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Membership Agreement 2016 - 2017




Whereas in accordance with the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity's Bylaws and Administrative
Policies and Procedures (the "APP"), Section E--Undergraduate Chapter Operating
Provisions, Paragraph 23(d), each undergraduate Chapter shall have the power to provide
in the bylaws, assessments or fees for board, lodging, and maintenance of Chapter
properties, subject to the approval of its Alumni & Volunteer Corporation (the legal
managing entity of the California Delta Alumni of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Inc., hereafter referred
to as AVC) by two-thirds majority.

II. Whereas the AVC and the Chapter have approved the following Membership Agreement,
which must be signed by each Member annually, and intend to fully abide by, and to fully
enforce, the obligations outlined within this Agreement.

Financial Obligations.
A. Payments -- Payment of all dues, social fees, fines, assessments, room and board,
damage deposits, parlor fees, as well as any and all other financial obligations shall be
made prior to midnight of the date such obligations are due. Should a member be
unable to meet with the AVC Treasurer and/or the Vice President of Finance and make
payment in person, it is the member's responsibility to mail any fees, which are due,
with an envelope postmarked no later than the due date of the payment to avoid a fine
for late payment.
B. Late Payment or Nonpayment -- Late payment or the failure to pay any portion of
financial indebtedness by a member when due shall be considered a violation of the
Membership Agreement and, pursuant to Section E, Paragraph 35, of the APP may result
in one or more of the following penalties.
(1) Penalties:

Reprimand or censure in open chapter meeting,

(b) Imposition of a fine of no more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00); this does
not supercede
the penalties outlined in the Lease Agreement concerning rent

Denial of specific privileges,


Suspension for a definite time, and


Expulsion from the Fraternity.

(2) Unacceptable Excuse:

"Waiting for student loans or grants" shall NOT be acceptable reasons for late

payment of any
financial obligation. Members are directed to pursue short-term loans
from the university, their
parents, or their bank while awaiting grants, loans, or
scholarships. Since the Chapter does not
attempt to profit, but rather to break even, we
must receive 100% of our revenues when due, in order to
pay our bills and remain in operation.
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Membership Agreement 2016 - 2017

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C. Amounts Due -- Specific charges for the year 2016 - 2017 are as follows:


$7,000 for academic year, lump sum, Aug 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017.
$3,125 for fall 2014, $3,125 for spring 2015, lump sum each semester,
Aug. 1, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2016 and Jan. 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017.
$700 per month, Aug. 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017, paid monthly.
$400 Security Deposit Minimum Balance
(2) Dues:
$675 per semester, unless adjusted by the Exec. Board, and
(3) Parlor Fee:
$100 per semester for each town-man not living in the house,
excluding 1st semester
At any time, the AVC can change the above listed amounts due to unforeseen financial
Any, but not all, increases are adjusted via the Universitys annual cost-of-living index increase
for University Certified Housing but are not necessarily tied to that index.
All Active members who are living in the Chapter House must have a legally binding contract
(Lease) with the California Delta Alumni of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Inc., further referred to as the
Contract. This Contract will encapsulate all legal issues concerning the above and applicable
specific charges for each undergraduate member, and must be properly executed as follows:
- Signed by the undergraduate member, and by an officer of the California Delta Alumni of
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Inc.
D. Due Date -- The payments for each school term shall be due according to the payment
type and school term
as follows, or as required by the AVC Treasurer and the Vice President
of Finance:
Fall (August 1 December 31): August 1
Spring (January 1 May 31): January 1
Summer (June 1 July 31): May 31
All applicable Security and Indemnity Deposits (hereinafter known as Deposit) are due
in full at time of Live-In application. The application fee and Security and Indemnity
Deposit shall be $400 for the 2016 2017 school year. The AVC Treasurer will act as the
Agent for the California Delta Alumni Corporation of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and will

collect said Contracts and applicable Deposits, review and correct them for errors, and
forward them to the AVC for final review and legal execution. All applicable fees, except
deposits, which are due upon application, are due in full at the time the undergraduate
member signs the Contract and are delivered to the AVC Treasurer.
E. In the event that an unexpected and/or special circumstances occur prohibiting a
member from paying his bill in full on time, a special payment plan may be worked out
with the AVC Treasurer and the Vice President of Finance, subject to the approval of a
simple majority of the AVC board, only if requested in writing at least seven (7) days prior
to the date bills are due, to allow the AVC Treasurer and the Vice President of Finance
time to make any necessary budget changes. However, any member who requests such
a "special payment plan" may be assessed board, dues, and any other fees or
assessments at a 12% higher rate than those members who have met their financial
obligations on the dates listed in Paragraph 3, should they fail to adhere to their revised
payment schedule. Payment plans must be co-signed by a members parent.
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Membership Agreement 2016 - 2017
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II. Enforcement and Penalties.

A. Fines. Anyone who does not pay 100% of their required financial obligation by midnight on
the due date or who has not requested and been granted a "special payment plan" pursuant
to Paragraph I.E., may be fined 10%, up to a maximum of $100 (this does not supercede the
penalties outlined in the Lease Agreement concerning rent payments), and is placed on
suspension, if not paid within thirty (30) days. Such members shall remain on suspension until
their debts and fines have been paid in full, or they may be subject to expulsion.
Fines (other than fees) must be paid within ten (10) days. If the fine is not paid within ten (10)
days, the initial fee will be doubled and action may be taken to place the individual on
B. Suspension. Any member suspended due to indebtedness is prohibited from participating
in any chapter activity, including but not limited to: loss of meals, voting in Chapter meetings,
participating in intramurals, and all social functions, wearing or displaying the Fraternity
insignia, and otherwise identifying himself as a member of the Fraternity. Furthermore, any
member who attends a social function while on suspension may be expelled from the
(1) Definition: Suspension is defined within Section E, Paragraph 36, of the APP as "the denial for
a definite period of the privileges and benefits of membership."
(2) Any member on suspension shall have a letter sent to his parents by the Vice President of
Finance and/or the AVC, itemizing all charges. In addition, any Active member whose check is
returned because of insufficient funds to the Chapter or AVC shall be fined $25, and is required
to pay all indebtedness in cash for the remainder of the academic term.
C. Expulsion. The Chapter will automatically initiate expulsion proceedings against all
members who have financial obligations which are 60 days past due. Said persons shall be

referred to the AVC and then to the National Fraternity.

Under Section E, Paragraph 41 of the APP, "expulsion for indebtedness shall become effective ten
(10) days after written notice of the action taken has been given the member." In order to be reinstated
following expulsion due to indebtedness, the procedures outlined in Paragraph 42 of the
Administrative Policies and Procedures must be followed.
III. Housing Obligations.
A. Housing. As a part of their membership requirements, each member may be required to
live in the
Chapter house for AT LEAST one semester. This requirement will be enforced only at such
time as the volunteer number of live-ins is less than the live-in capacity. The chapter house
must be full at the start of each semester, each live-in having signed a binding lease. The
chapter will determine the best and fairest manner of selecting those members for whom this
requirement may be enforced. The following is offered as one manner of a fair determination.
In the event that the Chapter house is not at minimum capacity (defined as: 21 legally
binding and properly executed Contracts) for the following academic year by the date of the
Chapter Meeting held during the week of October 15 of the academic year prior, then the
Chapter and/or the AVC will institute a reverse draft using the current undergrad standings in
the Chapters Point System. Each of the Chapters undergraduates will be drafted in numerical
order from lowest Point System totals first to highest Point System totals last as follows: At
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Membership Agreement 2016 - 2017
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chapter meeting occurring the week of October 12, the draft will be executed until a total of
22 properly signed
and executed Contracts with their accompanying and properly executed Deposit checks are
obtained by
Landlord/AVC. The results of the draft will be posted and communicated to every Chapter
member by the undergraduate President before midnight of the day of the regularly scheduled
Chapter Meeting during the week of October 12. All draft results are final.
Refusal of a drafted status by any member will result in immediate expulsion from the
Fraternity. The draft will continue as outlined above until all Contracts totaling to minimum
capacity have been properly signed by the undergraduate/parent/legal guardian pairs,
submitted to the AVC with an accompanying and properly executed check for the $400
Deposit and executed by the Landlord/AVC.
If the draft does not obtain the required number of Contracts to reach minimum capacity for
any reason at any time, then each undergraduate in the Chapter (in-House and Out-of-House)
will be levied an equal increase in their rent and/or dues to compensate for the number of
Contracts less than the required 21. For example, if there are 20 contracts signed and
properly executed, then each undergraduate in the Chapter would all be additionally assessed
an equal share of the total rent due for 1 (one) Contract.

IV. General Conduct Obligations.

A. No Firearms. No firearms or any weapons, including pellet, paint and BB guns, or any type of
ammunition, may be on chapter property or at any chapter function at any time. Violation of this policy subjects a
member to fines, suspension, or expulsion.
B. No Hazing. No member is to haze; physically, mentally and sexually abuse; denigrate and humiliate another
member or individual. There will be zero tolerance for these behaviors by the Chapter and the AVC, and such behavior
is grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the Chapter and the Fraternity House and all of its premises.
By law, no member or individual can consent to being hazed.
C. No Illegal Drugs or Paraphernalia. No illegal drugs, drug or tobacco paraphernalia may be
on chapter property or at any chapter function at any time. Possession of such is grounds for
immediate expulsion.
D. Tobacco Usage. The use or consumption of tobacco or tobacco products is prohibited on
the chapter property at any time, except in the officially designated smoking/tobacco area on
the backyard patio.
E. Alcohol. All members will be required to attend an Alcohol 101, or similar, National
Fraternity- approved alcohol awareness program at least once per academic year.
No member is allowed to purchase alcohol for anyone other than himself in order to bring that
alcohol back onto the premises of the Fraternity House and its property (i.e. each member
must purchase his own alcohol, and no collective purchases can be transported into the
Fraternity House and onto its premises).

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Membership Agreement 2016 - 2017
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Alcohol will be only allowed in the Chapter House in the possession of members that are of
legal drinking age, twenty-one (21). Members of legal drinking age are not allowed to buy
alcohol for underage members. Abuse of alcohol, or anything other than moderate use, will
not be tolerated. Alcohol will not be allowed in the Library, Study, Faculty Fellow Office,
Chapter Room, or the upstairs Study Landing at any time. Alcohol can only be stored and
consumed in bedrooms and consumed by those members of legal drinking age. The AVC
reserves the right to make changes to the alcohol policy without notice.
F. Quiet Hours. The undergraduate Executive and Standards Boards will enforce Quiet Hours
in the Chapter House. Quiet Hours is defined as no loud music, television, talking,

construction, etc. between the hours of 8:00 PM Sunday through 10:00 AM Thursday. The
member further understands that Quiet Hours may be changed from time to time during the
school year and the member agrees to follow all such rules as amended or changed.
G. Candles. No candles of any kind may be on chapter property or at any chapter function at
any time.
Exceptions: candles can only be used during Ritual events and the candles must be stored in
the Chaplains fireproof container at all times when not in use. No devices designed to use
combustible substances to produce heat, light, smoke or fog shall be permitted in the
Fraternity House. Violation of this policy subjects a member to fines, suspension, or expulsion.
H. Statement of Responsibility. As an essential element of each individual's obligation, each
member when signing this Agreement agrees to support and behave consistent with the
Fraternity's "Statement on Chapter & Individual Responsibility and the Member Guidelines,
Rules & Regulations." Violation of this policy subjects a brother to fines, suspension, or
expulsion as defined by the Bylaws and Administrative Policies and Procedures.
I. No Health or Personal Property Insurance. It is further understood that as a member of
Sigma Phi Epsilon, it is my responsibility to carry adequate health and personal property
insurance. Medical payments for injuries and losses to personal property (i.e. theft,
vandalism, fire, etc) are NOT covered under the Fraternity's insurance program.
J. No Agency. Under no circumstances will I be considered, or hold myself out, as an agent of
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, nor will I represent to anyone that I am an agent for my Chapter
unless I am specifically authorized to do so as an officer of my Chapter or at the direction of
my Chapter.
K. Required Programming. All new members may be required to attend Fraternity sanctioned
orientation sessions at no cost to the member; all members will be required to attend an
Alcohol 101, or similar, National Fraternity-approved alcohol awareness program at least
once per academic year; and all members will be required to attend an AVC-sponsored Risk
Management Fire Safety program at least once per year.
L. Fire Suppression Sprinkler System: Members will not touch or tamper with the in-House
sprinkler and fire suppression equipment or to allow obstructions of any kind within 24 inches
of the sprinkler head. Failure to adhere to this policy can/will result in immediate expulsion
from the Fraternity, subject to review by the AVC.

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Membership Agreement 2016 - 2017

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M. Construction, Renovation, Demolition, Painting, Landscaping and Damage to Property: No

construction, renovation, demolition, painting or landscaping of any kind is allowed in the

Fraternity House or on its premises unless approved by the AVC in writing and in advance of
any work, including but not limited to replacement of any electrical fixtures, and painting of
any surfaces. If something is attached to the ceiling, floor, or any wall, and you need a tool to
detach it, members should not detach it. All construction, including but not limited to beds
and shelving, must be freestanding and not attached to any surfaces: walls, ceilings and
floors. Causing damage to property is not allowed at any time by any Member or Members
N. Occupancy of Chapter House During Academic Breaks: No one is allowed to occupy/visit
the Chapter House during Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer academic breaks without prior
written authorization from the AVC. No parties (e.g., New Year's Eve) are allowed during this
time whatsoever.
O. Attic and Roof: No one is allowed access to the attic or roof of the Fraternity House, except
as approved by the AVC. The locked attic and roof hatches are not to be unlocked, changed,
or tampered with at any time.
P. Lease Provisions: All chapter members, whether residing in the Fraternity House or not,
agree to become familiar with and cognizant of all rules and regulations contained in the
yearly Lease, and agree to comply with same as amended or changed from time to time. Any
violations thereof will be subject to all penalties provided in Section II of this Agreement, as
well as subject to any penalties imposed by Standards Board.
Q. Signs: All signs posted by the AVC are to be kept in place at all times and are not to be
removed or altered in any way by any Member at any time.
R. Security Systems: Members will not tamper with the electronic security equipment,
including the motion detectors, contact switches, security cameras, digital video recorder, and
associated wiring. This prohibition includes any obstructions that interfere with the complete
function of the equipment. Failure to adhere to this policy can result in immediate expulsion
from the Fraternity.
S. Storage of Personal Property on Chapter House Premises: No member, live-in or townsman, shall store personal property in indoor areas other than his own bedroom. Property
includes items such as surfboards, skateboards, bicycles, mattresses, furniture, stereo
equipment, etc.
T. Cleanliness, Clean Up Standards: The chapter will maintain the house in a clean and
orderly condition at all times. No event will be held unless clean-up is part of the advanced
planning and conducted within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event. Once purchased by
the AVC, it is the chapters responsibility to maintain the number and quantity of cleaning
tools and equipment on site.

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Membership Agreement 2016 - 2017


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You will be asked to acknowledge your receipt of and your willingness to abide by this
agreement via electronic means. This will involve your receipt of an email requesting
your response of acceptance. Your response will be recorded in the email log with
viewing rights by the Chapter and the AVC.
Failure to accept the provisions in this agreement within two weeks of electronic
receipt via an email attachment will result in Chapter Suspension, and if necessary,
followed by Expulsion. Compliance with this agreement is a condition of membership.
Should you decide you cannot sign off on this agreement, you should immediately
submit your resignation to the Chapter President.

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