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Collection of Mantras

Brought to you by:

Collection of Mantras Brought to you by:
THE PURPOSE I do have any inclination nor inspiration to make the whole of world


I do have any inclination nor inspiration to make the whole of world religious. Hinduism is a vast tree that nobody can befall the age old tree. It has survived onslaughts from Buddhism, Jainism, Islam and Christianity. I am not referring to physical conversion of Hindu population. Brahmins in Vedic age stopped animal sacrifice and the founder of another religion is regarded as one of the incarnations of Mahavishnu. Hindus do not hate Jains who worship the same Gods. They attend Urs of Muslim Saints. They watch the Christian movie Karunaamaya, which depicts the story of Jesus Christ and shed tears. A normal Hindu can not hate any religious faith, for he finds all these in his own faith, he has been exposed to the thoughts of other faiths since his birth! Hinduism is not a tender tree that needs anybody's protection. It is for us to derive benefits from the vast tree. Even if I want to add a new thought, it is not possible, as the same has already been explained elsewhere! I can not even write on astrological works, my favourite topic. In other words, I do not believe in "spreading the Gospel to one and all". I am not an IAS or IFS to use my staff to do "cut and paste". I know several highly placed officers who make their staff write religious, astrological and management topics for them while they are making black money in various ways. There is a saying in kannada, "Mantra helalikke, badane kaayi tinnalikke" [Mantras are for telling others and brinjals for my eating]. One need not be religious to talk religion! Can directing a passenger to a Bus station, be called teaching or preaching?

Taittariya Samhita in Shikshavallisays,"Swadhyayane cha na pravaditavyam, pravachane cha naparvaditavyam" (Do not give up self-study and teaching others). A Brahmin ( i.e. a learned man) who simply goes on learning but does not part with his knowledge, will become brahmaraakshasa (a big devil) after his death, it is said. I encountered a similar situation when I wanted to gift a small book containing certain mantras to my close friend. It would cost perhaps 20 or30 rupees. But, I had to go on searching for that in all religious books stalls, temples and such places. Letters to the publisher did not produce get any replies and his big branch office is closed I am still searching for that book! Similarly, some people ask for some mantras, if I have in my collection, as it was not readily available. By giving these mantras, I would be of some help in their spiritual progress. I understand, they too have made some search and at times some do not have any idea where to search! Hence, this publication. In case any mantras, stotra or slokas are required to be included, do let me know at astrovidya.com@gmail.com


God bless us all n.s. manjunath www.astrovidya.com