

An Ancient Secret for
Pleasure and Power


Meaning Of

The word transmute means to change or transfer one element or

form of energy into another. In simple words, transmutation means
conversion. In the context of this book, it means converting one form
of energy into another.
To further understand transmutation, one can use the example of
Hydro power and solar power. Two elements water and sunlight
that have always been energy sources were wasted for centuries until
they were transmuted into hydroelectricity and solar power
For thousands of years, water fell from heights in the form of waterfalls and people enjoyed the force of the water. But nobody thought
that this power could be transmuted or converted into another form of
energy. Until, one day in 1880, Lester Allan Pelton questioned why
this inherent power in water could not be put to good use and
converted into another form of power. With the help of turbines and
other equipments, he helped transmute waterpower into
hydroelectricity. Today, around the world, hydroelectricity is a major
source of power. This was possible because the inherent power in
water was transmuted into electric power.

Meaning Of Transmutation

In 1941, Russell Ohl pondered upon why the powerful rays of the sun
could not be transmuted into energy. After much hard work and
research, Ohl discovered solar energy. He used solar panels to
convert the power from the sun into electric power. Today, man is
trying to use so many elements of nature to create energy. But, in
reality, man is not creating energy but only converting energy.
Therefore, transmutation is nothing but changing the form of energy
and not creating it.
Similarly, sex transmutation means converting sex energy into
another form of energy. There are methods to control and retain this
energy and then there are also ways to convert it into a creative power.
All these methods are explained in this book.
Every human body possesses some electrical and magnetic forces
within and like magnets, these forces either attract or repel. Between
sexually active partners, this magnetic force is particularly powerful
and its action has a far-reaching effect. We are aware that even the
smallest droplet of male sex energy is capable of producing a life
which no scientist has been able to reproduce in the best of the
laboratories. It is this very sex energy that man wastes every day. It is
also the very same energy that man has to retain and convert through
Nature created sex energy primarily for the purpose of procreation or
giving birth to another life, but man in his ignorance, has not
understood the power of sex energy. Engrossed in the pleasure
derived from the act of sexual intercourse, he has ignored the fact that

Meaning Of Transmutation

sex energy can empower him. Successful people like Mahatma

Gandhi in their biographies are said to have transmuted sex energy
into power and how this knowledge made a big difference in making
them successful.
Other highly successful people also have confirmed that sex energy
can be retained in the body and then transmuted or converted into a
form of super energy that creates brilliance, power, creativity,
intuition, enthusiasm and everything else that is needed to become
successful. They all had one thing in common they all had mastered
the art of sex transmutation.
However, it is important not only to know that you possess sex
energy, which millions of men do, but also to learn the art of control,
so that transmutation or conversion can occur. Control means to curb
the urge to spend the sex energy on purely physical pleasure and to
ensure that it is not wasted or dissipated.
This does not mean that man should not enjoy physical pleasure.
Once man understands the secret of sex transmutation, he can enjoy
enhanced sexual pleasure, much more than those who just waste their
sex energy in the pursuit of ordinary sexual pleasures. During the
process of transmutation, man can experience heightened sexual
peaks unknown to him before. This is because the process of
transmutation involves the retention of this sex energy which
generates higher physical pleasures than when the sex energy is
released from the body.


Meaning Of Transmutation

Before reading this book, one may doubt the notion that sex energy
can be controlled, retained and transmuted and used for greater
pleasure. It may seem impossible and impractical, but trust me when I
say it isnt! The pages that follow will explain clearly, step by step,
how one can retain sex energy, and then transmute it into a power that
will unleash a fountain of creativity and genius that leads to the
pinnacle of success.
Before moving on to the next chapter, I need to emphasize that it is
important for those reading this book to do so with an open mind.
There are many myths about how impossible the phenomenon of sex
transmutation is to practice or how unhealthy or unbeneficial it is.
This book busts those myths. Either due to ignorance or lack of selfcontrol, man has unfortunately not been able to use this simple
principle to attain success. However, the few of you who have the
patience to read and understand this phenomenon have the desire and
the willpower to control this energy to attain success.


and become a Genius!


The Birth Of Life


The Birth Of Life

We all know that a child is conceived in a woman's womb, after the

male nucleus mates with the female nucleus. Nobody disputes this
fact. How many of us have understood what actually creates life or
breathes life into cells that merge?
It is the sex energy that is responsible for creating life and breathing
life into those merged cells. Over the centuries, scientists have tried to
create life but they have been unable to do so. If one were to examine
the ejaculated sex energy through a microscope, one would realize
that an ejaculation contains millions of sperms. Scientists have
proved that just one sperm has energy, powerful enough to create the
wonder called life.
There is no doubt that a human sperm, which is microscopic, is
capable of creating another human being. The sperm and the egg are
the sex cells of the male and female respectively. It is the merging of
these cells that creates life. The purpose of stating this fact in the
initial chapters of this book is to clarify the understanding of sex
There are various points to note. Firstly, without sex energy life is not
possible. This sex energy is contained in the sperm and the ova. Their

The Birth Of Life

fusion is so powerful that it can create life. Secondly, scientists have

not been able to invent or replicate this life-giving sex energy.
Thirdly, it is this very energy that must be retained and then
transmuted or converted into a tremendous power in men. It is sad
that though one understands that life is contained in this sex energy,
one does not value this energy and allows it to get ejaculated and
dissipated thoughtlessly.

If sex energy can create life,

is it not powerful?
If it is powerful,
should it be wasted?
If it can give more pleasure and
more power, should it not be
retained and transmuted?



The power
that creates genius

the power
that creates genius

Many successful men in the last few centuries have admitted that
their sex energy is the power that was the key to their success. They
have openly written that when they withheld this sex energy instead
of ejaculating it, they were able to feel an enhanced power within.
They had realized this and felt that the sex energy which is capable of
producing life is also the power that helped them generate success.
Mahatma Gandhi in his autobiography, acknowledges that the power
in the sex output or semen is primarily responsible for the genius in

Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, which was

published many decades ago, explains how man can retain his great
reservoir of sex energy to become prosperous. Having studied about
the driving power of sex, he says that the people who are highly sexed
are blessed because only they are capable of transmuting this power
into success. He also explains that there was a power known for
centuries that created success. This power was the power of women`s
influence on men. It was earlier unclear how exactly a woman could
influence a man and lead him to success. Today, it is clear that women
create successful men by helping them retain their sex energy and

Highly sexed men are known

to be blessed because they can
convert this energy into their

The Power That Creates Genius

enhance their sex drive.

A woman is the catalyst, the irresistible force that makes a man move
and take action. It is a known fact that with the support of a woman, a
man can reach heights he would never have reached otherwise. All
this substantiates the fact that the power that generates success is
nothing but the sex energy a man possesses. If one wants to see how
powerful sex energy is, one must study a man or animal whose sex
glands are destroyed. One can then see that doing so will at least
diminish, if not completely steal the inherent power of the man or
Success, of course is a combination of the many positive qualities that
one possesses. However, history has proved that transmuting sex
energy is one of the key elements to success. Whether properly
understood or not, man knows that sex can create a drive that can push
him to do anything. Obviously, it is the same sex energy that is
capable of creating a life. Thus, it is no surprise that this energy can
do, what it does. The only regret is that man has neither identified this
power nor understood how to use it to develop creative imagination.
Why is it that some people are inspired and have creative ideas or
hunches? It is their body vibration and chemical composition that
takes them to this plane of thought. Man`s sixth sense is developed
when his highly sexed nature is well utilized by directing and
transmuting his sex energy into a higher source of power and energy.
Success must be aroused. When sex energy is properly directed, it can
arouse a man either to reach a physical high or to convert the power to

The Power That Creates Genius

reach a creative high.

If the powerful sex energy is not properly harnessed or directed, it is
ejaculated during copulation. Man feels such tremendous physical
power in ejaculation that he ignores and forgets the benefits of
retaining that sex energy. When this same sex energy is controlled,
retained and harnessed, it lifts man to the levels of a genius. One can
also look at successful people in the present environment and relate
their success to high sex energy that has been retained and
The mere possession of this sex energy is not sufficient to produce a
genius. This energy must be transmuted from desire for physical
expression into another form that will lift one to the status of a genius.
Having an abundance of sex energy and dissipating it more often than
required is wasteful and the pleasure derived from it is momentary.
It is therefore important to understand that sex energy is the supreme
power that can generate success. If the energy is retained, it can be
absorbed by the body and lead directly or indirectly to a state of
thought that can make one successful.


what a waste!

what a waste!

Ignorance is bliss. Man remains in a state of bliss by being ignorant

about the power that his own energy can create. There is nothing
unusual about it. Just as hydro power and solar power were unknown
for a long time until they were discovered, the true power of sex
energy isn't known yet. If men could understand and realize that they
need not reduce their sexual activity but could instead enjoy
enhanced sex pleasure, would they still continue to waste their sex
energy? Probably not, but due to his ignorance, man continues to
waste his sex energy and deprives himself of more pleasure,
creativity and success.
Every normal human being as well as animal desires sex. However,
animals don't have the intellect or self-control to think and
understand, but men do. It is a sad fact that though we are intelligent
we choose not to understand this creative power. This ignorance
makes men behave like animals and lose their vital sex energy for the
sake of physical pleasure.
The desire to have sex is very high in many men. A normal man would
procreate and have children for which he needs to use his sex energy.
Starting as a teenager, a young man would normally masturbate

What A Waste!

frequently, sometimes every day. Studies show that as men age, the
frequency of their ejaculations reduces. In fact, this is one of the
reasons why studies show that men seldom achieve success before
they are forty. This is true because their entire sex energy is wasted
during their teens. By the time they reach their 40s they have usually
procreated and sowed their wild oats. Whether it is a teenager or a
man in his 20s, 30s or 40s, the question is, why should the energy be
wasted? Why should man knowingly ejaculate and lose his strength?
Is it not foolish that man, knowing that his sex energy is so powerful,
continues to waste it?
Would a woman flush a basket of gold and diamonds down her toilet?
Would a man take his currency notes and burn them in a fire place?
No man or woman of average intelligence would knowingly throw
their wealth away. But if they are unaware of the assets that they have,
they might still continue to dispose them unknowingly.
Man continues to waste his sex energy without realizing it. If only
man realized that he is ejaculating the life energy out of his system
instead of retaining it; if only he knew that he could have enhanced
sexual pleasure by retaining it rather than ejaculating it; if only he
believed all those successful people, who in their biographies
attribute their success to the retention of sex energy, man would
definitely stop wasting this energy. Self-control is all that is required
of man to be able to retain sex energy and then transform it into a
power that can make him super successful.
Any man who doubts the possibility of sex transmutation needs to ask

What A Waste!

himself, How do I feel after ejaculating or emitting my entire sex

energy? The answer is obvious and straightforward. A man full of
energy suddenly becomes dull and lifeless as soon as he ejaculates; he
loses his strength and his energy. Doesn't man know this? Of course
he does, but man still continues to waste his sex energy.
Hopefully after reading this book, men who want to achieve success,
who are open to experimenting and who want to live a more
meaningful and enhanced life physically, sexually and otherwise,
will practice sex transmutation. The following pages will explain
how sex energy can be retained and converted. They will provide a
detailed explanation of the body`s behavior, illustrate basic and
advanced techniques to retain and convert sex energy. The chapter, A
Medical Perspective will explain how energy is created by
retaining semen. It will also ratify in medical terms, the theory that
one can succeed through sex transmutation.

Waste Your Most
Powerful Energy!

Most men achieve

success after 40
because till then,
they are wasting
their sex energy.

Taming Ejaculation
To Retain Semen

Taming Ejaculation
To Retain Semen

Over the years, men have believed that semen cannot be retained in
the body. Man has accepted this belief that semen has been created in
the body to be expelled. Due to sheer ignorance and through regular
ejaculation, man eliminates this super powerful energy from his
Can semen be retained? Of course, it can.

The first and most important step is not letting semen move out of the
body. It is not easy. It requires a lot of willpower, self-control and
practice but it can be retained. Wet dreams and nocturnal emissions
are beyond our control but while we are aware and awake, we can
certainly retain semen and with it retain the life force within us.
Mahatma Gandhi says that initially, he too believed that semen could
not be retained or rather should not be retained, as it would create
congestion in the body. However, according to his biography, he
personally retained semen and suffered no such ill effects like
congestion. In fact, he says that he felt a new vitality in his body.
Some information from his biography which I share with you below
will shed more light on this matter:

Gandhi remained celibate after the age of 37. He practiced


Taming Ejaculation To Retain Semen

Brahmacharya means search for God and signifies control of

all the senses at all times, at all places in thought, word and
deed. It includes sexual restraint along with restraint in diet,
emotion and speech. It eliminates hate, anger and violence. It
means to desire less.

Gandhi harnessed sex energy to generate more power. He said

that abstinence forever or for long periods was neither
physically nor psychologically harmful.

Gandhi said that people may indulge in sex for procreation but
not to gratify animal passion. He denied that sexual
indulgence is a human necessity.

Someone told Gandhi that he could not control ejaculation for

more than three weeks, as the body would become heavy, restless and
the mind agitated. They also told him that only with sexual discharge
could normalcy be restored in the body. Gandhi objected and said
from his personal experience, Ability to retain and assimilate the
vital liquid is a matter of long training. Once achieved, it strengthens
both body and mind. The vital liquid capable of giving birth to life
cannot harm and rather when properly conserved, it could be
transmuted into matchless energy and strength.
From these words of Gandhi, it is clear that he advocated sex
transmutation. The vital liquid he refers to is semen. A powerful and
revered man like Mahatma Gandhi giving testimony to this fact
should make anyone who doubts this theory to change his attitude
towards it.
Not just Mahatma Gandhi, but other highly popular and successful
men like George Washington, William Shakespeare and Abraham
Lincoln have been mentioned in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and

Taming Ejaculation To Retain Semen

Grow Rich. However, all these great people are said to have
achieved creative success not only by being highly sexed but by
retaining semen and then transmuting it into power. Sex energy can
actually become success energy, if this vital liquid is retained in the
Personally, I can vouch that semen can and should be retained. The
chapter that discusses the medical perspective will confirm the
benefits of retaining semen. God has given man this super powerful
energy so that he can use it to create life and also to convert it into
success, if only he learns to retain it.
I know how challenging semen retention is because it needs guts of
steel to try and retain semen. It is not easy to stop a gushing river. The
semen is ready to eject out of the urethra with all its passion and
energy and with full power. How can such a powerful force be
retained? This can be understood in the pages that follow but there
should be no doubt that semen can be retained and more importantly,
it should be retained if one wants to convert it into success.

Retain Your Power

Become Succsexful


Conserving Sex Energy

By Maintaining BSR

Conserving Sex Energy

By Maintaining BSR

This chapter explains in simple words, how the body behaves and
how the sexual rate causes the peak sexual pleasure (PSP) or orgasm.
It also probably for the first time, explains in layman's terms, the
intricate difference between an orgasm, emission and ejaculation.

Once you believe that semen can be retained, it is then important to

understand how to retain this energy. To do so, it is important for one
to understand the male body, the entire process of the creation of
semen and the ejaculatory phases namely - erection, orgasm,
emission and ejaculation. Without understanding the body, one can
never fully understand how and from where the energy comes, its
direction of flow and its final destination.
Because of the nature of the subject, it has not been publicly discussed
or written about. People think it is embarrassing, but I believe that
such an important subject cannot be categorized as private or
embarrassing. This knowledge is to be shared with the world. In this
chapter, we will openly discuss the sexual behavior of the body in the
context of the retention of sex energy.


Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR


Let us understand the male body in relation to the male sexual energy.
It is commonly understood that men get aroused for various reasons.
Once fully aroused or fully excited, sexual pleasure culminates in an
ejaculation. However, it must be understood that arousal happens
when the senses get excited. This leads to an erection followed by an
orgasm. After orgasm, there is emission and finally ejaculation.
Arousal influences the body sexual rate (BSR), the hormones, the
chemicals and finally ends in ejaculation.
Ejaculation expels sex energy. It is a common misconception that one
ejaculates only sperms. In fact, the liquid energy that is expelled
during ejaculation does not just comprise of sperms, but also contains
other seminal liquids like the pre-ejaculate. It is important to
understand this because it influences the control of sex energy in the
body. It is also important for us to understand the genital area, at this
Sperms or sex energy are manufactured in the testicles and are then
ejaculated through the penis. This is clearly understood by all but one
must also understand what influences the production of sperms and
how it flows from the base and exits out of the body. One must
understand that there is a muscle which can control the ejaculation
and help retain it. One must also know that sperms that are
retained will be absorbed; thus, busting the myth that sperms
cannot or should not be retained.
It must be understood that both arousal and sperm production are
influenced by certain hormones and chemicals and that certain foods

Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

can enhance or reduce both arousal and sperm production. All this has
some connection to the nervous system. Man does not understand
that the process of ejaculation starts with orgasm, then goes on to
emission and finally ejaculation. This is explained in the pages that
follow in this chapter along with BSR or Body Sexual Rate.
Sex transmutation is the primary key to success. One should not be
shy or embarrassed about one's sex energy as sex is a natural human
instinct and it is the most powerful success tool that man possesses.
Every human body is unique. It reacts to various stimuli differently. It
is important therefore not just to read in detail the medical perspective
in a chapter that follows but for men to be curious and investigate the
nature of their own body in relation to their sex organs and the
production and ejaculation of sex energy.
Body Sexual Rate (BSR):
The world is familiar with basal metabolic rate or body metabolic rate
(BMR). In simple terms, the body has an activity rate. The higher the
activity rate, the more calories the body burns. Higher the activity,
higher the BMR. Similarly, for the sake of explaining sex
transmutation, I have called the rate of sexual activity in the body as
the Body Sexual Rate or BSR.
It is very important to understand BSR as it is critical in retaining sex
energy for the purpose of transmutation. Without understanding his
own BSR, it is impossible for a man to retain his sex energy. Without
any arousal, the body's sexual rate is presumed to be zero. When the
first sexual thought arises, the BSR reaches 1. This sexual thought
will normally lead to a sexual feeling in the body, which is BSR 2.

Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

BSR 3 is that state when man experiences the first sexual stirring or
sensation in the genitals, commonly referred to as getting turned on.
Thereafter, the body moves to BSR 4, which is when the energy starts
gushing into the penis causing the start of an erection. With enhanced
sexual thoughts or feelings, one gets fully turned on and has a full
erection, which is BSR 5.
For the purpose of this book, Cycle A or the 'Emotional Cycle' and
Cycle B, the 'Physical Cycle' have been created to explain the
difference between the emotional and the physical stimuli in the sex
cycle, which finally leads to ejaculation.
For the body to go from BSR 1 to BSR 5 there is no need for a sexual
touch. Just sexual thoughts, feelings and emotions would do to take
the body's sexual rate from 1 to 5 without the presence of any real
physical and sexual activity or contact.
However at BSR 5, the genitals are vibrating with sex energy making
the BSR to go further up. One can view the BSR chart (refer to pages
37 and 38) to further understand this. Cycle A which is BSR 1 to 5 is a
common phenomenon and may happen any time to anybody. It may
happen by just seeing somebody attractive or even talking or thinking
of sex or watching a sexual scene. This can easily raise the BSR from
1 to 5, where the person is fully turned on. Cycle A forms the base
from which Cycle B or the Physical Cycle starts.
Going on to Cycle B, the physical cycle of the BSR, when the body is
fully turned on at BSR 5, it may just harmlessly go back to BSR 1 or 0.
If the mind is distracted, the BSR may fluctuate between 1 and 5,
climbing up and down. However, if there is any physical activity

Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

involving the genitals at this point, with or without a partner, the BSR
moves to level 6.
At level 6, the body starts urging for sexual activity. Either it involves
touching another individual or physically arousing the body yourself
to move on to BSR 7. At BSR 7, the body is in a complete sex mode. It
can think of nothing else, it is not just fully turned on but it also seems
that it is getting ready to ejaculate. Normally at BSR 7, there is
tremendous sexual pleasure and vibration. Unless one is aware about
BSR or about sex transmutation, it is unlikely for the BSR to return to
below 5 unless there is some major mental or physical distraction.
The BSR then moves on from 7 to 8 which man thinks he has reached
the climax.
Commonly, man thinks that the BSR cycle ends at 8, when the body
swiftly moves from BSR 7 to an ejaculation. However, studies show
that the body's physical pleasure and sexual state moves from 7 to 8
very slowly, climbing from 7 to 7.1 then 7.2 and so on, till 8,
enhancing the body's sexual pleasure and sexual rate till it reaches the
peak. Then man thinks there is ejaculation after which the body
becomes limp, dull and lifeless. It has not been referred to as the little
death for nothing!
BSR 8 is not ejaculation! It is only an orgasm. One must understand
that man's intense pleasure is not at ejaculation but at orgasm, i.e BSR
8. As the BSR is moving from level 7 to 8, man experiences
tremendous sexual pleasure, that can take him to a point of no return.
Just like a gushing river falling from a waterfall or shooting out of the
gates of the dam, man mistakenly thinks that at orgasm, ejaculation

Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

occurs and that there is no stopping it. Man assumes that he gets his
complete sexual pleasure with this gushing out of sex energy. It is
important to understand that this is not true.
One has to understand that orgasm happens at BSR 8 and ejaculation
only happens at BSR 10. This truth is critical for people planning to
practice sex transmutation. Without this fundamental understanding
man cannot retain and then transmute sex energy.
Yes, orgasm is a state of sexual climax experienced by both the male
and female. It is the point of intense physical pleasure when the body
experiences intense intoxicating spasms which create a euphoric
sensation. It is one of the most intense pleasures and we refer to it now
as Peak Sexual Pleasure or PSP.
Most men do not realize that orgasm is not ejaculation. At BSR 8, the
body experiences these vibrations or spasms but the body does not
ejaculate at this point. This is the orgasm level and if one wants to
develop one's sex energy, one has to both understand and practice to
stop the body's sexual rate from going beyond BSR 8. Successful
people who are highly sexed in nature would experience multiple
orgasms and experience PSP many times during a single sexual act.
They do so by controlling the BSR at level 8 and preventing sperm
from being ejaculated at BSR 10, which is reached within a matter of
seconds after orgasm.
BSR 8 or orgasm is the point of control for successful sex
transmutation. While one can still transmute sex energy at BSR 9, it
is at BSR 8 that man's unending sexual pleasure as well as total power
from the sex energy lies. When the BSR reaches 8, man thinks that

Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

climax has been achieved and in his ecstasy and the rhythmic
contractions of muscles at the base of the penis, he lets go of his sex
energy and ejaculates. Along with the sex energy goes the entire
climax and peak sexual pleasure bringing the BSR to a grinding halt,
thereby wasting the sex energy. Man must understand that orgasm is
not ejaculation and if this is not understood, sex energy cannot be
retained and transmuted.
The body reaches its peak sexual pleasure at BSR 8 and just like a
gushing river, man's sex energy is galloping forward to BSR 9, which
happens in a matter of seconds, in fact in just one or two seconds. BSR
9 is referred to as emission. It is a rarely used word in the common
man's sex dictionary. It has nothing to do with peak sexual pleasure as
it has already been achieved at BSR 8 and it is not ejaculation either.
BSR 9 is that state where sperms are emitted out of the testicles.
However, one must note that at BSR 9, ejaculation has not occurred.
Man is still experiencing the aftershocks of the PSP which he
experienced at orgasm a couple of seconds ago. In fact, it is so close to
orgasm that a common man unaware of BSR and this entire topic
would not even realize that there is a gap between orgasm and
However, orgasm is distinctly different from emission and this is
known to those who practice and who know how to stop at orgasm
(BSR 8). They experience spasms and feel the vibration but there is
no emission or ejaculation. When man stops at BSR 8, there is no
need to physically control the ejecting of sperms out of the penis as
emission of sperm has not yet occurred.

Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

Those who successfully practice sex transmutation become experts at

controlling their sex energy automatically at BSR 8. They understand
that there is a very fine line between orgasm and emission and a finer
one between emission and ejaculation. It takes a lot of time for a new
student of sex transmutation to understand this subtle difference and
to stop at BSR 8. In fact, those who are unable to stop at BSR 8, will
never understand the significant occurrences that happen between
BSR levels 8 to 10. BSR 10 is the state when ejaculation occurs.
Men who can control their BSR by maintaining a BSR of 8 are able to
have multiple orgasms and prolonged sex. During the emission phase
(BSR 9) the sperms move out of the testicles; and hence are about to
be ejaculated at BSR 10.
It is important to understand that even at BSR 9, the sperms have not
yet been ejaculated, they have only been emitted from the testicles;
the sex energy still remains in the body. It requires a great amount of
practice and physical exercise coupled with breathing techniques and
spiritual power to be able to hold back the energy at BSR 9.
There is a well-known muscle in the body called the pubococcygeus
muscle, or more popularly known as PC Muscle or Love Muscle
which when locked with three fingers at BSR 9, prevents the sperms
from being ejaculated either partially or fully. Though it is a difficult
exercise it is commonly practiced by those who want to achieve
success through sex transmutation, and who want to go beyond peak
sexual pleasure at BSR 8 or orgasm. Most men lack the willpower and
the self-control to stop at orgasm. The sexual urge and pleasure
experienced at orgasm pushes man to go beyond and to reach BSR 9
and 10.

Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

There may be times when one controls ejaculation at BSR 9

(emission) but there may also be times when one is unable to control
the ejaculation. In that case, sperms are ejaculated out of the body
within a few seconds and the body reaches BSR 10. The sex energy is
then expelled and the energy drops back down to BSR 0 immediately
after ejaculation. Thereafter, there is only a feeling of release and
depletion of energy.
Studies show that the release of energy from the testicles at BSR 9
(emission) and even the release of sperms at BSR 10 (ejaculation) do
not enhance sex pleasure. On the contrary, they rob the body of the
entire sexual vibration. At emission, the sexual vibration still
continues, though it is much reduced in comparison to what it was at
orgasm. But when ejaculation takes place, the entire sexual pleasure
disappears and the sex energy is completely lost.
The fact is that a man can have multiple orgasms, but can normally
experience ejaculation just once. He needs to rest his body for a
considerable amount of time before he can experience another
ejaculation. The pleasure we all enjoy is the orgasm and not the
ejaculation, which is why orgasm is known as the peak sexual
pleasure or PSP.
For the uninitiated, they might all appear to be the same. But the
difference lies in the order of occurrence:



Ejaculation at BSR 10 brings with it tiredness, clouding of

consciousness, relaxation of sexual muscles and loss of life energy.
Ejaculation ends the sexual erection and all men must have


Cycle B Physical Cycle

Cycle A Emotional Cycle


Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

experienced how this feels. In fact, I think ejaculation is the enemy of

continual sex pleasure and transmutation. The common mindset is
that ejaculation gives pleasure while the reality is that orgasm gives
more pleasure. Men who live with this myth will never be able to
convert their sex energy into success. In fact, with multiple orgasms
the PSP gets enhanced multifold.
For the sake of transmuting sex energy, one must clearly understand
that the easier route is to stop at BSR 8. Even if one crosses BSR 8,
one can withhold sex energy at BSR 9 but it will be at the cost of
losing the peak sexual pleasure. Once the body reaches BSR 9 or
emission, sperms are released from the testicles. Then, it is only
possible to control the ejaculation through advanced techniques
explained in the chapter that follows.
Experts in sex transmutation recommend that one should not go
beyond BSR 8.5 and must learn to enjoy peak sexual pleasure before
BSR 9. Let me reiterate: one can transmute sex energy even at BSR 9
but one will not be able to enjoy multiple orgasms or reach another
PSP point immediately. This will be possible only if one stops at BSR
8, which is at orgasm.
With this knowledge and expertise, one can retain one's sex energy
and easily absorb it back into the body. The body's sexual rate
continues to be high when one is able to hold back emission and
ejaculation. One must also understand that there are variations in
what occurs between BSR 8 and BSR 10. Sometimes, sex energy and
semen are not ejected but only a thin white liquid called the pre-


Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

seminal liquid comes out. This is not ejaculation, though it may carry
a few sperms and a little bit of sex energy. It is just a few drops of thin
white liquid.
Sometimes, one may reach BSR 9 and then be able to hold back only
part of the sex energy. In that case, only part of the sex energy is
ejaculated and while it is better than ejaculating the entire energy, it is
definitely not as good as retaining the complete sex energy at BSR 8.
This chapter in simple words explains how the body behaves and how
the sexual rate causes the peak sexual pleasure (orgasm). It also
probably for the first time, in layman terms explains the intricate
difference between an orgasm, emission and ejaculation.
Before going on to the next chapter, it is important for you to stop and
understand your body's sexual rate and everything about orgasm,
emission and ejaculation.
So far, you know that the secret of success lies in the life energy
within you, and that it can be controlled. You are more aware of how
your body is behaving and you should be able to withhold ejaculation
and retain the invaluable sex energy by managing your BSR and
stopping at orgasm. More advanced methods of controlling
ejaculation at emission (BSR 9) are discussed in the next chapter.
Remember, by no means does practicing sex transmutation decrease
your sex urge, your sexual pleasure or your partner's pleasure. In fact,
the opposite happens!!
Practicing sex transmutation can create more sex energy and give you


Conserving Sex Energy By Maintaining BSR

enhanced sexual pleasure like never before.

Orgasm, emission and ejaculation are explained in clinical terms for a
better understanding of the same in Chapter 13, A Medical

Stop at Orgasm (BSR 8)

Orgasm is
Peak Sexual Pleasure (PSP).




Advanced Techniques
for retention


This chapter is for those who don't want to stop at BSR 8 and
want to continue enjoying enhanced and prolonged sexual pleasure
beyond orgasm. It is untrue that there is peak sexual pleasure after
orgasm. However, while there may be no enhanced pleasure, there is
still energy to withhold. There may be the same prolonged sexual
pleasure going from BSR 8 to 9 but there is a risk of losing both the
pleasure and the energy if one cannot control at BSR 9 and let it reach
BSR 10.
For one to go beyond BSR 8 or orgasm and to feel the energy
being released into the body while avoiding ejaculation, it is
necessary to take charge of the PC muscle. The PC muscle is found
just behind the testicles as shown in the image. It is a small muscle,
about one inch in size and stretches between the testicles and the anus.
It is the same muscle that controls the flow of urine from the bladder.
The key to using the advanced technique involving the PC
muscle is the ability to identify the PC muscle without any external,
physical effort. In fact, 99 percent of the people don't feel their PC
muscle. It is actually very simple to identify the PC muscle.
The following is a simple exercise to make you aware of your
PC muscle and understand how it works. Try it out. And if you are a

Just like how water can be blocked, dammed and

stored; the PC muscle, when firmly pressed, can
stop and withhold the sex energy from ejaculation.

Advanced Techniques For Retention

keen aspirant, through practice, you will become an expert at using

the PC muscle to stop ejaculation after BSR 8.
This is how it works when you want to urinate and for whatever
reason, you need to stop it, what do you do? One usually uses one's
breath to contract the genitals. If you are in sync with your anatomy,
you will realize that what you are actually contracting is a particular
muscle this muscle is called the PC muscle. By contracting this
muscle, you control your bladder. On releasing the contraction, the
urine flow resumes. It is the same muscle that controls the flow of
semen from the penis.
However, it is not possible to practice contracting the PC muscle
during semen ejaculation. The pressure is too high to experiment at
that point. However, it is a simple exercise for one to contract one's
PC muscle without using any complicated techniques. Constant
practice of this will build a strong PC muscle. There are exercises
called Kegel exercises that are meant to strengthen the PC muscle.
Post orgasm, if the body does not retain the sex energy and transmute
it, sperms will be emitted from the testicles (BSR 9) but is still not an
ejaculation. The sperms, once released, will move like a gushing river
towards the penis for the purpose of ejaculation. Orgasm, emission
and ejaculation occur just a few seconds after each other. The sperms
move from the testicles when the tube called vas deferens contracts
reflexively, propelling the sperms into the urethra, which runs
through the center of the penis.
Between the testicles, the vas deferens and the urethra lies the PC
muscle. If one uses three fingers and presses firmly behind the

Advanced Techniques For Retention

testicles, in between the scrotum and the anus, as shown in the image,
one can control the semen from flowing out of the penis.
For the sake of sex transmutation, it is recommended to stop when the
BSR is at 8, when orgasm is experienced. However, many men admit
if they are highly aroused, they are unable to stop at orgasm. Hence, if
one wants to successfully practice sex transmutation, then one has to
either stop at orgasm or when emission occurs by using this advanced
technique involving the compression of the PC muscle using the 3
finger technique to firmly press the area between the scrotum and the
anus. This locks the flow of semen and stops ejaculation.
It is not as easy in practice as it appears in writing. This locking
exercise will create a lot of pressure, spasms and vibrations. This
technique requires a firm locking to successfully protect the sperms
from ejaculation. Otherwise, the semen will push past and flow out.
One must never forget that trying the advanced technique is risking
the loss of sex energy because all those who have practiced this
advanced technique admit that there are times they are unable to
control the gushing semen through the PC muscle locking method.
It may be possible sometimes for a student of sex transmutation to
cross beyond orgasm at BSR 8 and then immediately use the PC
Muscle either by using the locking system or by contracting the PC
Muscle naturally by using breathing techniques. The breathing
techniques work only at a pre-emission stage. Once emission
happens, it is just not possible to do it without the use of the fingers as
a lock.
In fact, those who use this advanced technique reveal that another

Advanced Techniques For Retention

method is to stop and squeeze just below the head of the penis, close
to the testicles, soon after locking the PC muscle. This pushes the
blood out of the penis and instantly decreases the sexual tension. The
ejaculation reverses and the entire genital peak will start reversing.
Sometimes, even after using the locking method, the vibration of the
sex energy continues for about a minute or more. This penis-pressing
technique is also used to push the semen backwards.
One must understand that trying to use the PC muscle to stop the flow
of semen after emission, when the energy is gushing out, may be very
painful as one is holding back a strong force by locking the PC
muscle. One has to use different strategies with the PC muscle if one
is masturbating or experiencing oral sex. It is also sometimes easier if
one's partner helps in pressing the PC muscle. There are times when
using the help of a partner does not work at all as one is so sensitive
and the energy so powerful that one has to personally stop it from
gushing out.
Experts using the advanced PC muscle technique share that
sometimes, when holding the PC muscle, one or two drops of preseminal fluid, a thin white liquid emerges. This is not ejaculation; in
fact it signifies that one has been able to withhold his sex energy to a
certain extent.
If one would like to try the advanced technique, the first reality that
one must accept is that this technique cannot be mastered overnight.
It will take some time to locate the PC muscle. Then, during the first
few experiments, some energy will gush out and be lost. One cannot
be impatient and should continue the use of the PC muscle technique

Advanced Techniques For Retention

till one masters locking in the energy so that it can be retained within
the body.
Those transmuting sex energy sometimes use a combination of the
PC muscle technique and self-control to stop at BSR 8 or orgasm.
This combination helps them retain their sex energy to a great extent.
Those who master the advanced techniques will realize that
ejaculation becomes a thing of the past. They are able to enjoy great
sexual heights by keeping their BSR between 8 and 9, that is between
orgasm and emission, so that the sex energy is never lost, ensuring
that they retain the vital energy that boosts their physical and mental

If You Cant Stop at BSR 8,

then Stop at BSR 9.
Retain the Energy Within.


How Semen Is Retained Using

PC Muscle

Before ejaculation press the center point

between the anus and scrotum with the
three longest fingers (as a lock).

Create a lock
like this
with your
three fingers

Practice, Practice, Practice



Now that you have understood the concept of BSR and also believe
that sex energy can be retained, you must remember that the way to
transmute sex energy is by learning the techniques patiently. You
must be interested in starting the journey towards creative genius and
believe that you can do it. You must be committed to taking this
journey seriously. Yes, you can really enjoy it all the way.
Where does one start from?
First of all, it is a good idea to share with your partner the fact that you
want to go through this journey of sex transmutation. Your partner
must understand that it means enhanced sex pleasure and not reduced
sex pleasure for both of you.
One can have an enhanced sex life, provided one has understood the
process and practices transmutation to achieve success in terms of
containing the energy within. Once the partner understands all about
BSR and transmutation, the sexual pleasure they can give each other
is immeasurable!
Both the partners must be in sync and be able to tell when the man
reaches BSR 7 and 8. If the partner doesn't understand this, then when
the man is nearing BSR 8, the partner won`t be able to stop the sexual
arousal, which in turn will mean that the semen will be ejaculated,

Practice, Practice, Practice

thus making the man incapable of transmuting the energy. Once a

partner understands the importance of transmutation, an ideal partner
will assist the man in controlling ejaculation.
It is very important therefore, either through touch or through verbal
expression, or through some other sign that a man indicates to his
partner that he is nearing orgasm. Once alerted, the partner has to stop
arousing him any further and let the man enjoy his peak sexual
pleasure. The practice may be done either through normal intercourse
or through masturbation or even through oral sex.
Various people who have successfully mastered sex transmutation
have willingly agreed to give private feedback on this topic in total
confidentiality of course. I am citing a few such real life experiences
This person who wanted to try retaining his sex energy through sex
transmutation did not have a supportive sex partner. Therefore, he
practiced it through masturbation. Every time he was nearing BSR
level 8 or orgasm; he successfully controlled it. He then tried to
control it using the advanced technique of the PC muscle. He
mastered that method too after some practice.
It is important to note that sex transmutation is possible even without
a sex partner, through masturbation. This is mostly practiced by
people who do not believe in involving a partner in the transmutation
of sex energy. These men prefer to either negate the arousal or if the
arousal is enhanced, they control it at the point of orgasm by
containing the energy within.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Another person actively involved in sex transmutation explained that

he has been able to transmute his energy even during normal sexual
intercourse with his partner. He says that when his BSR is 7.5 or 8, he
physically withdraws from the sexual act. By doing so, he is able to
enjoy the orgasm - the peak sexual pleasure and also give pleasure to
his partner and then stop to transmute the energy.
He stated that in the initial stages he was sometimes unable to contain
the sex energy from spilling out after orgasm and at times he was able
to contain the sperm but did not enjoy a full orgasm. However, being
committed to sex transmutation made him eventually control himself
and stop at orgasm and not ejaculate. This gave him the PSP (peak
sexual pleasure) again and again. His partner enjoyed the whole
process so much that she helped him practice and today, they are able
to have an enhanced sex life. This man is improving his personal life
and his career due to the fact that he is conserving his sex energy
within. This is giving him creative power which is making him
innovative in what he does.
Another person confided that he practices sex transmutation through
oral sex. When he understood the technique, he used it to just enjoy
multiple orgasms. He was not able to achieve it with intercourse. He
was also scared of getting AIDS, therefore he restricted his
intercourse. He admitted that his ability to transmute sex energy came
from the fact that through oral sex he was able to control his orgasms
at 8.5 and then stop. At times, he would stop at emission of the energy.
Very rarely would he ejaculate.
He explained that in the initial stages, he was not able to control it
every time he tried. He kept losing the sex energy very often. Then


Practice, Practice, Practice

slowly with practice he improved; for every 10 times he tried, he

would ejaculate 3 to 4 times. Today, after much practice and
mastering of the techniques, he is able to control 95 out 100 times.
This means that more often than not, he doesn't release his sex energy.
This person has transmuted sex energy so beautifully that he is
becoming a creative genius at his work while he continues to enjoy
peaks of sexual pleasure.
How does one practice?
You may practice either through sexual intercourse or oral sex with a
supportive partner, or by masturbation. Understand the concept,
believe in it and start practicing what you now know. It is very
important for you to physically relate to the body's sexual rate. You
must learn to pin point the exact moment when you are getting an
orgasm, and for this you need to understand your own body's
chemistry. You have to be very alert to when you are nearing orgasm
in order to control emission. Once you reach a level of expertise, then
not only can you control orgasm but you can also let yourself reach
the point of emission and then control the energy there.
There is a conflict of thought between people who are able to
transmute after emission and those who feel that their sexual energy
falls flat or gets dissipated on emission. Therefore, to be on the safer
side, try to conserve sex energy soon after orgasm and not at emission
because there is no doubt that at orgasm, sex energy can definitely be
retained. The force of sex energy within the body is so powerful that it
requires an expert to be able to contain the energy after emission.
Once the body is vibrating with the sex energy, then it is only through
physical means that one is be able to control the PC muscle and


Practice, Practice, Practice

contain the liquid sex energy within. However, if one retains the
energy within the body and transmutes it instead of ejaculating it,
then such a person could be called a sexual genius.
All this is possible only through practice, practice and more practice.
It is advisable to stop at pre-orgasm, initially. So, when the body's
sexual rate reaches 7 or 7.5 and you do not even reach an orgasm, you
stop and let your BSR drop down to 5. When you repeatedly practice,
you will come to understand your bodys sexual rate. You would then
be able to feel your bodys sexual rate climbing steadily from zero but
when you reach orgasm (BSR8), you would be able to stop.
If one practices, one will eventually reach a level where one can get
an orgasm and stop. Beyond getting an orgasm, one may try to stop at
emission through advanced techniques explained earlier. Proceeding
towards emission is unadvisable in the early stages of sex
transmutation as one may lose valuable sex energy due to lack of
control. So, initially, try to stop at pre-orgasm or at orgasm.
Once the energy is retained, various methods explained later help one
absorb this energy into the mind center and the nervous system. One
then uses this highly vibrant transmuted power to tap into ones
inherent genius and the sixth sense for success that can never happen
otherwise. It is not easy but it is not impossible. It may take time but it
is worth the effort. You will definitely enjoy it as you reap the benefits
from it. It is a priceless gift but comes with a small initiation fee called
We all know that the mind is a creature of habit and needs to be fed
with the right ingredients. Let the emotions of love, romance and sex

Practice, Practice, Practice

be the dominant ingredients; they send the right vibrations to the

brain and prime it. Next, control and use these emotions together.
Control of the mind through the power of will is difficult but not
impossible. Control comes with persistence, which later becomes a
habit. The secret of control lies in understanding the process of
These days, wellness therapy centers have started providing therapies
for sex transmutation, and certain expert centers located around the
world would be able to help men develop their ability to transmute
sex. These centers are advocating the effectiveness of sex
transmutation but are known differently in different parts of the


and Enjoy Both
Pleasure and Power


Do not lose your power

by wasting it.
Learn to conserve it by
sex transmutation.




Converting Sex Energy



Converting Sex Energy

The first step to transmuting sex energy into creative power is the
physical retention of the energy within the body. The second step is to
absorb this energy into the body through mind focus or the chakras, so
that it gets converted into creative energy that leads to the sixth sense,
hunches and intuition. Chakras are the seven spiritual centers of
energy in the human body.

Therefore, if one only acquires the expertise to retain the ejaculation

of semen, one is not fully benefiting from the concept of transmuting
sex energy into creative power. It is important for the retained sex
energy to be mobilized into the mind center where it transforms into a
power that is untapped. Since this power is fairly unknown, there are
many theories regarding how this energy should be transmuted.
Out of personal experience, people have shared that retention of sex
energy within the body itself creates power in the body. However,
experts on the subject have added that just retaining the fluid in the
body does not get you the full benefit of transmutation. The Taoists
have their own explanation of how the sex energy must move to the
top of the head. This is also explained in a theory of the chakras,
which states that the body's chakras move energy from one part of the
body to another part.




Converting Sex Energy

This chapter gives you some understanding on how to transmute this

energy. That is, how to convert sex energy retained in the body into
creative power. While this chapter touches on this topic in simple
terms, those interested in transmuting this energy must delve further
and experiment on their own to figure out which method works best
for them.
There is no doubt that retaining sex energy is beneficial to men. There
is also no doubt that one has to convert this energy through emotional
or mental acts of will. However, there is no prescribed formula for the
best way to do it. However, different methods work for different
people. Some use breathing techniques to first retain the energy and
then with other breathing techniques, suck the energy up into the
mind center where it is converted into creative power.
One theory says that the transmuted energy reaches the brain and is
processed into very subtle energies used by the higher consciousness
of the mind. As the physical brain needs oxygen and proteins to
function properly, the higher mind or higher consciousness needs
large doses of transmuted sex energy. This energy confers that
extraordinary vigor, power and vitality to the higher consciousness.
Another theory is the Tantric theory, where the breath works in
conjunction with the chakras which are the energy centers of the
body. The breath is focused and at the right moment the sexual energy
is retained. It is then moved through the chakras to the heart center
using breathing techniques. This inspires the creative mind to trigger
what are called hunches or the sixth sense.
Whatever be the theory, it is very important for one to learn how to
peak with the energy and then to spread the energy to the entire body,

Converting Sex Energy

and more so to the mind and the heart. This has more to do with the
emotional part of the body and not the physical part. The physical part
ends when the sex energy is successfully retained in the body either
through breathing or the PC muscle method. The emotional or the
mental part takes over when it is time to transmute or convert this
energy into creative energy.
Some sex experts, who are studying the transmutation of sex energy,
have mentioned that when they control emission and when there is
non-ejaculatory sex, men need to learn to circulate the sexual energy
through their body. It is even more important for men to draw this
energy up and away from their genitals and transport it to the brain, to
transform the sex energy into the more refined and stable life energy.
This life energy is referred to as Prana in Hinduism, Chi in
Chinese and Ojas in ancient Sanskrit scriptures. So, as you can see,
sex transmutation is a full body experience. Right from the genitals to
the chakras, from the breath to the mind; they are all involved in this
process. It is therefore very significant for a man to understand his
entire body because if he doesn't, he will not be able to use the
physical, mental and emotional steps required to retain and transmute
this vital energy.
Therefore, the most important process for a man is to take time to
understand both his mind and body; the emotional set up within and
the body`s physical functioning. Only then will he be able to
understand how the energy in his body can move, be transmuted or be
converted into creative energy.
This energy can improve creativity, health and vitality to a level that
cannot be imagined. In China, a form of medicine called Sexual Kung
Fu has been developed to train people in this field. This particular

Converting Sex Energy

school of thought talks of both the physical as well as sexual energies.

There is another western theory of transmutation of sex energy. In this
theory, the body is considered to be an electrical orbit and this socalled microcosmic orbit moves the energy from the lower prostrate
area into the lower reservoir or the abdomen. From there, it moves up
to the upper reservoir the brain. The energy moves from the lower
reservoir to the upper reservoir is through the middle reservoir or the
heart. It is not difficult to understand this, because we can actually
feel these three energy centers.
Every human being understands the energy reservoir in the head our
brain. We also feel the energy in the heart. When we transfer the
retained energy into the upper reservoir, the brain, the energy gets
transmuted and creates electrical vibrations, which activates the sixth
sense, intuition and creative powers.
The body is nothing less than an electrical organ where there are
electrical vibrations and sparks moving all through the body at all
times. We are all aware that the nerves in the head pass on electrical
vibrations to the entire body for it to function. Whether or not there is
transmutation or retention of power, the body continues to function
like an electric machine with electricity moving throughout the body.
Today's modern medical fraternity would vouch for the fact that the
body's electricity is something real and not imaginary. The Taoists go
one step further by proclaiming that the electricity in the body is
controlled by the mind and whichever direction the mind takes, the
energy follows. So, wherever one focuses ones attention, the
Prana or the Shakti moves in that direction. On the subject of sex
transmutation, various philosophers feel that the most powerful of all
electric energies is the sex energy.

Converting Sex Energy

What we call getting aroused or getting turned on in more generic

terms, sex therapists call the art of generating sexual energy. In fact, it
is not considered a curse but a blessing for one to be highly sexed, as
one can use this highly sexed nature to create more sexual energy,
retain it and then transmute it into creative power.
However, remember that generating more sexual energy and
ejaculating it is of no use because that does not help in becoming more
creative or emotionally powerful. It is beneficial only when one
learns to retain the sex energy and move it up into the upper reservoir
and then transmute it into another form of energy.
Medically speaking, the semen that is retained does not necessarily
have to be spiritually sucked into the higher mind chakras or to the
energy orbit. The chapter, A Medical Perspective explains in detail
how the energy is absorbed by the body right away.
The entire body works together to create this sex energy, which is
used to create a human life. The Universal Power has created this sex
energy in us. While we cannot create sex energy, we can at least retain
and transmute it into a higher power.
Interestingly, the lives of those who have tried to misuse or overuse
this energy have been devastated by the outcome, as their lives have
been completely destroyed. There are, however, successful people
like Mahatma Gandhi, who have judiciously, creatively and
powerfully retained this energy. They have not used their sexual
energy in an uncontrolled manner. Instead, they have enhanced their
energy by tapping into it, transmuting it and converting it into power.
Unfortunately, men who don`t know the art of retention and
transmutation, get aroused and waste their vital energy, thereby
destroying all chances of transmuting it.

It is the life energy
thats within us.



Converting Sex Energy

Having read this book so far, you can easily understand what it means
to have your sexual energy aroused and to be full of sexual power.
You are also aware that when this energy is ejaculated from the body,
you lose the complete power and feel drained. Unfortunately, that is
the way the body is made.
Once the power is lost, there is no question of transmuting it into
creative power because there is no power left. The ability of the body
to keep this power at its peak starts when this power is retained. So,
the key is to retain the sex energy within the body at BSR 8 or 9. It is
not important to be sexually charged most of the day but what is
important is that whenever one is highly sexually charged, one should
control the ejaculation of this energy.
There is no harm in being highly sexed. In fact, philosophers,
especially those familiar with sex transmutation, refer to people who
are highly sexed as blessed. However, one can be truly blessed if one
also retains this abundant sex energy.
In a typical heterosexual relationship, a man's sexual energy depends
on the woman. Sometimes it is the girlfriend or his life partner and
sometimes it is other women but it is always a woman who is
capable of creating this high sexual electricity in a man. By
employing some self-control, with awareness of the partner's BSR
and with true love, she can help a man retain this energy. A woman
can help him get aroused again and again so that he develops creative
power at every orgasm.
I cannot say this often enough the journey to successful
transmutation of sex energy starts with understanding the reality of
sex energy, then a commitment to convert it into creative power
through practice. It is not possible for somebody to understand it and


Converting Sex Energy

be able to control it overnight. It is only through continuous and

committed practice that the retention and transmutation of sex energy
is possible.
From the personal experiences narrated to me by the men whom I
have met, I can safely say that if one is really committed towards
transmuting sex energy into creative power, one should not cross
BSR 9 or emission. Post emission, the energy gushing out is
practically impossible to dam and it is also very difficult to then
transmute that energy. When the power is gushing out, stopping it and
changing its direction is not easy. When the energy is not gushing out,
it is simpler to transfer it into the lower abdomen or the lower
reservoir then move it up into the higher center of the mind and
transmute it into creative power.
Many people ask, What happens to the semen that is not
ejaculated? The medical chapter explains in detail how the sex
energy is absorbed by the body. There are various philosophers and
experts on this subject, who believe that the semen is broken down
and reabsorbed by the body just as the sperms are reabsorbed.
Therefore, the art of transmutation becomes very, very important.
Imagine using the resources from within your own body to generate
more electric power that charges your mind!
It is essential for the semen or the Shakti (energy) to be transmuted
with the help of the mind and the spirit. Retention alone is not creative
power; it is retention along with transmutation is the true creative
power. Holding back semen is only one part of the process of sex
transmutation, re-absorbing the semen into the nerve centre of the
upper reservoir and converting it into a very strong power is the real
completion of the process of sex transmutation.

Retaining the energy is not enough.

Learn to transmute and convert it
into success.

Converting Sex Energy

We are aware that the body has been created in such a way that the
lower portion of the body is meant for excretion and for keeping the
body healthy in terms of removal of waste matters. However, this sex
energy is not a waste matter, and therefore, it has to be sucked away
from the waste matters that will be excreted, and instead be moved
into the upper mind, where it can be converted into the body's
electricity and creative power.
Men who experience multiple orgasms give their female partners a
fantastic sexual experience and also create vibrations in their body
that get converted into electric power. This power then awakens the
genius within.
Some of the most successful people in the world have attributed a
good portion of their success to the transmutation of their sex energy.
However, no one has really explained how to transmute this energy.
They have explained about retaining the power and moving the
power but nobody in practical terms has explained how to do it.
One important point people have explained is that those who are
learners in this field feel a certain amount of congestion in the genital
area, when sex energy is not emitted. Yes, even Mahatma Gandhi says
in his autobiography, that initially, when sex energy is retained, the
body may feel uncomfortable or congested but this feeling passes
soon enough. In fact, this congestion is due to the availability of high
power chemicals and hormones in the system, which the body is not
used to. Many people who have practiced transmutation can vouch
that the energy that is retained will not cause congestion or
discomfort in the long run. After a few days of practice, you will
notice a marked difference, an experience of new power so to speak.

Converting Sex Energy

The purpose of writing this book is to simplify the complicated texts

that have been previously written on this matter. People have written
so many different and sometimes contradictory things about sex
transmutation, that it has lost significance. Therefore, an effort has
been made in this book to not only write about the technical details on
the subject but also to give readers the simple, practical methods of
retention of sex energy and then transmuting it.
Even if you do not fully understand the complicated processes
involved in transmuting initially, just make an effort to retain the
energy within your body and try to re-absorb that energy back into
your mental system. You will feel the energy flowing through you,
and will find creativity and genius building in you; then you will
know it works.
Of course, to make transmutation work, different people use different
techniques some use a breathing technique, some distract the mind
and others use physical techniques. Each one has to discover the
technique that suits them best. There is no absolute right or wrong
way to practice sex transmutation. Even the PC muscle technique has
been explained by different people in different ways. Unless you
practice, you will not know what works best for you.
What is important for you to understand is that there are just the two
steps one is retention of the semen in the body and two, the reabsorption of the sex energy from this retained semen into your
mental system so that you feel the energy flowing through you.


Converting Sex Energy

Some therapists advocate storing the sex energy in a part of the body
by re-absorbing the sex energy to the spinal cord. Then goes up to the
mind, where it gets transmuted and moves down the body into a
reservoir, where it is stored. Once it is stored there, it can be used for
creative power whenever we need it. However, while there is no proof
to validate this, I suggest that one tries to see if they can pull the sex
energy up, either into the nervous system or through the spine.
Some books even talk about various theories on how to pump the
energy up through a virtual body pump and pull the energy to the head
and then, using the tongue and other techniques, pull the energy back
down. However, these are complicated to understand and one has to
personally read about them, experiment and decide the best way to
transmute. It is said that as a man ages his need to ejaculate reduces
and therefore his ability to transmute increases. However, through
practice man can learn not to ejaculate and transmute this energy.
So far, you have a fair idea about how to transmute the creative power
that is retained in the body. You understand that there is no guaranteed
formula or a prescribed method for this. There are various theories
with which you must experiment yourself. Each man has his own
ways to absorb this energy. Once you have made up your mind to do it
and if you try, you will realize that it is not so difficult.
Once you have retained the sex energy through personal experiments,
you will have to improve and work on the process of transmutation.
Just like turbines have given way to power plants to keep improving



Converting Sex Energy

the efficiency of power generation and to avoid waste of power, the

goal of maximizing power generation through transmutation is an
ongoing one. Improving methods to transmute sex energy must be a
personal challenge to a true aspirant who wants success through sex

Dont Just Retain the

Energy, Learn to Transmute
and Convert it into Power!




SEX: All Night Long



SEX: All Night Long

Is it possible to have sex all night long? Normally, the answer would be a
resounding 'No' because the minute sexual activity peaks, ejaculation
occurs and the sex energy is depleted. The question is not about romance
all night long, but sex all night long. Two people who truly love each
other may make love all night long because they are in love but sex by and
large ends when the sexual peak is reached. This is not a secret, it is a well
known fact that all sexually active people are aware of.

However, those who practice sex transmutation learn that it is possible to

have sex all night long! People have disclosed that if they are able to hold
back ejaculation at orgasm, within no time they are able to resume sex.
Normally, there is a biological factor that makes the energy in the human
body recede. This is called the refractory period as described in the
chapter, A Medical Perspective.
Further, even if one reaches the emission stage it is possible to resume
sexual activity with some amount of arousal, but it is next to impossible
immediately after ejaculation. Those who pursue sex transmutation are
fortunate to experience more excitement and an enhanced sex life. It is
already clear that most successful people are highly sexed in nature and
enjoy sex. They learn to take their BSR up to the level of orgasm, and after
enjoying the sexual spasms, they retain the energy and then move on to
another sexual peak. For them, the peak sexual pleasure steps down to a
valley momentarily only to go to a higher peak and after the second peak

Sex: All Night Long

on to the third peak each peak higher than the previous one.
Those who transmute sex energy and enhance their sex life admit that
it is possible to have sex all night long. Some have experienced
orgasm five times in a row and some have enjoyed ten orgasms in a
single sexual session. There are people who have experienced
twenty-five orgasms in a night! And that is no exaggeration! Of
course, it may not be advisable to experience such prolonged sessions
too often, but enhanced sex without ejaculation definitely creates
more energy. There is absolutely no loss of energy and so no depletion
or weakness follows.
Those reading this book must therefore understand that success
through sex transmutation and sex all night long are two sides of the
same coin! Achieve one and the other is guaranteed! Those trying to
transmute sex energy for success will experience more sexual
pleasure and those trying to enhance their sexual capability will
experience more creative energy through sex transmutation.
Women love men who are able to sustain their sex energy so that they
themselves can experience a more exciting and prolonged sexual
experience. They build stronger bonds with their male partners
because they are sexually satisfied and this leads them to become the
backbone of their man's success. Not only does a man enhance his
creative power through transmuting his sex energy, he also builds
love, which goes a long way in his success. That is why it is said that
behind every successful man there is a woman.
The concept of sex all night long seems to be a secret or a fantasy to
those who are unaware but for those who have practiced and studied
sex transmutation, it is no secret. It is a reality. Numerous books are
available on how to have sex all night long but they don't emphasize

Sex: All Night Long

that the sperms must be retained. Some of these books approve of

finally ejaculating the sperms, as they are only concerned with higher
sexual pleasure and not success.
The only difference between a sex book and a success book like this
one is that it goes a step further in not only promoting prolonged sex
but also taking the concept to a new dimension that of attaining
creative powers through sex transmutation.
There are many books which talk about cultivating male sexual
energy or being multi-orgasmic. All of them have the same
underlying concept of retaining sex energy. Success through sex
transmutation only takes it further and talks of absorbing this energy
after an enhanced sexual experience and then transmuting it into
creative genius that will lead to success.
You can study this subject further and even discuss this matter with
sex therapists, who will not dispute the fact that one can have sex all
night long. They will confirm that retaining sex energy can ensure
multiple orgasms.
Those who achieve success through sex transmutation, enjoy sexual
experiences that words cannot describe. They raise their BSR up to 8
enjoy an orgasm, then lower it to around BSR 5 and go back to level 8
to enjoy another orgasm. They do this repeatedly and enjoy multiple
orgasms because they stop at orgasm and do not go on to ejaculate.
Couples who practice this, have learnt the secret of sex transmutation
and continue to enjoy sex as they further develop their sex energies. It
should be crystal clear that successful sex transmutation does not
mean reducing sex activity. For those who practice sex transmutation,
more often than not, sexual activity increases and so does their
pleasure. Such people set their imagination on fire, elevate their

Sex: All Night Long

psyche to new dimensions and levels of emotional intensity and

Unlike men, women are multi-orgasmic. However, women are
unable to experience this ecstasy because most men are not multiorgasmic. Most men rush into ejaculation, giving the multi- orgasmic
women one orgasm and leaving her wanting for more. Sometimes
women have no orgasm at all because it takes a woman longer to
reach orgasm. So while women can have sex all night long, it is only
men who have to master the art of stopping at orgasm and not going
on to the ejaculation stage. Then, they can become partners to the
multi-orgasmic women, in the true sense of the word.
Today, there are men who are able to enjoy sex all night long. There
may be very few of them but they are around. Those who retain their
sex energy for either sexual or spiritual reasons are able to enjoy the
greatest of all pleasures: sex, all night long. In normal circumstances,
most people would consider this to be a weird concept but sexologists
and sex therapists today commonly advocate the possibility of
prolonged sex.
Of course, there is another type of audience which considers
extended foreplay and after-play to be all-night sex. No matter how
long foreplay lasts, ejaculation ends the drama, defusing all the
passion. The energy is lost. Men know that if their erection has ended
in an ejaculation and the vital energy is released, they cannot enjoy
sex again, at least not for a considerable amount of time.
Those who are experts in practicing sex transmutation give an
important tip for those keen on having sex all night long. They admit
that it is possible to recover from an emission state to have another
round of sex, but they also admit that if one wants to enjoy the peak

Sex: All Night Long

sexual pleasure again and again, one has to learn to stop at orgasm
(BSR 8). If one proceeds to BSR 9 and gets an emission, one may be
able to retain the energy and then transmute it but may not be able to
enjoy sex all night long.
Soon after emission, the body becomes limp. Does this mean that it is
the end? No, but it does mean that the body needs a refractory period
or the time to get aroused again. It is far better than ending at
ejaculation. Highly sexed people can resume sexual activity at
emission and go on to enjoy more orgasms immediately after.
However, the difference between emission and ejaculation is that
post ejaculation it is practically impossible to get an immediate
erection. Post emission, it is possible to be aroused and erect in a short
span of time. The magic of stopping at orgasm or BSR 8 is that it
facilitates all-night sex.
Highly sexed people, who have stopped at orgasm, say that if one
enjoys a sexual peak at BSR 8 and then lets the BSR drop, either by
controlling the PC muscle (by internal contraction of the muscle or
even by using the locking method), one can soon have another
orgasm within minutes. However, in most cases, the non-ejaculating
aspirants have been those who are spiritually inclined or the followers
of the transmutation theory for success.
If you are reading this chapter purely to know how you can enjoy sex
all night long, you will not stop without ejaculating. You will end
finally, when you climax or ejaculate.
Finally, look at the women's perspective. Having sex with a partner
who ejaculates in the flash of a moment ends her sexual pleasure in an
instant and leaves her dissatisfied. However, when her partner is


Sex: All Night Long

enjoying sex all night long, she is able to enjoy the blessing of being a
multi-orgasmic woman.
Sex all night long is not a myth. It is a reality but only for those who
have understood, believed and practiced the theory of retaining sex
energy. There are millions who scoff at this theory. Sex is beautiful;
however, it is truly beautiful and divine only when it is blended with
love and romance. It is rare for anybody to enjoy sex all night long
purely out of a feeling of lust. But when there is a heady cocktail of
love and romance that one can truly attain the expertise of retaining
the sex energy and enjoy the frenzy of sex all night long.
I hope this chapter encourages people to enhance their sex life but not
to lose their creative power in the process. The life producing sex
energy must be conserved and then transmuted or converted for

Have Sex all night

long. But, retain your energy
and become Succsexful.



Succeed through
SEX Transmutation


Succeed through
SEX Transmutation

It's now time to succeed. It's time to execute all that you have learnt and
convert your sex energy into success. You have read about the secret
behind successful people and about how highly sexed people chose to
use their sex energy positively and restrictively so that they could
transmute it into creative power. You now know that the energy that
creates life must not be flushed down the drain. You have become aware
of this natural power that can create success and have realized that it is
being wasted by those who are unaware about this secret. You have also
understood BSR or the body sexual rate. If you have done all this then
you have passed the exam in theory at least!

If you have excelled in theory, chances are that you have also practiced
what you have read here. If you have, you must have failed many times!
If you haven't tried as yet, you will. But remember, you always pass
failure on the way to success. Don`t stop after coming so far.
Transmuting is not a ready science. Hopefully, you have experimented,
read, browsed and studied enough to create your own personal
transmutation style.
The chapter, A Medical Perspective will convince you that
transmuting sex energy is not a myth or a figment of my imagination; it
is endorsed by sound medical principles. It is not only a spiritually
enriching experience, but also creates a more exciting sex life for those
who are only interested in using this concept to enhance and prolong
their physical pleasure. Enjoy the journey!


A Medical perspective
A collection of medical theories that substantiate sex transmutation


Male Reproductive Organs

Ejaculatory duct
Seminal vesicle
Prostate gland


Female Reproductive Organs

Fallopian tube

Body of uterus

Fundus of uterus





A Medical Perspective

It is not necessary to read this chapter to transmute sex energy for

success. It is only a medical perspective with reference to terms used
in this book. The sole intention of including this chapter, which is
necessarily more complex than the others, is to give the topic of sex
transmutation some medical grounding. Much research has gone into
collating this data, including consultations with renowned

Some things in nature are beyond science. Even though man knows
the chemical composition of sperm and egg, he cannot create it in a
laboratory. This proves that there is some super power which is
governing this process. Science has to go a long way to understand
these aspects of life.
The Birth of Life: From Ejaculation to Fertilization to Birth
A new life is created when the male reproductive cell and the female
reproductive cell unite; that is when the sperm of the male unites with
the egg of the female. Even before getting into the process of life
formation, we should know from where the sperm and egg come.
Sperm and egg contain the characteristics of the male and female
parents respectively. On their union a complete cell is formed and a
life comes into existence.
Sperm is produced in the testes and egg is produced in the ovary. The


A Medical Perspective

production of sperm and egg is dependent on the male and female sex
hormones testosterone and estrogen respectively. These sex
hormones act as chemical signals inside in the body to bring about
different sexual behaviors in an individual. When the male gets
excited during sexual intercourse, the semen which contains the
sperms is ejaculated through the vas deferens, through the urethra,
then the penis and finally into the vagina of the female.
Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
The process of sperm maturation begins in the epididymis, which is
located close to the testes. It is a single, highly coiled tubule through
which sperm is transported. Sperms entering the epididymis are
immature and lack the motility to fertilize an egg. As the sperms
transit from the epididymis tubules, they combine with a special
fluid, rich in proteins, ions and a number of nutritious molecules,
which aid in their maturation. Production of sperms up to the level of
spermatids is called spermatogenesis and from spermatids to matured
spermatozoa is called spermiogenesis.
Chemically, an egg is made up of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals,
DNA, RNA, irons and lipids. A developing egg is called an oocyte or
an ovocyte. It is an immature ovum, or egg cell. The development of
the oocyte into a mature egg occurs through a series of changes which
is known as oogenesis. The majority of oocytes are maintained inside
the body in an immature stage.
Sperms are produced in the gonads. Reproductive hormones control
the production of sperms. Semen is made up of sperm, which floats in
a fluid called seminal plasma. Different glands in a man's body are
responsible for the production of seminal plasma. Testosterone, a

Seminiferous tubule
(cross section)




Primary spermatocyte (diploid)
(in prophase of meiosis I)

Secondary spermatocyte

germ cell

(at two stages
of differentiation)

Mitotic division

Sperm cells

First meiotic division

Second meiotic division



A Medical Perspective

reproductive hormone, controls the production of semen. This

hormone acts like a chemical messenger and triggers the production
of semen. The amount of semen produced during one ejaculatory
session would amount to a teaspoon or about 2 to 5 ml.
Sperm is a life-giving agent. The sperm arises from the male germ
cells, which undergo cell division and give rise to Spermatid the
immature sperm. Spermatid matures to form the spermatozoa or the
sperm. During the conversion or maturation process, it undergoes
different physical and chemical changes, influenced by testosterone.
The luteinizing hormone which is secreted from the pituitary gland
stimulates the testes which release testosterone, a hormone that
catalyses the production of sperms in the testes.
The mature sperms gather in the center of the tubules and the sperms
that do not mature, remain in the outer edge of the tubules. The
sperms move from the testes through the vas deferens to the
ejaculatory tract and then through the seminal vesicle to the common
ejaculatory duct. From there they move to the urethra, before being
ejaculated out of the penis. The process, starting from the production
of sperm to ejaculation, including the transit time through the male
genital tract, takes around 90 days. So an ejaculated sample taken on
any particular day will contain sperm produced three months back.
A man produces millions of sperms each day. Sperms accumulate in
the testes where they remain for weeks, released only when a man
Structurally, a sperm contains three major parts the head, the middle
piece and the tail. The head is filled with nucleus, which contains all
23 chromosomes from a male including the Y- chromosome (male

A Medical Perspective

sex chromosome). The middle piece is the store house of energy for
the movement of sperm. The tail is a fiber like structure, which helps
the sperm in movement.
Chemically, sperm is made up of different types of proteins,
carbohydrates, RNA, DNA, lipids and enzymes. It contains
hyaluronidase enzyme, which promotes the diffusion of substances
through tissues and in turn helps the sperm enter the egg.
Semen Production
When a man ejaculates, the semen he expels is not made up of just
sperm. Seminal fluid, which is a part of the ejaculatory fluid, is
responsible for the fertilization of an egg. For fertilization, the
seminal fluid has to be of the correct consistency and should contain
sperms with maximum motility and ideal morphology. The
reproductive hormonal cycles in men control the production of
semen. Seminal vesicles, the prostate and the Cowper's glands are the
organs that produce secretions which constitute the seminal plasma.
Semen comprises of a milky white fluid produced by seminal
vesicles; this fluid plays a crucial role in the delivery of healthy
sperms. It provides the necessary nutrients that sperm cells feed on
during their journey to fertilize an egg. Semen is very important
because it helps in transporting cells which travel from the testicles
and then moves on to mix with the seminal fluids during ejaculation.
About 30% of the fluid is secreted by the prostate gland which is
acidic in nature. Prostate fluids prevent the sperm from being killed
on contact. 60% of the ejaculatory fluid produced is made up of the
seminal fluid, which is an alkaline fluid and helps in neutralizing the
acidic urethra. Seminal fluid also contains fructose, a type of sugar,
which gives the sperms energy to move faster and helps them in their

A Medical Perspective

swim to the uterus. It also contains secretions from the Cowper's

Sperms and fluids are expelled through the vas deferens, the seminal
vesicles and the prostate gland, causing the seminal fluid to collect at
the base of the urethral bulb near the prostate. The first stage of male
orgasm, in which the seminal fluid is gathered in the urethral bulb.
Egg and Ovulation
Eggs are produced in the ovary and then pass from the ovules to the
oviduct or the fallopian tube, where they wait to be fertilized by a
sperm. In a woman, ovulation, that is the release of the egg from the
ovary after maturation occurs periodically and cyclically, with a
normal cycle being 28 to 29.5 days.
The egg remains in the fallopian tube for a short period of time and
then comes down to the uterus where it develops further. Each egg
contains a small nucleus and vigorous amounts of cytoplasm and is
bounded by a three-layered membrane which acts as a protective
covering. After fertilization, the outer membrane becomes a little
Hormones and Chemicals Involved
Sperm is created from the spermatozoa and egg from oocyte. This
conversion of the spermatozoa and oocyte into sperm and egg is
completely dependent on the sex hormones present in men and
Testosterone is the primary sex hormone for males and estrogen is the
primary female sex hormone. Testosterone and estrogen are present
in both men and women but the concentration levels are different. In
males testosterone production is more and it is dominant over

Primordial germ cells


Resting state


First polar



Second polar

Primary oocyte

Corpus luteum

Ruptured follicle



Mature follicle



A Medical Perspective

estrogen; in females it is vice versa.

The other male sex hormones are cortisol, androstenedione,
leuteinizing hormone, testosterone and estradiol. The other female
sex hormones are estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone and
Production of egg and sperm is controlled by follicle-stimulating
hormone (FSH), secreted from the pituitary gland. The luteinizing
hormone, also from the pituitary gland, stimulates the production of
testosterone in the testes and helps in the final maturation of the egg in
the ovary.
Sexual Arousal
Arousal is a physiological and psychological state of sensory
alertness, mobility and heightened responsiveness that involves the
activation of the reticular activating system in the brain stem, the
autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system.
The hormones responsible for arousal are androstenedione, cortisol,
DHEA, estradiol, lutenizing hormone, testosterone, SHBG and
dopamine. Sexual arousal is also dependent on emotion and physical
behavior. When emotions, visuals, smells, touch and other related
things come to the mind centre, the hormone called lutenizing
hormone is secreted. This hormone is responsible for the testosterone
production in the body. The production of sperm in the testes and
other sexual behaviors are triggered by testosterone. In males,
adequate concentration of testosterone in the blood will cause
Chemicals Responsible for Arousal:
Nitric oxide and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (CGMP) are
responsible for arousal and the control of blood flow into the genitals.



A Medical Perspective

Basically, these compounds cause dilation of blood vessels in the

genital organs, leading to increased and continual blood flow to these
vessels throughout the period of sexual arousal. Dihydrotestosterone
(DHT) belongs to a class of the most potent compounds called
androgen. It is required for sexual development and is made up of
testosterone and is three times more potent than testosterone.
The process of emission of sperm from the body through the penis is
called ejaculation. It is the final outcome of a series of complex
reflexes caused by sexual arousal and stimulation. Erection, orgasm,
and emission are the steps that finally lead to ejaculation.
Constituents of semen include sperms which are produced from the
testes and secretions from vas deferens, seminal vesicles and the
prostate gland. Once the semen is expelled, it is collected at the base
of the urethral bulb, adjacent to the prostate. Myotonia is the state
which occurs due to muscular rigidity just before the release of the
tension due to the pressure of the blood during orgasm.
The vagina is a narrow, muscular but elastic organ. It connects the
external genital organ to the uterus and is the primary female sexual
organ. During intercourse, the penis is inserted into the vagina, which
is also the passage for sperm to travel towards the egg. When the
sperm enters the vagina it finds its own way to the cervix, which is the
lower part of the uterus. Sperm can survive for 72 hours in the female
genital tract. The life span of the egg is 24 hours after ovulation.
After ovulation, the egg is picked up by the fallopian tube. If sexual
intercourse occurs in this particular time frame, sperm and egg meet
in the widest part of the fallopian tube. The sperm passes through the

A Medical Perspective

corona radiata and the zona pellucid, which are two layers that cover
and protect the oocyte from fertilization by multiple sperms. Fusion
of the sperms and the oocyte succeeds when the genetic materials are
fused. This process is known as fertilization.
The fertilized cell, which contains 46 chromosomes, is called an
embryo. The projections and muscles that line the walls of the
fallopian tubes propel the embryo downwards, towards the uterus,
which is a thick-walled, muscular, pear shaped organ located in the
middle of the pelvis, behind the bladder and in front of the rectum.
Meanwhile, the uterus forms a spongy lining called the uterine lining,
to make itself ready for the implantation six days after fertilization.
The embryo buries itself into the uterine lining. Slowly, over a period
of 12 weeks, the embryo develops into a baby with a definite form,
organs, blood, features and movement. After this, the baby starts
growing inside the uterus till the ninth month.
The main function of the uterus is to sustain a developing fetus. The
fetus remains inside the uterus during the developmental period
where it grows into a baby. It gets its nutrients for growth from the
mother, through the placenta. When the baby is completely
developed inside the uterus different hormones are secreted to the
mother's blood as a signal for labor. As a result of the signals, cervical
muscles start dilating and opening and the mouth of the uterus opens
up. The uterine wall starts contracting and these contractions (labor
pains) push the baby and let it pass out through the vagina, which
signifies birth.
Creation of Life
The sperm and the egg are the vital ingredients required to create life.
It is very important to understand where they originate from and the


A Medical Perspective

specific role they play in the creation of life and energy.

Dietary and Lifestyle Influence on Sperm
Sperm count in men can be influenced by their diet and lifestyle. A
healthy sperm count is vital for procreation.
* Make sure to eat enough and maintain body weight (18-20
calories for every pound of body weight).
* Diet should include fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, olives and
olive oil.
* Eat proteins like eggs, lentils and milk.
* Consume some healthy dietary cholesterol found in nuts.
* Consume some cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower
and cabbage (they contain 'indole-3-carbinol' which lowers
* Do not overeat; reduce body fat.
* Avoid alcohol as it reduces testosterone levels.
* Consume up to 35 grams of fiber-rich food everyday.
* Use Tribulus terrestris (a herb that increases luteinizing hormone
and stimulates the pituitary gland to increase testosterone levels)
* Don't skip meals; maintain a steady and ready supply of calories.
*Eat a diet that constitutes nothing lesser than 30% fat.
* Consume ginseng and dong quai root (they increase testosterone
level in blood).
* Exercise more.

A Medical Perspective

* Lower stress levels through meditation and yoga.

Withholding Semen
There are three layers that form the PC muscle which stretches from
the pubic area to the anus and supports the surrounding inner organs.
You can feel this muscle in front of the anus or close to the prostate. It
is the muscle that contracts when one ejaculates. An advanced
technique called the three-finger locking method is used on this
muscle by men who want to retain semen for the purpose of
transmuting their sex energy into creative power.
Another simple way to withhold the semen during sex or
masturbation is to squeeze right below the head of the penis. By
applying pressure with either the thumb or the forefinger directly on
the urethra tube, which runs along the underside of the penis, one can
temporarily decrease the sexual tension. This stops the semen from
being ejaculated.
However, if you have already begun ejaculating and then try to use
this technique, it could become very painful. This can be achieved
only through constant practice and requires split second timing.
Fortunately, the PC muscle unlike any other muscle in the body, can
be trained to work to our advantage.
Semen Absorption
If the sperm is unable to exit the body by ejaculation it gets absorbed
and utilized by the body. If the semen is not ejaculated it returns from
the common ejaculatory duct near the PC muscle and moves through
the vas deferens to the epididymis of the testes. Absorption of sperm
is basically cellular, through the pores present on the membrane of the
inner lining of the epididymis, which increases in size to absorb more
fluid. The fluid present in the semen is absorbed by the inner

A Medical Perspective

membranes of the epididymis and the solid content is broken down

and engulfed by macrophages.
Macrophages are the immune cells of the body which engulf the
unused particles present in the body. They help to withhold the energy
in the particles, which is again re-absorbed through the blood. Sperms
which cannot be digested by the macrophages are expelled into the
scrotum as sperm granulomas.
Epididymal functions depend on the androgen-estrogen secretion
and re-absorption. These hormones help the spermatozoa or the
mature sperm to be active before ejaculation. Estrogen is water
dependent for its re-absorption in the efferent ducts. This is possible
by sodium and ion absorption. The chemicals present within the
sperm make the uterus contract. The two hormones mediate the fluid
for absorption. The spermatozoa secretions of epididymis become
concentrated in the lumen for ejaculatory purpose.
Refractory Period
The refractory period, according to physiology, is a time period
during which an organ or cell is incapable of repeating a particular
action. Cells or neurons are known to be electrically excitable. In
psychological terms, refractory period is defined as the time taken for
a neuron to depolarize.
The refractory period in sexual intercourse is the recovery phase after
orgasm during which it is medically painful and impossible for a
person to experience continuous arousal or multiple orgasms. Parts of
the male and female sexual organ become hypersensitive to further
sexual stimulation. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for sexual
arousal.During the refractory period, another hormone called
prolactin is secreted, which inhibits the action of dopamine.

A Medical Perspective

Therefore, the refractory period is a period where it is difficult to

experience sexual arousal.
Attaining Multiple Orgasms
The process of emission of sperms from the body through the penis is
called ejaculation. It is the final outcome of a series of complex
reflexes caused by sexual arousal and stimulation. Erection, orgasm
and emission are the various ejaculatory phases. Ejaculation occurs a
few seconds after orgasm, immediately after emission.
Orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct events. The difference
between a single orgasm and multiple orgasms is the mastery of the
PC muscle. One needs to have a great deal of patience to be able to
stop the flow of semen. To have multiple orgasms; one has to
strengthen the PC muscle.
The first step is to discover the PC muscle and then learn to control it.
It's essential to become familiar with this muscle. Through practice
and experience one can learn how to control and strengthen this
muscle in order to stop ejaculation. By doing this repeatedly one can
enjoy multiple orgasms.
The flow of semen gushes so fast and with such great force that
sometimes the PC muscle fails to hold the pressure. Even if it is able
to withstand the pressure for a short time, it eventually gives way to
the energy that shoots out. Experts have learnt that by using a dual
technique pressing the PC muscle by the three-finger locking
method to withhold the energy and squeezing the penis
simultaneously it is possible to defuse the pressure by reducing the
blood pressure in the genitals and retaining the energy.
Orgasm is followed by emission in a matter of few seconds. As the
blood pressure reduces, the energy subsides and slowly the PC

A Medical Perspective

muscle can be unlocked from the three-finger lock. Those who have
experienced this admit that this technique is the best way to make the
pressure recede and the energy flow backwards.
Vasectomy is the male sterilization process. The vas deferens of a
man is surgically cut for the purpose of sterilization. In an open-ended
vasectomy, one end of the vas deferens is then sealed with stitches,
heat, metal clamps or a combination of these. Once this surgical
procedure is carried out, the testes remain in the scrotum where the
cells that are responsible for producing testosterone and other male
hormones continue to be secreted. With this method, sperms leak out
from the lower severed end of the vas deferens into the scrotum, thus
avoiding a build-up of pressure.
The sexual desire is unaffected in over 90% of the men who have
undergone this surgical procedure.
What is Castration?
The removal of the testes is called castration. A man does not produce
sperm due to the absence of the male sex hormones, which are
normally produced in the testes. The testes are not only responsible
for the production of sperm but also energy, libido and strength.
Certain male hormones produced in the testes are responsible for a
man's confidence and also his psychological structure.
Castration is a procedure which is carried out surgically or
chemically on a male, resulting in the loss of the function of the
When Does Third Sex Arise?
In males, the major sex hormone is testosterone and in females it is
estrogen. These two hormones are responsible for the development of
primary and secondary sexual characters of both the sexes. Even

A Medical Perspective

though both hormones are present in males and females, the amount
of testosterone is much higher in males in comparison to estrogen and
vice versa in females. When the concentration of both the hormones
is imbalanced in a male or a female, then both the hormones express
themselves morphologically. That's when the third sex comes into
existence. As none of these sex hormones express themselves
completely, they are unable to produce eggs or sperms. They are
As mentioned, this chapter has only been added to reinforce the
general understanding of terms used in Succsex. Much more
information is available on this subject for those who want to study it
in more detail.



I am sharing various perspectives that people have shared about

their personal experiences while transmuting sex energy for success.
These anecdotes describe how they created an enormous reservoir
of energy and achieved unlimited success by transmuting it.
One man admitted that initially, he used to ejaculate all his energy
and feel completely drained immediately after. However, after a
spiritual awakening, he learnt to retain the energy and is now a
creative success.
Another person admitted that the more he practiced sex
transmutation, the sharper his intuition and sixth sense became. He
studied the biographies of several great people including Mahatma
Gandhi and it inspired him to try it himself.
Another friend had an interesting experience. He always believed
that there was no greater pleasure than ejaculation; he was
convinced that the thrill was in the release of semen. One day he
experimented with sex transmutation and by fluke, he got it right on
the first try. He then realized that this was more pleasurable. He went
deeper into the subject and realized that this was life energy. He
should not ejaculate it. Through a lot of self-control and practice,
commitment, he was able to retain energy.
Another friend who experimented with sex transmutation
shared that at first, pressing the PC muscle was like holding back a
tidal wave with bare hands; the semen would just push and come out.
Then, through breathing techniques and mental focus, he was able to
calm the thrust and retain the energy.
Those who have been practicing this for a long time have

In Conclusion...

shared how different their experiences were when they retained their
energy at orgasm and at emission. They unanimously agreed that if
they were able to stop at orgasm they were able to enjoy sex more and
feel the sex energy more intensely. At emission, they admitted, it was
a little difficult to restart the cycle and transmute the energy
One genius told me, I can feel the power within me. I know I have
retained the power and I know my sex energy is my life energy. There
is a new vitality in me.
Another friend disclosed, I remember those days when I used to
ejaculate; I was so powerless after ejaculation that if anyone had
attacked me, I would not have been able to protect myself. Now, after
a great sexual experience, I am still so vital and full of life because I
don't ejaculate.
Another man shared that he had heard of so many myths connected to
sex transmutation. One was that retaining the semen would create
pain, discomfort, congestion and disease. Finally, after many
discussions with those who have practiced it, he admitted that he tried
it and eventually with practice all his negative feelings towards it
disappeared. He is still enjoying the benefits.
Recently, in the due course of a conversation, two people admitted
that while they were able to control the ejaculation, a few drops of the
energy were still lost. They realized that even if pre-seminal fluid or
pre-ejaculate comes out with a few sperms, they were still able to
retain 80% of the energy.
I have spoken to hundreds of people all over the world on this subject.
During my personal investigation I found that today, people are more

In Conclusion...

open-minded and are willing to understand and accept the truth about
sex transmutation.
I hope this book will shed some light on this mysterious subject; a
subject so powerful but still clouded by secrecy. While there will still
be many who dispute this logic and the practicality of doing it, it
should not make those who are interested in pursuing it deviate from
this path. There is nothing mystical, superstitious or impractical in the
theory of sex transmutation. The life energy is known to all men but
only some men have been fortunate enough to transmute their sex
energy into success. Now it is your time to discover your true sexual
and creative capabilities and convert your sex energy to success!
If you have questions or ideas that you want to share you may write to
me at succsex@rvm.co.in.


The secret is
revealed now;
you too can
convert your
sex energy
into a
creative power.






1. Is it true that if one does not ejaculate the sperms retained will
cause health hazards?
No, it is not true. It has been proven by the people who have
retained their sperms as well as medical experts, that the sperms
retained are absorbed back into the body with no ill effects.
2. Is it true that men can also have multiple orgasms?
Yes, men can enjoy multiple orgasms provided they don't
3. Can one have an orgasm and a feeling of internal release and still
retain sperms?
Yes, if one uses the advanced technique, sperms can be retained
with the help of the PC Muscle.
4. Is it true that congestion is created in the testicles, if sperm is not
Yes, it is true but the congestion is only till such time that one gets
used to retaining this energy and the body gets accustomed to
absorbing it back.

5. Is it possible for a man to have intercourse and still transmute sex

Yes, if a man has self-control and the co-operation of his partner,
then when he is reaching BSR 8 or orgasm, intercourse should be
stopped at the right time. By doing this man can enjoy orgasm and
since there is no ejaculation the energy can be transmuted.
6. Can man have an orgasm, and another one, soon after?
If an aroused man stops at orgasm and does not go on to emission,
he can have orgasms again and again almost immediately.
7. Can a man experience an orgasm soon after an emission?
After a man has an emission, it takes some time for his body to be
able to get aroused again, after which he can enjoy another sexual
8. Is it true that oral sex and other arousal methods work better for
sex transmutation?
In the initial stages, controlling ejaculation is much easier without
actual intercourse. Through other means, man seems to have
better control on his BSR.
9. Is it true that ejaculation can be stopped by pressing the PC
Definitely! Pressing the PC Muscle at the right spot, in the right
manner, at the right time will ensure that there is no ejaculation.

10. Is it true that tightly pressing the penis also stops ejaculation?
Yes, it is true, but if emission has happened then the 'PC Muscle
technique' works better. However, when the force of the energy is
too much, along with the PC Muscle one can press the firmly just
below the penis head. This effectively pushes the energy back.
Just pressing the penis may not work.
11. Is it true that retaining this energy creates creative power?
Yes, so many successful people have given their testimonies,
confirming this. I have experienced it too.
12. Is it normal for a few drops of white liquid to emerge from the
penis even after withholding ejaculation?
Yes, if one crosses orgasm and then tries to retain the energy it is
very normal for a few drops of thin white pre-seminal fluid to
slowly leak out of the penis.
13. Does stopping at orgasm or at emission have the same benefits?
No. When you stop at orgasm you not only retain the energy you
also recreate the sex energy immediately. This means that you
remain aroused and continue retaining and creating sex energy
every time. When you continue doing this you can enjoy sex all
night long.
But, when you retain your energy after emission(BSR 9), you
cannot immediately recreate the sex energy that you have lost due
to emission. It will take a while before you are aroused again to
enjoy sex again.

The frequency of sex is lesser when the sex energy is retained at

emission as compared to when it is retained at orgasm. Thus, even
the amount of energy created and retained is lesser.
14. Is it necessary to always use the PC Muscle?
If one stops at orgasm, one need not use the PC Muscle. It is
always good to know how to use the PC Muscle to hold back the
flow of semen, just in case you cannot do so at orgasm.
15. Aren't ejaculation and orgasm the same?
Definitely not! Please read the chapter on BSR to understand that
first orgasm happens followed by emission and then ejaculation.
16. When does the body actually experience a peak in pleasure?
The body actually experiences the sexual peak at orgasm and not
at ejaculation.
17. Is it not better to just ejaculate?
It's your choice. If you chose to ejaculate, it is your loss on two
1. You cannot enjoy sex again as your energy has drained out.
2. You lose your sex energy and along with it the chance to
transmute this energy into creative genius.
18. Is it true that those who don't ejaculate lose their sexual desire?
On the contrary, those who don't ejaculate increase their sexual
desire and pleasure.

19. Do diet and hormones influence the sexual arousal state?

Yes, diet, chemicals and hormones have a direct impact on sexual
20. What actually happens during orgasm?
During orgasm, the entire body vibrates, more so the genitals, and
one experiences immense sex pleasure with intoxicating spasms.
21. Does sexual pleasure increase after ejaculation?
No, sexual pleasure does not increase when you ejaculate. In fact,
if you look at the graph it completely crashes to zero.
22. Why it is difficult to control ejaculation after BSR 9?
It is difficult to control ejaculation after BSR 9 because the sperms
have already been released. They are gushing to be expelled, so it
is difficult to retain them. However ejaculation can be controlled
using the PC muscle.
23. Is the retained energy harmful?
The retained sex energy is not harmful. If so many people in the
world have retained their sex energy and claimed that it is giving
them a special power, then how can it be harmful? In fact it is most
24. Does one feel tired after ejaculation or after orgasm?
One feels tired after ejaculation because the body has lost vital
chemicals and hormones but not after orgasm as one has only
enjoyed the pleasure with no loss of energy.

25. Is all this for real or just a fairytale?

Try it for yourself either alone or with your partner. It is not
difficult. Stop at orgasm and feel the pleasure. Don't ejaculate. Do
it again and again. You will realize it is not a fairy tale.

For further questions please mail to



Author s Note
I was always passionate about achieving success and I achieved success
after success ever since I started working at the age of 18. No dream of
mine has gone unfulfilled. However, I must honestly accept that I did
not transmute sex energy at that stage in life. Even though I had heard
and read about the concept, I couldn't understand what it meant.
Around the age of 30, I was inspired by my Guruji, Dada J.P. Vaswani to
convert this sex energy (Ojas), which God has given us. He strongly
believed that if one wanted to achieve true spiritual bliss one should
take command of this sex energy and not waste it.
I am deeply devoted to my Guruji. I have always followed all that he has
said and in fact built a new philosophy of my life with his guidance. So,
even in this subject I decided to follow his advice. I started studying this
subject. I read books, browsed the Internet and also consulted sex
therapists and experts on the subject. After getting a deeper
understanding about this phenomenon, I started practicing to retain this
At first, it seemed impossible. Slowly, with practice, it became possible
and I mastered the art of retention. This was just half the battle won. I
then started learning how to transmute this energy. This was a more
difficult task than retaining the energy! Now, I successfully transmute
this energy by drawing it to my nerve center.


The reason I share my personal experiences with sex transmutation

through this book, is to drive home the fact that there is no doubt that
we have a special energy within us. We men, can retain it and then tap
into it and use it to create success. Whether we want to use this energy
just for enhanced sex pleasure or to reach a higher spiritual plane is
our choice.
Each one of us lives with a different philosophy, some may want to
have enhanced sex, some may have more spiritual intentions, but that
is each one's choice and we have a right to it. In either case, whether
we want to transmute it or just retain it and let the body absorb it, one
thing is sure wasting this energy is a terrible thing to do.
This energy must be tapped; it must be retained. It was given to us for
procreation. It should be used for creating a life or for something
equally important. After reading this book, if you continue to waste
your sex energy, dissipate and ejaculate it, then the book hasn't had
much of an impact on you. I request to you to read more on the subject
and hope you will eventually see the benefits of sex transmutation. Of
course, I don't expect everyone who has read this book to start
retaining their sex energy and transmuting it but those of you who
wish to do so will discover the difference it makes in the quality of
your thoughts and the creativity it unleashes.
I only wish that more and more people understand the concept,
implement and benefit from it. I have done it; many others like
Mahatma Gandhi have done it. Now it's your chance and I sincerely
wish that you do it too.
The next few pages contain the summary of the whole book and offer
a quick recap of what I am saying through this book about retaining
and converting your sex energy into power.
All the best!!









By the time you reach BSR 10,

the sexual peak is long over.
All that happens at ejaculation is a
complete loss of energy.




If you are at BSR 9,

then you must control
the gushing sex energy
by locking the PC
muscle using the
method and breathing
techniques. If you have
retained energy at
emission, you may have
temporary loss of
erection but the
energy is restored and
you can have another
orgasm almost




Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington

and William Shakespeare to name a
few, are said to have succeeded
through sex power.
I, myself have tried it and I can vouch
for its benefits.




This book would be incomplete without expressing my heartfelt
gratitude to everyone involved in making it possible.
First of all, I thank all those people who have shared their
knowledge on a subject, as sensitive as, sex transmutation. Their
experiences with transmutation of sex energy have impacted my
life, in the most positive way.
I would like to give Dr. Kamini Rao a special mention, for being
the sounding board and the expert, whose advice has been
invaluable to the chapter, 'A Medical Perspective'.
I would also like to thank my editorial and design teams, without
whose help, this book would not have been possible. I appreciate
their valuable inputs and their sensitivity in dealing with this


We clearly see that some men have distinctive
creative powers while others don't. Some have a
glow, while others are dull and lifeless. One set of
men emit huge amount of life energy, while
others seem drained. Have you ever wondered
what is the secret behind these successful men?
Have you ever analyzed, what has made them so
creative and innovative?
Have you ever
wondered what drives these men? Is it simply
their genes?
No! The answer lies within each man. A study of
the most successful men reveals that they
discovered energy within their body their own
sex energy! They converted it into power and personal strength which was previously
unknown to them. Their sex energy became the key to their successful living and their
sex lives became far more exciting for themselves and their partners.
Succsex reveals an ancient truth in simple words. With self- control, one can retain and
convert one's sex energy into genius and become the 'One' in a million, who is superbly
creative and successful. Many great leaders and saints have expounded on this topic,
practiced it and have proved that it works.
Read this book and discover your own fountain of sex energy. Retain it and attain
heights of sexual pleasure and success that you might have only imagined!

Succsex is all about a proven fact, a principle that works. Discover

it and make your life SuccSexful!
Discover an ancient secret of PLEASURE and POWER