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Write Me a Letter

Assignment: We have been apart for over a year now, and in that time a lot
of things can change. Because of this, I want you to write me a letter
updating me on your life. Fill me in on what I missed and update me on how
your goals and life vision has changed. Your letter should be at least 2
pages in length, and it should be written in complete sentences and follow
correct formatting for a letter. This letter can be typed or handwritten.
Things to include in your letter:

Family structure (who lives at home with you? Parents, siblings, pets,
Life news
How have your goals changed? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Extracurricular activities you are or hope to be involved in this year
Your interests and hobbies (any talents, favorite TV show, book, band,
music style, song, etc.)
What are your concerns about junior year?
How will you push yourself this year?
What are your concerns and questions about college?
Reflect on the first half of high school. What have you done well?
Where do you want to improve? What social and academic
observations have you made and learned from?
Anything else you think is important for me to know

This letter is due on ___________________________________