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1. Each year level may only send one group with 3 members.
2. Contestants are advised to be at the designated area of competition 30
minutes before the time schedule.
Late contestants shall no longer be allowed to join the competition.
3. Elimination Round shall be comprised of three rounds namely: Easy,
Average and Difficult. Time allotment, number of items and corresponding
points are as follows:

Time Allotment
Number of Items
Corresponding Points



10 seconds

15 seconds





4. The quizmaster shall read each question TWICE.

5. The group shall assign a group leader. Only the group leader shall allowed
to write the answers on the board after the quiz master says GO.
6. Group leaders who shall violate this shall be given a warning on the 1st
offense. 2nd offense shall mean disqualification from the particular question
while, 3rd offense entails disqualification from the entire competition.
7. The groups shall not be provided with a copy of the question in the
Elimination Round but the questions shall be flashed on the screen.
8. The group leaders should have written their answers on their respective
answer board provided for the contest within the time allotted for each
question. When the bell rings signaling the lapse of time allotted, all group
leaders should stop answering and must immediately raise the boards.
Answers of the group who shall violate this provision shall be forfeited.
9. All answers should be written clearly and legibly on the answer boards.
The following rule shall be strictly followed:

Only one answer should appear on the answer board. In case two
answers appear on the board, the answers should be deemed invalid.

Wrong spelling and incomplete answers shall not be accepted.

Abbreviations shall not be allowed unless stated in the question.

On questions requiring name of a person, last name shall be accepted

unless otherwise specifically required by the question.

Answers that have former names, (e.g., New York Twin Towers now
Ground Zero) shall be accepted unless otherwise required by the

10.A judge or board of judges must be selected by the Council so as to give

an intelligent and independent decision.
11.The judge or the board of judges shall have the sole and exclusive
authority to clear or answer any protest/clarification raised by the
contestants. The decision of the judge or board of judges is final and
12.Before proceeding to the next question, the contestants solely, shall be
given an allotted time of five seconds to raise a protest/clarification, to
request for new marker or to raise any other concerns. After the allotted time
has elapsed, the quizmaster shall read the next question, thus, protest,
clarification, or any concerns shall no longer be entertained.
13.The TOP TWO groups with the highest accumulated scores shall advance
to the Final Round.
14.In case of tie after the difficult round, clincher questions shall be given to
the contestants until the deadlock is broken. The 1 st group who shall raise the
board with the correct answer shall advance to the Final Round.
1. The Final Round shall be a buzzer type round.
2. The TOP TWO groups from the Elimination Round shall advance in the Final
Round. All points of the contestants from the elimination round shall revert to
zero. This round shall test the speed and strategy of the contestant to
answer the questions using a buzzer.

3. Contestants may answer the question at any moment even if the

quizmaster is still on the course of reading the question, provided that before
pressing the buzzer, the answer must already be reduced to writing and the
right term or digits are legibly written on the board. Otherwise, the answer
shall be deemed as null and void.
4. The 1st contestant who pressed the buzzer shall get the chance to answer
the question. If the 1stcontestant answered the question incorrectly, only
one contestant has the chance to steal. The other contestants who wish to
steal can only start pressing the buzzer after the quizmaster declared the
answer of the 1st contestant as incorrect. But if the contestant stealing
answered the question incorrectly, the quizmaster shall proceed to the next
5. There shall be 25 questions of random difficulty for the Final Round.
6. The Final Round would follow the Atras Abante format. Five rectangle
tiles would separate each group from the quizmaster. For each correct
answer, the contestant may choose to move forward (Abante) or make an
opponent move backwards (Atras). However, only two Atras powers shall
be granted to each individual for the duration of the Final Round.
7. The two Atras powers may be exhausted in two different rounds.
8. Also, when the Atras power has been used on a single individual thrice,
said individual shall have immunity to the subsequent use of the Atras
powers from the rest of the contestants.
9. The 1st three contestants to reach the quizmaster (5 th rectangle tile) shall
be deemed as the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place respectively.
10.In cases none or only one or two teams reached the 5th rectangle tile,
winners shall be determined by how close they are to the quizmaster.
11.In case of tie, clincher questions shall be given until the deadlock is
12.The VP for Non-Academics shall have the exclusive power to interpret the
provisions of the IRR and shall be vested with the power to give sanctions to
any contestant who shall violate any provisions in this IRR.

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