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Spoilers for The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-forNothing Miss

Chapters 2172-2520 (Summarized by dysry summaries)

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Serene Fairy (Source: Knight Fantastic Night)

SL Su Luo (mother YH; father unknown)
NL Nangong Liuyun (2nd Prince of Dong Ling, 3rd disciple of CZ)
BY Beichen Ying
LX Lan Xuan
AYM An Ye Ming
ZiY Zi Yan (Purgatory Citys Holy Maiden)
WH Wei Hua
LYC Luo Yi Chen
Serene Fairy (Wu You Xian Zi; 3rd and 7th Elders disciple)
Su Luos Real Family
YH Yan Hua (Su Luos real mother)
Father Candidates:
Rong Yun YHs sworn brother; SLs master
Long Qing Tian Cheng Zhu of Purgatory City; SLs godfather
A black-cloaked member of Gui Ci (Crafty Thorn)
Unknown Man Owner of YHs White Jade Finger Guard
Purgatory City
CZ Lord (Cheng Zhu) of Purgatory City; real name Long Qing Tian
1st Disciple Dong Fang Xuan
2nd Disciple Situ Ming
3rd Disciple Nangong Liuyun
4th Disciple Zi Yan
5th Disciple Li Yao Yao
1st Elder
QF Qing Feng (1st elders page)
2 Elder
QL Qing Lin (3rd Elder)
Blue, Yellow, Green, Cyan and Orange Clothed Girls
LXR Ling Xuan Ran (QLs nephew; Young Master Ling)
4th Elder
5th Elder
LLM Li Luo Ming (5th elders disciple; Superior ranked Apothecarist)
6 Elder
7th Elder
8th Elder
BYY Lan Ying Yan
1 Elder
3 Elder (Female; Serene Fairys
2nd Elder
4th Elder
5th Elder (Apothecarist; LLMs
6 Elder (Apothecarist)
7th Elder (Serene Fairys Master)
8 Elder (Coerced; BYYs Master)
Ning Elder
Genius Training Camp

Serene Fairys Harem Members

LBL Lin Ban Li (LYCs friend)
BYY Lan Ying Yan (8th Elders Disciple)
YX Yan Xiao
MZ Mo Ze
YWQ Yan Wen Qing (MZs friend)
ML Mo Li
WX Wang Xiao Yi Yi (Mission Hall Attendant)
WCY Wang Chu Yi (Mission Hall Steward; WXs grandfather)
LSH Lin Shao Yang
HYT He Yu Tian
LYCs Squad
LQ Luo Qing
WM Wang Mang
XY Xu Yin
MM Li Man Man
Task Force
CY Chu Yang (Captain)
LEQ Leng Qi
YJ Yu Jie
XL Xiao Luo
Mo Zu Magic/Demon Clan
LHY Lin Hong Yi (Valuator at the Auction House)
SY Su Ying (Clone of SL for the 3rd assessment)
LY Luo Ying (NLs alias in Crafty Thorn)
YQ Ouyang Yun Qi (3rd Prince of Western Jin; Demon Lord and SLs ex from her past

Items and Places

Blue Sky Continent (Bi Luo Da Lu) Countries
Dong Ling (Eastern Hill) ruled by the Nangong family
Xi Jin (Western Jin/Entrance) ruled by the Ou Yang family
Nan Feng (Southern Wind) ruled by the An Ye family
Bei Mo (Northern Desert) ruled by the Xuan Yuan family
*Also referred to by the names of their current ruler i.e. Dong Ling is called the Jin
Purgatory City (Lin Y Chng)
DCT Dragon Cloud Tower (Long Yun Ta); also Purgatory City Training Tower
Built on every mountain of the Genius Training Camp
PB Peripheral Battlegrounds
Other Places
Spirit World (Spirit Forming/Origin World Zuo Ling Jie)
SNG - Secluded Necropolis of the Gods
Ingredients and Herbs
CSW Celestial Spring Water
DSG Dragon Slaying Grass (Tu Long Cao)
RBBG Red-Black Blood Ginseng
SSTG Snake-Scorpion Toxic Grass
Medicine and Pills
BCP Blood Clotting Pill (Ning Xie Dan)
BRP Body Reforming Pill (Cui Ti Dan)
ERP Energy Recovery Pills
FRP Flesh Regrowth Pill
Grand Master Advancing Pill
WSW Wood Spiritual Water (Ling Mu Shui)
NNSG Nominal Nine Star Grass (Jiu Xing Ming Mu Cao)
99F Nine Yin Nine Yang Falling Cloud Flower (Jiu Yin Jiu Yang Luo Hua)
LRP Life Restoring Pills
MCP Marrow Cleansing Pill (Xi Sui Dan)
SAP Spiritual Absorption Pill (Xi Ling Dan)
SAC Spirit Absorption Crystal
SRP Spiritual Recovery Pill (Bu Ling Dan)
Spiritual Pets
LRB Tree Mutated Languishing Red Bean Tree
SGT Spirit Gathering Tree; 3rd mutation of SLs LRB tree
LSF Little Sable-Fox (Xiao Hu Diao)
Fox Nine-Tailed Demon Fox King
Sable Purple Sable
RSL Red Shooting Lotus (Yun Luo Hong Lian Falling Meteor, Red Lotus)
Red War Puppet
Little Dragon Little Divine Dragon (Meng Meng)

Techniques and Weapons

7SG Seven Star Gem (Qi Xing Lian Zhu)
CSS Clear Shadow Sword (Chng Yng Jin; owned by SL)
DHS Dedicated Heavenly Sword (Ch Xio Jin; owned by NL)
EHF Eternal Heart Fragment (Yong Heng Zhi Xin)
Fire Crystal Huo Jing Shi
PEF Pure Energy Fruits (Chun Ling Guo)
SDS Spirit Dance Steps
SEC Spiritual Essence Crystal (Ling Hun Jing Po)
SS Shadowless Shield (Wu Ying Dun Pai)
SSN Soul Snaring Needle (Gou Hun Zhen)
ACF Archaic Crystal Fruit
ACT Archaic Crystal Tree (Shui Jing Gu Shu)
Communication Gem Tong Xun Jue
CSD Clear Sky Doll (Qing Tian Wa Wa)
DFT Divine Fairy Tea (Shen Xian Cha)
Dragon List Purgatory Citys Ranking List (Lng Bang)
DVG - Dragon Veined Jade Gem (Long Wen Yu Jue)

Power Levels
Ranks and Beast Crystals
4 Red Crystal
5 Orange Crystal
6 Yellow Crystal
7 Green Crystal
8 Cyan Crystal
9 Blue Crystal
10 Purple Crystal
Command level* ( Tng Lng J) Black Crystal
Saint level* ( Shng Zh J) Dense Black Crystal
Imperial level* ( Jn Zh J) Translucent Black Crystal
1-3 Beginning
4-6 Mid-level
7-9 Peak Level
Grand Master
Purgatory City Tokens
Bronze Outer Disciples
Silver Personal Disciples (Inner Sect); Lower Members of the Genius Training Camp
Gold Members of the Genius Training Camp
Jade Purgatory City Elders
Diamond CZs Proxy; One only
Genius Training Camp Residencies
1-10 Private Mountain Ranges
11-50 Private Mountains
51-100 Upper Stream Mountains
101-200 Middle Stream Mountains
201-300 Down Stream Mountains
+301 Villas on the Mountain Plateau

Flame Classes
Common Flames
Magical Flames Huan Huo
Demonic Flames Mo Huo
Spiritual Flames Ling Huo
Origin Flames Red Shooting Lotus
Light Element Levels*
Low Rank: Light Essence, Light Healing, Light Technique
Middle Rank: Blazing Light, Human Replication, Power of Decree
High Rank: Light Speed, Fractured Light, Profound Accumulation
*Each with 9 subcategories

Chapters 2172-2179 Upper Stream Mountains 1

2172 The Serene Fairy and her followers sneer when the guard explains that Su Luo
and Wei Hua had just arrived from the Middle Stream Mountains. Lin Ban Li recognizes
SL, remarking that she had progressed so far in the Dragon List and reached 7 star
Command level within a month. The Serene Fairy is bitter over SLs innocent beauty
outclassing hers, causing her admirers to gape, and envious of her talent, remarking
that she had angered Qing Lin and laughing over her fate.
2173 The Fairy is infuriated when SL refers to her as Aunt, and even more so when her
admirers hesitate to kill SL due to her beauty, motivating them by letting whoever
slays SL stay overnight at the Serene Pavilion. The Fairy notices that LBL hasnt
moved, and strokes his face, tempting him with the reward. Seeing LBL face her with
cold eyes, SL compares the Fairy to a sow, as the Fairy rages, losing her elegant
2174 SL mentions Luo Yi Chens protection, and realizes the Fairy is interested in him,
as LBL dismisses it as a brief encounter to appease the Fairy. SL pulls out the diamond
token, only for the Fairy to laugh that several people had faked the Cheng Zhus token
before. Since the Upper Stream is outside the City boundaries, the Fairy attacks SL,
only to stab WH in the chest as she blocks her first strike, before aiming for SLs neck.
LYC appears, rebuking the Fairy, as she trembles, determined to make him kneel
before her.
2175 LYC flicks the Fairys sword, breaking off the tip, as SL treats WH. Seeing SL glare,
the Fairy laughs at how weak she is, when SL declares she only needs a year to
surpass her, reminding her that the Fairy was 25 when she reached the Upper Stream,
and currently 30, while SL is only 18. Since people can manipulate their physical age
after reaching Command level, the Fairy was the youngest in the Upper Stream until
SL. The Fairy accepts, telling SL that if she loses, LYC needs to take her Beautys Red
Powder ( Hng Fn Ji Rn). LYC frowns, asking SL if she can reach 3 Star Saint
Level within a year. The Fairy is shocked when SL nods, and LYC agrees to the
2176 The Serene Fairy stops LYC from leading SL inside, reminding him that the Upper
Stream DCT occurs the following month and SL isnt qualified to enter yet. LYC retorts
that since 2 people had died, SL and WH are allowed to take their place, leading them
to his Immaculate Mountain ( W Chn Shn Dust Free). LYC frowns, telling SL
she absolutely cant lose, as she laughs, before becoming stunned at his luxurious
home. Since the Fairys blade was poisoned, SL needs a Snake-Scorpion Toxic Grass to
refine an antidote for WH, but is too weak to enter the surrounding zones alone. While
LYC had gone into cultivation after allowing SL to wander in his residence freely, he
had instructed a team to protect SL.
2177 The unit consists of the captain Lu Qng () a 3 star Saint Level, Wng Mng
() a 2 star Saint level, X Yn () a 2 star Saint Level, and the only female, Li
Mn Mn () a 1 star Saint Level. The group heads towards the zone, as MM glares
at SL, suspicious over her intentions towards LYC, stating that shes just a pretty face,
and raging when LQ appears to favour SL, feeling inferior in looks and talent.
2178 MM secretly harbours feelings towards LYC, and doubts SLs ability to win over
the Serene Fairy. Although SLs real strength is higher than WH, shes still at Command
level, and doesnt bother defending herself. LQ tries to smooth things over, explaining
that the magical beast area covers half the continent, with only those in the top 100
being qualified to enter. Also the grass SL requires is still in the shallow parts, and
theyll protect her since LYC accepted the bet. Recalling that LYCs innocence is at
stake, MM reluctantly tells SL not to die. They arrive at a lush forest, as SL tells them
they dont need to look after her.

2179 SL wants to take down a Shadow-Wind Demonic Wolf that appears, but the group
scold her for acting reckless. MM pierces the wolfs neck, gloating in front of SL, when
LQ reveals his silver token to collect its 2,000 points. SL takes out her diamond token,
but MM laughs that its a fake, when SL claims the points, passing over 2,000 and
remarking that shell keep the remaining 3,000. MM shouts that its a dyed bronze
token, as the 4 discuss amongst themselves.

Chapters 2180-2188 Upper Stream Mountains 2

2180 The unit decides to let SL collect the points since they wont lose anything, when
5 Ghostly Demon Leopards appear. The group turns to flee, fearing they wont be able
to defend SL, when she offers to take one. MM rages that shes too weak, and SL idly
watches the 4 of them fight, despairing that LYCs unit is too lacking in combat. MM
uses cherry blossoms, and the low attack means she would eventually lose.
2181 MM manages to slice the leopards nose, and unwittingly follows SLs advice to
attack its jaw when it pounces towards her. The leopards are worth 10,000 points
combined, giving SL 30,000 points after passing on their share. Seeing how happy SL
is and how LYC holds her in regard, WM suspects her token is real.
2182 MM wants to examine the token when SL tells her to beg for the right. They head
towards the Nether White Tiger territory, doubtful SL will be fast enough to stay safe,
when 8 tigers appear. The rest turn to flee as SL laughs and falls back. When they
realize SL isnt there, they rush back in fear, only to see SL gracefully slaying her 3 rd
and 4th tigers with her Clear Shadow Sword, before switching to her Yan Hua Dagger
and Red Shooting Lotus to kill the 5th.
2183 The 3 remaining tigers flee in fear as SL teleports in front of them, stabbing one
in the nose and the other in its mouth. The 4 watch on in shock that a Command level
is stronger than them, as SL gathers 15,000 points from each tiger, giving her 105,000
points, keeping the 8th alive to ride on. MM accuses SL of hiding her strength, doubting
that shes at Command level, as SL retorts being stronger is better for LYC.
2184 SL takes charge of the team, doubling their efficiency, when 3 spiders appear. SL
easily orders the squad to slay them, and collects the points. MM is shocked when she
sees that SLs token yields 5 times the points, confirming its legitimate and reports it
to the rest of the group. Hearing this, LQ reminds MM not to cross SL. 5 days later,
they find the SSTG guarded by a Thousand Eyed Condor, as well as 4 of the Serene
Fairys admirers: Yn Xio () ranked 95, the twins M Z () and M L ()
ranked 87 and 88, and the 75th ranked Ln Yng Yn (), who had been sent by the
Serene Fairy to remove SL. LQ warns SL that while BYY is only 75 th ranked, theres a
huge gap between each star from 4 star Saint level onwards.
2185 MM reminds them of their agreement, but the restriction only applies to the Fairy
herself. On her side, only LQ is ranked 83 rd, as Yan Xiao reminds MM of her own hatred
towards SL. However after traveling with SL, she no longer hates her and tries to
protect SL, mentioning SLs ties with CZ. The group urges SL to run when BYY starts
attacking, only for SL to intercept his attack, saving them. BYY is shocked at SLs
experience and precision, as she contemplates how to keep her group alive. BYY lands
a hit, sending her flying and laughs as he plots how to kill her.
2186 Yan Xiao notices BYYs hair is on fire, causing BYY to fall back to extinguish it,
giving SL the opportunity to stab him in the arm with a poisoned dagger. As SLs group
has been captured, BYY demands the antidote in exchange for her team. When SL
refuses, Yan Xiao urges BYY to finish her, as SL points out hes trying to usurp BYYs
position and is indifferent to whether he survives, using their rivalry to weaken BYYs
2187 BYY tries to negotiate a truce, but SL will only give him the antidote after he
escorts them back to LYCs residence. BYY consents on the condition that SL meets
him in a duel to the death in the Gravity Chamber ( Zhng L Sh). After BYY
agrees to hold it a month later, SL feeds him half of the antidote, as the other suitors
are disappointed that hell survive. MM looks at SL with admiration, before recalling
LYCs wager. SL assures them she can win in a month, before retrieving the SSTG and
heading back.
2188 SL refines WHs antidote in her space, when MM enters her room, revealing that
the Gravity Chamber would speed up her training, but SL doesnt have enough points

to pay for a room, while the Serene Fairy had given BYY enough points to stay for the
month, increasing the disparity between the two.

Chapters 2189-2201 Upper Stream Mountains 3

2189 MM turns to leave, when SLs token flashes, receiving 10 million points. Both are
stunned, guessing that LYC had transferred it, as MM reveals that the Gravity
Chambers time is 100 times faster, giving BYY up to 3,000 days, while the gravity
inside can increase 100 times, improving the rate of training.
2190 A day in the Gravity Chamber costs 330,000 points, with SL and BYY both given
enough to cover the cost of 30 days. The group rushes to the Chamber as a crowd
outside remarks on the Serene Fairys generosity, BYYs duel with SL, how SL is too
brazen and how BYY is favoured by the Fairy.
2191-2192 Noticing LQs group, the crowd teases them about being unable to afford
the rooms, but theyre too weak to retort. The crowd sees SL and comment on LYCs
lost purity after the bet, and lament the loss of a beauty after BYY kills her. Ignoring
them, SL pays for 30 days and enters the chamber. An elderly man shows her to a row
of rooms, telling her to choose from the 13 based on her strength, when she runs into
BYY. BYY smirks, flaunting that he had already booked the 5 th room.
2193 BYY boasts that each token allows you to enter different rooms, up to 3 for
bronze, 6 for silver, 9 for gold and 12 for jade, while the time disparity is 10 times the
room number, and SL can only claim the 4th room since he had taken the 5th. SL is
delighted since she can take the 13th room. BYY jeers at SL, when she opens the 10 th
room, changing his reaction to shock since only the elders can access it.
2194 BYY starts to sweat over the advantage SL would have, when she walks towards
the 13th. Since the room is for CZs exclusive use, anyone who touches it will be
decapitated. Excited, BYY chants for SL to touch it, diving to hide from the explosion as
SL places her token on it, only to be shocked the door opens.
2195 Thinking there might be a glitch, BYY rushes to use his token on the 10 th, 11th and
12th rooms, only to fail, when SL shuts her door in his face. BYY trembles in fear,
realizing the token is real, and that killing her would mean inciting CZs wrath. He calls
his master, the 8th elder, who dismisses the notion since CZ hadnt personally
introduced her and wouldve had all 10 elders protect her if he cared. The 13 th door
also recognizes some people and SL was only lucky.
2196 The 8th elder assures BYY that CZ wont retaliate since it was a duel, but BYY still
feels uneasy since SL has 130x more time compared to his 50x, when the elder
reveals that people had entered the 13th chamber before, but no one has stayed past 7
days, and that SL would return to the 4th room soon. Inside the 13th room, SL is
delighted with the rich spiritual energy, while the room is larger than a football field.
2197-2199 SL sets the time at 130x, but slowly adjusts the gravity, when the pressure
causes her blood to rush at 15x, and all her senses start screaming at 20x, as her
organs distort, blood starts leaking from her skin, her face turns red and her mind
starts spinning. SL trembles in pain, but persists, determined to reach Saint level.
Meanwhile, BYY struggles to concentrate, eyeing SLs room and feeling anxious when
SL has yet to emerge after 8 days. Relying on Imperial ranked Blood Clotting Pills to
endure, SL advances to 8 star and is able to absorb some of the RSLs flames, adding
a little more at a time, rotating it inside her core and 12 meridians to replace her
normal flame. When an intense pain erupts throughout her body, exacerbated by the
30 times gravity, SL uses more BCPs and Celestial Spring Water to slowly absorb the
2200 The pain starts to recede and SL breathes a sigh of relief, when she realizes her
strength has improved, and increases the gravity. SL spends her time fusing with the
RSL, as BYY realizes SLs stayed in the room for 20 days giving her 2,600 days to
train, and panics. Realizing she wont reach Saint level even if she advances by 2
stars, he calms down, suspecting she may have died already.

2201 Delighted at the thought, BYY cultivates enthusiastically. In her room, SL

increases the gravity from 100 times to 110x, almost completely absorbing the RSL
after undergoing unimaginable pain, since her real opponent isnt BYY but the Serene
Fairy. At the end of the 30 days, BYY waits outside the 13 th room, as SL increases the
pressure in the room to 130x normal gravity.

Chapters 2202-2212 Upper Stream Mountains 4

2202 Maximum gravity causes SL to completely integrate the RSL, and she instantly
advances to 2 star Saint level, having practiced for 3,900 days. SL is delighted shes
advanced so quickly, when her time runs out and the chamber opens. Outside, BYY is
stunned that SL is not only alive, but has reached 2 star Saint level.
2203-2204 BYY is distressed since they had both trained in the chambers for a month,
but SL had advanced 5 stars, while he had yet to break through one. SL asks him if he
wants to forfeit, but BYY retorts that its harder to advance at higher levels, resolving
himself to face her. Outside, a crowd comments on BYYs lack of progress but are still
certain of his victory. Upon seeing SL, the crowd react over her reaching Saint level,
realizing her looks are better than the Fairys and start anticipating the fight, even if SL
is only 100th ranked. At the arena, LYCs squad is shocked at SLs progress, knowing
her real strength is much higher, while the Serene Fairy arrives, flanked by 5-6 men.
2205 LBL argues that BYYs lack of progress was due to the poison, as the rest of the
men comment on SLs progress, causing the Fairy to glare. Furious over SLs potential
and fearful of her growth, the Fairy throws her favourite Shadowless Shield (
W Yng Dn Pi) to BYY. The crowd is envious of her treatment towards BYY, giving
him the 10 million points, and removing her contract with the SS so he can use it,
remarking that SL will lose. BYY is ecstatic, vowing to give SLs head to the Fairy.
2206-2207 SL starts by sending a ball of light, only for the SS to absorb it. The SS will
absorb anything thats lower than the users level, and BYY is confident since SL is only
2 star, laughing when SLs CSS also fails to break through. The Fairy smiles as she sips
her tea, while SL calms down and gathers a small fireball in her hand, shooting it
towards BYY. The crowd laughs that shes using such a common flame, when SL stops
it before it approaches the shield and sends out more small fireballs, stopping them at
the same distance. Uncertain of SLs intentions, BYY hides behind the shield, when SL
forms 100 fireballs and starts merging them. The crowd is shocked at her control.
2208 BYY sweats as a huge fireball forms, but the audience is unperturbed, laughing at
how weak the flame seems. The SS starts absorbing the flames when it comes in
contact, but the fire soon overwhelms it, wrapping around BYY and the SS. The Serene
Fairy is enraged that BYY is so weak despite all her assistance.
2209 The flame recedes, leaving only a charred stage, with no signs of BYY or the
shield, as SL hints they may have reached the same fate. The crowd is dazed, realizing
SLs strength is at least 75th. Since the camp is filled with geniuses, the ranks remain
fairly static. Realizing SLs potential, the Serene Fairy resolves to have her killed before
their duel, leaving without regard for BYYs sacrifice. SL is curious why the men are so
loyal to her, suspecting it may have to do with her bedroom activities.
2210 MM congratulates SL, offering to escort her to tomorrows lecture. These lectures
are held monthly by the elders, which cover practical and theoretical knowledge, while
allowing elders to observe and select candidates as personal disciples, with BYY taken
in by the 8th elder. MM reveals that the elder is generous and mindful of his reputation,
causing SL to feel uneasy. However BYY wasnt his favourite disciple, while the 7 th
elder is meant to hold the lecture this month. The lecture costs 100,000 points to
2211 SL laments that shes always in poverty, but goes when she hears that the
lecture will cover the Peripheral Battlegrounds ( Y Wi Zhn Chng) and
recent developments in the Demonic Clan, recalling that Yun Qi is training under the
Demonic Path. The lecture hall is on a 10,000m cliff, as the crowd parts to allow SL to
enter. MM remarks that theyre usually ignored, but SL is stronger than the 65 th
2212 SL sits in the corner of the lecture hall as several people stare at her, having
seen the fight. The atmosphere turns tense when the Serene Fairy enters. MM is

puzzled since the 7th elder teaches her privately so she doesnt need to attend,
worried that shes here to bully SL. The Fairy arrives dressed in a dazzling red gown
and covered in jewels, compared to SLs understated but inescapable presence.

Chapters 2213-2222 Upper Stream Mountains 5

2213 Since the Fairy is ranked 51st, the highest in the Upper Stream, she sneers at SL,
seating herself at the very centre of the hall as her admirers wait on her. The 8 th elder
appears, as the other students question whether hes here to avenge BYY. SL meets
the 8th elders glare, when he starts the lecture, remarking that the 7 th elder is about to
advance. Since the 7th elder is the Fairys master within the camp, and the 3 rd elder
supports her in Purgatory City, the classmates congratulate her, while SL realizes shes
offended both the 7th and 8th elders.
2214 The Peripheral Battlegrounds is only open to the top 50 to slay members of the
Demonic Clan who had crossed over from another plane, as their Blue Sky Continent
( B Lu D L) is only one world among many. The students are shocked to
discover their existence and world are so insignificant.
2215 The Demonic Clan who appear are only the residuals, since the portals are
sealed. Under the Serene Fairys questioning, the elder reveals that the universes
strongest congregate at the Spirit Forming World ( Zu Lng Ji), which can only
be accessed by gathering all the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods map pieces. SL
almost jumps with excitement, since she has 3 of the 4 pieces, one from the Su Manor
(chapter 44), one from the Jade Lakes CSW cup (chapter 823), and another given to
her by Rong Yun. The 8th elder reveals that the maps will scatter once the owner dies,
while less than 3 people have left the continent.
2216 The Serene Fairy is determined to find the perfect man in the Spirit World, when
the elder reveals that the mortality rate has risen within the Battlegrounds since a new
lord had unified the demons, staring hard at SL. SL asks for the demon lords name,
and trembles when the elder reveals that its Yun Qi.
2217 SL collects herself, asking the elder how strong the demon lord is compared to
him, given how YQ was inferior to NL a few years ago. Thinking SL is mocking him, the
elder continues the lesson on Elemental Flames, since most high level experts have
the flame element. There are 3 types aside from common flames, which are, from
strongest to weakest: Spiritual Flames ( Lng Hu), Demonic Flames ( M Hu),
and Magical Flames ( Hun Hu). The class stares at SL, suspecting she had used
Demonic Flames on BYY. The elder reveals a 4th that the other types cant compare to,
the origin flame RSL, which has the potential to cover the world. SL is stunned,
thinking the lesson seems to be made for her.
2218-2219 In awe, the class ambushes the elder about the RSL, not knowing that SL
had taken it. SL zones out as the elder covers how to absorb these flames, when NLs
Communication Gem vibrates and she enters her space. SL reprimands him for never
responding as they start flirting, when SL brings up YQ and the Demonic Clan. Outside
her space, the class stares at SLs blank face, when the elder stomps on her foot,
bringing her soul back. Smirking, the Serene Fairy recommends SL to solve the
problem on the board.
2220 The problem involves calculating the fastest speed which energy can be
extracted from a high ranking flame, which even the Serene Fairy would struggle with.
MM despairs SL will be sentenced to 100 days hard labour if she fails, as the class
comment on the elders enmity towards SL. When SL passes the Fairy, the two glare at
each other, when the Fairy offers to plead with the elder for SL. Acting innocent, SL
questions their intimate relationship, angering them both since the Fairy never
involved herself with elders.
2221 SL runs to solve the question as the class is sympathetic towards her for
offending the Fairy. Since SL had merged with the RSL, she easily solves the question
based on her experience, elegantly writing the answer and indifferent to the stares. No
one in the class can comprehend the answer, but the 8 th elder confirms its correct,
before explaining it several times to the class.

2222 Knowing how complex the question is, the class realize that the Serene Fairy had
set SL up, as her face twists at having her plan backfire. The class is stunned at SLs
audacity, as she immediately returns to her space to speak to NL, but neither the Fairy
nor the elder bother her. Since the elders set the lessons, the 8 th elder proceeds with
the practical component, as the class lament their misfortune at attending with SL,
worried over how theyll be tortured.

Chapters 2223-2234 Upper Stream Mountains 6

2223 The practice fields contains 72 targets, each with a loop the size of a needle.
Seeing SL remain calm even under her showboating, the Serene Fairy challenges her
to a match. SL mocks her over all these challenges before asking what the wager is,
despite MMs warnings.
2224 The Serene Fairy stares at LBL, until he offers his 7
Star Gem ( Q Xng Lin Zh), a red bead embedded
with 7 sparkling jewels, which will increase the attack of any
weapon its attached to. SL is delighted since it would
improve her CSS, telling LBL to look after it for her, before
revealing the Fairys own SS as her stake, asking her if its
valuable enough.
2225 The Fairy is speechless as LBL and her other followers
criticize SL for not returning it, but she had released her
contract with it for BYY, whose items belong to SL after their
duel. Enraged, the Fairy agrees to the bet, as the elder
advises the class to aim with certainty.
2226 The 8th elder reveals that they need to use the method they had just learnt to
extract energy from their flames, extending a thin line through each hoop without
overlapping, reminding SL of a modern game. The Fairy smirks at SL, before
approaching to start. The assessment tests both their control and ability to calculate
the flames projection. The Fairy stretches her flame like noodles, until it becomes a
thread fine enough to fit through the loop, as the class watches
with anticipation.
2227 The Fairy sweats as she plays, but runs out of room after
56 points, sneering at SL as the class is in awe. The rest of the
class score between 15 and the low 50s, but none of them
surpass the Fairy. Under their adoration, the Fairy taunts SL
with the 7 Star Gem.
2228 SL steps up for her turn, as MM worries over her. When
SL enters her space, wasting most of the 15 minute time limit,
the crowd doubts shell go over 30. SL has calculated 56 lines,
enough to tie with the Fairy, when NL instantly solves it.
2229 5 minutes remain when SL instantly forms a thin strand of fire in her hands, and
the class is stunned since they had all taken so long to shape theirs. Where the
previous performances all carefully controlled their flames to thread them through the
loop, SLs flame darts towards it, as though alive, as the crowd remark on her
2230 The Serene Fairy clenches, stating that SLs time is almost over, but shes
already reached 39 points, causing the Fairy to fear her talent more than her flame. YX
and LBL fight over placating the Fairy as SLs time is almost over.
2231 A wind blade is sent to indicate her time is up, when the flame tears it apart, and
SL calmly manoeuvres the RSL to form 56 lines, tying with the Fairy, before shocking
the class as she reaches 76.
2232 SL confidently walks towards the Fairy, demanding the 7SG. Furious, the Fairy
attempts to slap her, only to be stopped by SL, reminding her the bet is off if she
attacks her. With LBL at stake, the Fairy falls back, telling LBL to hand over his
treasured 7SG, while referring to it as junk.
2233 The Fairy retorts that its useless if SL isnt strong enough to use it. The elder
explains that SL needs to extract her flame energy to merge the 7SG with her weapon
of choice, as the Fairy taunts her for immediately attempting to try, reminding her that

her weapon will be obsolete if she fails more than 7 times. Ignoring her, SL adds her
blood and fire energy to the gem, placing it on the sword as one of the 7 gems starts
lighting up red.

Chapters 2234-2243 Upper Stream Mountains 7

2234 The Serene Fairy is stunned when SL succeeds, and YX accuses her of lying
about it being her first attempt, since even the best experts and LYC needed 7
attempts. YX then reminds her that all 7 gems need to light up before its complete,
declaring that hell eat the targets if she does, not knowing that SLs Red-Black Blood
Ginseng and RSL makes it easy for her. The gems start lighting up orange, yellow,
green and the class is stunned at her speed and energetic look, since even the
strongest experts would tire from the task.
2235 The Serene Fairy frowns as SL reaches 6 gems, when the flame suddenly
weakens and recedes, causing YX to gloat. The Fairy looks at SL with disdain, when the
flame rapidly recovers, and starts filling the purple 7th gem. Turning towards YX, SL
asks how he wants to eat the 72 targets.
2236 Since the 7th gem is twice as big, and harder to fill than all the preceding gems,
YX takes the opportunity to sneak away as the crowd stares at SL in awe. SL suddenly
sweats and flames erupt from her CSS, causing the gem to fade. SL explains that shes
too tired to fully control her flames, and that she should apologize to YX, causing the
rest of the class to realize that hes fled, laughing at the Fairy since YXs actions had
disgraced her. The humiliation of retreating is even worse than losing the bet.
2237 The Fairy rages, when the Elder reminds them the 3 rd lesson will begin. The class
lights up at another showdown between SL and the Fairy, while the latters eyes
gleam. MM warns SL that the lesson is a mock Battleground, not knowing that the real
danger isnt the Fairy. The Cumulating Fire Mountains ( Hu Yn Qn Shn) are
5,000km away from the camp, and covers an area the size of China. Students enter
the south side of the mountain to reach the Demonic Fire Domain ( Hu Yn M
Y), where they need to take the flag from a dark room to leave from the northern
entrance. The purpose is to remain alive, while the elder stares at SL, warning them
against killing each other, causing the Fairy to seethe.
2238 Looking triumphant, the Serene Fairy orders her men in place, as SL assures MM
theyll be safe. Despite knowing that the RSL will ward off other flames, SL cant help
but feel uneasy.
2239 SL realizes shes being followed by the 8 th elder. While hes indifferent towards
BYYs death, he suspects SL has the RSL, having gone through all the reports of her
performance. His greed flares, as the flames reaction to SL confirms it, wanting to
steal the RSL for himself.
2240 The beasts get stronger closer to the centre, when someone finds the dark room.
Since the person who grabs the flag is entitled to a treasure, the Fairy charges towards
the room, when MM stops her, stating that only the best student can enter, and that
SL had performed better in the last lesson.
2241 Encouraged by Mo Ze, the class discusses SLs strength and performance,
ultimately supporting the Serene Fairy as SL is too weak and was only lucky. The Fairy
acts reluctant, only agreeing to enter for the sake of the class. SL laughs, and the Fairy
tells her off, advising her to examine herself to see why shes so disliked, while the
Fairy has never been rejected by men before.
2242 SL walks off with MM, as the class looks down on her for running away. SL smirks
when the Fairy enters the room, as the sable had warned her who was hidden inside.
Inside the pitch black room, the Fairy ignores the flag and immediately heads towards
the treasure chest, outraged to find it empty.
2243 A shadow sneaks behind, kicking the Fairys butt, causing her face to crash into
the treasure chest. Recognizing the smell of a man, the Fairy almost wants to cry, as a
powerful kick sweeps across her leg. Unable to resist, the Fairy uses her fire to light
the room, revealing a man in black. Feeling that the man is familiar, the Fairy accuses

him of taking her treasure, as the man hits her and storms out, furious that he had
attacked the wrong person. Outside, the class discusses what the treasure could be.

Chapters 2244-2253 Upper Stream Mountains 8

2244 SL laughs at their guesses, when they start worrying since 2 hours have passed.
The class is shocked when the door opens to reveal the bruised and dishevelled Fairy,
a far cry from her usually perfectly groomed and made up appearance, when they
notice shes holding a black stick in her hands. The students anxiously bombard the
Fairy over the banner, as she regrets not letting SL enter and suffer in her stead.
2245 The Fairy realizes shes holding a stick, having recalled reaching for the banner,
as the other students rage at her for betraying their expectations, while keeping the
treasure for herself. Humiliated, the Fairy retorts that she hadnt wanted to go, and
that there was no treasure, but few believe her, when she roars that MZ will
compensate them by giving them all a Strengthening Gem ( Qing Hu Bo
2246 Having painstakingly hoarded them, MZ is distressed as he starts distributing the
gems, but the group is still stuck inside the Mountain. The 8 th elder arrives,
reprimanding them for failing, telling them to leave through the dangerous Eastern
gate. Looking at him, the Fairy is dumbfounded, shaking as she realizes the man who
attacked her was the elder. Deliberating over it, the Fairy remains quiet during the
2247 The temperature in the Eastern Path is uncomfortably high. Since SL has the RSL,
she can sense that the mountains vein is in the shape of a dragon, burning at an
unimaginable temperature. Hearing MM praise the strength of her flame, SL offers to
help her find one as well, when someone senses a Magical Flame ahead. After
distributing the Strengthening Pill, the Fairy had taken charge of the class, and
declares that whoever catches the flame can keep it. SL directs MM towards the flame,
only for Fairy to stop her.
2248 The Serene Fairy threatens to slap MM, when SL pulls her away, slapping the
Fairy instead, and insulting her promiscuity, before running off. Infuriated, the Fairy
chases after them, as SL and MM flee in different directions, knowing theyre dead if
she catches them.
2249 The Fairy merges her Fire and Lightning elements into a ball and sends it towards
SL, only for her to evade. Furious, the Fairy threatens her with MMs safety, sending 4
men after her. Using her Spirit Dance Steps to run, SL teleports every time the Fairy
closes in, distressed over its energy consumption and that she cant teleport again for
30 minutes, when her eyes gleam, and she heads towards the Dragon Vein.
2250 While the environment works in her favour, the Fairy is still stronger than SL,
closing the distance between them as they approach the vein. The Serene Fairy swings
her sword towards SL, determined to slice her in half, when SL dodges with her Fire
and Wind Rings, causing the Fairy to strike the mountain. Numb from the impact, the
Fairy rages, chasing and slicing at SL, only to strike at the Dragon Vein each time, until
they arrive at a cave.
2251 Despite feeling uneasy, the Fairy follows after SL. SL panics when she recalls her
sable has an affinity with mazes. The sable reveals that the path divides into 3 every 5
kilometres. At the intersection, SL sneers, revealing her Clear Sky Doll (chapters 2161
and 2170), which transforms into her. The Fairy arrives to see the CSD racing away
with the Fire and Wind Rings and follows it onto the middle path.
2252 SL is about to leave, when she encounters the 8 th elder dressed in black.
Lamenting her luck, SL immediately contacts NL using the black Communication Gem,
unable to teleport for another 15 minutes. The Elder demands the RSL, when SL
reveals that she can recognize him from the greedy look in his eyes, and knew that he
had followed her, and had attacked the Serene Fairy in the dark room.
2253 When the elder laughs and reveals his face, SL is certain he wont let her live.
From the circumstances of BYYs death, he was able to identify the characteristics of

the RSL. Although SL had fused with it, the elder can extract the RSL as long as shes
alive, by tearing apart her flesh and muscles and incinerating her. SL takes out her
diamond token, warning him of CZs retaliation, but the elder is even more determined
to remove her. The elder reaches for her neck and starts strangling her, when SL uses
the last of her strength to teleport away. The elder sneers, identifying her space
element and slightly regretful at having to kill her.

Chapters 2254-2266 Upper Stream Mountains 9

2254 Chased by the much stronger elder, SL returns to the intersection, teleporting
towards the path on the right, but is unable to find a good place to ambush the elder,
when the RSL reveals that as the origin flame, the mountain flames are under its
control. SL teleports out of the elders reach, attempting to find an area where the
ground is weak, when the elder grabs her collar and pulls her towards him.
2255 SL wakes to find herself tied against a pillar, as the elder laments that he
wouldve taken her as a disciple if she had had any other flame. SL retorts that CZ is
her foster father and the elder laughs at the absurdity. SL struggles in the ropes, which
can restrain experts up to 7 star Saint level, when the elder slices across her neck with
a dagger, gleaming when he realizes she has the RBBG in her blood, and places two
fingers near her neck to sever the vein.
2256 SL realizes that while she cant break through the ropes, she can break the pillar.
The little fox emerges from her space, scratching the elders face. While its too weak
to contend against him, the fox catches the elder off guard, and buys SL enough time
to break free. Furious, the elder pinches the foxs neck and kicks it away, before
chasing after SL, swearing to destroy her cultivation. Following the trail of blood, the
elder closes in on her, when they arrive at SLs trap and the ground below him
collapses, revealing molten lava.
2257 The elder jumps away in time, but the lava spurts out, erasing all his body hair
and clothes. Still tied up, SL leads him into several other traps during the chase.
Humiliated and furious, the elder mutters an incantation to control the rope around SL,
using it to pull her towards him. SLs Spirit Gathering Tree emerges, rooting itself in the
ground as it hold on to SL.
2258-2259 SL screams in pain at being pulled in several directions. The elder leaps
towards her with a flying kick, when NL appears, hitting the elders forehead. SL is
shocked that NL would come, when he pulls her into his embrace. The elder is stunned
when he identifies NL, CZs favourite disciple, and is shocked at his current strength.
NL rebukes him for bullying CZs adopted daughter, and the terrified elder attacks him,
wanting to erase the evidence. NL places SL down, before meeting the elders attack.
SL notices that her foxs heart has stopped beating and despairs, when NL
approaches, having finished his fight.
2260-2261 NL had extracted one of the elders souls and gives it to SL. Since each
person has 3 souls and 7 spirits, with the souls dictating their energy, morals and life,
holding his life soul means that SL would have control over his life and death, making
the elder essentially her slave. Astounded by his might, SL praises him, but NL wants a
kiss instead. SL tries to ignore this, asking him if he can save her fox.
2262-2264 Overwhelmed at reuniting, the two are caught up in a passionate embrace,
when SL reminds him to revive her fox. NL warns hell collect what hes owed on their
bridal night, causing SL to blush, and swearing that when he returns he wont leave
her again. Since NL had snuck away while on a mission, he needs to return soon, but
reveals that he can only prevent the fox from dying by merging it with the sable. SL
deliberates over this, when the sable volunteers, reasoning that it needs to become
stronger to follow her to the Spirit World, while both pets and their skills would still
exist. The fiery cave reminds SL of the 9 months they spent in the HDT, when she
senses his squad approaching.
2265 NL starts merging the pets as SL stands guard against his Crafty Thorn squad
and the Fairy. NL manages to combine them into a cute little creature with both of
their characteristics, which SL dubs Little Sable-Fox ( Xio H Dio). NL turns
pale, before revealing that the leader of Crafty Thorn is a woman, lamenting the mess
and enmity YH had left for SL.

2266 The original leader was engaged to his junior sister, but dissolved the
engagement and disappeared after YH. The junior sister is the current leader, and has
redirected her hatred towards SL. When NLs gem sounds, he hugs SL before leaving.
SL despairs over the new information since Crafty Thorns strength is comparable to
Purgatory City.

Chapters 2267-2277 Upper Stream Mountains 10

2267 SL spends a night in the cave collecting Magical, Demonic and Spiritual Flames,
while the newly-formed LSF continues sleeping. SL runs into the Serene Fairy when she
leaves the cave, fleeing as the Fairy chases after her, when she recalls she has the 8 th
elders life soul and injects her spiritual energy into it.
2268 The Fairy smirks when SL spies the badly beaten 8 th elder on the floor, and tries
to poke him awake. The Fairy is stunned at the elders messy state and attacks SL,
when she dodges and the Fairys slap lands on the elder, waking him. Unable to recall
part of his memories, the dazed elder rages at the Fairy for slapping him. The Fairy
flees, when the elder glances coldly towards SL.
2269 SL confirms that she and NL had hidden his soul, warning the elder to behave to
prevent her from destroying it. SL is delighted NL had given her such a strong
bodyguard, while the elder has no choice but to submit, obediently following her. They
soon run into the injured MM, as the Fairy gloats and praises MZ.
2270 The Fairy slaps and kicks MM, sending her flying and coughing blood each time,
when SL emerges to stop her. SL feeds MM an Imperial ranked BCP, before beating the
Fairy. Furious, the Fairy vows shell kill SL before their duel, when she sees the elder.
2271 The elder reprimands the Fairy for attacking a classmate, threatening to expel
her from his classes. The Fairy is terrified, recalling how he attacked her before, and
flees with her followers. Ignoring the elders glare, SL turns towards MM, who
confesses that the Magical Flame was taken. SL laughs and comforts her by giving her
a higher grade Spiritual Flame.
2272 MM is excited since even LQ only has a Demonic Flame, before returning to the
class. Compared to SLs clean appearance, the Fairy and her followers are all
dishevelled, when MZ boasts that the Fairy had found a Spiritual Flame. SL is
indifferent since she had caught 2 Spiritual Flames, giving 1 to MM and keeping the
other for emergencies, before revealing 9 Demonic Flames to distribute to the class.
With 30 people, 30% have a chance of winning, and SL proposes they guess how many
stones are in her hand.
2273-2274 When SL invites MZ up to guess first, the Fairys face darkens as she
retorts that flames are easy to find. Although MZ doubts this, he hesitates before
leaving. Seeing the regret in MZs eyes, the Fairy remarks that she wont consider him
as one of her people if he sides with SL. The rest of the class scramble to guess as SL
calls out the respective numbers, secretly laughing at their childishness. The Flames
are soon distributed, as the class heads back to the lecture hall to vote on the best
performing student over the 3 classes. Although SL had performed better, the Fairy is
still confident in her victory.
2275 The 8th elder arrives with another man, who promises the Fairy a prize for
winning. The Serene Fairy grabs the mans arm, as she addresses him as Master,
whispering something that causes him to glance at SL. The 7 th elder sits down, secretly
stunned at SLs beauty. As the votes are announced, the Fairy pales when she and SL
each receive 10 of the votes counted since she had been indisputably first for years.
2276 While the 7th elder doubts a newcomer can dethrone the Fairy, the Fairy rages
that SL had bribed the class with flames. The 8 th elder had verified the votes and rages
at the accusation, causing the Fairy to retreat since he had once tried to kill her, while
the class discusses how SL can easily give away things the Fairy treasures, making her
more generous. Several of the remaining votes go to SL, causing the Fairys face to
darken, while the 7th elder glances at the gift he had prepared, reluctant to give it to
an unknown. The class is stunned when SL receives 17 votes compared to the Fairys
2277 The 7th elder grits his teeth when he hands over the gift, reaching over her
shoulder to release a force. Knowing that the elder is using his fire element to test if

she has the RSL, SL immediately collapses, acting injured and wronged. The elder is
shocked that SL is so weak, when MM races on stage, raging that he had tried to harm
SL even though she rightfully won, as the rest of the class rallies behind her.

Chapters 2278-2287 Apothecarist Tower 1

2278 The 7th elder tries to force the fainted SL up, when the 8 th elder intervenes. The
7th elder is shocked since theyre usually on the same side, not knowing that SL has his
life soul. Furious and humiliated, the 7 th elder storms off as the class comment on how
petty he is and how much better the 8 th elder is. At LYCs residence, MM cries over the
sleeping SL who wakes and laughs that she had faked it.
2279 SL opens the 7th elders gift to find a high grade Spirit Absorption Crystal
(chapter 1729-1735), which can be used to refine a high grade Spiritual Absorption Pill
( X Lng Dn). Wanting to use the SAC before anyone tries to take it, SL heads
towards the Apothecarists tower, which is filled with rare herbs and under the control
of the 5th and 6th elders, at the bottle neck of Grand Master Apothecarist. SL recalls
that she also hasnt advanced to Grand Master yet, when they reach a tower so tall
she cant see the top, and is much larger on the inside.
2280 The tower guard stops them since only Apothecarists can enter, when the young
and effeminate Apothecarist L Lu Mng () arrives. The guard despairs since LLM
hates beautiful women the most after his beautiful wife cuckolded him. LLM sneers,
rudely dismissing SL and MM, before entering. SL reveals the Advanced Apothecarist
Certificate RY had prepared, giving it to the guard, who warns her not to enter so soon
since LLM is the 5th elders disciple. SL despairs at how easily she can offend elders.
2281 The guard sighs as SL enters. The first floor of the tower is filled with common
herbs, the second with uncommon. At the third floor, SL happily grabs all the rare
herbs, when MM reminds her that each herb costs 30,000 points and that SL had spent
all of hers in the Gravity Chamber. SL smiles despite MMs concerns, when LLM
appears, insulting them.
2282 SL throws him over her shoulder when he tries to grab her hand. Since
Apothecarists spend most of their time refining, their bodies are usually weaker than
their strength indicates. Furious, LLM challenges her to a refining match, mocking her
for choosing the wrong ingredients for the SAP. He then sneers that SL wouldnt be
able to afford the herbs and has two burly men escort her out, when SL laughs.
2283 The cost adds up to 1.2 million, when SL pulls out her Communication Gem and
demands that the 8th elder transfer 12 million points, knowing that hes at her mercy.
Onlookers are shocked, when LLM boasts that hed refine the SAP for SL since her
method is wrong. The crowd praise his talent, recommending that SL take the
opportunity to learn since shes only at Advanced level.
2284 The crowd is stunned when SL dismisses LLM, demanding that they refine their
pills in separate rooms. SL and LLM enter adjacent rooms, when SL senses that they
had taken flames from the Cumulating Fire Mountains (chapter 2237) for the furnace.
Clearing her mind, she takes out 15 type of herbs and the SAC, placing them in 3 sets.
Since the SAP requires flames of the earth, SL is unable to refine it in her space. In the
refining room, SL begins extracting the essence from 3 herbs, determined to succeed
in forming a Master ranked SAP in her first attempt and to use the other 2 sets to
attempt Grand Master ranked.
2285-2286 SL mixes the RSL into the furnace, allowing it to absorb the flames inside,
improving its strength and SLs success rate. While LLMs success rate is 50% using
the furnaces flames, SLs RSL raises hers to 90%. SL spends a few hours
concentrating as she perfectly manipulates the RSL to form the pill, adding the last pill
mark before she relaxes. Lifting the lid, the fragrance of a successful pill drifts out,
when SL throws it in her space, before attempting the more complicated Grand Master
ranked recipe. A few hours later, LLM opens his door, smirking as the crowd comment
on his confidence. SLs doors are still closed.
2287 LLM reveals his SAP, when the crowd notices hes advanced to Superior Ranked,
praising his talent. Soon SLs door also opens, with her worn and drained look giving

the audience little confidence in her performance. Seeing SL walk away, LLM taunts
her into showing her pills. SL tells him not to regret it as he continues to goad her,
when she reveals a tiny and powdered yellow pill.

Chapters 2288-2296 Apothecarist Tower 2

2288 LLM bursts into laughter, mocking SLs failed product and boasting of his own
Superior Ranked SAC. Ignoring him, SL leads MM away, as the crowd continues to
discuss their performance. The 6th elder appears, noticing the scent of pills in the air.
While the 5th elder runs the tower, the 6th elder rarely appears, dedicating his time to
researching and refining pills. The crowd relay the duel and LLMs performance.
2289 Doubting LLM is strong enough to be of interest, the elder attempts to enter the
room SL had refined in, as the crowd redirects him to LLMs room, causing the 6 th elder
to glare. The 6th elder kicks open the locked door, entranced as he studies the pill
residue, marvelling at how talented the Apothecarist is, while trying to recreate the
method himself. The following day, the 6th elder emerges to ask about the girl, but the
crowd had fled, fearing his wrath.
2290 On their way back to LYCs residence, SL directs MM to take one SAP each month
for 3 months before attempting to absorb the Spiritual Flame. They run into the
recovered Wei Hua, who has now reached 3 star Saint level, having fought alongside
LYCs squad. WH laments that shes unable to protect SL, whos at 2 star Saint level,
when SL hands her 3 Master level SAPs. WH is delighted since SLs pills have helped
her advance rapidly before. The rest of the squad watch on with envy, when SL gives
them 1 SAP each. Although their strength is lacking, SL thinks theyre worth
developing since their characters are good.
2291 WM and WY are touched, vowing their allegiance, while QL is hesitant, knowing
SAPs are the hardest Master ranked pills to refine and assumes SL had spent a lot of
time and effort on them. SL tells them to train and work on her behalf. SL still has 3
Grand Master ranked SAPs one successful, one semi-finished and one failed version
and had reached the bottle neck of Grand Master Apothecarist. In order to advance, SL
still needs 3 herbs: Wood Spiritual Water ( Lng M Shu), Nominal Nine Star
Grass ( Ji Xng Mng M Co), Nine Yin Nine Yang Falling Cloud Flower (
Ji Yn Ji Yng Lu Yn Hu), recalling that NL would return when she
2292 Although the Grand Master ranked SAPs were unsuccessful, theyre worth
several times the Master ranked pills. SL decides to trade 2 of them for the herbs
needed to advance, when LYC mentions that a monthly auction filled with treasures is
held the following day, before warning SL to stay safe since hes heading to the
Battleground. While the Fairy is after her, LYC knows the 8 th elder is guarding her and
refuses to disclose who his master is.
2293 Entering her room, SL notices that LYC has transferred a lot of points to her
diamond token, saving her the trouble of bothering the 8 th elder. The following day, SL
and MM arrive early at the auction to sell her SAPs. Taking out the perfect version to
be assessed, theyre led to a small room, where a pretty female Apothecarist, Ln Hng
Y (), is immediately bitter at seeing SLs perfect appearance. Looking at the
arrogant LHY, MM sighs at how shes missing a good business deal, as SL turns to
2294 LHY stops SL, taking out a piece of paper to write a problem for her to solve. SL
is shocked at the simplicity, disregarding it and glaring at LHY for her to assess the
SAP. LHY sneers as she evaluates the SAP as a low end Primary ranked pill, worth 100
points, laughing at the poor quality. Stunned at how incompetent LHY is, SL turns to
leave when a man in his 50s stops her.
2295 The man smiles, introducing himself as the auction house master, having
remembered the stall SL had set up to sell Master ranked pills (chapters 1982-1994).
SL states that she no longer wants to sell at the auction, causing the auction master to
glare at LHY as she pales, unwilling to believe someone her age could reach Master
ranked, while she was still Intermediate. The auction master hands SL a catalogue of

items that only the top 20 can access, causing LHY to burst into cold sweat at his
respectful attitude.
2296 Upon seeing the 99F, SL consents to participating in the auction. Having pacified
SL, the auction master is shocked when she states that her SAP is merely Primary
ranked, reprimanding the terrified LHY since even the 5 th and 6th elders might not be
able to refine a Grand Master ranked pill.

Chapters 2297-2306 Apothecarist Tower 3

2297 Delighted, the auction master tells LHY not to displease SL before leaving. LHYs
pandering attitude causes MM to cringe, as she leads them towards one of the six VIP
rooms in the second floor, when LLM appears. SL walks on, ignoring him, as LLM rages,
having raised his voice to attract an audience.
2298 Before LLM can approach SL, MM kicks him towards the stairs. Humiliated, LLM
yells for the guards to arrest SL for trespassing in the VIP area, causing LHY to become
distresses since SL is even more talented than the elders and cant be offended.
Despite LHYs warning, LLM orders the guards to arrest her and SL, while LHY reminds
them theyre employed by the auction house and not the 5 th elder.
2299 LHY retorts that SL is the auction masters guest, while SL mocks LLMs lack of
discipline, causing him to storm off. Soon the auction master starts the auction,
delighted as the prices of each item steadily climbs above the reserve price, when he
introduces the Archaic Crystal Tree ( Shu Jng G Sh), whose fruit can be used
to store images, allowing experts to record their battles.
2300 Watching the crowds excitement, the auction master confesses that the ACT is
on the verge of dying, with only a 1% chance of survival, causing the crowds
enthusiasm to fade. While the tree is normally worth millions, the auction starts at
100,000 points, but no one is willing to bid. Time starts running out, when SL bids
110,000 points in the last few seconds, knowing her space would raise its chances to
8-9%. The onlookers are stunned that someone would waste money on such a silly
2301 The auction master starts closing the bid, when LLM bids 120,000 points,
wanting to raise the prices of the items SL wants, entering a bidding war until SL offers
500,000 points. Not wanting to be stuck with a dead piece of wood, LLM backs down,
satisfied that SL had wasted her points. Placing the ACT in her space, SL is delighted
as it immediately starts sprouting new shoots, having bought it for a fraction of the
price. The auction continues, when a Dragon Slaying Grass ( T Lng Co)
appears. Used in refining Demonic pills, the rarity causes the price to soar instantly, as
LLM bids 2 million points.
2302 LHY reveals that LLMs task was to buy the DSG, causing them both to smirk. As
the price climbs, LLM shocks bidders by raising the price to 3 million, only for SL to call
out 4 million. The other bidders back down, knowing how extravagant SL is and how
stubborn LLM can be. Furious, and despite knowing that the DSGs value is lower than
4 million, LLM continues bidding since his master needs it.
2303 LLM calls out 6 million, only for SL to raise hers to 7 million, backing down once
LLM bids 8 million. When the price is finalizes, the auction master praises LLM for
paying a record price for the DSG as the crowd laughs. LLM seethes with indignation,
when the auction master reveals a second piece of DSG.
2304 The crowd pities LLM for paying so much when a second piece was readily
available. The auction master reveals that the second DSG is also larger and of higher
quality. LLM lies low as the price climbs to 2.5 million. Knowing how LLM thinks, SL bids
4 million, causing the other participants to cease and stare at LLM. Smirking at being
able to turn the tables on SL, LLM bids 5 million. Acting furious, SL raises the price, as
they increase their bids by 1 million increments, when LLM offers 9 million.
2305 LLM waits for SL to offer 10 million, when she asks him if he truly wants it.
Bluffing, LLM asserts that hes interested and willing to pay, when SL backs out,
reminding him of his words. LLM almost coughs blood in anger, as the auction master
rushes to complete the transaction. Unwilling to back down, LLM angrily transfers the
points, secretly pained that he had spent his masters 4 million and all his personal

2306 LLM is filled with hatred towards SL, when her Grand Master ranked SAP appears.
The participants clamour to bid, knowing that it would help them advance 1-2 stars. SL
is delighted, when the Serene Fairy bids 6 million from her VIP box. Since LLM had
backed down, SL decides to play with the Fairy, knowing that she only needs to pay
the 10% commission, while she can take as much of the Fairys points to pay for the
99F, raising the price to 9.1 million. The Fairy is exasperated, doubting SL even has
that many points.

Chapters 2307-2316 Apothecarist Tower 4

2307 Although the price is outside her expectations, the Serene Fairy has been at a
bottleneck for a while and bids 10 million points. SL smirks, wanting to nudge the price
a little more, and bids 10.1 million. The audience is stunned, since even Grand Master
ranked pills rarely go so high. Thinking how unlikely it is for SL to have earnt the
points, the Serene Fairy concludes that shes using LYCs, raising her bid to 12 million
out of anger. Stunned at the instant rise in price, and knowing she still has the
material to refine more SAPs, SL backs down. The auction master smirks since SL has
helped him profit, while the SAP contains residual energy from the RSL, which SL can
manipulate at any time.
2308-2309 The Fairy carefully stores the SAP, as millions of points are transferred to
SLs token, when the auction master introduces the 99F, one of the herbs which is
needed to advance to Grand Master ranked. Recalling how his master was looking for
the 99F, LLM is determined to buy it, while other participants are also tempted as they
can form relations with the 5th and 6th elders. SL resolves herself to win it at any cost,
when she notices LLM walking into the Fairys VIP room to borrow points, reasoning
that they have a common enemy. The Fairy is intrigued, wanting to curry favour with
the 5th elder, while MZ boasts that its impossible for her to lose. The asking price
starts at 5 million and rapidly soars, when the Serene Fairy bids 8 million. The crowd
quietens as the auction master starts counting down.
2310 When SL bids 8.1 million, the Fairy sneers since even though LYC supports her,
he wouldnt give her all his points, as they enter a bidding war, with SL raising the
price by 100,000 points above the Fairys. Furious, the Fairys bid jumps to 18 million.
Since SL has over 10 million of the Fairys points and from the 8 th elder, she bids 18.1.
The Fairy sneers, raising the price to 20 million, above the value of the 99F.
2311 The crowd is stunned, since the herb is only valuable for Apothecarists at the
bottleneck of Grand Master, as the Fairy and LLM smirk. SL bids 20.1 million, and bids
again when the price rises to 25 million. The Serene Fairy is shocked, thinking LYC
wouldnt give SL so many points, when SL bids 30 million all the points she currently
2312 Since the Fairy had bought the SAP, she also only has 30 million points. The
crowd is stunned that SL is so rich despite her low strength. LLM urges the Fairy to
continue bidding, when she rages at him since neither of them would be able to pay.
SL wins with 99F, with the auction master cautioning her as he finalizes the
transaction, advising her to reveal her Master Apothecarist rank for protection.
2313 SL politely refuses, before teleporting away. Seeing the Serene Fairys smile, MZ
drags LLM to chase after SL, since the can always steal the 99F, waiting to ambush her
for days, not knowing she had already teleported with MM. At LYCs residence, SL still
doesnt have the other 2 herbs, and heads towards the Apothecarist tower to refine
Master Ranked pills for points and to improve her Apothecary skills.
2314 SL runs into the furious LLM who had failed to ambush her. While SL heads to the
3rd floor to select herbs, LLM rushes to find the 5 th elder in the 18th floor. A haughty
middle aged man appears before SL, followed by the proud LLM. LLM introduces the
man as the 5th elder as SL fakes enthusiasm in greeting him.
2315 The 5th elder demands for SL to follow him. Knowing that hes interested in the
99F but too proud to bully her in public, SL shocks him by refusing, before laughing
and turning away. Since the 99F is hard to come by, the elder commands SL to stop, as
she retorts with LLM by his side, he wont need her help.
2316 The 5th elder offers to buy the 99F, and is stunned when SL refuses to sell, since
no one had ever denied him. LLM rages, boasting of the elders accomplishments
when SL uses 2 fingers to fling him down. The elder is furious but might not be a

match for SL since he spends most of his time refining, dropping LLM when SL throws
him at the elder. SL remains calm and indifferent as the elder offers 40 million points.

Chapters 2307-2316 Apothecarist Tower 4

2307 Although the price is outside her expectations, the Serene Fairy has been at a
bottleneck for a while and bids 10 million points. SL smirks, wanting to nudge the price
a little more, and bids 10.1 million. The audience is stunned, since even Grand Master
ranked pills rarely go so high. Thinking how unlikely it is for SL to have earnt the
points, the Serene Fairy concludes that shes using LYCs, raising her bid to 12 million
out of anger. Stunned at the instant rise in price, and knowing she still has the
material to refine more SAPs, SL backs down. The auction master smirks since SL has
helped him profit, while the SAP contains residual energy from the RSL, which SL can
manipulate at any time.
2308-2309 The Fairy carefully stores the SAP, as millions of points are transferred to
SLs token, when the auction master introduces the 99F, one of the herbs which is
needed to advance to Grand Master ranked. Recalling how his master was looking for
the 99F, LLM is determined to buy it, while other participants are also tempted as they
can form relations with the 5th and 6th elders. SL resolves herself with win it at any
cost, when she notices LLM walking into the Fairys VIP room to borrow points,
reasoning that they have a common enemy. The Fairy is intrigued, wanting to curry
favour with the 5th elder, while MZ boasts that its impossible for her to lose. The
asking price starts at 5 million and rapidly soars, when the Serene Fairy bids 8 million.
The crowd quietens as the auction master starts counting down.
2310 When SL bids 8.1 million, the Fairy sneers since even though LYC supports her,
he wouldnt give her all his points, as they enter a bidding war, with SL raising the
price by 100,000 points above the Fairys. Furious, the Fairys bid jumps to 18 million.
Since SL has over 10 million of the Fairys points and from the 8 th elder, she bids 18.1.
The Fairy sneers, raising the price to 20 million, above the value of the 99F.
2311 The crowd is stunned, since the herb is only valuable for Apothecarists at the
bottleneck of Grand Master, as the Fairy and LLM smirk. SL bids 20.1 million, and bids
again when the price rises to 25 million. The Serene Fairy is shocked, thinking LYC
wouldnt give SL so many points, when SL bids 30 million all the points she currently
2312 Since the Fairy had bought the SAP, she also only has 30 million points. The
crowd is stunned that SL is so rich despite her low strength. LLM urges the Fairy to
continue bidding, when she rages at him since neither of them would be able to pay.
SL wins with 99F, with the auction master cautioning her as he finalizes the
transaction, advising her to reveal her Master Apothecarist rank for protection.
2313 SL politely refuses, before teleporting away. Seeing the Serene Fairys smile, MZ
drags LLM to chase after SL, since the can always steal the 99F, waiting to ambush her
for days, not knowing she had already teleported with MM. At LYCs residence, SL still
doesnt have the other 2 herbs, and heads towards the Apothecarist tower to refine
Master Ranked pills for points and to improve her Apothecary skills.
2314 SL runs into the furious LLM who had failed to ambush her. While SL heads to the
3rd floor to select herbs, LLM rushes to find the 5 th elder in the 18th floor. A haughty
middle aged man appears before SL, followed by the proud LLM. LLM introduces the
man as the 5th elder as SL fakes enthusiasm in greeting him.
2315 The 5th elder demands for SL to follow him. Knowing that hes interested in the
99F but too proud to bully her in public, SL shocks him by refusing, before laughing
and turning away. Since the 99F is hard to come by, the elder commands SL to stop, as
she retorts with LLM by his side, he wont need her help.
2316 The 5th elder offers to buy the 99F, and is stunned when SL refuses to sell, since
no one had ever denied him. LLM rages, boasting of the elders accomplishments
when SL uses 2 fingers to fling him down. The elder is furious but might not be a

match for SL since he spends most of his time refining, dropping LLM when SL throws
him at the elder. SL remains calm and indifferent as the elder offers 40 million points.

Chapters 2317-2328 Apothecarist Tower 5

2317 The crowd is stunned when the elder raises the offer to 50 million. While the 20
million profit is tempting, SL refuses since she needs it to cure NL. The elders smile
turns sinister, asking SL what price shed be willing to part with it for, when she offers
to wager. If he wins, shell sell the 99F for 50 million, but if she wins, hell give up on
the 99F.
2318 Under SLs provocation, the elder agrees as long as he can determine the theme.
Realizing that SL had bought the herbs for the Body Reforming Pill ( Cu T Dn),
the elder smirks, telling her itd be her win if she can refine a Master ranked BRP.
Acting distressed, SL tries to negotiate for the pill to be Superior ranked, when the
elder refuses. SL accepts, as the elder boasts hed take her as an apprentice if she
succeeds, when SL reminds him that hes also at Master rank.
2319 The crowd is impressed at how boldly SL mocks the elder, as SL heads towards
the refining room, delighted since Master ranked BRPs are her strong suit. While LLM
had reassured him that SL would fail, the 5 th elder sends him to sabotage the furnace
fire to ensure his victory, since its manually controlled.
2320 SL notices that the fire refuses light and enters her space to use the refining
room she had set up. Within the room, theres a cabinet filled with bottles, including
Grand Master ranked pills she had previously overlooked since she had Imperial
ranked pills. When SL leaves the room looking frustrated, LLM and the 5 th elder are
assured that she had failed, as LLM demands the herb. SL throws him a bottle, which
he opens despite his better instincts.
2321 LLM is stunned when he realizes hes holding a Master ranked BRP, and the elder
releases enough pressure to overwhelm the crowd. SL smiles, attributing it to luck and
asking the elder if it meets the standard for her to win, knowing that since RY had
refined it, its more than perfect. The elder glares at LLM as he leaves, but still hasnt
given up. SL ignores LLMs raging, when he heads towards the fire control room. The
brawny man inside assures LLM that the fire was only 30% as strong, when LLM slaps
2322-2323 LLM continues beating the man up, when he proves that he did lower the
flame in SLs room, speculating that SL had used a ready-made BRF pill. Struck with
realization, LLM rushes to report back to the 5 th elder, who had already guessed this.
The 5th elder stops LLM from chasing after SL, but still hasnt given up on the 99F,
whispering a plan to gain it without paying. SL returns to LYCs manor, where WH has
finished cultivating, but has only risen 1 star, when LLM arrives with the Apothecarist
tower enforcers, accusing SL of stealing his recipe for Superior grade Marrow
Cleansing Pills ( X Su Dn).
2324 As a Master ranked Apothecarist, SL laughs, causing LLM to flare up, accusing
her of theft and illegally staying at LYCs residence since she isnt qualified to enter the
Upper Stream Mountains until the next DCT (chapter 2176). SL continues laughing,
when the 8th elder arrives, asking for proof.
2325 LLM is shocked the elder would intervene since he had hated SL, replying that
hundreds of Apothecarists had witnessed it. SL smiles, asking if she had taken the
Superior ranked MCP recipe, not the Master, Grand Master or Imperial ranked, causing
LLM to laugh since even he doesnt have the recipes for those. SL tells him to
remember that, before arriving at the tower with the 8 th elder.
2326 When the 5th elder questions him, the 8th elder replies that hes there to ensure
the proceedings will remain fair. Since SL had pleaded innocent, the brawny man from
the fire control room swears that he had seen SL steal the recipe, as she calmly
confirms whether its Superior ranked.
2327-2328 LLM boasts of more evidence, bringing the cleaning lady from LYCs
residence, Ln Y (), who provides a recipe with the 5th elders writing, stating she

had found it in SLs room. However SL only laughs that the elder would use such a
base plot against her, asking if her innocence is proven after she refines a Master
ranked MCP. LLM erupts with laughter when she challenges him. Thinking SL has
already prepared the pill, he demands that SL refine it in public, ecstatic when SL
appears hesitant.

Chapters 2329-2338 Apothecarist Tower 6

2329 The 5th elder isnt as easily led as LLM, and doesnt consent to the task since the
evidence is already against SL, when the 8 th elder asks why hed prevent conclusive
evidence. SL adds that if she fails shell give him the 99F. Tempted, the elder agrees.
The crowd erupts, suspecting SL will cheat. 2 furnaces are set up as LLM proudly
prepares to refine his Superior ranked MCP, while SL prepares 3 sets of herbs.
2330 The crowd is stunned when they realize that SL has set up 3 furnaces as well,
and starts refining them simultaneously. While the crowd and the 5 th elder doubt shell
succeed, the 8th elder had lost to SL despite being stronger, and is confident in her
win. 2 hours later, LLM finishes refining his Superior ranked MCP, as the crowd praises
his talent. He proudly walks towards SL to see what low level pill shes created.
2331 SL opens the lid of the first furnace to reveal Superior ranked MCPs. Furious that
the quality is better than his, LLM rages for SLs arrest, but the 8 th elder stops the 5th
from acting until its over. When SL opens the second furnace, the crowd is stunned to
find 3 Master ranked MCPs. LLM starts feeling dizzy, as SL smirks that she doesnt
need his recipe when she can refine higher grade pills, while WH beats up the
witnesses who had falsely accused her.
2332 LLM is filled with jealousy and regret since SL had proven her skills in public.
Recovering, LLM accuses SL of relying on luck, since Superior ranked Apothecarists
occasionally refine Master ranked pills. The 5 th elder is satisfied SL hasnt erased all
doubts, when SL asks if hed apologize for falsely accusing her if she can fully clear her
name, looking down on him as though she was addressing a servant.
2333-2334 Wanting to maintain his reputation, the 5 th elder retorts that if SL can refine
a Grand Master ranked MCP, hed even eat the furnace. Smiling, SL invites the two
elders to the furnace as the crowd watches in anticipation. The 5 th elder doubts SL is
successful, when she lifts the lid and the aura of a Grand Master ranked pill appears.
The crowd remark on SLs talent, certain that she wouldnt steal the recipe since her
skills are even better than the 5th elders when the 6th elder appears. The 6th elder
pushes aside the approaching 5th elder to confirm if SL was the one who had refined
the SAPs (chapter 2289), before trying to lead her away to discuss Apothecary. Under
the 5th elders questioning, he introduces SL as the Master ranked Apothecarist he had
been looking for, causing the 5th to seethe over his loss.
2335 SL smiles at the 5th elder, as he hesitates over his promise to eat the furnace.
Fretting, the elder eventually summons his Nether White Tiger spirit pet to eat it for
him, before disappearing. Since the camp knows SL is at the bottleneck of Grand
Master ranked, the elder wont be able to steal her 99F. Meanwhile the Serene Fairy
rages since she had helped the 5th elder and LLM, directing them to LYCs residence
and arranging for the housekeeper to frame SL. The 6 th elder leads SL away, discussing
Apothecary with her as an equal, recognizing that her theoretical base and practical
skills are superior to his.
2336 SL refuses to chat with the elder since being slandered had put her in a bad
mood and can only be appeased by having her accusers endure a living death for a
few days. Hearing this, the elder glares at LLM, before pouring a noxious concoction
down their throats, which will cause them to suffer excruciating pain for 3 months. SL
smiles, leaving them to their fate as they roll on the floor in agony.
2337-2338 The crowd is stunned at the craftiness of SLs evidence, and viciousness, as
the Apothecarist Tower bursts into a refining fervour, wanting to catch up to SLs skills.
The 6th elders assistant is stunned to see the elder consult SL, who occasionally adds
a few words, leaving the elder in awe. The elder writes her words down like an eager
student, begging SL to stay when she starts to leave, offering to delegate her tasks to
his servants. However SL is heading to the Inner City to see her friends. The elder joins
SL, using the 2-3 days travel to continue learning, leaving her mentally drained, even

offering to become her apprentice. Not wanting to stir more trouble, SL refuses since
the 6th elder is only good at Apothecary. Recalling how she was bullied by the 3 rd
elders disciples when she first came, SL arrives at the inner city, feeling accomplished
that now the 8th elder is her servant and that the 6th elder wants to be her student.

Chapters 2339-2347 Return to Purgatory City

2339 SL walks through the markets, recalling how she had sold Master ranked pills
there, as the 6th elder and WH follow respectfully. Sensing something wrong, she hears
Qing Lins subordinates give chase, sending a person flying with a kick. Recognizing
them, SL jumps and catches ZiY, flaring with rage.
2340 SL ignores the pursuers and treats the injured and exhausted ZiY. When QLs
men surround her, SL sends the much stronger WH to deal with them, sending them
flying with her club. One lands near SL, another lands on his head, while WH clubs the
thirds legs, crushing them.
2341WH drags the 10 men back to SL, leaving a trail of blood to the crowds shock, as
they attempt to intimidate SL using QLs name. Furious that ZiY could have died, SL
demands to know why they were chasing her, as the men accuse ZiY of trying to
seduce their young master, Lng Xun Rn (), while playing around with other
men. Unable to contain her rage, SL swings her CSS, slicing the man in half.
2342 The rest of the group is shocked, declaring that QLs Bright Moon Palace wont let
her off, when she eliminates the group, splitting them like the first man, looking like a
demoness. ZiY wakes, weakly greeting SL but turns silent when SL asks about BY, and
who LXR is. SL reveals that shes now at 2 star Saint level.
2343 SL introduces WH as her bodyguard and the 6 th elder as her friend, leaving ZiY
speechless when the elder corrects her, stating SL will be his master. The information
makes ZiY think shes hallucinating, when she urges SL to save BY. BY is duelling with
LXR in the First Sky Battle Arena ( Tin Y Ju Du Chng) for ZiYs sake, but
isnt a match for him. During their stay at the World Preparatory Training Camp
(chapter 1976), they were sent on a scouting mission, where their team members
mysteriously died. Someone had accused BY and ZiY of colluding to remove them.
While they wouldve been executed, the 1 st elder intervened so theyd only be
banished. They returned to the inner city, where LXR spread rumours about ZiY. BY
sought him out to fight, but was injured.
2344 ZiY cries that BY is still fighting despite his injuries. While LXR is QLs nephew
and always listens to her. SL blames herself, as ZiY cries that the cause was her and
her title of Holy Maiden. However ZiY can only obtain the title after shes entered the
camp and is strong enough to control the city; her current title is only a formality.
While the Serene Fairy is QLs favourite disciple, LXR reached Command level in his
teens and is her favourite nephew. QL had taught him as a child, allowing him to
advance rapidly, while hes especially protective over the Serene Fairy, despite her
being stronger. Hearing from QL that SL was bullying the Fairy, LXR plans on torturing
her friends, before returning to the Upper Stream Mountains to fight SL. At the Arena,
LXR continues pummelling BY, who endures, refusing to give up.
2345 Another punch causes BY to curl in a fetal position, coughing up blood. LXR had
trained for 50 years in the camp and the gap between them is too wide. Furious, SL
teleports behind LXR, attacking him with the 7SG infused CSS. LXR manages to avoid
having his hand removed, but is scratched since his hold on BY delayed him. After
being tossed aside, BY collapses, barely alive. Pained at seeing his state, SL slices her
wrist so the RBBG in her blood can cure him, cutting it repeatedly when the wound
heals, but BY hasnt woken. The 6th elder stops SL, warning her shell bleed to death
and too much of her blood is toxic for him.
2346 SL is relieved to see BYs injuries have improved, telling the battle-ready WH to
stand back and protect them. LXR reprimands SL for intervening, when he stills,
recognizing the elder who had once treated QL. Ignoring LXR, the elder asks SL which
hand she wants him to remove, hoping shed teach him more after owing him a
favour, when SL demands both hands. Infuriated by their conversation, LXR recognizes
SL, accusing her of bullying the Serene Fairy despite the Fairy being stronger.

2347 LXR declares hell kill SL, challenging her to a duel to the death. SL apologizes to
the elder that LXR doesnt appreciate his attempt to preserve his life, while LXR doubts
hed lose since hes ranked 60 and SL only just entered the top 100. SL retorts that
shell only fight if LXR signs a contract for the duel in front of QL so she wont seek her
out for revenge. Sneering at SLs arrogance, LXR contacts QL with his gem.

Chapters 2348-2355 Return to Purgatory City 2

2348 Wanting to watch SLs death, QL agrees to come, to LXRs shock. The 6 th elder is
stunned SL doesnt fear QL, but is willing to help since SL would owe him, while SL had
calculated his thoughts. QL soon arrives. Dressed in a vibrant red, QL greets the 6 th
elder warmly, but as her inferior, while the 6 th elder is distant unlike how he treats SL.
QL advises the 6th elder to occasionally leave the tower since his Apothecary skills are
already the best, but he corrects her, revealing that SL is superior to him and the 5 th
2349 Despite not wanting to admit it, QL had heard about SLs bet with the 5 th elder.
LXR approaches, asking QL to sign the duel contract which prevents friends and
relatives from retaliating. QL, LXR, SL and the 6 th elder each hold a copy. LXR had
already thought of several ways to kill SL, while SL has yet to fully display her skills
since advancing. LXR immediately attacks, sending an explosive force towards SL,
which bursts into ash above her head, and is fatal upon contact. SL smirks, realizing
LXR is 4 star Saint ranked, before using her void armour, forming a barrier between
her and the dust, leaving LXR stunned.
2350 LXR sneers, increasing the strength of the dust cloud, as it fully covers SL like a
metallic film, only for it to scatter. LXR is shocked since SL is only 2 star, but continues
attacking. QL watches with delight, noticing that the 6 th elder is unsettled, warning him
that SL must die regardless of his protests. If she didnt fear SLs ties with CZ, she
wouldve easily erased her, but will borrow others to remove her instead. SL is at a
disadvantage, despite using her YH dagger, CSS and gravity field, unable to overcome
the difference in strength between their levels and genders, but can win if she holds
out for 30 minutes.
2351 When she had struck LXR earlier (chapter 2345), SL had covered her CSS with a
toxin she had concocted, called Inevitable Poison ( Ju Mng D S). While she
had suggested the duel to test the effects of the poison and to give QL an excuse to
act, as LXRs death was already sealed with 30 minutes left of the hour needed for
the poison to act. Unaware, LXR swings his sword at SL, almost splitting her if she
hadnt teleported. 10 minutes remain, when LXR manages to draw blood from her
2352 The LSF stirs, flying out of SLs space before LXR notices, climbing onto his back
as he attacks SL, and chomping down on his neck. The crowd is shocked a little
creature would be fast enough to attack a 4 star Saint level, when it climbs under his
clothes, crawling around and biting down on his muscles. Feeling as though the LSF is
sucking the marrows of his spine, LXR attacks his back with one hand while holding his
sword in the other, before losing his balance and falling on his arse. Meanwhile SL
continues to run, secretly directing the LSF using their contract, recalling how the little
dragon was also this playful. Since LXR has redirected his attention to her pet, SL
teleports towards him, slicing at his leg but failing to cut him
2353 Knowing it cant directly face LXR, the LSF runs towards the opposite direction of
SL. LXR contemplates whether to chase SL before going after the LSF due to his hatred
for it, and since SL cant harm him without it. Watching SL charge towards LXR, aiming
her sword at his head, QL sends an ice crystal towards SL, only for the 6 th elder to
shoot it down. Furious that the 6th elder is blocking all her attacks, QL calls an end to
the match since LXR is disadvantaged.
2354 SL sneers, reminding her its a duel to the death, asking if QL expects her to wait
for LXR to slay her, when QL rages at her viciousness. The crowd comment on QLs
audacity, to disregard a contract, scorning her for her entitled behaviour. Since she
doesnt want to lose her nephew, QL tries to reschedule the match, when LXR starts
twitching and coughing out blood. Realizing hes been poisoned, QL demands for SL to
surrender the antidote. SL just sneers since QL can also feel loss, but never made an

2355 When QL tries to attack, SL reminds her of the consequences of violating their
agreement if she acts, others would also view the contract as meaningless. QL is
outraged she cant attack despite how weak SL is, as LXR pukes out his internal organs
before dying. QL glares at SL filled with hate, before leaving with LXRs body. The
crowd is stunned as SL smiles, having calculated each step, while the 6 th elder advises
her to return to the Apothecarist Tower where he can protect her.

Chapters 2356-2363 Temple of the Abyss 1

2356 SL is more worried about ZiY and BY, when the 6 th elder reveals that they can
enter the Apothecarist Tower since half-step Grand Master Apothecarists are allowed 2
guards for protection. Thinking SL would be more willing to teach him if he keeps her
friends around, the elder advises SL to leave them with him. SL reminds him that shes
also at the bottleneck of Grand Master, but needs to bring 4 friends in. SL fetches AYM
and LX, allowing them to easily enter the Upper Stream Mountains.
2357 Wanting them to improve rapidly, SL enters them into the Gravity Chamber. The
6th elder offers to give SL the points, but is stunned when she requests 40 million,
paying for them to stay a month. SLs group is also stunned, having once worked so
hard to thousands of points, when she assures them she can earn back the points by
refining. With the 6th elder, they easily enter the tower, and receive silver tokens.
2358 SL sends her friends to the Chamber, before borrowing another 10 million points
for WH. From her battle with LXR, SL realizes what she lacks is actual combat
experience, but has steadily closed the gap between her and the Fairy, while only 3
months have passed since their agreement. SL decides to head to a magical beast
Zone, spending 3 days refining Stealth Potions ( Yn Shn Yo Shu) which can
hide her for 15 minutes per bottle, when the elder reminds her she can earn points
from tasks issued at the Mission Hall. Flying down with her ship, SL enters the hall.
2359 Hearing her name, the attendant falters, explaining that since shes unranked,
she can only accept the lowest F rank missions, with the others being A-D. Looking
through the tasks, SL finds them a waste of time. Revealing her dual Fire-Wood
element, SL requests a job with members who are ranked over 70. The youth states
theres an S ranked mission that meets her requirements retrieving Eternal Heart
Fragments ( Yng Hng Zh Xn) from the Temple of the Abyss ( Shn
Yun Shn Din), with a 5 million point reward for each member, directing her to the
23rd gateway.
2360 Using her black Communication Gem, SL attempts to contact NL, when a
haughty little girl replies, reprimanding SL for endangering NL, causing him to almost
fail his mission. As punishment, the Empress had fed him Heart Devouring Poison (
Sh Xn Zh D), an excruciating toxin which flares up every 7 days. The only way
to alleviate the pain is to enter the 10,000 Year Cold Spring ( Wn Nin Hn
Ch), which is deadly in itself. The girl tells SL not to burden NL, before hanging up. SL
is stunned and depressed at not knowing anything, wanting to leave her quest to find
him, when the gateway activates.
2361 SL arrives in front of 2 men and 2 women. The men are Lng Q () and the
squad captain, Ch Yng (), while the women are Y Ji ( Sister Yu) and Xio
Lu (). LEQ scoffs when SL asks to return, as CY explains the portal will only open
after a month, or when they complete their task. With no choice, SL heads to the
Abyss with them, but they havent earned the right to enter the Temple yet. Sensing
danger, SL notices hundreds of guards approaching.
2362 XL pales at the sight, while SL suspects shes weaker than MM. CY yells for them
to fly away but a restriction is in place, preventing them from doing so. Since they
need to fight their way out, CY calls for them to reveal their element and rank. The
group is all at Saint level LEQ is 4 star ice, YJ is 3 star lightning and XL is 2 star light
element. CY has LEQ and YJ form dual ice and lightning attacks with XL as their healer,
while he and SL will intersect the soldiers from the side. Since SL can teleport, she had
wanted to act alone, but isnt given the opportunity to speak. CY has her watch his
back as the 4 feel weirdly coordinated.
2363 CYs attacks are fast and effective, while SL releases her LSF, and fights properly
to improve her skills. Watching the other 3 work together, SL feels unsettled at how
familiar they seem with each other, as though theyve worked together for a long

time. Meanwhile the youth who had issued her the task assures an old man that its
been completed, before gleefully rushing off to the Serene Fairy to be rewarded.

Chapters 2364-2371 Temple of the Abyss 2

2364 The group continues fighting their way out as SL recalls how the youth had told
her the members were randomly assembled. CY instructs them to run into the forest
since its outside the scope of the soldiers territory. Seeing how silent SL is, XL
reassures her of CYs talents since hes 55 th ranked, but denies having worked with him
before. SL is able to see through XLs innocent act, when they rest.
2365 The captain hands out the rations before SL can offer to cook, with the groups
harmony raising SLs suspicions. When she had first joined LYCs squad, she had
clashed with MM, but here, all the members easily interact. XL approaches SL, asking
her why she hasnt eaten. Under their watchful gazes, SL forces herself to take a bite
of the rations, which can be bought for 1 point, when she realizes it contains Scarlet
Blood ( Ch Xi), a poison which is usually untraceable if SL hadnt been at the
Grand Master bottleneck. SL continues eating, sending the bread to her space before it
falls to her stomach.
2366 Since they had seen SL consume the poison, the group is no longer as guarded.
CY explains that EHF crystals are occasionally dropped when slaying Dignified 4
Winged Beasts ( S Y Gn Y), 10 of which are needed to form an EHF. While
the reward is 30 million 5 for each member and 10 for the captain. Returning to the
Abyss, SL sneers as the 4 stand around her, when they arrive at a clear blue lake. XL is
excited at reaching the temple, when CY warns them of the perils inside, telling SL to
stay close. The temple is damp and decrepit, with moss covered walls.
2367 A cold wind blows, sending chills down their spines, while the temple grounds are
desolate, when they run into dozens of 4 winged beast. CY yells for them to break into
pairs, offering to divide the reward by exchanging 3 million points for each shard.
Wanting to save her energy SL prolongs her battle with the beast, as CY and YJ each
take one, while LEQ and XL work together. When CY offers to help, SL finishes off her
beast, revealing a snowflake-like fragment. CY had slayed 3 beasts but has yet to find
a fragment.
2368 After 10 beasts are slain, only SL has a shard. The group encourages SL to trade
the shard to CY since shes too weak to protect it. Although 3 million points means
little to her, SL agrees, feeling unsettled over their elated moods. The next 10 days,
they continue slaying beasts, but none of the other members found any shards, while
SL barely slays any but finds another 5, giving her 15 million points. Setting up camp
near the temple shrine, SL realizes CY wants to remove her. Eating the rations, she
suddenly collapses.
2369 XLs innocent look twists into a demonic smile as she confirms SL has died by
checking her pulse, complaining about having to act around her and how stupid SL is
for selling the shards, since XL can use them to promote her Light Element by refining
it in the temple lake. XL then reveals that the Serene Fairy had promised them 50
million points, while as her brother, CY had arranged for them to gather the shards to
help XL, but she wont refine them until she has 10. YJ laughs that they only used 3
points 3 days of rations to kill SL. Feeling perturbed, XL decides to split SLs corpse
in half, when SL disappears.
2370 A knife slices at CYs neck. Realizing SL hasnt died, they guess that she had
used a Stealth Potion to disappear, deliberating over whether she cured the poison or
never consumed it in the first place. CY is certain SL is still alive and had hidden her
strength. Since XLs light element can see through the potion, CY suggests they allow
her to advance first, when he realizes the shards are gone.
2371 Aside from killing SL, their other purpose was to help XL advance. Since XL is his
sister, CY wouldnt have hidden it. They deduce that SL had taken them when she
attacked CY, having realized their plan. XL rages that SL had stolen the fragments
after selling it to them, but they had tricked her first. Distressed, XL fears that SL had

overheard them and is also refining the EHF shards, when the rest of the group laugh
at her for being paranoid as few have the Light element, while SL has Fire and Wood

Chapters 2372-2380 Temple of the Abyss 3

2372 However, SL has the light element and immediately heads to the temple lake to
refine the shards before her potion wears out. SL places the shards on the surface of
the water, as a bright light surrounds her. Light attributes are classified into 3 ranks
with 3 subcategories:

Low Rank: Light Essence, Light Healing, Light Technique

Middle Rank: Blazing Light, Human Replication, Power of Decree
High Rank: Light Speed, Fractured Light, Profound Accumulation

While each of these are divided into 9 levels. SL starts absorbing the crystals, passing
Light Essence, Light Healing, when she reaches the 3 rd stage of Blazing Light,
astounded at her speed.
2373 This was only possible since she hadnt trained her Light element before,
allowing her energy to accumulate. Delighted at the effects, SL resolves herself to find
the remaining 4 shards, as 5 Crafty Thorn members approach. While the temple
doesnt belong to either group, Purgatory City and Crafty Thorn are sworn enemies.
Recognizing SL as the woman the Empress had placed a bounty on, the leader, 051,
leads his group towards SL, as she alternates between her newly acquired light skills
and teleporting to escape.
2374 051 is stunned at SLs speed, commanding the other members 062, 064, 066
and 068 to chase her. SL continues running, realizing that apart from training his
dark attribute, NL had entered Crafty Thorn to protect her. Despite feeling bitter over
the little girl who had answered his Gem, SL calls NL. NL answers, already guessing SL
is being chased, having used the gem to track her. SL recounts her situation including
CY's group as NL advises her to stall until he arrives.
2375 SL smiles, thinking how NLs strength and intellect can easily overcome both
groups, when she runs into 062. SL instantly throws all her trump cards at him,
catching the much stronger 062 off guard, and disappearing. 064 runs the wrong way,
as SL leads the rest of the group towards CYs group. CY sneers as SL runs towards
him, when she calls that Crafty Thorn had taken their crystal shards, chased by 4
2376 Since the shards are more important than SL, XL confronts the Crafty Thorn
leader, preventing them from chasing SL. Thinking theyre SLs allies, 051 is furious at
being blocked, as the 2 groups of 4 start fighting. SL contacts NL, telling him his plan
worked, when the two groups realize theyre both after SL.
2377 Since Crafty Thorns objective is the Heart of Darkness ( Hi'n Zh Xn),
CY suggests that they cooperate to take down SL, before completing their respective
quests, offering to exchange dark shards for EHF shards if they run into them.
However, since both groups are incompatible, they need to keep their alliance a
secret, not knowing that SL had recorded their conversation with her Archaic Crystal
Fruit. SL laments her bad luck since all the people in the temple want her dead,
2378 SL continues running, led by her LSFs mental map, when she spies 064 from
afar, still wandering lost and alone. When the leader recalls him, 064 heads towards
SLs direction as she hides, preparing to ambush him. Since her map allows her to
know their positions, SL scatters powder on the ground after calculating their paths, as
064 starts to approach.
2379 Not suspecting a man-made trap, 064 is caught off guard as SL traps him in her
gravity field, using all her trump cards to attack. Despite 064 being stronger, he can
only defend against SLs sudden and brutal attack, as she stabs down with her CSS.
Seeing him collapse, SL smirks, but doesnt kill him. She steals his clothes and 064
numberplate, before seeking out XL, noticing that CYs group has scattered.

2380 XL sends a ball of light towards a 4 winged beast, which bursts into numerous
small flames, burning the beast to an agonizing death, when a crystal shard falls.
Delighted at finally finding a shard, XL carefully stores it away and starts fighting
another beast, when SL attacks her from behind, stealing her shard. Since XL can only
see a black figure, she screams that a Crafty Thorn member had robbed her. YJ
charges towards SL, only for her to dodge, as the two chase after her.

Chapters 2381-2391 Temple of the Abyss 4

2381 Since they were meant to give any crystals to CY to guard, XL lies that she had
only just obtained it when Crafty Thorn robbed her. CY is outraged, ordering the team
to chase after the Crafty Thorn squad as SL returns 064s clothes along with the shard
and slaps him awake. 064 is disoriented, unable to recall how he fainted since SL had
healed him and erased his memory, when his squad captain calls him to reconvene.
2382 CYs squad surround him, demanding that he return their shard. 064 is indignant
since hes unaware of the alliance, informing his captain that theyre after his Heart of
Darkness shard. Infuriated, 051 demands his coordinates, when CYs team attacks
064, preventing him from answering. 064 flees, persisting despite the wounds, only to
be attacked by XL in front of his captain.
2383 Since 064 cant survive another attack, 051 doesnt hesitate in attacking XL. XLs
anguished screams and their earlier theft infuriates CY, who charges towards 051. SL
watches on, delighted at how fast their alliance fell through. While both sides have 4
people, CYs squad is losing since XL is weaker, having not refined the shards. CY
accuses Crafty Thorn of stealing their EHF shard, while 051 retorts they were the ones
who had taken their Darkness shards.
2384-2385 Suspecting they had been played, CY and 051 call a truce again. XL
accuses 064 of stealing her shard, pointing to his injuries. 051 recalls 064 hadnt been
present for their arrangement, while the fact that he has the shard justifies to 051 that
it wasnt SLs plot. Since 064s actions were appropriate given the antagonism
between Crafty Thorn and Purgatory City, 051 gives CYs group the choice to die or
flee, rather than returning the shard. CY is stunned, as XL pleas for CY to take back her
shard. Since both sides would lose out, CY chooses to leave, when 051 stops them,
telling XL to heal 064 or hell kill them off. XL is vexed but obediently approaches 064,
while SL is discontent the two groups settled their dispute so easily.
2386 SL drinks her Stealth Potion, sneaking towards 064. XL deliberately prolongs his
treatment, choosing a painful method as her way of retaliating. Since SL also has the
light element, she disguises her energy with XLs, allowing it to sneak inside 064,
camouflaged within XLs malicious treatment. XL, CY and 051 are shocked when 064
coughs up blood and dies, noticing his insides have been completely destroyed.
2387 051s icy glare causes XL to feel unsettled, as she pleads her innocence, but
even CY doesnt believe her. 051 chocks her, demanding to know why she killed 064.
CY attacks 051 before he manages to kill XL, as the two groups resume their fight.
Meanwhile SL sneaks towards the temple lake to absorb her 7 th crystal.
2388 SL slips to the bottom of the sparkling lake, immersing herself in its divine aura
as she carefully absorbs all of the energy in the shard, managing to advance to Human
Replication stage. SL forms 2 mirror images of herself, delighted at the prospect of
materializing several copies and having them scatter before her opponents, but fails to
form a 3rd. Hearing a sound, SL returns to the bottom of the lake as the Crafty Thorn
members complain over having a ceasefire since they had managed to kill YJ but not
2389 051 reminds them they were given 3 Darkness fragments as a settlement,
hinting he wants to wait until theyve gathered more before finishing them off. The
squad discusses tracking SL, when they run into an EHF shard. Since only XL would
benefit, 051 tosses the shard into the lake, preferring not to trade than to benefit her,
as the other members praise his craftiness since it would dissolve in the lake.
2390 Seeing the fragment before her, SL immediately refines it before the fragments
energy disperses, allowing her to materialize 9 clones. Fearing 051 might return, she
teleports towards CYs group, as they slay 4 winged beasts for a shard to cure XL.
However SL is disappointed, as CY fails to find any.

2391 LEQ manages to find a shard, causing both him and CY to rejoice, before
contemplating how to sneak the injured XL to the temple lake without alerting Crafty
Thorn. CY reasons that 051 would let XL live since he had let her off before, when 051
appears with the last EFT shard. Since he hates XL, 051 will only trade it for the full set
of archaic bones (chapter 2121), reasoning they had originally belonged to Crafty
Thorn, but CY doesnt even have one. Listening in, SL drinks another Stealth Potion,
when mud splatters on her forehead. Following 051s line of vision, both groups stare
at the floating mud.

Chapters 2392-2402 Temple of the Abyss 5

2392 051 orders everyone to surround SL, pouring a pot of fresh blood on her,
nullifying the effects of the potion. Realizing who it is, CY rages for SL to return the 6
fragments she had taken, as the two groups surround her. SL denies taking it,
materializing 3 clones, appearing to run off in 4 directions. 051 goes north, 062 west,
while 066 and 068 head south, leaving CYs group of 3 with east.
2393 SL curses her luck as 051 chases after her real self. Certain that a fake wouldnt
be so detailed, 051 lunges towards SL, when another SL charges ahead, bypassing
them both. Furious, 051 tosses the real SL in his hands to chase after the second, as
SL laughs. She turns to flee south, when she runs into CY.
2394 051 and his squad also return, having suspected
SLs plot. Surrounded, SL materializes her last 4 clones,
when 051 summons a Star of Darkness (( Hi'n
Zh Xng), marking her out from her clones. SL dispels
the clones, when 051 screams in agony at losing his
arm, falling to the ground while trembling. Stunned,
they turn to see a breath-takingly ethereal man in a
mask, exuding a tyrannical aura.
2395 Rather than raging, 051 humbly greets the man as
Lu Yng ( Falling Shadow), as the rest of the squad
prostrate themselves. SL is stunned since the man is
clearly NL, when he grabs 051s neck, who offers the
EHF shards to appease him. SL is delighted at receiving
the last 2 shards, since the clones werent practical, as NL coddles her. 051 is almost
in tears, having offended someone LY treasures.
2396 NL asks if SL was mistreated, when she replies if trying to kill her counts. NLs
oppressive smile alarms 051, having once seen him smile the same way while slicing a
man who had complained about him in front of the Empress, as the Empress smiled
indulgently. Unable to report NLs relationship with SL, the squad pleas for mercy,
when NL asks SL to decide. SL contemplates between a death sentence or a life
2397 SL will let them live if they can gather all the Heart of Darkness fragments. CY
and LEQ also cower under the pressure, as CY begs for XLs life. SL demands to know
who had sent them, lightly attacking XL before CY caves in. The group had been hired
by the grandson of the mission hall steward, while the Fairy herself had paid their
deposit. Smiling, SL reveals she never intended to let them off, and that she was the
one who had finished 064, not XL.
2398 SL recounts her plots, that she has the light element and has absorbed 8
fragments. CY rages over her actions, when he recognizes NL as CZs disciple. A wind
blade slices his throat as he yells it out to his Communication Gem, laughing that NL
wont survive for liaising in both organizations.
2399 NL points to CYs grey gem, since he had placed a force field around the shrine
when he arrived. CYs eyes gleam when NL pulls out a working Gem, only to fall into
despair as NL crushes it. Unable to defeat NL, CY charges towards SL, only to be
thrown back by NLs force. Broken and beaten, CY stares at NL and SL as he dies,
realizing why the Crafty Thorn members were too petrified to retaliate.
2400 CYs death was sealed when he tried to attack SL. CY glances at LEQ to carry XL
and run, only for him to rapidly flee by himself, causing XL to fall to the ground dead.
CY laughs out of despair, before dying, filled with hate over the betrayal, as NL drags
LEQ back, slitting his throat with a wind blade. SL is delighted at the advantage NL
brings, but since CY has already died, she cant use his energy to access his points.

2401 NL berates SL for touching another man, even though she was only searching
through his possessions. SL is also discontent since NL had killed CYs squad before
she could take their points, turning to ignore him. Abandoning his pride, NL starts to
lightly poke SL, following her as she turns away from him, when she falls into his arms,
having spun around in circles. NL embraces SL, exhausted after having run to save
2402 NL falls asleep while standing. Since he had rushed over for her sake, SL lays him
down on a bed she prepared, admiring his face and playing with his knitted eyebrows,
before preparing food. NL is bleary when he wakes, while SL tidies and dresses him.

Chapters 2403-2411 Divine Temple Love Nest 1

2403 SL rejects NLs burning gaze, causing him to sulk at the table, before asking her
what she wanted to know. NL had been in the 10,000 Year Cold Spring (chapter 2360)
when the plum blossom (chapter 1806) answered. Having seen the call log between
their Gems, which aside from the registered user, only their spirit pets can use, NL had
choked the blossom. Seeing SLs calm reaction, NL is angry that she hadnt been
jealous, eating the next mouthful of porridge that she had scooped up for herself.
2404 Standing, SL smiles that she hadnt been angered, as NL playfully warns her of
the plum blossoms affections for him, praising its beauty and dedication. Recalling the
plum blossoms words, SL feels vexed, eating while ignoring NL. Sensing SLs jealousy,
NL leans in closer, as she stands and grips his jaw.
2405 SL pinches his cheeks, kissing him, before stating that his kissing skills are too
green. NL flares up, when SL explains that she has no reason to doubt him since he
had rushed here to save her. The two kiss passionately, before laughing, when NL
needs to leave again. SL is reluctant since she needs 2 more herbs before she can
advance to Grand Master Apothecarist, and NL can return to her.
2406 The two hold hands, walking around the temple. When NL slays the beasts that
they come across, SL asks him to let her finish them off and collect the points. Since
theres a low chance of refining Grand Master ranked pills, SL cant rely on her
Apothecary for points, while the 8th elder might rebel if she extorts too many points
from him. They team up, with SL chased by several magical beasts for NL to finish off,
controlling his attack to leave them barely alive, while SL harvests the points.
2407 SL leads back hordes of 30-50 beasts, each worth 20,000 points under her
diamond token, allowing her to harvest 20 million points by the end of the day.
Delighted at how useful NL is, she tells him to earn more points before leaving. While
SL is excited over potentially earning 100 million, NL is indifferent, reminding her that
CZ is giving her the entire city, and that she can take points as she likes.
2408 NL tells SL to rest, when bursts of strong lightning start falling. Seeing how
unsettled SL feels, NL explains that its the Divine Temple Throne ( Shn Din
Wng Zuo) awakening; an extremely powerful existence made of lightning and light
elements. NL cuddles SL in bed, as she flicks through the LSFs mental map, noticing
tens of thousands of beasts surrounding the temple.
2409 SL rushes NL to fight, when she recalls his cold physique will be flaring. Studying
her map, SL notices that there are fewer beasts in the north, with two armies fire and
dark from the south converging towards the temple. SL calms down when she
realizes NL has fallen asleep, unconcerned. SL is stunned when the armies pass by
them, realizing NL had placed an Invisibility Void ( Yn Shn Kng Jin) over the
bed, which can hide their presence but wont block sound.
2410 SL holds her voice in to avoid being discovered as NL kisses her, nibbling at her
neck, groping her and removing her embroidered red singlet. Trembling, SL reminds
him she hasnt reached Grand Master ranked, when NL holds her close, clenching in
pain over his recurring illness. Realizing his body has grown colder, SL hugs him.
2411 Wanting to distract him from the pain, SL flirts and kisses him lightly. NL is
stunned, feeling the cold current in his throat flow out of his body, as SLs kisses had
passed warm energy through his meridians, dispelling the cold energy. They
experiment with more to test this theory.

Chapters 2412-2420 Divine Temple Love Nest 2

2412 SL leaps up, realising that integrating the origin flame, the RSL into her body,
had allowed her to channel warm energy to NL, easing his cold physique. The two
resume kissing for 3 hours, before SLs lips become swollen, while NL looks refreshed,
having made up for all the lost time. SL is stunned that kissing could help NL, when
she realizes RY had already calculated she would get the RSL required to cure him.
2413 Seeing NL in pain, SL resumes making out with him until dawn, not knowing the
current cause is his leg pain. SL assures him shell advance to Grand Master ranked,
and NL is delighted at the potential benefits. Recalling the clashing armies, SL laments
not being able to collect their points, when NL joins the fight and SL stares at her
Communication Gem to ensure hes still alive.
2414 SL is stunned when NL returns with her token, as the points start climbing up. NL
is dissatisfied that his efforts only led to a few words of praise, causing SL to nibble his
neck until he explains that he had entered into an arrangement with the leader of the
fire beasts, so the killings would give SL points.
2415 SL doubts the beasts would agree, but NL had beaten their leader into
submission. SL is shocked, before jumping in joy as the points climb to 12 million in
less than 10 minutes. They continue watching the fight, as SLs points rise to 350
million. Only 1/3 of the original number remain, and SL laments that the war is already
over, while NL admires her luck since beast wars only occur once every hundred years.
2416 Since both armies are made of elites, it takes hundreds of years to gather them,
with only the strongest surviving. NL had also managed to harvest the souls from the
dark element beasts, filling a crystal ball with enough souls to train for 6 months. The
two are delighted with their harvest, having exerted minimal effort. Recalling her 2
EHF shards, SL heads to the temple lake, as the Crafty Thorn squad arrives with the 10
darkness shards.
2417 Since NL had removed his mask, the squad gapes at his stunning appearance,
trembling since NL might not let them off after seeing his face. 051 tries to placate SL,
when she reveals that she had killed 064, before thanking him for throwing the EHF
shard into the lake for her to refine. 051 is shocked his actions benefited SL, but also
relieved since they might be able to live.
2418 SL states that they had only acted under the Empresss orders, hinting to NL not
to kill them, but they cant return to Crafty Thorn since they know about their
relationship. NL tells SL not to worry, as she starts refining the shards in the lake. SL
manages to form 99 basic 5th grade clones, but is dissatisfied with their quality.
Concentrating, they merge into 45 4th grade clones, then 15 3rd grade clones.
2419 SL forms 3 2nd grade clones, before condensing them into a single 1 st grade
clone, whose actions and mannerism are identical to hers, resembling Su Ying from
her entrance exam. SL fights her clone to test its strength, realizing its even better
than SY, and delighted since she can identify weaknesses in her own combat. SL and
her clone both approach NL, staring at him with sparkling eyes, only for NL to pinch
her cheeks. SL is stunned NL could identify her, while he refuses to reveal how he
sorted the squad.
2420 SL gently pushes NL, guessing whether he had imprisoned them, before realizing
he had sent them to the Periphery Battleground. NL smiles since SL always knows his
thoughts, but needs to leave the following day, confident he can advance with 6
months of souls. Embracing him, SL requests to see him once a month to relieve his
illness. In the morning, SL wakes to find NL has already left.

Chapters 2421-2429 Temple of the Abyss 6

2421 SL leaves the temple at the end of the month. At Mission Hall, the attendant,
Wng Xio Y Y () is elated, waiting to report his success to the Serene Fairy,
when SL emerges. WX is shocked that SL survived, while CYs squad has died, since
even the Fairy cant win against their combined strength. WX tries to grab SL as she
leaves, and is sent flying towards a table, accusing her of assassinating her team
2422 WX laughs when SL warns him against slandering her, since his grandfather,
Wng Ch Y (), is the steward of Mission Hall. SL retorts that WX had tampered
with her mission, advertising CYs squad as a random group, despite being a known
team, and that they had colluded with Crafty Thorn. WX is stunned due to Purgatory
Citys stance against them, betting with his life that SL cant prove it, ignoring WCYs
warnings. WX laughs, relishing the Fairys reward, and confident that SL is lying.
2423 SL tries to back out, reasoning that WCY doesnt approve, when WX calls for the
guards to detain her. A guard, X Jing () stops her, but his professional attitude
impresses SL, offering to praise him in front of CZ. SL asks if WX is determined to
wager, as he declares their lives as stakes, taking out an agreement for them to sign.
The Hall turns quiet as the 8th elder arrives and inquiries about the bet.
2424 Reading the agreement, the elder becomes serious since SLs life also
determines his. The crowd mistakes the cause as hatred for killing his disciple, BYY. WX
is elated that the elder appears to be on their side, and 5 copies of the agreement are
kept by him and SL, WCY, Xu Jiang and the 8 th elder. WX questions SL over her dead
teammates, revealing that they were supposed to head to a Zone but changed their
mission to fit SL in their team, asserting that the best evidence of her guilt is that
shes the only one alive.
2425 SL smiles before revealing an ACF. WX starts panics, but is certain that CY
wouldnt collude with Crafty Thorn since they had killed his father, while WCY asserts
that no one can prove the ACF would only record the truth since its rarely seen. SL
plays the image of CY shaking hands with 051 and proposing their alliance. Stunned,
WX charges towards SL, throwing the ACF to the floor, causing it to shatter. Seeing WX
refuse to admit his guilt, SL claims to have a recording of him arranging her death,
revealing a second ACF.
2426 Certain that SL isnt lying, WX grabs the second ACF and shatters it as well,
when SL reminds him that the 8th elder is watching, while an ACT can bear several
fruits, handing several to the elder. Overwhelmed, WX doesnt even think how SL
couldve recorded them when she hadnt known about the task, protesting his
innocence to the elder. Following their agreement, the 8 th elder sentences WX to die in
3 days, but SL will let him off if the mastermind comes forth, as WCY rushes to find the
2427 The Serene Fairy ignores WCYs pleas, and WXs corpse is fed to the beasts 3
days later. SL sneers over the Fairys indifference, while the Upper Mountains has lost
5 members, giving SL a bad reputation. SL repays the 6 th elder, before checking on her
groups progress. BY and ZiY have reached 3 star Command level, while LX and AYM
are at the peak of 10th ranked, but the Upper Stream comprises of Saint level experts.
SL pays 300 million for them and WH to train another 6 months. Meanwhile LYCs
squad each advanced 1 star, when MM reminds her of the monthly assessments.
2428-2429 MM regrets that LYC isnt there to defend her, when 20 guards storm the
residence. MM reminds SL to use her diamond token as proof, as SL calmly follows the
guards to their ship. When the guard reveals its the 5 th elder who summoned her, SLs
thanks causes him to blush. While hes disdainful at the Fairys indulgent lifestyle, hes
weak to SLs innocent beauty, and agrees to call the 6 th elder for her. They escort SL to
an elegant but empty hall before leaving. SL notices the smell of Lingering Ecstasy
Incense (Yu Lng M Di Xing ) burning, a hallucinogen which causes

people to ramble and reveal the truth. She sneers at the low level plot, as the doors
and windows close.

Chapters 2430-2438 Upper Stream Wager

2430 SL sprays Celestial Spring Water to dissolve the fragrance. Watching on, the 5 th
elder is furious his incense is so easily erased, as the 8 th elder laughs. The 4th elder
breaks them up before they fight. SL soon finds a room with the 5 th, 7th and 8th elders,
as well as an unknown old man. The 5th elder has SL state her name and master,
stunned when she names RY. The 5th elder retorts that RY wouldnt even take a Master
Ranked Apothecarist as an attendant, let alone as a disciple, having once been refused
2431 The 4th elder calms the 5th elder down, but doubts SLs claim since RY is the only
Imperial ranked Apothecarist and on par with CZ, as well as his rival. SL states that
while RY was reluctant to let her come, he had lost a bet to her foster father, CZ. SLs
claim shocks the 7th elder into spitting out his tea as he accuses SL of lying, while the
4th is stunned over both these positions but doubts SL, asking for proof.
2432 SL retorts that the 5th elder can verify her Apothecary skills, causing him to rage.
Seeing the 5th elders reaction, the 4th elder believes that SL is RYs disciple since only
he can train such a young and talented Apothecarist. The 7 th elder asserts that CZ
wouldnt adopt RYs disciple and demands proof for her other claim. SL reveals her
diamond token, but the 7th elder retorts that CZ had handed out 3 diamond tokens
during a beast invasion years ago, which had disappeared, while CZ hadnt told the
elders about her.
2433 SL states that CZ will be her proof when he returns, causing the 7 th elder to jump
up in rage. The 4th elder remains respectful since he believes SLs ties with RY, despite
doubting her relationship with CZ. The 7 th elder stops SL from leaving, furious that
shes looking down on them like her servants, before accusing her of causing the
deaths of 5 Upper Stream elites. The 4th elder reasons that since their lives are
precious, SL needs to prove shes worthy of staying in the Upper Stream. SL is usually
indifferent since she can just dominate the Middle Stream, but her friends are still
training in the Gravity Chamber.
2434 The 5th elder declares that SL can only remain if she ranks 51 st in the next DCT,
while the 4th elder reminds her she was brought in by LYC and doesnt have the right to
be here. The 8th elder asserts that the Serene Fairy is always ranked 51 st and that they
shouldnt be known for bullying RYs disciple, when the 6 th elder arrives. Knowing hes
on SLs side, the 5th elder tries to dismiss him. The 6th elder offers to take SL to the
Apothecarist Tower if shes kicked out, challenging the 5 th elder when he contradicts
2435 The 7th elder also refuses, stating that since SL has a duel with the Fairy, shell
need to surpass her anyway. The 6th elder reminds them that the Fairy is in her 30s
while SL is in her teens and that its shameless to force her to compete. The 6 th elder
declares that SL only needs to rank 70, arguing with the 7 th elder until they settle on
60. SL comforts the 6th elder that she can easily reach 60th.
2436 The 4th elder asks if they want to settle on 60. Despite being wary of SLs tricks,
the elders and SL both agree. SL informs the stunned MM of her wager, telling her not
to disturb her during the 3 days before the exam. Meanwhile the public laugh at SL,
doubting someone could climb up so quickly.
2437 The Serene Fairy is being waited on by her admirers, as MZ asserts SL will fail.
Having seen SLs entrance exam, LBL states it might be possible, angering the Fairy.
The Fairy declares that theyll also participate, sneering since SL is only 2 star Saint
level. Meanwhile SL is cultivating, confident she can win since NL had given her a
Dragon Veined Jade Gem ( Lng Wn Y Ju) at the temple.
2438 NL had transferred the energy in the Heart of Darkness to the DVG for SL, and
plans to give the Empress the empty shells, since he regards the Empress the same
way SL regards the Fairy an opponent theyll soon be strong enough to overcome. NL

warns her that after absorbing the DVG, her strength will temporarily rise for a day,
but shell fall into a coma for a month afterwards. 5 hours before the DCT opens, SL
starts absorbing the DVG, causing it to shine as she extracts its energy and advances
to 3 star.

Chapters 2439-2449 Upper Stream Dragon Cloud Tower 1

2439 Over the next hour, SLs strength rises to 5 star Saint level, when MM arrives,
telling SL the 6th elder has arrived to escort her. SL is determined to have CZ reward
him since he truly cares about her, unlike the coerced 8 th elder. LYCs squad and the 6th
elder are stunned when they realize SL has risen 3 stars.
2440 SL laments her speed isnt fast enough, as they head towards the DCT. While
LLM and MZ had sent people to disrupt her, the 6 th elder had already cleared the path.
The DCT holds contestants between 51st and 100th ranked, while the top 50 are in
another area.
2441 The Serene Fairy parades in front of SL with her suitors, only to be ignored. The
Fairy reaches to slap her, only for SL to stop her with 2 fingers. The crowd is stunned
at SLs strength, while the Fairy is shocked since SL had used the RSL and left marks
on her palm. The Fairy rages that SL has advanced 3 stars, demanding to know how,
while LBL recalls she had been at the peak of 10 th ranked 6 months ago.
2442 The Fairys screams causes the crowd to flare up in jealousy, when SL asks if the
Fairy is selfless enough to disclose her own training methods, silencing her until the
exam starts. The DCT has 6 barriers and ranks their individual performance. The
contestants rush inside, only to find that the entrance has been sealed. SL realizes
that the Fairy had blocked her out. The seal fades in 15 minutes, and SL finds that the
first barrier is a desert landscape, with searing heat causing steam to rise from the
2443 While SL is fine, MM is weak to the heat, and SL leads her towards the second
barrier using the LSFs map. Although SL is currently ranked 100, LYCs squad and
other contestants follow her as she leads them through patches of Fire Lizard Grass (
Hu X Co), towards a dead cottonwood tree.
2444 Since the portal in the tree only fits one person at a time, SL enters first, arriving
at a snow covered plateau. While the Serene Fairy had progressed to higher levels,
several other contestants have been searching for the next entrance. A man tells MM
not to take advantage of their efforts, but SL has already found the secret passage
with her map. As they fly towards it, MM notices the man following them, having been
directed there by his friend. Unable to surpass them, the man can only trail behind.
2445 The man is bitter SL seems to know the way, while SL is stunned that MZ is
waiting outside the cottage containing the portal. Furious at being ignored by SL, MZ
pummels Yn Wn Qng () for leading them there, threatening to report it to the
Fairy, even though he had flown behind them. Since time is limited, SL ignores them
and enters the cottage, while YWQ asserts SL had already known the way.
2446 Hearing this, MZ starts to suspect a traitor had leaked the map, reporting it to
the Fairy. The Fairy had been accompanied by 4 people but suspects LBL had disclosed
it due to his friendship with LYC. Entering the 3 rd barrier, the Fairy clutches onto LBL,
warning him not to betray her. LBL stakes his life on his loyalty, for as long as she still
wants him, not knowing she already suspects him.
2447 The 3rd barrier is a vast grassland. Knowing MZ and YWQ are watching her, SL
doesnt want to reveal that she knows the way, pretending to use her Communication
Gem before offering to lead. MZ repeatedly asks how SL knows her path is right, as
she dismisses him, unwittingly incriminating LBL in the process.
2448 Seeing MZ and YWQ, a group starts to form behind them. MZ accuses SL of using
her gem, whispering that it would lose her points and that she should give it to him. SL
punches him in the stomach, threatening to throw him out of the DCT. The crowd
following SL doubts she knows the way, criticizing her for wasting their time. Furious,
SL glares, stating that they chose to follow her, and are free to leave, silencing them.

2449 While some left, the rest follow enthusiastically. Receiving reports SL is following
their exact path, the Fairy is certain theres a traitor in her camp. MZ gleefully adds SL
had used her Gem, delighted at being able to overthrow LBL since the Fairy favours
him. SL leads them to a well, but the group laughs, doubting its the actual entrance.
SL warns them not to regret it, before leaping inside with MM. LQ mocks the group
over their uncertainty, while MZ confirms its the entrance, wondering aloud why SL
had known.

Chapters 2450-2460 Upper Stream Dragon Cloud Tower 2

2450 MZ rallies the group, as they conclude SL had bought the information. Forgetting
that she had led them there, the group rages that SL had cheated and should be
expelled. MZ leads them to the 4th barrier, delighted at being able to overthrow LBL.
The Fairy and the rest of the contestants are stuck on the 4 th floor, unable to proceed,
as a giant golden dragon appears before them.
2451 The dragon is asleep, breathing out a golden cloud as it snores, but the barrier is
built like a cage and only allows one person to enter at a time. The mob catches up to
SL, accusing her of cheating and seeing her use a Gem, as MM defends her.
2452 The group is too far away to disrupt the dragon, and MM berates them for
shamelessly accusing SL without evidence. SL reminds them that MZ had only known
the way after being informed by the Fairy, causing the group to disperse. Infuriated,
MZ vows to uncover SL and LBLs collusion.
2453 MM screams at the sight of the dragon, causing the Fairy to attack her. SL blocks
it, but the attack scratches her neck, causing it to bleed. The dragon suddenly stirs, as
all the contestants retreat, aside from SL and the Fairy, only for it to fall back to sleep.
The noise grows as more people arrive on the 4 th floor. The Fairy grabs a man, tossing
him towards the yellow breath before darting ahead. Watching on, LBL copies.
2454 Several people begin imitating the Fairy. While those wrapped in the yellow
smoke arent killed, they still scream in agony. Since SL would be expelled if she fails,
LYCs squad is determined to act as her shield, when the dragon wakes, raging at
being disturbed. LYCs squad is thrown on its head, as the dragon breathes fire,
igniting several contestants and sending them out of the DCT, before falling back to
2455 The 5th barrier offers respite and contains no dangers. 20 people make it to this
floor, most of whom surround the Fairy, when SL notices MZ and LBL arguing. Furious
that MZ is plotting against him, LBL start to choke him, ignoring the Fairys orders for
him to stop, when she grips his throat. LBL is stunned that the Fairy would try to harm
him despite his dedication, falling into despair.
2456 MZ takes this opportunity to stab his chest. LBL asks the Fairy if this is what she
wanted, as she accuses him of betraying her and dismisses him. The stab isnt fatal
since theyre inside the tower, so LBL continues to protest his innocence, while the
Fairy accuses him of being entranced by SL and spying for her.
2457 Anguished, LBL asks what would happen if hes falsely accused, but the Fairy
doesnt want him regardless, smashing away his hopes. Realizing how little he means
to her, LBL laughs and cries out of misery, thinking how he wouldve thrown his life for
her. Noticing SL, LBL beckons her over as MM and LQ warn her not to go, however SL is
certain LBL now hates the Fairy more than her.
2458 SL is currently 73rd ranked and needs to rise to 60. SL approaches LBL, as he
laments her qualities are better than the Fairys, whispering something. Watching on,
the Fairy sneers, as LBL removes his dagger and becomes the first person to exit on
the 5th floor. SL sits opposite the Fairy, wondering why people are so obsessed with
her, while the Fairy is unsettled over how calm SL is since her informant has left.
2459 SL causally states that LBL is innocent, asking why shes letting her men die in
vain when she cant beat her, causing the Fairy to rage. SL continues to laugh, hinting
that since LBL is innocent, the informant must be someone else, stating that if MZ
cant answer her questions, he would be considered guilty.
2460 MZ reluctantly agrees to the interrogation, not wanting anything to do with SL.
SL asks if he had seen her use the Gem to contact LBL and whether only he, LBL and
the Fairy knew the route. When MZ confirms it, SL offers to reveal the call logs in her
Gem, which are kept for 3 days. The crowd is stunned since her private information

would be displayed publically. The Fairy baffled over SLs actions, while MZ is confident
he had seen her use it. Outside, LBL is shocked that SL would go to such lengths to
prove his innocence.

Chapters 2461-2470 Upper Stream Dragon Cloud Tower 3

2461 SLs records only contain a single line contacting the 6 th elder. The crowd is
stunned her logs are so empty, not knowing she uses her Black Gem for all her private
conversations. The Fairy is stunned, realizing its impossible for LBL to have contacted
her, leaving only MZ to inform her of the route. The Fairy trembles in rage as MZ
protests his innocence. The Fairy is disgusted with him, regretting publicly dismissing
2462 SL is delighted since MZ cant defend himself, and will let LBL decide whether
hell return to the Fairy. The Fairy kicks MZ aside, telling SL she wont take back any
man shes tossed away, but is still set on getting LYC. SL had acted to clear LBLs
name, and to record the Fairy humiliating herself, revealing an ACF, causing the Fairy
to tremble in rage.
2463 Although the DVG energy has started to fade, SL sends the ACF to her space,
laughing that the Fairy cant kill her in the DCT. Seeing their deadlock, the 60 th ranked
H Y Tin () reminds them to proceed to the next level, where the real trial
begins. The 6th level sorts participants into groups of 5, where theyre required to work
together to remove the other teams, gaining points based on the difficulty of their
opponents. SL mocks the Fairy for losing both MZ and LBL, when HYT smiles
maliciously at her. SL is stunned the Fairy has an endless supply of men.
2464 LBL calmly watches outside, only feeling disgust over the Fairys treatment of
men. Drawing their teams, SL is placed with 3 unknowns, whom she refers to as Red,
Yellow and Blue based on their clothes and HYT. Since HYT is the highest ranked, he
becomes the captain, as the other 3 criticize SL for her claims and for irritating the
Fairy. SL despairs that all 4 members are part of the Fairys camp. Recalling how she
needs to rank 60 to stay, the 4 surround her and attack, when SL disappears.
2465 Watching on, the 4th elder disdains HYTs character, while the 6 th accuses the 5th
and 7th elders of rigging the teams. The elders remind him that 3 of them are needed
to alter the Upper Stream DCTs, when the 6 th elder accuses them of colluding with the
3rd, but is still confident SL will win. SL teleports around, causing Red, Yellow and Blue
to crash into each other, before skewering Red and Blue with her CSS.
2466 The crowd is stunned since they were ranked 72 nd and 68th, when they recall she
had slain the 70th ranked BYY months ago. Terrified of SLs strength, HYT fights her,
while calling for Yellow to attack her. Yellow sneaks towards her with a dagger, as SL
fights HYT with one hand, and slays Yellow with her CSS in the other, having upgraded
its strength with the 7SG.
2467 With no distractions left, SL kicks HYT, causing him to cough blood, before
throwing him in a pile with the others. The crowd outside is stunned that SL could
easily remove all 4 men, especially HYT. The 6th elder rejoices that SL can easily
surpass 60th ranked, while the 4th elder is intrigued.
2468 The 6th elder states that he believes SL is CYs foster daughter, while the 7 th elder
retorts that that he can use his head as a stool if she is. The 6 th elder offers to wager
his 3 Grand Master ranked SAPs, which the 7th elder accepts. SL runs into a group led
by the 52nd ranked Ln Sho Yng (). Materializing a clone, she ruthlessly
exterminates his team, as LSH forms a bright moon with his palm, sending it towards
2469 Sneering, SL uses her void armour, preventing the attack from passing though.
Unable to defeat her, LSH attempts to minimize her points by sending his 2 remaining
team member away, only for SLs clone to chase and remove them, kicking one and
breaking the others neck.
2470 SLs clone soon joins SL in attacking LSH, brutally pummelling him as the real SL
only fends him off. LSH is infuriated, as the crowd watches, shocked SL can defeat the
52nd ranked after a few months. LSH accuses SL of cheating since using pets arent

allowed, but her clone is a technique and legal. SL states that hes free to form his
own, but it requires having the light element and merging 99 5 th ranked clones, which
only SL has managed to do.

Chapters 2471-2480 Upper Stream Dragon Cloud Tower 4

2471 LSH rages, but since SL wont go easy on the Fairys men, she finishes him off, as
her rank climbs to 52. Serene Fairy appears, having maintained her 51 st rank, and is
stunned HYT wasnt able to remove SL. SL points to her defeated opponents, asking
the Fairy if theyre hers, but she denies having such weak followers. The Fairy then
sends SL a challenge, entering a battle arena.
2472 MM, LQ and 2 of the Fairys suitors follow them in. The crowd is excited to see
someone contend with the Fairy. While their duel was a joke 6 months ago, SLs
strength is now on par with hers, and the crowd is divided between them. The Fairys
suitors pounce towards SL, only for her clone to grasp them, bashing their heads
together, while LQ and MM grab the Fairys legs, preventing her from acting.
2473 The Fairy removes LQ and MM, but it gives SL enough time to punch her
forehead. The Fairy freezes, having never experienced any setbacks, as SL attacks her.
While the Fairy withstands most of her attacks, her blood sprays when SL punches her
nose, causing her to rage, when SLs kick sends her flying.
2474 The Serene Fairys normally graceful appearance becomes bloodied and
dishevelled, as she flies into a rage. Unable to distinguish them, the Fairy leaps
towards the clone, easily catching up to it. SL regrets not having the leg bones, as she
stabs the Fairys back with her YH dagger. While the Fairy is stronger, she needs to
defeat both SLs, rampaging to remove the clone first as it gives her an advantage. The
crowd watches on, stunned at the usually glamourous Fairy madly attacking the clone
rather than the real SL, burning her outrageous appearance into their minds.
2475 The crowd comments on the Fairys stupidity, while SL attacks the Fairys neck,
attempting to preserve her clone, only to be ignored. Wanting to draw the Fairys
attention, she pulls at her, tearing away her dress in the process, exposing a hideous
red scar across her bare back. Realizing her back is exposed and that SL had recorded
it with her ACF, the Fairy lunges at SL as she dodges, pulling at her chest.
2476 The Fairys clothes fall off, exposing her red apron. Although shes sexually open,
the Fairy is humiliated at being exposed and broadcasted, as SL taunts her by
contemplating selling the recording. Filled with hate, the Fairy vows her revenge
before slitting her own throat to exit the DCT. As the only one left, SLs rank climbs to
51, when she falls asleep. The Fairy rages at SL, forgetting her own state of undress,
when she realizes SL has collapsed, furious she had killed herself right before.
2477 The Serene Fairy also faints, but no one is there the catch her. HYT rushes
towards her, as the crowd taunts them for being unable to match SL despite their
manpower. The crowd is stunned as SL continues to sleep, when the DCT starts to
shake, indicating a record had been broken, and that the system administrator is
distributing a reward. A faint light covers SL as the elders remark that its a Cleansing
Divine Light (M Y Shng Gung ), which reinforces a persons foundations
and restores them to their best condition, especially since SLs would be unstable,
having just advanced 3 ranks.
2478-2479 The crowd is envious as its been centuries since the light last appeared.
The 4th elder explains that the light usually shines on all those present, but since only
SL remains and can only absorb so much, the rest is wasted. The light also allows her
to advance faster, causing the crowd to rage. The Serene Fairy wails when she hears
of this, but is delighted when SL is still unconscious 5 days later and that even the 6 th
elder cant wake her. Fearing that her strength isnt enough, she goes to find the 5 th
2480 The 5th elder is stunned when the Serene Fairy reveals a Soul Snaring Needle (
Gu Hn Zhn), a rare and vicious weapon which extracts one of the three souls
of its victims (chapter 2260), turning them into the users slave. The Fairy asks him to
distract the 6th elder so she can use it on SL and eliminate her as a threat. The thought

of SL being her slave causes her and the 5 th and 7th elders to laugh. Meanwhile the 6th
elder and MM watch over SL. The elder is uncertain, but fears that the Heart of
Darkness and divine light within her would clash.

Chapters 2481-2490 Record Breaking 1

2481 The 6th elder also suspects the energy might converge and allow SL to rapidly
advance. At night, MM continues watching over SL as the 6 th elder consults his books,
when a man in black sneaks into his quarters, directly attacking him. The elder faces
the man head on, chasing him out to prevent him from disrupting SL, when another
black figure appears, knocking out MM.
2482 The second figure is female, laughing as she reveals a dagger to slice SLs neck,
when rainbow stones are thrown at her wrist. Unperturbed, she attempts to strangle
SL, when the 8th elder appears and chases after her, but theyre evenly matched.
Identifying her as the 3rd elder, they continue fighting due to their shared animosity.
MM wakes, when the black clothed Serene Fairy appears and knocks her out again.
2483 The Fairy sneers at SL, infuriated at how perfect her sleeping face is, gloating
over her support, and that SL will soon be her slave. The Fairy attempts to prick her
with the SSN, when it suddenly disappears. Stunned, the Fairy wraps her hands around
SLs neck, when a flame bursts, charring her hands.
2484 The Fairy rages, before deciding to feed her to the beasts. She lifts SL along with
her bed, when the SGTs vines wrap around the Fairys neck, and the LSF scratches at
her head. The 4th elder appears, causing the Fairy to break free from SLs pets and dart
out. Although the elder was neutral, the Fairy suspects SLs talents had moved him to
protect her, and that he had erased her SSN. The 4 th elder stares at the retreating
Fairy, mulling as the situation involves several elders and could destabilize the camp.
2485 Unaware, SL had been spamming NL with random messages using her
Communication Gem, including wanting the 2 archaic leg bones, when she completely
absorbs the divine light and wakes. MM reports that her records for the camp entrance
exam have all been broken, as someone had completed all 3 barriers in half an hour.
The public have only gossiped about that person, even ignoring the Fairys humiliating
2486 SL hands her ACF with the Fairys recording to MM, causing her to gloat that
theyll refresh the publics memory soon. Continuing, MM reveals that the man is in the
Down Stream DCT, as SL enters her space, whining to NL that someone had stolen all
the attention from her. MM then runs back, revealing the man has completed the DCT
in 15 minutes, breaking her previous record of 6 hours.
2487 SL continues complaining to NL, telling him to surpass the person. Meanwhile NL
watches his Gem vibrates, smirking as the entire training camp stares at him. Within
the crowd, the Fairy is in awe at NLs unrivalled appearance, vowing to make him hers.
She runs up to greet him, only to be ignored. SL walks towards the crowd, despairing
that the man might take her leg bones, when she realizes that its NL. Seeing SL gape,
MM asks if shes interested, warning her that the Fairy will definitely claim him.
2488 Furious, SL glares at the Fairy for trying to take her man, as the Fairy meets her
gaze. The crowd clamours that NL has defeated the Middle Stream DCT in 15 minutes,
when someone identifies him as CZs favourite disciple, elevating his status even
further. The Fairy flutters towards him, but NL brushes her off, wondering if SL has
figured it out yet. The Fairy offers to let him use her ship, when NL summons a dragon
to fly to the Upper Stream. His strength and indifference entrances the Fairy, to the
point that shed even temporarily disregard other men.
2489 At LYCs residence, SL secretly gloats but acts reluctant as MM bombards her
with praises of NL. Gleaming, MM asks if SLs interested, referring to NL as a male god
and declaring how irresistible he is. SL is stunned, recalling how NL had fervently
chased her at the start. MM clarifies that she only feels admiration, since NLs status is
too high, like the next CZ. SL secretly resolves not to let NL suffer as much as CZ.
2490 MM rages at the thought of the promiscuous Fairy hooking up with NL, when she
stares at SL, declaring she and NL would be a perfect couple, but laments that the

Fairy has a Divine Spiritual Physique ( Shng Lng Zh T). LBL emerges from his
room, having locked himself since being dumped, when MM asks if his strength had
multiplied after sleeping with the Fairy, causing him to spit out his tea.

Chapters 2491-2500 Record Breaking 2

2491 Choking, the embarrassed LBL confirms the Fairys physique is extremely
pleasurable and increases cultivation, as MM mocks him for being the only one
actually serious about her. LBL attributes it to the follies of youth, revealing her body is
also addictive, explaining why all her suitors are willing to share her, and that they can
only rehabilitate themselves by reducing their cultivation by how much her physique
had increased it. MM is stunned to find LBLs strength similar to hers, while SL
encourages him to restore it using his own strength. Fearing NL might not be able to
resist the Fairy, MM runs to watch him for SL.
2492 NL has started the Upper Stream DCT, with the crowd expecting him to rank first.
MM pulls SL along, as LBL follows them, only to arrive when the trials are almost over.
SL is stunned to see the Fairy holding NLs golden robe. Noticing SLs jealousy, the
Fairy gloats that NL is already hers, when SL also claims him.
2493 The crowd gasps that the 2 top beauties both want NL, stunned that even SL is
interested. On the screen, NL breezes through the trials, as the Fairy threatens anyone
whos interested in him. SL mocks her promiscuity, while even LBL joins in. The Fairys
gaze turns cold, threatening him, but LBL laughs, stating how dirty and old she is and
that he was only interested in the benefits of her physique.
2494 The Fairy is infuriated that the previously subservient LBL would insult her, as he
declares she cant compare to SL. SL smiles, admiring NL on the screen as he
summons lightning bolts, snow and water against the DCT beast, completing the trial
in 15 minutes to the crowds shock.
2495 The doors burst open, as the crowd admires NLs stunning appearance. NL
flashes a smile which causes the Fairys heart to thump, certain that it was aimed at
her. The Fairy approaches, ready to receive him, when NL walks past her and stands
before SL. The Fairys vicious gaze turns into shock, as SL folds her arms, looking down
at NL. NL asks SL if she was bullied, but doesnt know who the Serene Fairy is.
2496 The crowd is stunned since the Fairy had held his robe and acted so familiar with
him. Angered, the Fairy tries to confront NL, but all his attention is on SL, revealing he
had thrown off his robe after the Fairy had dirtied it with her touch. The audience
bursts into laughter that the Fairy couldve mistaken it for a gift, when the 4 th elder
appears with a tray containing his prizes. NL tells him to give it to SL, wondering why it
isnt a lottery. The elder explains that breaking all the records automatically gives him
the prize he wants, while completing it in the same month gives him a second prize.
2497 Lifting the red silk cover, SL is stunned to find the 2 leg bones needed to
complete her set, while the crowd realizes NL had gone through all the trials to win
them for her. MM is shocked that they already knew each other, while the Fairy feels
humiliated since she had boasted about claiming NL, but resolves herself, thinking its
even better if she can make NL hers, and steal SLs man at the same time. Meanwhile
SL teases that he can leave since shes already received his gift, shocking the crowd
with her attitude.
2498 Realizing SL is jealous, NL pulls her into a kiss as she tries to push him away. NL
thwarts her various attempt to escape, as the crowd watches the two breathtaking
figures embracing. MM rages since she had been concerned over them when NL was
already hers, when SL mocks the heartbroken Fairy.
2499 The Fairy warns SL not to be overconfident, telling NL hes welcome to enjoy her
Divine Spiritual Physique, when NL warns SL she might be diseased. The Fairy screams
that NL will be hers, as SL has him piggyback her away, while the crowd is speechless
that such an imposing man would be so gentle. Bursting into noise, the public
discusses whether NL will stay devoted to SL or if the Fairys physique would tempt
him, when SL asks NL if hell stay at LYCs residence.

2500 NL states that since SL misses him, hell stay, while SL bites his neck for him to
place her down, since she had only wanted to show off in front of the Fairy, before
teasing that he cant stay without LYCs permission. SL is shocked when the guard
grovels in front of NL instead of stopping him, while the 4 th elder tells NL he can take it
if he wants.

Chapters 2501-2510 Shameless 1

2501 NLs mood darkens as SL rages at him for taking LYCs residence, repeatedly
mentioning his name. Asking if she only thinks of LYC, NL storms off, leaving SL
stunned. NL turns back when SL screams at him not to return, pulling her into an
overbearing embrace, and drawing blood as he kisses her and bites her lips. Furious,
SL retaliates, also biting and becoming more forceful, not noticing that NL is secretly
delighted, having caused a scene for her to take more initiative.
2502 They continue kissing for 30 minutes, leaving SL flushed and furious. NL laughs,
following her around until she closes the door in his face. NL coaxes her, acting pitiful,
before reminding her of his promise to stay by her side, fearing losing SL more than
anything after the Yan Xia ordeal.
2503 NL accuses her of pushing him towards the Fairy so she can run off with LYC,
ordering her not to see him anymore. Furious at his controlling nature, SL states LYC is
just a friend who helped her, while NL had shamelessly seized his property rather than
thanking him. NL carries her away while reminding her not to rampage on his property.
2504 Watching from the side, MM is almost in tears over the ruined image of her male
god, seeing him act like such a childish rogue. A lightning bolt strikes near her, as the
terrified MM realizes NL is more like a devil who only cares about SL. She had moved in
to stay with SL, but ownership over the residence can be decided when LYC returns
from the battlegrounds.
2505 NL tries to get SL to move into the master bedroom with him. SL protests that its
LYCs, insisting that shell stay in another room, as NL attempts to evoke sympathy by
bringing up his illness, tossing her on the bed and stripping her outer clothes, when
MM enquires about her right outside. Flustered, SL throws NL aside, attempting to
adjust herself.
2506 At night, SL wakes to hear NL groaning in the room beside hers. Bitter about
being kicked out of bed, NL ignores her pleas to open the door, forcing her to climb
through the window. SL tries to console him, offering him food and drink to ease the
pain, as he playfully asks why she came back.
2507 Looking into his deep eyes, SL apologizes, before straddling him. Seeing him
innocently blushing, SL strokes his face and bare chest, feeling guilty when she sees a
bruise. NL hisses when she tries to treat it, refusing to let her study his recurring leg
2508 Noticing that NLs in pain, SL starts kissing him to transfer the RSLs heat, not
noticing the gleam in his eyes as he pulls her to his lap. Feeling something hard rise up
from under her, SL tries to jump away, but NL continues holding her, teasing that she
had wanted to ease his pain. NL is excited when SL mentions using her hands, before
raging when she offers to place them on his lips. Kissing her, he leads her hands
further down as he heats up and gasps. SL is stunned at the size, thinking she needs
to prepare herself for their wedding night.
2509 SL panics and falls off his lap, as NL looks pitiful and frustrated, staring at her
silently, when he starts groaning in pain. Not wanting to show her his vulnerable side,
NL covers himself and dismisses SL, only for her to reach for his icy hands, before
turning him over and gripping on NL junior, asking if hes more comfortable now. NLs
clothes and hair are messed up, flushing pink as his eyes become hazy. Despite calling
SL a rogue, he urges her to continue, as she pretends not to understand him.
2510 As SL transfers the RSLs warmth through NL junior, his recurring illness
heightens his sensitivity. NL begs her to quickly advance to Grand Master Apothecarist,
telling her hes still in pain, but his body temperature has recovered. SL turns to leave,
when NL pulls at her ankle, causing her to fall. Hearing the noise, MM rushes outside
SLs room, fearing shes being assassinated again, as NL bites her ear, offering to help

her fend off if SL helps him again. Unable to respond to MMs panicked queries, SL

Chapters 2511-2520 Shameless 2 (WARNING! CONTAINS RAPE)

2511 NL raises his tyrannical aura, causing MM to darting away. The next day, SL
realizes NL junior is even more terrifying than NL. Since he can only stay a few days,
NL spends most of his time with SL, allowing her to explore the Upper Stream
Mountains in peace. The Serene Fairy appears, telling SL they need to talk in private,
hinting to NL that SL has a deeper relationship with LYC. The Fairy reveals an empty
bottle of CSW SL had given LYC to take to the Peripheral Battlegrounds, alarming SL.
2512 Furious, NL tries to lead SL away, but SL wants to know LYCs situation. The Fairy
demands that she hand over NL in exchange, when SL turns away. The Fairy then
warns her that LYC is close to death, offering to talk in private again. NLs face darkens
when SL agrees, grabbing the Fairys throat, causing her face to turn purple. SL fails to
contact LYC with her gem. Fearing the punishment hed receive for killing within the
city, SL tells NL to release the Fairy, but hell only do so if SL agrees to drop LYCs
2513 NL reprimands SL for not knowing what to treasure, before storming off. SL is
stunned, while the Serene Fairy rejoices, demanding she exchange NL for information
on LYC, having lost interest in him since NL is better. When SL denies being
romantically invested in LYC, the Fairy retorts that SL has owed him several favours,
stayed at his residence and is even concerned enough to ignore NL for him. The Fairy
smirks when SL notices NLs face turning dark, having said those things after realizing
he hadnt left.
2514 Delighted at straining their relationship, the Serene Fairy watches as NL pushes
SL away and leaves. SLs heart carries a crushing feeling, when the Fairys letter
arrives at LYCs residence, stating that shell disclose LYCs matter if SL meets her at
the Joyous Conjugal Room. SLs heart pounds and her mind becomes chaotic, fearing
NL might have acted out of anger.
2515-2516 Reassuring herself that nothing had happened, SL arrives at a pink room,
covered in rainbow floating flowers and an amorous atmosphere which can easily
overwhelm the weak minded. Hearing rustling, SL heads deeper inside, when she
spies two figures behind a veil. SL pales when she hears the Fairys voice calling out
NLs name, urging him to go faster. Trembling, SL rips open the veil to find the Fairy
smirking at her, leaning against a man. The mans face is hidden but his physique
resembles NLs, while NLs clothes are scattered along the floor. Struck with shock, SL
staggers out, crying and unable to breathe as her world starts to collapse. Wanting to
deny it, SL turns to flee when she runs into someone.
2517 SL is about to stumble when a hand holds her up. SL is shocked to see NL in front
of her, as he teases her for crying. Turning around, she sees that the Fairy is actually
sleeping with a hideous and disgusting man, whose skin is covered in filth as though
he hasnt bathed for centuries, with an unbearable stench and a grotesque tail with
maggots squirming inside. Yellow pus bleeds from his wounds, as the Fairy joyfully
bounces to his rhythm, making SL nauseated. The Fairy opens her eyes, wanting to
show off in front of SL, when she screams at the sight of the disgusting man. The Fairy
tries to kick the man, but he catches her leg and pats her butt, telling her to continue
2518 Seeing the maggots climb on her, the Fairy screams for NL, having always slept
with clean and exquisite looking men. Hearing the Fairys words, the grotesque man
slaps her for thinking of someone else while sleeping with him, and that NL would
never look at her. Picking up the Fairy, he makes her straddle him as shes
overwhelmed by how hideous and disgusting he is, crying out of fear. Sneering, the
man continues ravaging her. Having been imprisoned underground by the 4 th elder for
100 years, he was driven insane, when NL had him released for the Fairy to seduce.
2519 Since hell soon be imprisoned again, the grotesque man wants to fully enjoy a
woman to compensate for his century long abstinence. Screaming, the Fairy notices

that the energy in her Divine Spiritual Physique is being continuously drained and
possibly permanently damaged. Meanwhile the man is delighted at how quickly his
cultivation is soaring. Seeing the Fairys body become irredeemably dirtied, SL turns to
leave when she sees NL glancing at her. SL rages at him for making her despair,
before sitting and pondering over his actions since he didnt actually believe the
Fairy, his anger must have to do with more than LYC.
2520 SL suddenly realizes that NL had acted to remind her of his place in her heart,
and to indicate that he wanted to be the only one on her mind. Laughing at how cute
he is, SL returns to LYCs residence wanting to reassure him, only to find that hes
already left Purgatory City. MM had only known after running into him by coincidence,
as he hadnt wanted to tell SL.

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