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Brings you healthy and fresh air quietly and efficiently!

PLASMA is often called the Fourth State of Matter, the other three being solid, liquid and
gas. When enough atoms are ionized to significantly affect the electrical characteristics of
the gas, it is plasma. IONFRESHER applies PLASMA techniques to remove odors,
dust, dust mites, cigarette smoke, as well as bacterial and chemical pollutants from the air.
PLASMA IONFRESHER is an innovative ion air purifier which is different from the
conventional models. It has no fan, but a fresh breeze can be sent out from the unit. That
is the phenomenon of PLASMA creating the ionic breeze. There is no filter required due to
the built-in dust collection panels. The pollutant particles in the air are attracted and
trapped in the built-in dust collection panels. The moderate ozone produced will eliminate
many common household odors and cigarette smoke. The abundant negative ions from the
unit will refreshing the indoor air and be attracted to floating particles magnetically, causing
them to become too heavy to remain airborne.
IONFRESHER is strongly recommended for use in computer rooms as the heat and
magnetic field generated by computers will create dust and pollutants which float in the air.
In addition, cigarette smoke and the positive electric charges created by computer monitors
are a health hazard which can cause lung damage and work fatigue.
IONFRESHER will quietly improve your air quality and living environment in room areas
of within 500 - 1000 square feet. When the IONFREHER is in operation you will feel
and smell the fresh breeze from the front of the unit. This is the purified clean air with
negative ions. Using the unit in indoor rooms with good air circulation will enhance the
effect of IONFRESHER.
Use in living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, offices, reading rooms, computer rooms and
other indoor areas to remove and destroy airborne bacteria, pollen, cigarette smoke, odors,
z Install IONFRESHER at least 30 cm from the wall and place the device on a desktop
or a shelf.
z Make sure the cartridge is in the correct position by first pulling it out and then sliding it
back into the cartridge holder.
z Insert the output end of the adaptor in the DC power input on the back side of
IONFRESHER and plug the adaptor into an electrical outlet.
z Depress the ON/OFF power button. You will notice a green LED indicator lights up to
indicate the device is operating properly. You will now feel and smell the fresh breeze
from the front side of the device. This is purified clean air with negative ions.
z If the red LED indicator lights up, please check that the cartridge is in the correct

position or whether it is time to clean the dust collection panels and negative ion
After cleaning the panels and generator, replace the cartridge properly and depress the
power button.

The specially designed cartridge contains the dust collection panels and the negative ion
generator. It can be pulled out easy for cleaning. The durable built-in stainless steel dust
collection panels can be reused after cleaning. The built-in negative ion generator can be
cleaned to ensure peak performance.
z Clean the dust collection panels once a month with a brush. The built-in red LED
indicator will light up if the dust collection panels/ion generators need cleaning sooner.
z Unplug the device and pull the cartridge out. Wipe the dust off with a brush or damp
cloth and then wipe it with a dry towel. Make sure the dust collection panels and
ion generators are completely dry, then replace the cartridge properly.
z Plug in the adaptor and depress the ON/OFF power button to re-activate the device.
You will notice the green LED indicator showing the unit is in operation. If the red
LED indicator is still on, turn off the device, remove the cartridge and reinsert it
properly before switching the unit back on.
z When washing the dust collection panels or ion generators use warm water without
detergent. Allow 24 hours to dry thoroughly before replacing the cartridge.
z IONFRESHER will work in a room
area of 500-1,000 sq. ft. In room
areas of less than 500 sq. ft. turn the
unit off after 8 hours continuous
operation; the unit can then be turned
on after a 4 hour interval.
z Do not let the unit come in contact
with water. Do not install the device
in the bathroom.
z Do not modify or tamper with the
units internal components.
z Always make sure the room is of
good air circulation.
Dimensions:15cm x 9cm x 28cm
Weight: 690g (main device only)
Power supply (adaptor):
100-120VAC, 50/60 cycles
220-240VAC, 50/60 cycles
output power: 12V
Effective range: 500-1000 sq. ft. appro.
Power consumption: 1.5W