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Academic Intervention Planning Form

Cover Page
Title of the activity or program: Summer Literacy Backpack Program
Beginning and end dates: June, July, or August (We would pick 2 days within the grant period).
Estimated costs (as they appear in the budget included in Section of the plan): $3,000
Contact person(s): Nicole Miller
Position/Title: Principal, Grantsville Elementary School
Telephone: 301.895.5173
Email: Nicole.miller@garrettcountyschools.org
Fax: 301.746.8662
Mailing address: P.O. Box 9; Grantsville, MD 21536
Members of the planning team (list with contact information):
Nicole Miller- Nicole.miller@garrettcountyschools.org

Plan Summary
Use this space to provide a brief (not to exceed 200 words) description of the academic intervention form. Note the intended outcomes
of the academic intervention form, who will participate (by grade level and subject area), and the kinds of academic learning activities
that will take place.
Who: Rising 1st and Rising 2nd grade students.
1. To raise academic achievement of students at Grantsville.
2. To provide opportunities for parent involvement and training.
3. To provide students with high interest texts for summer reading.
4. To build home libraries for our families.
5. To foster a love for reading and learning.
Overview: Attending each literacy program will be educators serving as a source of information and guidance for parents in working
with their children. Other provided materials and activities will focus on strategies parents can use with their children at home to
strengthen reading skills. Each night will include fun educational reading activities for students as well. Students will leave each night
with a backpack of books to help build home libraries with the goal of developing literacy rich environments for students at home.
Book Bags: 15 dollars per backpack x 25=$375
Student leveled high interest texts= $2,000 (These would be sent home with the students in their book bags)
Teacher Salaries: 3 teachers x 2 nights x 2 hours (25$ per hour)= $300
Planning for teachers- 2 hours of planning for 3 teachers= 2 hours x 3 teachers= $150
Food= $175
In kind costs (Grantsville will fund supplies and materials for activities)
Total Program= $3,000 plus in kind funds.

Section 1: Need
Briefly describe (1) the student learning needs that were identified, (2) the academic programs that teachers need to effectively address
the student learning needs, and (3) the research base and/or evidence from successful practice that indicates those programs are
appropriate to increase student achievement. Be sure to describe the data reviewed to identify the student learning needs.

Over 60% of Grantsvilles population qualifies for FARMS and there is a need to help parents understand how they can help
their children be successful in school.
Our goal is for all students to be reading on grade level in both 1 st and 2nd grade. By providing this program we can bridge
school years and provide transitional learning opportunities for students to help support their success in the next grade level.
Research has shown that children become better readers when they have access to age-appropriate materials and view reading
and learning in a positive light.
Research also shows that when parents are more actively involved, students are more successful in school.
Grantsville implemented a similar program during the summer of 2014-2015 with rising 1 st and 2nd grade using funds from an
Approaching Target Grant. This program was well received by both parents and students. It was a very successful program
that helped students transition into the next grade.

Section 2: Participants
Use the following matrix to indicate who will participate in the Academic Intervention Plan. (Check all the apply)
Grade level:

Rising 1st and Rising 2nd

Subject area: Reading although cross-curricular content may be integrated.

Which of the following are also expected to participate in the Academic Intervention Plan?
X Principals/Other School Leaders

X Resource Teachers, Mentors, Coaches



Will the participants work as members of a group or team? There will be both whole group and small group work.
Estimated number of participants: 25 students and at least 25 parents (some children may have both parents present)
Estimated number of participant groups or teams: 2
What strategies will be used to ensure that teachers and others who are the intended participants do, in fact, participate? I have already
spoken to several teachers. I will be flexible in the scheduling of the Summer Literacy Nights in order to accommodate the teachers
schedule. This program was very success in the past and there was not a problem finding students to attend. We will reach out to
families with an invitation and recruit, if necessary.

Section 3: Evaluation Plan

Use this space to describe the evaluation plan, including the key evaluation questions to be addressed and plans for collecting data on
each of the outcomes and indicators included that plan. Be sure to indicate who will conduct the evaluation, when the evaluation report
will be completed, and who will receive the report.
At the conclusion of this program we will have students and parents complete program evaluations in order to gather feedback for
future programs.