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Quantum ICT Program

1. Program Name: Professional Networking & Active Directory Administration

2. Program Code: PNAD01
3. Program Objectives: Upon Completion of the Program Participants should be able to

o Design a Local Area Network and Wi-Fi for any organization.

o Hands-on Cabling, Switching, Wi-Fi, Routing, VLAN
o Design a Server/ Client environment and Deploying Active Directory for resource
(User, File Server and Network Printer) management.

o Apply Group Policy Object GPO to specify managed configurations for users and
computers through Group Policy settings and Group Policy Preferences.

o Learn how to prepare documentation for network and resource.

4. Prerequisite:
Participants should have computer operation knowledge such as word processing and
Internet browsing etc.
5. Target Audience:
Who want to be a Network and System Administrator for any organization.
6. Opportunities to Work:
Participants will be able to work in any organization and Internet Service Provider (ISP).
7. Program Schedule:
No of Class: 5
Hour /Class: 8
Total Hour: 40
Time: 9am to 5pm
Day: Friday and Saturday
Week: 2
8. Learning and Evaluation Method:
o The classroom is equipped with the multimedia equipment.
o The electronic class notes will be provided.
o Each participant will get a PC to do proper practice
o Participant will get certificate for active participation in this program.
o Every class will comprise of contact session and hands-on session.
o Participants will get the opportunity to do a Project.

Quantum ICT Program

9. Topics covered in the program are:

Networking Basics

Day 01

Structured Cabling and

Patch Cord Prepared

IP Addressing
Resource Sharing

Day 02

Basic Switch concept &



Day 03


Operating System & BIOS

Active Directory Concept and

Day 04
Domain User and Group

Basic networking concept & purpose
Network structure
Basics transmission media
UTP patch cord prepared (Strait & Cross)
Faceplate, MK Box, Cable Manager
Structure cabling design and implementation
Rack dressing/design
IP Addressing
IP configure, PING
File sharing in LAN
File sharing with Home group
Switch concept
VLAN concept
Hostname, Port status, UP and Down
VLAN configure
Password encryption, Copy Run
Local user and password, enable secret password,
console and VTY logins, exec-timeout
Cisco router installation and configuration
Routing between VLANs
Wireless and various wireless technologies
Wi-Fi router installation and configuration
Client connectivity through wireless router
Wi-Fi hotspot uses
Antenna, DB Gain, Wireless Topologies
Operating system concept
BIOS concept
Windows 7 Installation
Windows server concept
Windows server installation and configuration
Active Directory & Domain Control Concept
Active Directory installation and configuration
IP Management for client and server
Adding Windows 7 client to domain
Add / Delete/ Modify Domain User
User password management
Create user groups and management
Create organizational unit
Organizational units operations
User permission

Quantum ICT Program

Set Default Wallpaper using group policy
Day 05

Group Policy Management

File Server
Day 05
Print Server

Set user password policy using group policy

Devices (USB, Port etc.) manage using group policy
Windows File server concept
Windows directory sharing
Configure file server
User group creation
GPO Assignment to OU
File server access from client computer
Add & remove Print Server
Printer administration using group policy