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How to Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
with 5-Step Plan
Are You Stuck on a five steps and at the end of each week
take inventory. Make adjustments
Weight Loss Plateau? where necessary. What’s working,
what isn’t? That’s how you break a
A weight loss plateau can mean you weight loss plateau.
are doing everything right and subtle
changes are happening, so don’t be
too quick to change what you’re do- Inventory Questions to
ing. But if you do not have a plan in Ask Yourself
place for learning to change your eat-
ing habits for good, here are five easy How has the week gone?
steps to break through any weight
loss plateaus. Did you follow through?
The last time you went on vacation Did you make a plan and then
did you plan where you’d go, where follow through with your plan?
you’d stay, how long the trip would
last, and what things you want to do
while there. Our lives are usually Each Week Again Decide
somewhat structured from when we Whether to Continue
get up in the morning until we go to
bed at night, so why do we attempt Especially when things are working, you
to lose weight without making a plan must still decide to continue taking the
first? Simply saying you want to lose steps, making any extra effort required to
weight isn’t enough. We must address follow-through. This is how you slowly
and tackle the reasons we continue develop a new, healthier lifestyle.
overeating or never changing the hab-
its we know are keeping us too heavy. Remember, this is only required until
It’s no wonder we forget our resolve you’ve been practicing your new routine
for long enough that it becomes your
to diet by 10 AM, and then decide for
new habit. Every week decide anew, do
the hundredth time that, “I’ll start my
you want to follow the steps for another
diet on Monday.” week? If, “Yes,” then make a commit-
ment and follow through. It takes dis-
cipline to follow-through, but anything
Follow These Five Steps, worthwhile takes effort. Even the lottery
Every Day for one Week requires buying a ticket.

It’s far easier to reach your destina-

tion if you have a map. Follow these

© 2004 Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
5-Steps to Permanent Weight Loss 3

STEP 1: State What You Want to ing to talk yourself out of it by saying
Achieve in the Next Month anything negative such as, “I can’t do
this, I’ll never look that good.” If so,
“I want to lose 50 pounds.” that’s exactly the type of issue that
EFT can help you stop, once and for
Is that achievable in one next month?
all. These negative messages we give
If not, break it down into smaller mini-
goals: ourselves keep us stuck.

If you’re a 62 year old woman and

“I want to lose 5 pounds this
you want the body of an 18 year
old you may be setting yourself for
Okay, now get clear on what you really disappointment. Set solid, attainable
want. Describe what you want with as goals because unrealistic goals such
many senses as possible (sight, hearing as wishing you were taller are not
and touch). useful except to set yourself up for
massive disappointment. Be realistic
Visual: You’ll see something such in setting goals, but do set them. If
as a certain number on the scale, a you are saddened by the thought that
certain place on the tape measure, or you can’t look like an 18 year old,
your reflection in a mirror. Remember then use EFT to address that, and then
to keep this reasonable as what you move forward with setting goals that
can achieve in one month. suit who you are and where you want
to be.
Feelings (Kinesthetic): You’ll feel
something or get a sense of some-
thing such as how your clothes feel STEP 2: Plan to Choose
while wearing them. You may notice One Issue at a Time
you can touch your toes easily now or
move about more easily and grace- Start by making a plan for today
fully and you like the way that feels. and decide either to eat less (portion
control perhaps) or eat more healthier
Sounds (Auditory): Other people foods instead, or both. In other words,
may give you compliments (you’ll you’re not giving anything up, you’re
hear what they say). gaining. You can always eat your
favorites but you may choose to do
Those are all good, solid, positive so far less often, or when you do you
goals. Focus on what you want, how may eat less at each sitting.
you want to feel and what you want
to experience. Imagine hearing these Pick one food, one habit, or one pat-
things, feeling these things, and see- tern only. Choosing one specific thing
ing these things. gives you the opportunity to really
make permanent changes. Trying the
Do they “feel” right? Are there any latest fad diet because you’ve heard
issues that come up (in your mind) it’s quick isn’t helpful in the long-run,
regarding these things? Are you try- as well you know. If you can’t stop

© 2004 Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
5-Steps to Permanent Weight Loss 4

yourself because you really just want a hard time keeping weight on are the
it to be quick, then you must address least healthy of all and typically die
that issue, again with EFT. sooner than even the morbidly obese.
They may seem lucky because they
“Even though I want to lose weight as are thin, but believe me, they would
fast as possible, and I want to try this gladly trade places with someone
diet because I’ve heard it’s quick and who needs to lose some weight in
easy, I deeply and completely accept a second because their problem is
myself.” seemingly unsolvable.
Everyone knows weight loss diets by Look at how you eat now and see
themselves do not work because you where you might make some chang-
cannot stay on them forever, and it’s es. I eat the things I love including
what you do regularly that matters, chocolates, pizza, occasional cheese
not what you do short-term. If diets burgers and fries but I don’t eat them
worked we wouldn’t keep seeing new every day or even every week. I think
ones. What does work is addressing of them more as a treat.
your fears, doubts, concerns and wor-
ries with EFT, then making a plan for Do you eat pizza every Friday? What
incorporating healthier eating habits if you cut that back to three Fridays
into your daily life. a month? Would that be possible for
you? What if you stopped at one or
For instance, many people like the two slice less than usual? Do you eat
low carb approach, and that’s fine. the whole pie? What if you ate three-
I prefer the opposite; eating a lot of quarters instead? Could you make
whole grains and vegetables (high this type of small change, just for an
complex carbs). I rarely eat meat and experiment?
cheese for instance where someone
following the low carb approach When you experiment and see that
might eat meat and cheese every day. making a small adjustment doesn’t
It doesn’t make either of us more cause any problems you can find
correct in our approach. What works ways to alter your usual pattern.
for me may or may not work for you. Eventually, doing this allows you
I know that my approach works well to continue eating what you love,
for me, and that’s why I prefer it. You but your body becomes lighter and
can learn what works best for you. healthier at the same time.

Sadly though, if you want to lose Reducing frequency of certain foods,

weight and look your best you can- or reducing the quantity will al-
not choose the fast foods and high low you to lose weight. These small
calorie plan. That doesn’t’ work for changes can make the difference
anyone except those few people who between wearing clothes that fit and
simply cannot gain weight no matter needing the next bigger size. Do you
what they eat. Don’t wish you were have anything in your regular eating
one of them either. People who have habits where this might work?

© 2004 Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
5-Steps to Permanent Weight Loss 5

Do you mindlessly snack out of the and why should you? This is a way
bag of chips until they’re all gone? to develop an eating style that works
for you and that you can live with.
That habit can be tackled with portion
control. Take a small bowlful to your The latter (fad diet approach) simply
chair instead of the whole bag. won’t work except for short-term
weight loss, as you already know
Decide in advance how many bowls from countless attempts. Stop trying
of chips you’ll eat, and then stick an approach you know doesn’t work
to your plan. Be reasonable though. and keep an open mind toward trying
If you know it’s going to take three an approach that can work. The only
bowls to be satisfied, then it’s okay. thing you have to lose is your extra
Tell yourself you’ll have three bowls weight.
of chips. That’s perfectly fine. It’s
still a lot less than eating the whole
bag. Once you’ve become accustom STEP 3:
to three bowls, perhaps you’ll want
to cut it back again, maybe this time
Consider Exercise
to two bowls? One day you may just
The more active you become the
find that a couple handfuls is more to
more calories you burn, and if you
your liking.
build muscle, the more calories you’ll
burn at rest. Adding activities that
So what if this takes a month or require you to get up and move your
more to accomplish? Wouldn’t body is an excellent idea.
that be better than what you’re
doing now? Make adding exercise as easy as
possible in the beginning. You can
What you’ll find is that you can even- always add more later. Trying to do
tually eat a bowlful of chips without too much too soon eventually leads
needing the second, and you’ll lose to giving up entirely. Far better to
weight. It can be that simple. It does exercise 10 minutes a day and do it
take extra effort in the beginning to consistently than one hour a day for
pick a pattern or eating habit and three days and then quitting.
work specifically on that one thing.
I started exercising 18 years ago with
Gradually cutting back on quantity, a six minute warm-up bike ride (it
introducing other ideas such as an was all I could do at the time) and
apple here and there, and slowly slowly built it up over time. Eventu-
modifying what, when and how you ally I’d worked up to an hour a day.
eat is a far better approach than trying Since then there have been times
to eliminate all your favorites for- when I’ve rode my bike for half an
ever. You and I both know you can’t hour and other times when I stopped
stick to the restrictive plan forever, riding all together but every time the

© 2004 Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
5-Steps to Permanent Weight Loss 6

exercise habit wained, I gained back or try the newer computer games
weight. that are geared for exercise such
as Dance, Dance, Revolution or
Start small, add slowly and build up Yourself!Fitness. Whether you like to
to whatever level you prefer. The dance, play games or go fishing, all
more you do the more you can eat, movement counts. Carrying grocery
again it’s that simple. Building up bags counts, and so does ironing,
slowly is more fun in the long run. vacuuming, it all counts.
Start with three days a week per- All our so called modern convenienc-
haps, and add either more time, more es have mostly created a situation
intensity (work out with more effort), where we don’t get much movement
or more days as time goes by. You’ll in our daily lives. When was the
know when you’re ready to add more last time you hung laundry outside
time as you’ll simply feel like you to dry? My mother did that twice a
can do more. Go ahead and add more week. Washing clothes once meant
time or increase the intensity when getting down and scrubbing clothes
you feel like it, but be sure to do so on a wash board. Now that was exer-
slowly. In other words, even if you cise, but it sure wasn’t fun! I certainly
feel like you can handle much more, wouldn’t want to go back to doing
keep yourself moving forward slowly chores in that fashion, but the point
and you’re far more likely to want to is anything you are doing physically
continue the next day and the next. is exercise. Don’t get hung up in the
Little attainable increases work for “I hate to exercise” mind set to where
me, perhaps it will work for you too? you miss out on lots of opportunities
to enjoy moving your body.
If you say you’ll exercise on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, you’ll be far
better off when you succeed at doing STEP 4: Is Your Plan
just that, even if for only 10 minutes Right For You?
each time, than if you say you’ll ex-
ercise every day for an hour but stop Take a look at your plan and decide
after the third day and never return. whether it’s possible to incorporate
this idea into your real life, not your,
Hate to exercise? Think outside “I wish” life. If it doesn’t fit, make
the box. Exercise does not have to changes until it does. If you’re a night
mean boring, repetitive exercises owl, don’t plan to exercise at 6 AM.
or anything you don’t enjoy. It can
be gardening, bike riding, or taking Start by creating a list of what you
brisk walks in the park. Anything want to achieve, and then answer the
you do that involves moving your question, “How will you will achieve
body counts. You can even exercise it?”
while watching TV if you move
your program into the TV room, 1. I want to eat less.

© 2004 Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
5-Steps to Permanent Weight Loss 7

I could achieve this by eating half or and subtle tastes. I’ll make an effort
three-quarters of what I usually have. to really chew each bite at least 10
See if that is sufficient. Can you
picture yourself doing this? Does it 4. I want to add some exercise.
sound right to you? Does it feel right?
I’ll achieve this by doing some re-
Keep a food diary for one week, reli- search at the library or on the Internet
giously writing down everything that about what I might enjoy, then per-
goes in my mouth. haps get a free pass to a nearby gym
or fitness center. I’ll talk to friends
Again, does it fit? Always check and about where they go, and I’ll buy or
recheck. You’ll know when it’s right borrow exercise tapes.
and when it’s impossible; when it’s
right commit to taking action and get I might consider hiking or some other
it done and when you know it doesnt’ exercise. Perhaps find exercises I can
fit, adjust until it does. do in front of the TV at first, or on
the floor in my bedroom when I first
2. I want to eat more, healthier get up. Whatever works, I’m willing
foods. to try. I’m starting to look forward
to this. It’s going to be fun to find
I can achieve this by adding more
something I really enjoy doing, and
fruits and vegetables for snacks, so
the benefit of weight loss and feeling
when I’m hungry, or think I’m hun-
great is worth the effort.
gry, I’ll have an apple or some car-
rots. This also has the added benefit
of more nutrition. Just create ideas, Be willing to experiment until you
write them down, think it through. find what works best for you.
What can you do? Where can you
If you want to try something and you
make easy changes?
hear nothing but negative input, then
3. I want to pay more attention decide to ignore other people for now.
when I’m eating. This is about you and what is best
for you. Maybe hiking isn’t right for
I can achieve this by paying more them, and that’s fine, but if it appeals
attention while eating to my food and to you, you should try it.
what I’m doing. I can turn off distrac-
tions like the TV, then pay enough Close your Eyes and Imagine Car-
attention to think of each bite as a rying out your Plan
separate event.
If you chose getting up an hour
I could write down what I’m tasting earlier, visualize yourself doing so.
and see what I notice about the food Does it fit? Are you a night person? If
that I never noticed before. I’ll check so, an early morning workout prob-
for different smells, sights, textures, ably won’t pan out -- stick to midday

© 2004 Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
5-Steps to Permanent Weight Loss 8

or evening workouts. Find what fits 4) Buy healthy foods to have on hand
for you. Can you really see yourself such as fruits, cut up vegetables. Visit
doing what you’ve chosen, regularly? different grocery stores and markets
Do the days of the week, times of to see what choices there are you just
day work or do you know you won’t hadn’t noticed. Make dinner at least
follow through? Adjust until you find twice a week and freeze leftovers into
something you will do regularly. It’s ready-to-eat frozen meals.
consistency that gets the results.
5) Purchase or order supplements,
protein powders, videos, etc., if I
STEP 5: Create Plan want them.
and Determine What’s
Needed to Get Started Putting It All Together
Start working your plan. Don’t wait
Example Plan: for the next full-moon or some other
arbitrary starting date. There’s noth-
1) I need a small notebook to carry
ing special about Mondays. Just get
with me for keeping track of what
started. The sooner you begin, the
and when I eat (only needed short-
sooner you begin to see results.
term to get an idea of what I’m eating
now and where I might make small If you use EFT (Emotional Freedom
changes). Technique), do it at least three times a
day on important issues. It only takes
2) Get a monthly calendar to track
a couple of minutes and you can do
my exercise minutes, even if it’s only
it while you do other things, so get
10 minutes this month and 20 next,
it done. Check in with your list of
that’s progress.
behaviors you’d like to change, and
Remember, your goal is to create then work on one issue each week
consistency, and make progress. It’s or until it becomes a non-issue, then
not about perfection because frankly
no one is ever perfect but consistent,
yes, many people are very consistent Want More Ideas?
and you’ll notice they get very good
results. If this sounds interesting and you’d
like more visit OneMoreBite-Weight-
3) Visit library or order book online loss.com. The Daily Bites give ideas
for using your body weight for exer- for using EFT specifically for weight
cises. Push-ups, crunches, etc., can be loss. Additionally at least two new
done without any extra equipment. articles are posted every month with
tips, tricks and techniques. Step-by-

© 2004 Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Blast Through Weight Loss Plateaus
5-Steps to Permanent Weight Loss —9—

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