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The fast change of trend from the individualized laundry to commercial
laundry services coincides with rapid technological change as well as the fast,
changing and modern lifestyle of Filipinos.
Laundry business is an easy and convenient business to start. It is not capital
or management intensive. You can start this business right from home and grow
from there. It is very lucrative business, as not everyone that puts on clothes has
the time to do the laundry. Based on the survey conducted, the reasons why
they go to the laundry shops instead of doing it to their own are because of tight
schedules especially those students who have a lot of extracurricular activities in
school, others says that they dont like washing their clothes because it is just a
waste of time, and some boarding houses didnt allowed washing clothes in
consideration to the consumption of water.
This is the reason why there is chance of making a lot of money because
these people will definitely seek your services.


Business Name
A business name is one the most essential things to be prepared in starting a
business. The right name can make your business the talk of the town especially
when it is unique and probably would catch their attention. Therefore, the
proposed name of our business is Wash & Learn. It originated from the word
Watch & Learn which means that our customers can stick around and watch
and learn how their laundry is being done.


Business Logo

In A Mess, No Need To Stress. We Will Clean That Dirty Dress.

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Business Location
The proposed business location is located at P-5 Lot 11 Block No. 3 Barangay
Ampayon, Butuan City.
This location is composed of Caraga State University; establishments,
apartments and boarding houses.


Business Description
Butuan City as a highly urbanized city in the Philippines emerged too many
businesses nowadays. It can be seen that numerous schools and establishments
are spotted around the area urging to look for convenience due to their busy
time. And this gives a positive outlook for some businessmen who were just
started in the industry to put their investment in certain businesses particularly
the laundry business in which the field is not that much penetrated.
Wash & Learn significantly acts as a helper for the people who do not have
enough time to do their laundry. It is basically to help the residents lessen their
workload and ensure that their clothes are clean. In that case, a laundry shop is
the answer to the need for clean clothes in less time, less cost and less effort.

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