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Examples of Steady State Thermal Analysis

1. Thermal loaded support structure

2. Thermal structural contact of two bodies
3. Thermal expansion to close a gap
4. Thermal stresses in a long cylinder
5. Centerline temperature of a heat generating wire
6. Thermal expansion to close a gap at a rigid surface
7. Insulated wall temperature
8. Temperature dependent conductivity
9. Heat generating plate
10.Heat transfer from a cooling spine
11.Temperature distribution in a short solid cylinder
12.Temperature distribution along a straight fin
13.Temperature distribution along a tapered fin
14.Temperature distribution in a trapezoidal fin
15.Heat conductivity across a chimney section
16.Temperature distribution in a short solid cylinder
17.Cylinder with temperature dependent conductivity
18.Thin plate with a central heat source
19.Liquid solid phase change
20.Heat generation coil with temperature dependent conductivity
21.Radiant energy emission
22.Thermocouple radiation
23.Temperature gradient across a solid cylinder

24.Temperature response of a suddenly cooled wire

25.Transient temperature distribution in a slab
26.Cooling of a spherical body
27.Cooling of a spherical body
28.Transient temperature distribution in an orthotropic metal bar
29.Temperature response to a linearly rising surface temperature
30.Thermal response of a heat generating slab
31.Heat conducting plate with sudden cooling
32.Centerline temperature of a heat generating wire
33.Centerline temperature of an electrical wire
34.Laminar flow through a pipe with uniform heat flux
35.Pressure drop in a turbulent flowing fluid
36.Laminar flow in a piping system
37.Discharge of water from a reservoir
38.Radiation heat transfer between concentric cylinders
39.Heat transferred to a flowing fluid
40.Gray Body radiation within a frustum of a cone
41.Temperature controlled heater
42.Solid cylinder with harmonic temperature load
43.Heat flow from an insulated pipe
44.Cooling of a circular fin of rectangular profile
45.Drying of a thick wooden slab
46.Cooling of a billet by radiation
47.Adaptive analysis of two dimensional heat transfer with convection

Examples of Transient Thermal Analysis

1. Transient Heat Transfer in an Infinite Slab
2. Heat Generating Plate
3. Liquid Solid Phase Change
4. Temperature Response of a Suddenly Cooled Wire
5. Transient Temperature Distribution in a Slab
6. Cooling of a Spherical Body
7. Cooling of a Spherical Body
8. Transient Temperature Distribution in an Orthotropic Metal Bar
9. Temperature Response to a Linearly Rising Surface
10.Thermal Response of a Heat Generating Slab
11.Heat Conducting Plate with Sudden Cooling
12.Temperature Controlled Heater
13.Cooling of a Billet by Radiation