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HRM 202 DL - Assignment 1

HRM 202 - Assignment 1

Private enterprises do not seem to prefer the use of effective Human resource plans.
Explain why it is difficult to develop effective Human resource plans within the
private enterprises in Kenya.
20 marks
HR planning is a process is a strategic way by which an enterprise ensures that it has
the right kind and number of people at the right place and time, capable of effectively
efficiently completing those tasks that help the organisation achieve its its overall
In the private sector there is growing expectations and technological
innovations in business, and ever changing consumerism, decision makers in the
private sector are increasingly challenged to improve efficiency in the use of scarce
resources, these changes are difficult to plan around making it difficult to use HRP
Part of improving efficiency in the use of scarce resources this is done by
changing the level and mix of employees producing and delivering goods/services and
by ensuring there are an adequate number of employees to meet the needs of the
consumers, this is often done on need basis .although private enterprise may have
HRP strategies on paper the challenge on the ground demand sometimes a different
action e.g. you cannot maintain large no of staff on high wages when demand in the
market for the product in the market has fallen due to unforeseen factors .
The private sector Decisions about the level and deployment of human
resources are often made in response to short-term financial pressures as opposed to
evidence of the effect employees have on business outcomes, this is because it is
controlled by decision makers/owners who may not be professionals in HRP and
whose drive is inclined towards short term profitability..
Human resource planning as an integrating factor of production process has
been much recognized for its significant role in transforming private sector. but,
changes in the business environment and the advances in technology, communication
and consumerism, planning of human resources has become an incessant activity on
the part of HR functionaries working in services and manufacturing organizations in
the private .
Human resources planning (HRP) is not only to maintain the people as
resources, but also to enhance the capability of the organization through its competent

people. Thus, HRP in private sector is used efficiently and effectively in order to
realize the main objective of organizational effectiveness. This is true but the business
environment changes rapidly its very difficult to plan ahead making HRP a challenge
in the private sector.

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