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College & Career Readiness 9

Room D156

Ms. Huck
Phone: (217) 224-3770 ext. 174
Homework website:
Remind 101: text @42d86 to the number 81010 to sign up for reminders

Course Description:
College & Career Readiness (CCR) is a college preparation system designed to increase success
at the high school and college level. The CCR system provides students with the necessary tools
to help increase learning and academic performance. CCR uses research based methods to
accelerate learning through meaningful, motivational, and engaging instruction.

Course Goals/Objectives:
At the freshmen level, CCR seeks to provide students with a foundation for increased success
through high school, college, and beyond. Students will learn strategies for high school success
in the areas of organization, study habits, social-emotional habits, goal setting, and learning style

Required Materials:


5 inch 3-ring binders (1 or 2)

4-5 packs of dividers (one package of dividers should be a
larger size than the others)
1-2 pencil cases (three-hole punched, one for each binder)
Loose-leaf paper
#2 pencils
Blue/black pens
Red pens
Ruler (and/or protractor if enrolled in geometry)
Flash drive (can be used for multiple classes)

Ted Talks
AVID strategies
Peace Jam
Career guest speakers
Career Cruising
Success Principles for Teens

Classroom Expectations:
Students enrolled in College & Career Readiness are held to higher expectations than most
students for overall classroom and in-school behavior. CCR students are expected to adhere to
the College & Career Readiness Student Contract signed by both students and parents during the
first week of school.
Students will:
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Engaged

Tardy Policy:
I will have a sign-in sheet for students when they come in late. Every unexcused tardy will result
in a 15-minute detention to be served with the teacher. This detention is to be served within 3
days of the tardy. If the detention is not served, then I will contact the dean.
Pre-arranged Absences:
Pre-arranged absences include field trips, athletic events, music events, etc. When students know
that they will be absent from class, they will be expected to have all work completed and ready
to hand in upon their return, unless other arrangements are made with us.
Cell Phone & Electronic Devices Policy:
I follow the student handbook policy on cell phones. Cell phones and other electronic devices
must be silenced and out of sight prior to entering the classroom. Failure to follow this policy
will result in disciplinary action.
Bags, Backpacks, Purses, etc.:
All of these items must be kept off the table during class time. Only materials needed for this
class will be on top of the tables.
Food/Drink Policy:
DO NOT have any food or drinks other than water in class. This includes gum. Students will
need to provide the proper documentation from the school nurse or a doctor if they have a
medical condition that requires a snack.

Grading Scale & Grading Procedures




20% Practice
In-class assignments
Cornell notes
Video/movie reflections
Grade checks

Below 60

80% Performance
enrichment questions/reading guides
reading analysis
learning logs
binder organization and checks
graded discussions

Homework that is late will not receive full credit and will result in a grade no higher than
Students are required to monitor their grades. Parents and students can monitor grades
online via Family Access.
Students may discuss their grade with me at appropriate times during class.
The plagiarism policy in the school handbook will be enforced.
I am happy to meet with students before and after school. Please see me to schedule a
time to meet outside of class.

CCR Curriculum:
Team building
Note-taking (Cornell Notes & Learning Logs)
Time Management
Learning Style inventory
Goal Setting
Test-taking strategies
Organization (CCR Binder)
Writing skills
Service Learning

Reading strategies
Public speaking
Conflict management
Extracurricular log
College preparation
Peer collaboration
Critical questioning

Classroom- CCR Student Responsibilities:

Arrive to class on time DAILY

Be ready to begin class when the bell rings DAILY
Keep restroom/drink breaks to a minimum no passes the first or last 10 minutes of class
Express respect to all peers, especially your CCR family DAILY
o Be quiet during lessons, when directions are given, and when others are speaking
o Raise your hand to ask questions or to contribute to the discussion
o Work productively when given the privilege of working in partners/groups

All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that
something inside them was superior to circumstance.
-Bruce Fairchild Barton