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Welcome one and all, to Vladhon, the exciting outer frontier of our great and glorious Empire!

Here you shall find exciting locales of untamed wilderness and staggering beauty. These
lands are teeming with.... lively characters and... erm... fascinating creatures!
Of course, a place so far from the heart of our great and glorious Empire is not without it's
perils, travel here can be an adventurous prospect! That is why you should hire Pendar's
Problem Solvers, the first and foremost upstart mercenary guild for those special situations
the town watch just can't handle! Black orcs raiding your barn? Acidic oozes eating your
favorite slippers? Maybe you even require stalwart folk of pure hearts to delve into an ancient
ruin you have found to recover the relics of antiquity? Look no further than Pendar's Problem
Solvers! No task too small, no feat of heroism and valor too large!
Find our guild house just off the main square in Hilburg. Payment options are available,
terms and conditions apply. Imperial coinage, Suljuk trade gems and ancient treasure

Do you have unusual skills and a taste for adventure? Do you want coin in your
pocket and respect wherever you may go? Do you possess a heart of iron and the
willingness to do honest work for honest pay? Pendar's Problem Solvers is now
offering exciting career opportunities to those willing to brave the odd dangerous
situation. Spellcasters, ex-servicemen, barbarian warriors, holy champions and
roguish explorers wanted! Rates of pay are excellent, we'll even provide for your
funeral if you are killed on the job (terms and conditions apply).
To find out more about our amazing careers, find our guild house just off the main
square in Hilburg. Proof of usefulness may be required, entry not guaranteed.
This is Valadhon, the furthest frontier of The Great Empire which encompasses nearly the
entire Northern Continent. Valadhon is it's southernmost province, stretching out into the
Southern Sea and ringed almost entirely by the mighty Blackhammer Mountains. To the
north, between Valadhon and the nearest civilized province, stretch the Drakken Wastes,
home to the mighty Dragonborn clans, and the Sea of Grass where fierce tribes of nomadic
barbarians fight an endless war against the goblin hordes.
The Imperial Province of Valadhon is a key trade area with the Suljuk Caliphate, the vast
"Empire of the Sand", as well as a region rich with natural resources. Fashion is typically of
the Elven style, as the province was once the true homeland of the Elder folk, though the
smaller towns have a more Imperial feel to them.
For one reason or another, you find yourselves in this ancient and rugged land. Perhaps you
are a local or maybe you hail from abroad? If so, what purpose brings you here to a region
considered a brutal and uncivilized frontier by those of the Empire proper. You have skills
that do not suit an ordinary life, you have a taste for more interesting work than bringing the

harvest in and you don't fancy the drudgery of Imperial Service. You have heard of a new
mercenary group starting up in Hilburg, one that seemingly does more than guard caravans
as they trundle off into the Sea of Grass to get picked apart by goblins. Maybe you can't get
a job with one of those crews. Either way, you head for Hilburg to seek out the guild house of
Pendar's Problem Solvers.
So who are you? Do you know each other? Some of you may be loners, some may be old
friends or even relatives, maybe former comrades in arms. We're all definite old hats at
RPGs now and though we are going over to a new system (trust me, a MUCH simpler and
more fun system) don't let the numbers and rules dictate your characters. Think
about who you want to be, not what you want to be. There will be a few outlines for
character creation in the thread I will make to give you a framework.
The campaign itself will be relatively open to begin with. A larger story will loom eventually
but how we get there will be down to what we all enjoy. I doubt we'll get too grimdark,
knowing our group, but as we've seen in Hellfrost the odd depressing horror story goes down
a treat, so there'll be lots of different challenges and adventures to play, not just dungeon
crawls or monster hunts (though they'll be in there too!). Pendar's Problem Solvers
will literally take any job and there may be things you, as the characters, want to do outside
of your day jobs. Maybe there will be a beer festival that you want to go to? Maybe you want
to build yourself a fancy bachelor pad to impress that slutty tavern wench you keep thinking
is giving you the eye? Who knows. There'll be a good bit of freedom to explore the world.
Have a good read of the 5th Edition rule book and start coming up with ideas for who you
want to be. Check out the character creation thread for the general outline but don't feel you
have to commit to any idea right this very moment, all of that will be proper finalized the
session after Hellfrost concludes. It will be a "session 0". Essentially, a couple of hours
where we can all discuss together about the party, who knows who, where you may have
come from etc etc.

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