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Yambao, Monn Juleuse F.

CE-4 2011103359

The practicum itself is the important part of college life. In which it will dictate of which
path youre going. This will be the actual situations that our professors tried to explain to us
before. The theories that were taught about will be applied on this subject matter. I know that
this course will let me come out of my shell and think deeper of the possible solutions of the
problems well be engaging. The time management will be hectic for us. I expect that Ill get
tired as the day passes by. Also, I expect that besides of going to the site it will be difficult for me
to travel back in school for the courses I also enrolled with this course. I know that this term will
attest the strength, faith, and patience.
This is the most awaited moment that I will treasure all my life. It is because this would
be the edge for me to think of the field Im going to after this training. Before the class starts,
there are companies that mumbling to my mind like DMCI, MDC, and many more. But here is
the catch; DMCI will always be the company Im looking forward to work with. For the
company itself, I expect that they will welcome us wholeheartedly and they will also expect
more from us since Mapuans are known to be great civil engineers. I hope that the company will
help us to explore the construction world. And, dig deepen our understanding of the management
of people and the materials in the site. So, probably the things we learned from the site we
applied before will be the same. And, I know the company will not be selfish in sharing their
knowledge in terms of the engineering concepts and practicum we need to learn. I am expecting
that the learning in the site should be the things we will use in the future. The methods of
construction should be more detailed in discussion so that we will know the techniques and the
proper management of the people. This will be the foundation of our professionalism since we
can guarantee that the company we will be working with can trust our experiences. Also, the
documents and process in the construction in terms of concrete pouring, inspection, or the
guidelines that should be followed as the assigned engineer. It is also important if they will teach
us how to measure the accomplishment when it comes of physical observation and will undergo
to theoretical calculations.
For the group mates, I will be joining my friends and I expect that these people will
cooperate with me in times of sharing knowledge what they will learn in the site in case I dont
know a certain topic or solution to real construction situation. It is my first time to be trained in
the site. I expect that my group will follow the guidelines of the submittals and be punctual in the
site proper.

Yambao, Monn Juleuse F.

CE-4 201103359

Midterm Assessment
We survived the midterms and still coping up with the practicum itself. I observed and
learned things from the people that surround me. It is not easy for me to adjust and wake up
early. It is our 3rd week in Brio Tower. From the very start of our training in the site, Engineers
were very friendly to us. We even talked to our PIC or Project In Charge, Engr. Enhart Tolentino.
He is not bossy even if the engineers under his jurisdiction committed mistakes. He managed the
problems in the site calmly and even gives jokes to engineers. But like what he said, all the
things should not always be in the angry side but try to treat the problem in a calmly way. In that
case, the person that hes pointing out the problems will not be stressed out. I believe that this is
true since it will not lower the confidence of the engineer but will treat the advices as a good
compliment. Engr. Enhart shared the things he experienced when he was like us. He also gave
advices in terms of life decisioning and focusing on the dreams we want to achieve. Even if hes
a respected person in the site, he finds time to teach us like measuring the manhour per work.
While, the other engineers treated us like little brothers and sisters. But, they said that we
were lucky to be there since Brio Towers is under the DMCI Homes. In which it will not be
difficult for us to find a job in the future. Also, they always pointed out that Mapuans are tested
and proven when it comes to workmanship and intellectual. Office Engineer divided us into
different field engineers so that we can explore all the aspects in construction. The rotation
helped us to continually love being engineer. From surveying up to the rebar is very exciting to
learn. They always said that before we construct we need to learn how to interpret the drawings
and notes in the plan.
I am grateful that engineering is really that kind of fun. Fun in a sense that we are not just
learning concepts but the actual situation in construction. The laborers also taught us the things
they can teach to us. They even said that we are fortunate to study in a well known college
institution. Yes, it is our gratitude to be part of the growing family of Mapua. And, I learned that
in order for us to be respected is not just you are wearing nice clothes but how you treat the
people that surrounds you. It is because I encountered that in the site so even if I will be
professional in the future, I should treat every person fairly and respected. From the saying, Do
not do unto to you, what you do not want do others to you, it matters all the time.
I know that for the 3rd week of our stay in the site, I learned lot from Engineers and all the
people that surrounds us there. The concepts we learned from the site will not just stay in the site
but I will forever store it in my memory. We met different persons in the site. They all have
different tactics in terms of handling or managing their people. Some says that sometimes they
need to be bossy so that workers will follow you. Unlike, if the engineers are just sitting in the
office and not having walk thru then laborers might be lazy and not finish the work. So, being

responsible and diligent always combined with each other. Diligent is significant because safety
in the site is the most important thing an engineer should always remind of. While, being
responsible in the designated work or job should be in our blood as engineers. In that case, we
are not just licensed but also have ethics value. Furthermore, the workmanship of the engineers
in the were truly dedicated to their job. It is a good example for us who are having training in the
site. So that, we can apply it in our daily life and in the near future as a civil engineer.
Everyday we always find time to tour around and asked questions to workers or engineer.
We captured everything we needed for the OJT report. Anyway, the office of engineers and
where we resided is located ath the basement three. They said that the office will be transferred
to basement one. It will be a good place since there will be a signal for us to communicate with
our parents and friends through phone or internet.
The told us that the project is advance because it will be finished in 2017 instead of 2019.
They were cocky to say that it was done because there are great and industrious with their job
But, thats only a joke. Overall, the knowledge we had for the midway of our stay is awesome
and worth it. Engineers accompanied us whenever and wherever we want to learn something
new. From then on, Im really eager to gain more knowledge and explore more in the site. But
because of the climate were experiencing, were very lazy to stay in the site for a very long
time. Instead, nost of the time we spent our time in the office and get the documents we needed
for OJT reporting and we asked for the permission of the PIC. We asked several questions with
the documents that is needed in the reporting and the importance why we need to learn all of
those documents.