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Demon hunters.

How to Become a Demon Hunter

The process of transforming oneself into a Demon Hunter involves an elf, a

summoned demon, and another Demon Hunter to channel dark magic into the
aforementioned elf during the transformation. It should also be noted that
between the ritual and its immediate aftermath, only 1 in 5 is expected to survive
the ordeal. (first the aspiring hunter will have to approached the Urak'Natharl and
announce the reason they think the Urak'Natharl should train them, after
judgement has passed assuming that the would-be hunter made the cut they will
be initiated into the trial phase were they train and spar with other aspirants or
there assigned Shan'do to asses there strength and get to be known by the
Urak'Natharl. In the case of a fully fledged Demon Hunter approaching the
Urak'Natharl to join the fold, judgement will be passed over a trial period before
the hunter is accepted fully into the ranks or banished having not made the cut)

A summoning circle is laid out on the ground and the elf who wishes to become a
Demon Hunter will enter it. A demon is then summoned, and this particular
creature seems to resemble one that might have caused a trauma or otherwise
been an influence to the elf in question. In the case of Vandel, a point-of-view DH
in the Illidan novel, it was a felhound that had a remarkable resemblance to one
that killed his family.

The two will then fight to the death, as the circle is magically sealed so that
neither of the two can leave it. Assuming the elf comes out the victor, they will
have to consume the demons heart and drink of its blood. This is by no means a
pleasant experience, and Vandel describes it like this:

He bit into the moist meat, and forced himself to chew. The flesh was tough and
he thought it squirmed as it came into contact with his lips. He swallowed, and it
seemed to expand in his throat, as if the demon, even in death, was determined
to choke him. He gagged and swallowed again, trying to force it down. It was like
having a slug slither down his throat.

Illidan indicated the blood pooling around the corpse. Drink it.

Vandel bent down, and with both hands cupped, scooped up some blood. The
tingling in his fingers increased. Nausea and dizziness made his head spin, but he
managed to gulp down the foul liquid. It burned like Rotgut alcohol from a goblin
still. Vandel wondered if it would poison him. His stomach rebelled, he wanted to
vomit. To his horror, he felt as if something was kicking within his belly. He

imagined the demon flesh coiling in his gut, trying to break free, gnawing its way
out." (First the student will be asked OOC what the Demon is and what trauma
and influence caused it to be selected. Then the master will DM(dungeon master)
the event in which the student fights the demon to the death in a emote/roll
encounter, depending on the players preference. i'll note at this point unless the
student wants to have a chance to die and fail all together, the /Roll part of the
fight will only decide how difficult the battle was, instead of being a measurement
of failure[Death] and success)

At this point the Demon Hunter presiding over the process chants and works
dark, demonic magic.

Orbs of fel are summoned and, once charged, demonic lightning spears the elven
acolyte. Needless to say, this is extremely agonizing as well, and eventually
induces a dream-like coma in the one on the receiving end of the spell. Arguably,
this is the point where the demons spirit is fused to the soul of the would-be
Demon Hunter.(the ritual of binding will be DM'ed)

These dreams will vary from person to person, but if Vandels experience is
anything to go by, the elf is forced to relive a great tragedy in their life all over
again. These dreams are also incredibly vivid, though the dreamer is well aware
of whatever terrible event theyre about to witness again.

It is during this dream that the elf is once more faced with the demon they slew
just minutes earlier, seemingly alive and considerably stronger than the dreamer.
Once more the pair fights, and once more the elf will have to defeat the creature
and consume its heart and blood in order to progress in the ritual. Should the elf
fail in doing so, (s)he will die and the demonic entity would grow strong enough
to take control of their body in the real world something a demon is very keen
on, if Vandels felhound sets a general example.(the fight will be DM'ed again in
the same manner as before but with the aspirant having a significant
disadvantage on /Rolls)

The struggle is repeated a number of times (three in Vandels case, I believe),

and each time the elf gains strength from consuming the demons heart and
blood, while the demon itself appears weaker and weaker with every defeat. It
might plead and bargain for the two to join the Legion at this point, knowing that
it has been subdued.(we will not stage the fight between the aspiring hunter and
there summoned demon more than three times to prevent it from getting dull, we
might only increase the require /Roll if the demon summoned is a particularly
powerful one E.I we aren't about to let you get away with binding a Nathrezim on
a 50/50 chance)

Then come the visions. Assuming the elf has mastered the demon enough times
for it to be largely powerless, the Demon Hunter acolyte is bombarded with
visions of innumerable worlds that the Legion have either scourged of life or
conquered into their own ranks.

The acolyte will literally see the entire scope of the Burning Legion, and how
incomprehensibly powerful they are as an army. The truth of the vision is a
certainty as well, and the elf will consider it incontestably true in the aftermath of
the ritual. They see for themselves how few living worlds are left in the universe,
and alternate universe for that matter. They witness how their own alternateuniverse selves and loved ones are killed in millions of different ways at the
hands of demons, and how the outcome is always the same.

No army in creation is the Legions equal, and the visions show as much.

So vast is the scope of utter death and destruction, that it soon grows unbearable
to watch. Shutting ones eyes or pleading will not help, and eventually the elfs
sanity begins to unravel because of it all. It is at this point that, in desperation to
not see any more, the acolyte will pull out their eyes with their bare hands and
thus blind themselves. This ends the visions and, in Vandels case anyway,
knocked him out for a day or so with only a few lucid moments in between.(this
stage is varied from hunter to hunter but not enough to warrant DMing a different
version for each person who goes through this stage of the ritual, there for at this
point the description above of what the vision entails will be given sp the aspiring
hunter knows what it is there character is going though exactly, if the aspiring
hunter has any unique ideas to add to there vision that is more than welcome
and will simply be requared to be proposed in the moment of the visions)

The Sight, Mutations, Tattoos and other alterations

Once awake, the Demon Hunter is most likely dazed and confused. The demonic
flesh they consumed still upsets their stomach, physical pain and generally
symptoms of exertion trouble them at this point. Their blindness is an
adjustment, and Vandel is initially quite bitter that his sight has been lost. They
recover fairly quickly however were talking about minutes after regaining their

Streaks of light, or glow worms, initially dance across the Demon Hunters
mind, evoking a sense of sight in spite of their lost eyes. They might not realize it
at first, but their senses and new sight already works at this point. Vandel
considers a form of sickly green lights close by, and knows that hes observing a
sick elf. This doesnt register in his conscious mind for a short while however, as
hes occupied with being angry at his eyes being lost.

With guidance from their mentor, they eventually begin to adjust to this new way
of seeing the world. It takes some practice to properly see characteristics and
make out details of other people, but Vandel adopts and refines his new sight in a
relatively short amount of time. Nothing is specified, but the month after his
initiation, hes practising combat and clearing obstacle courses with ease.

The Spectral Sight itself is a curious thing. While the Demon Hunter can indeed see magic in
its various shapes and forms, as well as auras of both the living and undead, they can also
train themselves to perceive the world as though they still had normal eyesight. According to
Illidan, there are many gradations between these two ways of seeing, and a Demon Hunter
can eventually adjust their sight in whichever fashion they prefer or need to.

It is also noted that not all Demon Hunters have blinded themselves during the
ritual, but that their physical eyes burn fiercely with the same fel-glow that the
empty eye sockets of others do. Whether this is an impediment or not, or a
suggestion of whether they endured all the visions and went somewhat mad, is
a point of speculation.

As a result of their blindness, the Demon Hunters have extremely heightened


Their hearing is far beyond elven norms, their sense of touch can make out even
the tiniest details in their surroundings and their sense of smell appears to be
heightened as well especially where demons and demonic magic is concerned.
They can sense their physical surroundings in ways that arent entirely clarified,
but are none the less impressive. With their backs turned, they can tell if
someone is approaching them and who they are, and can sense if an object is
headed their way in spite of not facing it.

Other changes come in the form of demonic mutations. Vandel found that he had
grown scales where demonic blood had touched his skin during the ritual, and
other changes include fangs, claw-like nails (or outright claws that can be grown
on command), horns and the like.

Not all Demon Hunters mutate to this degree however, with one of the Illidari
being noted as quite beautiful post-ritual as well. These changes dont seem to
appear at first, but rather, are theorized to be a result of the iconic tattoos that
Demon Hunters bear. Vandel felt positive that he hadn't had any mutations when
he awoke prior to the tattoo ritual.(the hunter will then Emote the notable
mutations and changes they wish there character to posses)

The initial tattoos are given to a Demon Hunter by others, as the agony quite
simply impairs the subject. Eventually theyre supposed to add them by their own
hand however, suggesting that either their tolerance for pain is adjusted later on,
or the first round of tattoos are considerably more painful than later ones. (the
marking will be Emoted and applied by the master onto the student)

They seem to serve two purposes. First of all, they make it easier for the Demon
Hunter to channel and cast fel magic in combat. Someone who had no previous
knowledge of fel magic (which is a considerable part of the Illidari), would
theoretically be able to cast spells with an ease that would otherwise take longer
studies to achieve. The tattoos also make it easier for a Demon Hunter to absorb
and consume fel magic from their surroundings or incoming spells, which in turn
boosts their own power.

The second purpose is one of binding. The consumed demon lingers within the
Demon Hunter, or rather, its spirit does. If unrestrained, the demon would be able
to influence or even overpower the Demon Hunters mind and actions directly,
and thus the mystical runes keep the demonic entity subservient. This doesnt
mean that the demon is entirely contained however, and especially at first, the
Demon Hunter might have a hard time distinguishing between his own thoughts
and emotions, and those of the demon within them.

The demons will generally seek the death of their elven masters so that, in
accordance with how those things work, they can return to the Twisting Nether
and be reborn in a new body of their own. The fact that they have access to any
memory and emotion of their elven host, means that they can manipulate the
Demon Hunter quite handily. Its suggested that as time goes by, the Demon
Hunter gains a greater ability to not only separate their mind from that of the
demon, but can also force it to be quiet for a limited amount of time.

As a by-product of being saddled with a demonic spirit, the Demon Hunters are
prone to bouts of anger and an urge to violently kill their enemies especially
other demons, as feeding on their souls and bodies will enhance their own power.
Vandel often restrains these urges as he recognizes them not being his own
(most of the time at any rate), and knows that violence and death feeds the
demonic spirit and makes it stronger within him. His particular demon also has an
interest in making Vandel stronger and more adept with his powers, as he will be
all that much more formidable once it persuades him to join the Legion. Ever the
optimist, eh felhound?

As a final note on Demon Hunter physiology, they are noted to be incredibly

agile, quick and can perform feats of balance that are most likely beyond anyone
else seemingly without much effort. Their strength is also magnified
considerably, and can be bolstered even further by drawing on their inner demon.

Vandel remarks that in doing so, he's able to stab his daggers into a boulder and
wrench them free without much trouble.

They are also surprisingly resilient to physical damage and can heal even
grievous injuries on their own, and in remarkably short time.

Vandels arm is cut open and a blade is bashed into the side of his head, to the
point where it should arguably have killed him on the spot. It does knock him out
for a while, but he wakes up a fairly short while later and his injuries have already
begun healing. The gash on his head remains, but his arm is healed and has
become scar tissue. He's also struck by a Dreadlord in another case of "would've
died if normal elf", and it doesn't hamper him for more than a moment.

Drawing in the soul of a slain enemy can be used to accelerate a Demon Hunter's
healing considerably as well.

Misc. Additions

Demon Hunters aren't universally grim, brooding or deadly serious personalities.

Humour, twisted or otherwise, features among NPC's and competitive banter was
also a frequent occurrence among Illidari trainees.


Demonic mutations appear to gradually advance over the course of time. In the
case of at least two of Vandel's brethren, they grew progressively "more
monstrous" in the couple of weeks that followed the ritual.

During the ritual of binding, the consumption of the demonic heart and blood
appears to be the easier part of the ordeal. The aftermath (mutations, budding
madness, inability to cope with their transformation in general) drives the
majority of the initiates to suicide - knowingly or otherwise. Their inner demon
can also play into this, subtly suggesting that death would be in the fledgling
Demon Hunter's best interest.

In Vandel's case, the appearance of scales in his skin made him try to
haphazardly cut them all out, which would have led to his death if not for Akama
healing his wounds shortly afterwards. His demon directly caused this incident by
playing on his guilt and newly found resemblance to the things that had killed his

The inner demon can lend its strength to the Demon Hunter in times of need, but
in turn, every act of violence and every enemy slain feeds the demon. One might
speculate that this trade is what permits a Demon Hunter to attain


Blood elven Illidari were formerly Sunfury, in other words, part of the force that
accompanied Kael'thas Sunstrider to Outland and fought for him. Their
motivations for agreeing to become Demon Hunters could vary from a sense of
duty, to simply craving the power associated with them.


Demon Hunters do not recall the entirety of the vision they received during the
ritual of binding. Their recollection of most of what they saw are gone, as are
some of the worlds and races they witnessed. The mortal mind can't process the
magnitude of what the Demon Hunters experienced, yet they're left with the
absolute certainty that the Legion is an almost endless army of unstoppable

This knowledge contributes to the insanity that claims quite a few of the Demon
Hunters, and the defectors that end up joining the demons.

Illidari Timeline

The elves that would become Illidari, night- and blood elven, trickled into the
Black Temple throughout the events of The Burning Crusade. They were
subsequently incarcerated and put into stasis by the night elven Watchers, at the
behest of Maiev Shadowsong.

This means that the events written in bold are events that your Illidari Demon
Hunter won't know anything about. They will have to learn of these years and
events from other sources after their release.

Year 20. The Third War.

Year 21. The Battle of Mount Hyjal On Kalimdor.

Year 22. Rise of the Lich King.

Year 25. WoW Vanilla.
Year 26. The Burning Crusade.
Year 27. The Wrath of the Lich King.
Year 28. The Cataclysm.
Year 30. The Invasion of Pandaria and Siege of Orgrimmar.
Year 31. The Warlords of Draenor invasion and death of Archimonde.
Year 32. The Incoming Legion Invasion.