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Chat & Chew Leadership Sessions

Overall Goals

Help youth navigate the challenges of todays world

Inspire youth to build strong personal character and develop values

Build self-esteem and confidence

Encourage youth to fulfill their potential

Model transformational leadership skills

Overall Objectives

Develop resiliency skills through their participation in the varied sessions

Demonstrate positive attitudinal change regarding school, peers, and parents,

Increase self-esteem

Session Structure
Chat & Chew sessions are held during lunch blocks from September to May at the discretion
of the principal. Students engage in open discussion and participate in activities related to
leadership development. An icebreaker activity is used at the beginning of each session to
serve as a warm-up exercise and to increase positive group interaction. At the end of each
session the facilitator summarizes what was examined during the session and highlights the
important areas covered. Participants are provided with journals in which they are
encouraged to journal their thoughts to assist with self-reflection. The material that is
presented in the open forum discussions is from the following John C. Maxwell leadership

Beyond Talent

Failing Forward

Leading from the Lockers

Put Your Dream to the Test

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn for Teens

The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset

Today Matters

Your Roadmap for Success

Maneward Inspirational Leadership Development (MILD)

Role of the Facilitator

The facilitator will not only facilitate the lessons, but also attend to participants needs
and show support to participants as needed. The facilitator will also maintain a group
process that encourages group interaction and fosters interpersonal learning.
The facilitator will follow the participants progress, selecting activities appropriate for
participants educational and developmental levels. The role of the facilitator is not to
lead a series of activities, but to assist participants in reflecting about the activities and
their experience in the sessions.
The facilitator will work with participants to establish rules and expectations for
successful sessions. Involving participants in establishing ground rules will provide them
with a sense of belonging and accountability, as well as a sense that each participant
plays a very important role in the group and that their ideas, thoughts and opinions
Role of the Participant
The role of the participant is to participate in all activities and to reflect on their learning
experiences. They will need to abide by the rules and meet the expectations as future
Among these expectations are:

Confidentiality: Participants are expected to maintain the integrity of the group by

keeping things to themselves and not disclosing what is discussed in the groups
out of the classroom
Respect: Participants are expected to respect each others opinions, which
include allowing each other to express their views and concerns

Maneward Inspirational Leadership Development (MILD)