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Lanvin Infrastructure Private Limited aims to be an integral part in the economic

growth of India and be a leader in the field of precast concrete products. Our
company's vision is to adopt international quality standards and manufacture
precast concrete products of exceptional quality and consistency in technical
collaboration with Hess Maschinenfabrik, Germany, who is the world leader in this


Our manufacturing plant completely imported from Germany has a capacity to
supply over 25,000 sq.ft. of concrete pavers per day or 550 of solid or
hollow concrete blocks and bricks per day. Equipped with state-of-the-art
technology from Germany, our professional and, well-experienced team of experts
follow strict quality control procedures. Our manufacturing facility is run with
seamless efficiency and productivity as the entire manufacturing process including
the curing and handling of products is fully automated.

Strategically located in Maharashtra's golden triangle, closest to Mumbai, Pune and
Nasik, we cater to diverse product requirements of a range of clientele, having built
up a solid, unshakable reputation in the industry for supplying products with
highest standards of quality and excellence.

Our emphasis on a fully automated production and curing line allows us to give precast
concrete products with best in class quality and consistency with precise edges and
shape. We are committed to provide top quality products for your every need, be it for
residential purposes such as a township, villa, residential complex, garden pathways and
landscaping areas; Or for commercial purposes such as office buildings, malls, parking
lots; or even industrial purposes such as port area, warehouses, public parks, high traffic
roads and airport hangars.

We strive to provide you prompt delivery, followed by active involvement with your onsite team to give you an experience of most efficient after-sales services.
Our team of professionals will provide you with all the assistance needed to strike a
winning combination for your specific requirements including making regular visits to
your under construction sites to ensure smooth coordination between project
requirement and product supply.

We take pride in our in-house research and development wing, where our experts are
committed to innovations in engineering and manufacturing processes to make our
products one of the best in the industry.
Our stringent in-house quality standards ensure we maintain the highest standards of
excellence in industrial practice. Our products also meet the standards stipulated by all
various government organizations and specifications.


Our concrete paving blocks are manufactured under extremely high hydraulic pressure
on the world's finest machines equipped with the latest German technology.
Manufactured to very accurate dimensions and quality standards, they continue to be
popular because of their anti-skid surfaces, ease of laying, durability, time tested
design, excellent point load capacities, flexibility, great visual appeal and extremely
low reinstallation and maintenance costs.


LIPL Pavers, with their highly durable and stable surface, can be used to create
interesting design patterns using different sizes, colors, and texture combinations.
Pedestrian walkways, residential areas, vehicle parking areas, sidewalks, parks, bus
stops, storage yards, loading docks, industrial areas, low speed traffic roads and even
heavy traffic areas, are just some of the areas where pavers are used in massive
quantities. Unlike asphalt or poured concrete, our concrete paving blocks are available
in a variety of shapes and colors, which can create endless number of beautiful
patterns and designs to make your outdoors look very attractive


In public areas such as parks, swimming pools and pedestrian areas that are
frequented by children, LIPL paver blocks are the ideal choice since they tend to
remain cooler in the summer season while poured or stamped concrete floorings turn
extremely hot when exposed to the sun. The anti-skid surface finish of our pavers
makes them the only safe choice you can trust during monsoons when other
outdoor flooring options such as thin paving tiles, checkered tiles or glossy rubber
mould products become very slippery for pedestrian and cycle or bike movement.

The installation of our concrete pavers requires neither the specialized equipment
nor the intensive skilled labor of asphalt and stamped concrete installations.
Interlocking pavers are easy to lay and can be fixed easily in large or small projects by
inexpensive equipment and semi-skilled labor. These pavers can also be easily
removed and reinstalled later at the same place or elsewhere.

In the case of required access to underground utilities in a compound, asphalt and
poured or stamped concrete have to be broken down to enter. Whereas our paver
blocks can be easily removed and reinstalled after repairs are completed giving the
end user an advantage of carrying out hassle-free repair and maintenance work.

Our concrete paving blocks require far less maintenance than other paving materials
such as checkered tiles and other rubber mould products. The strength and durability
of concrete paving blocks eliminate costly patching and surfacing. Our designer
concrete paving blocks with colors in matt finish make it possible to create mosaics
for parking space lines and directional signs, thereby eliminating painting.


LIPL concrete paving blocks are stronger and more durable than conventional paving
materials. These blocks can handle the weight of heavy construction equipment or
fully loaded tractor-trailers. So you have a product with an exceptionally long life.

With absorption which is considerably lower than asphalt and poured concrete,
LIPL concrete paving blocks provide substantial resistance to oil and salt, the most
common destructive agents to the life and appearance of paving surfaces.


Concrete paving blocks can be installed any time of the year, in practically any type
of climate. Unlike asphalt and poured concrete, concrete paving blocks do not
require favorable weather and temperature for successful installation. This helps
avoid costly construction delays.


LIPL interlocking pavers are made of very strong concrete. Based on client's
requirement we can supply pavers with an average strength in range between 35
to 70 N/mm2. These blocks provide suitable surfacing for areas with low or heavy
movement. Furthermore these blocks do not soften with oil spillage.


LIPL interlocking pavers are economical to procure, inexpensive to install and
requires little or no maintenance over the long life of the product. The durable
nature of our products also mean they can be easily removed and reinstalled again
incase access is required for underground utility repair work. This is not possible in
other outdoor flooring options such as checkered or thin paving tiles or even
rubber mould pavers.

LIPL incorporates the latest technological advances to excel all

expectations of its customers. Our raw materials and end products
meet the standard set by QCs, various govt. organizations and
Bureau of Indian Standards.
Qualified and experienced quality control personnel supervise all
phases of production and exercise strict vigilance over the quality
of raw materials and end product. These end products are subject
to stringent quality tests in accordance international standards. It is
our policy to strive hard for total customer satisfaction by providing
top quality products at the most economical price.
Experienced engineers & technicians regularly check and maintain
our plant and machinery.
Routine checks are carried out by way of physical inspection as well
as sieve analysis of aggregates, to ensure quality grading of all raw
Routine checks involve mandatory submission of test certificate by
the supplier against each delivery, complying with relevant IS
Water used at our plant is RO certified to ensure even the smallest
unnecessary particles are avoided from entering the mix.
Routine checks involve mandatory submission of test certificate by
the raw material supplier against each delivery, complying with
relevant IS standards.
All sensors, weigh batchers & scales are regularly checked and
periodically calibrated by approved professional technicians.
Routine grading checks by material engineers, ensure water content
of the raw materials proper designated weight & water cement
ratio of the products.

Lanvin Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

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