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Remind 101

The following app is a program for cell phones. How it works is

simple, the teacher downloads the app and sets up their class
information. The app randomly assigns the teacher a cell phone
number. Then, students and parents text that number and they
are registered for the class. Through the app, the teacher can
send reminders out to students and parents. They will receive a
text message from the randomly assigned phone number. The
best part about this system is that no cell phone numbers are
sharedthe teacher never has access to the students number
and the students never have access to the teachers number.

This app is great for both students and parents! And the app is

Student/Parent Instructions for Signing Up for the

Reminder Texts
1. Text the number that is assigned to your class:
a. College & Career Readiness Itext @42d86 to the
number 81010
b. College & Career Readiness IIItext @f9a4cd to the
number 81010
c. English Itext @b7887 to the number 81010
2. You will get a text message back saying you have signed up
for reminder texts from Ms. Huck.
3. They will ask you to text your full name (first and last) so you
are properly added to the roster.
Thats it! Enjoy the reminder texts!