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Block Warrior


Teams must build a manually controlled bot which can do simple tasks of gripping blocks
and completing the run with earning maximum points in minimum time.
The bot can be wired or wireless. In case the participants use wireless mechanism, they
must use dual frequency remote.

The outer dimensions of arena are 2698 mm X 2601 mm (lxb). It consists of the following:
6 thermocol blocks with each of dimensions 100 mm X 100 mm X 100 mm (lxbxh) as
shown in Fig. 3 .
1 Void block of dimension 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm as shown in Fig. 2.
One ramp assembly with inclination and declination angle both are of 30 degrees as
shown in Fig. 2.
A surface consisting of marbles spread over 600 mm x 400 mm dimension as shown in
Fig. 4.
A Structure Zone of dimension 200mm X 100 mm as shown in Fig. 5.

Fig. 1






Bot Specifications:

The dimensions of the bot including gripper should be less than or equal to 300 mm X 200
mm X 300 mm at the start of the game failing which the team will be disqualified from the
competition. However the bot can extend its dimension once the run starts.
The bot should be controlled manually.
Teams can use both wireless control mechanisms. It is mandatory to use a dual frequency
The dimensions of the remote are not included in the size constraint of the bot.
Bot must have an on-board power supply in any case.
Participants are not supposed to use any readymade lego components or readymade
gripping mechanism. However the participants are allowed to use readymade gear
assemblies. Violating this clause will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
Irrespective of the mechanism used, only one person will be allowed to control the bot.

Power Supply:

The participants should use an onboard electric or non-electric power supply i.e. the power
source should be on the bot itself. The power source must be non-polluting and must
satisfy the safety constraints determined by the organizers. In case of non-electric power
supply, the participants must get it approved from the organizers beforehand via email.
Organizers are not responsible for the inconvenience if the approval is not sought.
In case of an electric power supply, the voltage between any two points should be less
than or equal to 24 V DC at all times during the run.
AC power supply will not be provided at the time of the competition.

Game Play:

The bot will start from the start zone marked as green color in the arena.
The bot has to grip the block and fill the void created on the flat surface of ramp assembly.
The bot has to push the 2 blocks on the ramp so that they fall off the ramp.
The bot has to complete the path by crossing the surface area covered by marbles.

The bot has to grip 3 blocks, one at a time and make the structure in the form of triangular
shape on structure zone as shown in Fig. 5 .
Bot should reach to red colored End Zone to complete the run.

Game Rules:

The machine would be checked for its safety before the run and will be disqualified if found
unsafe for other participants.
Only one team member is allowed to handle the bot. Other team members are not allowed
to enter the arena.
The bot will be liable for disqualification if it causes any kind of damage to the arena.
The bot is not allowed to slide the blocks against the ground except for fine adjustment in
the Structure Zone and while filling up void.
Any damage done to the blocks will lead to immediate disqualification.
Maximum of 5 minutes will be given for each team.
The arena has three checkpoints as shown in Fig. 6. In case the bot gets stuck at any
place, then the block it is carrying (if any) will be repositioned at its initial position and the
bot will be kept in the checkpoints corresponding to that zone. The blocks which are
correctly deposited in deposit zones/pushed from ramp wont be disturbed. The timer wont
be stopped during this process.

General Rules:

The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition.

Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team indulging in misbehavior or violating
any rules.
Any team that is not ready at the specified time will be disqualified from the competition
The time and points measured by the organizers will be final and will be used for scoring
the teams.
Time and points measured by any contestant by any means will not be accepted for
In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organizers decision will be final and binding.
The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.
Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered
Note that at any point of time, the latest information will be that which is on the website.
The information provided in the pdf downloaded earlier may not be the latest. However,
registered participants will be informed through mail about any such changes.


20 points will be awarded to grip the block and move it to inclined ramp assembly.
40 points will be awarded to team filling up the void area created on the flat surface of ramp
assembly with the block provided.
20 points each will be awarded to team pushing down blocks from ramp assembly.
20 points will be awarded to cross the marble covered surface area.
20 points each will be awarded to keep blocks in the structure zone.
If all 3 blocks are kept in the structure zone according to the triangular shape as shown in
Fig. 5, then extra 50 points will be awarded.
In case` bot falls/ crosses the referred path then 30 points will be deducted and bot will be
placed on the checkpoints corresponding to that zone as shown in Fig. 6 .
Total score = Total points + Number of seconds left from 300 seconds (Number of seconds
will be accounted for only if all 4 blocks are placed in their respective positions and the bot
has crossed the FINISH line).
The team with maximum points will be the winner.

Team Specifications:

A team may consist of a maximum of 4 members.

Students from different educational institutes can form a team.


All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible
to participate in the event.

Certificate Policy:
1. Top three teams will qualify to the finale and will be awarded Certificate of Excellence
for zonals.
2. Certificate of participation will be given to the teams scoring a minimum of 60 points.