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: English


: 10th May 2009


: 2.30 pm-4.30pm


: 3 Arif

No. Of Pupils

: 30


: 9 years old


: Low to Average

Teaching Context

: World of Self, Family and Friends.


: My Family

Curriculum Specification (CS):


Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made.

2.3.1 Responding to simple questions.

Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and
observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm.
3.4.2 Read aloud correctly for text and understand the meanings.


Spell correctly and take dictation.

Spell seen words.

Focus Skill

: Reading

Integrated Skill

: Speaking and Writing

Integrated Subject

: Music and Art

Language Input

: Adjectives

Previous Knowledge

: 1. Pupils have learnt adjectives in the previous lesson.

2. Pupils have heard or seen pictures of family.

Critical Thinking Skills

: Relating, Visualizing, Attributing and Determining

Multiple intelligences

: Verbal-linguistic, Interpersonal

Moral Values

: Love each another and Being polite

Teaching Aids

: Laptop, LCD projector, worksheet,

Learning Outcomes

: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to,

Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and
observing correct stress, intonation and sentence rhythm.

Spell correctly and take dictation accurately.


Ask questions politely to obtain information and love their family.

Stage / Time
Topic / Content
Teaching And Learning Activities

Teachers & Pupils Activities

Set Induction
( 5 minutes)
View a video, and talk about own family.

Teacher shows a video happy family.

Teacher asks questions based on the video.
Teacher gets pupils to talk about their families.

To create interest and curiosity towards the lesson and to draw pupils attention.
Aids: Video family
CCTS : Relating

( 20 minutes)
Expressing opinion from pupils according to the situation given.
Teacher divides pupils into four groups.
Teacher gives each group a situation.
Pupils discuss and express their opinion according to the situation given.
Pupils take turn to share their opinions.

To help the pupils to visualize a family.

Aids : Happy Family cards
CCTS : Visualizing
Moral Values : Being polite

While Reading
(15 minutes)
Reading text and identify new vocabulary.
Teacher reads the text and instructs pupils listen to the pronunciation.
Teacher reads the text loudly and students follow to read with the guidance of the
The teacher teaches the student how to spell correctly for the new vocabulary from
the text.

Teacher distributes the worksheets to

the pupils.

Pupils follow the teachers instruction

and take turn to complete the task

To enhance their reading skills.

To integrate Grammar

Aids : Laptop, LCD Projector

CCTS : Attributing and determining
Moral Value : Love each another.

( 15 minutes)
Draw a picture of your family.
Teacher ask pupils to draw a picture of their family members
Pupils introduce their family by showing the picture drawn.
Teacher can guide the pupils with question.
Teacher revises the days lesson.

To get pupils to be proactive and to put their interest into reading

Aids : Paper drawing
( 5 minutes)
Recap by singing a song entitled Happy family

Teacher gets pupils to sing a song Happy Family.

Teacher summarizes the meanings of happily family.

To end the lesson with some excitement.

Aids : Laptop, LCD Projector, Video.



A)Write YES or NO

Saw Yoong is eight years old.

She is the youngest in the family.

She has a little sister .

Her father does not work.

Her mother is a housewife.


B) Answer the questions

1.Where do Saw Yoong and her family live?


2.Why do Saw Yoongs father work hard?


3. How many person Saw Yoongs family consists?


4.How does Saw Yoongs mother take care family?

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