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Placement/Promotion Policy
In meeting with GCPSs Elementary Education Supervisor, Dr.
Jane Wildesen, I learned more about our countys placement/promotion
process. Garrett County Schools does not have promotions. For each
available position, a person must apply and meet certification
requirements. Provision may be considered if someone is not qualified,
but if a candidate meets the qualifications, he/she must be considered
When teachers/administrators are placed, their placement is
decided upon based on the best instructional match for the schools
based on certification. Involuntary placement may happen due to
reduction-in-force, program closure, and school closure. Each
circumstance may yield different results. In the case of a voluntary
transfer, one must make a two-year commitment to a new
placement/position. Non-tenured teachers incur a 3-year tenure
process, receiving tenure on the first day of the 4th year.
Garrett County has a low percentage of teachers who are out of
their certification area. I was told there might be some in CTE.
Approximately 98% of our teachers are highly qualified.
To develop from within, our county provides professional
development opportunities throughout the year, six reimbursable
college credits per year, a teacher residency program, and a principals
academy in cooperation with MSDE for aspiring principals and leaders.
A majority of administrators in Garrett County were previously teachers
in the county.