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Center of Excellence for Teacher Education

Many hands make light work.
-John Heywood
Back when I was young, I never imagined that I would enter the world of
teaching. There are some relatives that are teachers, yes. But I saw how they
sacrifice their own time for their family, friends, and even to their loves ones just to
be with those hard headed students. Once, I ask my uncle, Why do you have to
work so hard?, why do you have to give them your full attention?, Are they
really worth your attention? My uncle would always tell me the things that his
students do inside the classroom; how to make fun of him, how they treat other
teachers as nothing but a trash, and how they skip and fail their subjects and in the
end all of the complaints are in the teacher. Well, I would say that my uncle is
brilliant but why in the earth did he enter the world of the beast. Then, I conclude
that maybe somehow bright person have some flaws in making decisions.
Here comes week before high school graduation our groups of friends are
talking about the courses we would like to pursue as our future carreer. There are
those who wanted to be an engineer, businessman, and the like. But the one that
caught my attention was my very special friend Clarisse wanting to be a teacher. I
remember at that very moment I told her that she doing a very wrong choice. I even
told her that she will grow a grumpy old woman alone with full of white hairs on her
There comes college application, and my mom telling me that I have to be
teacher for I am the only girl child in the family and that she wanted to have a child
that is a teacher. I was like fired with lots of fireworks in my head because at that
time I am very confident that I would be taking Business Administration as my
course. But then again I got no choice, my grandfather agreed to my moms wish
and just cant say no to him.
Few years passed, I was like pursuing the course without the heart on it. Until
there comes the time that I was sent to Angeles City Science High School to do have
practicuum in there. I was so grumpy at that moment. I thought that I really made a
wrong choice pursuing and accepting what the people is telling me to be. But

Center of Excellence for Teacher Education
honestly speaking, the first itme that I stand in my very own classroom with the set
of learners filled with questions in their mind telling, How could thi little girl provide
us learning? Is she really fit for this practicum?
Well I tell you, there are so many cases wherein I was challenged by my
students by asking me questions that are far too way from our topic. And that made
me read and read a lot. Luckily at that very moment I was able to answer
confidently their question but of course reminding them that there are times for
As times goes by, I am starting to love what I am doing especially when I am
seeing my students wearing a smile on their face during discussion that is telling
me that they really do understand the concepts that I want to impart on them.
Everyday, I am inspired because of them. Although there are too much work to do
plus classes to attend. I still feel energetic at the end of the day because I know that
my efforts arent wasted.
Along my way in completing everything, I encountered too much obstacles
but at that same road I also met friends that God use as an instrument to help me
make it happen. Mark Cabague of Third Year and Levie Vergara of first year were the
one who help me the most. I am so thankful on them that at times that I really need
their help they are there to support. I was blessed with good friends. Friends that
would stay with you even in your very bad mood.
I am so thankful that God provided me a family that is very supportive that
whenever I am down, whenever I am about to quit, they are there to always lift and
carry my baggage. They never left me. They saw me crying in the middle of the
night because of too much loads and too much pressure, still they are there to wipe
my tears away and cheer me up. They were my biggest inspiration. All of the things
that I have now is all for them.
I always tell them that if grandfather is still alive I know that he will be the
first one who will rejoice that finally I will graduate and be a teacher. I always pray
at night telling God to tell my Lolo that I am so thankful that he became my Lolo
and that although he is longer around I know that he is always there to cheer me up
like he always do.

Center of Excellence for Teacher Education
Finally, this would be the very last requirement that I would pass and I know
that after this I would be given a chance to be part of the lists of the graduating
students who will be receiving their diploma this coming April 1.
I was so thankful that I was assigned to Angeles City Scienjce High School
with two great cooperating teachers and students. I never imagined that I would
love the teaching profession. I admit. I am in love! Very much in love with Teaching.
In my immersion at ACSci I learned so much things that I wasnt aware that I could
possibly do.
Well lastly, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone, every
teachers I have been through from my pre-school years to college especially to my
uncle that they were able to open my mind in the beauty of teaching. And that is, I
am very proud that I am a graduate of AUF givena chance with a title of Bachelor of
Secondary Education major in Mathematics and Chinese Language Teaching.