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A Specialist

College for the

Visual and
Performing Arts

A message from the Headteacher ...

Welcome to the June issue of the Deben News! As we approach the end of the term and
academic year, I want to take this opportunity to look forward as we make the
preparations for September. Parents/carers will know the work that we have been
SECTIONS: putting into the incredibly important issue of
raising standards and achievement over the
last few years and from September Deben
High School will be consolidating all our work
under the TEEP programme.

As you know, the school vision lays out our

aspiration to make major improvements to
our “Product” as well as our work on our
marketing and community (see School Vision
reprinted on the back cover of Deben News).

What is TEEP? It stands for the Teacher

Effectiveness Enhancement Programme
(http://www.teep.org.uk). This programme
was set up in 2002 by the Gatsby Charitable
Foundation to develop a model of effective
teaching and learning drawn from available
research and best practice. The TEEP Model
What does this mean for our students? An improved and more motivating experience of
learning which puts the emphasis on how to learn for life.

Students have already been introduced to ‘learning how to learn’ methods through the
Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills, De Bono’s 6 Hats and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Many of
the posters now appearing in classrooms have appeared in previous issues of Deben
News this year and are included again in this issue.

Fantastic news! We have finally received confirmation

that we have achieved National Healthy Schools Status!

Readers will remember I wrote about the work that went

into this in March/April edition of the Deben News.
Expect the logo on the left to appear in school and on
the school notepaper.

I am extremely proud of all of the staff, students and external agencies who have
contributed to Deben achieving this milestone, particularly Ms Berry, Mrs Flint, Mr Ewers,
Mr James, Mrs Pearson and Jan McGuire from Suffolk LA. This award will help us further
achieve the Every Child Matters agenda which is recorded through every edition of the
Deben News.
Some great news about our house system! We are introducing a seventh house in
September as we move forward with our aim to reduce tutor group size. Our new house
will be known as ‘Robson’ – named after Sir Bobby Robson and was the most popular in
the recent vote by students in school. This means our houses will be as follows for
September (with colours):

A Specialist I am very pleased that we will now be including a regular update on the Felixstowe
College for the Learning Trust - from Mr Brennan, Chair of the FLT - starting in this issue.
Visual and
Finally, thank you to all parents/carers who are supporting the school and its events. I
Performing Arts
am extremely pleased to announce the appointment of our ‘parent ambassador’, Mrs
Tink. For more information on the latest in our ‘Parent Power’ campaign, visit our

Mr Cawley

A message from the Head of School

Since writing to you all in the May edition of the Deben News, the
time seems to have flown by for me in my new role as Head of School.
I have been very busy leading a number of Year group and House
group assemblies reinforcing the issues I raised with you in my previous message relating
to uniform, MP3 players and mobile phones.

Can I please remind students and parents/carers that making and/or receiving calls
or text messages during lesson or tutor time is not permitted. Students are allowed to
bring mobile phones to school but these must be switched off during lesson and tutor
time and can only be used outside the school building, preferably on the back field.
Students must not use mobile phones in the Lower School Hall (LSH) at breaktime or
lunchtime and must not use them in the corridors. Staff have been asked to confiscate
mobile phones if these rules are breached and the phone will only be returned to a
Thursday 17th June – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

Thursday 15th July – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

parent/carer at the end of the day from the school office between 3.00 - 4.15pm
Monday 14th June – Year 12 return from stand off

(3.00 - 3.45pm on a Friday). If this is not possible the phone will need to be collected the
Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June – Half Term

following school day. Can I please ask that parents/carers who need to contact their
Tuesday 29th June – Summer Concert

son/daughter during the school day do so via the school office as causing their phone
Monday 7th June – Staff training day

to ring or be used at such times will put them in a very difficult situation. There should
be little need to contact students whilst they are at school, they are in a very safe and
controlled environment. If there is an emergency and a need to contact your son/
Dates for your diary

daughter then please do so through the school office so that we are aware of what is
going on and can be of help to offer our professional advice, care and support in such

I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents/carers who continue to support us
in ensuring that our students, your sons/daughters, are properly equipped for school
in terms of uniform and other necessary resources to ensure that they are ready and
prepared for our primary aim which is LEARNING. Standards continue to rise and we
want to maintain a consistent approach so that students, parents/carers and staff know
exactly what is expected.

The latest trend for the girls is to wear cardigans, in a variety of colours (black, grey,
white etc), which are not part of our uniform, whilst walking around with blazers either in
their handbags or draped over their arms. We have a very clear policy on uniform and
therefore cardigans are not to be worn.

I am also still concerned that a very small minority of students believe that the rules and
high expectations of behaviour and of learning do not apply to them. I can assure you
that our aim is to ensure that Deben is a safe and secure place for everyone who works
here. Those who choose to try to stop us in achieving this should be under no illusions
that this will not be tolerated and there will be consequences for inappropriate actions.
This approach applies equally in our local community.

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

I do not wish to see our students, your sons/daughters, sitting on the wall outside school
smoking neither do I wish to see or hear about Deben students dropping litter either on
the premises or on their way to and from school. Incidents of inappropriate behaviour in
town at lunchtime at Tesco, or in the shopping area, which interfere with other members
of the community are all issues which I hope, working in partnership, we can minimise
and ideally stop completely.

Since my last message I have spoken to several parents/carers either by phone or in

A Specialist person on a variety of issues. I am always pleased to be able to spend time meeting
College for the parents/carers, listening to any concerns and helping resolve issues which affect the
Visual and smooth running of the school and the progress of your son/daughter as they strive to
take advantage of the many opportunities we offer them to achieve their own
Performing Arts

I am aware that some parents/carers have genuine concerns relating to the fact that
we have one or two members of staff on long term sick leave and the consequences
this has for students in their classes. We have a number of full time cover assistants in
school who are strategically deployed to minimise the impact of long term teacher
absence. We have also found well qualified, and where possible, subject specific staff
to cover in these areas. Our own staff, in these departments, do set work which is linked
to the schemes of work where possible and heads of department and/or curriculum
leaders are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that students in these classes are
not unduly disadvantaged. To help resolve this, I will be looking into the issue of staff
wearing identification badges, so that when and where we do need to bring in extra
staff, students will know who is teaching them.

I very much hope that you see this as a partnership and that we can work together for
the best interest of everyone who works and learns here at Deben. I hope that I can
Thursday 19th August – A level results Y13 9.30-11.00am, Y12 10.00-11.00am – SFSC

continue to count on your support to do the very best for all who have an interest in
making Deben an outstanding school.

Mr A Salter

Felixstowe Learning Trust

Tuesday 24th August – GCSE results 9.00-11.00am – SFSC
Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd July – ARTSWEEK

The phrase ‘Building the future of Felixstowe’ can be found on the logo of
the Felixstowe Learning Trust (FLT). The FLT have been working hard since
Thursday 22nd July – End of Term

the launch on the 1st September 2009 to work with partners and the
Dates for your diary continued

community to realise and raise the aspiration and achievement of all

learners in the town. During this time the Education Improvement Plan
(EIP) has been developed, based on the feedback received from
partners and the community. Trustees of the FLT board were
delighted to share the EIP at our first Education Open Forum held
at the end of March.

Jon O’Connor (Director of Development) gave the overview of

the aims of the EIP as well as providing some specific examples
of projects planned to take place during 2010. Projects such as
the ‘Early Ambition’ and ‘Able Writers’ programmes would directly
involve pupils (supported by FLT partners National Education Trust and Partnership
Working). Others, such as the Every Child Matters Impact Survey, will provide very
real and valuable information to the leadership teams of the participating schools
(supported by FLT partner INTEC).

Jon O’Connor also highlighted that the FLT is a proud member of the growing family of
Co-operative Trust schools. During 2011 this is expected to grow to over 100 Trusts
comprising of more than 200 schools. To be part of the Co-operative Trust family of
schools the FLT will also establish a ‘Stakeholder Council’ to provide transparency and
local accountability for its work. The Education Open Forum is an example of giving the
community a voice in the work of the Trust.

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Trust members were very pleased by the number of people who attended the
Education Open Forum and were greatly inspired by the open discussion and interest
that took place during the event.

Look out for further Education Open Forum events coming very soon.
Make sure you have your say!
The Felixstowe Learning Trust working in partnership
A Specialist with the community ‘Building the future of Felixstowe’
College for the here and now.
Visual and  
Tim Brennan
Performing Arts
Chair, Felixstowe Learning Trust
Email: info@felixstowelearning.org.uk

‘Free Your Feet Campaign’ - Monday 17th to Friday 21st May

Students at Deben High School, from Years 7-10,
pounded the pavement last week as part of the
national ‘Free Your Feet’ campaign.  Schools
around the country also signed up to take part
in the lottery-funded campaign.  

Having recently achieved Healthy Schools Status,

Interested in advertising your business to a regular monthly

we felt that by taking part in this national

campaign, students are encouraged to commit
to a lifelong appreciation of the huge benefits
that a healthy lifestyle can bring to many areas of their lives.  For example, students
benefited from the physical exercise but it also gave them the opportunity to socialise
Call Mrs Ryland on 01394 282602 for details.

with friends.  Last, but not least – our students arrived at school more mentally alert and
ready to learn!
Quarter page advert: £20 per issue

Half page advert: £35 per issue
Full page advert: £50 per issue

Students were each given a booklet to record how many minutes they spent walking to
audience via our school?

school during the week.  All the booklets received will be put into a national prize draw
with the chance to win an iPod!

I would like to extend a very big thank you to parents/carers and staff for their support
in encouraging students to take part in this campaign.

Mrs Pearson

New Fitness Suite

You will be pleased to hear that a new Fitness Suite has been provided in order to
enhance the range of PE activities offered for our students.  This need has been
identified following consultation with various year groups as part of achieving
our Healthy Schools Status.

Mrs Flint

Keep Fit Class

Come and join us as we keep fit at Deben every Wednesday
from 4.30-5.30. No need to pre-book, just come along and
enjoy! The cost is £4.00 per session.

Mrs Millan

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Student Safety
We take the safety of our students very seriously. Our new
safeguarding posters are displayed around the school in
classrooms and corridors. If students have a problem, they
A Specialist need to find Mrs Lambert, Student Support Manager, who
College for the will be able to help or find the right person to help.
Visual and
Performing Arts To ensure that help is always available for our students, not
just during school times, we have put a new button on our
website which looks like this:

This button leads directly to the CEOP website where

students can report a variety of issues online (such as
cyberbullying, hacking, viruses, bullying or other problems through mobile phones,
harmful content on websites and inappropriate sexual behaviour).

Mr Cawley
22nd July

19th -

Examination Results dates

Results can be collected from the Sixth Form Study Centre on the following dates:

A level – Thursday 19th August – Year 13 from 9.30-11.00am

Year 12 from 10.00-11.00am

GCSE – Tuesday 24th August – from 9.00-11.30am

Mrs Grundy

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Post Examination Services and Re-sit Examinations
Enclosed with all examination results will be a Post Results Information leaflet which
contains information about having examination papers remarked or ordering exam
scripts to be returned.  All these Post Results Services have deadlines set by the
examination boards so it is important to adhere to them.  The leaflet also contains
information regarding re-sit examinations. 

A Specialist Should students wish to re-sit an examination, they must collect a re-sit form from the
College for the Examination Office and submit it to Mrs Grundy by the set deadline.  Students are
Visual and responsible for checking the examination notice-boards or speaking to Mrs Grundy for
Performing Arts information and deadlines.  The Examination Boards impose late penalty fees which
may be double or triple the original exam fee, dependant on how far past the deadline
you are.  Please note that the school will only pay for the first attempt at an
examination, re-sit fees will apply if students fail to meet any of the examination criteria.

Mrs Grundy

Greenaway Shadowing Project

This is the 7th year that we have shadowed the Kate Greenaway Medal award for best
picture book of the year with Year 3 students from our
feeder primary schools. The Deben team comprises
students from the Year 7 and 8 reading groups.

On 30th April, 10 Year 3 students from each school

came to Deben for the afternoon for an initial reading
of the shortlisted books. Each pair on the Deben
team read their book in rotation to groups of children
during the afternoon.

Some books were easy to read and share as they had a lot of text or a strong storyline.
Others were more difficult and with these the interest and enthusiasm of the children
Thursday 17th June – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

Thursday 15th July – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

was maintained by investigating things in the illustrations that might otherwise have
Monday 14th June – Year 12 return from stand off

been missed.
Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June – Half Term

Tuesday 29th June – Summer Concert

Monday 7th June – Staff training day
Dates for your diary

2010 Deben team

Each primary school took back a set of books to look at in more depth. The second
part of the process will involve a return visit to Deben to spend the morning with a visiting
picture book author/ illustrator.

Mrs Hicks

Homework Club
Students in Year 7 and 8 can attend a Homework Club which takes place every
Thursday from 3.00-4.00pm in the Library. For more information please see Mrs Barrett
or Mrs Franks.

Mrs Barrett and Mrs Franks

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Youth Speaks 2010
For the six students representing Deben High School, May 6th was significant for only
one reason: Youth Speaks. The hubbub of Election Day was neither here nor there, as
students, parents and supporters streamed into Christ Church, Felixstowe, for the annual
event hosted by The Rotary Club of Felixstowe Landguard. Youth Speaks is designed to
promote public speaking in our local schools. The topic this year was Diversity.

A Specialist Hannah Long, Nakirtha Ramaswamy, Rowena Brennan, Alice Sherwin, Imogen Warren
College for the and Jessica Ellery had to wait until almost the end of the evening to give their talks,
Visual and while the younger students from the infant and primary schools went first. When it was
Performing Arts finally their turn, my nerves were in pieces, but they looked cool and unruffled as they
took their places on the stage. The wait was certainly worthwhile. They were a credit to
Deben High, in their smart uniform, as they delivered
thought-provoking and entertaining speeches on
the topic of Diversity. I was very proud of them.

Congratulations to them all. They could certainly

give the politicians a run for their money when it
comes to commanding an audience!

Mrs Spink
Thursday 19th August – A level results Y13 9.30-11.00am, Y12 10.00-11.00am – SFSC
Tuesday 24th August – GCSE results 9.00-11.00am – SFSC
Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd July – ARTSWEEK
Thursday 22nd July – End of Term
Dates for your diary continued

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Artist of the Month
Ben Price has been awarded
Artist of the Month for his
exceptional drawing of
a feather. This work was
completed during the Year 10
Art mock exam. He has shown
A Specialist tremendous effort with this
College for the highly detailed and accurate
Visual and pencil drawing.
Performing Arts
Well done Ben! A pack of water colour pencils are on their way to you.

Mrs Battle
Interested in advertising your business to a regular monthly

Call Mrs Ryland on 01394 282602 for details.

Quarter page advert: £20 per issue
Half page advert: £35 per issue
Full page advert: £50 per issue
audience via our school?

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Summer Concert - Tuesday 29th June
The Music Department are proud to present our
Summer Concert which will take place at
The Salvation Army, Cobbold Road, Felixstowe
on Tuesday 29th June at 7.00pm. Tickets are
available from Student Reception priced at
£4.00 for adults and £2.80 for concessions.
A Specialist Please complete and return the ticket
College for the application form at the back of the Deben
Visual and News. Please come along and help us
Performing Arts celebrate the musical talents of our students.

Mr Wren

Arts Focus Group Comedy Night - ‘One Night Stand’

Thursday 24th June
On Thursday 24th June the Arts Focus Group is putting on a Comedy Night where both
teachers and students are getting involved. The students are doing some improvised
comedy based on the TV show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ whilst the teachers are
getting up to dance! Tickets are available from Student Reception at £3 each.
22nd July


Arts Focus Group

19th -

Activities for All

We would like to share with you some information that may enable your child/children
to participate in new or existing after school activities.

Some funding is available to help support children and young people to access more
activities outside the normal school hours where economic or social circumstance has
prevented them from doing so.

It also aims to provide greater leisure and activity opportunities for Looked After

We know that children do better at school and within social peer groups if they can join
regular organised activities after school or at weekends. These activities give children
an opportunity to practise a sport, learn a new craft or skill, develop social skills or simply
build confidence by having fun with other children.
One way that we can use this funding is to offer support to families who might need a
little additional help to fund out of hours activities for their child. 

Criteria which must apply before funding will be considered:-

• Eligible for Free School Meals

• Young Carer
• Homeless/Overcrowded accommodation
• Economically Disadvantaged With SEN
• Looked After Children
• From EAL or Traveller Family

If you feel you meet the criteria and would like to take up this offer for your child,
application forms are available from school reception. Please complete and return
your completed application form in a sealed envelope marked for the attention of Mrs
Flint, School Business Manager, as soon as possible.

Mrs Flint

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

PE News
Deben Jutes Basketball Club Sponsors and Awards – Sunday 25th April 2010
Felixstowe based Deben Jutes Basketball Club’s Annual Sponsors and Awards Day took
place recently at Brackenbury Sports Centre playing hosts to local rivals Leiston Lynx
with a rotation of games at Under 11, Under 14, Under 18, and Senior levels. The festivities
got under way with an entertaining Under 11 game played with verve and passion by
both sides. This was closely followed by a game which heralded the launch of Deben
A Specialist Jutes newly formed Senior team which will take part in the Suffolk Senior League Division
College for the in 2010/2011 season.
Visual and
Performing Arts The game was preceded by a formal presentation of the new playing kit supplied with a
grant from a Suffolk County Council locality fund administered by Felixstowe North and
Trimley County Councillor John Goodwin. He and his wife; the Lady Mayor of Felixstowe
were on hand to formally present the kit to club coach Adrian Clarke. Further thanks
go to Councillor Goodwin for his support in recent fund raising efforts that resulted in a
substantial grant from The Suffolk Foundation Grassroots Scheme to support the club’s
development. Councillor Goodwin has also cemented his links with the club by
accepting the position of Honorary President.

At the interval Andrew Stanhope, Logistics Director of long term sponsor Jutexpo
confirmed their previous four years partnership with the club by presenting a cheque
for £700 towards costs of staging next seasons home league matches at Brackenbury
Sports Centre.

Player’s awards were made to members of the clubs U14

Bears side. Joint Players of the Year went to Will Jewkes
(Year 9) and Henry French (Year 9). The Most Improved
Player trophy went to James Casburn (Year 8) which
complemented his recent selection to the Suffolk County
U13 squad. A well deserved award of Club Player in her
last year as an U14 was presented to Victoria Coleman.

Special awards of merit went to three outstanding

Thursday 17th June – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

Thursday 15th July – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

fifteen year olds, Tobi Baker, Ryan Scarff, and Elliot

Monday 14th June – Year 12 return from stand off
Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June – Half Term

Chapman (all Year 10) who have supported the club

“beyond the call of duty” acting as mentors, officials,
Tuesday 29th June – Summer Concert
Monday 7th June – Staff training day

and coaches to the younger players, in addition to

outstanding performances for the Deben High School
Under 16 side which is managed in partnership with the
Dates for your diary

The hectic day continued with fast and furious competition involving over 60 players
observed by a large crowd of spectators helping to celebrate the club’s achievements.
Plaudits also go to Andrew Wildesmith and his Leiston Lynx club for contributing to what
turned out to be a shining example of sport in the community. All the games were
played in a spirit of fair play and friendship which made the game scores irrelevant.

In addition to the support shown by the sponsors and the County Council, further thanks
must go to the staff and management of the Brackenbury Sports Centre for their
continued provision of their excellent facilities.

The club’s long standing link with Deben High School continues by courtesy of
Headteacher Mr Cawley and Head of PE Mr Ewers. As well as overseeing after school
basketball it also provides coaches and management to
the school’s basketball teams competing in the Ipswich
and South Suffolk Competitions. With the club now able
to offer progressive transition and outlets for Under 11
through to adults all bodes well for the future of
basketball in Felixstowe hopefully for years to come.

Mr Clarke

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Primary schools at Deben
On Wednesday 28th April over 250 students from
Trimley St Mary, Trimley St Martin, Causton, Maidstone
and Colneis attended a Multi Skills Festival being led by
40 of our Year 10 Leaders. This involved a variety of
activities from parachute games to relays and ladders
and hurdles and throwing and catching drills to name
but a few. All the girls were a credit to the school and
A Specialist led the groups in an exceptional manner. They grew in
College for the confidence as the session progressed and by the end of
Visual and the afternoon were running the sessions to a very high
Performing Arts
The younger students ranging in age from 5 to 7
appeared to enjoy all the sessions and the comments
from the teachers of the primary schools was also high –
to the extent that all the teachers from the primary
schools said all the girls were welcome to assist at
after school clubs in the primary schools.

Many thanks have to go to Mrs Scrine for ensuring all the leaders had sufficient training
and expertise to lead the events and all the girls that attended have passed their level
1 Sportleaders award.

Over the past month Leadership Academies in both Gymnastics and Netball have
been running through the School Sports Partnership and Deben have been able to send
students to both. On Wednesday 28th April Kodi Stagg, Danielle Perkins and Phoebe
Thursday 19th August – A level results Y13 9.30-11.00am, Y12 10.00-11.00am – SFSC

Smith attended a gymnastic leadership course. This was

a whole day event and ensured the girls were qualified
by completing an Introductory Judges Award from BGA
to judge the Year 1 and 2 Gymnastics final being held
at Pipers Vale Gymnastic Club. They were such a credit
to the school they were asked to judge at the county
Tuesday 24th August – GCSE results 9.00-11.00am – SFSC

final on Tuesday 18th May!

Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd July – ARTSWEEK

On May 6th we hosted the Netball Leadership Academy which was attended not only
by Deben students but also students from Orwell, Copleston, Northgate and Farlingaye.
Thursday 22nd July – End of Term

The students completed a Junior Netball Organisers Award and as part of their
Dates for your diary continued

assessment they had to organise the School Sports Partnership High 5 Netball
Competition. They had to umpire, score, time and run the results table for the event and
this they did very competently. Congratulations to Rhiannon Babour for completing the
Junior Netball Organisers Award and also Lydia Carey, Michaela Frost and Sarah Prowse
for completing enough hours to gain their Young Umpires Award. Congratulations go to
Kingsfleet who won the competition and will now go forwards to the County Final.

On Monday 10th May we entered the U14 SSP Trampolining Competition. The girls were
very nervous as they had not competed in Schools Trampolining before and it is very
scary to complete a 10 bounce routine in front of a set of judges. They were again a
credit to the school in both the manner that they competed and the standard they
showed. They had to complete two routines and everyone improved their scores in the
second rounds once they had got over their nerves. Special mention has to go to
Sophie Clarke who scored 10.5 out of a possible 10.8 in her second routine which was
the highest score of the Under 14s. They were so good
the A team was selected to represent the area at the
County Final on 19th May at Stowmarket which is a great
achievement as all these girls are also a year young for
the competition. We will let you know how they got on in
the next issue.

Mrs Logan

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Suffolk Basketball Trials
James Casburn went to the Suffolk basketball trials recently after he was encouraged to
do so by Adrian Clarke and was selected for the county squad. After 4 weeks
training he was selected for the county team and subsequently travelled to
Hertfordshire to compete against teams from Essex, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire
and Cambridgeshire. James represented Suffolk on Saturday 16th May and the team
were quite successful finishing 3rd out of 8 teams. The teams were split into 2 groups of
4 - Suffolk beat Essex 38 -14 and Bedfordshire 66 - 8 but narrowly lost to the overall
A Specialist winners Hertfordshire A team 26 - 20. This put Suffolk in the 3rd/4th place play off against
College for the the Hertfordshire B team which they won convincingly 54 - 14.
Visual and  
James enjoyed the day and at the finish he found out that he had been selected for
Performing Arts
the East Region Squad. 18 players were selected and will train at Shenfield in June and
July. After that a team of 10 will be selected to take part in an inter region tournament
that takes place at Lilleshall in September.
Congratulations and well done James.

Mr Ewers

Suffolk Track and Field Competition

Congratulations and well done to the following students who came first in their given
sport on Sunday 9th May.

Rebecca Cox 1500m Sophie Leigh-Pearson 300m Jake Moore Discus

Mr Teye-Botchway

Term Dates
Interested in advertising your business to a regular monthly

Summer Term 2010 – ends on Thursday 22nd July 2010

(Staff training day: Monday 7th June 2010)
Half term: Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2010
Call Mrs Ryland on 01394 282602 for details.

Autumn Term 2010 - Monday 6th September 2010 - Friday 17th December 2010
Quarter page advert: £20 per issue

(Staff training days: Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd September 2010)
Half page advert: £35 per issue

Half Term: Monday 25th October - Friday 29th October 2010

Full page advert: £50 per issue
audience via our school?

Spring Term 2011 - Wednesday 5th January 2011 - Friday 8th April 2011
(Staff training day: Tuesday 4th January 2011)
Half term: Monday 21st February - Friday 25th February 2011)

Summer Term 2011 - Tuesday 26th April 2011 - Friday 22nd July 2011
(Staff training day: Friday 27th May 2011)
Bank Holiday: Monday 2nd May 2011
Half term: Monday 30th May 2011 - Friday 3rd June 2011

Intake Mornings
Intake Mornings for Year 6 students joining
Deben in September 2010 will take place
during the second half of the Summer term.
Parents of Year 6 students will receive
information from their primary school shortly.

We look forward to welcoming all Year 6

students into the Deben community.

Miss Saiko

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Intake Evening
As part of building a partnership with parents/carers of Year 6 students, we are holding
our Intake Evening on Wednesday 7th July at 6.30pm in the Upper School Hall. The
evening will provide an opportunity for parents/carers to meet members of staff who
are going to play a key part in your son/daughter’s first year at Deben, along with
members of our Parent Teacher Association and representatives from our Governing
Body.  We will explain the teaching and learning groupings and academic support
A Specialist systems designed to help your son/daughter succeed at Deben.
College for the
Visual and Please note that due to the capacity of the hall we can only accommodate Year 6
Performing Arts parents/carers on Intake evening.  We look forward to meeting you on the evening.

Miss Saiko

General Election 2010!

You may have noticed that a photograph of the front of Deben High School was used
in the general election literature of one of the local candidates.

Whilst we are extremely flattered that Deben is seen in such high regard that a
candidate would want to be associated with the school, I want to reassure
parents/carers that this was taken without our knowledge and therefore any support for
22nd July


a particular candidate should not have been assumed from its use.
19th -

We do wish our new MP Therese Coffey the very best and look forward to her fighting for
the community of Felixstowe and Suffolk Coastal in her new role at Westminster.

Mr Cawley

School Council
Our year long commitment to support
Youth Interactive (CYAG) recently resulted
in members of the School Council proudly
handing over a cheque for £2,667 to Youth
Interactive representatives Natalie White
and Nathalie Gensac.

Fundraising events over the past 12 months

have included the Launch event, Christmas
Craft Fayre, Mrs Selley’s TGO challenge,
special assemblies, tutor group activities,
cake stalls, the ‘Fill the Smartie Tube’
challenge and a non-uniform day.

The students chose to support this charity because it was an opportunity to really make
a difference in the world. Working on the project has enabled them to gain a greater
understanding of global issues and, through organising fundraising events, to develop
skills and knowledge related to business and enterprise. They have also learnt the
importance of appreciating the every day things that we sometimes take for granted,
like schooling and education, family, friends, food, and water.

Natalie White, Operational Director from Youth Interactive said:

“Deben students have certainly been Youth Interactive’s most dedicated and
innovative fund raiser. Deben leads the way by donating the most money of any school
in the UK. Every pound they have given will all go directly to the children of India. This
money will pay for a teacher for a small village school and purchase computers that
will allow students in India to connect with Deben students and the rest of the world.
Without their generous contribution, this would not be possible.”

Miss Williams

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Locker key refunds for Year 11
Locker deposits will only be given out from the Finance Office any day after 2.50pm with
the form at the back of the Deben News correctly completed. Please also ensure your
son/daughter returns the key – no key, no form, no refund.

Mrs Collins, Finance Office

A Specialist
Token News
College for the
Visual and
Performing Arts

Please keep sending in the Tesco for Schools and Clubs vouchers which are available
in store and with online grocery orders. We need parents/friends and any relatives to
collect these and send into the school.

We are also still collecting Nestles box tops for Books tokens which are on many Nestles
cereals like Shreddies, Nesquik, Cheerios, Clusters Golden Grahams etc and we are
saving for the cash option so each one is worth 10p to us.

We are also collecting the 2010 Active Kids Vouchers from Sainsburys. The campaign
runs until 8th June and vouchers are available from Sainsbury Stores, Petrol Stations and
with on-line groceries. There is a website for more info at: sainsburys.co.uk/activekids.

There will be a collecting box in the main office and one in the PE department. You can
Thursday 17th June – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

Thursday 15th July – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

also send tokens in to either Student Reception or Mrs Macpherson.

Monday 14th June – Year 12 return from stand off
Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June – Half Term

Mrs Macpherson
Tuesday 29th June – Summer Concert
Monday 7th June – Staff training day

Support Group for Parents and Carers of Children with ASD

The Oaks Children’s Centre, Grange Road, Felixstowe holds a Support Group for parents
Dates for your diary

and carers of children with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) on the last Tuesday of the
month during term-time from 10.00am-11.45am. A Family Support Worker from Autism
Suffolk usually attends.

For more information contact Autism Suffolk on 01473 632700.

Mrs Burn

The 100% attendance for the four weeks up to 7th May 2010 are as follows:

Year 7 Joe Cuthbert 7H Year 10 Megan Fitzgerald T3

Year 8 Tom Hunwicke D4 Year 11 Calum King B1
Year 9 Elle Gillan G3

Mrs Baker

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Year 11 Revision Timetable
Year 11 students have been issued with a Revision Timetable which informs them which
lessons they are required to attend between Monday 17 May 2010 and the end of
the examination cycle. After half-term, if your son/daughter has taken all of the exams
and/or completed the coursework for a subject, they no longer need to go to those
lessons. However, they are to use this time to study at home for examinations still to be
A Specialist
College for the In addition, they must continue to go to the lessons for their other subjects until they
Visual and have taken those exams as well. Some teachers have also requested that certain
Performing Arts students still go to lessons to improve coursework but these people will know who they
are as they will have been invited personally. 

Attendance at these lessons has been shown to improve performance and

achievement (remember that attendance = learning = achievement).

Please note that Year 11 students are required by law to attend school until the last
Friday in June so non-attendance at required lessons as per the Revision Timetable 
constitutes truancy.  As well as this attracting the attention of the Education Attendance
Officer, it could also affect your son/daughter’s achievement. Your son/daughter’s
tutor will have been through the timetable with them so that it is personal to them.
However, if they are still not sure about which lessons they need to attend, please ask
them to come and see me.  

Mrs Cooke

Does your Child have a Part-Time Job?

Thursday 19th August – A level results Y13 9.30-11.00am, Y12 10.00-11.00am – SFSC

If so they must have a Work Permit - this includes Year 11’s that have had their 16th
birthday! Without a Work Permit a child is working illegally and therefore not covered
by any employers’ liability insurance. A child working for a family member’s business
including their parents requires a permit.
Tuesday 24th August – GCSE results 9.00-11.00am – SFSC

Application forms are available from the school office.

Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd July – ARTSWEEK

The form needs to be completed by prospective employer, parents/carers, child and

school and then sent with two passport photos to the address on the form.
Thursday 22nd July – End of Term
Dates for your diary continued

The hours that school children may work are regulated by Suffolk County Council
bye- laws.

• No child shall start work before 7am or work after 7pm on any day of the week.

• School children can work a maximum of 12 hours a week in term time.

• On a school day a child may work a maximum of 2 hours - either 1 hour between 7am
and 8.30am and 1 hour after school but before 7pm, or 2 hours after school.

• On Saturdays 13 and 14 year olds may work up to 5 hours and 2 on a Sunday.

• On Saturdays 15 year olds may work up to 8 hours and 2 on Sundays.

If a child has below average school attendance or poor punctuality then a Work Permit
will not be issued. If a student’s attendance or punctuality falls a Work Permit may be

For further information, contact Suffolk County Councils Child Employment Officer on
01473 584772.

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

There was a different feel to the PFG meeting which gathered in March.  Instead of a
set agenda, we were given the chance to meet some of that fine body of men and
women who make up our school’s governing body – a mixture of parents, and
individuals appointed by the Local Authority.  Governors and parents introduced
themselves and then began an informal question and answer session, with the
A Specialist governors posing their questions first.
College for the
Visual and Mr Carpenter, a community governor in charge of the Finance and Buildings
committee, explained that he had been moving amongst the student population of the
Performing Arts
school, asking them about what would make their learning experience more enjoyable.
Now he was canvassing our opinion on what would have made a difference to us in
our school days. Whilst some of us struggled to remember back to a time of slates and
blackboards, others came up with constructive ideas.  Reminiscences of happy and not
so happy school days poured forth.  Why did we always learn about geological features
in Geography, and not where Andorra is, or what the Polish flag looks like?  We need
more sense of our place in the world and more of an idea of where other countries are
and what happens in them. To promote learning enjoyment, it was suggested that in
some subjects, learning through stories and myths and legends would help.  There was a
general feeling around the table, that students have much more pressure on them now,
in a results driven culture.  Education could be more fun!

It was agreed that learning skills are changing, with a lot more problem solving and
thinking skills being employed, rather than the more old fashioned approach of writing
things down in a proscriptive way. It is a slow process, but change is afoot!

Mr Barnsley, wearing his community governor’s hat, asked us what we felt about
Interested in advertising your business to a regular monthly

community cohesion, i.e. how the school fits into the area it serves.  Do parents feel
involved, how are they engaged by the school?  It was agreed that the problem
centres around how to gain the attention of uninterested parents.  What would work
to encourage more parental involvement – letters home, questionnaires, meetings at
Call Mrs Ryland on 01394 282602 for details.

school, perhaps a school cafe where all parts of the school community could meet,
breaking down barriers between school and home, and by extension the wider
community.  The conclusion drawn was that many parents do not feel the need to get
Quarter page advert: £20 per issue

involved in what their secondary school is doing as disengaging from their children’s
Half page advert: £35 per issue
Full page advert: £50 per issue

education as they get older, is part of the growing up process for the student and
audience via our school?

parent alike!  There were differing opinions as to whether this was a good thing or not.

Leading on from parental involvement (or lack of it!), Mrs Jewkes, a parent governor,
posed questions regarding how easy it is for parents to contact the school with a
problem.  Members of the PFG came up with the various ways they communicate with
the school; via the telephone – we all commented on the excellent treatment we get
from the reception staff as first point of contact, always doing their best to link a parent
with the teacher concerned as soon as possible.  Where time constraints make the
telephone system more difficult for parents at work, then the email is a viable alternative. 
Writing in the school planner also works sometimes, if only to set up an initial meeting.  It
was agreed that texts work well for general information and reminders.  Some parents
commented that information about which teacher to contact could be clearer.

The Chairman of the governors, Mr Brennan, then invited parents to pose questions to
the governors. Mr Carpenter and Mrs Harland, as they were appointed by the local
authority, were asked what led them to want to be on the board of governors. They
told us of their long established links with the school and what they enjoyed about their
contact with running Deben and their endeavours to get as good an education as
possible for Felixstowe children.

Questions were then asked of the governors about what they saw as their role in the
running of the school, which ranged from improving the toilet facilities, to deciding on
the length of the school day, to appointing the right Headteacher – all vital in different

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

The governors have to be behind initiatives to improve the school for all students, in
terms of the fabric of the building, ensuring that the curriculum is being delivered and
that the school is serving its purpose for students, teachers and wider community.  It was
commented on that the governors are the school’s ‘critical friend’, supportive yet
constantly monitoring.  Governors come from all walks of life and pool their varied
resources to achieve the best for the school.  The governors were all agreed that their
role was vital and rewarding.

A Specialist Mr Brennan turned the tables and asked the PFG about their effectiveness on issues to
College for the do with the school.  We felt that our voice was being listened to in many ways.  Topics
Visual and ranging from new teaching methods and homework policy, to the implementation of
the new school uniform, have had PFG input.  The PFG has been used as a sounding
Performing Arts
board for a range of issues within the school.  We all agreed that parents were given
every opportunity to have their say, whatever the outcome, and we all appreciate
hearing from a wide range of school personnel at our meetings.

A most informative meeting closed with mutual thanks from parents and governors. Our
appreciation goes to Mr Brennan, Mr Carpenter, Mrs Harland, Mr Franks, Mr Barnsley, Mrs
Jewkes and Mr Tink, for giving up their time, and as always to Mr Cawley and
Mrs Cumberland (whose notes once again have been the mainstay of this report). 
There was also mass approbation for the refreshments on offer. Could it be that our
hardworking governors are more used to meeting on a diet of dry biscuits and water,
whilst we at the PFG wallow in cakes and tea!  Ah well, the secrets out now!
22nd July


Mrs Tink
19th -

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

Summer Concert – The Salvation Army, Cobbold Road, Felixstowe - Tuesday 29th June

Ticket Request Slip: Please return to the Student Reception

Number of tickets: Adults £4.00 ............. Concessions £2.80 ………

Please find enclosed cash/cheque for £………………….. (cheques made payable to

Deben High School)
A Specialist
College for the Name of Student ………………………………… Form ………………..
Visual and
Signed …………………………................ Parent/Carer Date …………………
Performing Arts
Name of Parent/Carer ……………………………………… (please print)


Midsummer Mexican Madness PTA Event - Saturday 10th July in USH

Ticket Request Slip: Please return to the Student Reception

Number of tickets: £10.00 .............

Please find enclosed cash/cheque for £………………….. (cheques made payable to

Deben High School)

Name of Student ………………………………… Form ………………..

Signed …………………………................ Parent/Carer Date …………………

Name of Parent/Carer ……………………………………… (please print)

Thursday 17th June – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

Thursday 15th July – Parent’s Open Forum 8.30-9.30am

Arts Focus Group Comedy Night – ‘One Night Stand’ - Thursday 24th June
Monday 14th June – Year 12 return from stand off
Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June – Half Term

Ticket Request Slip: Please return to Student Reception

Tuesday 29th June – Summer Concert
Monday 7th June – Staff training day

Number of tickets: £3.00 …………..

Please find enclosed cash/cheque for £………………….. (cheques made payable to

Dates for your diary

Deben High School)

Name of Student ………………………………… Form ………………..

Signed …………………………................ Parent/Carer Date …………………

Name of Parent/Carer ……………………………………… (please print)


Locker Key Refunds for Year 11

Locker deposits will only be given out from the Finance Office any day after 2.50pm with
this form correctly completed.

Name of student ……………………………………………… Form ………………..

Locker No ……………………………….

Signature of Parent/Carer …………………………………... Date ………………..

“The best learners in the world walk through our doors.”

  

• 
• 
• 
• 
• 
• 
• 
•  


Felixstowe Enterprise Centre

We offer our tenants more than just bricks and mortar

y Serviced offices y Business support y Meeting facilities

NWES offers easy-in, Free, 1-to-1 business advice Supported meeting room
easy-out tenancy terms with from impartial advisors is with quality presentation
no hidden costs. Suitable for included in every tenancy equipment and catering
new or existing businesses. package. Service.

Call 01473 407000 for further details about the services available from the Centre


-Friday 28th May,

Year 13 leavers
assembly and

-Monday 14th June,

Year 12 return from
study leave

-Thursday 17th
June, Higher
Education Take yourselves back to the second week of the day of walking. There were a lot of hills – and a large plateau with no real paths and endless
Convention at UCS Easter holidays, when I am sure that the grand lot of sheep, but I speak for everyone when I say miles of muddy bog. Several people, including
trip for Year 12 majority of the Sixth Form were ensconced in it was a thoroughly pleasant experience. We myself, got stuck in the mud. Luckily, we all got
revision. However, from the 11th to even found various out intact! Navigation was key to our escape
the 16th of April, a band of lucky elements of a sheep skull from Kinder Scout, which led us on to Jacobs
View from Kinder Scout

-Friday 18th June, souls were detached from the (christened Ashley). A hike Ladder – a far steeper and more foreboding
Year 12 visit to stresses of ordinary life on an of 20 kilometres took us to prospect than its Felixstowe equivalent. I have
expedition of a very different nature. our first campsite. It was never been more pleased to see Mr James’
University of Essex Indeed, the D of E Practise week in here that lots of things got happy smiling face than when we finally made it
the Peak District was an experience done. I learnt to light a off Kinder Scout.
-Thursday 1st July, not to be forgotten. trangier. Mr James learnt to For the final night, a bit of wild camping was in
Year 13 prom The prompt 8 o’clock start was not quite put up a tent! Everyone order. A field, inhabited by several sheep and
as prompt as planned, owing to certain people turned up at a reasonable time and Andrew more than their quota of sheep poo, with only
forgetting certain crucial items of clothing, kit Down (expedition leader) could not have one toilet, was our accommodation
etc… However, we still achieved an early start. looked more pleased with himself. Team ‘Chadsaw’! for the night. This was not
Sixth Form The journey up involved much singing and It seemed that he had achieved the camping for the light-hearted
Newsletter playing of complicated word games. impossible. (or those with a sheep
Arriving at our bunkhouse, we were greeted with The first night in the tent was not a phobia!).
Edited by: a pungent smell of cow droppings. In the back- comfortable experienced. Having The last day came as a relief
Emily Rowe ground, the view of rolling hills sustained us pitched our tent on a slope, the after a week’s exhausted
through the stay. Our two days at the bunkhouse whole night was a battle against walking. The walk to Hayfield
were mainly uneventful, although I did learn how gravity to stop ourselves sliding to was shorter (a measly 12
Photographs to play ‘Black Jack’ (badly!) and ‘Cheat’ (very the end of the tent. kilometres) – and, despite an
courtesy of Jenny badly!). Never play cards with Mrs Bennett – you The six o’clock start the following injury, our group (‘Chadsaw’)
will lose! morning was not easy either, but we managed arrived right on time. After this, it was shower
Arroud and William Meal times were ‘an experience’. Mixed views and we were soon off again. This time we were time – much needed – and then time for home.
Tink were expressed about the curry cooked on the venturing unaccompanied, but Andrew assured Despite our exhaustion, a round of word games
second night. Washing us he would always be watching. The and reading of trashy magazines followed. It
Do you know of up remained an disconcertingly large sheep that followed us was a great experience – one that I can highly
Kinder Scout

something entertaining spectacle, around for the whole day struck me as a recommend to anyone who can live for five days
with vocal renditions of pretty poor disguise. The day itself was not without a shower.
newsworthy? Or want
Queen’s Greatest Hits. exciting. We didn’t get lost, it didn’t rain, and Thanks again to Andrew, Ollie and Helen, our D
to get involved with After that, it was time we turned up at campsite number two at a of E leaders – and to our committed teachers,
the Sixth Form media for an early night. The reasonable time. Subsequently, we were moved Mr and Mrs Leeke, Mrs Bennett and Mr James,
team? next few days would be tough. to a much nicer campsite (with SHOWERS!). even if he can’t take a bearing! We are all
Speak to Emily now! It was an early rise the next morning – and an Mr James bought us all a box of chocolates, looking forward to our qualifying expedition in
early breakfast before we prepared to go. We which was much needed! July. By William Tink
divided into our groups and set off on our first The next day was a climb up to Kinder Scout, a

The 2010 General Election has been one of the most significant and candidates each had two minutes to answer the questions and the
exciting in recent years. With much of the Sixth Form eligible to vote session became heated at times as the three candidates debated
for the first time, this election’s outcome was important to their lives as over issues. The candidates finished the husting with a conclusion of
they approach the critical time of universities and graduate what they hoped to achieve in the constituency of Suffolk Coastal.
employment. In Suffolk Coastal there were five candidates: Adam The opportunity to have parliamentary candidates come into the Sixth
Leeder standing for Labour, Daisy Cooper standing for the Liberal Form was a privilege that was grasped by the Sixth Form students.
Democrats, Therese Coffey standing for the Conservatives, Professor The husting provided students with answers to make a rational
Stephen Bush standing for UKIP and Rachel Fulcher standing for the decision on their voting choice, especially for the ‘floating voters’.
Green Party. Felixstowe Sixth Form was fortunate to have three of the On the 6th of May the electorate in Suffolk Coastal chose
five candidates attend a husting, held in the study centre; on the 28th Conservative candidate Therese Coffey as their new MP. Daisy
of April during a guidance session. All three candidates started with Cooper for the Liberal Democrats came in 2nd place (for the first time
an enthusiastic introduction explaining both their parties and
since 1992) with a 2.9% swing from CON to LIB, Adam Leeder came
themselves. Questions from students were prepped beforehand and
included topics such as: education and universities, the environment, 3rd, Professor Stephen Bush came 4th and Rachel Fulcher came 5th.
the economy, Suffolk Coastal, the youth and immigration. The By Coralie Frost

Garrison Lane, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7RF Tel: 01394 282602 Fax: 01394 278368
office@deben.suffolk.sch.uk http://www.deben.suffolk.sch.uk
This document sets out the vision for the school from September 2008.
Deben High School o
The vision for the future of the school is based on three main development foci (P - M - C).
P - PRODUCT - ‘Improving those elements which make up our core purposes’;
Vision Document 2008+ o M - MARKETING - ‘Increasing positive image and interest in / take-up of the school’s product’;
o C - COMMUNITY - ‘Involving stakeholders in / and preparation for transformation’.
5 strands of

o take a central role in the development of education in Felixstowe through Building Schools
Every Child

o be actively engaged in 21st Century learning methods with high performing core subjects;
through the
whole vision
Improving Learning Creation and Use of a Engagement of
and Teaching Deben ‘Brand’ Stakeholders

o be a High Performing Specialist School with Training School status;

o become a Foundation Status school, giving us greater autonomy;
Raising Standards Improving Positive Foundation School /
and Achievement Image of the School in Trust Status

o be the local school of choice and therefore oversubscribed;

Through our outstanding capacity to improve, we are aiming to:
the Community

o be an outstanding school with a reputation for excellence;

An ‘Outstanding’ Training School Status
School Increased Positive

o ensure learning is at the heart of everything we do;

o improve the image of the school in its community;

Media Engagement
High Performing
Specialist School
Fun, Relevant,
Personalised and
Engaging Curriculum Increase School Roll /
Local / Regional
Reputation for
e-Strategy /Arts at the
Core of Developments
Central / Leading Role
“The Best Learners in the World in Future of Education
High Performing in Felixstowe
Core Subjects Walk Through Our Doors”

for the Future.

Our Core Values:
Building Schools for the
Focus on ‘Whole Child’ Integrity – soundness of moral character;
Equity - fair / just and impartial;
Honesty – transparent and tactful;
Professional Investment Accountability – responsible;
Commitment – to the vision.