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This is a good news announcement: the New Creation is nearer than you thought.

On the significance to this date [of August 2nd 2016]

is what motivated me to file a C'estui Que Vie Trust Challenge
on this day. It's an offer to redeems all debt in the world.
i also hold the abnormal birth of 1Cor15 [which connects to
this Dan 12 prophecy], frankly i'm not boasting, i've not won yet.]
it appears at face value that this date is mentioned in
Daniels 12:11 [with some interpretation included]
the end times- from the time that, the day of sacrifice is
abolished, the OBAMAnation [abomination] that causes
desolation is set up, there will be 1290 days. 12 Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the
end of the 1335 days, and then Daniel's vision of the son of man will receive his allotted inheritance
EXPLANATION - From the time Obama was inaugurated [for
his 2nd term] the 1290th day landed on Tuesday August 2nd,
and 45 days later is Sept 17th. [or] it could be March 1, 2020
The case file is CA 43509 - Vancouver BC - the attached body that
i filed is 6 pages, [Aug 2nd] my book of authorities [not listed in this
original posting] is about 70 pages - this whole case file spans across
11 years of abuse, and this case file is thousands of pages long.
I'm starting with this filing, on August 2nd, which is this mandamus,
where i list my case, since this 4/20/2016 Appeals Court of BC ruling,
Then these 2 notices https://www.scribd.com/document/321632068/AUG10-Follow-Up
https://www.scribd.com/document/321631857/AUG18-follow-up More postings to follow.
I'm not Jesus or Christ - i'm 'the one' who prepares the way for
Jesus to return [period] i'm now pressing the stumbling block of
Rom 10 and 11. My immediate need is to find the wise who
understand and lead many to righteousness [as to Dan 12].
Please participate in politically organizing what i propose to do
peacefully on - https://www.facebook.com/occupy.world.van/
Hopefully tribulation-good happens, where Love conquers all
PLEASE NOTE: the old posts on these pages /websites are
when i went thru this inevitable process, for the first time.
I'm actually not seeking donations i'm seeking those who can
contribute by leading many to righteousness. In the meantime,
i really do prey for your Salvation; the impossible is inevitable.
Act accordingly and be on your best behaviour - marc boyer.