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Buy a New Car in Europe

The next time you're ready to buy a new car, look

to the showrooms in Europe. In Europe, you can choose
from many makes and models (with optional U.S.
environmental and safety standards, if you want to sell
the car in the United States). These cars are exactly
the same as those you'd see at showrooms in your
country. But they cost less, and European sales tax
(which can run as high as 35%) is not added to cars
bought by foreigners.
All things considered, you can save enough
purchasing your new car in Europe to pay for your
trip -- and have money left over. By purchasing the
car in Europe, you save more than enough to enjoy a
week or two tooling Europe's country roads in your new
automobile. And if you do use your new Mercedes as
transportation during your European vacation, you'll
also save the cost of renting a car.
Almost any European car dealership in your country
can handle the transaction for you. When you plan your
trip, try to arrange to pick up the car and to leave it
for delivery to your country in cities specified by the
dealer. Volvos, for example, will be shipped free to
the United States if you drop the car off in either
London or Antwerp.
If you intend to resell the car in the United
States, Be sure to specify that your car be equipped to
conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and
to U.S. or California emissions regulations. If you
get a car that does not meet these standards,
modification costs will wipe out any savings you reap.
Rest assured that any new car bought in Europe
comes with the same manufacturer's warranty as a car
bought in your country. We're not talking "grey
market" deals here, we're talking about tourist
purchase arranged by the car's manufacturer and
authorized dealers.
The following European dealers handle cars built
to U.S. specifications:
Shipside Tax Free World on Wheels B.V., Shipside
Buildings, Kruisweg 631, P.O. Box 430, 2130 AK
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands; (201)818-0400 in the United
States. This company operates showrooms and delivery
centers at airports in Amsterdam and Brussels. It
offers a large selection of makes and models. A free
catalog is available upon request.
Cars of Copenhagen, Vodroffsvej 55, DK-1900,
Copenhagen, Denmark; tel. (45-3) 5-37-7800.
Iczovitz Tax-Free Cars, Claridenstrasse 36,
CH-8027 Zurich, Switzerland. This company sells the
following makes built to U.S. specifications: Audi,
Mercedes, Saab, Volvo, and Volkswagen.
For a real insider's guide to buying a tax-free
car in Europe, the definitive book is available from
Scope International Ltd., Forestside House, Forestside,
Rowlands Castle, Hants. PO9 6EE, Great Britain. Tell

them you want information on the tax-free car report.