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2016 - 2017

- Ms. Allan

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Text class code: @k28b7 to 81010 to receive reminders and assignment updates

@k28b7 to 81010 to receive reminders and assignment updates COURSE OVERVIEW: This course introduces students to

COURSE OVERVIEW: This course introduces students to the history of

the United States from the Articles of Confederation to the end of the 19th century. Using primary and secondary sources, students explore time and place in nineteenth century America. Beginning with the political and intellectual transformations that preceded the Articles of Confederation, students review the ideas and principles that form the basis of our constitutional republic. Students further their understanding of American government from an in-depth study of the United States Constitution and the evolution of the government created during its first century. Students explore the challenges faced by the new nation and the role of political and social leaders in meeting these challenges. Students also analyze the nature and effect of territorial, demographic, and economic growth in the 19th century. They analyze and evaluate early attempts to abolish or contain slavery and to realize the ideals of the Declaration of Independence for all. In studying the Civil War and Reconstruction, students evaluate multiple causes, key events, and complex consequences of the war and its aftermath. Students are introduced to some of the major changes in American society in the last part of the 19th century as they explore large scale changes over time in the development of the United States. As students examine contemporary public issues during the course, they explore connections to issues of the past. Throughout the course, students learn to use historical evidence to both support historical arguments and to construct historical narratives.

Units of Study

Trimester 1 (Sept 6 -Dec 2, 2016)

Intro -

Unit 1 Foundations of a New Nation Unit 2 Challenges of an Emerging Nation

American War for Independence

Trimester 2 (Dec 5, 2016 - Mar 10, 2017) Unit 3 Regional and Economic Growth Unit 4 Antebellum Reform Movement Career Cruising


2" or larger three ring binder (2) 70 count spiral notebooks-college ruled (2) two pocket folders pens (black/blue preferred) 12 pack of # 2 pencils and erasers

Trimester 3 (Mar 13 - June 16, 2017) Unit 5 The Coming of the Civil War Unit 6 The Civil War Unit 7 Reconstruction End of Year Project

12 pack of color pencils (1) pack of college ruled notebook paper 3-4 highlighters (yellow, blue, green and/or pink) (1) plastic 12" ruler plastic pencil sharpener


words, assigned readings, related weekly assignments, studying for quizzes and/or tests, and projects

with related rubrics throughout each Trimester. These will be posted on my website and those signed up for REMIND will receive text reminder of due dates.

Students will be assigned homework which will include vocabulary


U.S. HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY 2015-16 - Ms. Allan


assignment on the date it is due will have one week from the original due date to turn in the assignment at a 20% grade deduction. Assignments turned in after one week will receive zero credit. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

According to the middle school late work policy, students who do not turn in an

ABSENT WORK: When students are absent, it is their responsibility to obtained missed assignments from their teachers. Students are only allowed time equal to their number of days of absence to submit make-up work. (i.e. one day absent equals one day for makeup)

GRADING: (per trimester)

student will be required to keep an interactive binder of classroom work (20%)

complete reading/writing assignments aligned with Common Core Standards/homework (5%)

pass tests (40%) and complete projects (with emphasis placed on scoring 70% or greater)

pass quizzes (20%)

participate activities such as journals, Channel 1, discussions and curriculum projects


CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS All rules as stated in the Eaton Academy Student Handbook are in effect. In addition, please observe the following schoolwide expectations:

1. Respect - yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and their belongings

2. Be Responsible- Be prepared to learn. Bring necessary supplies to class every day.

3. Be Safe - do not participate in any activity that could be harmful to you or others.



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