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I am a UK student currently studying in the Netherlands. I am writing to request that the relevant
branch of the UK government contact the Dutch government, in order to clarify the status of British
students currently enrolled at Dutch Universities following the result of the Brexit referendum.
The UK Minister of state for Universities, Jo Johnson, has already issued a statement that EU
students currently studying in the UK will continue to remain eligible for funding for the duration of
their studies. This also applies to EU students starting at British Universities this September.
I have contacted my University in the Netherlands and also the dutch institution responsible for
setting tuition fees (The Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs / DUO) in order to obtain a similar pledge for
British students studying in the Netherlands. These attempts have not been successful however,
with the response from the University refusing to make any guarantees and no response at all from
the DUO.
Whilst British students engaged in normal length degree courses will benefit from the UKs
continued membership of the EU for two years following the initiation of Article 50, during which
time they will have most likely completed their degrees, such a safety net is inadequate protection
for British students such as myself, who are enrolled on longer degree courses.
I am currently studying Medicine at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Whilst I
presently enjoy the same university fees as other EU students (1900 euros a year), the potential
that these fees could rise to those set for non-EU students (32,000 euros a year) would make my
position at the university untenable.

The position that myself and other British students in the Netherlands are currently in arguably
makes us one of the groups who could be most profoundly and harmfully hurt as a result of the
Brexit referendum. We are devoting years of our lives, energy and money into pursuing our studies
and we require a clarification on our position as soon as possible.
The act of the UK government in safeguarding the status of Dutch and other EU students currently
studying in the UK should be bought to the Dutch governments attention immediately, as a means
of ensuring they make a similar pledge as is only fair.
I appreciate any help you can offer in this matter enormously.
Yours sincerely
Insert name here