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Error Detection

Correct the following sentences:

1. What are the news today?

Ans: is

2. Rickets are a deficiency disease.

Ans: is

3. The police has arrested the thief.

Ans: Have

4. We can see beautiful sceneries in Kashmir.

Ans: Scenery

5. The umbrellas handle is broken.

Ans: Handle of the umbrella

6. Nearly four hundreds men are working in the factory.

Ans: Hundred

7. The spectacles is expensive.

Ans: are

8. Give me three dozens pencils.

Ans: dozen

9. She has heard a good news.

Ans: good

10. There are two females in the team.

Ans: women

11. This is my cousin brother.

Ans: Cousin

12. They have given him different advices.

Ans: advice

13. He bought new furnitures for his new house.

Ans: furniture

14. I have four son-in-laws.

15. There is no place in the compartment.

Ans: sons-in-law
Ans: room

16. All his family members were killed in the earthquake.

Ans: the members of his family
17. Each mango costs one and a half rupee.

Ans: rupees

18. Billiards are an interesting game.

Ans: is

19. Mathematics are a difficult subject.

Ans: is

20. Scissors is usually made of steel.

Ans: are

1. None of the two girls are educated.

Ans: Neither

2. They are wealthier than us.

Ans: we

3. They invited I and my wife to the party.

Ans: my wife and me.

4. They who work hard will pass.

Ans: Those

5. Let this matter be between you and I.

Ans: you and me

6. One should not waste his time.

Ans: ones

7. I and my brother ran together.

Ans: My brother and I

8. We enjoyed during the holidays.

Ans: enjoyed ourselves

9. Everybody should make up their own mind in the matter.

Ans: his or her

10. Reddy and myself may attend the function.

Ans: I

11. You can take any of the two pens.

Ans: either

1. The three first pages of the book are missing.

Ans: first three

2. His both brothers are doctors.

Ans: Both his

3. Mani is elder than Susi.

Ans: to

4. He prefers tea than coffee.

Ans: to

5. We need no less than ten workers to complete the job.

Ans: fewer

6. This hotel is the best of the two in the town.

Ans: better

7. The population of China is larger than India.

Ans: than that of

8. Tom is elder to Gopi.

Ans: older

9. Everest is higher than any mountain peak.

Ans: any other mountain

1. Phillipines are in Pacific Ocean.

Ans: the Pacific

2. Guntur is hottest town in Andhra Pradesh.

Ans: the hottest

3. He never tells the truth.

Ans: truth

4. People admire the nature.

Ans: nature

5. Owing to the poverty, he gave up his studies.

Ans: poverty

6. The gold is a precious metal.

Ans: Gold

7. Radha is too young to go to the school.

Ans: school

Prepared by: Mrs. N.S. Vishnu Priya, Asst Professor, VIT University.

8. My sister plays the badminton every morning.

Ans: badminton

9. Rekha is learning veena.

Ans: the veena

10. A honest man is rare these days.

Ans: An

Subject - verb Agreement

1. Neither he nor his brother are in the wrong.

Ans: is

2. Either Suresh or Kiran have to come with me.

Ans: has

3. Hindi as well as Tamil are easy to learn.

Ans: is

4. None of these books are useful.

Ans: is

5. One of my friends are working in the States.

Ans: is

6. Five hundred rupees are nothing for him.

Ans: is

7. Bread and butter is good for health.

Ans: are

8. Slow and steady win the race.

Ans: wins

9. The Collector and the District Magistrate has come.

Ans: have

10. Neither he nor I are attending the meeting.

Ans: am

1. He is always telling lies.

Ans: always tells

2. I am playing cricket every morning.

Ans: play

3. Every mother is loving her children.

Ans: loves

4. He is not believing in God.

Ans: does not believe

5. We are fearing our teacher very much.

Ans: fear

6. Chandra has wrote to me yesterday.

Ans: written

7. It has rained only one hour ago.

Ans: rained

8. He has taken his family to the cinema yesterday.

Ans: took

9. I am living in this town since 1980.

Ans: have been living

10. She had gone home yesterday.

Ans: went

11. He shall inherit his grandmothers property when she will die.

Ans: dies

12. If it will rain tomorrow we shall not play football.

Ans: rains

13. I wish I am a bird.

Ans: were

14. Latha said that she will help me.

Ans: would

15. The river has overflown its banks.

Ans: overflowed

Prepared by: Mrs. N.S. Vishnu Priya, Asst Professor, VIT University.

Non-finite verbs:
1. I saw the thief to steal the watch.
2. What prevented you to go there?
3. She hopes securing the job soon.
4. He tried contacting her on the phone.

Ans: stealing
Ans: from going
Ans: to secure
Ans: to contact

5. We missed to see the exhibition.

Ans: seeing

6. I hate to talk to him.

Ans: talking

7. Being a rainy day, the match was cancelled.

Ans: It being

1. The water is too hot.

Ans: very

2. I am studying hardly these days.

Ans: hard

3. The milk is very hot to drink.

Ans: too

4. He quickly went home.

5. My uncle helps me always.
6. He is staying on the upstairs.

Ans: went home quickly

Ans: always helps me
Ans: upstairs

1. The boy entered into the room.

Ans: entered

2. Kalpana joined into M.B.B.S.

Ans: joined

3. He has ordered for three cups of tea.

Ans: ordered

4. She passed in the examination.

Ans: passed

5. He has returned back the book to the library.

Ans: returned

6. I reached to Hyderabad the next morning.

Ans: reached

7. She has resigned from her post.

Ans: resigned

8. The train arrived Madras on time.

Ans: arrived at

9. I availed myself the holiday.

Ans: myself of

10. He explained me the correct position.

Ans: explained to me

11. I was angry on him.

Ans: angry with

12. Please look this word in the dictionary.

13. She is searching the lost pen.

Ans: look up
Ans: searching for

14. Please write your name with ink.

Ans: in

15. She died from cholera.

Ans: of

Prepared by: Mrs. N.S. Vishnu Priya, Asst Professor, VIT University.

16. The teacher let the boys to go home.

Ans: go

17. I congratulate you for your success in the examination.

Ans: on

18. I prefer coffee than tea.

Ans: to

19. We should pray God for help.

Ans: pray to

20. We are awaiting for the results.

Ans: awaiting

21. Padma is elder than Lakshmi.

Ans: to

22. The matter is known by her.

Ans: to

23. French planes are superior than Italian planes.

Ans: to

24. He has a great thirst of knowledge.

Ans: for

25. John is good in English.

Ans: at

26. He sat besides me.

Ans: beside

27. The boy is fond for sweets.

Ans: of

28. Gopal has been working since three hours.

Ans: for

29. We are discussing about grammar.

Ans: discussing

1. It is ten past eight oclock.

Ans: eight

2. He came at a late time.

Ans: hour

3. What is the cost of the car?

Ans: price

4. I have head-ache today and cannot come to college.

Ans: a head-ache

5. Sumita as well as Vanitha are leaving for Delhi.

Ans: is

6. They met together on several occasions.

Ans: met

7. There was a certain proud in his manner.

Ans: pride

8. The criminal was hung two days ago.

Ans: hanged

9. This short story is the best of the two.

Ans: better

10. You are a doctor. Isnt it?

Ans: Arent you?

11. It is my friends Sharats car.

Ans: friend

12. More you speak the less I understand.

Ans: The more

Prepared by: Mrs. N.S. Vishnu Priya, Asst Professor, VIT University.