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Paola Andrea Baena Chinchilla

Miguel Angel Carrera

The role teachers play in society.

As education is seeing as one of the most important areas or (issues) to
develop and to constantly improve in order to guarantee success in each
ones life and consequently growth as nation a (country), it is very
important to think about the professionals in charge of performing such
a determining task which is due to not only with a big intellectual
investment, but also the emotional and affective part that is considered
very necessary. Education as a social practice is dynamic and it is always
in constant evolution, that is one of the mainly reasons why although
years before the role of teachers was considered underrated because
they were determined by many educational policies, old fashioned
principles and methodologies which were believed were the best;
nowadays, with the policies they are able to teach in different ways
being more autonomous and leaving behind those labels of simply
instructors and clerks.
Teachers spent much more time than a person normally can imagine in a
lifes child, so they are in the process of shaping their minds which
basically are the minds of the future. It is a huge responsibility; therefor,
they must respond critically towards what is imposed and as it is taught
is not always the best. Too much information have been said about
pedagogy, methodology, didactics etc.; however, theory is so big and as
there is a big deal of research about teaching and learning process,
teachers are the ones who have the power to use all of that knowledge
in order to facilitate learning and encourage students to foster a love for
learning in their students.
Pedagogy understood as the process of teaching and learning, is based
on teaching principles, these ones take into account beliefs and
convictions the teacher appropriates based on his/her experience and
background about how are the more effective ways to teach. That is a
mainly task in teachers, to see from a critical perspective which are
those ways in which theory (knowledge) and practice can be mixed in
order to create a good learning process, what we called praxis. In

addition, it is important that didactics applies a methodology based on

techniques that assure a good learning . Those are the personal and
teaching principles each teacher must appropriate and be aware of.
Those principles become a teacher into a leader, architecture and most
important, a real pedagogue who vision the future of our society and
allow the student to realize about reality and its different dimensions.