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Carrie Barlow
Room A209

email: clbarlow@chccs.k12.nc.us
website: barlowscience.weebly.com
phone: (919)929-2106 ext.41209

Course Description
This course explores the fundamental principles of chemistry which characterize the properties of matter and
how it react, as prescribed by the NC Essential Standards for Chemistry. Themes covered include
measurement, atomic structure, electron configuration, the periodic table, bonding, gas laws, states of matter,
solutions, stoichiometry, reactions, kinetics, and nuclear chemistry. Please visit my website to see a full list
of NC Essential Standards for Chemistry, as well as for a unit calendar.
Learning and Skill Development Goals
1. Think critically and skeptically about scientific information
2. Form and justify evidence-based opinions about debated issues in the science field
3. Perform and design experiments as part of a repeatable and reliable inquiry process
4. Stay current and informed about science happenings in the real world
Classroom Expectations
These guidelines and norms are to allow for the smooth functioning of the class, not because I love to make
rules. This is a demanding and fast paced class; the more interruptions there are due to people not following
the classroom norms, the less time we have to do fun stuff and the more lecturing and note taking we'll have
to do. So long as you follow these guidelines, you will be successful:
1 Be in your seat ready to begin the days warm-up when the late bell rings.
1. Come to class each day with the supplies, homework, and test preparation you need in order to
participate and succeed.
2. Be respectful. If someone is addressing the class, pay attention.
3. If you have an excused absence it will be your responsibility to get make-up work from me the next
day you are in class. I will not remind you about make up work. If your absence is unexcused you
will not be allowed to make up any work.
4. Keep up with your work! New concepts build upon previous concepts. If you don't understand what
came before, you won't be able to understand what lies ahead.
5. Review nightly. Even if this is just 5 minutes, it will help you in the long run!
6. If you have any problems (with grades, assignments, etc) see me first.
7. While we will do quite a bit of partner and group work, individual work means only you. You may
not collaborate with a partner unless we are doing pair or group work. This will be considered
cheating, which will merit you a zero on the assignment and a referral to an administrator.
8. Act like civilized human beings, not ravenous beasts whose sole desire is to tear apart all that lies in
their path. I am planning curriculum that incorporates the use of expensive, sensitive science
equipment because I think you should be able to handle it. Dont prove me wrong.
9. Follow all safety rules at all times (as specified on your Lab Safety Contract): No exceptions.
10. Cell phone use is a great way to prevent yourself from being engaged in the classroom; please do
yourself a favor and do not pull them out in class.
11. On non-lab days you may bring snacks or drinks to class but be respectful: try to keep noise and
smell at a minimum, and always bring containers with lids!

I assign grades based on a cumulative point system. The point values are as follows:
Warm-Ups/Exit Tickets:
Major Assignments:


I will be available every day before school, most days during lunch, and for a short time after school. If you
don't understand something, please do not hesitate to see me. I am very happy to help!
On the whole, please just don't be absent. If you know that you are going to be absent ahead of time you can
request that day's work. You must see me the day you return from your absence for your missed work. I post
ALL assignments on the class website (usually in advance, but always by the end of the school day); if you
feel well enough, I would encourage you to work on the assignment at home. Any missed tests or quizzes
must be made up within five days of your return. Anything missed due to an unexcused absence will not be
able to be made up.
I understand and agree to all of the contents of this document.
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