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Q1- What is Shree Yantra?
A1- Shree Yantra is a unique geometrical representation of universe. Shree Yantra attracts
cosmic energy from the universe and continuously spreads positive divine energy in wide area.
(It is confirmed from Aura Photography of Shree Yantra).
Q2- What are the benefits of keeping Shree Yantra?
A2- Shree Yantra gives benefits of positivity, peace of mind, happiness in relationship, good
health, success, wealth and several other gains.
Q3- How does it work? How long Shree Yantra takes to show its effect after establishing?
A3- Shree Yantra is a representation of the supreme Universal Energy. It is like a tool to attract
Universal cosmic energy and spread around its surroundings just like an antenna attracts signals
from the atmosphere and we can see Television. Whoever comes in the aura of Shree Yantra
gets energized. This is how Shree Yantra scientifically works and is beneficial to all.
Swarna Shree Yantra continuously releases positive divine energy. A person having higher
consciousness can feel it. Or its positive energy and effects can be tested by modern instruments
(like Aura Analyser etc.). One should not expect instant miracle from it. It will gradually dilute
negative psychic impressions of past deeds (karmas) and bring positivity.
Q4- How does my wishes get materialized with Swarna Shree Yantra?
A4- To materialize your wishes into reality, look at Swarna Shree Yantra with unconditional love
and devotion. Imagine yourself in the condition where you intend to be and feel thankful to Shree
Yantra for helping you achieve your wish. Your wishes should be expressed in a positive manner
and in present tense. Repeat this at least two to three times in a day. You will find your positive
wishes starts materialising.
Q5- What are Scientific proofs for benefits from Shree Yantra?
A5- Swarna Shree Yantra is made as per ancient Shastras and mathematical geometry.
Scientifically, it is evident that merely by presence of Swarna Shree Yantra, Aura of a person
improves. There are seven energy Chakras in human body which contain psychic impressions of
a persons good or bad deeds from several past lives. These psychic impressions are the cause
of a persons happiness, sorrow and present situations. After coming in contact with Swarna
Shree Yantra, shape of all energy chakras of a person becomes round and beautiful this results
in better health, long life, happiness, good luck and prosperity of the concerned person.
Q6- What is metallurgy of Swarna Shree Yantra? Why it is important?
A6-Swarna Shree Yantra is made of five metals 24-carat Gold layer, Silver, Copper, Zinc and
Nickle. From our researches of various ancient shastras following are the reasons for choosing
above metals for Swarna Shree Yantra
As per ancient Shastra, Tantraraj-Tantram and Dakshinamurti Sahinta, Shree Yantra made by
gold, silver and copper gives enormous benefits of wealth, fame, good health and happiness.

Ratne Hemni Rupye Cha Taamre Drishadi Cha Kramaat,

Kritwaa Chakrasya Nirmaanam Sthaapyet Pujyedapi.
Laxmikaantiyashah Putradhnaarogyadisiddhye, Drishdi Gandkishilaayaam

It is mentioned in ancient Shastra Laksha Sagar that Shree Yantra made by gold, silver and
copper gives all-round success, and prosperity.

Suvarnrachitam Yantram Sarvraajvashkaram,

Rajaten Kritam Yantrmaayuraarogyakaantidam.
Taamraistu Rachitam Yantram Sarwaishvarypradam Matam,
Lohtrayodbhavam Yantram Sarwasiddhikaram
As per ancient Shastra, Shaubhagyalaxmi Upnishada yellow Shree Yantra is considered ideal
for financial gains.
We have strictly avoided negative metals such as Brass and Bronze. As per ancient
Shastra, Tantraraj Tantram, Shree Yantra made by Lead (Lead is part of
Brass) and Bronze gives negative results.
Shiskaansyaadishu Punah Purvoktvipritkrit Falkaayaam Pate Bhitao Sthaapyenn
Kadaachan, Sthaapitam Yadi Lobhen Mohenaagyaantoapi Waa Klam Vittampatyam Cha
Nimulyati Sarvthaa.
Almost every Shree Yantra available in the market is made by prohibited metals or alloy of these
metals i.e. either Brass or Bronze.
Swarna Shree Yantra is made satisfying ancient shastras. Its positivity is confirmed by scientific
aura photography of Swarna Shree Yantra.
Q7- How many Shree Yantra I should keep and why?
A7-One should enjoy maximum benefits of Swarna Shree Yantra. For example- someone has
an Office and a Residence, each of area less than 3000 sq. ft. Then he should have one L- size
(108mm) Shree Yantra to energize his Office and one L- size (108mm) Shree Yantra to energize
his Residence. It is also important to keep one L- size (108mm) Shree Yantra on his working
table where he spends maximum time. Those who wish to worship Shree Yantra can keep one
S-size (81mm) in Temple of their Residence.
Thus, one person should keep Shree Yantra according to their requirement.
Q8- By seeing beauty of Swarna Shree Yantra I felt positive. Can I add it to my collection?
A8- Yes, you will get its positive benefits.
Q9- How is Swarna Shree Yantra different from the Shree Yantra available in market?
A9- Usually Shree Yantras available in the market are made by- Copper or Silver plate, Sphatik
or prohibited metals which are solid. The difference between these Shree Yantras and Swarna
Shree Yantra is as below
a. Shree Yantra made on Copper or Silver plate is actually Shree Chakra. It is 2-Dimensional

(2D) whereas Swarna Shree Yantra is 3-Dimensional (3D). It is infinite times more effective than
Shree Chakra made of lines.
b.Generally Sphatik Shree Yantras are small and not made from original Sphatik. Also, Sphatik
Shree Yantra is manually carved and made solid. Manual carvings have limitations and human
error also. Neither it has perfect geometry nor it is hollow on inner side with same outer
c.Solid Shree Yantra (which is not hollow on inner side) is in fact an idol of Shree Yantra. A Shree
Yantra must be hollow from inside with same geometry on inner side like outer geometry. As per
Yantra-Science, a Yantra must be hollow from inside like garb grah of Temple, Mosque, Church
and Pyramid etc. It is very easy to make solid Shree Yantra. But it is truly challenging to make
hollow Shree Yantra with same geometry on inside also.
Due to lack of production technique, Shree Yantras available in the market are made solid and a
false believe system has been established that Shree Yantra should be solid. Only hollow Shree
Yantra can concentrate cosmic energy.
Swarna Shree Yantra satisfies all the requirements as described in the ancient Shastras and
Yantra-science. Definitely with Swarna Shree Yantra, you will have positive changes in your life.
Q 10- What is difference between Shree Yantra and Pyramid Structure?
A10- Pyramid is simple form of Yantra to attract cosmic energy whereas Shree Yantra is much
more complex form of Yantra and therefore, attracts cosmic energy in multi-fold. As per
researches of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, USA energy level of a Shree Yantra having accurate
geometry is 70 times more than equivalent Pyramidal structure.
Q11- A Vastu expert advised me to place Shree Yantra in four corner foundations of a new
building construction to be taken-up by me. What will be the benefits from it?
A11- Installation of Shree Yantra is an excellent method to get maximum benefits of Vastu as
described in various shastras. Shree Yantra is installed in the foundations of Tirupati Balaji
temple. And it is one of the reasons for great prosperity of this temple.
Considering above, putting Shree Yantra in four corner foundations of new building is good for
Q12- Will the gold layering on Shree Yantra get spoiled if I perform abhishek of Shree Yantra
A12- Pure emotions are important for worshiping Shree Yantra. It can be performed with or
without dry sindoor or abhishek. Worship of Shree Yantra with dry red sindoor is popular and it
has no effect on gold layering. One can perform abhishek of Swarna Shree Yantra at special
occasions. Still, to maintain long life of its gold layering, it is recommended that
1. One should use a soft cloth to dry Shree Yantra after abhishek.
2. Avoid Curd or similar harsh things for abhisek of Shree Yantra.
3. Avoid rubbing or scratching on the surface of Shree Yantra.

If daily Abhishek is performed, gold layering will get affected soon.

Q13- A spiritual personality told me to donate big Shree Yantra in the Temple. It will result in the
form of wealthy Generations. How correct it is?
A13- It is based on a simple principle that what we give, we get back in multi-fold. Considering it,
the spiritual personality seems right by telling so
Q14- Which shastras have you referred for research and development of Swarna Shree Yantra?
A14- Several shastras have been referred to develop Swarna Shree Yantra. Main references are
in Tantraraj Tantram, Dakshinamurti Sanhita, Laksha Sagar, Subhagyalakshmi Upnishad,
Saundrya Lahri, Rudrayamal Granth, etc.

B. Order related FAQs

Q1- How can I ensure price of Swarna Shree Yantra is reasonable?
A1- The prime reason for cost is unique hollow construction with perfect outer and inner
geometry, 24 carat gold layering, VAT/CST (@ 14% on sale within India only) and logistics cost
up to your door steps.
Q2- How do I order Swarna Shree Yantra?
A2- You can order Swarna Shree Yantra online by clicking here.
Q3- Can I buy Swarna Shree Yantra by Cash or Bank Transfer?
A3- Yes, you can deposit cash or do Bank transfer in any of our Bank accounts as below and
inform us with your address to send it by insured courier
1. Axis Bank Ltd., Rajnandgaon. A/cRadius Corporation Ltd.
A/c Number521010200000055

IFSC CodeUTIB0000521

2. IDBI Ltd., Rajnandgaon. A/cRadius Corporation Ltd.

A/c Number0526102000003766

IFSC CodeIBKL0000526

3. SBI, Rajnandgaon. A/cRadius Corporation Ltd.

A/c Number31706935193 IFSC CodeSBIN0000464
Q4- When will my order be delivered?
A4- Usually courier takes 4 to 5 business days which depends on location and may take up to 10
business days.

C. Specific FAQs
Since origin of Shree Yantra is described in ancient Shastras, there are following specific
questions also asked by the religious people
Q1- How do I worship Shree Yantra?
A1- See Worship Method.
Q2- Is there any muhurth (time or day) for installation of Shree Yantra?
A2- Shree Yantra can be installed on any auspicious day (especially Monday, Wednesday and
Friday) or can be installed on favorable muhurth during Navratri, Shivratri, Holi, Diwali, Gurupushya and Ravi-pushya Nakshatra, Akshay Tritiya, Dhanteras etc.
Q3- A spiritual personality told me that I must worship Shree Yantra every day. Why is it
A3- By worship i.e. chanting relevant Mantras before Shree Yantra, it becomes "Mantra
Chaitanya" and more Positive.

Q4- If worship of Shree Yantra is discontinued due to travel etc. will it give any negative effect in
my life?
A4- An ideal Shree Yantra which fulfils all authentic measures never gives any negative effect.
Q5- When is it the best time to chant mantra for Shree Yantra worship?
A5- One can chant Mantra for Shree Yantra worship at anytime or many times as one prefers.
Q6- What should I do with the Red Sindoor accumulated by daily worship of Shree Yantra?
A6- In order to clearly view the unique geometry of Shree Yantra, it is better to take out
accumulated red Sindoor at frequent intervals. This red Sindoor can be given at any temple or
can be used by married women.
Q7- What do you mean by activation of Shree Yantra by Mantras and advantages of Mantras
activated Shree Yantra?
A7- Mantra chanting at the time of Shree Yantra installation or daily or during special occasions
is called activating Shree Yantra by Mantra. Chanting Matra brings Positivity and makes Shree
Yantra "Mantra Chaitanya". Although it is a self-activated Yantra, yet chanting mantras is
respecting Goddess Maa Lalitha Tripur Sundari who is the supreme mother. This process
energises Shree Yantra which in turn energises the Sadhak (the one who chants the mantra) and
its surroundings much more.
Q8- Can I myself activate Shree Yantra by Chanting Mantras or do I need a Pandit for it?
A8- Yes, you can activate Shree Yantra by yourself by chanting Mantras correctly or you can get
assistance of a learned pandit for it.
Q9- Do I need separate red cloth to keep below Shree Yantra?
A9- Not required as red cloth is already provided over and below the wooden base of Shree
Q9- Is it essential to keep Shree Yantra covered by Red Cloth?
A9- Some people believe that frequently observing the divine geometry of Shree Yantra with love
and devotion gives best results while others believe that Shree Yantra should be kept covered to
protect it from unwanted views. However, this is a personal choice and you can keep it covered
or uncovered depending on which argument convinces you.
Q10- Will the gold layering on Shree Yantra get spoiled if I perform abhishek of Shree Yantra
A10- Pure emotions are important for worshiping Shree Yantra. It can be performed with or
without dry sindoor or abhishek. Worship of Shree Yantra with dry red sindoor is popular and it
has no effect on gold layering. One can perform abhishek of Swarna Shree Yantra at special
occasions. Still, to maintain long life of its gold layering, it is recommended that
1. One should use a soft cloth to dry Shree Yantra after abhishek.
2. Avoid Curd or similar harsh things for abhisek of Shree Yantra.
3. Avoid rubbing or scratching on the surface of Shree Yantra.
If daily Abhishek is performed, gold layering will get affected soon.
Q11- A spiritual personality told me to donate big Shree Yantra in the Temple. It will result in the
form of wealthy Generations. How correct it is?
A11- It is based on a simple principle that what we give we get back in multi-folds. Considering it,
the spiritual personality seems right by telling so.
Q12- Shree Yantra symbolises which god?

A12- Shiva-Shakti, Vishnu-Lakshmi, Gayatri, Nav Durga and various divine energies reside in the
Shree Yantra. It symbolises supreme goddess Rajrajeshwari Maa Lalitha Tripur Sundari herself.
It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi first worshipped Maa Lalitha Tripur Sundari and as a reward
of her devotion Shree Yantra also became symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is
considered "Chanchal" or unsteady, You can make her presence in your life forever by keeping
Swarna Shree yantra.
Q13- Which shastras have you referred for research and development of Swarna Shree Yantra?
A13- Several shastras have been referred to develop Swarna Shree Yantra. Main references are
in Tantraraj Tantram, Dakshinamurti Sanhita, Laksha Sagar, Subhagyalakshmi Upnishad,
Saundrya Lahri, Rudrayamal Granth, etc.
Q14-I do not have any separate pooja room? Where do I place Shree Yantra?
A14- Shree Yantra can be placed either in the East, North or North-East directions of the Office
Table, Home, Office, Shop, etc. In House, Office, Shop etc. Big Shree Yantra should be installed
at approximate center (or at a place from where it is visible to maximum people) for equal divine
effects of Shree Yantra everywhere.

Eight Authentic Measures to check Correct Shree Yantra

Correct Shree Yantra must have following features to avoid bad effects of wrong
Shree Yan
1. In Correct Shree Yantra all Triangles must be Concurrent & Concentric.
2. Correct Shree Yantra must have equal heights of all Nine steps. It creates
symmetry in Geometry of Shree Yantra. [Nine Steps of Shree Yantra 1 .Bindu,
2.Trikon, 3.Aastar (Eight Triangles), 4.Antardashar (Ten inner Triangles),
5.Bahirdashar (Ten outer Triangles), 6.Chaturdashar (Fourteen Triangles), 7.Aastdal
Kamal (Eight Lotus Petals), 8.Shodasdal Kamal (Sixteen Lotus Petals) &9.Three
3. Base below nine steps of Correct Shree Yantra (i.e. base made of Four special
figures of three lines) must be correct. It is not found correct in any Shree Yantra
available in the market. Shree Yantra with correct geometry of every step will only
give positive result, Wrong geometry releases negative energy.
4. Inner Hollowness of Correct Shree Yantra
The inner side of Shree Yantra must be hollow and must have similar Geometry like
outer side i must be hollow from top to bottom on inner side. Inner hollowness is
essential to attract Universal Cosmic energy. The energy level of anything kept
within such Shree Yantra increases in Multiple should never be solid from inside.
5. Weight of Correct Shree YantraAs per ancient Shastra, ShaubhagyalaxmiUpnishada Shree Yantra of minimum 160
Masa (154 grams) or more is good & essential. Larger Shree Yantra will results in
greater effect.
6. Metallurgy of Correct Shree Yantra-.
As per ancient Shastra, Tantraraj-Tantram and DakshinamurtiSahinta, Shree Yantra
made by Gold, Silver and Copper gives enormous benefits of Wealth, Fame, Good
health & Happiness. "RatneHemniRupye Cha TaamreDrishadi Cha Kramaat,

adisiddhye, DrishdiGandkishilaayaam"
It is mentioned in ancient ShastraLakshaSagar that Shree Yantra made by Gold,
7. Prohibited Metals for Shree YantraAs per ancient Shastra, TantrarajTantram, Shree Yantra made by Lead (Lead is part
of Brass) and Bronze gives negative results. Almost every Shree Yantra available in
the market is made by prohibited metals i.e. either Brass or Bronze.
KulVittampatyam Cha NirmulyatiSarvthaa."
4.Colour of Correct Shree YantraAs per ancient Shastra, ShaubhagyalaxmiUpnishada
considered ideal for Financial gains.





Swarna Shree Yantra An ideal Shree Yantra

For creating Swarna Shree Yantra all Eight Authentic Measures are considered. It is
made by Five positive metals (24 carat Gold layer, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Nickel).
Perfect Geometry, appropriate Weight, Positive Metals and Colour; based on proof of
ancient Shastras, makes it an authentic and ideal Shree Yantra. It is created with
international standard of quality. Its base is made by Wood with unique finish. Its
design is registered by Patent Office (Design Number 265565).
Evidence of ancient Shastras for best effects of Shree Yantra
In various ancient Shastra Shree Yantra is Honored as Yantra-Shiromani or YantraRaj. In Jain Shastras, it is described as the best means to please Goddess Lakshmi
and business prosperity. According to RudrayamalGranth, benefits of Just Darshan of
Shree Yantra are as below
Punya of Hundred Yagyaisgained just by seeing Shree Yantra with Love & Devotion..
Punya of Sixteen MahaDaan is gained just by seeing Shree Yantra with Love &
Punyaof 15 million Holy Bath in Tirthas is gained just by seeing Shree Yantra with
Love & Devotion.

Apart from above, various Shastras has described several Benefits of Shree Yantra.
Scientific facts of Swarna Shree Yantra
i. It has been proved by research of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, USA that Energy level of
Shree Yantra having accurate Geometry is 70 times more than equivalent Pyramidal
ii. Aura photography
Aura photography of Swarna Shree Yantra is done by various techniques.
Aura Photgraphy of SwarnaShree Yantra
Swarna Shree Yantra's Aura photographs are taken by "Coggins 6000" Camera. The
Aura of Shree Yantra is found well balanced and symmetrical. From every parts of
Shree Yantra, divine Aura of Purple and Aqua Blue Colouris emitted.
Interesting fact is that from Bindu of SwarnaShree Yantra, highest divine energy of
White colour is emitted which proves that-Shree Yantra attracts Cosmic Energy from
the Universe through its 'Bindu' and continuously release powerful and positive
divine energy in its surrounding area. Whoever comes in the Aura of Shree Yantra,
enjoys peace, health, success and wealth from its divine effects.
By Pro Imaging Halovision Scan
It is noticed in Halovision scan that Swrana Shree Yantra is elevated from its base.
The predominant energy colour is Violet surrounded with Golden Yellow and Red
which is indication of the highest energy emission.
Effect of Shree Yantra on Aura of a personWith the help of Bio Sensor Hand Plate & Win Aura Scanner- Pro Imaging Software,
the Aura & Energy of Seven Chakras of a Person, with & without Shree Yantra has
been seen.
Energy has improved around Body of the Person, after holding Swarna Shree Yantra.
It is better & more vibrant energetic field.
Effect of Shree Yantra on Chakra of a person (a) With Swarna Shree Yantra, all Chakras of same Person has been energised,
become in beautiful symetrical shape with more vibrant energy.
(b) Aura of same person has increased from 59' to 70'.
(c) Swarna Shree Yantra is made as per Ancient Shastras and Mathematical
Geometry. It is evident that merely by presence of Shree Yantra, Aura of same
Person has improved as well as position of all Chakras has been improved to a
greater extent and instantly balanced. It guarantees better health, long life,
happiness, good Luck & Prosperity of the Concern Person.
Shree Yantra for Vastu improvement
Installation of Shree Yantra is an excellent solution to rectify Vastu defects. Just by
installing Shree Yantra, Vastu and FengShui defects of House, Shop, Office, Factory

etc. can be rectified without dismantling its physical structure. It is means of

Positivity and prosperity also.
Mantras preferred for worship of Shree Yantra
In fact, Shree Yantra is a self-activated Yantra. Shree Yantra can be made more
powerful by mantra to make it Mantra Chaitanya for extra ordinary Energy during
Navratri, Shivratri, Holi, Diwali, Gurupushya and Ravi-pushyaNakshatra,
AkshayTritiya, Dhanteras or any other auspicious day. A Shree Yantra energized by
Mantra gives unlimited Wealth & Prosperity. Shree Yantra is also necessary for
"Shree VidhyaSadhana" which elevates level of Consciousness. Following Mantras
are used to make Shree Yantra, Mantra Chaitanya for extra ordinary EnergyOm
Om ShrimHrimShrimNamah.
Om Shrim Om NamoDevyeUjjavalHastikaye.
Or by Chanting of 29 phrases of Shri-Sukta with Samput, Shree Yantra gets Mantra
Uses of Shree Yantra in current scenario
I. Worship of ShriYantra and Shree Vidya is continue since establishing all four
Peethas of Shankaracharya. AdiShankaracharya being devotee of lord Shiva, was
also a great devotee of Goddess LatithaTripurSundari.
ShriLatitasahastranam"CharaacharjagannaathaChakraraajniketanaa" ShriJagannath Temple is Shree
Yantra. The Temple's Ratnavedi where idol of ShriLalithaAmba with her four arms is
seated, Shree Yantra is engraved.
III. Many Great Temples of Shree Yantra pattern are built at various parts of India.
Such as Golden Temple of Shripurram (Vellore),Shree Yantra Temple Amarkanthak
(Madhya Pradesh), Venkateshwara Temple - Madnapalle (Andhra Pradesh),
MahaMeru Temple- Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu), Shree Chandravadni Temple
(TihariGarwal), Shree Yantra Temple- Haridwar (littrakhand), Dhyani Temple- Nikona
(Surat, Gujarat) etc. Shree Yantra is placed in foundation of South India's most
famous TirupatiBalaji Temple_ Shree Yantra is engraved on main pillars of Abu's
famous Delvada Temple. Shree Yantra exists on the doors of Rajasthan's famous
Osiya Mata Temple. On main door of Pashupatinath Temple also Shree Yantra exists.
In Shri Ram Temple of Mauritius, Shree Yantra is engraved. Shree Yantra is also
present in Gujarat's KhedabrahmaAmbamata Temple, Dakorji, Dwarka etc.
IV. Several Industrial Houses have Placed Shree Yantra and achieved wealth and
success in short period. Shree Yantra is Goddess Lakshmi's beloved Yantra. There is
permanent presence of Goddess Laxmi Where Shree Yantra is placed and keep on
giving various favorable results. V Shree Yantra is not bounded by any religion. A

Person belonging to any Religion can keep Shree Yantra in his house and gain
happiness, peace, health and wealth. All evil Spirits leave wherever Shree Yantra is
placed and only divine energies exist.
vi. Shree Yantra must be placed where business is carried. Shree Yantratake away
negative energy of that place and continuously energizes by divine energy and
opens new fronts to gain wealth. Shree Yantra attracts wealth like a Magnet,
Continuously grow business and profession. As well as, it provides positivity, spreads
peace and good health. vii. Literally Shree Yantra is a self-awakened Yantra. It is like
Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksha, in this Kaliyuga. Goddess Lakshmi's blessing is gained
just by placing Shree Yantra. While just by seeing with love and devotion one can
attain many Punya. According to learned Gurus, by donating Large Shree Yantra in
Temple gives auspicious results in the form of Wealthy generations. They are
absolute Lucky who have Shree Yantra in their Life OR it can be said that one whose
Luck has to rise gets casually accompanied with Shree Yantra.

Swarna Shree Yantra is available in three Categories for use in all

Recommendation of its use
Small (S) - 81mm
To Place in PoojaGhar, Study & Office Table, in
Cars, Buses & Trucks.
Large (L) - 108mm
To Energize Residence, Shop, Office, Factory
etc. of area up to 3000 Sq. Ft. & People there
in. Also to place on the Table of Office Head,
Cars, Buses & Trucks.
Extra Large (EL) - 243mmTo Energize Residence, Shop, Office, Industry,
Mall, Hospital etc. of area beyond 3000 Sq. Ft.
& people there in.
Note1. To get Better & Faster result for small area, establish Shree Yantra of bigger size
over recommended size.
2. Big Industries, Malls, Hospitals etc. & people there in should be Energized by
placing 5 Nos. EL-243mm (one at Centre & four at four Corners / Sides).
3. One Shree Chakra print is provided with Shree Yantra. Match profile of Shree
Yantra from Shree Chakra and place it in the direction mentioned.


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i) upon the happening of any one of the events set out in Condition (a) Swarna Shree Yantra may
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a) Shree Yantra Temple Amarkantak
Location - Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh (India)

This temple is under construction keeping in mind all aspects of the

ancient traditional knowledge of Shree Vidya. Its geometry matches
exactly with Swarna Shree Yantra. The construction is carried only on
certain days in various phases in accordance with auspicious
moments/ star constellations on the basis of the Hindu calendar.

b) Golden Temple Sripuram, Vellore

Location - Thirumalai Kodi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu (India)

The remarkable Sripuram design portrays Shree Yantra. It covers

messages from famous Sri Sakthi Amma along with messages from
other faiths and religious leaders.

c) Shri Jagannath Temple, Odisha

Location - Puri, Odisha (India)

The most famous temple of East India, it is also one of "Chaar

Dhams". It is mentioned in Shri Latitasahastranam that-

Shri Jagannath Temple is Shree Yantra. Shree Yantra is engraved in

Jagannath Temple's Ratnavedi where idol of Shri Lalitha Amba with
her four arms is seated.

d) Shree Yantra Mandir, Haridwar

Location - Haridwar, Uttarakhand (India)

The Shree Yantra Temple is one of the most honoured Shakti Upasna
Kendra. The temple is visited by large number of people daily and
during festivals.

e) Dhyani Temple, Nikona (Surat - Gujarat)

Location - Nikona, Surat, Gujarat (India)

This Shree Yantra shaped temple is situated on the banks of river

Narmada and is an important centre for mediation. It is built under
directions of Shri Anandima for meditation and yoga.

f) Maha Meru Temple, Thanjavur Tamil Nadu

Location - Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu (India)

This temple resembles ancient temples of the 11th century with the
incorporation of the Maha Meru sculpture on the roof, located above
the dome of the temple.

g) Shree Chandrabadni Temple, Tehri Garhwal

Location - Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand (India)

Shree Chandrabadni Temple is located on the place where torso of

Goddess Sati fell while Lord Shiva was taking away her burnt body.
Her weapons were also scattered over the place. Idol of goddess Sati
is not present but a Shree Yantra carved on a flat stone is worshipped
in the main shrine.

Besides these,
h) Shree Yantra is engraved on main pillars of Abu's
famous Delvada Temple.

i) Shree Yantra exists on the doors of Rajasthan's famous

Osiya Mata Temple.

j) On main doors of Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal also

Shree Yantra is carved.

k) Shree Yantra is placed in foundation of South India's

most famous Tirupati Balaji Temple.

l) Worship of Shree Yantra and Shree Vidya has continued

since establishing all four Peethas of Shankaracharya. Adi
Shankaracharya being devotee of lord Shiva was also a
great devotee of Goddess Maa Latitha Tripur Sundari.